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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1643689176054.jpg (46.79 KB, 565x664, FIIedifWUAIN4tl.jpg)


>be me, former 4chin user
>hadn't browsed 4chin in at least 9 months
>unblock it one day from hosts file
>go to /g/
>mfw /g/ is seething and coping as the result of NFT discourse
>mfw /g/entoomen are debating value
>mfw /g/entoomen are this must closer to bracing Marxism
>i have no face
>instead of Libertarianism
How do we accelerate their education?
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>we need to lure /g/fags to the cause
<but your /tech/ board is amateurish and unconvincing
>shut up no one cares STEM is bourgeoisie anyway
Is that what just happened?


you're a retard


your retardeder


<we need to lure /g/fags to the cause
no one wants this except for deranged people like OP


>muh workplace democracy
pick one

File: 1636186618705.jpeg (6.61 KB, 210x240, letöltés.jpeg)


Help a uygha out.

I've been stuck with my gmail account since I was 17 or so, when it first started. I'm trying to find a new online mail provider that
1) is safe
2) close as possible to GNU philosophy
3) not likely to be shut down soon
3.1) preferably is on the rise
4) won't leak my shit to the CIA
5) it's okay if it's Chinese (with Eng interface), because I'm okay with the PRC having access to my shit

(pic randomly chosen)
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No OP but I unironically tried to do that a few years ago, configured a zimbra instance in some throwaway ubuntu server comp I got but after a few weeks the battle against spammers and assorted security threats was too much to handle for my inexperienced ass.

Server admin is hard lol.


>>12256 >>12295
For the historical record, to see Tutanota's true colors:

"""Tutanota Team
Helping Ukraine / s.u. für deutsche Version
Thu, Mar 3 • XX:XX

Dear Privacy Fan,

The Russian invasion in Ukraine is an attack on a free, democratic country. We stand with the people in the Ukraine and are donating 25% of revenue from new subscriptions in February and March to humanitarian aid in Ukraine. Spread the word about our initiative and upgrade your account now!

As the war in Ukraine relentlessly gathers pace and has already reached large parts of the country, many civilians are trying to get to safety. More than half a million people have already fled to neighboring Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. Many have been on the road for several days, traveled across the country and then had to stand for hours in front of the clogged border, often without food, in the cold. At the border, families need to separate from husbands, fathers and sons as only women, children and old people are allowed to leave the country. The need for humanitarian aid is multiplying and increasing by the hour, says UNICEF. In these dark times, we are thankful that we can support humanitarian aid in Ukraine with your help!

Thank you,
your Tutanota Team
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File: 1646394735895.png (107.67 KB, 817x895, posteo.png)



File: 1646589906228.png (292 KB, 1400x933, pngegg.png)

Just set up virtual mail with Postfix/Dovecot/Spamassassin/ClamAV/amavis/postfixadmin/roundcube or rainloop preferably with a DB and maildir storage OP, and set up proper mail signing to secure it, and you can host your own mail.
I've been using that for several years and it works just fine for me for multiple domains. I even helped my office out once in a pinch for outgoing mails when they ran into a quota limit with their usual mail provider.

I was going to package this whole setup as a docker container a while ago but never got around to it, maybe will do it one of these days.

File: 1623203634171.jpg (42.83 KB, 720x480, 1564180497890.jpg)


Youtubers who spike prices of old hardware should jump off a cliff, people out here thinking their shitty thinkpad that their dog pissed on is worth $500
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retard spotted


File: 1645516810311.png (250.52 KB, 973x690, 1645503383118.png)

"youtuber" faggot should stop making videos about old hardware


>just get a hackable smartphone that you can install gnu+linux on
I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as gnu+linux, is in fact, bionic+linux (android) or musl+linux (postmarkeros). There is no gnu.


that phone is running arch, so it is gnu+linux


could be running busybox instead though

File: 1643492661163.jpg (126.59 KB, 800x547, terminals.jpg)


A thread for advice on setting up and configuring linux systems, especially for desktop

Here's a solid manual from the Debian wiki: https://www.debian.org/releases/stable/amd64/
Rufus is a good way to create a bootable USB on Windows: https://rufus.ie/en/
This is a good guide on partitioning for a PC with an SSD and a storage HDD if you wanna go full desktop: https://neurite.github.io/debian-setup/0201-partitions.html
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alternatively, https://wiki.nftables.org/wiki-nftables/index.php/Main_Page
fork of SpaceFM that continues to be maintained a bit:
graphical media converters:
shell script built on youtube-dl that downloads youtube videos and plays them in mpv:
graphical IM:
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>Since Wheezy, Debian kernel on x86 contain their own BootLoader called EFI stub. Therefore it is possible to load the kernel directly, without any additional bootloader (like grub-efi).
oh this is cool


this is really good tbh


this. if there's something linux has too much of, it's helpful and easily available documentation and guides. real powerusers stare at man pages until they can pretend to know what something does


Manpages are easy enough to digest. I suspect most people just dislike the viewers. Real unix wizards can deduce everything a program does from its usage.

