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File: 1615757957982.jpg (6.31 KB, 293x172, Archive.jpg)


Whats the best way to archive imageboard threads?
Specifically threads on here
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This is as retarded and spooky as claiming imageboards are "meant" to be filled with anime or that tripcodes are inherently bad (why are they shipped with every imageboard software then?). The sysadmin decides whatever the fuck they want to do with the software.

The only reason Futaba and by extension 4chan didn't archive threads is because bandwidth and storage were expensive as fuck back then. On the other hand, 2ch has archived every single thread since its creation in 1999 because, well, it's all just text.


I dont think your argument works when we talk about user archiving
Yeah there is definitly an argument to be made against auto archiving on imageboards but users freely archiving stuff and distributing it is pretty much the spirit of the old internet
On a practical basis there are some extremely good threads on here from time to time like the Permaculture thread and a couple about american architecture and the slow death of small town america


>/leftypol/ is a bunch of libs, simps, autists
He could just be talking about the jannies


Archive.today has .onion links.


I tried these earlier and the Tor Browser gave me a warning tho. Maybe they didn't update something.

File: 1615244457425.png (46.47 KB, 1920x529, ClipboardImage.png)


Is it true that this site is a honeypot for glowies?
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yeah, not normie friendly and discord is "more fun". be sure to join the leftypol matrix chat though.



>Is it true that this site is a honeypot for glowies?

Discord should not be treated as trustworthy software. Why?

A) It is proprietary software.

B) Discord is owned, maintained and operated by a corporation called Hammer and Chisel. They are operating under a profit incentive which runs contrary to your privacy.

C) Aforementioned corporation was co-founded by Jason Citron, who is also the CEO.
Citron also founded OpenFeint.
In 2011, OpenFeint was party to a class action suit with allegations including computer fraud, invasion of privacy, breach of contract, bad faith and seven other statutory violations. According to a news report "OpenFeint's business plan included accessing and disclosing personal information without authorization to mobile-device application developers, advertising networks and web-analytic vendors that market mobile applications"
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Also before anyone tries to say the Microsoft buyout talks are over-hyped look at this:
Microsoft owns Xbox. They did a partnership with Xbox months ago. They are obviously in contact.

F) Now, about Microsoft. They own Skype, and they have handed fuckloads of user data to the NSA on request.
So Discord is actively looking at essentially handing their entire company to people who are known to give up user data to the NSA (not that Discord hasn't worked with glowies themselves in the past).

Yes, it's Glowiecord.


Fukken saved!


Microsoft itself was the very first member of the NSA PRISM program. Skype started handing over data to the NSA a bit later, but still before Microsoft bought them out.

File: 1609695680664.jpeg (12.07 KB, 474x237, bhbhyuhbuybuhy.jpeg)


Well apperently the retards at duckduckgo.com refused to update their v2 address in time for the new year, meaning, now their onion doesn't work. I'm quite upset by this. Anyone serious about privacy would have had to updated a long time ago. Are their any other search engines like duckduckgo with an onion domain?
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Based self hoster. If you don't mind sharing some info: How much does running an instance like this cost you? Are you running any other services? I've been thinking about getting myself a VPS (perhaps splitting the cost, responsibilities and access with some comrades) to do things like this and would like to hear from more experienced people.


>How much does running an instance like this cost you?
3Euros/month at contabo
>Are you running any other services?
Yes! check them in https://vxempire.xyz
>I've been thinking about getting myself a VPS (perhaps splitting the cost, responsibilities and access with some comrades)
Do it, you have nothing to lose but your chains
>to do things like this and would like to hear from more experienced people.
ask me anything


Snopyta are so based holy shit. Who are these mad lads? Their Invidious instance is hosted in Finland apparently. I don't know much about them.


I can search through DDG's onion just fine right now?


Didn't work for me earlier

File: 1608526423381-0.jpg (185.98 KB, 1280x720, dnm.jpg)

File: 1608526423381-1.pdf (926.7 KB, dnmbible.pdf)


Darknet markets are as close as it gets to a free market, where you can order drugs and have it delivered to you by mail. The purpose of this thread is to discuss opsec, ask for help and discuss markets in general. This thread should be fully legal as long as you don't solicit or facilitate illegal transactions, meaning:

&ltDon't beg to buy from someone
&ltDon't attempt to sell to anyone here
&ltDon't link to dealer Instagram/Reddit/Snapchat accounts. These accounts are run by either scammers or feds.
&ltDon't directly link to any market. These links could be fake scam/fed markets, designed to phish your login details and steal your cryptocurrency. Only use https://dark.fail/

The following is my personal recommendation for good opsec while conducting business, however, you must [b]read the darknet market bible[/b] (.pdf attached) after you are done with this post. If you don't read theory, it's likely you will be caught and convicted.

