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/tech/ - Technology

"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1646734826315-0.png (59.89 KB, 189x267, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1646734826315-1.png (59.25 KB, 225x225, ClipboardImage.png)


is there anything we can decode from how it's constructed philosophically

is it hostile? is it free and open? is it fetishistic?
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File: 1647306435007-0.png (2.04 MB, 1238x929, C128-RFshield.png)

File: 1647306435007-1.jpg (86.5 KB, 640x480, Microwave window.jpg)

Mirowaves have a metal mesh to bounce the microwaves it is broadcasting back into the cavity. Thus not really a Faraday cage, a better example would be RF shields that are just sheets of metal that are grounded that act like an antenna that sends all that RF to the ground pin.


File: 1647816702465-0.jpg (55.96 KB, 519x509, FNqdO_waAAErwi5.jpg)

File: 1647816702465-1.jpg (61.06 KB, 425x688, FNqdaTOaAAA_LWQ.jpg)

File: 1647816702465-2.jpg (35.51 KB, 640x480, FNqevNXaQAArGOv.jpg)

File: 1647816702465-3.jpg (32.1 KB, 640x426, FNqe7graQAMnCUu.jpg)

Back then we made the holes ourselves.


ayo wait
idk what farady cages are but
i am paying a lot for a li lan 215, should i not?

i want my parts to last long and i thought buying a good case with thermals will help that

i don't want to to be gamer chump





File: 1608526323426.jpg (33.06 KB, 444x250, home.jpg)


Do we need a leftist Luke Smith?
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>It lowers the entry barrier to whatever creative endeavor the artist wants to engage in
In general it doesn't, though. It cannot be demonstrated that if everyone who had a phone was using a computer just as often, you wouldn't get just as much new media. At the very best, it's neutral and transfers the barrier of entry from one set of tasks to another - You say "whatever creative endeavour", but all you've got is music and video, and I'll grant photography too - that leaves out writing, it leaves out programing, it leaves out web design, it leaves out image editing, it leaves out essentially anything that's hobbled by a small screen, a lack of a mouse, and a lack of a keyboard. (One might say "ah, but phones are intuitively easier to use" but I'd dispute that too. It's downstream of an elitist tendency to imagine that most people can't use a computer properly, one which is demonstrably wrong. If literal boomers and Chris Chan can throw up HTML webpages, anyone can do it.)

The only thing it can be said that phones have genuinely made more accessible is photography, by ensuring people have a camera with them at all times. and I might quip that even that's a mixed blessing since it means we're mostly getting portrait photographs Everything else is a case of going "well everyone has a fork, but not everyone has a pen, so the fork is a perfectly good tool for writing with." while carefully setting aside that this hypothetical world is run by a monopoly of pasta salesmen who've got incentives to get you to (a) eat their pasta and (b) not pen them bad reviews.

Put another way: You can't be mad at lowered barriers to entry, I'm mad because they've thrown up an infinity of transparent barriers to entry which you invariably sound slightly mad while trying to explain. You might celebrate a few songs we're getting, I'm going to lament the infinite number of furry RPGmaker games, anime fan homepages, and overwrought free-on-kindle novels we're missing out on. Not the lack of image edits or long /leftypol/ posts though, I can't stand competition.


>the triple parenthesis
Hoooo, boy. I've watched some of his videos, and he's made some decent points, especially in regards to electronics and whatnot, but holy fucking shit… I knew he had some reactionary tendencies, but just that alone tells me all I need to know about his beliefs. He's also literally made a video about how democracy is bad because NPC's or something.


It really does feel like he doubled down on the fascism after /g/ called him a leftist when he was just starting.


In short, yes.

Engineers are already the most right leaning of the highly educated group, it would be amazing to have the same sort of content as Luke's put out for years that didn't lead into tradchrist-memery. I remember when I first started my degree I found his videos by looking up vim and latex stuff.
Given certain search terms his videos are top 5 of the results, sometimes even the first one.
The big issue is how would you capture the same energy as his videos, since the style is copied often and very easy to point out. Just doing good enough tutorials with some of the channel videos being political content would maybe work but normies might be scared away by being too radical out of the gate. Perhaps the best way would be, like Luke, grow first then reveal the actual power level.

Bonus for those who remember the short lived forum, I remember there being a poll for ideologies and commies being at 30-40 % back then. So something about his older content before all the overt christposting resonated with all sides.


