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File: 1608526211622.png (322.99 KB, 491x491, COMRADE COCKBLAST.png)


Can someone please make more of these? I just need him in various forms. It's for a psyop. You won't get paid.
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this one is perfect for cop bullshit - thanks.
I will start making these on my own. feel pretty stupid




>name it as a jpg
make sure to remove EXIF data as well when you export as jpg


The only good thing GIMP has going is an unfunny overused meme filter.


File: 1608526271646.png (57.24 KB, 1024x1024, CyberWiphala.png)

Cross Posting this because obs this is Cockshott related

File: 1608526269355.png (17.59 KB, 270x270, ipfs.png)


&lt /ipfs/ homepage?
&lt /ipfs/ image board?
I realy like this
From reading it i pick up that hes a /g/ person.
But I realy like the idea.
the implementation is a a bit shit.
You need to be running a local ipfs node on 8080 (obviosluy)

anyone got something like this going on?
anyone follow ipfs stuff?


Anon, I have no idea what IPFS is.

File: 1608526199402-0.png (104.08 KB, 1039x519, arch.png)

File: 1608526199402-1.pdf (19.37 MB, (SEI series in software en….pdf)


One of the really neglected aspects of programming is software 'architecture' i.e. how to do overall design of a software system. Indeed even today many companies are replacing leetcode/algorithms style interviews with "systems design" type interviews or at least adding that.

For leftists or open source programmers we also need to study systems design to make programs better.

First book is a textbook for a grad school class on software architecture, published first 2013, and the next is a more modern (2020) book on architecture which teaches more FAANG style designs.

opinions /tech/ ?
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I've worked in FAANG. It's a fucking mess. It's a meme that they hire great people there. Most are average to good devs. I've worked on projects that had dedicated senior architects that got scrapped years later because they were obviously badly designed from day 1.

Don't know about OSS, but I would expect it to be better written/designed.

Good software developers/architects must remember to be suspicious of using meme architecture, like microservices and meme technologies like nosql, and meme research areas like ML.

Also, re usability between unrelated projects is a fake meme (unless working in non shit languages, which is never the case). In almost all cases, readability, testability, and "refactorability", should be priority. Coupling, premature optimization, abusing OOP patterns (SingletFactoryAbstractFactoryBeanVisitor), use of compiler directives, global state, parallelization, should be avoided as much as possible. Clear APIs are also very important.

But yeah, how software is made is a good idea to think of new ways of structuring code.


File: 1608526201949.png (48.03 KB, 894x773, mmm.png)

>I've worked on projects that had dedicated senior architects that got scrapped years later because they were obviously badly designed from day 1.
thats a reason to study architecture more, not less…

as for >>4143 :
seriously, can any of these anons responding
>NUUUUU these graduate level textbooks on architecture are wrong, every academic computer scientist and senior FAANG engineer is a pseud compared to me, read my Stallman memes instead they are way more better and based.
actually tell me what particular problems with the PDFs in OP? or in >>4141 which is the pdf that has the FAANG styles, or are you literally just shitting on it because its muh silicon valley and i'm going to write it in common lisp instead because Paul Graham and Stallman told me to do that in the 90s even though the last time they wrote code 80% of the people that use this site weren't even born.

Really, the fucking arrogance.

>Good software developers/architects must remember to be suspicious of using meme architecture, like microservices and meme technologies like nosql, and meme research areas like ML.

those things are only memes for non tech companies which would indeed be better off making traditional apps + a relational database, which in practice, they already do. Almost every non-startup/faang just does 4 load balanced traditional web app (server side rendered) with an oracle or microsoft database and some rando reporting software for the business analysts/managers like crystal reports(if c#) or Jasper reports for java.
>In almost all cases, readability, testability, and "refactorability", should be priority.
>Coupling, premature optimization, abusing OOP patterns (SingletFactoryAbstractFactoryBeanVisitor), use of compiler directives, global state, parallelization, should be avoided as much as possible. Clear APIs are also very important.
no disagreement


p.s. this post/book is the pdf version in which some of the images are stretched. The epub version on libgen is much better:
its clearly meant to be read as an ebook and not printed


I1m sure it's real useful if you have FAANG infrastructure.


