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File: 1608529037842.jpg (132.52 KB, 265x375, BNA_poster.jpg)


Well that was bad. Wasted potential as it's usual with many shows.

Most baffling parts were the deuteragonist working the big rich mafia guy that pits the poor to kill each other as a sport among other things and the "if you kill him you'll be as bad as him" at the end. Then there's the convenient powers the main couple exhibit to solve the big issue at the end.

Trigger hasn't been good since it was called Gainax, huh.
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>i'm so normal i'm so normal everyone should be normal like me don't do anything i don't like you've got to be normal or else you're bad stop acting like the problem is with me not with you i'm normal i'm normal i'm normal


File: 1692374875693.png (597.67 KB, 640x720, ClipboardImage.png)

>strawman schizopost cope because I said normalcy is a real concept
LMAO, seethe harder


normal people dont talk like this :)




Kek the same problem of Zootopia happens again. This is why furry stuff being used for political messaging gets way too muddled LMAO.

>my pure japanese blood is the vaccine


How the FUCK is it possible that there’s no general thread for quite possibly the most well-written and even leftist-oriented Shounen serial of the 2000s?

Wanted to make a general because I been tearing up listening to shit like this

Best anime soundtrack ever imo, easily tops even Jojo’s
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It's strange how FMA isn't talked about much any more, it used to be the hypest shit that every anime-fan was crazy for in the same way everyone was praising Hunter x Hunter.


Hunter X Hunter is still one of the greats


True, but it is overrated and wanked by /a/.

> I read the manga and watched both series and I barely remember anything
If it was so boring how did you and why did you watch/read all that?


File: 1692117783210.png (975.59 KB, 1600x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm surprised nobody as talked about the FMA Netflix adaptation that people are laughing about. The special effects look alright, but apparently its not any good otherwise.


TotallyNotMark did a review of the films, if anyone wants a low-spoiler review go watch those.


Post and share all of your favorite horror manga and anime. The more bizarre and disturbing the better.
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uhh what happened to the original thread this was posted in


It's still there, but dead and pointless


Does anyone remember this horror manga about a city that had underground eldritch creatures start coming out onto the surface and it follows a group of survivors?


Midnight City?


File: 1697489703814.gif (1.07 MB, 498x278, godzilla-lol.gif)

>They saw a lot of them at Nanking and Hiroshima

File: 1608529122625.jpg (97.91 KB, 425x640, love hina.jpg)


What the fuck even is the point of harem series? Aren't most of them just romance but with an even greater chance of blueballing you?
Yeah, it SEEMS like pure wish fulfillment, but it isn't even good at that because in most shows there's only relentless teasing instead of any actual romance and the MC only ends up with one of the candidates anyway.
The only explanation I can come up with is that it's just a way to increase the appeal (and thus commercial potential) of a standard romance series by cramming it with different archetypes. Either that or anime fans just love getting teased with no real guarantee of a reward, which would explain a lot, actually.
(Also) This thread is for all the harem anime, manga, light novels/virtual novels etc. Post your Favorite Anime, Favorite Scenes, What you like about them, memes, discussion, lewds and anything in between.
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File: 1651972804618.png (718.38 KB, 913x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

So a lot of people liked that Ishuzoku Reviewers (Interspecies Reviewers) and a big part of the popularity came from the Yeen character but Kemokko Dobutsuen did it earlier, and IMO funnier although they didn't go anthro. And it's been done by Seton Academy using Iena Madaraba.


Hot Take: the name of Dokyuu HxEros and Masō Gakuen HxH are trying to play on the fame of HS DxD using the LetterxLetter nameplay.


Frankly I'd like more villainess romcoms in anime, they're cute and funny and there's not enough of it to be tiresome.


File: 1694459132782.jpg (20.66 KB, 377x349, get help meds.jpg)

>everyone calling you a pol convert
who, where, what?
>right on the money
<I trolled 4/pol/ about their waifu-fagging for fun
<If you shit on the nazis you become the nazis


>What the fuck even is the point of harem series? Aren't most of them just romance but with an even greater chance of blueballing you?
A plain SoL Harem is usually boring unless you spice it up with something; devils, monsters, aliens, alien-devil monsters, world-ending disasters, magic settings, sci-fi settings etc.
From a clinical and cynical point of view it's a Power Fantasy pure an simple - the guy gets the girls and becomes the hero.
However if written well it becomes an opporutnity for worldbuilding and action along with fan-service and romcom plots, which is a fun bit of escapism as long as you're not being a retard about it.

