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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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>corporation threatens to deport man to China and report him for protesting the CCP because he developed a sheet music downloading program that they claim violates their copyrights

What's your take on this?



>What's your take on this?
He's a Chinese dude who hates the Chinese government, they don't want him deported back to China. They probably helped him to get a gig outside of China to get rid of him in the first place. The copyright trolls are crazy if they think they can commandeer the resources of the Chinese authorities to do their bidding, especially when he doesn't seem to have violated any laws.


Yet again, porky enforcing copyright on behalf of artfags.
Reminder that artfags (and other cuckmanities sorts) are the greediest rent-seekers to ever exist.


>Otherwise, I will have to transfer information about you to lawyers who will cooperate with github.com and Chinese government to physically find you and stop the illegal use of licensed content.

Believe me, faggot. My dad works at China.


>It is entirely reasonable to find the idea that some rando from 4chan actually went to some guy's house, brandishing an allegedly illegal weapon, with the intention of causing physical harm to somebody – regardless of the potential legal consequences – over a fork of an audio editing program. The premise is mind-bogglingly stupid on its face and clearly the product of a deranged, overactive imagination.
why are they talking about sneed


Same company bought Audacity


Alright, which one of you did this?
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Can't even come up with their own jokes


i made it, probably shilled for dickblast way too hard though. next time i'm going to avoid politics and make it as about programming as much as possible.







File: 1626954376467.png (38.77 KB, 769x458, cards.png)


have u ever considered that a deck of playing cards
can be seen as two alphabets that can be freely re-arranged

playing card ciphers –
paperless simple cryptosystems
fit in your pocket

initial randomization of alphabets in 7+ shufflesislamic_communismIslamic Communism


File: 1626954642208.png (21.72 KB, 907x400, ClipboardImage.png)



i think we should all just train like chinese kids and be able to do huge math in our heads and just mentally compute RSA


I played around a bit with chaocipher and came to a realization: You could use a simplified alphabet and set aside a few cards to use them as a flags for numbers, case, punctuation and whitespace.
Arranging them in a separate stack minimizes mental overhead, when adding the values and allows for another simple permutation.
I decided to use 24 cards in my large stacks, because it's a nice base and with 1 global flag, you get just enough symbol space for: lowercase (without c and j), uppercase and " [email protected]'"←→()-+/\<>^_%?".
My deck had a third joker, so I used it as a global flag, that is toggled, when the top card of the small stack is a joker. Thereby you could use 3 additional spaces for base 24 numbers and maybe regional symbols or mathematic/scientific notation.

Secure RSA keys should at least be 128bits long (39 decimal digits). I don't think any human can do multiplication with those https://www.recordholders.org/en/events/worldcup/2018/results.html
By using a higher base, you could try to make the numbers more memorizable (26 digits with base 24, 24 digits with base 32, 23 digits with base 64, 11 digits with base 5040).


>randomize the alphabet
That's a very primitive and poor cypher. All your adversary needs to do is detect common word patterns which narrows down the field of possibilities until you can brute-force permutate through them. This can be fully automated with the help of a "dictionary". In cryptography breaking such a cypher is homeschool work for the intro class tier. Using cards is clever as a way to disguise the existence of communication, but once your adversary catches on it's basically over.

A much better but also primitive cypher is to replace full words with some other completely unrelated words (or cards, why not). That completely removes the above vector of attack where your adversary could simply analyze word patterns. Even if your adversary knows you're talking in code they still can't so easily figure out what you're talking about.

File: 1626893822250.jpg (83.39 KB, 807x1100, batteryhouse.jpg)


Here is a video from a nice youtube channel that combines entertainment with education.

If you didn't watch, it explains the potential for using the heat storage capacity of houses to buffer energy for reducing peak loads on the grid and for buffering renewable energy fluctuations. This can be achieved by using networked devices like the so called smart thermostats that dynamically time shift energy consumption from heating and cooling in the home to low-power-demand periods of the day like late into the night.

It's a very efficient scheme, but reality will look very different. Technical optimization of this type produce a value add which could be used for the benefit of the end user like the video describes it, but that value add is going to be captured by capitalists instead. They will use any of these efficiency gains to reduce their investment-cost in fixed capital like power-transmission-lines and generators. They will not do stuff like improve the grid capacity, they will maximize switching off low income users as long as the existing capacity is enough to not inconvenience all the rich people that will pay higher rates. It will create a divide in society for the ability to use energy.

But minimizing cost and maximizing profitability at the expense of end users is not the only abuse vector. It allows for energy use profiling, which causes all sorts of privacy violations. These will have consequences like the power company being able to find out about your "inflexible power demands" where you will pay the higher electricity price no matter what. Do you like to brew hot caffeinated been juice in the morning ?, well get ready to have your addiction monetized!

