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File: 1618751463678.gif (456.14 KB, 500x352, 1617494105193.gif)


What are you guys enjoying this season?


Zombie Land Saga Revenge and Sentouin Hakenshimasu are the only anime I have picked up. I'm enjoying both of them thus far.


Watching the new Nisio joint. Otherwise nothing, I'm not really big in seasonals.


I don't understand the concept of seasonal anime.
What is that and why does it exist?




W-what committees?
There are people who decide anime for us?

File: 1608528780160.jpg (83.6 KB, 598x600, main-qimg-be7733be476d0f31….jpg)


The finally of season 4 was actually pretty tight even if gentle arc was fucking dumb.
I normally dont like shounentrash but the animation and art is pretty fuckin good.
Also Eri is adorable.
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mite b copypasta


In what hellish cynical worlds do you people live in?
I'm being genuine and I don't have autism.

All-might is like the main reason I follow this show/manga. I think he's awesome despite being a massive americaboo.


Channer types are prone to oversocialization (despite never socializing) and falling for cringe culture.


he's such a caricature I can't take him seriously at all


>She is so hot yet so hard to jerk off to
wtf i feel the same

File: 1617336036845.jpg (48.19 KB, 605x960, anime belongs to the peopl….jpg)


Hello /anime/, I've been hearing some complaints about how this board is being administered, I want to help out if I can but I'm not sure if it's just a vocal minority, can you let me know if you feel anything needs to change right now?
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I would just have non /b/ boards be free of pornography as a whole.


What about that thread?


I think I agree that the porn/image dump threads (except perhaps the "hentai" threads) should be on /b/


I would just agree with this. Move the porn to /b/

File: 1619422147209.gif (1.35 MB, 510x516, 1436159621181.gif)


Konata (32 years old): You're acting sus, Kagamin. What's wrong, are you NTRing me? That wouldn't be very poggers of you.
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File: 1619424726491.jpeg (21.83 KB, 474x355, 1990 was 582 years ago.jpeg)

>32 years old
Oh god


File: 1619456691829.jpg (46.35 KB, 680x489, 3f3dff6291a88ec606364cb64f….jpg)



watch it for the memes


Konata is almost as old as Yang Wenli when he died. FML…


File: 1609886268764.jpeg (50.79 KB, 736x736, ochaco.jpeg)


Couldn't Ochaco basically win any encounter by touching her opponent and tossing them up into the air?
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lol no, (also endeavor is probably the character that pissed me off the most with what happenned to him later)
yes, but it has the same problem of a really nice start that loses any interest the more it goes on (but it's also not stuck with an high school setting,so it at least get some points for that).
At least it died with dignity as opposed to the main story.
That's mostly because most of the audience are anime only people,so they haven't experienced the worst of it for now,the production value is also really good so it makes it look better.


>they haven't experienced the worst of it for now
That's sad to hear, I was hoping it got better, not worse, after this lengthy period of relatively little character development.


File: 1619112737500-0.webm (2.67 MB, 478x330, videoplayback.webm)

File: 1619112737500-1.jpg (62.08 KB, 676x380, big other.jpg)

>Its like OPM without the sarcastic distance
Good point


The Gun Gale spinoff with the P90 girl was another good one at least in comparison to SAO itself is.


Is that woth watching?

File: 1611538630900.png (75 KB, 1920x1080, ec3b5ab7e9f584bc5cf9d3d4ed….png)


Whats the best Tezuka manga?
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Metropolis, or Phoenix.


bro the metropolis movie is madly based




Clockwork apple is another masterpiece imo.


The Phoenix the Future volume

File: 1618903622667.png (1.27 MB, 800x1067, 1618896474508.png)


>ugly sexually frustrated incel character brutalizes strong independent waifu


File: 1618924772981.jpg (395.09 KB, 481x483, 232133123213.jpg)

what are you trying to tell me?

File: 1608528846789.gif (343.28 KB, 295x300, 93aee5c50f43e5f8213e27bb7d….gif)

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What are some good communist anime?

I liked kemono friends a lot.
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source? I am not going believe a random an chinese tapestry forum


Kumeta is a disillusioned and grumpy old leftist and the Japanese left during his youth coalesced around nationalism in opposition to imperial America, cryptofascist right-wing elements that formed the postwar anti-Soviet government with America's blessing, and the examples of American-funded fascism in South Korea and Taiwan before the post-cold war reforms.


The old Japanese "left" was weird as fuck.
So he's actually a (ex-)leftist?


File: 1618073445087.png (100.74 KB, 688x625, Laughing_man.png)

Being a walking meme before it was cool.


Was talking about an anime in Cytube.

I definitely recommend Speed Grapher. Watch it alone because this doesn't hold back anything and has a lot of sex, gore and shit involved.

File: 1608529025689.png (201.21 KB, 554x554, houshou_marine.png)

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What is /leftypol/'s opinion on vtubers? I think some of them are cute and funny.
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Vtubers seem to be socialized.


Is this infantilization not an ovarall trend for how woman behave but also consoomers


File: 1618445293070.png (186.21 KB, 979x605, ClipboardImage.png)

Are Western Vtubers not allowed in the /vt/ board?


They are, /trash/ is just there for the sake of porn dumps and extreme shittalking.


I decided to bite the bullet and finally watch vtubahs and holy shit are you right.
Mostly popular ones and everyone else trying to imitate them, I've found a few decent ones that are pretty niche and barely have a following. Those ones feel like actual people.

File: 1616559257254.jpg (101.36 KB, 500x571, 333.jpg)


Anyone remember /leftyweebpol/? Is this the only current refuge for it?
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It had a discord which actually became more active than the board itself at one point
The server still exists, even though it's dead af

Other than that, yeah, this is the only refuge. What else would it be?


That's a shame.


This is it, aside from the chat, and the old site of this board which is also up.


What site?


I'd suggest joining the discord. It's kind of dead at the moment, but people always respond so it isn't like it can't come back to life.

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