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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1654399434713-0.png (65.55 KB, 1235x849, abslogarithmic.png)

File: 1654399434713-1.png (61.1 KB, 1229x849, abslinear.png)

File: 1654399434713-2.png (63.61 KB, 1191x739, tether2usd.png)


An article from 2016 on how the Bitcoin blockchain was reaching its limit and being controlled by a tighter and tighter pool of speculators. Even more relevant with the rise and crash of tethercoins lately.


File: 1654408923759.jpg (88.3 KB, 500x542, glindee.jpg)

woah cool af article anon
Do you know any similar ones for other projects (Monero)?


also his blog is cool, there's a really neat post about bots and how the bot metrics are fake it wont stop me from saying social media is 80% bots tho


Kute pic

File: 1653796509011.jpg (14.4 KB, 474x248, sodachi.jpg)


why is maths as a school subject nothing but difficult number tricks with no practical application? physics has equations that are both piss easy and give you answers you can use. fuck educational maths
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you will never run a real math class


File: 1653858260248.jpg (99.39 KB, 1190x1123, methematics.jpg)

Math is useful as fuck. I use it all the time. I used the Pythagorean theorem last week when I was building a structure to protect a well-pump from rain and need to know how long to cut the boards. I'm making a game where I regularly need to apply trigonometry when determining the relative rotation and movement of things. Our educational system sucks, and they suck at teaching math in a useful way, but that doesn't mean it isn't useful.




The classroom is used to induce anxiety and reverence for experts. Math class does not reliably produce math skills, but it does reliably produce ’math anxiety’, the belief that math is out of an ordinary person’s reach, and the belief that mathematicians are a class apart.

"Professor Yum-Tong Siu, whose class began with 50 students in 2003, said he actively tried to whittle down the class size. As The Harvard Independent reports, the class dropped down to 25 students, but Siu added: "I want to reduce it a bit more." The goal: 20. "We want a group of students with similar backgrounds so we can proceed at a pace that can suit them at the same time, so they don't feel bored or over their heads," said Siu."


> arcane subjects (at least to humanities concentrators) like eigenvalues and eigenvectors
Aren't those usually covered freshman linear algebra?

File: 1653962740679.png (254.36 KB, 416x416, 1638387318493.png)


Remember to constantly randomize your MAC address.


Why? I want the government to catalogue my every opinion. Then they will know how they how wrong as I repeatedly and consistently destroy them with facts and logic.


Did you check the software I linked?

>A passive surveillance tool that tracks wifi enabled devices nearby,

>GPSProbe records the MAC addresses, GPS co-ordinates and other pertinent
>information. This tool pairs nicely with security cameras to provide
>evidence of who or what was visiting your property uninvited.


>Did you check the software I linked?
No. But maybe you should've led with that stuff in your OP.

So you're telling me I can catch the glowies snooping on me with this?


If they are dumb enough to always bring the same devices with them, yes. Or any non-federal-agent stalkers you might have too.

File: 1653623674430.png (660.18 KB, 824x841, 1653593614808.png)


wow the mainstream managed to make web 1.0 revival faggy and pretentious
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the watermark ruins it


It's an art project OP. Art under capitalism must naturally be faggy and pretentious.


Rebellious mainstream media! Bold design from corporations! Brave!
No thanks, I'm going to stick to neocities and post-prohibition tumblr wastelands, the ones who actually started this.


While it is absurd to act like aesthetics in themselves challenge the material world, we should not discount art and good design. Good design makes for good propaganda. Art, too, can be uplifting. Yes this article is cringe. However, design sensibilities from yotsuba boards are not morally superior.


whats a "yotsuba boards"


Yeah I still using it, in fact anyone still kinda using it cuz we can't just abandon our normies facade.

Also is it true that from Windows 10 until onwards (Windows 11), you don't need install any third-party or additional antivirus?

I still can't move on into Linux. Cuz it's not even my laptop, but my parents.
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Just don't install suspicious files off the internet, duh.
Jokes aside, MalwareBytes is a good option, and make sure to scan any suspicious files through VirusTotal to check if they are safe.


just do a yearly manual scan with MBAM and Avira


Best advice is to run Windows in a Qubes OS virtual machine.


you should only use the built-in windows defender unless you like installing spyware that will make your computer run even slower


although obviously the better option is simply not using windows at all

File: 1621654708181.jpg (26.61 KB, 480x320, sip.jpg)


Woah bro, check it out, I'm drinking beer using my phone, LOL!
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classic lmao


File: 1653626179463.png (254.54 KB, 500x375, gunapp.png)

bang bang


I miss useless novelty shit.


same haha


anybody want to make this thread going with such novelty apps

post 'em
google play or appstore


when did every consumer power tool manufacturer start to go out of their way to use happy meal toy tier plastic at every possible opportunity


kek so true


Save on packaging material and the plastic thing stops the parts rattling around.


Probably just cribbing from DeWalt's iconic yellow


dewalt is part of b&d i think


6-Year-Old Explains How Messed Up It Is That Her Entire Life Has Been Put On Facebook
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I say things like that.


Are you 6?


I'm 6 and a half! MEANIE


HOLY BASEDpan-africanismPan-Africanism



File: 1653001131008.jpg (25.16 KB, 680x453, FS_Q8HkVEAAzam8.jpg)


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If only more retarded porkies could get cancer and die, that would be terrific.




Amtrak electrifies the profitable bits like the northeast Corridor but most of the existing network is owned by freight companies and lo and behold, they don't want to invest the money. The government would have to force them and pay for it to boot


I wonder if the no windows is supposed to be a diss to Bill Gates?


Then you'd be left with the retarded capitalist dependents.

File: 1645336201925.jpg (89.82 KB, 1018x511, old tech.jpg)


Is it wrong to miss technology nerds of old? Were they just as bad but for different reasons or actually better?
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>The beauty of free software is that you can be a free software activist and have your own political opinions on the side.
If you can be a free software activist and hold your own political opinions on the side; what good is your activism? It's like you're admitting to your own impotence; it's really bizarre.


People with boring and impotent politics are so quick to call others "ultras" and "purists".
Funnily enough Stallman is considered an "extremist" by many, especially for his lifestyle of complete rejection of anything proprietary.


>I'm reminded of when people joked about the possibility of Maoist cadres raiding a Texan crypto mine and redistributing GPUs to the gamer masses
yfw after finding out the Texas power grid is responsible for nearly half of all Bitcoin mining capacity in the US



What is this referencing?


File: 1653592825429-0.jpeg (127.46 KB, 1024x819, SWTPC-6800.jpeg)

File: 1653592825429-1.jpg (225.73 KB, 640x870, TV-Typewritter.jpg)

Nerds of old were not all Free Software types. The original PC nerds were closer to those messing with Arduino now where micros was an advanced electronics project. By the time you get to Refund Day in 1999, the average user was far more resistant to change even among those in IT and development and you get to the point there were "nerds" that only knew Widows and were scared of Unix and Linux.

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