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File: 1616230062452.jpeg (8.79 KB, 474x257, tyytvytv.jpeg)


Where did it go? The onion just stopped working.What happened? They were fairly popular. Was that the issue? They were a bunch of contrarians, after all.


I only posted there near the start, would have been two years ago, then got bored of it.
Did it ever develop a real culture beyond 'we use Tor only'?
I was an erisfag, there were two others (another bystander and the notorous bot spammer).

File: 1616178638094.jpg (18.41 KB, 720x717, uhm.jpg)


If I have a specific way of opening a given application on Linux, namely via Terminal, is there a way to make this specific terminal command into a desktop icon so that I don't accidentally click the normal icon by accident and fuck everything up like I just did?
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Based retard


Different anon. Here's the spec:

Example Desktop Entry File:

Add your
[Desktop Action …]
and put what you need into


File: 1616190517820.gif (1.54 MB, 480x264, emoji-thonk-heating.gif)

Start with making a directory and empty, executable shell script
mkdir Application
cd Application
cat > application.sh
chmod u+x application.sh
Now open the executable shell script in a text editor and add:
whatever bash line you wanted to have as an executable script to begin with

Go to a search engine and find the icon you want to have, in line with this general-purpose guide we'll name it application-icon.png

Now finally we make the .desktop icon:
cat > application.desktop
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congrats on figuring it out on your own! in linux, most of the quality of life additions should be able to be implemented in simple shell scripts.

That being said, why are you using per application vpn? does your plan require you to throttle it?


>That being said, why are you using per application vpn? does your plan require you to throttle it?
No, no. It's just the addition of a missing infosec feature. It's a specific type of proxy.thinkThink

File: 1615757957982.jpg (6.31 KB, 293x172, Archive.jpg)


Whats the best way to archive imageboard threads?
Specifically threads on herecockshottCockshott
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This is as retarded and spooky as claiming imageboards are "meant" to be filled with anime or that tripcodes are inherently bad (why are they shipped with every imageboard software then?). The sysadmin decides whatever the fuck they want to do with the software.

The only reason Futaba and by extension 4chan didn't archive threads is because bandwidth and storage were expensive as fuck back then. On the other hand, 2ch has archived every single thread since its creation in 1999 because, well, it's all just text.


I dont think your argument works when we talk about user archiving
Yeah there is definitly an argument to be made against auto archiving on imageboards but users freely archiving stuff and distributing it is pretty much the spirit of the old internet
On a practical basis there are some extremely good threads on here from time to time like the Permaculture thread and a couple about american architecture and the slow death of small town america



>/leftypol/ is a bunch of libs, simps, autists
He could just be talking about the jannies


Archive.today has .onion links.


I tried these earlier and the Tor Browser gave me a warning tho. Maybe they didn't update something.piratePirate

File: 1615244457425.png (46.47 KB, 1920x529, ClipboardImage.png)


Is it true that this site is a honeypot for glowies?
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yeah, not normie friendly and discord is "more fun". be sure to join the leftypol matrix chat though.



>Is it true that this site is a honeypot for glowies?

Discord should not be treated as trustworthy software. Why?

A) It is proprietary software.

B) Discord is owned, maintained and operated by a corporation called Hammer and Chisel. They are operating under a profit incentive which runs contrary to your privacy.

C) Aforementioned corporation was co-founded by Jason Citron, who is also the CEO.
Citron also founded OpenFeint.
In 2011, OpenFeint was party to a class action suit with allegations including computer fraud, invasion of privacy, breach of contract, bad faith and seven other statutory violations. According to a news report "OpenFeint's business plan included accessing and disclosing personal information without authorization to mobile-device application developers, advertising networks and web-analytic vendors that market mobile applications"
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Also before anyone tries to say the Microsoft buyout talks are over-hyped look at this:
Microsoft owns Xbox. They did a partnership with Xbox months ago. They are obviously in contact.

F) Now, about Microsoft. They own Skype, and they have handed fuckloads of user data to the NSA on request.
So Discord is actively looking at essentially handing their entire company to people who are known to give up user data to the NSA (not that Discord hasn't worked with glowies themselves in the past).

Yes, it's Glowiecord.piratePirate


Fukken saved!


Microsoft itself was the very first member of the NSA PRISM program. Skype started handing over data to the NSA a bit later, but still before Microsoft bought them out.

File: 1614570444171.jpg (54.73 KB, 900x687, O_GAB-900x687.jpg)


The team at Distributed Denial of Secrets released a new leak today, 70GB of Gab posts. Check it out: https://ddosecrets.com/wiki/GabLeaks
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The tactic here is establishing an open community where we can convert normal people to our sides. If you allow everyone to make insular silos that don't connect together then you've failed.


Lol, this is what they get for trusting some bullshit like gab.


How did I miss this thread. good news even if old news.


Freedom of speech is a western sexual fetishslavojSlavoj


File: 1612998061767.jpg (3.86 MB, 3120x4160, ereader .jpg)


I love my electronic reader, I must have read hundreds of books on it, all free thanks to the pirate comrades and websites like library genesis, mobilism or archive.org.

Picrel is a Kobo Aura with Plato as OS. I hear KOreader is also good.

So fellow anons, do you live fully in the current year? Do you own an e-reader? Do you love it? Are you still hesitating to get one?read_a_fucking_bookRead a Fucking Book
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Back in 2019 I bought a Pocketbook Inkpad 3 that was re-branded by Vivlio (European bookstore) and flashed the original Pocketbook firmware on it. There are builds of KOReader available but I prefer to use the stock OS with wifi turned off. The Inkpad was cheaper (even after shipping and currency conversion) than buying a similarly spec'ed Kobo.
Loading books is easy since Calibre recognizes the device.
More info at https://www.mobileread.com/forums/showthread.php?t=314657


why are e-readers so fucking small god damn


How the hell do I open a Kobo Aura? I think I was removing the screen instead of the bezel and now I'm scared of breaking it.


