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Is Madoka truly the AOTD of the 2010s?
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You failed.


Do I look like I give a fuck?


Also, they aren't really lolis. They're supposed to be in High-school and are all 15-17 years old. That's just the style. Also, if you're interested in the music, the main girl went on to play Hikari in Revue Starlight. I really enjoy themes of music and such, so that is another one to check out, and that one has even less of an excuse to be called pedobait, since there is no display of nudity or display of bodies in a werid manner. It's also really gay, and I mean like gay gay, not just yuri shit. I'm a straight man, but my gay bro was totally into it.


OK, thank you, that sounds really good.


File: 1642409153053.jpg (Spoiler Image, 75.45 KB, 680x547, unexpected.jpg)

Didn't expect Mami to get so lewd in the following incarnations, though. Shit was hot. Pic related.

File: 1627328838182.jpeg (48.05 KB, 643x477, Muramasa.jpeg)


One of the most awaited VN translation is getting released next month. How hyped up are you?
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Ichijo's route has some of the worst writing in this universe. It's not even that I hate its message or anything. The writing is just over-the-top preachy with some really dumb scenes that make no sense.


>Just hope moogy didn't tamper with Makoto's translation to further his radlib agenda.
Elaborate, I don't know what's up with those people

kek, now I really gotta read this "masterpiece".


There's always been a fuckton of hype for this one but it just looks like more dumb chuunige to me. Am I wrong?


This is chuunige? Damn I'm getting it now.


Chuunige are dumb fun normally but this one just takes itself too seriously.

File: 1639950801620.png (227.13 KB, 1000x1427, ClipboardImage.png)


>animated like a fucking 1970s Disney film with realistically but expressive characters
>well communicated and clear ideas on parenthood, loss and growth in multiple different stories
>treats it’s viewers like fucking adults with characters people around the world can relate to
>beautiful and never reused animated backgrounds



is he…is he top 5?


At least


thanks, adding it to my 2watch list


Alright, I'll watch it.


Magnetic Rose probably should have been a movie. The other two were interesting but not mind blowing.

Magnetic rose>cannon city>stink bomb

File: 1641266006547-0.png (504.83 KB, 800x600, 1.png)

File: 1641266006547-1.png (479.1 KB, 800x600, 2.png)


Normal working day in 90s Japan
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If PMCs would stop working after 6 P.M. this would never happen, too much sunlight in the office.


VNs sometimes have that problem if you don't have the right fonts


why the fuck are eroge so funny bros


Japanese grammar is different from western languages grammar so unless you put a lot of care in your translation it will sound weird. The problem is more obvious in eroge and hentai because thoses are translated by coomers who are satisfied with just making the moonrunes intelligible for a western audience and aren't the most bothered by the elegance of writing style in their fap material.


There's no elegance in fucking nukige either you dumb wapanese.


Have you ever witnessed a uygha moment, /anime/? How did it go? Were you a part of it?

I haven't but give me your greatest nyyukkaaaa moments.
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Fair enough I guess, Williams Street toons basically have negative effort put into them, but that's usually part of the joke.


>worst animated show I had seen on Cartoon Network
Then you must have watched very little Cartoon Network. Are you sure you're talking about Boondocks and not NutShack?


>the obvious
Maybe to us, but have you talked to anyone who's watched this show? I don't think it was obvious enough.


I thought it was obvious even before I got into Marx.



File: 1634576172478.png (28.53 KB, 849x434, FB8TIDmVkAEntdq.png)

 No.10920[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Japanese communist party proposes a ban on lolicon stuff in otaku media
Based or cringe?
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>Except he doesn't, his girl characters being normal doesn't make them the same you internet residing ape.
Archetypes exist retard.
>The fuck are you talking about? This i the reason I hate burger analyses, they see sex and "sexual awakening" in fucking everything; the boy has blue curtains? Must be a symbol of male awakening and depression, this girl is shy and stays among female friends in school? She must be a secret lesbian. Get your dicks out of your hands and touch grass FFS.
What are YOU talking about retard? How many Ghibli films have you seen? How many are about growing up?
>You're not addressing the argument you're attacking the source reporting it. You also speak as if VICE is monolithic and has all articles made by the same people. They link to other articles because that's the method to get clicks on articles.
VICE isn't even news, it's a techno-liberal garbage content mill, next!
>Given that my family did so and I have spoken to many Veterans, I say go fuck yourself. Also funny that you mention war given that one of the most heavily punished and condemned crimes in a war is rape. Just for context, Chikotilo's entire life of rape and murder began because the Nazis raped his mother in front of him, leading to sexual emasculation and trauma and the subsequent serial killings. Fucking Tool.
Tell someone who has lost family in a war as a child or someone who has been disfigured in a war that at least they weren't raped. Let's see how that goes retard. Your oppression Olympics are totally divorced from reality.
>Most porn makers have contracts and are usually middle-class fucks that have nothing better to do, only in Japan are they overworked but that's everyone in Japan, they're not any more special for it.
Ill-defined non-Marxist term, goalposts have been moved.
>only in Japan are they overworked but that's everyone in Japan
Way to reveal your shallow knowledge on the subject retard. Certainly nobody making anything as a hobby, including doujin circles which are the bulk mPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1640458202662.jpg (70.16 KB, 720x597, ok retard.jpg)

