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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1663654867871.png (178.58 KB, 600x400, ClipboardImage.png)


Seriously when you type "mic" it shows so many different types

What do they all mean and what is their purposes, what do anons use to talk to others online
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>whats the purpose of more than one channel?
I was asking. Human speech generally sounds fine even at low bitrates, but the 8kb/s mono pcm used by many bluetooth headsets sounds noticeably lofi.


It's probably the bitrate and the specific bluetooth codecs/version more than anything that probably causes issues. The vast majority of people use mono microphones anyways. You usually get stereo mics on expensive devices, or if you're trying to do something like a professional recording.


Stereo audio is mainly to make it easier to distinguish particular sources when there are multiple. If you have a couple people talking or a person singing and playing a guitar for example, having two channels with slightly different positioning give dimensionality to the sound and your brain distinguishes them better.


I'm going to buy PC speakers anything I should be aware of?

I'm taking a decibel counter and I'm gonna make them play stuff to judge it

My laptop spits 54-55


>why does your GPU have the same name as a quirky sod brand

Way to much money!

File: 1661531577642.gif (11.2 MB, 632x464, cybersyn[1].gif)


i know ppl on this thread might have a poor opinion of social choice theory or ml, but deepmind came with a paper a few weeks about applying neural networks to mechanism design. it's lib bullshit from otherwise smart ppl but you be the judge

Building artificial intelligence (AI) that aligns with human values is an unsolved problem. Here we developed a human-in-the-loop
research pipeline called Democratic AI, in which reinforcement learning is used to design a social mechanism that humans prefer by majority. A large group of humans played an online investment game that involved deciding whether to keep a monetary endowment or to share it with others for collective benefit. Shared revenue was returned to players under two different redistribution mechanisms, one designed by the AI and the other by humans. The AI discovered a mechanism that redressed initial wealth imbalance, sanctioned free riders and successfully won the majority vote. By optimizing for human preferences, Democratic AI offers a proof of concept for value-aligned policy innovation.

Result: Our AI system designed a mechanism for redistribution that was more popular than that implemented by human players. This is especially interesting because unlike our agent, human referees could integrate information over multiple timesteps to reward or sanction players on the basis of their past behaviour.


The solution in this paper can only work under socialism, you can't have an AI hand out money like that under capitalism. Is there a Marxist critique of mechanism design?


not mech. design, given that it's just math and cs nerds trying to rigourously define the shit in game theory
is relevant ig?


File: 1629663628839.png (551.99 KB, 1062x649, thumbsup.png)


A thread for posting PDFs related to software, IT, programming, hacking, networking, math, technology, engineering, and science in general.
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I hate hackers so much bros


These were freely available at some special event of an ebook site.


File: 1660359721855-0.pdf (7.99 MB, 197x255, Starting-FORTH.pdf)




File: 1663649196401.png (59.11 KB, 964x718, ClipboardImage.png)

Not PDF but TestOut Exam

File: 1649346863364.jpg (146.78 KB, 1215x1001, laptop.jpg)


I'm looking for a new laptop since my ideapad 330 has a shit build quality and soldered ram. I don't need to upgrade just yet, but my keyboard is falling apart, the wifi card barely works, and this thing is kinda underpowered for a lot of tasks tbh. I want something with a better build quality, that i can use for a bit of gayman and video editing. I thought I could just get a thinkpad with an egpu but gpus are expensive as fuck and /g/ told me thinkpads are a reddit meme nowadays. Anybody got any ideas?
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holy shit do not buy expensive mediocre hardware just because they've got "open" drivers goddamn


>mediocre hardware
not really
they're generally up there with lenovo or dell or whatever


gamer shit is always more expensive and worse quality than enterprise shit


Macbook Pro bought from the back of a van.


File: 1663253751965.jpeg (5.27 KB, 150x150, cans.jpeg)


Was browsing an obscure infosec online store and they were selling a pack with two old phones, each preinstalled with firmwares and roms all about the security. These were extremely popular flagship phones from 5 years ago.

Whats the benefit of buying a package like that and where could I get the software without buying the package?

I got one of these phones.
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Interesting. This pack was 2 refurbished identical old phones, exact same model number. I can't find the site now but the phones were loaded with security software.

