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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1610163067325.jpg (16.47 KB, 300x300, 1545859105707.jpg)


Is there anything I should be wary of with bluetooth dongles? I might grab a random one off aliexpress unless you guys tell me not to.


Just that the whole protocol is super insecure and a vector for exploits.


Isn't bluetooth 5 pretty secure now?

File: 1610159681028.jpg (119.42 KB, 1280x853, lain.jpg)


What happened to the internet?
I wasn't alive back then, but pretend it's 1984
A friend of you asked for the source code for the software you've made
you put it in your university's ftp server tilde
he downloads it
while he downloads it at half kilobyte per second, you talk about Neuromancer.
The internet used to be the user's network (hem, Usenet) but now corporations have taken over the internet, for example, cloudflare have 4 million IP addresses, google has 10 million.
They have big corpos an absurd number of IP addresses, and they won't give selfhosters even half IP address. Not to mention that ISPs won't even bother on implementing IPv6, which can solve the problem the horrible distribution of IPv4 gave us.
We could have given self hosters an IP address for whatever they want. Personal websites (remember geocities?), non-profit services (searx, peertube…) for everyone.
The internet was made to be distributed, but cloudflare, google, facebook and all of them are trying to centralize it.
Is there any chance for us to have a distributed, corp free internet?
Maybe the solution for this is Tor, but Tor is a centralized network (nothing wrong with it, because it is still very anonymous) but well, we can use tor for hosting services and websites. because creating a .onion is very easy, you don't need to pay for a domain, or worry about dynamic IP address.
There's also I2P, which is somehow like tor, but it instead of using tor nodes, you use someone else's I2P router, This router cannot MITM your traffic in I2P because it's always end to end encrypted. The problem with both tor and I2P is that they need a server to serve the website. Thankfully, there's freenet, which is basically, anonymous torrents, these "torrents" are used for websites (they're called freesites)
When you visit a site in Freenet, you download it from its "seeders", and when you finish downloading it, you are now seeding the website. Just like a torrent. This means that the site can still be online. even if the first person's server goes down.gentooGentoo
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>free software
What does that have to do with active users, requests per second, and terabytes? Software is not enough.


>I wasn't alive back then,
Every time.


File: 1611724639246.jpg (66.42 KB, 1194x756, althea.jpg)


>It is considered illegal to use the ARPANet for anything which is not in direct support of Government business … personal messages to other ARPANet subscribers (for example, to arrange a get-together or check and say a friendly hello) are generally not considered harmful … Sending electronic mail over the ARPANet for commercial profit or political purposes is both anti-social and illegal. By sending such messages, you can offend many people, and it is possible to get MIT in serious trouble with the Government agencies which manage the ARPANet.
spoiler yeah, yeah, yeah the "no politics" bit is lame, but the getting rid of the "no commerce" rule is unironically the biggest mistake in global networking history.


you know that was always going to happen, it was literally inevitable in a capitalist society that once the internet was invented it would be used for profit

File: 1610083843578.png (1.02 MB, 680x900, Eml7e1iW8AEnsrc.png)


Okay so I was trying to fix my PC but I'll skip past the details, eventually found out it was a case issue, but in the process of trying to diagnose issues I ended up removing 3/4 of my ram sticks. 1 was locked in place by cpu cooler so didn't get that far. Anyway, I got my PC running once again but only if I don't have those other three ram sticks in. I can't figure out how to get it back how it was. If I try to put the three sticks back in the PC just turns on and then turns off. I don't remember what order they were in before but they are all from the same set so it shouldn't matter right? I tried inspecting them for damage from removing/installing them but the sticks all look fine, and I can't see any obvious damage to the ram ports. Is there a special way to get 4 channel ram working that I've messed up by booting the PC with only one stick in it?

Sorry I know you guys deal with more complicated stuff than this usually but I don't really know who else to ask. Thanks!


Never mind, I got it eventually, just needed to try insert a few more times.

File: 1609695680664.jpeg (12.07 KB, 474x237, bhbhyuhbuybuhy.jpeg)


Well apperently the retards at duckduckgo.com refused to update their v2 address in time for the new year, meaning, now their onion doesn't work. I'm quite upset by this. Anyone serious about privacy would have had to updated a long time ago. Are their any other search engines like duckduckgo with an onion domain?
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Based self hoster. If you don't mind sharing some info: How much does running an instance like this cost you? Are you running any other services? I've been thinking about getting myself a VPS (perhaps splitting the cost, responsibilities and access with some comrades) to do things like this and would like to hear from more experienced people.


>How much does running an instance like this cost you?
3Euros/month at contabo
>Are you running any other services?
Yes! check them in https://vxempire.xyz
>I've been thinking about getting myself a VPS (perhaps splitting the cost, responsibilities and access with some comrades)
Do it, you have nothing to lose but your chains
>to do things like this and would like to hear from more experienced people.
ask me anythinggentooGentoo


Snopyta are so based holy shit. Who are these mad lads? Their Invidious instance is hosted in Finland apparently. I don't know much about them.piratePirate


I can search through DDG's onion just fine right now?


