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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1619283717399.jpg (29.22 KB, 417x336, dprtp.jpg)


Discussion of automated bots and scripts.

Hello comrade wizards of /tech/ I am making a thread to seek advice regarding the implementation of simple bots and scripts to simulate user actions. Our team has been experimenting with simple bots ran using tamper monkey, and we are looking to learn more. Please share with us your arcane knowledge in the field of bots, scripts, and sock puppets. And use this thread to discuss anything related in general o7
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How do you get those americans to do bot-like mass actions on order?




>Our team


you should infiltrate it then, can't get v& if u hide in the honeypot :' )

Seriously though this info should be useful to any communist interested in information warfare. I'm not asking for personal info or something. Seeing as this is /tech/ I would ask you kindly that you reply in earnest if you may


Is it troubling you that seeing as this is /tech/ you would ask I kindly that I reply in earnest if I may?


What's the hip new way to download from spotify?

All my songs are in my liked playlist so I can't just copy paste the url into a downloader

File: 1619207384724.gif (125.07 KB, 500x332, 1411105646498.gif)


Spin off from >>7090
Right now we're under threat of big tech companies finding loopholes on the GPL to take out software and make it closed source without giving anything back and because the FSF is staffed by corporate stooges once Stallman dies we're at their mercy.
We also need to promote the use of copyleft licenses and dissuade people from using permissive licenses.

What is there left to do?
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we need a new license, since the GPL is (as good as it is) still too much of a liberal and idealistic license. consider a license which is based on GPLv3, but which also provides that the software cannot under any circumstances be turned into a commodity or a capital, and must (whether in original or modified form) be not only "free as in freedom" but also "free as in free association of producers" and also "free as in free healthcare". in other words, a license which communizes software, making it the common right of the workers of the world.


I don't like the framing around "giving back" as it misleads from the issue Free Software is trying to solve. In case you are not aware, nowhere in the GPL or the four freedoms is "giving back" present. If you receive a software under the terms of the GPL and modify it, you don't have to make your modifications available to the person who gave you the original software. You do have to make it available to those who use your version of the software. If you send your modified program to a friend, you have send the modified code to them. But you don't have to publish it. Your friend could publish it, and you can't stop them from doing it, but they don't have to do it either.

I have the suspicion that most posters here wouldn't agree with the Free Software philosophy if they actually read what Stallman wrote.


Start with Affero provisions. Service in place of software is a very serious threat to user freedom and with Google's monopolistic take over of web development they're trying to turn all computing into web.


Parity License seems good, dunno if it'll work legally in burgerland though


GPL was defeated when cloud computing and SaaSS became practical for most things. Anything less than AGPLv3 or EUPL is the same as the MIT license. But those aren't perfect either. Something like Parity License is better, but I don't think it would hold up legally. So our best would be to have AGPLv4 drafted while Stallman is still there to oversee it.
If you're a burger, it's imperative that you support the Right to Repair movement both nationally and in your state. The northeast coast has the strongest presence for it.
Open hardware development should be prioritized. This is an important piece to stopping the "proprietary streaming brick" dystopia that is being built.
It is also important to make federated versions of everything you can (under an AGPL-like license of course) as well as mobile apps for using them.

File: 1619136971629.jpg (84.16 KB, 1280x720, 1605654433679.jpg)


    mkdir tmp out
    for i in {1..16}
      p=`hexdump -n 3 -v -e ' 3/1 "%02X"' /dev/urandom`
      convert -size 32x32 xc:#$p tmp/${p}.png
      ffmpeg -loop 1 -i tmp/${p}.png -c:v libx264 -t 0.1 -pix_fmt yuv420p tmp/${p}_1.mp4
      ffmpeg -loop 1 -i tmp/${p}.png -c:v libx264 -t 0.01 -pix_fmt yuv444p -vf scale=15000:15000 tmp/${p}_2.mp4
      echo -e "file ${p}_1.mp4" "\n" "file ${p}_2.mp4" &gt; tmp/${p}.txt
      ffmpeg -f concat -i tmp/${p}.txt -codec copy out/${p}.mp4
      rm tmp/*
    rmdir tmp

Batch upload the content of ./out on gfycat.com, and paste the URLs in 4 lines (Discord will only display 4 images per line). In case your victim's client can handle the cursed video format change, each animation will consume around 2Gb of RAM and you have 16 of them.

Adapt the script to suit your needs. Enjoy the termination of your account and your newfound freedom!
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Someone explain how I can do it pls. I will spam the infradolf discord


File: 1619563869077.png (84.64 KB, 606x285, ClipboardImage.png)


Save the script as whatever.sh, make it executable (chmod +x whatever.sh) and upload the media that comes out to gfycat or whatever.


