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File: 1656997641839.png (739.13 KB, 768x576, 1.png)


Just finished this. Was not worth it.
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the end feels like it was on purpose to make the readers/watchers mad.


Varia and the arc right before it and even some of the sol were actually really, really good. It just doesn't develop afterwards. I'd say top-tier shonen.


When the imposter is sus


I liked it


I never understood why this show (Hitman Reborn)got so popular, the mechanics of abilities of reborn are fucking nonsense (not that means much in most anime but still), the character Reborn was basically the baby from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but made into even more of a Mafiosi stereotype. Boring ass series with boring stakes in my opinion and sprouted WAY too much shitty fanfiction. Like I have not read a Reborn related fanfic that could be called good, it's all either melodramatic purple prose or poorly written, thinly veiled authorial self insert. At least with stories like Naruto or Bleach or Inuyasha you'll get a good handful of good fics and a larger assortment of decent ones, but this was just mind-numbingly boring, and you get crossovers with it all over the net.

File: 1645574713832.jpg (78.18 KB, 600x849, 1627709867074.jpg)


Feels like we're overdue for a new idol mecha, when's the next Macross gonna be?


It's going to be a sequel to Macross Frontier given there was a short film about Ranka that was screened alongside the Macross Delta movie.



Macross Delta fucking sucked.


I hope it has giant girls again.

File: 1684415359717.png (2.34 MB, 1080x1440, 1684324623179939.png)


The JSDF is trying to bait furry hikkis into enlisting with a femboy kemono mascot.
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File: 1684601073741.png (247.59 KB, 800x450, ClipboardImage.png)

noooo but he's so cute


If you really loved him you'd pull the trigger




more like little boy


If he was only a military otaku larper it'd be cute.


You have to do it to save him from himself. You know you got to pull the Trigger. You can't let him suffer anymore than he already is, let the tears flow knowing that you put an end to the tyranny to come.

File: 1683960230650-0.png (931.75 KB, 869x1228, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1683960230650-1.png (433.98 KB, 869x1228, ClipboardImage.png)


I just finished Boku wa Mari no Naka (also known as Inside Mari) and I thought I should write down my thoughts on it here.
The basic premise is about a NEET who wakes up in the body of a girl he pretty much stalked for a while. The story takes a lot of crazy psychological twists and turns (as expected from a manga by Oshimi), and it definitely isn't your typical gender-bender story. The subject material is certainly heavy and deeply personal, but I think it is handled quite well for the most part. (Spoilers for the ending) I really expected Yori and Mari to end up together though… maybe I misunderstood something? But it's nice to see Mari's alright.
Let's talk about this manga and the rest of Oshimi's work:
Aku no Hana (The Flowers of Evil)
Chi no Wadachi (Blood on the Tracks)
Okaeri Alice (Welcome Back, Alice)
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Look up what psychological projection means?


YouTube and Reddit have ruined media literacy forever. I strongly believe that people ruin shit for themselves by just refusing to meet it on its own terms. If you look at something from the perspective of "what was this trying to do" rather than "this is what I want it to do", you often get way more out of it.


People are more likely to project than to strawman and your posts seem weirdly specific to be a strawman

Dude what do you mean, I don't even browse Reddit. I thought the manga was shit, anon asked my reasons and I answered. What's with the butthurt?
> If you look at something from the perspective of "what was this trying to do" rather than "this is what I want it to do", you often get way more out of it.
I have absolutely no idea what this means


the ending was so rushed, altho the panels in the end sequence were unironically my favorite in that entire series


I'm going to have to concur with the others, you have no idea what projection even means.

File: 1644644181179-0.png (1.78 MB, 1282x710, 1369608838894.png)

File: 1644644181179-1.png (1.73 MB, 1276x705, 1369608689724.png)

File: 1644644181179-2.png (Spoiler Image, 166.15 KB, 347x321, 1369608284357.png)


kamS is some totally innocuous salaryman who lives in suburban Tokyo. He works in middle-management for some successful yet forgettable corporation. His co-workers would describe him as "pleasant", even though he doesn't really stand out from the crowd, and hardly ever speaks up during meetings. He is kind to his wife, but not affectionate. His children barely know who he is, but he always offers them a smile, a pat on the head, the occasional ice cream. His neighbors would never say a bad word about him. And late at night, a couple times a month, he tells his wife that he has to work late. But he doesn't stay at the office. Instead, he drives to a non-descript, run down shopping district late at night, parks his car, and walks to the unnumbered door between the appliance repair shop and the pet store. He takes out the key from his wallet, unlocks the door, walks up the three flight of steps to another door, and unlocks that. There, there is a desk, a chair, and a computer. He closes the door, sits, turns on the computer, and makes these works. He never tells anyone about them, and even he doesn't exactly know why he makes them. kamS is a mystery even to himself.
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Definetely yeah lol


Either schizophrenia or being from Ohio. Because I guess Ohio = cryptids / liminal spaces.


Japan is much weirder than ohio


t. burger


I don't like burgers

File: 1683884705628.mp4 (12.77 MB, 476x360, 3ehmlmrbwdza1.mp4)


Really makes you think.
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Vorefags CAN'T keep getting away with it


Why she would think that having a broom with a painted face stuck in her ass should be useful to stop the giant snake?


Well you see, the first time she attempted a FOOT CHOP, the reason it didn't work was because the snake knew it wasn't a HAND CHOP, so she stuck a balloon in her butt to make the snake think her FOOT CHOP was actually a HAND CHOP. Now if you're not hopelessly retarded none of what I said will make any sense, so the easier explanation would be:
(give the sauce op)


Why'd she try to go back to sleep? That seemed like a pretty harrowing situation and that snake is probably still hungry. Hope she at least popped a couple more laxatives before she laid down.


op you either give the sauce or im gonna murder you

File: 1684158389792.jpg (101.33 KB, 1200x675, wp4695911-158704762.jpg)


I like demon girls, magical girls and lesbians but this show is painfully unfunny. Am I missing something?


Japanese people are unfunny


Yeah they don't even fuck like 99% of "yuri".

File: 1617045752557.jpg (160.19 KB, 639x360, WonderEggPriority.jpg)


What are your oponions on this?
I think its one of the if not the most interesting anime in recent time.
The story focused around suicid and trauma is really intersting
The art style is also nice even though the animation is not as fluent as it could be.
I liked the first 10 episodes the eleventh was quite strange so I'm very interested about what they are going to do with the 12. and last episode
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wrong. society doesnt care about boys as much. Any show with psycho drama will always have young women as the main characters. Young men are treated as comic relief.


tell it to the writers of wep


It wanted to be the Madoka Magica of the 2020s but tried too hard.


It didn't even try, writers literally gave up at the end.



File: 1682830867618.png (1.56 MB, 1920x1080, 1680193253884.png)


holy shit this show is just words words words words words words words from whats basically a midget supernatural cop

File: 1680903883515.png (59.18 KB, 300x225, ClipboardImage.png)


could captain goto kick your dad's ass


Sure, yeah


both my dads? nah




god patlabor is so good


Patlabor 2 is one of the few anime movies that even someone who hates anime can enjoy

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