File: 1646274433674-0.jpg (45.31 KB, 594x270, 1.jpg)

File: 1646274433674-1.png (255.13 KB, 768x420, 2.png)

File: 1646274433674-2.jpg (51.51 KB, 640x306, 3.jpg)


So it seems that nvidia got all their shit stolen.


Order of events as far as I can tell:
>Hackers (lapsus$) steal 1tb worth of shit from nvidia because nvidia implemented hash limiter anti cryptocurrency bullshit into their 30x series
>The hackers demand that nvidia remove the hash limiter so that they can do their mining crypto shit
>Nvidia counter hacks and encrypts/ransomwares the hacker's machines
>However they've already backed up the data so no biggie
>Hackers up the ante and demand nvidia also open source all of their graphics card drivers by friday, march 4th
>Also they leak the DLSS source code
>Also they're now selling a workaround to the hash rate limiter


whomever wins we lose.


Oh boy does this mean floss drivers?

File: 1644554479410-0.jpg (4.94 KB, 234x215, images.jpg)

File: 1644554479410-1.jpg (217.4 KB, 1200x600, eagle-2b.jpg)


>Earlier today, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to advance the dangerous EARN IT bill. We’re disappointed to see the committee advance this misguided bill. If enacted, EARN IT will put massive legal pressure on internet companies both large and small to stop using encryption and instead scan all user messages, photos, and files.

>The bill could now be voted on by the full Senate at any time, or worse, included as part of a different “must-pass” legislative package. We need you to contact your representatives in Congress today to tell them to vote against this bill.

>We have expanded our action tool to contact both Senators and members of the House of Representatives. If you have already taken our action to contact your Senators, please take it again to make sure you contact lawmakers in both houses.

>The bill sponsors have falsely stated that the EARN IT Act is needed to protect children. But the kind of abusive images they’re concerned about are already highly illegal under federal law. Any internet platforms that knows about child sexual abuse material (CSAM) being distributed or received are required to take action on it, and can be prosecuted if they do not.

>EARN IT will allow states to lower the legal standard required for prosecutions over CSAM, and it will let the use of encryption be evidence in lawsuits and criminal trials. The overt goal of EARN IT is to pressure internet companies to start doing widespread scanning of user messages and photos. This scanning is incompatible with strong encryption.

>The harms will fall on the most vulnerable people. Once we allow encryption to be compromised to scan for CSAM,, authoritarian regimes will demand the same capabilities to track information shared by activists and journalists. People subject to domestic abuse, including children, won’t have secure channels of communication to report and reach out for trusted help.

>We’re glad to see that several senators echoed concerns raised by human rights groups throughout the U.S. and the world. They suggested they might not support the bill if it doesn’t strike a proper balance between fighting crimes against children, and user rights to privacy and encryption.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Time for the U.S. Government
Not just them.
"""Campaign aims to stop Facebook encryption plans over child abuse fears

No Place to Hide drive funded by Home Office to warn social media firms over dangers of end-to-end encryption
Tue 18 Jan 2022 00.01 GMT

A government-backed campaign has stepped up the pressure on plans by Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Messenger and Instagram apps to introduce end-to-end encryption, warning that millions of cases of child sex abuse could go undetected.

The new campaign warns that social media companies are “willingly blindfolding” themselves to abuse if they implement end-to-end encryption for private messaging.

Although the No Place to Hide campaign does not refer directly to plans for end-to-end encryption on Messenger and Instagram, they were strongly criticised by the home secretary, Priti Patel, last year, who described them as “not acceptable”. The campaign has been launched by abuse survivors, child safety campaigners and charities including Barnardo’s and is funded by the Home Office.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Govt. cant pass any meaningful legislation, but if there’s an opportunity to spy on people mad at the shifty job they’re doing, you can bet it will be fast tracked to the presidents desk.


So any encryption is now suspect of being CP.

>Protect the children!

This fucking state of exception shit will be our reckoning. Same thing with covid shit. The trojan horse of public health to bring in sweeping biopower and control.

What next?


>They suggested they might not support the bill if it doesn’t strike a proper balance between fighting crimes against children, and user rights to privacy and encryption.
if they werent retarded enough to realize the protection of children is just a facade theyd oppose it completely instead of pulling this "w-w-we need to reach a middle point between both sides"

god i hate politicians


>Facebook, Google and other tech firms must verify identities under proposed UK law
>It's part of a new 'Online Safety Bill' aimed at protecting users from harmful content.
>February 25th, 2022

>New plans to protect people from anonymous trolls online
>Social media users will have more control over what they see online and who can interact with them as the government steps up the fight against anonymous trolls.

