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/tech/ - Technology

"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1658958475816.jpg (153.67 KB, 720x1280, snapshot.jpg)


They're desperately trying to come up with any angle for VR that isn't video games. How Meta thinks of VR makes me think about all those tiktok accounts that are like you shouldn't spend ur free time enjoying things, u should be doing Google surveys so that u can afford a lambo.
With all the stuff you can do in VR, the best that Meta's marketing team can come up with is "you can look at really high res images".
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I'm hoping some programmers could pull together a decentralized metaverse with good privacy protections implimented so I dont have to feel like im constantly being watched and having all my bio data recorded to doxx me.


Neocities is still around, in case you miss those.


File: 1667187881585.jpg (483.28 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0002.jpg)

>If you realize that this is just a display technology it becomes apparent that chasing after a whole integraded virtual world is pointless.
It just makes what Meta's been doing all the more perplexing. They've popularized 'Standalone VR' as a term and at the expense of enthusiasts pushing more productivity-oriented stuff. I remember John Carmack saying his ideal relationship to VR would be indistinguishable from how a child treats an iPad—that is to say, an all-in-one video game machine that you can pick up and watch ads play on for like an hour or two. This infantilization, which continues to inform Meta's approach to development is really odd because we're just not at the point where HMDs are being sold like monitors yet; even though I think we should. There's no standard for booting straight into a VR desktop environment on PC either. That FSV demo is cool as hell, especially when all of the subfolders are opened at once. I've never seen a 3d file manager depicted like that before.


Necrobumping with Dan Olsen's video on the colossal failure Decentraland has been:

<The Future is a Dead Mall - Decentraland and the Metaverse



I worked for a subcontractor for one of the Metaverses.
3D Modeler, user assistance in game, tester.

Did this for 1 summer. Needed work.

VR is almost all people age 7 to 16 at this time.
VR headsets are developing to be both lighter and spread the weight out around the head (as opposed to all in front).

Acutal uses of VR:
War means don't leave the mountain base, ship, tunnel, submarine. Future wars require hiding underground and using smart munitions and missiles. As such, VR is necessary as you can't see the sky.

The second use case of VR is Guns.
1. Most people under 30 can't afford guns, gun ranges, ammo, transit to gun ranges, permits, and safes. This is a cost effective way to get people proficient at aiming guns.
2. Gun ranges only allow forward fire. VR allows fire in all angles and directions.
3. If going to the gun range takes 20 minutes, you do it once a week. If going into Gun Club VR takes 1 minute, you do it 2 times per day 4 days per week.
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We should make our own model revolutionary model language, show the world that sentience is nothing more than dialectics + computing power.

So how feasible it would be to make an "AI" fed by marxists.org and theanarchistlibrary.org with most of the scientific, economic and social data we can give it?
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This is actually a good idea. Chatgpt can already do most of this of this with the right prompts. The policy just conflicts with revolutionary thought.

Feed the bot all of the leftist writings and have it awnser questions. Or, you could convince it that it's Lenin or some shit.


reposting pages from marxist books would be more useful than pregenerating not necessarily accurate shit


File: 1681076853820.png (122.73 KB, 1235x530, ClipboardImage.png)

AI's used by Defense:
1. Anomalous behavior detection
2. Computer Vision


Guesses on how the military uses Computer Vision

War crime
-Surrendering (Visual Pose Estimation)

Detect origin:
1. "Visual Signatures" means add it to the library to train AI
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Feasible, then set it loose on Reddit.


File: 1681771981004.png (1006.1 KB, 1072x1032, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1681661473020-0.png (8.03 KB, 763x80, sn.png)

File: 1681661473020-1.png (8.34 KB, 762x83, sf.png)


Are anons on here still using a swap?
Recently i had to create one again, since memory usage of my web browsers gradually went up to 73%.
I'm also curious if anyone has tried zram/zswap on linux before and whether they noticed significant size or performance benefits.
There is also this neat program for X-Windows called xsuspender, that reduces cpu time of unfocused gui processes, making them periodically swappable.

