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File: 1619117222353.png (780.96 KB, 1666x886, ClipboardImage.png)


Exploiting vulnerabilities in Cellebrite UFED and Physical Analyzer from an app's perspective

File: 1618900425151.jpg (190.81 KB, 828x1481, EzLsluoVoAAVwON.jpg)


This is exactly the kind of "solutions" I expect from Silicon Valley's greatest minds.
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File: 1618924839916.jpg (42.79 KB, 543x504, bezosofborg.jpg)

>micro-level algorithmic management of worker's bodies.
Taylorism but cringier


the guillotine is too good for bezos.


I feel bad for Amazon employees and Americans in general.


Marx's chapter on machines never considered the full body workouts of amazon im extremely skeptical this is even possible, the work in a warehouse isn't exactly circuit training


99 % of this banal idea is already implemented in Germany due to initiative from the workers. The idea is older than Amazon and depending on the resolution of your model, you might be able to do this with pencil and paper. Within the warehouse, there are tasks where you run around a lot and tasks where you don't walk much and use your arms instead. Your working hours get split between these task types. Within the type, you can differentiate more: Some tasks require heavy lifting (unloading the boxes from the trucks), some tasks require more nimble moves (pulling things out of the boxes); and there's also symmetry to consider: At some receive stations you pull the boxes from the conveyor belt to your left and put the contents on something to your right, on some stations it's the other way around; you should do both. Likewise the symmetry thing exists with pulling things from carts and putting them into boxes to send to customers. And the tasks that have you run around a lot differ in how much of that is climbing stairs.

I'm certain people had that idea (and acted on it) already a century ago. No need to suck Bezos' cock for that "innovation" or to become a hysterical luddite over that.

File: 1617959308048.jpeg (14.23 KB, 474x474, download.jpeg)


Signal decided to include a payment mechanism in their app based on some obscure cryptocoin which is located in the British virgin islands, a known tax heaven.

Them hiding their server commits for over a year sure makes sense now
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File: 1618246640225.png (151.23 KB, 666x507, 9fd50c38b85986ab1f91307746….png)

Imagine shilling telegram.


It's a matter of which glowies are preferred, the choice of chat apps and ilk, so best stick to the old technology that works or what others in this thread already said.


Just use XMPP for chatting with people directly and Matrix for group chats. XMPP is proven and reliable and completely open.


lol ahahahahahhahahahhahaha


use session

File: 1618633374062.jpg (40.51 KB, 624x351, _83575536_pol-pot-hat.jpg)


>contributing back is a prerequisite of distributing binaries
>using a license that perpetuates the developer/user distinction
>not writing a license where contributing to the codebase is a prerequisite of using the software
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>contributing back is a prerequisite of distributing binaries
This is not true, you have to provide the source code to the users of the binaries, but you don't have to send your changes upstream or make them public.


why the fuck are you writing 32 bit?


you noticed the assembler code is 32bit but you didn't notice the shellscript has the hashbang front to back ?


i used to work in the embedded space - my eyes are biased 「(゚ペ)


>chink fetishist
>being a dumbfuck
Checks out.

File: 1616740899878.mp4 (6.14 MB, 640x640, 5595be10286c1513442ffc4ed9….mp4)


I’m installing linux for the first time, what distro should I use? I’m fine with it taking hours to set up, as long as it’s free. I ain’t paying for that shit. I was leaning towards gentoo but what do you guys think?
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Why did you suggest Debian twice?




Hannah Montana Linux


If you actually want to learn Linux, go for Gentoo or at least arch, and do as much through terminal as possible. I recommend a tiling window manager. They're honestly the absolute shit once you get used to them.


Linux From Scratch

File: 1618554942802.jpg (83.78 KB, 640x470, tor.jpg)


Know some good shit on Tor? Let us know. Whether it be substitutes for clearnet services, or just the .onion domain for whatever, or just something cool.