>Will I be 100% safe?

In theory, no. The darknet market bible, together with this thread, is meant to minimize the risk of getting caught as much as possible. If you follow the exact procedure outlined in the bible, you should be okay, especially as a small-time buyer.

Tails is an Linux-based operating system that runs entirely on your RAM and is wiped when PC is powered off. If the cops intercept your item, conduct a controlled delivery and seize your machine, they will not be able to find evidence linking you to the package and you can deny involvement via a lawyer.
You will want to install the Tails operating system to a USB flash drive with at least 8GB of storage. Personally, I'd go for USB 3.0, with at least 16GB storage for persistent volume purposes, or even 128GB or more if you want to store the Monero local node on it. You also need a PC with at least 1GB RAM to run Tails. The bible contains a guide for installing Tails in [b]2.A.2 Installing Tails[/b]. You can download it here:
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Sure, but no one except for that rando is going to see your address.

I rather give my address to some random then my local dealer, that dude is a creep.


Made by illegalist gang


>he doesn't send it to an abandoned house


Not joking, can you please do a similar step-by-step guide for this?
I know some people actually do this but when I tried to figure out how to do it practically it became really hard, also didn't find any guides for it. Like how do you even know a place is abandoned rather than just temporarily empty? Won't abandoned houses also lack a mailbox / public address for mailmen?


NGL I was just shitposting and I've never bought any illegal shit but you can try and sign the place up for spam mail maybe to test if the address works - I don't have a guide or anything on-hand and it was just something that popped to mind randomly as a solution

File: 1608526409992.jpg (54.3 KB, 900x589, Why-Phones-dont-have-Remov….jpg)



>A Dutch financial newspaper reports the European Union (EU) wants to establish a new regulation that would “force electronics manufacturers to facilitate easier battery replacements.”

>It’s been years since flagship phones and laptops came with easily removable batteries, especially from companies like Apple. Have tech companies pulled the wool over our eyes? Or do people not care as much about removable batteries as the EU thinks?

>If you buy a phone today, chances are you can’t easily remove the battery yourself. If you really want to try it out, it’ll require dozens of steps, including the removal of delicate pieces like the screen and the logic board. It’s not for the faint of heart.

>I took a poll, asking people if an easily replaceable battery was a major factor when buying a phone. Unsurprisingly, the overwhelming majority wouldn’t buy a phone just for a replaceable battery.

>Maybe we’ve all fallen for Apple’s marketing schemes. Maybe we could’ve had super-thin, sturdy phones with replaceable batteries all along. We believed the explanation that Apple provided because its phones thin and waterproof, and that’s what we wanted at the time.

Hopefully this applies to laptops too.
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yer on the wrong board


>EU is the only defense against Big Tech short of actually overthrowing capitalism.
They only do this sort of stuff because the US has the monopoly on tech and its a way to rival them. Its just inter-porky infighting and is naive to praise one side

Also most of their regulations comes with the increased dependance on EU products that can comply with them


>Unsurprisingly, the overwhelming majority wouldn’t buy a phone just for a replaceable battery.
I would. The last two phones I've owned died because they gradually stopped being able to hold a charge.


File: 1618502719828.png (310.86 KB, 631x862, EU.png)


>The European Union is considering banning the use of artificial intelligence for a number of purposes, including mass surveillance and social credit scores. This is according to a leaked proposal that is circulating online, first reported by Politico, ahead of an official announcement expected next week.

>If the draft proposal is adopted, it would see the EU take a strong stance on certain applications of AI, setting it apart from the US and China. Some use cases would be policed in a manner similar to the EU’s regulation of digital privacy under GDPR legislation.


Holy based.