Didn't work for me earlierpiratePirate


ecured.cu uses google analytics, why is that? WTF is Cuba's youth club is doing?

I thought socialism wouldn't sell our data to google wtf.


cuba is capitalist so no surprise there


Write a letter to them.
They use FLOSS for other purposes, but this could be a mistake.
At least from a security perspective they should remove proprietary software, as others like the Chinese had done.


Where can I send them a letter?


The message here is that every VPN that isn't shut down does deals with the feds

You aren't safe


no, just the ones that get used by criminals. smaller ones probably fly under the radar as long as no one uses them for illegal shit. real criminals probably dont use vpns anyway they likely use tor


I'm not using them to protect against nation states or feds. I'm using them to help defend against surveillance capitalism.


The reason it was shut down was because they advertised to criminal elements.
Also here's the link to the full article you forgot to share, jackass:


this. the Internet is a utility that the Feds can abuse at whim. Web 2.0 was developed by the US Military!
It was decades before they were banned from wiretapping and most of laws don't apply to 'cellular devices.'

Revolutionary communication will /always/ be in the vanguard paper, comrade, would you like an issue for $1?4th_international4th International


File: 1610031123307.mp4 (11.39 MB, 640x360, b34674dt46adf5.mp4)

Well then, why don't we seize the means of communication from the Feds?

File: 1608658825103.png (232.24 KB, 841x502, plt.png)


Youtube playlist by a college professor:


videos teaching programming language theories mostly SCALA, with a few bits of scheme/c/js thrown in
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There is a widespread belief that people have "learning styles", like verbal, visual, auditory, etc., and they learn better when instructed in this "style". But the styles are ill-defined, self-reporting by students is unreliable and tests to determine them are contradictor. Moreover, experiments failed to find any benefit from instructional material tailored to specific learning styles, meaning that supposed "audiovisual learners" did not have any disadvantage from learning texts compared to students of the other "styles" and so on.


The entire debate is flawed IMHO, learning styles probably aren't about learning performance rather then about how much stress somebody experiences during learning. I want to see a long term study about how learning styles affect stress levels. People that get too much stress during learning tend to drop out. So the study should also compare the drop out rates of students with learning styles.

You have to pay attention that nasty cultural battles can ensue, where one subculture tries to cause another subculture somatic stress by changing institutional designs.


File: 1627224303393.pdf (249.82 KB, 235x300, the-mooc-pivot.pdf)

It is not flawed, the study addresses the claims of proponents of "learning styles" and not some random hypothesis that you have just made up on the spot.

By the way, competition and retention rates has always been terrible on MOOCs.


this post talks about stress
this post talks about educational results

talking past one another


> People that get too much stress during learning tend to drop out.

File: 1608526437232.jpg (64.06 KB, 1271x760, TRIGGERED.jpg)


>rioting in India $6 against Apple is BASED

Is Louis becoming a comrade???



File: 1608526437727.png (51.81 KB, 250x251, xd.png)



Rent must be something awful in New York


File: 1610326973039.png (105.63 KB, 894x546, unbased.png)

>Is Louis becoming a comrade???


Sectarians just love to scare resources away from their flock, don't they.


what a fucking jew lol

File: 1608526431927.png (1.41 MB, 1194x1078, adobe-flash-eol.png)


Friendly reminder that flash is gonna be dead in less than a month and alongside it a large chunk of the old internet in the form of flash animations and games,Because the software is old and full of so many security flaws that Adobe just can't be arsed to fix it anymore at this point so they're just ending support altogether.

What does /tech/ think of this? Is it a good riddance?

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Does anyone have a copy of this book ?


Flash was shit, even when I was a kid, and don't get me started on the programming language it used that was completely reworked with every new edition.

Fuck Macromedia, fuck Adobe and fuck nostalgiafags. We can emulate this shit now anyway.


Adobe is full of greedy fucks who rely on this garbage trend of having "software as a service" be their business model, anybody who pirates Photoshop should knows this.
The real question is why don't let they let anybody else take Flash off their hands?


mfw i got a flash certificate in like 2006


File: 1608526430727.jpeg (14.97 KB, 474x357, le hacker face.jpeg)


>US national security agencies issued a joint statement Wednesday acknowledging a "significant and ongoing hacking campaign" that's affecting the federal government. It's still unclear how many agencies are affected or what information hackers might have stolen so far, but by all accounts the malware is extremely powerful. According to analysis by Microsoft and security firm FireEye, both of which were also infected with the malware, it gives hackers broad reach into impacted systems.
>On Thursday, Politico reported that systems at the Department of Energy and the National Nuclear Security Administration were also affected. Also on Thursday, Microsoft said it had identified more than 40 customers that were targeted in the hack. More information is likely to emerge about the hack and its aftermath.

One of the worst parts about mass surveillance is that the people doing it are embarrassingly bad at securing the data they're hoarding.
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I honestly don't know if I believe it.


The only part that's probably not real is that this was done by le russians.


well, there is a good chance that it was. They have a pretty extensive cyber warfare setup.


Prove it. Until then, consider who stands to gain by producing an intangible enemy. Also see >>6226


Sure thing Ivan

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