Actually do I need to crack it open to gain access to the microSD and flash it with okreader?


damn shame most of the books I read are only available at old book stores


We need a port of the soyjak script for this website
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Why not both?


>socdem lacks a heart
>sabocat lacks courage
>trotsky can't go home
>ML lacks a brain
wow it's perfect


File: 1613507392151.png (459.69 KB, 1024x1211, (you).png)

Looks like wojak is back on the menu, boys.


>do you even need a calculator when you can just crunch numbers with a pencil and paper?
>using calculator for arithmetic with numbers of less than 4 digits
do americans really?


I legit met american girl who couldn't multiply 9 by 7 so anything is possible with them


will Desktop PCs ever switch to RISC processing, or is it time to take the bluepill and switch to Apple?
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so why does x86 still have so much power draw?


idk, not an expert on the power side. Ask a semiconductor engineer. Intel's chips are mainly used in desktop/server environments anyway so its possible using less power isn't a design priority for them anyway, or at least as much of one
open hardware implies open architecture


roughly speaking, more transistors generally implies higher power consumption.


>No RISC processors are up to performance level with AMD let alone intel


the process of decoding x86 into a risc-like language is extremely complex

File: 1611871686293.gif (190.91 KB, 220x165, thumbsupkid.gif)


Some anon here earlier was talking about making a standard API for chans/imageboards?

I assume the format will be REST using JSON as a serialization/marshaling format?

This would be great, if all standard chan software could implement this, possibly in addition to server side rendered HTML(optional) for the NO-JS /g/entoo-fags and torfags, people could easily write their own clients, maybe even a desktop app
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I tried reading what NNTP was about, but quit because there is very little info on the topic. I assumed it was a protocol that was built on top of TCP, like an alternative version of zeronet.

Unless you're doing something highly specialized AND have institutional backing, there is no reason not to use HTTP over TCP.


NNTP was an internet protocol used for usenet articles before the world wide web was invented in the early 90s. Its basically dead but theres one anon here who keeps autistically focusing on it, same as /g/entoofags talk about disabling javascript in browser because Stallman told them to like 10 years ago


Vichan's code is littered with nntp protocol autism. It was never completed, afaik.


My assumption was, that NNTP articles were close to a drop-in replacement for IB messages.
After reading the RFC, I must admit NNTP's retrieval of articles by traversing a GROUP is less than optimal for throughput and the structure of NNTP is inherently incompatible with the notion of threads, unless the server automatically moved articles to a new "subGROUP".

However I believe we should think about adopting some NNTP concepts such as:
board hierarchies (perhaps with their own overboards)
ability to retrieve resources through WILDMAT

Observing NNTP also gives us the chance to avoid its shortcomings.
Being able to retrieve messages by their ID is undoubtedly a good thing, but you could implement a request for threads or even boards.

Are operations on threads and boards (and/or matching against messages by date) sufficient to negate the cost of linear traversal, or are there more elaborate data structures, that curb the overhead of common usage.


>Are operations on threads and boards (and/or matching against messages by date) sufficient to negate the cost of linear traversal, or are there more elaborate data structures, that curb the overhead of common usage.

Assuming the threads/posts are stored in a database, aren't most relational and even some non relational dbs based on B/B+ or modified B+ trees? If so average search complexity is O(log n), same for insert and delete.

Thinking about shit on the data structure level is a little too low level for web dev anyway since you would most likely be using a database/store someone else developed and its their job to make it efficient.

>board hierarchies (perhaps with their own overboards)

interesting, would the only point be for overboards?

>ability to retrieve resources through WILDMAT

is that some sort of regex search? Modern intelligent information retrieval techniques have probably obviated the need for that. Most likely using some sort of search engine thats already built although basic search functionality can be built pretty easily in a normal program.

File: 1611528688113.jpg (210.39 KB, 1080x841, holy freaking crap.jpg)


How do I stop being neurotic about privacy? I'm seriously considering turning down a job offer just because thanks to this pandemic I'm going to have to use Google Meet every day for a few minutes. I don't want to give my data to the basilisk but this honestly feels like a losing battle. Should I just give up and perish like a dog?
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I really don't get the privacy-whoring. Like sure, its retarded to give your private info and such, but being paranoid about your email links, YouTube, game or porn preferances and personal politics? Like, you aren't really giving away your privacy. Its just going to be some algorithm in a database that will scan you and send apropiate adds to annoy you. Whats the worse that could happen? Some technofeudal fascist purge? I mean, for one its so unrealistic that its like being a germaphobe, and two, remember that CIA had the data about 9/11 collected, just never got around to review it in time. So unless you are some /dead/ schizo doing epic illegalism, there really just doesn't seem to be that much reason to go full on data hermit.


>remember that CIA had the data about 9/11 collected, just never got around to review it in time
Stopping crimes has never been the point of mass surveillance, it's been noted many times that the NSA's PRISM program has more data than they could ever possibly sift through. The point is to collect things that can be used to intimidate or silence people who threaten their power.


Is the mass surveillance really relevant outside of the Imperial Core?
I live in a periphery country as a shut in prole and haven't had social media in 6 years but still have a google account which I rarely use even if it has some personal data required for government procedures linked to it which makes me reluctant to delete it.


Should I do the Tor survey when you launch the browser or is that a test to see how retarded you are about security?


Read a book on the civil rights movement in the U.S.

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