Where do I find out about this, don't say xda. Is there anywhere I'm likely to find an installable security focused rom like what they are selling?


>each preinstalled with firmwares and roms all about the security
If I wanted security I'd do this myself.


Dawg, I just post here. Not an expert on this sadly. I would personally start by looking at some r*ddit threads about security-focused roms and work from there all the way to obscure forums like usual.


Oh yeah and if the site has any more of this stuff look if they list any of the software they have and use them as keywords.



You're right of course. I've gone as far as I can go with that though. Pre built and compiled security and firmware roms exist for this phone. I've just hit a wall trying to find them. Been in this position for months.


Thanks anon. I've been doing that for months, no shit. It's like search engines don't work any more, even with complex search terms.


Kiwifarms encourages the use of TOR and VPNs
but if I go to kiwifarms.ru (net is blocked by cuckflare) the ddos Guard shows up. Of course the first thing that makes be a bit mad is the need of javascript but well it is what it is now no need to be mad at the moment but, i dont know why it just wont show me the captcha.

i went to the offical ddos guard site, which uses the same anti ddos service ofc, and the captcha appears. I enabled everything, javascript etc. standard browser settings on Tor/tails. still, on the actual kiwi farms it wont show it.

is it me, or kiwifarms?? i cannot currently use a vpn like mullvad because im using tails. and because I dont have money for it. Is there any solution, can i even do anything about it?
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>When do you think they will have a working .onion? is it even talked about?
Probably, I have no inside view though


kiwifarms was a shithole that deserved to die long time ago
>>he is mad his favorite bullying webstite got taken down
get fucked dipshits you all deserve it


Kiwifarms is a shitty fascist website. This should have been gone long ago with fucking everyone that uses it.


You can just check their telegram for updates about their site hopping and so on if you care.

Can't say I'm particularly bothered by Cloudflare dropping them. What bothers me more is I heard about another forum that Cloudlare collaborated with the FBI creating fake logins to track the users, though I am neither totally certain what that forum did (troll raids I think?) nor whether Cloudflare was forced to act like it did because of laws.

>kiwifarms was a shithole
Anon I…


Cloudflare is known to release people's personal data to Kiwifarms

File: 1663227502495.png (46.22 KB, 979x715, ClipboardImage.png)


I'm trying to reset my IP address.
I'm supposed to type ipconfig/release into the command prompt window, then ipconfig/renew. When I typed ipconfig/release this came up.
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Thank so much. Would that let me escape a ban from 4chan?


not if you're range banned


Literally just unplug your router and plug it back in and if that still doesn't work you have to wait for it to change naturally which can take hours to days.


How did you change you IP in the first place? I assume your PC does not act as a router. Your PCs IP is only relevant to your router and other devices on the LAN. 4chan sees the IP (or NAT sth) of your router. Many routers dynamically assign their IPs, so restarting it could change the IP.


Aww, cool, thanks!
>How did you change you IP in the first place?
I didn't…what did I say to indicate I did?
I made this thread to learn how to do that.


imagine using apple products
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Yet with the original Machintosh we had a console marketed as a computer, this is why the Mac 128k and 512k are so hard to upgrade even today. Meanwhile the Atari ST and Amiga can be easily hot rodded with PPC accelerator cards, SSDs, DVD drives, mpeg decoders, floppy emulators and ethernet.


We should get a retro computer thread going at some point


>preferred design principles
Apple users will literally complain about how they have to buy proprietary peripherals and how their messaging app doesn't work with non-apple users, but then go right ahead continuing to purchase apple products anyway.


no way i don't believe that


Remember a couple years ago when Apple phones had some amazing for that time AI auto-correcting texts based on the most common expressions of its user base and it corrected almost anything to cum farts and the users were all like oooh what a crazy program bug that is hahaa and then the "silly programmers" had to "fix" the "bug"?

File: 1662286173291.png (305.17 KB, 568x379, ClipboardImage.png)


This is your science on capitalism.

Oxford Physicist Unloads on Quantum Computing Industry, Says It's Basically a Scam
>"In essence, the quantum computing industry has yet to demonstrate any practical utility..

>"I’m disturbed by some of the quantum computing hype I see these days."
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The problem with neural networks is they only brute force thus why human speed runners can still run circles around neural networks as humans can understand how to break a game while also knowing the that program flags need to be triggered else they can get in a unwinnable state, something much harder to do through brute force.