File: 1618349405825.jpg (495.74 KB, 1800x1800, bostondynamicsdigidog.jpg)


Hello lads, I'm looking to start a conversation on a topic that's been popping up alot recently, and will likely develop further as the technology gains more adoption. As I'm sure you know, robotic dogs from the likes of Boston Dynamics are being rolled out at police departments and military bureaus across the US, and I'd bet we see widescale adoption as the technology is fleshed out further.
So as a result, I'd like to start a conversation on the best feasible means, both expensive and DIY, to deal with these fuckers. With the advent of home-based 3D printing, easily accessible lasers, and other modern user tech, I believe there are a number of options available to us.
In the resistance against drones being used by the police in Chile, Argentina and now in Portland, lasers were used to incapacitate drone dogs during protests. However, this incapacitation *only* makes these dogs unusable at that single protest; any police department will simply repair their $75k digidog and send it back at the next protest. So, what I'm interested in is ways to make them *inoperable* for extended periods of time, whether physically or electronically. I was bouncing around the idea of somehow using very strong magnets to damage the internal electronics, but this may be unfeasible due to the size of magnet that would be needed. Other options that seem viable would be permanently damaging the optics being used by the dogs, but I'm not sure on the best option for this. As such, I'd like to open this to conversation. I'll be posting this thread here, as well as on a few other imageboards that may be interested and able to help in this discussion.
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File: 1618511492526.jpg (47.89 KB, 976x549, _117181085_spot.jpg)

throw a net on it and be done with it

pray you don't run into one with a gun mounted on it


>pray you don't run into one with a gun mounted on it
What the fuck, are there any of these in operation right now? How could anyone think this is normal?


That one was made to troll Boston Dynamics and put a dampener on their cutesy robot shtick.


File: 1618516574486.png (1.65 MB, 3000x2001, Spot Arm-03.png)

No, but you bet your ass they're gonna put a gun on the arm and program it with an aimbot.


>steal a police drone
>hack it with an aimbot trained to target cops only
Fund it.

File: 1617105142193.png (15.57 KB, 512x512, 71596f93d71cabb432ea96c6d1….png)


The widespread adoption of IPv6 will make anonymous imageboards obsolete. The address space is simply too large to prevent spam.

Imageboards will be forced to implement accounts, even if the posting remains anonymous.
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Plz no. I hate logging in.


a new era for namefagging, epic


>Pattern detection is far more effective in automatically blocking those who haven't lurked.
that would be enforcing conformity and turning chans into reddit but using technology instead of upvotes/downvotes


This website is still ipv4. Are you talking about in the future when ipv4 addresses become unavailable? It's possible that many sites will just ban people with ipv6 service and only let in the affluent people who can afford expensive ipv4 addresses.


Retards unironically still saying that there's no conformity in mainstream imageboards and that they aren't like reddit. Faggy ass "board culture" is an ideology of its own.

File: 1618169419070.png (95.72 KB, 568x548, pepe-mouse-friend-pepe-cof….png)


Just installed arch

What do I do now?


install gentoo




enjoy how ridiculously convenient pacman is
just install a bunch of shit you don't even need because why not

File: 1617951973302.jpeg (50.76 KB, 706x960, mculkin.jpeg)




I'm thinking of changing carriers and becoming a shepherd or something.


It's just a stupid opinion article.

File: 1617905774705.jpg (155.67 KB, 1280x804, EtRGx4dXEAEtHlj.jpg)


Any programmers here? I thought about simulating a population organizing resources for a while. Nothing serious, just doing it for fun. Anyone tried that before in their free time? Do you have any conceptual starting points? I will start:

Type: Person
Attributes: sex, age_range
That is to predict how much resources they themselves need and how much work they can produce. All based on averages.

Type: Resource
Attributes: quantity, state
Subtypes: metal, mineral, wood, food
The attribute "state" describes for example if the resource has been refined based on some procedure. The mentioned subtypes have further subtypes of course.

Type: Product
Attribute: kcal, components
Subtypes: electronics, furniture, dish
kcal is supposed to represent the average amount of work exerted with the most efficient available tools available to produce the product.
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Hm, yeah coding under pressure because you have to do something you aren't interested in sucks. I don't know, I code for fun because it's like a puzzle you have to solve. There is a practical goal and you have a blank canvas and can design a system however you want. There are many ways to the same goal.


Well what methods should we use then?


Brainlet here, but for the "Too simple" etc etc didn't Cockshott make an open source program in Julia for planning?
Couldn't you anons use this as a base?


Cockshott has a github with some relevant code: https://github.com/wc22m?tab=repositories


yes that works but the question is scale

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