File: 1608529017236.jpg (185.97 KB, 1000x1000, zapata.jpg)


I mean, just imagine that shit.

You have a cast of unique and unforgettable characters with their own unique personalities.
>Emiliano Zapata
>Pancho Villa
>Porfirio Diaz
>Felix Diaz
>Victoriano Huerta
>The US Ambassador who orchestrated the Ten Tragic days
>countless more generals and noteworthy people
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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The show about evil lesbian dragon girls is more generic than a show about the most popular monster girl after catgirls falling down on the lap of some salaryman out of nowhere for some ~healing~?


foxgirls, and you ought to see the anime. It's moeshit, yes, but it has enough restraint in the hijinx not to go full retard like Dragon Maid does. Also it's not quite out of nowhere. It is implied in the anime and stated in the original source that he's a reincarnation of someone the foxes are attached to. Moreover it actually has a subtle social commentary of the shittiness of Japanese bachelor life and work life. Finally it's shorter and so doesn't overstay its welcome.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.


I think that los Niños Héroes could be a good story for an adaptation in terms of Mexican 'anime' as it resembles similar stories in the USSR regarding Soviet youths and cadets fighting against the German invasion to their last breath. A somber but potentially interesting story.


>I think that los Niños Héroes could be a good story for an adaptation in terms of Mexican 'anime'
True, but its obscure even within Mexican society today tbh.


>but it has enough restraint in the hijinx not to go full retard like Dragon Maid does
this is exactly why its boring m8

File: 1608529010866-1.jpg (122.53 KB, 477x738, br003.jpg)

File: 1608529010866-2.jpg (65.92 KB, 477x738, br006.jpg)


Why even live anons?
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this pls


Nazbol gang be like


File: 1668408337241-0.jpg (47.74 KB, 750x1167, Chad DDR.jpg)

File: 1668408337241-1.jpg (243.44 KB, 872x768, Chad DDR 2.jpg)

>Nazbol gang be like
Why yes, how can you tell?


half a year late fellas since I forgot this thread existed, but here. >>>/hobby/11043


File: 1697488387859.png (261.25 KB, 533x367, ClipboardImage.png)

Reminds me of an old Innocent Dickgirls comic called Nazi Vs. Comrade – Amanda


File: 1644998533370.png (1.6 MB, 719x1111, FLCL.png)


Can someone explain this anime to me? I watched it and I'm completely lost.
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I didn’t realize there had already been a remake. The first one was fine. I dont get why they haven’t made a sequel instead.


this looks really bad and European but i also think that toonami anime millenials deserve to eat terrible slop forever as punishment for their complacency


The girl in glasses seems cute.


>Why do they keep remaking FLCL
Nostalgia because the original was kind of a hit
>how do they keep making it shittier each time
different times, different mentalities - they can't replicate the good parts properly because there is a disconnect to aspects of life reflected in the original, that cannot just be aesthetically copied over.


File: 1697488066919.png (1.39 MB, 680x1000, ClipboardImage.png)

If you liked FLCL I think people here would like Birdy the Mighty

File: 1621733450158.png (556.24 KB, 425x600, 1584508935870.png)


Man this feels like a 2000s anime in a good way.
I also checked the manga to get some more and the author is a god of pacing. Lots of development for a huge cast without feeling dragged out. Good shit.
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>That's not how conversations go.
says the guy making the most insufferable posts around


Maybe you should stop shouting bullshit and be more invested in what you put down so people wouldn't have to call you out on your hypocrisy and emotional attacks.


