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File: 1608526040066.jpg (80.86 KB, 738x551, downloadingGommunsim.jpg)


Many questions for you nerds:1. What would be your recommendation for a person who is relativly new to linux but has some coding experience? I was thinking mint because its just easy to use and i used it back on my old laptop and didn't require as much work to maintain in general but im also worried about le spying.2. What would be the best video editor I can pirate for linux? I want to keep making videos to spread class consciousness and am currently using Sony Vegas. I heard that davinci resolve was good but was wondering your suggestions.3. Also, is gaming on linux actually okay now?


File: 1608526040193.png (1.9 MB, 1440x810, sicp3243.png)

1. It's called GNU/Linux: https://www.gnu.org/gnu/linux-and-gnu.en.html Here's the list of recommended distributions: https://www.gnu.org/distros/free-distros.en.html2. Blender is cool, you can also check out NATRON.3. Gaming is never okay.


File: 1608526040411.png (171.42 KB, 2500x1563, ONEPUUUUUNCH.png)

>>930>Blender is cool, you can also check out NATRON. thanks for the recommend>Gaming is never okay.fugg u, I also make games


>>930Well said comrade.>>931>I also make gamesThat's some times okay *see >>>/e/400. Anyway you were already told about Blender, which also does 3d modeling. GIMP would be good for making textures/sprites, Krita is supposedly much better, but I have my doubts that it would be nice for making pixel art if that's the route you're interested in. I don't really know anything about sound design other than practical effects are some times used, maybe you could do that. On the engine front here are some quality maintained GPL ones (specific to make my life easier):3Dhttps://github.com/DaemonEngine/Daemonhttps://github.com/fholger/thedarkmodhttps://github.com/spring/spring2Dhttps://github.com/Wargus/Stratagushttps://github.com/exult/exulthttp://rpg.hamsterrepublic.com/ohrrpgce/Main_PageNCursesDIY


?3. Also, is gaming on linux actually okay now?Really depends on what you want to play. There has been a definite recent uptick in Linux game ports over the last several years, particularly in the indie scene. While an unfortunate number of them are technically Windows games running on .NET and using the Mono framework to interpret it in a Linux environment, this is still some significant progress. Wine has also made strides in running modern Windows games if you're into AAA/DRM-infected trash. If, on the other hand, you have a fondness for older Windows games, the Wine project has been breaking stuff for WORKING old games and then refusing to ever go back and fix them for some time now. Finally, if you have a fondness for old console games, then the Linux emulator scene is very healthy and in fact is the go-to system for trying to reduce input lag for certain emulated hardware.Apparently some tard deleted the /tech/ thread and moved it here while I was in the middle of replying to it. Consider this copypaste charity and possibly the only post I'll every waste here on /hobby/. See you guise on lainchan.


>>2475Cmon man, what's wrong with just using this board?

File: 1608526038907.jpg (412.4 KB, 3200x2400, anarchist computer.jpg)


I have knowledge for FreeBSD/Linux system administration and programming skills in C, C++ and Lisp. What's the best way to use these for revolutionary work?I thought of making an application useful for punks, bums and people living an anarchist lifestyle but these people usually either can't afford or choose not to use this kind of technology. I thought of an application that could help anarchists organize but I'm thinking it could also be used against us, because it could help fascist groups identify and find us as much as it could help anarchists find and help each other. This is dangerous because it's as useful for fascist missions as it is for anti-fascist/anarchist ones. Otherwise, hosting something like an IRC platform and creating an application to ease its use could be nice but it's already being done by IRC channels, Facebook/Messenger groups and Discord groups, and it still excludes people who don't have access to this kind of technology. The goal in making a new application would thus be to help people help others, or to make the use of the application by indoctrinated people useful to anarchists without them having to use the application. I can't find any interesting idea fitting one of these descriptions.Right now the only thing I can see is contributing to open source software that's already being used as backbones for other revolutionary software, like news sites, blogs, applications, etc. to contribute indirectly to these while having as big an impact as possible (contributing to a library used by many platforms helps more platforms than directly contributing to one). That would be low-level stuff like nginx, widely used libraries, an IRC daemon used by IRC networks hosting leftist channels, etc.About the FSF, contributing to software of theirs that interest me like emacs would only be useful for other programmers, who, by that fact, should already have enough talent to take care of their own and thus should be helping others. This goes for many projects by GNU and the FSF, which are often aimed at corporations and corporate pawns to make them dependent on their software and leech for donations to the foundation. In other words, the software is made to help capitalists who have money to give to the FSF. Also, contributing to GNU projects would force me to voluntarily give the copyright of my contribution to the FSF, thus alienating me of my own work. Maintaining intellectual ownership over my contribution is important to me, because even thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>577>picHave they on purpose tried to make him look like V/Anonymous?


