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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1663306730771.png (132.45 KB, 669x560, le gray wojak.png)


fbi.gov added a "forum chat" (basically threaded conversations) feature lmfao
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This is delusional masturbatory cope, and it's not because le normies are too stupid or whatevernon. Perhaps FOSS has decent goals, but is quite idealist and thus doomed to fail in capitalism. At least it's not as cucked as the tech corporation astroturfed open source initiatives though.


Well until they get nationalized what else have we got


Fuck fbi.gov


What are you even talking about lol you do realize you can just simply install FOSS and that's that, right. It's not that deep



File: 1663609702874.jpg (149.65 KB, 1400x1400, 1660677736456.jpg)


why is firefox is so shit when it comes to media? it either lags or says file type is not supported even tho it fucking is supported. this becomes extremely noticable in imageboards. how can i solve these issues? i want to stick with firefox but i want my media at the same time…
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>and reportedly runs significantly slower on older machines
As opposed to…? As someone with an old toaster mpv runs the best.


MPV generally needs more performance tuning on older hardware (see their policy on hwdec), has permanently higher resource usage or is otherwise broken in comparison to MPlayer (or older MPV releases):
https://github.com/mpv-player/mpv/issues/4213 https://github.com/mpv-player/mpv/issues/4565 https://github.com/mpv-player/mpv/issues/5418 https://github.com/mpv-player/mpv/issues/5536 https://github.com/mpv-player/mpv/issues/5704 https://github.com/mpv-player/mpv/issues/6081 https://github.com/mpv-player/mpv/issues/6141 https://github.com/mpv-player/mpv/issues/6314 https://github.com/mpv-player/mpv/issues/6899 https://github.com/mpv-player/mpv/issues/7256 https://github.com/mpv-player/mpv/issues/10284
MPlayer presumably had more workarounds for broken GPUs and MPV shows signs of bitrot at an astonishing pace. I also found this gem:
>You must think you are so clever right? You probably felt like in paradise when you clicked on that "close issue" button. Nothing better than rejecting a request of an useful and cool feature with a passive-aggressive "NYEH HEH, no and NO" and not proposing anything at all. "NOT MY ISSUE! WONTFIX", yet VLC is doing it and you are not, mplayer is doing it and you are not, because it seems you are not competent enough to do so. Fully fledged player? Only when it fits you apparently, all you do is strip features and Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>MPV shows signs of bitrot at an astonishing pace
wait what


Google effectively owns Mozilla and would never allow this to happen. they will continue to internally sabotage it


that's true but how would they sabotage firefox
what's a browser beyond chrome, chromium and firefox?


Is there any danger in pinging random IP addresses? I know code cannot produce true randomness because math, and systems like random.org get around this by observing physical phenomena. But if one were to pseudorandomly select an IP address, one gets two parameters:
- If the IP is active; a boolean.
- Latency; a float.
Would this not be true random? Especially considering latency could be effected by weather.


I don't see why it would be dangerous, worst case scenario if someone doesn't like pings they can be blocked by most routers. Sounds like a decent idea.


I doubt it would be very useful, I would be surprised if the networking stack did not skew the latency in some way, plus IPs in different geographical regions are almost guaranteed to give latencies in different ranges, and the timeout on not getting a reply will make it very slow, not to mention that it sounds like really easy prey for timing attacks, and an attacker could fuck with the latencies by flooding your network, and so on and so on.

File: 1661901452776.jpg (19.54 KB, 474x316, r.jpg)


What are your opinions on the different privacy sites? There are a lot of them, but the famous ones tend to prioritize profit over content quality.
My (not exhaustive) list:

* https://privacyguides.org - the leader of the project is clearly right-wing trying to make money, the project is backed up by it's own LLC: Aragon Ventures LLC. I do not trust them at all even if some recommendations are good, they're doing it for the money.
* https://privacytools.io it used to be good back in 2016 but now it's profit motivated garbage
* https://restoreprivacy.com - the worst so far. utterly garbage. only their "News" are somewhat useful to stay updated with related news but you'll have to find the original source because they shouldn't be trusted
* https://privacy.do/ - good. too many options in each section which can lead to confusion. They recommend some services/software I despise but I haven't found any red flag.
* https://privacyraccoon.tk/ - this one is new and so far it's my favorite. Community maintained. Recommendations are quite good and the guy who created and maintains the site is an anarchist, being the first site on the list maintained by (a) leftist(s).
* https://digdeeper.club/ - his reviews are in-depth and has some really good analysis. I don't agree with a lot of what he says on his site, but in some articles he says that to protect people freedom we need to crush capitalism. It's one guy personal website, isntead of a community project. Tbh I don't know what to think about this one.
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>You can't normalize privacy violations, it goes against our species being.
You cannot be serious. How many people do you know IRL? Does the average Joe give the slightest of fucks about his online privacy or what FAGMAN does with his data? The modern economy fucking RUNS on privacy violations - it is very much the norm, despite your grandiose claim about "our species being".