>a random video showing off the supposed amazing animation
I don't think anyone ITT claimed it ahs good animation
>The entire story has no purpose
Yeah at this point you're not making an argument, you're just making claims that are blatantly inaccurate. I'm not claiming it to be the story of the century, but saying it has no purpose is bad faith nonsense
>OP was applauding just how 2000s it made her feel
??? DId you copy-paste this or are you just 4channed? How is that a criticism.
>legit criticism is not dismissed by putting up a summary of the plot.
You didn't provide legitimate criticism, just opinionated statements.
>I can open wikipedia for that.
No wonder you're such a toxic personality.


Years late for this but:
This all sounds nonsensical. The clips you post do not demonstrate infantilism. A lack of some budget perhaps, but considering that it's a fairly obscure manga that makes sense, especially as this isn't uncommon in anime in general.
As for "fujos" I really don't get that, since the prime love interest is a strong amazonian girl, and only a fujo could perceive something else from the characters.


>Theres already 2 spin-offs to Iruma-kun.
The mangaka is really doing well, I'm surprised the series isn't more popular tbh considering how it balances fluff with actual interesting devil shit.

File: 1614208041258-0.jpg (22.01 KB, 225x312, Hellsing.jpg)

File: 1614208041258-1.jpg (29.2 KB, 306x445, Hellsing Ultimate.jpg)


It was always weird to me that both of these exist and are so different in every way.
I think you would find nobody that prefers the first one over Ultimate.
But for me Hellsing was always great in alot of unique ways the main problem it has is story.
If you only watch Hellsing you will have no idea what the fuck is even going on for some odd reason they dont explain the most basic principles.
Hellsings Seras will always have a special place in my heart
So lets talk Hellsing(Ultimate)tankieTankie
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File: 1634579179711-0.jpg (145.94 KB, 1920x1080, 113315.jpg)

File: 1634579179711-1.gif (982.3 KB, 540x408, gfjcghkjgj.gif)

Hellsing Ultimate is what hooked me into watching anime. There is nothing quite like it out there. Not much in terms of story, most of the show takes place during a single night. It is carried by characters and visuals. Animation is absolutely gorgeous, every frame is like a painting.

The original Hellsing was literally the first two episodes of Ultimate stretched into entire season. Plus something about werewolves, I dont remember what that was about. I think it was just another Nazi transformation plan, the same as artificial vampires. I did appreciate the character stuff with Seras thought. And the OST was the bomb, really wish they used it in Ultimate.



Hellsing Ultimate is more like an exploitation film and that's why I liked it more, but both are good and worth watching.


How about just Hellsing Abridged?

But as a side note I like how shows like FMA and Hellsing had their own interpretations before the official manga releases came out. I wish they did that for shows today, rather than keep breakneck update schedules to keep the anime from catching up to the manga. Instead we get fillers, and unlike in the past where fillers could be fun and nuanced by letting the anime writers use their creativity outside the main plot, current fillers are usually boring garbage. Ironically Boruto fillers are largely less egregious than the majority of the manga-based plot episodes.


>Dio wins
I'm surprised people weren't more mad about it considering the sheer seethe in almost every comment section of Death Battle

As a side note
Patrick Seitz, the voice of Dio, an artificial vampire, also voiced Dracula from Castlevania.

File: 1608528811708.jpg (91.55 KB, 600x400, real nigga shit.jpg)


How about you little faggots stop watching garbage and go watch a real anime?
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Wow this board is basically a time machine lol.
Canonically, gold saints move at the of light and their punches pack as much power as a supernova. They're OP as shit.


>this board is basically a time machine
>gold saints move at the of light and their punches pack as much power as a supernova
Jesus, Joseph and Mary that's definitely in the top tier of DBZ power scaling.
I asked cause I read some fanfic long time ago that had Goku and Saint Seiya spar for fun and be evenly matched in a multi-crossover tournament.


>Blonde, Blue Eyed Russian
Nazi weebs be seething


Funny thing about Sant Seiya is that before I ever watched it or heard of it as a kid, I had an idea for a story where people would fight with god armors and that was their 'power-up'. I used to play pretend with my friends since we all loved mythology and kept coming up with new armors. Then I found about about this series and I was kinda amazed about how similar the ideas were.


Does anyone even remember Saint Seiya? I haven't heard it mentioned by almost anyone in literally years.

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