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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1642094355213.png (244.3 KB, 420x279, ClipboardImage.png)


Anyone here make stuff like this? Pic related is MC Escher, I'd like to try to create something like this. Can anyone point me in the right direction, what should I be researching? GANs? NNs?
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File: 1642132901728.png (90.77 KB, 700x500, image.png)

With U+1F54A 🕊 Dove of Peace.
class FreeOver_tile (FreeOver):
   def draw (self, ctx, width, height):
      tiledata = self.tile_data ()
      tw       = tiledata ["width" ]
      th       = tiledata ["height"]
      data     = tiledata ["data"  ]
      one      = self.tile_one

      for x, y in self.tile_locations (width, height, tw, th):
         one (ctx, x, y, tw, th, data)

   def tile_data (self):
      return {
         "width":  60,
         "height": 60,
         "data":   None,

   def tile_locations (self, cw, ch, tw, th):
      halfth = th // 2
      xd, xm = divmod (cw, tw)
      yd, ym = divmod (ch + halfth, th)
      xn     = xd + (1 if xm > 0 else 0)
      yn     = yd + (1 if ym > 0 else 0)
      ryn    = range (yn)
      offset = 0

      for xk in range (xn):
         for yk in ryn:
            yield (xk * tw, yk * th - offset)
         offset = halfth - offset

   def tile_one (self, ctx, x, y, w, h, somedata):
      dx, dy = 3, 3

      kgeo.Path.polyline (
         [(x + dx, y + h / 2),
          (x + w - dx, y + dy),
          (x + w - dx, y + h - dy)],

      ctx.set_source_rgb (0, 1, 0)
      ctx.stroke ()

class FreeOver_tile2 (FreeOver_tile):
   def tile_data (self):
      path = "dove.png"
      surf = cairo.ImageSurface.create_from_png (path)

      return {
         "width":  surf.get_width  (),
         "height": surf.get_height (),
         "data":   {
            "surface": surf

   def tile_one (self, ctx, x, y, w, h, somedata):
      ctx.save ()
      ctx.translate (x, y)
      ctx.set_source_surface (
         somedata ["surface"], 0, 0)
      ctx.paint ()
      ctx.restore ()


Love2D can be nice, pretty easy to come up with generative "doodles" with it


File: 1642191952125.png (1.67 MB, 1000x792, ClipboardImage.png)

How would you guys generate a Jackson Pollock painting?


File: 1642194559536.png (5.12 MB, 640x480, image.png)

pan of >>12997


File: 1642210041048.png (Spoiler Image, 10.53 MB, 640x480, image.png)

dove tiling pan fizzbuzz

no space in chunk cache → Spoiler Image >>12830


A collaborative community of user-developers is the soul of FOSS.

The schisming of this primordial collective into users who do not develop the software they use and developers who do not use the software they develop has been a disaster for the FOSS community.


>users who do not develop the software they use and developers who do not use the software they develop
What are you rambling on about?



Are the glownogs compromising TOR?
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Yeah, you might want to not do that. It deppends on if you care or not


oh fuck

i did this but with a server separate from matrix.org, am i on a list now?


I'd only worry if I were American tbh.


reminder to run relays/bridges if you can. help the network out


Or living in a Five Eyes country.

File: 1620426870732.jpeg (12.5 KB, 474x266, image.jpeg)


Matrix/Element is a fucking joke. Do I seriously need to not delete cookies to have access to encrypted DMs that were sent when I was offline? This completely defeats the purpose of using it via tor.

Its development has been slow and lousy but this issue is the one that takes the cake.
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Secure from who? Hackers? Surveillance capitalism? The NSA? Your boyfriend? Bears?
Email in general is shit, avoid where you can, but I know you can't always.


>Hackers? Surveillance capitalism? The NSA?
I meant from these lot. I know it'll never be completely secure, but is there anything better than Gmail?


i used to use cock.li but they stopped letting you make new ones because supposedly glowies were using their shit for anonymous emails or something
honestly i suspect the exact opposite is what's happened, but whatever

basically anything that lets me register an email with no identifying data over tor is all i want. There's mail2tor or something, and there's DNMX which i guess advertizes scam sites but just don't click on shit basically.

Always assume your email provider sees everything, because they can. If you dont want them to see contents, encrypt it. If you dont want them to know who you are, tor is good enough for me but maybe just consider hosting your own email server at that point, or at least using a mail server on your computer rather than webmail just so you can avoid javascript… if that's not enough, i dont know i mean there's always contrived ways to increase security like if you're not wanting to be found literally (literally) by nsa investigations or very motivated hackers rather than just random bullshit, this might not be enough, but for the non-hyperterrorist basically that should work, just any email u can register over tor anonymously and for free, and then assume they read ur emails or sell the contents and then just don't use email for important shit unless ur using pgp


What's the best/most secure matrix client these days? Nheko? Element? Some obscure CLI alternative?


Weechat has a matrix plugin.

File: 1641353393130.png (36.11 KB, 596x815, mozilla.png)


Creators of Mozilla call Mozilla out for pushing cryptocoin bullshit. A little too late, considering Mozilla Corp. has ignored the principles behind Firefox and Thunderbird for quite a long time now and made terrible decisions in a desperate pursuit of profit.


Maybe now there will finally be more momentum to gather around "the" Firefox fork (there are like 4 identical ones (i.e. outdated Firefox) just with different names and each one is underdeveloped).


Are the others even close to Palemoon's functionality?