What I found:
>privacytools.io site
>Invidious (YouTube front-end)
(Clearnet version: https://vid.puffyan.us/ )
Requires enabling certain scripts to work unfortunately. You can sign up and make a list of subscriptions though.
>Nitter (Twitter front-end)
>/leftypol/ (/leftypol/)

Some things I was interested in hearing about:
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Hidden service for snopyta.org
Basically an index of their services, and about half of them have a hidden service through Tor. I prefer the Invidious instance I linked before, but theirs probably works just as well if not better if you don't want to sign up for an account to keep a subscriptions list. The Invidious instance I linked before had registration while Snopyta's didn't when I checked.


File: 1608525871820.png (275.43 KB, 2508x2043, nntpchan.png)


Recent events have once again highlighted the necessity of a truly communal, self-governed anonymous discussion forum. This thread is for the development of new forms of decentralized anonymous image boards.

The problem in need of a solution is this: [b]How can we develop a forum that genuinely empowers its community and allows them to resist censorship?[/b]

One recent attempt is NNTPChan/Overchan. NNTPChan is a decentralized imageboard that uses the NNTP protocol (network-news transfer protocol) to synchronize content between many different servers. It utilizes cryptographically-signed posts to perform optional/opt-in decentralized moderation. I'm still rather confused on how moderation works there myself.

This seems like a great idea, by distributing a forum across a collection of servers one can resist the disruption of any single server. When 8ch was shutdown by its DDoS provider, however, its community didn't find the motivation to learn from this and migrate to a censorship-resistance platform. Instead its subcommunities were scattered to the winds, the ones that survived coalescing back on a number of individual websites using the classical top-down server-owner structure, with all the authority and alienation from its userbase that it necessarily contains. What lessons can be learned from this? Is there more that can be done?
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it works fine :(


Scuttlebutt or RetroShare?


None of your friends have a slightly different version, then.
Every time I've tried to use it, the other people are on different distros or platforms where the version is a little newer or older and they are incompatible.


ah thats fucked, never knew that was an issue
thanks for letting me know


how does it resist spam?

File: 1608525825243.jpg (23.79 KB, 480x360, 9f0bdf62311485b859e0078e84….jpg)


Is protonmail a honeypot?
>Trying to sign up on .onion links back to .com
>Can't sign up with vpn
>Only accepts crypto after you've signed up

There's absolutely no reason for not allowing sign-ups with vpns/TOR and activating the accounts after the payment has gone through
Do there exist any alternatives that aren't glowies?
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Protonmail is hosted in Israel.


>>Can't sign up with vpn
I did. Multiple times. Get a good one.
Plus you can sign up on Tor if you don't mind a small delay emailing their anti-spam department.


Literally! I can't even post here!


kek had that same experience OP, see: >>7850


>Can't sign up with vpn

File: 1608526377019.png (26.71 KB, 1014x244, 1606256406476.png)


Land of the free.
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yes, Luke Smith


File: 1608526394026.jpg (190.81 KB, 1080x1020, 853ebe724b0ea754d8c6d5242a….jpg)

>the tech support guy would call me every month I went over the limit and demand that I stop downloading.
Holy shit imagine being such a cuck that you can't even throttle your customer and have to ask him to stop.
>N-NO! You can't just torrent all of Big Busta's Gozongas vol. 4-23!!!


Fucking kek


File: 1618570156995.jpg (9.62 KB, 247x260, 1448959958776.jpg)



I was baffled when I learned americunts get data caps. Our standard, basic net subscription is like 30 buck a month for unlimited data and the highest bandwidth installed in your area.

File: 1608526303623.jpg (50.24 KB, 400x579, SICP_cover.jpg)


I'll start with a pretty obvious one.

It's pretty good, don't let the hundreds of unfunny and unoriginal edits of anime girls holding it make you think it's just a "meme".
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Thanks. I hadn't read them, good to know I'm not missing much.


File: 1608526366974.jpg (51.72 KB, 261x400, Masters_of_doom-Book_cover.jpg)

Carmack became lame but DooM is still GOAT.


I wish there was a NON-MEME book about Terry Davis and TempleOS.
Guy was legitimately badass past the glow-in-the-dark niggers funno.


don't let glowies defile the legacy of Terry. Read his code & doc yourself. It's literate programming at its near full potential sans 64bit assembly arcanery that I still do not understand .

One could make great operating systems course out of it


Library Genesis

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