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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1657965728363.png (226 KB, 400x263, 1655671132634.png)


ITT: retarded UI trends that make no sense whatsoever

I'll start with one of the worst:
> automatically hiding scroll bars
What kind of brain dead imbecile thought this was a good idea, I will never understand. I regularly have to move the mouse a little just to have the scroll bar reappear momentarily so I can see where I am in a document, it's so fucking frustrating.
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>when you realize that all of the worst user interface trends popular today were already experimented with at Xerox in the '70s and '80s and rejected for being bad ideas
Hegel was right…


Lack of donut menus.

When you use a mouse, it is much easier to hit icons at the screen edges compared to somewhere else on the screen, and corners are the best. Corners are basically like icons with infinite landing space. A donut menu works like this: If your mouse is not at a screen edge, the menu becomes visible as you hold the right mouse button. If you don't move your mouse, you are in the hole of the donut and nothing happens. You can move your mouse in a direction to hit this or that function on the menu, and it's really the angle that does the selection, not how far you go. So this works fast like the stuff on the screen edges.


File: 1658380652540.png (790.45 KB, 1021x765, weapon wheel.png)

So you're basically describing something like this?


Haven't played that title (looks like Turok 2), so I can't answer for sure. What is important is that you don't rotate the items to select and also that their position doesn't get rejigged based on which weapons you have and have not, so everything quickly becomes muscle memory. If that's how it works, it's a proper example.


Yup, that is indeed how it works.


Just found out about "invention clauses". In the US there are about 10 states which have 3 conditions: they own everything you name that was made on company time, using company equipment, or using trade secrets taught to you by the company.
Every other state does not include any conditions. They can claim everything you make, even if it's completely unrelated to your job. YouTube videos? Tutorials? Game streaming? A web comic? Literally anything. It's theirs.
They don't even have to make exemptions for collaborative work. They can take a portion of anything you contribute to if they want.


File: 1657929497283.jpg (37.07 KB, 335x330, Egregious.jpg)

Wow, what a shitty move.
Are there no legal ways to prevent that ?


Try as hard as you can to make them not know it was you personally who made the stuff.
Use a VPN or TOR for outside services hosting your shit, this includes your own servers.
Do not make any content on company machines that can be accessed easily or remotely. (But do work on your projects on company time lmao, just keep in mind to watch your outgoing connections.)
Do not associate yourself with the accounts you'll be hosting your stuff on, if they keep time logs it would suck if the company found out about them.

Generally be a sneaky pain in the ass.
As for trade secrets, I dunno lol.

Also, try to move out if you got the resources. If not, the next best thing would be moving to a different state.


The wonders of IP law.


this is totally not slavery btw

File: 1657934771682.png (1.85 MB, 1448x1420, 1657898588171.png)


Corporations want to turn browsers into operating systems so badly dude.


doesn’t webassembly already allow this


> in the browser
Which one? And why python?


already exists in chromeOS


Currently the sole defacto wasm compiler is emscripten, that is part of the llvm toolchain and priotizes C and C++ support. Cythons latest version only supports python2 and it wouldn't be unusual for the python3 interpreter to expect access to some os resources. They are probably working on a full integration of python into llvm (subsets already exist https://numba.pydata.org/).


In the future, everything is Chrome.

File: 1657921732517.jpg (166.32 KB, 1048x1214, RFR.jpg)


So is non-ionizing millimeter wave radiation harmful or not? I know I'm poking a bee's nest with this topic but I wanted to ask.
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If it is, then it's over, nothing can be done except go inna woods


So schizo boomers are right about 5G?


>So is non-ionizing millimeter wave radiation harmful or not?
Any type of radiation with high enough intensity will make you burst into flames.
Ionizing radiation tends to be more dangerous because high energy particles can knock holes into your DNA, but that is still relative, bananas for example are slightly radioactive because they contain a slightly radioactive potassium isotope, but that won't harm you (unless you eat like millions in one sitting)

Communications technology generally uses very low intensities (those giant parabolic satellite antennas might have enough energy to slow cook you, but they are mounted on towers and pointed at the sky)

Allot of studies on the effects of cellular networks ignore the fact that cell-masts get mounted in places near to poor people because they had less lobbying power. Capitalism in general harms the health of poor people more. Proximity to cell-towers correlates to low socioeconomic status, and you might be more likely to measure the negative health-effects of class society than radio-emitters.

The goal of communications technology is to avoid interaction with everything except the receiver-antenna. You try to avoid beaming a communication signal through people or other objects because that is decreasing the range and signal quality. These technical constrains will drive technology advancement to reduce exposure to humans. If we could build a communication system that used neutrinos (who can easily pass through lightyears of led) there would be no interactions with a human body. (neutrino emitters and receivers are the size of buildings and send data at a speed of just bits per second. So a neutrino-G cell phone is still way off in the future, but maybe submarines and ships could get it.