>People should not have to put in extra effort to make their stuff more private. Privacy should be the default.

Nice rhetoric once again, but can you define "privacy" in concrete terms and explain how (and if you can avoid leaning on rhetoric, why) you'd make it the default?

>It's also not true that information technology is inherently hostile to privacy

>So the idea that privacy requires going back to primitive society is Bullshit
I wasn't implying either of those things. I probably should have made it clear that by "avoid technology wherever possible" I wasn't advocating a Kaczynski/Amish way of life, but rather an awareness that there often exists the choice to not consume a product or to not use a service, which is needlessly entangled with technology that exists largely (or even solely) as a means of self-promotion, the artificial stimulation of consumption, and the creation of society's dependence on itself.

>This is just a question of political will.

Hurr durr, isn't fucking anything?


Imo there's no one size fits all privacy solution, it mostly depends on your threat model. The only way to be both truly private and leave no trace behind is to use Tor on Tails. For comms, encrypted messaging is best like PGP, Signal or Matrix.

This is for truly essential, probably illegal stuff. All the rest of your computing, it's good to use an encrypted FOSS system with no telemetry and unsollicited connections like (any) GNU/Linux distro or a *BSD, along with a browser that offers some degree of privacy and ad/tracking mitigations (uBO). Apart from that, I suspect most other so called mitigations offer diminishing returns (mostly thinking of excessive fingerprint obfuscation - Tor does this by default but the way I understand it, it doesn't rly make sense outside of it).


File: 1664203619292.png (61.1 KB, 948x540, privacy.png)

it is indisputable that the majority of people hates surveillance, because privacy is a biological need for humans. There is no consent for it, the capitalists are imposing it by making it really hard to not have your privacy violated. And there is manufacturing of consent going on to create a false appearance that many people find this acceptable. Like your post attempting to normalize privacy violations, it therefor has to be dismissed as glowy

A privacy violation can be defined as beginning with uncertainty about whether or not their was an attempt to store personal data of any kind with some kind of system, that is not just somebodies memories. Personal data is all information where personal identification can't be ruled out. Your personal memory can also include personal objects like pen and paper or a computer for personal use only, as long as you are the only one able to access it's equivalent to your brain. (it's also a privacy violation if other people can access your personal memory-aid objects)

Also un-violated privacy-right means you can't consent to having your privacy violated, just like the end of slavery meant that you can't sell your self into slavery voluntarily. (I'm not opposed to people revealing their identity if they are doing a type of media production that relies on being recognizable.)

Privacy means the state can only identify you by means of an in person interaction of asking for your id-card by interacting with a state servant within certain spaces and limitations. Nobody else can have the ability to identify you by means other than the memories in their brain or personal memory-aid objects. (I'm trying to be very forward thinking here and allow for things like a potential dementia-compensation-prosthesis )

it is a known fact that privacy-violating data has been used for extra-judicial assassinations. I think the technical term is "meta-data-signature-strikes by unmanned areal combat vehicles". At the moment it is still very expensive and technically difficult to weaponize privacy-violations for murder even for state-actors, but it is almost certainly going to become cheaper and easier in the future, given the amount of money that is being funneled into this. Therefor i consider privacy-rights as synonymous with a right to live.

It also should not have escaped your attention that thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Also un-violated privacy-right means you can't consent to having your privacy violated, just like the end of slavery meant that you can't sell your self into slavery voluntarily. (I'm not opposed to people revealing their identity if they are doing a type of media production that relies on being recognizable.)
So where exactly do you put a group of normies, sharing their private information willingly and publicly, on a social media platform? Is this not consent to having your privacy violated? Would you make it illegal for any website to allow people to willingly share their own information?

