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File: 1608525948660.jpeg (260.95 KB, 2000x1125, hwhoah.jpeg)


Got a new coreboot computer and I've been stumbling down the rabbit hole of encryption lately. This subject is way bigger and deeper than I expected it to be. File encryption, partition encryption, full-disk encryption, loop-AES, LUKS, VeraCrypt, hidden volumes, Blowfish vs Twofish, and on and on and on. It's all so confusing.

What does anon think are some of the best practices for encryption?


If you want full-disk encryption, do LVM on LUKS. It's the setup that is used when you choose "LVM with disk encryption" in the installer. If your distro doesn't have an installer, arch wiki has instructions for manually setting up LVM on LUKS. Don't even bother with anything else, unless you want only some partitions encrypted.


>full-disk encryption
I really hate the deceptive abuse of this phrase I see in most places. It's not full-disk encryption if you have to keep around an unencrypted EFI partition for your bootloader to reside on before you can decrypt and load everything else, which is what most distros have to do in order to encrypt all the other partitions. From what I understand, the only way to pull off [b]full-disk[/b] encryption without hardware encryption (which is itself full of security problems, stick to software) is with coreboot/libreboot and a 1st-stage bootloader like SeaBIOS or GRUB as payload in order to decrypt the main bootloader and chain load everything else.

File: 1608525957859.jpeg (21.23 KB, 474x474, foldathome.jpeg)


What are your thoughts about these programs/projects? [email protected], [email protected], BOINC, etc.

Also general thread for discussing distributed computing I guess.

For anyone who doesn't even know what this is, The concept is essentially downloading a program that communicates with a server to do computing tasks for a larger network, Essentially becoming a part of a supercomputer, only split up among many computers in many locations instead of in a central location.

Intereste in distributed computing for biomedical research has spiked recently with the COVID-19 pandemic. Both [email protected] and [email protected] have projects dedicated to simulating the viral proteins in order to better understand them. [email protected] reportedly has surpassed the exaflop barrier, with the total system having more computing power than many of the top supercomputers combined.

I have some specific thoughts and questions to start out with. My thoughts on this is that it is a great idea, and have several computers running the software. I don't like to politicize everything, but it seems like a natural extension of a leftist philosophy to contribute to a larger collective computer that is capable of performing research that could benefit all of humanity. But I have heard a more cynical opinion here and there, that it is effectively giving away your own computing power to a organization who you shouldn't necessarily trust. That private companies could use the data to create drugs or treatments of t heir own and never acknowledge the effort put in by volunteer's computers that provided the research they needed, even if the data is public. I don't agree with this opinion and it seems to be a minority one anywhere the topic is brought up, but if there is any place to be critical of tech from a lefty perspective, it is here. I think this line of thought is more a criticism of how science is used, than the science or technology itself.

So what do you think. Good use of collective computing power to perform research, or a porky scam to get us to give up our machine's computing power to crunch numbers for them for free?


[email protected] and [email protected] are proprietary software so those are bad examples. Furthermore whatever findings these software find are given to US corporations and private businesses to make a profit. Who benefits from these profits? Not me or you (unless you own shares in these companies or are a CEO). So I am opposed to it and would rather see a GPL'd [email protected] or something.

File: 1608525947794.png (254.81 KB, 319x317, 2b8ce9d6e6a8ddbb08ccc56cab….png)


Why the hell don't all imageboards just make the catalog page the only page when you open it. Why do they have the "non-catalog" view as the default view.



Because catalogues are fucking gay and don't allow a great enough preview for the thread in question. They're convenient for being every thread, as they were intended to be originally, not lurking the board.


You can fix this by adding this under the JS tab in settings -


I hate JS


this engine maniwani (or the frontend at least ) that runs /futatsu.org uses the catalog as the default board view https://github.com/DangerOnTheRanger/maniwani

File: 1608525870635.jpg (236.25 KB, 620x827, PatreonTemporaryImage-b90e….jpg)


I've just recently started to learn how to code, can google my way through basic shit in python, javascript, java

How can I contribute to the world while locked up?
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thanks for the actually helpful response!! I'll look into all of that.


>can google my way through basic shit in python,

*can search the web through basic shit in python

Please avoid using G*gle to refer to web searching


File: 1608525871549.jpg (147.31 KB, 1280x720, hold_sicp.jpg)

Read SICP!!


If you want to contribute then you'll have to learn how to read code as well as write it.


ok coomer

File: 1608525901187.jpeg (9.54 KB, 474x296, 434tgg3g.jpeg)


Hello /tech/

I am a user of GNU/Linux
This is a proposition for windows users in the audience. I am not here to berate you or to make fun of you. I know a lot of shade can get thrown around by the GNU/Linux community towards people who use Propitiatory software (Windows, Unix, Mac).

My question, though, is…why?
Why do you continue to use something while being a radical that you know is spying on you and cataloging you in a database. Microsoft is a subsidiary of Raithion. These companies know who you are and your user profile and will sell you out at the drop of a hat. The only way forward at this point it let go of the ghost and learn how to use Either, at the very least, a type of open source Operating system, or, learn how to install and use a Free and Open Source (FOSS) Operating system and use Free and Open Source software.
To be a windows user in this day and age is already a drastic mistake && to be a windows user and a radical is asking to get handcuffs put on you and thrown in jail, or, worse.