You dont know what you are talking about, you never was in faang for sure. You cant write good Java code (decoupled) without using OOP patterns

File: 1608526262698.jpg (59.6 KB, 1024x544, 1599149396229.jpg)


porn and 4chan are banned in the shitty country I'm living in for the next six months. What weird things are banned in your country?
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Cuban cigars are banned in burgerland


you can usually get what you want first search pretty reliably with decent google-fu, anon. in my experience.


Also depending on country there are still lots that work. Have you tried https://magnetdl.eu/ ?


Really? Friend brought some over to the uk once, you ain't missing much


piracy sites and live streams of sporting events, can be bypassed with a simple dns switcharoo

File: 1608526261045.jpg (397.16 KB, 1772x1374, ab518a7eb6d1d3ed2e9abd437f….jpg)


Sup guys, looking to move my normie friend gaming group from the garbage that is discord to a mumble+matrix/riot (with some fileshare on top mb) hosted on a VPS. Does anyone have tips, insights, and good cheap VPS provider recommendations to give ?
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any specific reason ? did you use it yourself ?
free bandwith (in reasonable limit) and 5€/month seem ok but standard


so depend on your budget, location (EU/NA/MENA…)
i will recommend you online(scaleway) the price vary from 8 - 12 euro a month for a VPS but they have a quick and good support no limit in bandwidth + root access . Note : they are installation fees depend in the options you take

Or you can build your own and self host you can try getting a cheap Optiplex or those Lenovo Think center mini they are low power or even a raspberry pi
4 with active cooling, i have a raspberry pi that i use as a NAS+adblocker and other small automation service in my rack with my other network.
if your IPS give a static IP you can use a freedomain service.


europe and 5-10 bucks a month top as budget
I should be tech literate enough to install my shit myself if I have root access
I'd self host if my home connection wasnt so shit, but it would prolly be an awful experience for the others, although I do have a raspberry I use as a retro gaming platform, so I could mb give it a shot. Mumble might work, but I'm afraid it will fuck with my connection if we use it as a fileshare. And my ISP give dynamic IP, pretty sure I'd have to pay extra to get static.


for VOIP you don't need a high bandwidth just a stable one that will be enough for 20+ clients with a stable bitrate.
and yes ISP are shit

well as i said you can try scaleway this should be enough for mumble + file sharing
careful they got installation fees


also OVH is also a option

File: 1608526262368.png (72.64 KB, 567x396, screenshot1.png)


Fuck the "cloud".

File: 1608526261226.jpg (117.06 KB, 1124x1313, 1602452275380.jpg)





File: 1608526258997.jpg (218.97 KB, 800x1000, 1401123995271.jpg)


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You don't remember how Microsoft fell in the 90s after being deemed "too big to fail"? They never got to that point again.


1) Microsoft is still bloated and is still on their campaign of eating up others.
2) Breaking up these bloated monstrosities from time to time is done to extend the lifespan of the system. "Too big to fail" means catastrophe when they do fail, it threatens to bring down the whole system with it. It's not a coincidence that idealistic neoliberals like Elizabeth Warren and Margrethe Vestager (Competition Commissioner of EU) are the faces of regulatory measures.
3) The dream of small entrepreuners is a libertarian fantasy. Not even their heroes believe in it. If you talk to start-ups they almost always say their ultimate goal is being bought by FAANG.


>Microsoft is still bloated

>and is still on their campaign of eating up others.

With not much success, if any.

I'm not sure what point #3 has to do with anything I've said.


They have the biggest OS share and have long been creeping into other markets under other brands.
>With not much success, if any.
Github comes to mind. There are other not so small fish.