ITT share tips for coping with memory hogs

File: 1629663628839.png (551.99 KB, 1062x649, thumbsup.png)


A thread for posting PDFs related to software, IT, programming, hacking, networking, math, technology, engineering, and science in general.
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File: 1663649196401.png (59.11 KB, 964x718, ClipboardImage.png)

Not PDF but TestOut Exam


Textbook used in some intro to mathematical logic courses


mathchads, i kneel


thanks anon this should be helpful

File: 1680026462450.png (38.08 KB, 1600x1604, electron.png)


People love to moan about Electron, but is there any practical alternative to it?
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Partly, another issue is that it runs a whole isolated instance of a browser instead of using the browser you have installed.


The usual issue I hear about is that it is "bloat", it includes tons of stuff that are not actually needed for the actual application itself, but you still get it because you include a full browser.


Oh I thought you were talking about element/matrix


Qt has a dual commercial/GPL license, the commercial one is one of the most expensive licenses I've seen, so it's an instant no-go for most commercial software, especially for free as in beer desktop applications like VS Code. Also electron allows your boss to recycle javascript code meant for browser clients, so it's a no-brainer really.


yeah, desktop app written in C++ or Java and whatever GUI framework you want


What does /tech/ think about it? It's AGPL.
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File: 1680504519984.png (16.83 KB, 555x555, social networking.png)

This is basically the entire principle of social networking
Mutual interests and hashtags help get some interaction going for newer users, but they're not what these platforms are built around in the end


File: 1680830219800.jpg (75.09 KB, 1137x725, weights.jpg)

Most people are focusing on whatever intentionally controversial shit they put there and not on the fact that they didn't even release the most important part of the algorithm: the weights

The code hasn't been freed at all


What do the weights do exactly? How much it favours one thing over another?


I'm not very read on it, but they're basically how much the input is multiplied by before being added to the next layer. What next layer does with that information, idunno.



Garbage useless code.
Just a tantrum from the muskrat so people don't see the steps he's taking away from transparency.


How would I go about making a large database of resources? One that effectively tracks their consumption and production and would allow for the addition of new users easily? Something anyone with an internet connection could connect to.

What’s the legality of this stuff?


Do you mean like, what amount of cheese people consume and make?


Sure, let’s go with that.


It’s called “asset management”

File: 1679861992600-0.png (11.56 KB, 573x195, 1.png)

File: 1679861992600-1.png (68.81 KB, 824x479, 2.png)


china's firewall is not really a firewall or a dns blocker, it's an actually sophisticated machine learning system that WILL fuck your shit up


I hate it. Do you blame them? Almost every country that mentioned the word communism in the last 100 years was destroyed by the creators of the internet.
People in China use v2ray as a vpn solution. I started looking into setting it up at home without a server but didn't get very far. Did any other mid level linux flounderers have success with it?

File: 1679416140910.jpg (773.74 KB, 1628x1167, money-happy.jpg)


> I’ve been employed in tech for years, but I’ve almost never worked
Okay bros, which one of you snitched? I thought we all agreed not to let the non-techies find out that we are paid mad money to do nothing.
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worked for 1,5 years as an IT Consultant making over twice the median wage in my city, and i can honestly say i didn't create a single dollar of value during that time. My actual use was as an asset - my company could put me on a list and advertise me to potential clients as a highly trained python/SQL/Java/whatever expert (this was my first job out of college), and convince them to sign lucrative contracts. They wouls then put together a team to work on whatever they convinced the customer to pay for, where 70-80% od this team was outsourced - of course, these guys did most of the work.

In the last few months I've been laid off - assumed this would happen too, as the economic situation has big companies thinking a bit more rationally about this contracting work, I'm sure.


>>18952 here

I'm in Yurope


They probably cancelled products or something.


ive gotten job offers like this, basically people who would ask for english native speakers with a CS degree to pretend to be the developers for their company while the actual dev team would be outsourced and on another continent. And the english speaker gets paid "by the webex" (with clients).

honestly regretting not taking it.


the gig is up, articles are being published about how bloated amerikkkan tech employees salaries are


Why are certifications valued more than degrees, even if they are much easier and cheaper to get? What's the freaking point of wasting years and/or millions in college then?
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>Degrees are more about having the ability to commit to something long term
so iguess im fucked that my resume says i took a long time to get my degree



which employers, what industry/business domain?
just don't put a starting date, the year you earned your degree is fine


Because they are trying to deskill the industry, soon everyone will be just certified technicians and the real engineers with degrees will disappear.


Im still pissed i went to a community college for a certificate but immediately removed the one i was aiming for wtf

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