When planning an economy you have the same issue with humans actually able to make logical causal links rather then simply trying everything till you get a good result.


I don't agree that neural networks force anything more than a human child forces things as it is growing and learning. There is certain element of chaos and uncertainty that a simple algorithm probably couldn't handle, but neural networks are better at working with chaos and with limited data than just list of "if this then that" type of simple algorithms that sometimes pass as an AI. I guess we can agree that at some level planning will need computers, programs at varied levels of complexity.

Could I make the argument that this is mostly a problem of insufficient datasets used for training and/or lack in the scale of neural network, since that is pretty much what separates a human (or animal) mind and a current neural network. Not that it probably needs nearly the levels of human complexity to provide results at human level or even better since it will be a specialized thing and when it makes a mistake it will be corrected and it will be improved. Unlike a human that might repeat the same mistake multiple times or at least multiple humans from generation to generation could repeat the same mistake multiple times.

What I however am a bit worried about is "black boxing" the whole planning process with neural networks and algorithms and such. I'm not afraid of any machine uprising, but it's dangerously undemocratic if nobody or only a select few can tell how and on what basis were these certain planning results reached.


>neural networks bruteforce
Literally that's what hyperparameters and network design spaces were invented to prevent!


It's more accurate to say the applications are much more narrow than the hype makes it seem. They won't be replacing traditional computers.


We don't yet have universal quantum computing. As I know all of them are specific built for solving a specific quantum algorithm. Also quantum computer don't much benefit every day user at best they are great for science and encryption.

File: 1647279702074.jpg (497.33 KB, 1080x1080, 0Yik-kyZXnA.jpg)


Which language is better? Python, C++ or C#?
I want to learn how to plan an economy so i can work in OGAS or CYBERSYN 2.0 as Cockshott's successore.
I also want to be able to be a 1337 H4X0R and program an AI version of myself so that if i die, the AI can continue unlocking files on a mysterious and broken, powerless computer which i fixed in my spare time so that my friends (who have been trapped inside of a school and forced to kill eachother to escape) can figure out who the mastermind is.
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real successful adults pull themselves up by the bootstraps and accept work for ICE and the Pentagon


>These are about java 8 so be sure to read a few more modern features documentation on java 11+ like lambda expressions, streams and functional interfaces.



If you are an absolute novice with zero experience spend a couple of months learning Javascript , along with CSS and HTML . This will teach you the basics of programming .
Geeksforgeeks and W3Schools will be useful resources for this phase of your education.

Then move on and spend a year or two mastering C , C++ & C# to learn the principles of Object Oriented Programming . Refer to the books attached to this post for guidance.

During this time experiment with languages like Python & Rust to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying structures needed for programming.


"how to plan an economy"
I have several years of coursework in computer fields at a college level.
Lets separate this problem.
1. Programming Problems: You need a lot of things to run very fast which means C++.
2. Economic problems: If it was trivial, more would do it. Do you feel you know enough about money, resource allocation, and supply chains to describe this, and how they would interact with the world.
3. AI Problems: Even with several years of computer science, I can't tell you anything about Tensorflow.

Problems that need solving for the left that are easy:
1. Browse r/SelfHosted and self host some things not over the Internet for only people on your local WiFi.
2. Operate CNC and 3D Pritners with code that already exists.

What I think:
1. Is this a joke or fiction I don't understand
2. Are you trying to make simple code that runs on a tiny CPU that only manages 10 resources across 50 nodes or are you going for full hell trying to simulate a whole country?
3. People think about going into video game design because they love games. They find out games are hard and require teams of hundreds to make mediocre games. This is also the case with computer science. They start out thinking they will make something great. Either they make a self contained C++ code that does something small for themselves, they contribute to an open source project, they dish out the money from the people who know what they are doing, or they give up and only code if they get paid.
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>Javascript , along with CSS and HTML
lmao. This was my introduction to programming and it was a horrible experience. Javascript and the dom are a blight on computing.
Novices should learn any language with a comprehensive beginner's guide that interests them. People have posted tutorials for python, scheme and haskell in this thread. Rust, ruby, go, ada, elixir and forth also have very good documentation.

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