>Using proprietary binaries with security issues having Paleboon when GNU ChadCat already exists

Just found out that Waterfox was bought by an ad company couple of years back
LibreFox renamed to LibreWolf and can be found here:
Don't have an opinion of it yet, just spreading the message


Can modern GNU Icecat run all those nice XUL extensions that Firefox no longer can? Because if not, then no it in fact is not close to Palemoon's functionality.

File: 1608526321589.png (354.54 KB, 500x529, DEATHGRIPS.png)


>Chinese authorities have begun deploying a new surveillance tool: “gait recognition” software that uses people’s body shapes and how they walk to identify them, even when their faces are hidden from cameras.

It's all so tiresome.
And I know this is old, I just got reminded of it today.
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Are there any leftists who don't, really?


I guess "organic" surveillance where the Stasi asks your neighbour to write reports about what you do is okay?


My city is at a point where there’s literally nowhere to smoke weed that isn’t in front of a camera. I just gave up and just let started letting these fuckers watch me. If people start disappearing I’m going to have to leave this country.


Cope druggie.


>In my country they passed a law against covering your face a couple of months before the pandemic started.


I just want a recently released tiny wireless speaker that can be used with a 3.5mm but they're all getting rid of it except for the fuckhuge and/or expensive ones and it seems USB-C adapters only work in one way (shouldn't they work both ways….? maybe I bought a faulty adapter)
And old wireless speakers with an aux port tend to have terrible sound compared to more modern alternatives.


i know nothing about this product category, i just looked up a list of "top 5 best products"
and the first one that came up for best value was Voonex Sound ArcWave, it plays from bluetooth, sdcard and 3.5mm jack, it seems to be a recent product release , though i'm not sure how to check that.

File: 1626143035578.png (83.83 KB, 2999x1315, girls who code_0.png)


I was listening to a Citations Needed episode about the propaganda trope of "Labor shortages" and realized that all that WE NEED MORE WOMEN AND PEOPLE OF COLOR is not about making software companies less monocultural (which is good in itself), and the real porky's goals are:

1. Increasing the overall supply of engineers, like they pushed women into the workforce in the 60s in the West.

2. Getting the candidates who tend to accept lower salaries (at least women are routinely underpaid, probably PoC too).

In fact, CN hosts briefly mentioned it themselves:
> what they want to do is they want to expand the pool by any means necessary, whether they use liberal inclusion language or whether or not they use, they want to have more workers because if I have twenty people applying for a job versus three, the demands, of course, will be far less

Somehow, the whole inclusivity hype should be hijacked with unionizing, because who would oppose the white'n'male CEOs' tyranny if not a diverse labor movement?
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Beyond obvious tech fails like the famous vidrelated, working with 10-20 mostly middle-class-background dudebros would be like working in a locker room (same goes for female-only offices but they aren't present in tech). Having around people with ± the same attitudes, tastes, life experiences and jokes is suffocating and, I believe, it's even worse in the US because of their segregated society.

– OP


It isn't really, and I don't say this to be demeaning. It's just that the tech people I know who are women or non-white generally don't really bring in different attitudes or values or behaviors from everyone else.
At the end of the day, at least from my experience, specific positions will tend to attract people with specific personalities. It's honestly depressing how uniform it can get.


It's more like 5 immigrants from India, 5 immigrants from China, and 1 awkward american nerd. All dudes of course.


Pretty much my experience from working in tech teams. And most of them tend to have the same typical autist nerd personality where they are completely clueless about anything apart from their own specialized little tech knowledge.


>typical autist nerd personality where they are completely clueless about anything apart from their own specialized little tech knowledge.
That's me.


Okay so when I post through the onion with Javascript enabled (though the following functionality is probably also active for the clearnet users) and I export some filters between fresh sessions (between new "tor identities" / browser restarts; no persistent cookies) - leftypol JS / export filter somehow is able to track which posts I've made in previous sessions. How is this technically possible? I am under the assumption that this following string is only filtering a trip, a flag and hiding a couple of threads. Am I mistaken? Here is my export (see options -> general -> storage) of my current filters:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You know, tor warns you when a website attempts to use html5 to fingerprint you.


That happens when I select and use/upload the oekaki thing

But yes I use the wrong term in that post. I was thinking of fingerprinting more generally and then conflated it with specifically canvas fingerprinting. Being really specific I'm talking about "own_posts": "password": and the "fingerprinting" through non-obvious post history accumulation via the current implementation of the Options Storage export menu, which highlight no such information. It in fact mentions pretty much every other detail, from image sizes, to youtube proxies, to themes – but not that it also accumulates history. It would be beneficial to the anonymous userbase of this site if there was a check-box where you could simply opt out of post history cookie accumulation.

I hope I have made things clearer. I am not a computer scientist and never claimed to be.


>>12766 (me)
<post history cookie accumulation
Or "own_posts:" string/integer (whatever the technical term is) accumulation.


It's an interesting idea for a feature. Unfortunately I'm too busy dealing with spam and ban evasion these days to actually work on things like this.


Thank you for your response. As the picture is clearer now than at the start of the thread I will now attempt to write a proper ticket in regards to this in the right place, the /ttg/, as this thread has run its course.

File: 1624224280351.png (198.34 KB, 512x337, hacker.png)


Please dump any resource I can use to teach myself, including online communities I can join for questions.

Is Python optimal?

Thanks in advance
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Interesting. Thank you.


This blog really cant be overstated in its quantity of quality work.


check the reading list in >>2934


just be curious, look into how systems work practically, whitepapers are especially enlightening and you should just keep up to date with academic developments in tech in general, be more than just a fucking codemonkey, and also don't glorify yourself, stay away from others that glorify themselves

some especially useful RFC's to read


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