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Flat is justice
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>can't perform the sacred art of paizuri
t. boober enjoyer


I want to breed cirno


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The people takes over. OK. A nice ecstatic moment. And then the anime ends. But, to put it in brutal terms… I would be ready to sell my mother into slavery to see Code Geass part 2. What happens then? You know, it’s easy for the people to win. What happens then? … How to break out of this cycle where revolt, or whatever we call it, rebellion, is just this momentary transgression, happy moment, carnival, and then things return to normal… The true problem is daily life. That’s the really difficult to change. The ordinary daily life


File: 1622043771828.webm (2.8 MB, 532x300, CapitalRiots.webm)

Im pretty sure fighting imperialism is more difficult than cooking pasta and putting the trash out


File: 1622091007186.jpg (78.18 KB, 1024x683, 1603007272450.jpg)

Well yes *sniff* if you look at Tanya, she's presented as a horrible person and a capitalist fascist who wants to introduce the Chicago school ideology to a new world. The author is trying to show *sniff* how social darwinist types are sociopaths who'd turn into mass murderers at the drop of a hat if they ever get granted a bit of power.
Otaku are too busy self-inserting as the 30-year-old wage slave who turned into Loli Hitler in a fantasy world to see the pure distillation *sniff* of the chauvinist Japanese capitalist ideology.


Even if you're aware of that,it's just a boring isekai series with a nice subtext that isn't even used for anything,it's like the actual protagonist good girl being called Mary Sue on purpose.
It's like amateurish fanfic that somehow became more than what it was supposed to be,this gives it at least a certain brillance.

File: 1621711121133.jpg (145.23 KB, 542x683, 1533960293731.jpg)


A comedy about a CEO who starts living with a community of hobos. It's GOOD.
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I haven't watched it but I've seen that guy witht the star head before. I really want to watch it because it looks funny.


I really really liked it, the ending was cool too though I don't know if it was a SHAFT addition or not.


File: 1621975155658.png (Spoiler Image, 339.84 KB, 320x476, 1621974735283.png)

I wanted to watch this anime, but i mostly just jerked off to the porn years ago instead of watching the anime and forgetting about it until now


No, it's garbage. They portray ceos in a very positive light. Literal porky propaganda about a ceo saving unlucky prols through self-help magic.


>Literal porky propaganda about a ceo saving unlucky prols through self-help magic.
It's the other way around though…?

File: 1621733450158.png (556.24 KB, 425x600, 1584508935870.png)


Man this feels like a 2000s anime in a good way.
I also checked the manga to get some more and the author is a god of pacing. Lots of development for a huge cast without feeling dragged out. Good shit.
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How so?


Give me a short summary of the story
and tell me why i should watch it


thought it sucked a lot




I only started watching it thanks to the 10 foot tall love interest but it grew on me, it's, dare I say it, wholesome and fun

File: 1619026981579.jpg (2.18 MB, 2396x3430, Anime and Manga approved b….jpg)


Can we make one? This Board is pretty harsh a critic when it comes to Anime and I would be interested in achieving some sort of Concensus about which Anime are worth watching
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bakkuon rettou is just great


File: 1621757209037.jpg (155.32 KB, 630x1200, MV5BOTVlMGEwM2EtZjNkNi00Zj….jpg)

Any other anime similar to picrel?


huge moebius vibes


Robot Carnival


Also Neo Tokyo

File: 1621646800054.jpg (343.43 KB, 1115x1600, 1621594525043.jpg)


Beautiful girl doesn't have any friends because she's a bit autistic and approaches the loser MC for this very reason, very believable.


I'm sorry it hasn't happened to you, although I doubt the author was going for realism.

File: 1621563245370.jpg (188.66 KB, 1127x1600, 1621496554972.jpg)


It started to drag around the time the adaptation aired (funny how that works) but I'm still gonna miss it.
It was refreshing to have a manga with an asshole protagonist, sad to see it drop the ball and go like that.


I don't know what this is but I'm curious


File: 1621642727439.png (264.31 KB, 342x636, 1587708631738.png)

It's a manga about a human guy who hates animals stuck in an all-species high school. Because of the premise and the first scanlator being a shameless /pol/tard the thread on /a/ had a lot of unironic /pol/io at first.


