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File: 1651695933858.png (3.02 MB, 1620x1366, ClipboardImage.png)


Why are they so tangibly related when it comes to discussion? I can have hours of conversations about anime/manga/vidya or some more mature topics with friends but when it comes to messageboards everyone is seemingly going out of their way to talk about just sex. People jot down 3 lines of text and then leave. What is this called?
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were going to "coopt" capitalist tools for own benefit then ;^)


also completely agreed with >>14634, this prude blogshit thread doesnt even belong here


How can you agree when actual (non-sexualized) threads linger in the single digit replies and the most popular threads are the yuri/vtuber/girlscommie/big tiddies threads? This isn't some out of the blue claim.


It's much easier to dump images than it is to write serious posts, you can't compare the two like that.
Also the commie anime girls thread isn't even horny from what I've seen (although how "cute girls"/waifu culture came to be such a big part of anime culture is probably an interesting question, but I don't think that's how most people interpreted the OP).


Seems more like you're the one seeing sex talks everywhere, because I sure as hell don't.

File: 1651633775776-0.jpg (130.9 KB, 1334x750, FRd6EPoaMAAgt6n.jpg)

File: 1651633775776-1.jpg (86.05 KB, 1334x750, FRd6EQAaQAAu5CC.jpg)


Twitter is the single most used social media platform in Japan. When told about the possibility of the use of real names being forced, almost 80% said they'd leave.
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Isn't that kinda a thing already? I tried to sign up for Twitter years ago but they asked for a mobile number, I tried to skip it but they suspended my account.


Mobile numbers and IP addresses can be more easily faked than government-issued IDs.


I've had multiple Twitter accounts and I don't think they ever asked me for my number. I know people who ban evade through alts all the time too.


I like how anonymity/pseudonymity is such a big thing in Japan (and the rest of Asia too maybe?)


Not sure if it's the same in China or Korea but Japanese people even go as far as blurring out other people's faces in the bakcground of the pics they take. Maybe it's illegal there, idk. Their obsession with anonymity also surprises, but in a way I think it's a good thing.


This anime has gotten so little attention despite it being great. Let‘s talk about it.

Was Squealer right? And if not where did he go wrong?
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it's literally the adapation of a book, retard.


File: 1651762551024.png (372.53 KB, 578x721, ClipboardImage.png)


The original is a literal actual novel, not even an LN.


so I wasn't wrong, you're a retard.


go back normalfag

File: 1651749621193.png (232.61 KB, 909x1287, ruru.png)


That was cute, funny and the ending felt like a punch in the dick. The combination of a gag slice-of-life with low-level Lovecraftian fantasy stakes was very nice.


I will punch you in the dick if you wish


Havent watched it tell me why i shoould


>be me back in school
>anyone who expresses even the remotest interest in anime gets viciously bullied
>keep my power level completely hidden at all times
>to this day I watch anime with a closed an locked door with headphones or earbuds like I'm watching fucking porn
>start seeing anime in mainstream shit
>see a car with a Kyōjurō Rengoku wrap on it parked right outside my apartment
>my ear starts hurting, so I go to a local ENT clinic
>the television screens in their lobby have an animation with an anime girl playing on them
What's going on? Why is this happening?
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The only streaming service without anime on it is like cnn+


What planet do you live on where it isn't main stream? It has been since at least the late 90s.



yeah fr


File: 1651690612531.jpg (9.31 KB, 250x205, 1599149451326s.jpg)

i think i kind of figured it out
>be me back in school
>get bullied for reading manga/watching anime
>like people would come into the library during lunch to call me names
>be ostracized, never get invited to parties/hangout
>have lots of free time mostly spend it working on hobbies/working out
>"hey anon are you busy? i need someone to look after my kid"
>become a babysitter, easy job while in HS
> just put on some inuyasha or something for them and you can do your hobbies at the same time
>do this all the time because no one invites you out and at least i can make some cash for vidya.
>be the neighborhood go to until i graduate and go to college
>fast forward to now
>the kids i babysat are now in HS and collage
>mfw most of them are weebs now even the girls
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>like people would come into the library during lunch to call me names
Nerd uygha.