But all that is not really important, because even if Microsoft "fell" and is now irrelevant, it was replaced by FAANG. The principle has stayed the same. If anything, big tech has only become bigger.

>I'm not sure what point #3 has to do with anything I've said.

The 3rd point is concerning the fact we will not go back to small tech and big tech is here to stay.

And what is your response to the 2nd point?


>They have the biggest OS share
That's Android (Google).

>Github comes to mind.

I'll give you that. It's a good thing alternatives came up after the sell.

>And what is your response to the 2nd point?

I don't disagree with it, that's why I didn't mention it.

File: 1608526254287.png (91.05 KB, 449x470, 1602177064780.png)


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I mean you can install Void and update the packages once a year or whenever you want. It's better than installing fucking Debian Stable where literally everything is outdated and meant for server use, plus makes you deal with Poetteringware.


If you don't update, it's going to be outdated, yes. I don't think that's OP's concern lol. The point of Debian Stable is that it's meant to be outdated, meaning the frozen packages are thoroughly tested to ensure their long-term quality, and updates are provided only when strictly necessary, which is very rarely.
An arbitrary user-side freeze of a rolling-release is the complete opposite of that.


Debian Stable is outdated out of the box.


Youre recommending a distro MEANT FOR SERVER USE. Like the other anon says its going to be severely lacking and you shouldnt use it unless you're on hardware from the early 2000s or youre a tech illiterate boomer who only uses the web browser and absolutely nothing else

Whatever OPs complaining about strikes me more as something you see more often on corporate or open source normie software rather than niche libre autism


Did I stutter?

>Youre recommending a distro MEANT FOR SERVER USE.
Meant by whom? Not by Debian project, nor by people who use it on their personal computers. I don't think even red text will help you here.

File: 1608526251494.jpg (50.43 KB, 690x308, rgfergerg.jpg)


I am amazed that more people are not talking about Section 230 here.

What is section 230?


>At its core, Section 230(c)(1) provides immunity from liability for providers and users of an "interactive computer service" who publish information provided by third-party users:

>No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.
>The statute in Section 230(c)(2) further provides "Good Samaritan" protection from civil liability for operators of interactive computer services in the removal or moderation of third-party material they deem obscene or offensive, even of constitutionally protected speech, as long as it is done in good faith.

There has been a consorted effort by the united states government to destroy section 230 in the last 4 years. Destroying section 230 would turn the internet into the hellscape everyone claimed it would become (and to a part has) with the destruction of net neutrality.
This thread will be, from hence forth, for discussion of section 230 and happenings surrounding it.


Both Trump and Biden want to repeal 230, fyi.
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>Missing the point to be a pedantic faggot.

Do you have anything productive to say or are you going to continue to glow in the dark?


You're the one missing the point, I'm only calling you out for talking like a faggot. :)


>We need decentralized anonymous forums like NNTPchan.
Technical solutions are good and necessary but we also need to find a way to deal with the new inquisition(s) that if forming. They are not going manage to close off the internet no matter what they do, it is impossible to stop people from building new information transmission systems from scratch if need be. The General intellect can not be privatized. But we could fall into a info dark age for decades until new resilient information channels can re-assert them self in a way that society at large can access them. We need to self criticize. The open internet is being threatened not only because of capitalism, but also the failure to make good information dominant. The signal to noise ratio is really bad. The internet is a unreliable information source even for researching technical subjects where truth and falsehoods are unambiguous. Figuring out how to deal with the ideological sabotage of capitalism via intentional disinformation flooding, is on another level entirely. Every faction of capital or special interest is funding (dis)information production that distorts frameworks for referencing information, which is far more destructive than mere factual lies.




File: 1608526256660.png (380.4 KB, 990x682, 1590197494999.png)

>d-don't say I talk like a retard or you're a glowie nigger ;_;
Thanks for contributing to terms becoming meaningless, faggot.

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