Well, the premise does sound interesting. I suppose it got a better translation. How long is it?


Around 150 but they are pretty short.

File: 1615416066562.png (5.31 MB, 2160x2160, Genshin Impact.png)


Anibros lets talk Games
What games are you playing jerking off to rn
Are they any good can you recommend them?
What upcoming games are you hyped for?
I'll start I am playing Genshin Impact rn and for a free to play game its pretty good obviously I aint paying money
I played about 20 hours now and its a bit grindy at times but for a free to play game I cant complain and as far as I can tell the recent updates added alot of content and made the overall experince better
On an unrelated note my graphics card died last week so if you could recommend some low spec games I would appreciate it
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I wonder if the internet archive has any machine translated VNs


I used to, but I decided I wanted to learn Japanese so the only ones I read now are easy moe garbage.


File: 1618073042024.jpg (71.42 KB, 853x480, mpv-shot0140.jpg)

Would you an angel, anon?


The classic adult dating sim Doukyuusei got a remake recently, and it's also getting an official translation that will probably release later this year. (Unfortunately if you prefer the old-school feel of the original and don't know Japanese you're gonna be stuck playing the remake)
I've never played it, but apparently it's really good because, unlike other dating sims/galge of the time, sex and virginity weren't treated like a big deal (back then NTR wasn't so popular, not sure if it even existed), and the girls were taken more seriously. Plus, apparently the dialogue is pretty good compared to modern galge (at least that's what a reviewer said).



Also, if you can stand the horrible interface and some bugs, you can play True Love, another classic dating sim (I think this one got licensed back in the day) right now:
I remember this one mostly because it had a gay ending although there's no sex in it.
You can find a guide easily.

File: 1608528882808.jpg (237.31 KB, 636x900, e8e640b1f60eeb28b716513a8f….jpg)


/kind/ is looking to build its own "webring" like network of likeminded boards since the actually existing webring has been overrun by /pol/types. Why don't we join them? I think we would be a good fit.

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File: 1620061816493.png (750.03 KB, 1024x853, 1447011455358.png)

It's a group of websites linking to each other, like leftypol.org and GETchan.net.


>counterculture places like Lainchan
lol do people still believe this shit?


They should ask GETchan, they're way comfier and like anime more than leftypol


File: 1621603156397.jpg (9.46 MB, 6720x4480, 608275b6e4b0fc41953eaad7.jpg)

File: 1621288251677.jpg (10.14 KB, 480x360, i can read your video card….jpg)


Just watched the new season of Castlevania the other night on Netflix and it wasn't too bad. The animation seems significantly jankier this season in a lot of places and it looks like they're using the awful CG models from Berserk or Kingdom or some shit at times. A couple of the fights are really fluid and fun, but a lot just looked… bad.

Warren Ellis isn't a spectacular writer but I did like the anti-aristocrat/ruling class and anti-imperialism themes. It's pretty explicit in calling out the greed of the wealthy and the futility of imperialism, and the main characters overtly say that the ruling classes are either incapable or unwilling to help so that the only option is for people to organize themselves. I'm not sure if the multiculturalism we see in the refugee town is meant as Liberal multicult pap or as a somewhat subtle gesture towards internationalism, but I suppose it could be interpreted either way. I don't know how many black or brown people there were in 14th century Wallachia, but in the context of the show it seems like it makes sense we have vampires from Copenhagen to Cathay in on Dracula's omnicidal war, so it's easy to imagine there's a lot of population disruption going on.

Not a great season, but fun. Three Marx out of five.
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Retarded take, you will never know if it's bad until you watch it anyway.


>film or television series based on a video game
Yep, it's bad.


It's actually quite good, at least first two seasons.


Yeah its pretty neat you should give it a chance i never played castlevania and still liked it


It's actually pretty good. This season dunks on liberal Girlboss shit, imperialism, and the vampires are a stand in for the bourgeoisie which the show states in pretty plain terms should kill themselves for the good of the planet.

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