File: 1647342073618.png (268.37 KB, 417x420, 1647336876004.png)


Any integrated circuit should be built by yourself and only yourself.


i think a better thing would be that fab plants should make actually good integrated circuits


A home-brew semiconductor scene exists already.


i already knew this was gonna be some guy with a huge ass garage and industrial machines before i opened it


>i already knew this was gonna be some guy with a huge ass garage and industrial machines before i opened it.
So how long until this gets shrunk from huge ass garage to tabletop sized chip maker ? Will this develop like the printing press ? A low volume printing press in the 19 century filled half a room, and now you can get an inkjet or laser printer that fits in the corner of a office table.


in the 19th century you had rotary presses which were definitely more higher volume than an inkjet or even a risograph

File: 1647203831121.png (53.65 KB, 810x298, vanced.png)


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They did it as a joke but it's still retarded, they gave ammo to G**gle to get fucked in the ass.


I literally used the Vanced version of Youtube Music to spare my sanity on the way to and back from work. I'm devastated, genuinely.


I couldn't cast for the longest and they kept insisting that it's not their fault. But I am saddened.


Lol what?


Newpipe was always the answer

File: 1646588082473.gif (118.39 KB, 360x360, giphy.gif)




First the pandemic
Now the War

These fuckers will keep making excuses
I hope the nuke is dropped on Nvidia, Intel and AMD manufacturing centers

Fuck them
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offices are usually in the same factory
factories are basically a kind of self-contained business
at best, some people from a parent company might come along and look at things


>I hope the nuke is dropped on Nvidia, Intel and AMD manufacturing centers
Soon comrade, soon. When China takes Taiwan it will be over for chip production.


Mashallah comrade


AMD was willing to give tech secrets to china


So did VIA before them. Even if they didn't, China doesn't give a fuck about intellectual property anyway

File: 1620550417077.mp4 (22.93 MB, 1920x1080, anarchism-evangelion.mp4)



I can feel it, it's so close bros…


File: 1620552580847.webm (4.26 MB, 480x480, pepe headpat.webm)




are we going to make it soon enough though bros?



File: 1647629473331.mp4 (129.45 KB, 1280x720, Paint 3D History.mp4)



Hilarious and true

File: 1647318110113.png (91.88 KB, 760x573, screenshot-windows.png)


Let me guess, you need more?


i need to be able to groom 15 year olds with sanrio avatars, damn it


I need less, actually.


telnet? smoke signals?


Fyi It's quite possible to IRC through a raw telnet connection lad


File: 1647327455323.jpg (331.61 KB, 1360x1532, into-the-trash-you-go.jpg)

>still using Freenode after all the shit that went down last year

File: 1642709808886.png (254.94 KB, 600x562, 08e.png)



>Google is recommending that the US government devote more resources to securing open-source software in light of the Apache Log4J 2 vulnerability, which has affected countless business applications and servers.

>On Thursday, Google and other tech companies, including Apple and Amazon, attended a White House briefing about securing open-source software. The meeting was called to help the US avoid a repeat of the Log4J vulnerability, which can make hacking an affected software program trivial for a malicious computer hacker.

>One reason the vulnerability is so bad is because the open-source Log4J 2 utility is used across the IT industry as a freely available tool. However, the same vital software is maintained merely through volunteers from the nonprofit Apache Software Foundation.

>According to Google, the lack of maintenance and IT support surrounding open-source projects leaves the US vulnerable to exploitation.

>“For too long, the software community has taken comfort in the assumption that open-source software is generally secure due to its transparency and the assumption that ‘many eyes’ were watching to detect and resolve problems,” Google’s Chief Legal Officer Kent Walker wrote in a blog post. “But in fact, while some projects do have many eyes on them, others have few or none at all,” he added.
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>brainwashed by FSF
the Toe-chew-rian Candidate?


> Who even is Langley?
lol good one


File: 1646800401477.jpg (289.73 KB, 1151x959, cuckedliscenses.jpg)


sauce on the astolfo pic


Open source was created by venture capitalists at the turn of the millennium because they were pissed off at the initial triumphs of free software in the 1990s (beginning w/ the adoption of the Linux kernel). They were allowed to do this, because free software principally relies on bourgeois copyright law as the bulwark for its continued existence. As it turns out, creating alternative networks parallel to capitalist production (comprised entirely of unpaid contributors) wasn't quite as revolutionary as those classic /g/ memes made it seem.


Functional programming was a craze.

I've learned scheme and common lisp and scala and haskell in classes at uni/grad school and although in the 2010s the functional programming craze was huge eventually it died out and people just decided that low level languages like go and rust were better and that even java could be good if you add lambdas and first class functions/function objects to it. I was a full on FP cultist from 2010 to like 1-2 years ago.

After writing actual functioning apps in functional languages I've concluded that old fashioned OOP/java and now low level multi paradigm languages like go are probably better than the languages like clojure or haskell which force functional style and take up huge amounts of memory due to immutable data structures, despite the compiler writers best efforts. The concurrency benefits can simply be gotten by adding a few functional features to mainstream languages which they have already done, for example, C# and Java. Although C# does it way better imo.

