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File: 1668671458519.png (1.34 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)


is Code Geass a leftwing or rightwing anime?


critical support for the order of the black knights


> Anime about a soviet Vampire
> action takes place in a parody of the USSR during the space race
>There’s a romance
> The anime ends whit the Vampire beign together whit her lover and presented by anime Khrucev as a hero
What else do You ask for ?
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UZSR was a prescient name for a pseudo-USSR since it includes a nice Z.
I appreciate that while not-USSR is somewhat racist towards vampires not-Americans are even worse.


Is it even remotely accurate about USSR or just a bunch of cliches?


>presented by anime khrushchev as a hero


File: 1667820557001-0.mp4 (16.44 MB, 1080x1080, USSR nostalgia.mp4)

File: 1667820557001-1.jpg (234.19 KB, 2000x800, 1659482291304.jpg)

Everyone ITT:
cope & seethe
USSR welcome all species & universal
I cried after saw the anime. Yuri Gagarin indeed was a hero. Wonderful. So when the next season coming out?


She can have my organic composition of capital if you catch my drift.

File: 1668028026374-0.jpg (817.36 KB, 2000x3000, Haibane Renmei.jpg)

File: 1668028026374-1.jpeg (744.2 KB, 2246x3200, Girls Last Tour.jpeg)

File: 1668028026374-2.png (4.2 MB, 1177x1700, Yokohama Kaidashi.png)

File: 1668028026374-3.png (313.94 KB, 1200x1600, Game Club.png)

File: 1668028026374-4.jpg (175.87 KB, 1200x780, Soranowoto.jpg)


So much animosity towards moe here, so why not a moe thread. I like taking solace from the cruelty of the real in this.
post your favourite moe anime & manga
What i mean: Non Non Biyori, K-On!, and stuff.
I'll start with my favourites:
>1. Haibane Renmei
Very relaxing melancholic anime that alludes to the afterlife and themes of self acceptance, emotional but not dramatic.
>2. Girls' Last Tour
End of the earth slice of life, episodic and lonely but warm in spite of the cold landscape, absurdist narrative.
>3. Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
Like GLT this manga is a slice of life at the end of time, but this time its only humanity that is. Set in the twilight of the human time, with a continuous accumulating decline with no grand ending whatsoever, in contrast to GLT where it's more like the lonely midnight where it's all ending soon.
>4. Game Club
Manga by the GOAT mangaka imitation crystal, transient and wistful but also cheerful, you will also feel like a game nerd reading it. Great characters, a bunch of weirdos that might have mental health issues.
>5. Sora no Woto
Like K-On! but millitary but also All Quiet on the Western Front without the traumatic experience except for flashbacks, it's very rough as a whole, messy pace too but I really like the strong theme of anti-war in it. The world building seems too detailed to be in a slice of life anime but it's also what i like about it. Bonus for good soundtrack, but all the animes i wrote here also has good soundtrack lol.
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File: 1668183418476.gif (620.3 KB, 500x500, lh7lapkb39y01.gif)

Is Punpun SoL?


File: 1668193140190-0.png (2.44 MB, 2798x1920, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1668193140190-1.png (6.72 KB, 110x58, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1668193140190-2.png (3.11 MB, 1351x1920, ClipboardImage.png)

I like akari! poor girl always got the short straws but managed to stay cheerful, what an angel.
idk i haven't read it, my pretentious senses activate whenever my friends talked about it, is it really good? should i just read it afterall?
regarding this it's a bit more complicated because they appear in tsukumizu's new manga, whether it's the afterlife or they never really died is up in the air. the end of glt shows them in a reed field which alludes to the egyptian afterlife, in the new manga they live near a reed field. however in the end of glt it's also hinted they are transported to some idk what kind of place


File: 1668366567735.jpg (1.11 MB, 2460x2160, 1614249347233.jpg)


is yuukankurabu okay?


It's a pretentious snorefest that's for sure. Babby's first "tragedy" manga.

File: 1608529010866-1.jpg (122.53 KB, 477x738, br003.jpg)

File: 1608529010866-2.jpg (65.92 KB, 477x738, br006.jpg)


Why even live anons?
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Uhm.. I know It's a bit late but.. Can you post the link, I couldn't find full the full doujin




this pls


Nazbol gang be like


File: 1668408337241-0.jpg (47.74 KB, 750x1167, Chad DDR.jpg)

File: 1668408337241-1.jpg (243.44 KB, 872x768, Chad DDR 2.jpg)

>Nazbol gang be like
Why yes, how can you tell?

File: 1667448921597-0.png (708 KB, 474x665, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1667448921597-1.png (436.11 KB, 500x689, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1667448921597-2.png (833.28 KB, 703x966, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1667448921597-3.png (372.53 KB, 474x314, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1667448921597-4.png (1.03 MB, 728x1052, ClipboardImage.png)


Any fans here?

I read:
An Uncivilized Planet
Tropical Citron

years ago.

Loved them all. Be warned of adult themes.

His artstyle is so unique and amazing. I'm reading Joshi Kouhei right now. It's about some Evangelion-ish future where men pilot these giant robots from another dimension that look like Japanese schoolgirls but eventually they get psychotic and think they're actually schoolgirls.


I'm so glad the Joshi Kouhei scanlations were completed last year. It's criminal that Velveteen & Mandala is the only work of his to get licensed.


File: 1668039910490.jpg (1.16 MB, 3500x2500, Joshi Kohei1.jpg)

Joshi Kouhei is the best Apocalypse Now fan fiction out there.