Sticking your head into any kind of oven is a bad idea.
Beware of resistive heating elements, because they can be hot.

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“Protesters turn to tinfoil hats as increasing sickness blamed on Gov beaming radiation rays”


Prompted by this, someone made the video “Defeating Microwave Weapons!” about how microwaves work and how to defend against this kind of weaponry.


Blame Silicon Valley for inserting "Silicon Trojans" and "Defeat Devices" in microwave cell transmitters and processors, enabling them to be used as weapon (SDR phased array with beam steering).

The "Electromagnetic Emissions Scandal" shall be bigger than the "Diesel Emissions Scandal" and the fines shall be paid in something more expensive than money.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


pretty correct take, FCC has pretty strict guidelines related to power of transmitters and how far off the ground they need to be (1/r^2 falloff) to not cause adverse effects. most likely you arent spending signifant portions of your day in direct line of sight of a cell phone tower.

File: 1657919164518.png (20.11 KB, 192x192, ClipboardImage.png)


Is Waterfox a good alternative to Chrome/Firefox?


just use firefox and configure it yourself


On desktop use Firefox for privacy and security or Tor Browser for additional anonymity.
On mobile use Mull for privacy, Bromite for security or Tor Browser for anonymity.


>Is Waterfox, the fork that was purchased by the ad company System1 in 2019, good
No, but librewolf, which is still community-run and has a great track-record of staying up-to-date, is.
I recommend it highly to anybody interested in a secure fork of Firefox. It comes with really neat defaults that makes it unnecessary to manually follow the privacytools type "Firefox hardening guide"s or needing to install scripts.


Not only did we convince every single person on the planet to carry a camera and microphone everywhere we also convinced suburbian dwellers to fill even their own homes with cameras because they're afraid The Poors will steal their Amazon packages.
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Workers care about privacy too. This is creepy for everybody.
>I just feel so demoralized, right?
Get into the privacy community to talk to like minded people, digital privacy is a complicated technical problem that will have to be solved in many incremental steps. You are correct that there is a class struggle about information power too Workers should also strive to gain more knowledge about capitalists as well. Make a database about working conditions but also how production chains link up, to know how matter and energy flows through the system.

>So feed the matrix bullshit that makes you seem like a highly productive worker that should be paid more to keep them.
So gaming the system, well that's an interesting idea.


middle-class paranoia is what causes people to fill even their own homes with security cameras though



Irony is dead. I was calling out an obvious demoralization post. Shittily, apparently.


File: 1657958742382.jpg (30.91 KB, 680x382, ring.jpg)

Amazon admits to giving Ring videos to police without permission, surprising absolutely nobody.
Remember that you do not need to know what is happening outside your front door at all times.


suburban surveillance state

File: 1654117926806.jpg (112.7 KB, 851x1108, FUMHLLxWYAM6xLe.jpg)


In 2024 reddit will introduce heavenbanning, the hypothetical practice of banishing a user from a platform by causing everyone that they speak with to be replaced by AI models that constantly agree and praise them, but only from their own perspective, is entirely feasible with the current state of AI/LLMs.
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I agree, that did seem to happen for years right anon?


you were right
i updated the X extension and an post again

goddamn they really just cheap out on everything there


How long until rightoids start waifuing angel bots?


>this "heavenbanning" thing sounds like it'll make the platform entirely pointless for anyone who isn't going there to watch heckin wholesome doggo vids
I really don't see any difference to what it is now, truly. It's either feel good content or neo liberals circlejerking themselves in a sea of bots. the place has been basically functionally useless for a decade now


How about hellbanning and it's just really bitchy mean girls bullying you…nice


I'm a little late to the party, but I now realize we live in an era where billions of devices are using copyleft software (the Linux kernel) yet somehow get away with restricting their users' freedom. How do they get away with it? Is this the "Tivoization" Richard Stallman talked about that was a major impetus for developing GPLv3? Can this all be traced back to Linus refusing to upgrade when GPLv3 was released in 2007? How the fuck did things get so bad?
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""" Why Open Source Misses the Point of Free Software
by Richard Stallman

The terms “free software” and “open source” stand for almost the same range of programs. However, they say deeply different things about those programs, based on different values. The free software movement campaigns for freedom for the users of computing; it is a movement for freedom and justice. By contrast, the open source idea values mainly practical advantage and does not campaign for principles. This is why we do not agree with open source, and do not use that term.

