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never forget


I choose to believe there is an alternate timeline where Gendo gets a good shave and chooses not to go forward with instrumentality.
This is cannon


Are there any anarchist idol groups?


Idk, probably not

File: 1623717573349.jpg (553.79 KB, 1951x1612, 1623716483535.jpg)


Anyone into NTR? Is this accurate?
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I think NTR or at least ugly bastard hentai is beyond even self insertion for ugly men but just a recollection of the fact that looks doesn't equal to sex appeal. Like you have Danny Devito who has a powerful sex aura and then you have Keanu Reeves who doesn't really have much of it despite them technically being on two opposite sides of physical aesthetics (I wouldn't even say attractiveness)
like I mean there are a lot of people out there who'd rather see a muscle bound, fat guy slamming a girl or even twink rather than a typical shonen protag for example.


>Danny Devito who has a powerful sex aura




which anime girl would you guys say, out of all the animes youve seen, is the most netorare and blackedpilled?


what's that supposed to mean

File: 1608528803443-0.png (1.14 MB, 1289x697, 1Y2SFDZ[1].png)

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>Watch youjo senki movie
>Tanja blows up the palace of the soviets
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File: 1653801868820.png (Spoiler Image, 485.79 KB, 1000x1000, ClipboardImage.png)

>So you get to fuck a middle-aged midget and a fascist at the same time
…I-I guess? Anon… did you make pic rel?


No, but thanks for that picture.


>The character named "Mary Sue" is railing the actual Mary Sue of the story.


i love her and i love katyusha


based Sumipe enjoyer

File: 1608528751333.png (956.08 KB, 680x618, 9cf.png)


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File: 1644215263708.png (368.15 KB, 620x588, ClipboardImage.png)

I love jojo references in actual manga, I don't even like most of Jojo, but the memes are good.


Statue Men still slap


Bumping using best theme


The final batch of Part 6 has been released, and now I have finally seen the part, I can say that it is a certified banger. (This is me by the way >>69

Here are my part ratings (I haven't only read the first 10 chapters of part 8)
7 > 4 =>(?) 6 + ending > 2 > 5 => 3 > 6 - ending > 1
Genuinely I am not the same after watching this part. Made in heaven and Jail house Lock are now both my favorite two stands of all time, (I think a anime like and good as death note can be made based off of Jail House lock, genuinely fascinating to think about It's also a good analogy for cardiac if you're a programmer).

While I think the part didn't have the strongest: protagonist, JoBros (Jo sisters are great though), villain (until the end where I see his plan, still think the name is very poorly chosen), or some of the stands (did not like that fung shway guy) – man that ending is fucking amazing, (even though the ending wasn't built up properly since it was a re-write)

What do you guys think?

>I love JoJo only for part 1, 2, and 7. All the other parts are alright and have their moments, but were never as consistent.
I agree on part 2 and 7 be consistent, but why 1? I found the part was at it's best when Jonathon and Dios dynamic was being presented, which made the part have a gap in quality after episode 4 and the finale.
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I really liked part six until they left the prison. Had some of the most inventive fights - that dragon guy and miu miu. The fights with Dio's sons were all pretty lame and the ending fight made absolutely no sense.

It was cool that Araki basically finished the Joestar's cursed line with the end of Stone Ocean though, and it explains why he had to do a reboot for part 7.

> good as death note

what lol DN is certified trash

File: 1671677103875.jpg (69.33 KB, 719x600, 1671677099787.jpg)


how do we fix the anime industry
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>learning how to draw good
>learning how make a cartoon
Do weebs really think these two are the same thing?


they used to be, you can't deny that Disney animation was pretty amazing during certain decades like the 40s and the 90s.


you can say the second is an extension of the first,but the technical know-how is not the same


this is just false, pick up old school animation books - those people were masters and it shows even in their simple use of forms.

you seem to want to disparage the talent of the majority of these arists (japanese animators have excellent anatomical knowledge) for really no reason.


