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Stop being in denial.


stop being a faggot


I get when non-binaries or whatever pull this argument but it's the funniest/saddest shit when reactionaries in the closet do it.


>If you think men should be men and think have a healthy comradery and appreciation for healthy masculinity that means you're either "NB" or reactionary
How touch starved are you to project this hard?


Right-winger can't read and is in the closet, more news at 11.

File: 1619681924589.png (145.72 KB, 379x371, 1617996688405.png)

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>Popular isekai anime KonoSuba and That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, as well as several others, have been banned on certain sites in Russia recently. The Russian court decided that the isekai (meaning "otherworld") titles "promote reincarnation beliefs" and show that "after death, there can be a more full and interesting life, free from control of one's parents."

>On Monday, the Russian district court in Saint Petersburg banned a total of five anime titles, citing the federal Russian law for the protection of children from harmful information. The list of banned series includes isekai anime KonoSuba and That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, comedy horror anime Zombie Land Saga, comedy romance Nekopara and harem anime Princess Lover!.

>"The court has ruled that, for example, KonoSuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World! promotes reincarnation beliefs by showing that after death there can be a more full and interesting life, free from control of one's parents. The world after death is shown to be colorful, full of adventures and offering an opportunity to lead an indulgent life full of drinking, sexual relations and unlawful activities, while the real life is shown as joyless and filled with loneliness."

Hopefully a wakeup call for leftist weebs who advocate for censorship to protect the children unironically. Has it ever occurred to you that isekai is dangerous because a child watching isekai MIGHT commit suicide to be reincarnated? No? And why is that? Maybe just maybe there is a difference between fiction that is blatant wish-fullfilment disconnected from reality and suicide cult propaganda?

This is where "all fiction is political" analysis got us. Fucking retards.
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I'm glad you agree with the capitalist psychiatrist hegemony. Now back to work, wagie!


>capitalist psychiatrist hegemony
Capitalism literally shills the opposite, and normalizes the most shitty Hikki-NEET lifestyle, and drives people to suicide and drug use to escape. Watching escapist fantasy is, guess what, another way to escape, but when you run out of Isekai worth watching and have to face reality… the idea of dying and going to another world sounds very tantalizing to people. So fuck you, ya word spamming fuck.


>Russia Bans Isekai Anime
Also Germany banned Redo of Healer and stuff, and?


Oh cool I didn't know this


You're velcome

File: 1608528780031.jpg (77.71 KB, 230x313, Texhnolyze_DVD_vol_1.jpg)


What is the proper way to fix the hellscape that is Lux in Texhnolyze?
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Literally this.


Are you going to post anything more than necrobump Yes-man posts? This is the only thread you've bumped that has any reason to be bumped and you didn't even add anything of substance.


I'm not gonna suggest you to read Kant's Critique of Pure Reason or Marx's Capital: Critique of Political Economy, nor will I tell you to go into that incomprehensible mess titled Capitalism and Schizophrenia by Deleuze and Guattari. What I will suggest you to do is to watch a 22-episode anime TV series titled Texhnolyze. Texhnolyze has many of the same themes that appear in Fanged Noumena, and, in my opinion, handles them much better than Land does.
Land isn't exactly embraced for his strong logic or convincing arguments. He's mostly style, something that would appeal to reclusive teenagers and young adults who've always to feel edgy, but could never be motivated enough to do anything trully different from anybody else, other than by taking up some kind of radical-sounding ideology that doesn't require for any active social participation.


This is the only low effort post I have made recently and it was to bump a thread that deserved it. Whoever you think I am they are living rent free in your head.


In the past 24 hours 6 threads located at the bottom of catalog got bumped, using mostly single sentence (or less) posts. Most of these threads are dead for a reason; being a duplicate to an existing thread or a shitposting thread. Ergo, it is a logical assumption that your post got made by the same no-effort spammer. If you are not said spammer, then I apologize.

File: 1608528939570.mp4 (4.49 MB, 1280x720, zankyounoterror.mp4)


happy 9/11 everybody


Never forget that anime corrupts otaku into homosexuality.


They stopped making a dozen SoL a season to do isekai instead a while back.


wrong thread


Bros I wish we could have another 9/11. Destroy another souless corporation tower filled with evil bourgeois. But it would have to be done by the people rather than the government this time.


English sub for hathaway dropped

Release this overseas in 2021 Sunrise.

general gundam thread
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File: 1623440609604.jpg (258.19 KB, 1066x1536, 1545891395226.jpg)

How did Hathaway go from being a whiny bitch to in-minecraft'ing fascist politicians?


>super dated animation
Cel animation Gundam original movies and OVAs are not dated at all.


Not them but I'm trying to watch the first series and it does look pretty dated, if you're not used to 70s anime. Perhaps I should watch the movies after all.



Tomino Gundam is Gundam. Why even pretend you like Gundam if you think the AUs are the best.

Tomino doesn't have great opninions on women but he is one of the best character writers in anime. Just because the writing is autistic and the characters unlikable doesn't mean they aren't more conflicted and complicated in a realistic way than most TV shows or movies.

