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File: 1688507980954.jpg (92.45 KB, 700x1000, vampeerz.jpg)


I start with Vampeerz. Real good love story with good love scenes.
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you're retarded.
yuri it's not porn.It can't be porn, but not necessarily.


There's actually a ton of steamy yuri manga, like mostly short stuff but I could list you so many if you want. Anime on the other hand is 99% yuribait.


Here's a cute manga I read a while back in its entirety. Cheerful Amnesia, basically a girl loses her memories of the past 3 years of her life, which was basically the entirety of her and her girlfriend's relationship. You have to watch as she navigates life, trying to remember what she forgot and trying to take things back in the status quo. It's very comedic and slice of life. And there isn't luckily real drama between the two


I don't like yuri it makes me sad.


Because you'll never know the sweet touch of a beautiful woman?


Did she do anything wrong comrades? She sacrificed her humanity to stop the collectors and stopped the laws of cycles for turning magical girls into witches. Foiling the plans of extraterrestrial beings that only wanted entropy.
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Some crimes can never be forgiven. She took her glasses off.


Comrade please she had to take off the glasses. How else was she supposed to save everyone from Kyuubai's Alien buddies wanting entropy to occurring using Despair.


Homura Did nothing wrong, its simple really. Uncritical support


watch another show


The Rebellion movie of the Madoka Magica series was arguably worthy to be called "based" in similar way to how movies like and ''Gone With the Wind", not to mention perhaps even several cowboy movies, could be considered to have progressive or revolutionary themes, despite that some of them might have reactionary sorts of aesthetics or nostalgia at multiple parts.

Qualitatively Akemi Homura, at the conclusion of that movie, was able to give, through her actions, to her fellow magical girls both the opportunity to have the normal life that had been taken away from them and the continued existence as magical girls who initially were to have been cast into unhappy, miserable existence, because their aforementioned "normal lives" were the cost paid, as result of their acquisition of power (feminists and communists can surely find some positive messages there) and thus invent in the "immanent reality" the better future that is not always the unreachable ideal and that is redemption and salvation that are made truly achievable. Of course in the context of the Madoka-verse the problem of the Incubators' goal to maintain the universe is still unsolved partially, so that is one of the major background contradictions likely that must be reconciled.

File: 1688607609728.png (1.8 MB, 1920x1080, 4e2xpnlossr51.png)


Fuck I loved this show so much, I usually dislike slice of life but something about this show fucks
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its an anime that I feel makes sense to some wanting to give up on the societal pressures of the world. As it continued to crush more and more on the chest of our main character. The other part is the Gender bending of wanting to be a cute anime girl for a lot so I can see why its popular.


The only reason is "popular" (where?) is because we have been lacking in genderbender anime, but like >>20316 says it's garbage. I was expecting a revival in the genre but I guess not. I read Ayakashi Triangle and didn't like it either so I'm not even gonna bother with the adaptation that's coming back this season.

>Messy queer story which I'm glad we're getting authors based enough to try a crack at despite backlash.
Did you start watching anime last week? Also, what backlash? Like Japanese authors are even aware of whatever westerners are saying, lmao.


>another omg-i’m-a-cute-girl-now anime
I’d rather just re-watch “Ranma ½”


>Did you start watching anime last week?
Nah just had very surface level tastes up until recent years.
>Like Japanese authors are even aware of whatever westerners are saying, lmao.
You're probably right, I'm likely overestimating the significance of spectacle stuff.


I wish I was a cute girl


I’m not fucking crying, you’re crying. ;-;
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this shit is straight as hell so sorry i am not interested in watching this (i lied, there's no sorriness nor shame in my decision not to watch this anime plus it is just a movie)


I was never a gamer and never cared about whatever the hell gamergate was. Libshit and idpol has always been disliked on leftypol, go back radlib.

>mundane stories can be told in animation.
True, but frankly that bores me
>Not everything realistic needs to be live action
It's not necessary, but animation works better, as you said, when it goes above realistic capacity. That's why Grave of the Fireflies is good, it is realistic, but it utilizes animation to carry across aspects that come off as more vibrant than a live action film.


>go back radlib



File: 1687988120325.png (530.79 KB, 848x1000, ClipboardImage.png)


Suzume? I thought it was pretty different from Your Name.


This one's kino.
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mainstream anything is pretty generic most of the time, even books


>mainstream anything is pretty generic most of the time, even books
Well, of course. That's why I'm a hipster more into niche stuff.


To be fair its basically tradition at this point to make your first project have the same basic premise as Hoshi no Koe


This one's got a lot more traction than Vapor Trail and much more consistent animation but the choreography is much worse and the story is eh. It's very impressive especially since its made by students and I'm interested in what they'll make next.


