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File: 1662887402536.mp4 (4.49 MB, 1280x720, D1bMVGEDPj67E7TF.mp4)


Time for your yearly Zankyou no Terror rewatch.


Remember allende


Anyone know if there's a group subbing Da Wang Rao Ming? Seems like it's only available on Tencent; the opening looks amazing.


Damn OP there's already a Donghua thread


It was on Page 25 at the time of posting; I didn't wanna necrobump.


"necrobump" is not a thing here, don't worry.


does anybody know of any good wuxia shit, or just any good chinese anime in general? i watched mo dao zu shi and i really liked it

File: 1628396527733.jpeg (8.63 KB, 375x210, ajin-photo-u1.jpeg)


Is there an explanation as to why so many 3d animes or animes with CGI look noticeably fucking awful? I cant possibly fathom as to how any individual can fuck up so badly on aesthetics when it comes to anime as westerners already can make plenty of 3d cartoons that look just fine with good art styles, hell even for individual artists making good looking CGI isnt hard as your essentially getting 3d squares and triangles with images stretched on them to move around a screen for several minutes and artists like Ian Hubert have proven that large budgets for good looking graphics is far from difficult or expensive, so what gives?
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we know its you Sage
>3DCG doesn't actually save money, in fact it costs a lot more to pay for the specialists
Not in this day and age, especially since outsourcing to third parties is cheaper than paying your own people, and this is all assuming they're trying to make good 3D CGI


I watched a video that touches on this a couple of weeks ago that made some good points I'll try to remember. Mostly it's about composition, and that a lot of stylistic things in anime are to keep it easy to animate that isn't so much of a problem in CGI. Anime pioneered a lot of tricks that animates what are essentially still images, like a character will be moved left and the background moves right to give it a sense of movement, but in CGI you've already modelled it all so there's no drawing or layers to move around, the hard work is already done and you have a fully modelled world to play around with, so there's no trick required.

Ironically the creator then goes on to make similar unorthodox adjustments to composition in his original work (he also remakes some 2D scenes as practice and so the composition doesn't change in those) that I don't think is as good, like for example with his subway scene a more traditional composition would be the train viewed from its side going past, I think there is a scene in Patlabor 2 that nails this. While trying to find a gif of it I stumbled on another gif I will follow up this post with.


File: 1661218364851-0.gif (186.01 KB, 500x357, lain subway.gif)

File: 1661218364851-1.gif (900.18 KB, 480x270, patlabor.gif)

>>16784 follow up
This is also another trick you don't see as much nowadays and was also done in Patlabor, but making windows brightly lit with some blur is kino and cheaper
Also I went and spent ten minutes fucking around trying to turn the scene into a gif and it put a watermark on it so now I'm mad


>gets sent to anime anyways

the new DBS movie was in 3D too for some reason despite the last one being praised for it's light and fluffy style

I didn't mind it but it's very inorganic and kinda goes against what I imagine to be anime

Clay like


>however, much quicker, which is something animation studios need considering how crunched their timetables are on the best of weeks


If 3DCG doesn't overwork workers I'm okay tho

File: 1658770905124.jpg (2.11 MB, 701x8000, 1658766998283479.jpg)


There's something very satisfying in seeing tsundere get what's coming to them.
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objectively correct




That's what I hated about Chunibyo, I guess bullying Rikka was meant to be comedic but she looked really hurt afterwards.


What's the material explanation for tsunderes being so popular in anime?


It's a portrayal of woman who acts like she hates you but loves you immensely. So it's basically a fantasy. It maybe cause of the rate of sexual agressions in japan, and turning woman responses of rejection and disgust into love.



Isekai Ojisan / Uncle From Another World touches on this pretty early.

File: 1658935158890.png (388.76 KB, 750x400, ClipboardImage.png)


Remember when this guy made good movies and TV? What the fuck happened to his brain?

I love Angel's Egg, The Sky Crawlers, Patlabor 2 and GitS 1&2, and hell, I even like the early cinema trilogy for all its flaws but Vladlove and Assault Girls were almost unwatchable.
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Not that anon, but they're right, it's unwatchable.


The entire time I was thinking "This is the guy who made Angel's Egg"


GitS 1 and 2 and all the movies are my favorite anime, on par with Cowboy Beebop and NGE. Truly amazing.
I've been meaning to watch Patlabor….


Patlabor in general ranges from good-to-great, movie 2 is unironically one of the best animated movies of its decade


File: 1657691528773.png (382.27 KB, 470x907, 1657683094487.png)


They're making a Marie Antoinette and Che Guevara romcom.
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It's the 18th century equivalent of putting a flag by your username or changing your avatar to a pride flag


I might be perceiving it wrong, but why does Marie Antoinette looks more younger than Che Guevara?


They both seem around the same age.


File: 1659310016576.jpg (54.74 KB, 415x597, 547.jpg)

>victim of the french revolution


Reminder that japan loves authority and bootlicking

File: 1656563763800.jpg (79.05 KB, 960x1280, zgcjcf4fbtg41.jpg)


The moral of the story is that being mentally ill is only okay if you're a pretty girl.
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File: 1658708460421.jpg (241.43 KB, 1465x1158, 1658694489963494.jpg)

They made the femboy better than the main girl.


You mean lookism, anyway see
and >>>/siberia/280714



Is that ever at all rare?


File: 1659193860895.jpg (140.67 KB, 2000x1125, 1657295296435.jpg)

The moral of Bastard is that being a piece of shit is only okay if you're a hot dude.

File: 1658543393541.png (353.25 KB, 836x1200, 1658538184180612.png)


This guy whines and wants to turn into a vampire because he's "too popular"? HUMBLEBRAG THE ANIME
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what does "shounenshit" mean to you greentexter


File: 1659144411227.png (289.13 KB, 836x1200, 1659144059951850.png)

Am I boring for liking the human childhood friend more?


no, she has great eyes.


A little. They are both likable in their own ways.


Didn't she used to wear glasses and program JavaScript

File: 1658956737433.png (35.54 KB, 1045x625, 1658923255502171.png)


Most Jump authors are somewhere between insane overwork and outright dying. Its release schedules and requirements are unsustainable.


Nobody there wants to unionize?


I doubt it's worse now than it was before for manga authors. I think it is shitty but sustainable, which is why it's still going. It's not like there's no way to draw something closer to your own pace either given series like Berserk and Hellsing; it just means more money if you rush em.

Skimming through new One Piece chapters, it does look like decades of this are catching up to Oda & his assistants. Maybe it's nostalgia speaking on some level but I doubt it's entirely that; I really don't recall it being this sketchy and simplified before. Hell I have old volumes lying around now and it didn't.
I think there's a lot of respect for the administrative side of things in Jump. Partly for valid reasons (their editors do historically offer good advice and have good taste & standards) and partly cuz they don't wanna rock the boat over the legit bad parts.

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