>Polished chicken on the neck, that's imaginary

>You don't come out the house, you was born scary
>Nerd uygha
>Put on at the library
>I don't feel sorry for you, we don't feel sorry for you

File: 1645517561403.jpg (968.29 KB, 1024x1440, 0000001865.jpg)


Why are anime girls always rich?
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>haha this commercial product advocates for buying things
Hobbies are as old as the sun. Purchasing goods one can obtain for free isn't related to hobbies one bit. A line advocating the opposite would scarcely make it past the censors.


i-its not a REAL hobby


You're being either disingenuous or stupid. Eitherway not worth conversing with.


nice try

File: 1649658218916-0.jpg (104.84 KB, 500x714, 7421428.3.jpg)

File: 1649658218916-1.jpg (99.6 KB, 353x500, 7420981.3.jpg)

File: 1649658218916-2.png (217.49 KB, 263x370, Black_Cat_DVD.png)


ITT: post the first 3 anime you've watched and make assumptions about others based on their picks.
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>You like mystery stories
100% spot on haha, it's my #1 fav genre, even back then.
If I were to deny this I would be lying to myself somewhat. What made you guess that?

>SJ/ATLA/Code Lyoko
You get irrationally upset and annoyed somewhat when people talk down on Cartoons/Anime due to their ignorance and due to you remembering the shows accurately. You also think Legend Of Korra isn't as bad as people say.


it's the best thing a 13 y/o boy can watch wdym


>You liked Disney films like Snow White when you were younger
I really liked Dumbo when I was younger. Casey Jr. was my jam. I'd watch that part over and over.


I agree


Number one: Demon slayer
Number two: The disastrous life of Saiki K
Number three: Blue Period
You admire the classics of a certain topic, here it's anime.

File: 1650756669005-0.png (496 KB, 590x814, 1650745667758.png)

File: 1650756669005-1.jpeg (95.44 KB, 578x480, 1634153418798.jpeg)


I noticed how sometimes anime girls are drawn in these very avant-garde type of clothing. Does this have a name? Is it a genre?
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the sneakers are dogshit, everything else is pretty cool


Being cluttered is the whole point of this fashion style retard
And even then it has its own stylistic rules

Way to miss the point. Garbage overdesigned anime is nowhere near as good as this outfit, and this one isn't even that good.


>Being cluttered is the whole point of this fashion style retard
Don't be so rude over a light hearted comment. Learn some people skills. I don't know, some Decora doesn't look particularly cluttered to me. Visually noisy but not always cluttered.


"why arent fictional characters realistic" wonders leftoid for the nth time


Sorry, I shouldn't have said "retard". You're right, I missed that post's tone

File: 1608528775908.jpg (172.94 KB, 850x1200, IMG_20200518_172414.jpg)

 No.351[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

What is the consensus on Girls und Panzer?
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It's funny seeing you call the show asinine and then gush over the exact reasons why everyone else loves it. We both know the show is cool, just own it.


I didn't "gush" over anything, I only pointed out the minor part I liked, as a story it's trash and that's undeniable.


>Pokemon Snap XXX
Holy fuck that's an old reference… I totally forgot about that shit.


>Original fic
pdf version if it gets deletod


>the Tanya thread
As a side note I'm surprised to find little Tanya v Katyusha fanart.

File: 1641780049088.jpg (130.93 KB, 1626x1006, film_satoshikon.jpg)


Where my Konheads at? So it's been 11 years. I don't think they are going to finish his unfinished film.

What's your favorite Kon show/feature. Did you get to see any of them in theatres? I saw Tokyo Godfathers and Paprika when they were released.


File: 1641784188820.png (396.21 KB, 401x600, ClipboardImage.png)

IDK I liked Perfect Blue
Which one of his movies would you recommend I watch next?


You should see all of them but Paprika and Tokyo Godfather are my favorites. Tokyo Godfathers is a very down to Earth, realistic, anime which makes it different from all his other work with the mind bending surrealism. Paprika is his best of his surreal style IMO. Amazing dream sequences with gorgeous animation. Nolan straight up stole shots from Paprika in Inception.
Fun fact: Aronofsky stole a shot from Perfect Blue for Requiem for a dream, but he actually got into contact with Satoshi Kon and bought the adaptation rights from him.

>None of Kon’s endeavours were big box-office either at home in Japan or abroad, though his relatively slim oeuvre – four films, one 13-part TV show – won him a fervent cult following during his lifetime. Among fans of his debut, 1997’s Perfect Blue, was Pi director Darren Aronofsky, who purchased the rights to the movie – a chilling, mind-bogglingly meta blend of Hitchcock and Argento for the post-internet generation – with a view to authoring a live-action remake. That project never got off the ground, but Aronofsky did lift a bathtub scene from Kon’s movie wholesale for his next film, Requiem for a Dream (2000).

And he kind of ripped of Perfect Blue again for the whole plot of Black Swan. But he bought the rights so I guess he's free to use it as many times as he likes.


tokyo godfathers make me cry evry tim

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