Bros… what if people were LITERALLY glued to their screens like 1985…

File: 1662318879521-0.jpg (259.07 KB, 900x1350, page_1.jpg)

File: 1662318879521-1.jpg (261.3 KB, 900x1350, page_6.jpg)

File: 1662318879521-2.jpg (228.53 KB, 900x1350, page_71.jpg)

File: 1662318879521-3.jpg (286.29 KB, 900x1350, page_85.jpg)

File: 1662318879521-4.jpg (226.93 KB, 900x1350, page_114.jpg)



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I only know of seitokai yakuindomo personally


Azumanga Daioh
Pop Team Epic


Bocchi the Rock


the bocchi manga is so fucking shitty compared to the adaptation


indigenous manga drawings would not like to be colonized by the concepts of animation and soundtracks and voice actors !!important!!

File: 1688276284049-0.jpg (362.09 KB, 1568x1145, page_5.jpg)

File: 1688276284049-1.jpg (222.34 KB, 959x1400, page_176.jpg)

File: 1688276284049-2.jpg (198.12 KB, 784x1145, pagee_75.jpg)


Just read this, Is the one-shot this is based on, basically the same story?


Read the first chapter, scrolled thought couple more. Feels like a uninteresting Chainsaw Man knock-off, but it does feature the hottest woman ever.


thats how oneshots that get serialized usually work, yes

File: 1687221532609.mp4 (55.31 KB, 500x374, FyxinjoXoAEZXnL.mp4)


"'90s Ghibli food" gif from a Shinkai film
"'90s tech" gif from Megazone 23 Part II
"'90s romance" gif from Kimagure Orange Road
"'90s anime women" all gifs from the same single character designer

Nostalgia is a mental disease.
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Read a big ass twitter thread earlier lamenting that character design trends have gone down the shitter and they just complained about vtubers and Genshin Impact lol. Vtubers affect nothing outside of the vtubing bubble, and basic anime twinks have been a thing for years.


Absolutely, it's a classic


>they just complained about vtubers and Genshin Impact lol
"I don't like this thing so nobody should."


amazing reading comprehension


My reading game is so high-level that I can read people's minds.

File: 1687706817530.png (871.48 KB, 1024x768, Rance-gahahaha.png)


Fellow weeboos, why do otaku like this guy? I can't stand him. I'm sure his games are fun, but he pisses me off so much that he ruins them for me. Let's see:
>Mary Sue
>two dimensional at best, one dimensional 90% of the time
>overpowered in a lazy/uncool way
>acts like a spoiled child
>almost always gets away with his crimes and gets what he wants
>is pretty much fucking Satan but whitewashed via moral relativism, poor excuse of "comedy" and plot armor
Some of these are fine in isolation or as satire, but ALL of these in combination? Holy crap I hate this fucker. And I don't even love to hate him like a villain that gets you pumped up, I HATE hate him. What's the deal? Am I missing something?
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Fuck off. When someone is introduced as a puppy killer, you're supposed to hate them. That's moral judgment. Cunt.


yeah i also hate fictional characters


You just aren't into it. Rance is basically "let's make a terrible person the hero and roll with it", meant as a parody of Ys' MC, the fact he kind of has such a strong niche is what makes him so endearing, because you aren't going to find the same flavor anywhere else.

He's shown to be effectively an anti-thesis to Japanese culture, someone who does what they wants, defies the nature and societal order. He's naturally gifted and has plenty of talent, but he's lazy and unless the situation truly calls for it he falls into depravity instead. He's an exceptionally flawed 'hero' that could easily become a villain in multiple other settings (and even his own). Put through another lens he's actually a pretty horrific, selfish bastard. He's not really idealized or perfect in a way a mary sue or gary stu is. He constantly gets criticized by other characters in his own setting and even others (Evenicle). His faults and failings make the games what they are, rather than his strengths. The central drama in Sengoku Rance's normal route for example comes from how much of a fucking tool he is and he's almost perfectly manipulated by someone in very clear open daylight. The games are filled with flaws like these that hurt him personally and emotionally.

Rance isn't really guaranteed to win anything any more than the player is guaranteed to win and has had some pretty shitty stuff happen to him, despite winning.
The whole point of the character is getting to play the villain. His personality gets him in trouble constantly and he gets by mostly on luck and wit. Guy joined the army and got kicked out day 1 because he wouldn't follow orders.


File: 1687805798155.jpg (70.62 KB, 396x321, Fzfcg3nXoAAMOmQ.jpg)


it's for ppl who have rape porn fetish u naive dummy

File: 1686576602080.png (631.16 KB, 650x910, 1675091809537.png)


I'm glad that Katawa Shoujo managed to shake the negative stigma it once had. It's honestly pretty all right, and in an age where most western VNs try to be ironic weeb garbage it's nice to be reminded that sometimes OELVNs can be made with some genuine passion behind them.
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BURUMA!!!! It's BURUMA!!!!


erm those are not japanese bloomers, theyre actually buruma you filthy gaijin


>BURUMA!!!! It's BURUMA!!!!


Act 2 is unironically one of the only things I'm looking forward to this year


File: 1687156617804.png (16.76 KB, 548x855, ironic vns.png)

>in an age where most western VNs try to be ironic weeb garbage
It's so tiresome. A popular gaming outlet published a top dating sims ranking and it was exclusively low effort American "ironic" shit.

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