>Replying nearly a month later
>just more ad-hom, coping and inaccurate pseud bullshit.
Do everyone a favor and stop posting.
>Tell someone who has lost family in a war as a child or someone who has been disfigured in a war that at least they weren't raped
<Oppreshuon Olympics
You reveal your colors /pol/, not only are you making a strawman but you'd just being blatantly disingenuous because you cannot justify your dismissal of Rape without creating a strawman of [at least its not [insert atrocity on a mass scale], YOU'RE the retard making it into Oppression Olympics, trying to dickmeasure rape and murder, god you're psychopath. If you're dead you cannot be traumatized and so live and cope, People that survived trauma in war are a massive goal pot shift from the original point you cunt.
>How many Ghibli films have you seen?
I'm speaking specifically about Miyazaki, but in either case I've seen many.
>How many are about growing up?
Plenty, plenty more are not about that at all, your point fails because you claim that his stuff is all the same, and that is incorrect.
>Archetypes exist
Generic fucking statement, an Archetype doesn't make characters representative of an archetype the same you fucking tool, it's the same as claiming that every person that has certain behaviors and culture is the same.
>VICE isn't even news, it's a techno-liberal garbage content mill
<attacking the source, still no argument.


File: 1640459771671.jpg (52.22 KB, 278x319, nervous oni bat.jpg)

>Ill-defined non-Marxist term, goalposts have been moved.
<Marx is god didn't you know? Nothing matters but MARX
No goal posts here have been moved, and Middle-class is in essence the modern version of the petit-bourg, nice try
>Way to reveal your shallow knowledge on the subject
Yes because Karoshi and extreme stress from overwork doesn't exist in every level of Japanese society impacting even acclaimed or popular mangaka and animators like Oda.
>Certainly nobody making anything as a hobby
Never said that, I said that most doujins that get anywhere are usually either hentai or get lucky (and are still racy, a la Nagatoro) or otherwise have an interesting story concept that gets picked up by a bigger company (One Punch Man). Your comment about bulk majority also literally confirms my point, keep up please.
>ero figurines and ero gacha games aren't
Figurine collection has been popular for years and gacha games, including ero ones are fucking booming LMAO.
>the majority of which doujins which are sold at conventions by amateurs just enough to cover costs of printing
You're seething so hard your sentence is only barely comprehensible and your projection of retard is amusing, your claim is bullshit, especially in this age of WNs and online stores having made porn comics erupt in popularity in the past decade, it's an undeniable fact, as many people easily subside on patreon and porn-comic selling sites and even become rich.
>Functionally illiterate
Not relevant and not an argument here, given your poor writing and inane argumentation (and lack of argument in general) I'd have to say you have NO ground to stand on in calling someone else illiterate.
>premise is that the majority do NOT capitalize on merchandise and gacha games due to LACK OF INTEREST in the IP
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>hateboner for artist
Porn isn't art, COPE HARDER FAGGOT.


File: 1640460764062.jpg (28.47 KB, 600x600, lmao.jpg)

>It was first published in 1932
So the only one that couldn't read it is Lenin.
>Mao, in his case because there was no translation
Ah yes, because Mao, the man that spent years in revolutionary activity that included visits to the USSR and study of Marx and Engels and Lenin, didn't bother reading their literature or acknowledging their existence over the entire 60+ years of his adult life, Yes YOU are so much smarter than those "stoopid dumb chinx and russkies!"
Fucking hell read a fucking Biography of the man instead of deciding that you, some fuckass on the internet bitching about (specifically) violent porn being censored understands the theory and realities of communism and socialism better than the people that made the theory and actualized it. Your arrogance is amazing.
>Lenin was the one who founded Vanguardism.
If you bothered to read more than the summary of the wikipedia article you're taking this from you'd see that even there it is stated that,
>Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx presented the concept of the vanguard party as solely qualified to politically lead the proletariat in revolution; in Chapter II: "Proletarians and Communists" of The Communist Manifesto (1848), they said: The Communists, therefore, are, on the one hand, practically the most advanced and resolute section of the working-class parties of every country, that section which pushes forward all others; on the other hand, theoretically, they have over the great mass of the proletariat the advantage of clearly understanding the lines of march, the conditions, and the ultimate general results of the proletarian movement. The immediate aim of the Communists is the same as that of all other proletarian parties: Formation of the proletariat into a class, overthrow of the bourgeois supremacy, conquest of political power by the proletariat.
So yeah, cope more pseud.
>Marx and Engels explicitly state that the proletariat is not a class
yeah no, you're blatantly incorrect as Marx calls it the proletariat class in most of his literature and Part I: Feuerbach. Opposition of the Materialist and Idealist Outlook of The German Ideology.
>their emergence representsPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