When we call software “free,” we mean that it respects the users' essential >>15684 freedoms: the freedom to run it, to study and change it, and to redistribute copies with or without changes. This is a matter of freedom, not price, so think of “free speech,” not “free beer.”

These freedoms are vitally important. They are essential, not just for the individual users' sake, but for society as a whole because they promote social solidarity—that is, sharing and cooperation. They become even more important as our culture and life activities are increasingly digitized. In a world of digital sounds, images, and words, free software becomes increasingly essential for freedom in general.


The nontrivial case is harmful and important. Many products containing computers check signatures on their executable programs to block users from effectively using different executables; only one privileged company can make executables that can run in the device and use its full capabilities. We call these devices “tyrants,” and the practice is called “tivoization” after the product (Tivo) where we first saw it. Even if the executable is made from free source code, and nominally carries a free license, the users cannot usefully run modified versions of it, so the executable is de-facto nonfree.

Many Android products contain nonfree tivoized executables of Linux, even though its source code is under GNU GPL version 2. (We designed GNU GPL version 3 to prohibit this practice; too bad Linux did not adopt it.) These executables, made from source code that is open source and free, are generally spoken of as “openPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


How is that a cope? ESR's racism and his lolbertarian "it's ephebophilia, bro" takes are both well documented.


> RMS is actuallly liberal
> and the fact he doesn't talks about private property
> RMS is a ${pick label for either side} because he insists on not only making the code available to ${pick the other label}, but explicitly prohibiting political restrictions on who can use GPL'd software.

+++ >>15771 >>15773 >>15778

> The main cause of these debt traps is the expectation that the exploitative loans will be repayed. Therefore, what really is needed is for debtor countries to start simply canceling their debts. Once rich people learn that by trying to exploit poor countries this way they are likely to lose, they will stop.

> Venezuela's president Chavez says he will re-nationalize energy and telephone companies that were privatized by a previous government. It makes no sense to privatize state operations that do not operate in competitive markets.

> Business does not practice honesty except when outside pressure compels it to do so. Privatized government is therefore dishonest government.


What is this from?


his wikipedia article

File: 1631336482854.png (261.26 KB, 480x481, God.png)

 No.11160[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Every few months, people come up with an idea to create a new imageboard, since mostly everyone is dissatisfied with the state of vichan/lainchan, or thinks they can do it better. Having better software would greatly enhance the experience for both regular users and mods, and have more crossover appeal to “normies”. The problem is that no one can agree on the technical or more importantly non technical decisions on how one would go about making an actual, usable replacement for lainchan.

In fact, people don't even agree on whether the imageboard replacement should be an imageboard at all. This thread is a merged, consolidated, megathread of all the various attempts at answering this question that people have made.

Previously, there was a thread on outreach to lainchan, including a strawpoll:

The poll determined it should be built in Java, but a significant minority wanted to use a functional programming language, esp. Haskell, or Clojure/Lisp.

The only way a new imageboard will be built is if multiple people, technical jannies and lurker-programmers, from here and lainchan and even elsewhere, actually collaborate on a single project and concentrate their efforts on this.

There are important technical and non technical questions to be answered.

Namely, do we even want an imageboard?

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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And like I said, all the "redesign" involves in adding a shitty shadow to post boxes and setting a font instead of letting the browser fall back on the default, lol.



Anyone wanna work on a modernization project of Futallaby 040103 via git?


Never use Java.

People have been saying this since Mootxico. It never pans out. 4chan might not be as popular as it was in 2016-2018, but it's way more popular than the years before - and it was already unusably crowded at that point.


>The point is the vast majority of time spent on a program will be READING the code not writing it and verboseness to a certain extent makes it more self documenting.
It is genuinely worrying that you think this. I have no academic background so can't speak to the technicalities of this or that language ecosystem beyond the ones I have hands on experience. However, just from over a decade of reading other public codebases, I can assure you that verbosity does absolutely not ensure self-documentation. If anything, it often leads to obscurity by verbosity.
Readability, etc. depends on the programmers, or the maintainers - and let's be real: imageboards are filled with middling-at-best programmers, who blaze ahead with no plan or change them constantly, or simply have edit wars over petty disputes. This should be kept in mind for any public forum based project.

File: 1656196711155.png (84.53 KB, 475x303, live_(1).png)


Hello everyone.

Because leftypol moves too fast. We are going to use this board for our thread for Cytube quality of life and suggestions.

Please let us know if you need anything.


the emotes are cringe, not everything has to be like an imageboard


You're cringe.


File: 1656202140305.png (184.4 KB, 649x373, ClipboardImage.png)


theyre live right now watch aabortion protest


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