>Under a new duty announced today, ‘category one’ companies with the largest number of users and highest reach - and thus posing the greatest risk - must offer ways for their users to verify their identities and control who can interact with them. This could include giving users options to tick a box in their settings to receive direct messages and replies only from verified accounts. The onus will be on the platforms to decide which methods to use to fulfil this identity verification duty but they must give users the option to opt in or out. When it comes to verifying identities, some platforms may choose to provide users with an option to verify their profile picture to ensure it is a true likeness. Or they could use two-factor authentication where a platform sends a prompt to a user’s mobile number for them to verify. Alternatively, verification could include people using a government-issued ID such as a passport to create or update an account. Banning anonymity online entirely would negatively affect those who have positive online experiences or use it for their personal safety such as domestic abuse victims, activists living in authoritarian countries or young people exploring their sexuality. The new duty will provide a better bal
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1644292270134-0.jpg (143.34 KB, 1200x800, 1644268924220.jpg)

File: 1644292270134-1.png (382.05 KB, 1280x720, where.png)


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File: 1645943786823.png (404.89 KB, 1080x1080, reallyexcitesthesenses.png)

>"Universal" Serial Bus
>every several years they push a new form factor on people


File: 1645985953924.png (65.33 KB, 945x809, usb.png)

USB fucking sucks it only exists to kill other interfaces like Thunderbolt and FireWire and replace it with a confusing mess of cheaply made shit


Why is USB-A to USB-A hazardous?


USB-A is host with USB-B the client yet there are devices that break the standard so both ends are USB-A.


New T14s Gen 3 AMDooking pretty good.

File: 1646021200947.jpg (223.17 KB, 2048x1167, o1094.jpg)


>Apple is exploring the possibility of integrating a fully functioning Mac within a keyboard, reminiscent of home computers of the 80s, such as the Commodore 64 and Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

Apple wants to remake the Amiga 500?
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So more tightly integrated hardware that's impossible to fix when one part goes bad.


you know you can just not buy it, right


What's the point of something like this over a laptop? It's only good of scratching that nostalgia itch.


integrated laptop hardware for displays and speakers and stuff suck


That's true but you can hook up a laptop to monitor and speakers or use the laptop by itself when needed. You lose flexibility with a keyboard computer and it's still going to be filled with laptop hardware. A keyboard computer has the disadvantages of both a laptop and a small form-factor desktop.

File: 1623876014988.png (570.4 KB, 849x550, 1623616859869.png)


How does anyone use the APP? I have tried to use that app over and over again and i just can't get adjusted to it.
This isn't a knock on the devs or the hard work they have done or the people who use it. It has done a lot of good and with out the app we very well wpuld have probably been put on a different time line where the forces pf evil and the bunker won out.

That being said, I just don't get it. Aesthetically the app is very jagged and rough on my eyes. When in comparison to just the normal browser view I still get to pick my themes and the themes look like they do on my desktop machine. There's also just the general browsing experience. The browser allows me to judt browse the board as if i was on my desktop, but, the app just feels counter intuitive to the browsing habits of imageboards i have acquired over the years.

Can some one explain to me?spurdoSpurdo


File: 1623981751598.jpg (831.34 KB, 1080x2340, screenshot.jpg)

Catalog mode feels pretty nice to browse the boards

And I think you can change themes in the settings (although they're not the same as the browser)


it’s for mobile and also FOSS so not a lot of people interested in maintaining it
yes, i know it’s a necrobump

File: 1621197621376.png (18.14 KB, 700x487, g-monitor-fedoralogo.png)


You WILL use Pipewire
You WILL use Wayland
You WILL use systemD
You WILL install everything from Flatpak
You WILL use GTK
You WILL NOT have thumbnails in the filepicker
You WILL use btrfs
You WILL accept the code of conduct
And you WILL be happy
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they did the patches


Supposedly the patches to add thumbnails in the filepicker were bad, also I'm pretty sure that most of the GTK maintainers are just corporate glowies or just autismocoders that don't want anyone to touch their precious baby, so for such a fix to even be possible someone'd have to fork GTK and somehow get everyone to switch over to it and recompile everything to use the patched version of GTK with filepickers, and even then the forked GTK won't have red hat backing so it'll stagnate and it's a big shitshow.


People make patches but they stop working quickly because GNOME's codebase is more unstable than one of your mother's bipolar episodes.


You forgot this:
>Someone bug reports one of the braindamaged UX decisions
>Dozens of people swarm the ticket complaining about the issue
>One of the devs locks the thread because "OMG I'm being harrassed!!!!" and "this is not constructive guise!!!!!!' which prevents further patches from being submitted
>Dev then sits on the bug for 5 years without fixing it


systemd is a good system manager for servers but it actively hinders any attempts at serious linux desktop systems i think
all of those use GTK
Fluxbox and IceWM are the only non-gnomed stacking window managers

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