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AMV thread
I know that AMVs aren't as big (or good) as they used to be, but I certainly think they're a lot of fun so lets enjoy the best of it!
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I'm planning on making an AMV (a proper one this time), any guidelines I should follow?

Isn't he like, confusing MADs for AMVs?


They're practically the same thing.
As for guidance, you should probably start off by just syncing music to the anime being depicted - a good example is >>10320 The lyrics and beat match a lot of the anime clip motions. animemusicvideos.org (lin in OP) has guidelines too.


AMVs are a type of MAD.


Game Music Videos are becoming popular (and they're even doing Linkin Park too LMAO)


Post kino OPs, EDs, or OSTs of anime
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No files to save and if the video gets removed there is no video to see later.


I'll explain why I like each one

1st) The first one because it's very deep and cool. The struggle between two sides and which one he should go with.

"Either destroy myself or destroy everything else" and "For the sake of justice destroy, all evil right now" are two very badass lines innit

2nd) The second is just a fun bop song about dancing to you're heart's instincts. But I feel like someone told me it had a darker meaning and it was the ED for the edgiest saga in the series Black Saga so idk. I think it's just cheery.

3rd) The third one is a self-reflectional song about how far you've come along from being a little boy but also is a generational song about the son family? I find it as a nice, positive and self-affirming song about one's journey to the end. Being a kid to raising a kid. (Also goten should never grow up, We need cuteku to stay in the franchise)


Anyone remember the Embed URLs these were for?


File: 1637803634511.png (75.2 KB, 630x693, ClipboardImage.png)

Well, try looking them up in quotes to see if it had been posted with the name somewhere else.
The third one seems to have been a Gundam OP.


Thanks, I'll give it a try

File: 1637808188018.jpg (37.26 KB, 466x659, jiren (20).png.jpg)


>It's difficult. They immediately become the subjects of lolicon fetishism. In a sense, if we want to depict someone who is affirmative to us, we have no choice but to make them as lovely as possible. But now, there are too many people who shamelessly depict [such heroines] as if they just want [such girls] as pets, and things are escalating more and more.
t. Hayao Miyazaki

What is YOUR response, moeshitter?


Sorry, what was that? I was too busy obsessively consuming lolicon.


post here anime themed or related webms/mp4/etc

i start with this AMV i found
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and Mezzo Forte too


File: 1625678880501.webm (5.8 MB, 1280x720, tenshi_henshin.webm)


>no questions about whether the pornographic rape scenes diminish the storytelling


File: 1637776490521.webm (11.72 MB, 1280x720, FalseMemory_2021PV.webm)


They're pretty great imo, very fappable

File: 1608528777155.gif (1.04 MB, 418x454, Tastetherainbow.gif)

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How would you go about fixing the Isekai (sub?)genre from its current state of mediocrity and stagnation?
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File: 1635395617836.jpg (65.83 KB, 1280x720, 1619367410474.jpg)

I don't know if this idea has been done before, but I think isekai would be a great avenue for an allegory, or social commentary on immigration.
The MC are always foreigners trying to assimilate into another country
Anyone else have any thoughts on this?


File: 1635397759133.jpg (83.65 KB, 1280x720, Visa no.jpg)

I think this has been done before but it's definitely not common and definitely a good idea, if done right and excluding liberal takes or /pol/shit.

I've learned to tune out the stupid jokes and just listen to the main point.


SAO in 8 minutes feat. Gigguk


File: 1637698655506.jpg (592.36 KB, 1276x717, quiz.jpg)

It's not social commentary, but The Expression Amrilato uses it as a setting for language learning. The MC is from Japan and she ends up in another dimension where everyone speaks Esperanto (called Juliamo in the game) and she has to learn it. There are minigames where they test your Esperanto knowledge.


>Learn Esperanto in an Isekai VN
This is a pretty cool concept

File: 1608528793160-0.gif (367.6 KB, 540x810, 1543015186096.gif)

File: 1608528793160-1.jpg (309.08 KB, 1920x1080, DH7gsdMVwAAG8PV.jpg)

File: 1608528793160-2.jpg (107.41 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (22).jpg)

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Recommend me anime, manga and doujins with gyarus
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If you're >>10903 it's not your fault. You were right in that she's not a gyaru.


Anon are you projecting again?
>Yang pretty much fits in the definition for Gyaru… I don't see how that opinion takes away from your enjoyment of the characters or the subculture.


File: 1635291018716.png (1.2 MB, 1200x675, ClipboardImage.png)

Thought the thread might appreciate this list of Gyaru


Can anyone explain the reason Ganguru or Ganguro is conflated with Gyaru and the differences? As far as I can tell the former is just a subcategory of the latter.


Ganguro were a sub-type of gals.

File: 1608528751333.png (956.08 KB, 680x618, 9cf.png)


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>big burly men posing while their humanoid spirit pokemon do all the fighting and all the specialized combat techniques like hamon get forgotten in favor of muscly twinks
Jojo hasn't been good for some time.


Did you read steel ball run?




File: 1634311727505.png (539.15 KB, 522x506, XtC6I.png)

They dont (willingly) summon stands to fight for them, its mostly just their subconscious will that brings them into existence
And the spin is a direct callback to hamon.
I love JoJo only for part 1, 2, and 7. All the other parts are alright and have their moments, but were never as consistent.


Looks like a Rasengan to me TBH.

File: 1608528921719.jpg (112.48 KB, 850x847, 1577129624314.jpg)


Post them
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how fucking horrifying.


Yes, it is, isn't it.


File: 1634693245963.png (294.94 KB, 800x426, 944.png)

and fangs.. also Nagatoro thread >>7100


>"It's just a little kiss on them, anon, what are you afraid of?"
h y p n o t i z i n g s o l e s



>he hasn't seen this japo-american masterpiece

<The Hobbit is a 1977 American animated musical television special created by Rankin/Bass, a studio known for their holiday specials, and animated by Topcraft, a precursor to Studio Ghibli.
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>Smaug is green


Yes, admittedly I was still a kid when they aired it (Sword in the Stone) regularly late at night where I live. I'd always try to watch the whole film because it was super comfy, but just couldn't stay awake cuz it's so long and it was late.


I suggest trying it today - it's not actiony but it is wholesome and kinda inspiring to me


Just watched this the other night.

lol, that climax


Something that has similar asthetic to the stuff mentioned here is The BFG from 1989


hey there anons, I have no personality so I thought i would substitute that by just using anime reaction images. Can you give me some good ones? Thanks in advance ^_^
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Don't use reaction images in general, kudasai.



People who use anime reaction images are either still in their teenage years or manchildren.


File: 1637548899642-0.png (627.14 KB, 624x605, glare.png)

File: 1637548899642-2.png (1.12 MB, 1920x1080, oh so good.png)


File: 1637594991166-0.png (256.91 KB, 300x409, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1637594991166-1.png (485.47 KB, 1024x724, ClipboardImage.png)

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