>>591I work with Backend for a lot of different Systems, if the project goes open source i would be happy to help with some backend coding.>Some other considerations:>- Could attract right wing terrorists and allow them to organize (not probable, but possible)>- Bosses could infiltrate syndicates You could have syndicates be on invitation basis (Where you write the moderator of the board why you want to join) as well as encouraging moderation of each syndicate (as you said something along the lines of reddit? that's your choice i guess)Having a back-end you also have to take into consideration where you want to host it. I am setting a server up for personal use, if the application requires not too much load i could be swayed to help hosting it.Good luck if you go forward with this idea Anon


>>636there's now a thread dedicated to this idea, >>627


>>577Write a malicious worm that targets the computer systems of banks and stock trading companies.


Create something to help people commit financial fraud. Fraud is a huge multi-billion dollar industry and many poor people actually depend on stuff like cards to get free food delivery and stuff. I used to do this kind of stuff everyday for over a year to fill my kitchen up with as much food as I could.

File: 1608526036689.png (12.42 KB, 730x389, Kubernetes_New.png)


can someone for the love of god explain to me what this thing actually does?
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>make every program live in its own folder, store all data and configs there
&ltnah that's boring let's rather mix all programs' file together in a single hierarchy, first it'll require package managers to manage this mess, there will be hundreds of those, and most of them won't be compatible, and later we'll move on to distributing whole package-manager-produced "mixtures" of program files, and we'll call these mixtures "containers" and we'll also create container managers and yes we fucking will overcomplicate them too, and there will literally be jobs devoted entirely to configuring this garbage


Containers also enforce process isolation. Yes, this is only necessary because the unix security model is shit and if there was a God GNU/HURD would have killed it in the 90s.


fuuuuck. that, plus this insanity >>2433

Docker should've just been a way to configure linux builds, plus a way to vm it locally. What's the point of spinning up a machine only to spin a new machine inside it. Makes no sense.
Kubernetes might be useful, but it seems like container software's fetish is BDSM, it likes to torture users with shit documentation, so I wouldn't fucking know.
Talking about shit documentation, FUCK aws, especially all that terraforming bullshit.
Mix it all together and you get a bullet to your brain.
untyped dynamic made-in-two-weeks javascript using 3 libraries which somehow made your node_modules folder be 1.6GB
non-deterministic npm builds because fuck you. good luck trying to debug why docker isn't caching your npm build and having to rebuild a huge dependency you don't even use (why does this accent parser library depend on ChartJS???).
oof, then find through the billion articles how to deploy a container on aws. There must be a pre built solution or at least a good tutotial, right? no, fuck you.
oh but now you need a worker (or you bought into the microservices bullshit). motherfucking good luck making your containers talk. how sure are you about your topology now? are they in the same server or are they in a LAN? how many servers are deployed at the moment? can you ssh in or retrieve logs somehow?
fuck kubernetes, don't even want to know what it does.


Don't use proprietary shit.

File: 1608526018205.png (168.9 KB, 1024x1024, Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at ….png)

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With the official locking of >>>/tech/ I'm moving my development log thread here. Feel free to ask questions, make comments, or pass on your suggestions. Much of the template is now complete, the CSS is responsive, usable on every browser that has rem support, and only 3815 bytes. There is still some work to be done which I'll mention in a reply following this. As it stands the plan is to start programming the back-end in OCaml this Monday leaving the finishing touches in the front-end for a later date.[b]front-end principles[/b]The site should be minimalist. Adding elements unnecessarily makes everything more difficult to implement for and slower.The site should be responsive. I don't own a device with a touchscreen, but they are omnipresent, and there is no reason that you shouldn't be able to use a website with your touchscreen device well.The site should be compatible. I'd like to see support for more or less every desktop platform since ~2000 (this is easily done with MyPal PaleMoon, and TenFourFox) and more or less every "smart device" ever.[b]specifics[/b]Text formatting should be subtle and compose as expected. There should be nothing that would feel be out of place in a book or article.Web-fonts should not be used. Web-fonts don't improve the usability of the site but increase bandwidth usage and hinder performance for users.JavaScript should only be used for progressive enhancements and as much of the site as possible should work without it. A Complete list of features which will require JavaScript are: automatic copying of text into the reply form, automatic refreshing of the page along with title notifications, and moving the second reply form.
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>>2346OP is trying to make a new imageboard sowftware, If you want to make oneyourself, try using LynxChan