>you cannot draw things extremely outside of your specialty therefore no skill


4kids ops are kino




can we talk about how shitty of a deck Jaden Yuki had in GX. They had to make every single duelist he went up against use a troll deck to make his look OP in comparison.


if you look at the cards in the gx sets, theres just nothing playable except dark world lmao

File: 1671002107776-1.png (1.07 MB, 1024x794, ClipboardImage.png)


I am having an obsession with Code Geass, i watched it four months ago and i keep imagining lelouch inside of my brain, because he is the most badass antihero protagonist i've seen in any anime.

what's your thoughts on this anime? is it leftist?
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File: 1671015221179.jpg (202.38 KB, 557x557, SatouChan.jpg)

I didnt watch it but I guess I am pretty obsessive on the animes I've watched too! Still… I couldn't repress the echoing sounds of Happy Sugar Life from my mind&heart…


theres certainly big leftists themes, you'd have to be a blind retard to miss them, the whole first season is literally an anticolonial struggle by a terrorist org
I really loved it when watching it too. The chessmaster protag is a formula I like, the action is good, the plot/universe is mostly good, the slice of life isnt too annoying
mostly just annoyed at suzaku and some weird twists (although some of the weird twists also give legendary scenes lmao euphinator), the geass world shit wasnt done well either imo


File: 1671032159460.mp4 (2.12 MB, 480x360, All Hail Britannia-.mp4)

This anime had a fantastic English dub. Crispin Freemans voice is eternally burned in my mind, Hellsing being the first anime I ever watched.


When I was younger I cried myself to sleep because I wasn't a cool terrorist like Lelouch…


there's always time

File: 1608528886005.jpg (86.56 KB, 385x371, 1594525847172.jpg)

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Just give me your anime hot takes. I don't care if they're retarded.
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>That humor was the norm for 2012 and before

Something I saw a lot on the early internet was that a lot of the humor was stolen from The Simpsons. Early 2000s, it was still a huge cultural force, and most of the people actively making stuff on the internet had at least seen it, especially if they were artists, animators, whatever. Sometimes it was lines cribbed word for word, or scenes copied directly, or even just references to this or that funny Simpsons joke. Later on, the Simpsons were replaced by Family Guy, Adult Swim, etc.

But anyway, the point being that for a lot of these people that maybe knew how to draw but didn't really know how to be funny, copying the Simpsons was just the start. Sure, a lot of people probably never got past the copy-stage, but the copy-stage is an integral stage for learning anything. Ideally the people trying to master skills, you know, like comedy, move beyond the copying stage of learning, but stuff made within that category is still completely valid.

> little kuribohs abridged series

Can't spell ONGOING woutout OG


sonic x came out in 2003 you fucker


The only good Isekai is one with John Brown blasting those slaver scum's brains out.





I was talking about the 90s in general you moron, and the relatively retro aesthetic of Sonic X - Example: a lot of TV series, movies and cartoons post 9/11 did not include or removed scenes involving skyscrapers and aircraft, Sonic X didn't.

File: 1670557138177.png (630.36 KB, 538x459, guy.PNG)


>yfw you're filthy cinephile scum, you like anime and some of your favorite directors are anime directors but you also acknowledge there's a lot of bad anime and how obnoxious otaku culture can be, and all your weeb friends think all japanese movies and culture are like the incredibly santized view of the world that 90% of anime presents

how do I get weebs to broaden their horizons and watch like, a single kurosawa or nagisa oshima movie, let alone somebody like tsukamoto or miike? Japanese cinema when you dig deep is as rich as french or 70s hollywood stuff, but people in the anglosphere only know the kind of stuff that funko pop collectors watch


i don't watch movies in general, i literally just watch anime and play vidya


>how do I get consumers to escape the culture industry
No you cannot remove a part from the whole it is a function of.

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