>You can't create spheres where privacy can be suspended, or use of systems of exclusion that bar access unless you give up rights and submit to being violated.

So you'd outlaw, for example, the right of restaurants or venues to only grant you access if you have their privacy-violating app on your smart device?


>So where exactly do you put a group of normies, sharing their private information willingly and publicly on a social media platform?
I don't consider posting on social media to be the same as publishing. People are using it like an informal meeting place. Like talking to a stranger at a bus station, it would be considered a violation of privacy if somebody recorded these conversations for the purpose of creating dossiers for profiling.

>Is this not consent to having your privacy violated?

No you can't consent to give up your privacy rights. Just like you can't consent to be a slave. If you made somebody sign a contract they would now be your property, that contract would be considered illegal. Rights are like that, you can't sign them away.

>Would you make it illegal for any website to allow people to willingly share their own information?

I'm not seeking to criminalize the primary functionality of a website like displaying information to viewers or the behavior of users, the problem is harvesting that information and then compiling it into dossiers about people. If I read what you posted and remember it, that is not the same as data-mining user-data for the purpose of profiling, there is an element of systemic amplification that makes this different.
I'm not sure about the technical details, I guess that on a technical level websites should default to the most private option.
You are treating journalists publishing a signed article in a news-paper, as the same as somebody commenting on social media. The former is an official legal document and the latter is informal conversation. I'm also having trouble dealing with the idealism in legal systems, only people can be legal subjects, but legal conventions are such that legal systems also try to regulate objects that are from a materialist point of view legally inert because these objects lack a brain that can understand and follow laws. On top of that I have to work out how to distribute legal burden for all the legal subjects that are involved. And then i also have to account for technical limitations and future developments of technology. This is wrinkling my brain, I can't work all of this out and then condense it into a few lines for a post. This is more like a 100 page essayPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1661984990809.png (1.63 MB, 1245x1159, 1661954373719842.png)


Neural networks in the hands of corporations and governments are going to be a nightmare.
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File: 1664180805509.jpg (1.24 MB, 3264x1836, Hi_camera.jpg)

I've worked with hyperspectral cameras (wikipedia pic very related) and yeah, pretty much everything around us have its own characteristic spectrum. usually you calibrate your system based on the light source, and the sun is a known light source. the client had clients in turn that used the cameras both for classifying drugs (telling baking soda from cocaine) and for measuring the fat and protein contents in cheeses


this pic from wikipedia explain the amount of data. instead of the usual 3 components (red, green and blue) you instead have hundreds or even thousands of spectral lines per pixel
second pic is telling sulfur hexaflouride and ammonia apart


Is hidden swimming pool really a thing


that's crazy, do i have a spectral spectrum? i wnat to see what i look like


>do i have a spectral spectrum?
not really. skin color is likely the biggest "spectral difference" between humans. you can likely measure how greasy someone's hair is as well. stuff like that

File: 1663654867871.png (178.58 KB, 600x400, ClipboardImage.png)


Seriously when you type "mic" it shows so many different types

What do they all mean and what is their purposes, what do anons use to talk to others online
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It's probably the bitrate and the specific bluetooth codecs/version more than anything that probably causes issues. The vast majority of people use mono microphones anyways. You usually get stereo mics on expensive devices, or if you're trying to do something like a professional recording.


Stereo audio is mainly to make it easier to distinguish particular sources when there are multiple. If you have a couple people talking or a person singing and playing a guitar for example, having two channels with slightly different positioning give dimensionality to the sound and your brain distinguishes them better.


I'm going to buy PC speakers anything I should be aware of?

I'm taking a decibel counter and I'm gonna make them play stuff to judge it

My laptop spits 54-55


>why does your GPU have the same name as a quirky sod brand

Way to much money!


This is like a dreaming kind of question. Really feeling this in my schizo mood atm

File: 1661531577642.gif (11.2 MB, 632x464, cybersyn[1].gif)


i know ppl on this thread might have a poor opinion of social choice theory or ml, but deepmind came with a paper a few weeks about applying neural networks to mechanism design. it's lib bullshit from otherwise smart ppl but you be the judge

Building artificial intelligence (AI) that aligns with human values is an unsolved problem. Here we developed a human-in-the-loop
research pipeline called Democratic AI, in which reinforcement learning is used to design a social mechanism that humans prefer by majority. A large group of humans played an online investment game that involved deciding whether to keep a monetary endowment or to share it with others for collective benefit. Shared revenue was returned to players under two different redistribution mechanisms, one designed by the AI and the other by humans. The AI discovered a mechanism that redressed initial wealth imbalance, sanctioned free riders and successfully won the majority vote. By optimizing for human preferences, Democratic AI offers a proof of concept for value-aligned policy innovation.