I see literally no reason to write an app in haskell, clojure, scala, etc. over basic Java/C# or rust/golang
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>C on the other hand is simple enough to have a tiny unoptimized compiler and still be fast enough to be used by a not insignificant operating system.
And whether or not GCC exists to make it super super fast is irrelevant.


Friendly reminder that Erlang (a functional language) is one of the most widely deployed languages other than C and C++, as the application stack of nearly every telephone (both your personal cell phone and the 4G tower it talks to) is written in it


>There is no "tiny haskell compiler"
No there actually is and it ties into C anyways https://github.com/bkomuves/nanohs
>It should be common knowledge that OpenBSD uses it.
I have an OpenBSD system right next to me and it uses both gcc 4.2.1 and LLVM/Clang. I was there at one point and tried to bootstrap a source-based distro with tcc and ran up against countless gcc-isms. These are not accidental but an integral part of its practical use. Clang has the benefit of mostly being gcc compatible.
>Maybe take a step back and remember what is the point you are trying to make.
>>10944 said functional languages and by extension language concepts above a certain level were "forced to be extremely complex to get semi-decent performance". Lisp has been the object of optimizations for a long time and it shows the freedom high-level concepts allow for implementation, hence some not using cons cells at all. In contrast, C has both unnecessarily rigid definitions (storage directives, implicit type casts, padding, function) and leaky abstractions an optimizer might trip over (see the use of volatile). And while large parts of C may map onto most instruction sets, it was not designed with concurrency in mind.
I know comparing the size of the source is inaccurate. Can you come up with a better comparison on code complexity?


>I have an OpenBSD system right next to me and it uses both gcc 4.2.1 and LLVM/Clang
What does world build with?


File: 1646861302118.mp4 (7.11 MB, 320x240, erlang_the_movie.mp4)

I'm running the 6.9 release, https://man.openbsd.org/cc says current is still using clang though.
Is it widespread outside of telecommunications? I heard there was some new language called elixir for its vm.

File: 1608526080361-0.png (58.33 KB, 1200x1200, hacktivism.png)

File: 1608526080361-1.pdf (307.87 KB, rs1.pdf)

 No.2934[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

pdf on left wing hacktivism
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TLS is very weak in comparison to the encryption on secured Matrix rooms. The older chat protocol that is up to par with Matrix on this is XMPP with specifically OMEMO, but IRC with TLS is way weaker to be quite clear.


element is kinda janky, and the matrix bullshit about your keys every time you log out basically makes it impossible to have multiple accounts (tho i think i saw a thing that advertized u could be logged in to multiple acconts at the same, time, idk if nheko or some cli matrix bullshit)
i used to use it n got all my anarchist friends to use it, but its just not that great

i use xmpp now p much exclusively and i dont get the hype of matrix when this shit has existed forever lmao. Shit's more polished (not shiny, but works well and is stable), and you can use it over tor easily so wtf matrix??

the only thing is that omemo might not work in mucs? or is difficult at least? idk

can u do omemo in group chats?


File: 1644965129528.png (461.36 KB, 800x388, ClipboardImage.png)


>Early last week TechCrunch revealed that security researchers had discovered 50GB of unsecured GiveSendGo data including scans of passports and driver’s licenses. The crowdfunding platform said it fixed the issue, but the Daily Dot reported Thursday that the data was still accessible.

Fucking lol


I think a lot of what you said here is interesting and a good injection of reality into this thread. A few comments
He's ok I think, I think I read his blog on "freetardism" which left a bad taste in my mouth, because it was stupid. Only other problem is that we have no idea who he is and whether his cybersecurity background is. Looking at his stuff now most of it seems to be informed, detailed, and mostly not cringe.
>IMO don't even begin unless you have at least 3-4 transhumanistbooted xx00-series thinkpads with either gentoo, trisquel, arch or heads, and know how to flash new MAC addresses and know how to use aircrack-ng/airsnort and know basic tradecraft.
Libreboot with "insert le epic super duper hard linux distro here" may be going a bit far in terms of baseline (speaking as a libreboot user), but the overall point is valid because all modern computers have hardware vulnerabilities in the IME and starting to switch over to linux generally is valid (but you don't need to use, literally mint or ubuntu is fine to start and then work your way up to a more hardened system, whoonix, tails, trisquel, whatever.). If anyone is interested in libreboot/old thinkpad stuff, start here:
You can also just buy one on ebay but the prices have gone up in the past little while.


File: 1646771931996.png (225.34 KB, 326x643, jobhereisdone.png)

"yeah bro the nation state is omnipotent, there's nothing you can do, so anyways just mindlessly fetishize cryptography and proxying and LARP as cypherpunk. btw i hate trans people" thanks, i guess

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