This system also gives Capitalists the ability to influence demand. Capitalists do not want to sell commodities for low prices with low profit margins they want to sell for high prices with high profit margins. So what will capitalists do with the ability to control electricity demand, they will remotely switch on stuff until demand causes the prices for electricity to reach the highest level the market will bare. If they can control your heater or cooler they will crank it up to eleven during a demand-troth. If they can they will switch on the heater and the AC at the same time so you don't notice a temperature difference, but Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


A friend linked that video yesterday, it took him 10 minutes to admit what that alternative was, I stopped watching after that. uygha just babbles around, get to the point smh


Tech solutionism that only optimizes negative effects without attacking the cause. But prolonging the lifespan of capitalism with superficial gadgets is a profitable market right now. Top porkies (investors) just love the idea that we simply need better tech, they're the primary dupes of this snake oil sold by entrepreneurs.


Just hire a union of bricklayers to build you a masonry stove in exchange for labour-day vouchers, then use logs from local kolkhoz managed horticulture area to fuel it up. Why pay the greedy capitalists for heat when you live in USA where it's above freezing point 11 months of the year, right? Just don't trip over your power cord extenders and die in a styrofoam-OSB housefire, okay?

File: 1626690260864.png (405.39 KB, 1572x829, ClipboardImage.png)


I have over 100,000 photos and a lot of them are unnecessary and I want to get rid of them.

I need a windows program that can help load all the images without hanging up. Sort alike google photos but without the uploading but with the date based cataloguing
Any recommendations?
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i need to cleanse my life


no it is my real life photos



Why are you here then? If your life gives you enough opportunities to take 100000 photos then you're wasting your time on a *chan.

File: 1626677821922.png (84.21 KB, 803x896, ClipboardImage.png)


Hey /tech/, I got a popup of a phishing site (sweetrebecca) a week ago while browsing on mobile. Has anyone else had this happen before? I didn't install any apps recently so I don't think it's adware.
Picrel is the virustotal page listing other sites suppected to be run by the same phishers.


Bumping myself for visibility.


maybe do a malware scan.


Did you type leftypol into your browser or did you search by google and click a link?


mystery solved, it's the tiny board url


I am sending books to my kindle via email. Amazon then asks for confirmation. I obviously haven't paid for those mobis. I wonder if they will eventually knock the door and say I own them all the hundreds of books I might have sent.

I really wonder how copyright laws work especially in the age where everything is datamined. The probably know every single porn I may have downloaded too.


You fucked the moment you connected that thing to wi-fi instead of turning airplane mode on.


Does there happen to be a method to disable the autoupdaters on Kindles? They force updates if available, whenever there is connection to the Internet, and then custom modifications get broken. What is a method which allows someone to obtain the offline copies of ebooks for Kindle without this always online shit?anarcha-feminismAnarcha-Feminism


buy a kobo


probably nothing will happen so don't sweat it. but stop using kindles and other proprietary spyware in the future

File: 1626311702154.jpg (207.5 KB, 1076x1422, E6G8v6AXsAUhGk6.jpg)


I try to tell myself the "normalfag"/internet loser divide is a false dichotomy made up by people trying to cope with being outliers and then this shit happens. Literal cattle, holy shit.
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With the advent of GPT-3 this is going to become inevitable.


Why? Is anonymity worth giving up just because you fear that you may be talking to an AI instead of a person?


Mandatory ID is not going to prevent bots, fake IDs are a thing, and governments bots could become a thing too.
If you want to defend against bots you have to create chains of trust, where people validate cryptographic keys in meat space.
It would be nice if we could train a theory bot, as long as it's not pretending to be a human.


imagine what the internet will look like in 2030


IPv6 adoption will reach like 50%

File: 1626309778826.jpg (280.49 KB, 1000x1308, answer: all of them.jpg)


I was logging all network traffic and noticed requests to googleusercontent at seemingly random times and also to Amazon's AWS. Now I'm worried what it could be sending/receiving.
All I could find was a couple of stackoverflow questions about the same thing saying it was apparently NetworkManager (thanks, GNOME!) but I don't have it installed.
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Are you sure "pozzed" is the right word, anon?


i checked my arch and mint partitions and they kept pinging (ip).(letters).googleusercontent.com, what the fuck?


its probably 100000 sites using google fonts and aws hosting


I hadn't loaded any websites at the time I checked and I also use an adblocker with everything blacklisted by default.


If you want to inspect anything you have to close down your browsers, torrents, the usual and wait for existing connections to close so you have a clean slate. Modern websites for example are constantly connecting in the background via JS, browsers themselves make connections in the background, and torrent peers can take a while to figure out you're not participating anymore.

Then use netstat + wireshark to see which processes are still connecting to the Internet and to where.
- netstat will tell you which process is connected to what IP(s)
- wireshark will tell you about the packets being sent to and from that IP, you can also inspect DNS requests to figure out what domain it's connecting to, if any

File: 1626250231216.jpg (65.2 KB, 750x445, c58bs6qy4zw61.jpg)


>Me when I'm the only non-FAGGOT instance on pleroma.

How do you deal with this, bros? I thought fediverse was supposed to be based.
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i understood zero things you said


>tfw all the good posters are on shitposter.club


What are some good profiles to follow and keep up with the new? Since I got banned from Twitter I noticed that I'm only knowings thing far long after they happened but I really don't wanna use Reddit, I hate that place.


I used to be hip and with it until social media became way too cancerous and privacy-destroying for me (like a few years ago) so now I'm still with it but only as an outsider. I miss being on all the cool niche communities a decade ago before they got overridden by the masses.

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