File: 1608528811708.jpg (91.55 KB, 600x400, real nigga shit.jpg)


How about you little faggots stop watching garbage and go watch a real anime?
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no u



The Japanese didn't even try to use a Russian name did they? Still, cool to know. Interesting that he didn't use the god armor of, say, Perun.


>each human is granted the assistance of a valkyrie who transforms into a powerful weapon tailored for their user's combat style called "Volund", at the risk of losing her life if the user is killed
Sounds kinda similar TBH


Wow this board is basically a time machine lol.
Canonically, gold saints move at the of light and their punches pack as much power as a supernova. They're OP as shit.


>this board is basically a time machine
>gold saints move at the of light and their punches pack as much power as a supernova
Jesus, Joseph and Mary that's definitely in the top tier of DBZ power scaling.
I asked cause I read some fanfic long time ago that had Goku and Saint Seiya spar for fun and be evenly matched in a multi-crossover tournament.


Towards a weeb vanguard.

Post PDFs of books, essays, articles or other texts related to animu and mango.
Discuss them if you want or whatever
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They were indeed in a .rar file in this computer.
They belong to the same publication which I'll also be including in this post.


here's a must, not only for mangafags but storytelling in general



Would fit in the drawing thread on /hobby/ too
I've heard some criticism of this book though


Book on Reactionary otaku and the Jap military >>10545

File: 1608528889489.jpg (30.35 KB, 500x333, is-11.jpg)


It's funny I found this picture, because I was also thinking of plastering Shana on my car too. Too bad it costs at least a couple of thousand of dollars.


I'm browsing Pixiv for Shana pictures right now. I'm guessing I wouldn't get in trouble if I paid someone to print out an illustration I don't own and paid someone to put it on my car, because the US isn't Japan.
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File: 1635792626871.png (4.41 MB, 1280x1707, ClipboardImage.png)

Well, as far as I know, that's quite literally what the "ita" means, in addition to being a reference to how expensive they are.
>In the 1980s, when Japan was at the zenith of its economic might, Tokyo's streets were a parade of luxury import cars. Among them, the "itasha"—originally Japanese slang meaning an imported Italian car—was the most desired. Since then, itasha (as the decorated vehicle) was derived from combining the Japanese words for itai (痛い, painful) and sha (車, vehicle).[3] Itai here means "painful", with additional senses of "painfully embarrassing" → "cringeworthy", "painful for the wallet" due to the high costs involved, or "painful to look at" (an eyesore). The name is also a pun for Italian cars (イタリア車, Itaria-sha), truncated in Japanese slang as Itasha (イタ車).[4]

>Ita-bags serve to publicly express how much their owners love a particular fictional character or media franchise. In that respect, they are the equivalent of itasha, "painmobiles", which are cars covered with fandom-themed stickers and decals.[5] In both cases, the "pain" refers to the pain inflicted on the bag or car, and to the owner's wallet. Ita-bags are an expensive hobby, given that some buttons are of a limited edition and command high prices. Some fans spend more than the equivalent of a thousand U.S. dollars on their ita-bags.[1] When creating ita-bags, fans often "buy the same item many times."[3]


<When creating ita-bags, fans often "buy the same item many times."

Wow, I remember buying all of the (identical) buttons of a particular character I liked back in my teenage years, just so no one else would have them, once. Maybe I could use them for an itabag. Too bad I will never like Shitalia as much as I used to. Maybe an itabag for all the megane characters I like?
Also I wonder if my anime button-covered backpack in middle school counted as an itabag.


>>it might be fun to ruin a classic Continental with itasha, for a car that actually has some fucking power behind it
What would you put on it? If you're still on this site, that is
>really make the boomers absolutely LIVID


>Itasha is literally cringeworthy car
LMAO the more I learn!


Post and share all of your favorite horror manga and anime. The more bizarre and disturbing the better.
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10 Horror anime https://archive.ph/RWSkY


File: 1635646825536.png (519.27 KB, 421x600, ClipboardImage.png)

Mieruko-chan is a good horror comedy and High School of the Dead is pretty fucked up too (but both keep going from utter horror to fanservice).


File: 1635783771489.png (1.75 MB, 1021x703, ClipboardImage.png)

Shōjo Tsubaki from the 90s. I haven't watched it, but it's said to be one of the most disturbing anime of all time.


uhh what happened to the original thread this was posted in


It's still there, but dead and pointless


What is your guys opinion on Vagabond and how can a deaf Man such as Kojiro be such a Gigachad
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is vagabond still on "hiatus" or what


yeah…and I don't know if Inoue plans on picking it up again. I read an interesting theory that Musashi's journey in Vagabond served as an allegory for Inoues own "journey" at the time. When he started writing, he was apparently a depressed and impulsive man like Musashi himself, but at where the story is now, Musashi is more or less a mature man who slayed most of his demons. The only thing left narratively is the fight with Kojiro anyway, so Inoue probably felt that a hiatus won't harm the story, since his protagonist's story is finished.
Now he wants to focus on the more "fun" things like real apparently.




Sorry, just me rambling about a manga I really like. Ignore all my crap and remember that Vagabon won't end its hiatus anytime soon


I feel you. I really enjoyed it too. I guess I'd rather it be on hiatus rather than canceled, but it's still not great news.

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