I don't get how it works. If I make it an executable how does that pertain to it working and uploading to a discord server? Will it crash the whole server?


Once the script makes the pictures, upload them to gfycat. Then simply post the URLs, four at a time. Discord will preview them (most people have this turned on by default) and should lag their browser.

Theoretically, I don't know if it will actually work.

File: 1619117222353.png (780.96 KB, 1666x886, ClipboardImage.png)


Exploiting vulnerabilities in Cellebrite UFED and Physical Analyzer from an app's perspective


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Youtube content for children is genuinely horrific.


This is why I will raise my kids on DVDs of Sesame Street and Wonder Showzen


This is what capitalist degeneracy looks like. No care, no morality, only the need to suck out views and money, even from kids.


this, basically just neuromarketers making content optimized to captivate young infants with almost no work involved, in order to maximize adbuxxx
thanks capitalism, your ability to innovate new ways to exploit people for profit is unmatched !

File: 1618900425151.jpg (190.81 KB, 828x1481, EzLsluoVoAAVwON.jpg)


This is exactly the kind of "solutions" I expect from Silicon Valley's greatest minds.
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File: 1618924839916.jpg (42.79 KB, 543x504, bezosofborg.jpg)

>micro-level algorithmic management of worker's bodies.
Taylorism but cringier


the guillotine is too good for bezos.


I feel bad for Amazon employees and Americans in general.


Marx's chapter on machines never considered the full body workouts of amazon im extremely skeptical this is even possible, the work in a warehouse isn't exactly circuit trainingaccelerationAcceleration


99 % of this banal idea is already implemented in Germany due to initiative from the workers. The idea is older than Amazon and depending on the resolution of your model, you might be able to do this with pencil and paper. Within the warehouse, there are tasks where you run around a lot and tasks where you don't walk much and use your arms instead. Your working hours get split between these task types. Within the type, you can differentiate more: Some tasks require heavy lifting (unloading the boxes from the trucks), some tasks require more nimble moves (pulling things out of the boxes); and there's also symmetry to consider: At some receive stations you pull the boxes from the conveyor belt to your left and put the contents on something to your right, on some stations it's the other way around; you should do both. Likewise the symmetry thing exists with pulling things from carts and putting them into boxes to send to customers. And the tasks that have you run around a lot differ in how much of that is climbing stairs.

I'm certain people had that idea (and acted on it) already a century ago. No need to suck Bezos' cock for that "innovation" or to become a hysterical luddite over that.

File: 1618633374062.jpg (40.51 KB, 624x351, _83575536_pol-pot-hat.jpg)


>contributing back is a prerequisite of distributing binaries
>using a license that perpetuates the developer/user distinction
>not writing a license where contributing to the codebase is a prerequisite of using the software
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>contributing back is a prerequisite of distributing binaries
This is not true, you have to provide the source code to the users of the binaries, but you don't have to send your changes upstream or make them public.


why the fuck are you writing 32 bit?accelerationAcceleration


you noticed the assembler code is 32bit but you didn't notice the shellscript has the hashbang front to back ?


i used to work in the embedded space - my eyes are biased 「(゚ペ)accelerationAcceleration


>chink fetishist
>being a dumbfuck
Checks out.

File: 1618603810817.png (15.23 KB, 260x238, logo.png)


Is anon going to join the GNU Assembly?
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lol wtf, this whole project seems like it was designed to make life shitty for developers
>Contributor Code of Conduct enforced on your project if you join (see the nightmare that Debian has become since they did this), all interactions in the organization also must be mediated through the code of conduct
>Mandatory social contract says you cannot tell wreckers to fuck off because it would not be inclusive
Not to mention how it looks like they want to break away from the FSF, which would lose them legal and monetary protection. Is Stallman Derangement Syndrome in tech liberals really so severe that they'd be willing to nuke everything for woke points? Or are some anti-Stallman/FSF groups quietly funding this?


It's IBM/Red Hat


Based rms




File: 1618554942802.jpg (83.78 KB, 640x470, tor.jpg)


Know some good shit on Tor? Let us know. Whether it be substitutes for clearnet services, or just the .onion domain for whatever, or just something cool.

What I found:
>privacytools.io site
>Invidious (YouTube front-end)
(Clearnet version: https://vid.puffyan.us/ )
Requires enabling certain scripts to work unfortunately. You can sign up and make a list of subscriptions though.
>Nitter (Twitter front-end)
>/leftypol/ (/leftypol/)

Some things I was interested in hearing about:
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Hidden service for snopyta.org
Basically an index of their services, and about half of them have a hidden service through Tor. I prefer the Invidious instance I linked before, but theirs probably works just as well if not better if you don't want to sign up for an account to keep a subscriptions list. The Invidious instance I linked before had registration while Snopyta's didn't when I checked.piratePirate


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