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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1645684113826.jpg (218.34 KB, 1400x1400, ios.jpg)


anyone else nostalgic for the old iOS? skeuomorphic icons, simple jailbreaking with Cydia, comfy palm-fitting size, iTunes instead of the godawful new media apps/services, no annoying people born after 9/11 on social media apps
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so was i
my siblings found an ipod touch lying on a sidewalk that could just be unlocked
it became our ipod touch that we shared
the person that dropped it had a bunch of porn websites open in safari


on second thought, they were probably just hiding the fact that they swiped it off of someone


who else misses old proprietary trash that was so much better than modern day proprietary trash




Yeah I feel the same way about like Windows 95 or old Mac OSs.

File: 1645642823729.jpg (27.67 KB, 600x600, Battery.jpg)


Why don’t new batteries ever use heavier anodes which would produce a greater electronegativity difference like rubidium fluoride batteries within less space? Why tf is lithium always used when it runs out so quickly?


Lithium is lightweight, so lithium ion batteries probably have a higher specific energy (but not energy density) than something with heavier anodes.


Sounds like the most plossible answer especially considering ordinary hydrogen dioxide batteries may also be used in light electronics but then there’s the question of heavy machinery, cyberphysical systems like an industrial DCU all running on these god awful batteries that just screams poor design


DCS* not DCU

File: 1645523601744.jpg (240.96 KB, 2048x1152, pixel5.jpg)


How useful is the Titan M chip, especially with Graphene OS installed?


I'd hold off till Graphene announce their partnership with the as-of-yet unknown OEM they're apparently worked with. Could be interesting to see a mid-range phone with Graphene out of the box.


That's exciting. Posted from my graphene pixel

File: 1644963970616.jpg (269.25 KB, 1212x1203, i386.jpg)


these made anymore?


I don't think so, embedded devices that could use the specs of a 386 tend to go with the Motorola 68K based microcontrollers as they are easier to program for.


what are some good RISC chips for PCs/workstations

File: 1645418756554.jpg (421.26 KB, 1074x868, ircdigitalpro.jpg)


You guys also posting on the leftypol channel via your IRC digitalPro?

File: 1645337622066-0.jpg (94.55 KB, 800x665, atmega328p.jpg)

File: 1645337622066-1.jpg (132.57 KB, 928x684, unor3.jpg)

File: 1645337622066-3.pdf (140.23 KB, 180x255, doc1497.pdf)


What are some good projects to do with these? I wanna maybe get into assembly with it too.


automatic masturbator




yeah i was thinking something like that with LEDs
or an LCD

File: 1645325583407.png (181.92 KB, 773x806, 1645323929356.png)


>Apple's retail employees are reportedly using Android phones and encrypted chats to keep unionization plans secret
iToddlers BTFO.




Whaaaaaaaaa, but I thought Apple was secure and private?!

File: 1645095163680.jpg (90.3 KB, 768x526, nftlogo.jpg)


can you redpill me on NFTs? I know they're a scam, but can we use it to fund socialist movements around the world?

for shits and giggles I minted an NFT
I was surprised by how easy it was. the only catch is that you have to pay the market something like $60 to have the NFT listed, which means that people have to sell a NFT for at least $100 to make any money.
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I hate crypto but it's based how much they have gamers seething.


GPUs are used for most then just gaming and crypto mining. For example the more powerful the GPU the faster Blender runs. Also render farms have had similar setup to crypto miners since the death of SGI where you jam as much GPUs into a server then jam as many servers into racks and as many racks into a data centre and you have a professional render farm.


Screenshotted every post in this thread


Based bourgeois hijacking prices of graphic cards.


Im thinking instead of NFTs you can make a crypto that parodies crypto and openly states crypto is a scam and the money from buying that crypto will be used to try to end crypto so they don't have to hear about crypto anymore and you can make random computer generated images as proof of purchase so it will work like NFTs to their view.

File: 1645261840669.jpg (57.68 KB, 1200x817, dvdplayer.jpg)


blu-rays are an unnecessary gimmick
reject false modernity, re-embrace DVDs and VHS
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>CRT naturally softening edges
Will we ever have flatscreens that look even half as crisp as CRTs?


File: 1645303404612-0.jpg (37.62 KB, 960x520, 1645065699246.jpg)

File: 1645303404612-1.jpg (3.56 MB, 3970x4147, 1642015059411.jpg)

lol nostalgiafags love posting myths about crts that only applied to the highest end


>Aren't LD movies already showing lots of artifacts due to aging?


LD artifacts due to age is disc rot. Rot comes from manufacturing defects where the layers are not perfectly air tight where if the disc was made to spec it should still be good but there are a number of discs that were not.


File: 1645306626575.jpg (3.15 MB, 4000x2672, uhd_vs_crt.jpg)

The CRT on the first pic has low brightness (or degraded phosphor) in a bright room. The 4k Samsung monitor I purchased with my pc doesn't even come close to the color vibrancy of an unused CRT I got a few months ago. I made a pic of both, but the CRTs image looks less blurry and completely smooth irl.
What Samsung says about my monitor:
<This UHD monitor gives you 64 times more color than conventional monitors–an incredible 1 billion colors. That means that movies, games, and other multimedia content appear detailed, natural looking, and extremely realistic. More colors also ensure a smoother transition between different tones for a richer, more accurate picture.

File: 1645292582085.jpg (43.17 KB, 500x386, cccp.jpg)


This shit was better than VLC or any other GUI video player on Unix distros, even if I don't watch anime. Unfortunately, it was only for Windows so I had to stop using once I made the Linux switch, and now I find out it's been dead for over half a decade already.
Anyone wanna help revive it, with builds for Unix distros added?
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nope. this was a bit different than just a generic frontend for libavcodec. it was specialized for watching tv shows and movies


I know what cccp was, I also used it back then. Afaik the cccp guy is working on mpv too lol.
Just read mpv's manual and add your own shortcuts if you don't like the defaults. Despite being so lightweight it's very customizable.


It sounds like you could work on a gui for mpv, or did cccp codecs have filters, "specialized for watching tv shows and movies"?


yes, it had special filters through >>13816


Why do you need a GUI to watch stuff? It's a lot faster to use your keyboard.
But I think there's already alternative GUIs to mpv with more stuff anyway, but I haven't checked them as I'm not interested in that.

mpv also has filters, shit, you can even set a shortcut to activate them by adding a single line to your config.

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