It's amusing to me that the formatting on this site managed to become even more broken, and that this somehow managed to effect posts already stored in the database; this thread is hideous now. Anyway I made a good bit more progress on this project but decided to abandon it. My justification was that while the left needs to establish new hegemonic institutions, of which social-media is probably the strongest modern example, these institutions are worthless unless you're willing to use the power these institutions hold to enforce your will, and I simply don't have the time to realistically do this. Another issue is that the internet probably reflecting modern cultural trends (as promoted by the bourgeoisie) is hedonist and obsessed with the spectacle (not to mention least common denominator politics like social democracy), these cultural traits would be very difficult to overcome, and require rules that would be especially costly to enforce. For now I'm going to be focusing on improving my skills, I've recently been studying GADTs, existential types, type-level programming, eta-reduction and all sorts of interesting things in addition to my standard mathematics studies, hopefully my improved skills will be useful to us in the future. In any case, I will likely stop posting on this forum or any other forum, and it's fair to assume that any posts from this point on anywhere on the internet are not me. I wish you all the best, good bye.

>hey I haven't read the thread, but, how hard is it?
It's a pretty simple web application, not particularly difficult so long as you don't obsesses over the details (which I tend to do). I'd only ever made two static sites before this and I was still able to make CSS that was superior to any imageboard I was able to find, and the backend was very clean if incomplete despite my programming experience having nothing to do with the internet.

>OP is trying to make a new imageboard sowftware, If you want to make one yourself, try using LynxChan.
Just to be clear using LynxChan isn't creating a new image-board engine, which was my intent.


Sad to hear that, good luck on your next projects anon tho
>Just to be clear using LynxChan isn't creating a new image-board engine, which was my intent.
Oh yeah I know, I was just telling him to use it if he wants to make a new imageboard


feature request
make threads look good in firefox's reader mode


lol nvm just saw this wasn't happening anymore RIP

File: 1608526013702.png (362.24 KB, 536x774, Selection_255.png)


Oh, so /tech/ stopped existing.Wallpaper/desktop thread?




>tfw you're not a cop raping delinquent teenagers




>>2160Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai!

File: 1608526007462.png (159.59 KB, 497x496, feralhogs.png)


Discuss what's your setup and collection of applications on your personal computers, smartphones, embedded devices, Industrial equipment, etc. for opsec that other anons could use.Gnu radio for police chatter?raspberry pi gps with security features?Special ECM equipment you're willing to show?Post them here.
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>>746>Was wondering what Android/lineage build you guys would recommend, something thats reasonably secure (At this point just worried about companies stealing my metadata) and want to get rid of the adds that keep coming up in my shitty international version of android they've given me.There is no such thing as a secure cell phone. Replicant is the closest you can get with android, but your device is not supported: https://replicant.us Looking around on XDA for you it seems like all your options are roughly equivalent in terms of security. Just get a official rom I guess.>Cell phones are tracking and surveillance devices. They all enable the phone system to record where the user goes, and many (perhaps all) can be remotely converted into listening devices.


>>746There is no such thing as a secure smart phone, install lineage OS on it to have a non shit version of linux, and turn it off when it doesn't need to be on, leave it at home when you can


>>798*non shit version of android


Don't commodify your personal information. Everything is on a permanent record. Woke leftists are crypto-anarchists. Cyberpunk is now! Stop blocking Tor users!>Computer:OS: When your not into QubesOS, you should consider using a hardened Debian with VirtualBox running Whonix and for more OpSec running Tails from an USB-Stick.Mail: Thunderbird with Enigmail and TorBirdy; provider: RiseUp, Autistici, posteo, protonmail, tutanota, disroot etcPassword manager: KeePassXCEncryption: zuluCryptPGP: gpa or KleopatraBrowser addons: uBlock, uMatrix, https everywhere, decentraleyes, Privaqcy Badger, User Agent Switcher, CanvasBlocker, Cookie Auto DeleteCloud: NextCloudPDF: OkularOffice: LibreOffice>Smartphone:OS: When you don't have a Google Pixel running GrapheneOS you should get LineageOS or any non-Google privacy enhancing AOSP. See https://www.xda-developers.com/VPN Mode: channel everything through Tor via OrbotBrowser: Tor Browser, Firefox Klar (when you don't have App Store: F-Droid (, Aurora, Yalp -> run Google Play Store apps only isolated through Working Profiles via Shelter)Mail: K9PGP: OpenKeychainAdblock: BlokadaSpoofing: NetGuard, Private Location, Wi-Fi Privacy Police, MacChanger, SnoopSnitchMessengers: Briar, Signal, Wire, Riot.im, TRIfACamera: ObscuraCamMaps: OsmAnd~Text: Markor, LibreOffice Viewer, muPDF


>>879>RiseUpThey literally read your fucking e-mails to maintain their censorious terms of service.