Result: Our AI system designed a mechanism for redistribution that was more popular than that implemented by human players. This is especially interesting because unlike our agent, human referees could integrate information over multiple timesteps to reward or sanction players on the basis of their past behaviour.


The solution in this paper can only work under socialism, you can't have an AI hand out money like that under capitalism. Is there a Marxist critique of mechanism design?


not mech. design, given that it's just math and cs nerds trying to rigourously define the shit in game theory
is relevant ig?


File: 1649346863364.jpg (146.78 KB, 1215x1001, laptop.jpg)


I'm looking for a new laptop since my ideapad 330 has a shit build quality and soldered ram. I don't need to upgrade just yet, but my keyboard is falling apart, the wifi card barely works, and this thing is kinda underpowered for a lot of tasks tbh. I want something with a better build quality, that i can use for a bit of gayman and video editing. I thought I could just get a thinkpad with an egpu but gpus are expensive as fuck and /g/ told me thinkpads are a reddit meme nowadays. Anybody got any ideas?
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holy shit do not buy expensive mediocre hardware just because they've got "open" drivers goddamn


>mediocre hardware
not really
they're generally up there with lenovo or dell or whatever


gamer shit is always more expensive and worse quality than enterprise shit


Macbook Pro bought from the back of a van.


File: 1663253751965.jpeg (5.27 KB, 150x150, cans.jpeg)


Was browsing an obscure infosec online store and they were selling a pack with two old phones, each preinstalled with firmwares and roms all about the security. These were extremely popular flagship phones from 5 years ago.

Whats the benefit of buying a package like that and where could I get the software without buying the package?

I got one of these phones.
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Interesting. This pack was 2 refurbished identical old phones, exact same model number. I can't find the site now but the phones were loaded with security software.

Where do I find out about this, don't say xda. Is there anywhere I'm likely to find an installable security focused rom like what they are selling?


>each preinstalled with firmwares and roms all about the security
If I wanted security I'd do this myself.


Dawg, I just post here. Not an expert on this sadly. I would personally start by looking at some r*ddit threads about security-focused roms and work from there all the way to obscure forums like usual.


Oh yeah and if the site has any more of this stuff look if they list any of the software they have and use them as keywords.



You're right of course. I've gone as far as I can go with that though. Pre built and compiled security and firmware roms exist for this phone. I've just hit a wall trying to find them. Been in this position for months.


Thanks anon. I've been doing that for months, no shit. It's like search engines don't work any more, even with complex search terms.


Kiwifarms encourages the use of TOR and VPNs
but if I go to kiwifarms.ru (net is blocked by cuckflare) the ddos Guard shows up. Of course the first thing that makes be a bit mad is the need of javascript but well it is what it is now no need to be mad at the moment but, i dont know why it just wont show me the captcha.

i went to the offical ddos guard site, which uses the same anti ddos service ofc, and the captcha appears. I enabled everything, javascript etc. standard browser settings on Tor/tails. still, on the actual kiwi farms it wont show it.

is it me, or kiwifarms?? i cannot currently use a vpn like mullvad because im using tails. and because I dont have money for it. Is there any solution, can i even do anything about it?
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>When do you think they will have a working .onion? is it even talked about?
Probably, I have no inside view though


kiwifarms was a shithole that deserved to die long time ago
>>he is mad his favorite bullying webstite got taken down
get fucked dipshits you all deserve it


Kiwifarms is a shitty fascist website. This should have been gone long ago with fucking everyone that uses it.


You can just check their telegram for updates about their site hopping and so on if you care.

Can't say I'm particularly bothered by Cloudflare dropping them. What bothers me more is I heard about another forum that Cloudlare collaborated with the FBI creating fake logins to track the users, though I am neither totally certain what that forum did (troll raids I think?) nor whether Cloudflare was forced to act like it did because of laws.

>kiwifarms was a shithole
Anon I…


Cloudflare is known to release people's personal data to Kiwifarms

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