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File: 1657199634208.jpg (47.79 KB, 1280x720, 709874.jpg)


Come home. White man.


if you like it so much why can you only make a shitty template thread for it


One of my favorite shows or 2014; very nostalgic for me. Wish if ran two cour.

File: 1657139115611.jpg (127.29 KB, 1710x900, xtjyc6g4omk81.jpg)


>get book that literally lets you end capitalism worldwide at your desk
>200 IQ
>everyone loves you
>use it to kill lumpen instead
>build a cult of personality and isolate yourself
>pretend you are retarded and sacrifice family and friends
What did he mean by this?
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Literally just kill anything standing in the way of China. Boom, socialism.


>enable capitalism
but why


File: 1657225265516.png (95.99 KB, 782x305, ClipboardImage.png)


The death notes had power to not just kill people but control their actions before death. Ive found a loophole in the rules that allow indefinite control if you just cancel their death. Not sure if the loophole was intentional or just a plot hole.


Wasn't this addressed in the oneshot sequel with the kid? The Shinigami King makes and interprets the rules, the Death Note's rules aren't like laws of physics. The kid if I remember correctly ended up dying through some BS, like he executed his plan perfectly but the Shinigami King didn't like the idea of the Death Note being used for Robin Hood shit so he I think added a rule the kid wasn't aware of (or changed one) and then it retroactively affected the kid.

File: 1657234588546.png (1.82 MB, 1468x950, ClipboardImage.png)


Bros…did YamCHAD block a blow from chinletsama!?




That's about how much Goku struggled when he accidentally set his ship to 100x Earth gravity the first time on the way to Namek. From this we can deduce that Yamcha (who set it to 300x Earth gravity) is already stronger than Goku at that point.

File: 1608529104802.jpg (55.05 KB, 720x720, best girl.jpg)


Yesterday I finished watching season 3, and I haven't been able to put it out of my mind since. I don't like that, it's just a high school romantic comedy after all. Hopefully writing a few lines about it will make that go away.

They really surprised my by committing to a definite conclusion. The way the story resolved, the way the love triangle resolved, was not unexpected in my opinion - what we got was what the story had been building up to, what had been telegraphed from the beginning. But given the ambiguous endings of the previous seasons and the often bittersweet conclusion to minor arcs, I didn't think they would play it completely straight in the end. Fully expected them to either leave the matter unresolved again, or end with everyone-losing-but-growing-from-the-experience. But they stuck the landing, and for all intents and purposes the story has concluded, the curtain has dropped. This too was made clear before the actual finale of course, with the repeated references to endings and conclusions in the dialogue, but that doesn't sink in until it has happened.

Maybe that's what's irking me - I've gone a couple of years living with this as something that promised to be forever unresolved, and now I'm faced with abrupt closure. I didn't want it to ever be really over.

Still, I have a gripe. Call it team-Yui sour grapes if you want. Story-wise, the love triangle obviously resolved as it "should" have, if it was to have any positive resolution at all. No need to go into the details of why that is, a blind man can see it. But it leaves a taste that's not just bittersweet but straight up bitter. What the story builds to is an unironic Hiki-Yukinon power couple. The culmination of their on-screen relationship consists of them coming together to do [b]event management[/b], which had become a bit of a repeating trope in the latter half of the series. The girlboss of the wealthy family wins, and acquires an utterly loyal and at least moderately competent future husband who will help her take over and run the family empire. We are expected to have sympathy for the rich girl; how terrible it is for her to be burdened with all these expectations and these exacting family members, and how much of a savior her future husband proves to be… Frankly I don't like it, and I don't have as much sympathy as the story would want me to. Fuck the rich and their problems.
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I was right then. It didn't need a third season.


what causes one to think like this? some of the greatest anime of all time, like nge and ttgl, have a wimpy self-insert mc for teenage boys to identify with. there's nothing wrong with that, stop seething


File: 1657054813655.jpg (67.62 KB, 620x733, wow.jpg)

>the greatest anime of all time, like nge and ttgl


Gonna step in and say the original NGE actually holds up surprisingly well. I rewatched it in 2020 during lockdown expecting it to have aged like milk, and yeah, there's some cringe and questionable writing decisions in there, but on the whole, just looking at it from a filmmaking perspective, it's surprisingly tight. The character arcs are all pretty consistent and logical and the framing, blocking, color design, and editing are way better than what you'd expect from an old-ass anime made by a self-hating incel otaku


you will never be superior to the other losers consooming anime.

File: 1615594594057.jpeg (193.64 KB, 560x420, detective conan.jpeg)


>1000 episodes
The absolute madmen. They actually did it. They made 1000 episodes of this show where literally nothing ever advances, no characters ever change, and it's not even a sitcom. Have you ever wondered what Detective Conan fans are like? How do they think? What are their hopes and dreams?
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I'll admit it; I used to watch the show as a kid and occasionally still do so as a hobby. I never really cared about the storyline; all I wanted was to fill up my knowledge of how to kill a man in over 700 different ways.


If you truly cared. You'd find more efficient ways of getting this knowledge, rather than from a kids show. This just seems like a post-rational.



I accept your concession.


Wrong. Conan is part of the GRU spetsnaz curriculum.

File: 1655400525739.png (1.33 MB, 800x1200, ClipboardImage.png)


Has it aged appropriately? Or was it always a poor man's South Park?
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not gonna be season 2


File: 1656886059042.jpg (13.01 KB, 220x145, 32833.jpg)

They're gonna replicate the NGE dating sim era with P&S.
Only then will I truly consider Trigger to be Gainax's successor.


>season 2
You mean season 5?


i just wish theyd get around to making a second season of my favorite gainax anime: flcl!




This is how those authors sickos redeem themselves. This is how hentai will be made in gulag.


¿Por que no hay un hilo en español para discutir sobre anime?
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No me gusta hablar español sinceramente.


File: 1637902798430-0.jpg (145.54 KB, 1024x638, chile nazis.jpg)

File: 1637902798430-1.png (948.41 KB, 600x584, chilecucks.png)

File: 1637902798430-2.png (845.32 KB, 597x596, ret.png)

>Además de que muchos de esos cabrones son de derecha.
Cierto. No tengo idea de por qué.
Umm why not?


>Amogus and UwU memes in public
Dios mio, fashistas estan putas de capitalismo.




si supieran que el primer largometraje de animacion se hizo en uno de estos chiqueros…. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/El_Apóstol

File: 1656727228996.jpg (159.29 KB, 728x1153, 1649118161679.jpg)


How to show you did not watch either Nadia nor Atlantis.


Tbf I think even the actual guys behind Nadia claimed that Atlantis was a rip-off at one point. But I think the implication that the damn gaijin are making our waifus uglier is funny. I don't think it matches how pubescent kids reacted to Kida back in the day, if /co/ is any indication


this guy made the "netflix adaptation" meme 20 years earlier


All copyright law is bullshit, but japanese copyright law is especially fucked up.

File: 1622577611796.png (962.15 KB, 434x915, anikuri.png)


Have you seen Ani*kuri?


no but it looks interesting, thanks


I saw the one made by Satoshi Kon but that's all.

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