File: 1608526006174.jpg (70.37 KB, 852x480, 1.jpg)


hey what do you guys think of protonmail?i use gmail right now >founded at CERN, lol
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opinions on tutanota?


What about disroot?


>>575Yes, it's called self hosting your own email server and using the right encryptionBut in general, no internet service that's outside of your hands (on which you relay a lot of sensitive information) is safe


>>593Yeah but even then you are still having an exchange between two parties.Expecting everyone to commit to Encryption standards is silly in this day and age


Try dismail.de

File: 1608526003522.jpg (27.41 KB, 796x398, XXIQIeg-796x398.jpg)


do you guys think gaming on linux is picking up steam in 2019?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Co6FePZoNgEhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYoi_Liqi54- Steam games on linux/SteamOS: more native titles than ever and protondb making wine setup and config a one click thing.- Windows 7 support ending, windows 10 sucks donkey balls (Cortana, offline account option now removed as well)- Intel, AMD graphics drivers at near parity, Nvidia catching up- Google making a game streaming service (Stadia) means they obviously plan to port games to linux, it can't work without it- Vulkan API is going to replace both legacy OpenGL and Direct3D (easier to port, even more cross platform engines as well)- Lutris > playonlinux, making installing top titles extremely easy.What do you think guys, is 2020 the YEAR OF THE LINUX GAMING DESKTOP?
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>>2031Nerd. Now I sage.


>2020 the YEAR OF THE LINUX GAMING DESKTOPNo. As long there is windows, linux will never be a viable option


In my experience about 50% of games work without issue via Wine or Proton. I still dual boot Windows but using it less and less.


>>2047they usually have 0.1+ms extra lag that makes it uncompetitive for serious players, especially in time sensitive genres like FPS


Fight imperialism, reminder to install non-proprietary software.>https://jacobinmag.com/2019/11/microsoft-defense-department-jedi-contract-china

File: 1608525845129.gif (541.34 KB, 420x300, bunkerstarcraftgif.gif)




- Terrible CSS
- No use of redis/memcached or any caching
- cuck BBcode formatting until the last version


- Written in a functional language (Clojure)
- Way less lines of code than Vichan
- No CAPTCHA, uses honeypot method of spam prevention
- User created boards unlike Lynxchan

Maybe the CSS can be modified to make it better?
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jannies please bumplock this thread


Have you tried using it lol?


Why the fuck should they?


this website looks nice as fuck. why is this thread so underrated?


it was a thing a while back, the people on this site dont like the language it was written in (clojure) and frankly they just don't like the css for some reason

File: 1608525960031.jpg (20.06 KB, 300x375, linux-desktop-i-want-to-be….jpg)


&ltBetween the months of March and April 2020, Windows 7 saw a drop in user market share from 26.23 percent to 25.59 percent. That’s hardly surprising for a 10-year-old, unsupported OS as people finally upgrade to Windows 10. Right? Despite that conventional thinking, Microsoft’s Windows 10 actually experienced a rare drop in market share (down to 56.08 percent in April from its March 2020 share of 57.34 percent). Meanwhile, popular Linux distribution Ubuntu enjoyed an explosive increase.
&ltCanonical's Ubuntu Linux OS saw astonishing gains in marketshare, while WIndows 10 slumped NASEEF FOR JASON EVANGELHO
&ltHow explosive? Ubuntu’s overall share of operating system usage ballooned from 0.27% in March to 1.89% in April. To put that in perspective, that’s an increase of 599 percent.
&ltThe lift for Canonical’s Ubuntu resulted in Linux usage climbing from 1.36 percent to 2.87 percent. And to frame that up against an interesting Apple data point, NetMarketShare measures macOS Catalina — which also gained user share in April — at 4.15 percent.

We did it, reddit!
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Better than the competition.


It has icecat and ungoogled-chromium.


I can't imagine someone unironically using firefox after armagaddon.


File: 1608525984261.png (21.85 KB, 300x100, josh.png)



Is this moron supposed to be an authority on web browsers or something?

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