In lieu of this, I would like to open up a dialogue between windows/unix users and users here on the GNU/Linux side of the fence; This should be a general thread for help related too the installation of and use of GNU/Linux. We should be helping people get off of Proprietary government funded traps like windows not reveling in our ivory towers.
If any windows users have any questions about GNU/Linux I implore you to ask them in this thread. Surely the users of bunkerchan will feel inclined to answer.
I'm curious to know:
What is it that prevents you from taking the leap? Again, why? Just do it, comrade!

Best of luck.
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>Propitiatory software (Windows, Unix, Mac).
I use a UNIX OS (NetBSD), it is not proprietary. Most UNIXes in use nowadays aren't proprietary afaik


Aren't they owned by apple?


Apple took BSD kernel for MacOSX because the license allowed them to do so, not because any flavor of bsd that I know is owned by apple.


>Why do you think you're safe on Linux when open source is literally backed by capitalists through "foundations"?

Because I can read the source code and patch out things if they try to put something on my computer that I don't like.


use an idiot distro and boot an "advanced" distro in a VM if you want to toy around and learn things.

File: 1608525897395.png (201.35 KB, 1461x1110, linux.png)


Why are free software fundamentalists so easy to troll? I get that people have different standards for what "open source" is, but shouldn't we try to welcome any money we can get into making open source software? It doesn't seem like being exclusionary is a good strategy. This stuff leads to purity spiralling, hurt feelings, and worst of all, trolls having their lulz at your expense. I encourage everyone to use open source and even libre software, but harm reduction means encouraging everyone to use proprietary software less, not ruthlessly gate keeping everything.
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Don't forget that buggy calculator and the Windows 3.1 file manager.


File: 1608525945654.jpeg (22.68 KB, 474x400, tg43rg4rtg4.jpeg)

You think you are trolling.
In reality you are just being a shill for massive corporations to rape working class people.
In reality, you just look like a dumb cuck.
Pic related is OP.


Underrated post.


>says some retarded lie
>gets banned


this practice is called "openwashing", which is comparable to greenwashing.

File: 1608525941519.jpeg (49.67 KB, 796x417, disc.jpeg)


Since there's talk about discord on /leftypol/, we should discuss the alternatives. Here's four that look decent.

>open source
>Apache license
>threaded conversations

>open source
>MIT license (except the enterprise part)

>open source

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TBH I've never used retroshare's chat functionality, only the sharing stuff.


I've been using RetroShare daily for five years and it is just fine.


What the fuck are rooms that have no equivalent in Matrix?



idk if a retroshare leftypol already exists? made one anyways if people feel the need to use it


Maybe add a client to the site that connects to IRC? I've some sites do that.

File: 1608525926997.jpg (106.18 KB, 1772x1181, 0000766 (2).jpg)


Hi /tech/,

I'm trying to improve my general online security and was wondering is there a short list stickied somewhere?

As I become more active, I realise I need to become more responsible for my information in case it impacts others negatively, but just reading some of the threads here as a generally non-tech person is doing my head in.

What I hope it would cover would range from consoomer grade (where I'm at because I'm an idiot), all the way to clandestine opsec or whatever (I guess I wouldn't know, which is the point).

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

N.B.: I cannot code. I'm trying to learn Python because I'm dumb, so minimal faffing about initially would be ideal.
>picture unrelated
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if u remember your password to anything then you can "delete" from public access like myspace i randomly remembered my password (idk how I did) and i deleted plus other facebooks, and see if you can delete all google data and emails. you should remember all your passwords somewhere so you can delete your footprint as your done using service


Are you okay, do you need an ambulance?


God damnit, i'm just going to go drinking. Fuck this keyboard.


https://www.privacytools.io has good software recommendations


interdasting hm

File: 1608525937650.jpg (319.61 KB, 727x868, thevoid.jpg)


I think that leftypol should have a mastodon server of some sort.
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It's a federated twitter clone. Imagine twitter, but with the addressing of e-mail: a gmail user can write to a yahoo mail user, etc.


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_network_services (FB, Twitt, IG)
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federated_social_network (Diasp, Mastodon, Matrix)
Would you mind copy-pasting the article for the thread? Can't browse the website via tor browser


File: 1608525938680.png (1.29 MB, 1905x3381, eunomia-fullpage.png)



File: 1608525939413.png (71.1 KB, 294x259, big-blue-bird.png)

Ah okay (that's not that big of a deal even). Still far preferable to the alternative of the Big Blue Bird.
(The software is the main thing that matters here, if you already assume that everything is getting bulk collected by the NSA anyway, which it is. Then it's about secure standards, i.e. the actual software, encryption, privacy standards, etc.).


Mastodon is not "secure", your posts are meant to be public. There are "private messages" but they are broken as they rely on federating servers honouring the "private" setting.

It is roughly as secure as plain text e-mail.

File: 1608525935501.png (35.42 KB, 200x313, .png)


Can some on explain to me how to get this pos installed?
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>PlayOnLinux is a graphical frontend for the Wine software compatibility layer which allows Linux users to install Windows-based video games, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Internet Explorer, as well as many other applications such as Apple iTunes and Safari. Wikipedia


Lutris is better.


In what way?


Every way.


Use a distro that has it packaged. And/or use playonlinux.

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