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Best characters



File: 1634496649485-1.gif (4.04 MB, 336x189, boobs and peace.gif)



File: 1640386016069.jpg (163.75 KB, 1131x1600, Berserk_36_019.jpg)


File: 1640387221927.jpg (49.64 KB, 540x606, 503.jpg)

File: 1639159596235-0.png (385.09 KB, 1600x2000, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1639159596235-1.jpg (337.77 KB, 2560x740, 1555332952401.jpg)


Now I'm sure everyone here is aware of the passionate anime fans from Latin America and the Arab world, where its popular among all social classes but not in South Asia
there are some dedicated anime fans here but there all mostly from the upper middle class, a very small minority and the reason there's never been popular in south asia is actually pretty interesting, relating to colonialism, linguistic suppression and lazy governments
Probably the biggest obstacle is dubbing, South Asia is more linguistically diverse then all of europe, the middle east and north african combined, these aren't dialectal differences these are differences on par with German and English or Russian and Uralic(languages that have no relation with each other) there's only one proper dubbing industry in south asia, Hindi Dubbing
Hindi dubbing, now most other South nation nations instead of starting their own studios just export dubbed content from India, however depending on the political situation these dubs can temporarily disappear for years before coming back
another thing is the situation of the upper middle class, most can understand and speak english as their second language, so instead of dubbing into any local languages they just export the English dub and this has an effect, the lower classes can't understand it so they just switch to another channel, while the classes with the incubational power to change the situation grow content and have no need to support a local industry
It was only in last 5 years that we got a proper "Urdu" dubbing Industry here in Pakistan, note only 7% of the country speaks Urdu as their first language and as a second language that only extends to 30%
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Also we used to have Tamil/Telugu dubs rather than hindi dubs.


>there's only one proper dubbing industry in south asia, Hindi Dubbing
There's Tamil dubbing. It all depends on how obsessed a group of people are in asserting their linguistic independence and whether there are any resources available for them to do so. When it comes to India, south Indian states are a good example of that. Tamil Nadu makes their own movies, music, dubs etc rather than relying on cultural products from north India. Even Bollywood just remakes or dubs a lot of Telugu films.


I LOVE that show so much, ACAB but ryotsu is alright

it's so sad that barely any of the 300+ episodes are subbed


of yeah I forget about the South


oh yeah moment
happens to me a lot too

File: 1628039789175.jpg (18.17 KB, 190x271, given.jpg)


What is the materialist explanation for yaoi fangirls/fujoshi? Why are there so many of them and why do they so spend so much money? Why are straight women obsessed with gay men?
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> Girls with dicks as necks? It's so bizarre, I would have never imagined something like that.
Yeah, many years ago, when people thought about /d/ they thought about femdom, tentacles and futanari. I don't know if it's always been like this, but it seems that most threads now are about deviantART-tier fetishes.

I despise trapfags more, but I think both are terrible in their own ways. What porn addiction does to a mf.


Also if your attracted to Traps I think its clear that your bisexual and more attracted to displays femininity rather then actual women and thats why your into traps


I find that obvious, but this thread is about fujos.


Being attracted to feminine features as a male is heterosexual attraction. Yes this would includes both heterosexual and bisexual men, whom both have heterosexual attraction. It's not fucking hard to figure out.


No, the shitty stuff in straight male hentai is esoteric at best disliked by most of the audience usually. I've seen 1 yaoi manga that isn't toxic as fuck and I posted it on the other Yaoi thread.


Post kino OPs, EDs, or OSTs of anime
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No files to save and if the video gets removed there is no video to see later.


I'll explain why I like each one

1st) The first one because it's very deep and cool. The struggle between two sides and which one he should go with.

"Either destroy myself or destroy everything else" and "For the sake of justice destroy, all evil right now" are two very badass lines innit

2nd) The second is just a fun bop song about dancing to you're heart's instincts. But I feel like someone told me it had a darker meaning and it was the ED for the edgiest saga in the series Black Saga so idk. I think it's just cheery.

3rd) The third one is a self-reflectional song about how far you've come along from being a little boy but also is a generational song about the son family? I find it as a nice, positive and self-affirming song about one's journey to the end. Being a kid to raising a kid. (Also goten should never grow up, We need cuteku to stay in the franchise)


Anyone remember the Embed URLs these were for?


File: 1637803634511.png (75.2 KB, 630x693, ClipboardImage.png)

Well, try looking them up in quotes to see if it had been posted with the name somewhere else.
The third one seems to have been a Gundam OP.


Thanks, I'll give it a try

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