Is it ever explained in the school girl mech manga where the rebels get their tech? My personal theory is that the Ai is intentionally giving tech to rebels.

File: 1641687090158.jpg (105.13 KB, 750x525, 776g78hy.jpg)


I'm looking for anime that was popular in the 80s to early 90s
Classics with a more bubbly appeal and look. Less sharp lines and a more 80s "Nagasaki" nuclear holocaust feel. Kind of like Akira. Hook me up.
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It was always an extremely niche anime series, it's popular only because of people rediscovering it way later on. And it's still pretty niche for most people


Bubblegum Crisis is exactly what you're looking for. Suprised nobody mentioned it so far.


Wow that was awesome. I loved it.

File: 1657963917098.png (264.49 KB, 574x333, 1657962410953.png)


Do not read Welcome to the NHK, No Longer Human, all of Haruki Murakami, etc. Worst mistake of my life.
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i watched like first ep of nhk, it was whatever
i don't get the point


i read the first 20 pages of no longer human, it was whatever
i don't get the point


i read a chapter of a haruki murakami book
it involved a blowjob


I don't need to consume media to feel miserable about myself.


I think OP isnt saying these are bad just depressing and hard on their mental health?

File: 1637808188018.jpg (37.26 KB, 466x659, jiren (20).png.jpg)


>It's difficult. They immediately become the subjects of lolicon fetishism. In a sense, if we want to depict someone who is affirmative to us, we have no choice but to make them as lovely as possible. But now, there are too many people who shamelessly depict [such heroines] as if they just want [such girls] as pets, and things are escalating more and more.
t. Hayao Miyazaki

What is YOUR response, moeshitter?
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Yeah exactly. It's not like human being's minds are immune to the effects of stimuli, to suggest they are would be insane and ideologically dogmatic


I don't know if America MIC's and glowies' influence in superhero movies is your example and then there is barely anyone who actually wants to fight in the war, it actually kind of goes against your point honestly.


None of what you said is true.


>attempted to prebunk dbz because it is the most diverse community let alone anime community
hit the gym fatty


>There is not evidence to the contrary

>>Then work around it by honing down on what triggers it and work around it

>Yes, by banning pedophilic erotica.
Prove it.

>It increases aggressive thinking and displays of aggression, so it is not all that unlikely that it encourages aggressive actions

There's been studies on it you pseud. Like the 10 year study finding no link (https://www.liebertpub.com/doi/full/10.1089/cyber.2020.0049?journalCode=cyber). I recommend watching Adam Ruins epsidoe on the topic, or skim the sources (https://www.trutv.com/shows/adam-ruins-everything/articles/adam-ruins-games)

>>I don't find it reasonable because I am a pedophile and will cast doubt on any argument you make very pointedly without an argument of my own and not realize it displays a bias on my part

>Yes I know
Must be awful to know you in the real world. You get things wrong constantly because you assume more than a Austrian economic, but instead of folding your arms and pouting like an Austrian economic when you're wrong, you instead call others pedophiles.

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File: 1608528950412.jpg (196.59 KB, 1280x720, lol.jpg)

 No.2912[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Who the hell is even the target audience for this cringeworthy shitshow these days? I'm seriously curious.
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File: 1667194373962.png (1.59 MB, 2048x1313, ClipboardImage.png)

>She'll live that long
<January 17, 1922 – December 31, 2021, RIP
Goddamn it


File: 1667217551732.png (90.46 KB, 190x266, ClipboardImage.png)


damn ya anon for reminding me ;_;
she's doing divine retributions in heaven now


/dbs/ is a real mental illness even this image trying to expose it's own sickos is sad enough

not even once


I have no idea what is going on in that image.


it is better if you don't

basically inner forum drama between regulars and exposing them

i used to collect data like that to, and even archived threads, thankfully i never made images or doxxed anyone

File: 1633734269757.jpg (2.63 MB, 1023x3043, Shonen collective.jpg)


Anime Recommendation List General
Thread to recc anime for anons of leftypol and former bunkerchan to enjoy (or to avoid)
- So-bad-it's-good animu >>2551 - bad anime that can bee enjoyed ironically
- Next season anime watchlist >>346 - anime that are currently being released.
- ANIMETA thread >>10489

>"I have never watched a single Anime nor read a single Manga in my entire life. Where should I start, what are the essentials?"

Anime STARTERs examples
- Any of the Ghibli films for art and culture (See >>469 )
- Fist of the North Star & Desert Punk for post apocalyptic stuff
- Akira, Alita Battle Angel, Jin Roh & Ghost in a Shell (1 and 2) for Cyberpunk (also see >>>/hobby/1782 )
- Naruto, Bobobobo, One Piece & Rave Master for shonen adventure and action (See >>1732 >>510 )
- Gun Buster, Big O, VOTOMs, Gundam & Macross for Mecha (See >>845)
- Tiger and Bunny, One Punch Man & Astro Boy for hero stuff
- Irresponsible Captain Taylor, Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, The Legend of the Galactic Heroes, & Space Pirate Captain Harlock space adventure
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I'm looking for Pirate themed anime other than One Piece.
Also looking for Space Captain anime kinda like Captain Harlock or Captain Taylor. Anyone got good Reccs?


>it's the castle in the sky robot
Nice reference and saves animation modeling for a budgeted TV-series


If it's ever made, I recommend the Fire Punch anime.


what's fire punch and why do you rec it

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