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File: 1608528782601.jpg (174.59 KB, 342x519, HayaoMiyazakiCCJuly09.jpg)

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Do you have anything to say about this man?
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Yes, I find his movies very commercial. There's nothing inherently wrong with that but when you combine it with his public persona I find it grating


Don't want to piss anyone off but I always considered Miyazaki's movies to be too much of what people call "comfy" and "chill." I don't like stuff like The Laid-Back Camp much. Maybe I'm too dense all the time and can't force myself to relax, can't help myself. That's the reason I don't watch much kodomomuke or shoujo or iyashikei or romcoms or slice-of-lifes, I'm just too much of a grumpy old man who is unable to enjoy nice things (yeah, I'm the opposite of an average anime enjoyer).

Princess Mononoke and Porco Rosso seem kinda interesting though.


>I find his movies very commercial
I didn't mean "commercial." I'm sure Mr. Miyazaki genuinely likes what he's doing. I'm just not that kind of person who's into the overall feel of his works, they're like Disney fairytales and I tend to shy away from fairytales and other softer stuff like that.


>I'm just too much of a grumpy old man who is unable to enjoy nice things
Same here.


To be honest, Porco and Mononoke are closer to what his movies are actually about than people on the internet really seem to realize.

Miyazaki has kind of become the Wes Anderson of anime - his style has been meme'd and caricatured by people who haven't really engaged his work and probably haven't even seen much of his stuff. Most people act like all of his movies are just wholesome, comfy slice of life - when really, only Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service are really consistenty like that.

Miyazaki's movies certainly have a pastoral vibe and have extended "cozy" sequences, but everyone forgets that those scenes are often followed by imagery of either mass destruction and violence or weird, fucked-up organic corruption. Everyone acts like Totoro is emblematic of the man's filmography, while forgetting that this is the same guy who made Porco Rosso, Castle in the Sky, Nausicaa, The Boy and the Heron and Princess Mononoke, all works that have either heavy themes, extended sequences of apocalyptic or unsettling imagery - hell, we're talking about the guy who got his start directing Lupin the Third

Miyazaki ain't no wholesome director. There's a real darkness in his work that the internet keeps whitewashing thanks to cinematically illiterate hipster-weebs

File: 1690915520828.jpg (7.7 KB, 283x178, kalrmarxanime.jpg)


what times in leftist history would make the coolest animes anons?

ofc there are obvious ones like
>Russian revolution
>Black Panther Party
>rise of the CPC
>Free Territory
>Paris Commune
>Cuban revolution
>Spanish civil war
>Sankara biopic
>viet cong shonen

here are some less obvious I think would be neat
>years of lead
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that reminds that the next animu I watch should be patlabor, I get the impression that its basically the anime DS9 in terms of being a show abt a crew of peacekeepers that is way more to the left than you think that premise would allow.


It's good.


File: 1708370160356.jpg (229.16 KB, 992x600, 1679182099586995.jpg)

The late 1830s, Engels (the male self-insert) is a literal angel sent by god to save the world. Marx is a lazy, sharp-tongued tsundere with pink hair that is always fighting with her friend, the energetic tomboy (with brown/orange hair) Willich. Feuerbach, the cool-headed and reliable big sister/teacher character (black, long hair) often gives them tutelage and advice. Around episode 8 it is discovered that Feuerbach is literally the antichrist and that she is the leader of the shadowy cabal that has been conspiring against the group (mostly because she is jealous of Marx and wants Engels for herself). Engels defeats her in an intense final battle, after which he rejects Willich, who had proposed him around episode 6 after the beach trip, and proposes to Marx - she accepts, and the anime ends as they finally kiss on the ferry to London.
Yes, all the young hegelians besides Engels have to be women.



>big sister
That implies they aren't all equal in their roles.

I suggest they be an adventurer guild of pretty girls in an isekai that are constantly bitching amongst each other and failing every mission because of that. Then Max Stirner comes along, makes a harem (including the tsundere Marx), defeats all the spooks and wins, the end.

File: 1608528978551.jpg (19.07 KB, 320x240, 3887-waltz07.jpg)


Discussion of movies, TV, web shorts
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youre comparing a whole medium to hollywood lol


OP's image is from Waltz with Bashir which ends up being a very anti-Israeli movie. The whole movie is spent interviewing zionist warmongers and sucking them off, only to do a shocking about-face in the last 10 minutes where the cartoon filters come off and uncensored footage of their murders of Palestinian women and children is shown without mercy to the audience. surprised nobody ITT mentioned it. I watched it back when it came out and it totally broke the spell of MSM hypnosis on me w/r/t israel (tbf I barely knew anything about israel)



sounds based as fuck agitprop


悲しい もの

File: 1659881071009-0.jpg (194.04 KB, 345x500, Bonnouji.jpg)

File: 1659881071009-2.jpg (110.91 KB, 341x380, Oyasumi Punpun.jpg)


I start:
Adult romance with good pace. Doesn't end when they start dating.
>Do Chokkyuu Kareshi x Kanojo
>Pseudo Harem
If you like slow ones.
>Joshikousei to Seishokusha
Fraternal love between male teacher and female students. Trust me.
>Oyasumi Punpun
Edgy but grounded.
>Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro Maid
Guilty pleasure. Not too good but whatever.
>Shishunki renaissance! David-kun
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yes :^)


I am going to ask it here since I dont want to make a new thread, and they look romance I guess, but can someone help me identify the bottom middle and right manga?


Kuchi ga Saketemo Kimi ni wa
Takopī no Genzai

I don't know anything about them, I just iqdb'd them


It's written on the image dude


File: 1708640117450.png (442.94 KB, 1211x1201, Untitled.png)

Thanks guys.

File: 1608529079327.png (1.56 MB, 1500x1500, JAPAN DOES IT FOR FREE.png)

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/jp/ , Otaku and weeb thread.

This thread is to talk about things on Japanese culture, and the good and bad of it
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File: 1708528771721.png (188.21 KB, 979x685, zio.png)


File: 1708530074715.jpg (470.36 KB, 1500x1500, media_GDSAVJKXsAArkjJ.jpg)


Recently learned about nagashi soumen, which is like, ramen sliding down a half bamboo with a gentle stream of water pushing it along.


There is no Japanese culture. Most of what exists is a construct created to keep the citizens hikkimorized, supine servants of western hegemony. It's so successful it was exported to Korea and now it's come home to the metropole.


How much is a normal price for sushi? The local grocery store sells like, 3 rolls for 10 USD and a plate for 15, and 10 bucks seems rediculous for just one meal where the main ingredient is rice.


>No Black Lagoon thread
Time to fix this.spurdoSpurdo
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Hidden behind her tits and squat, liberal.


File: 1707780385099.png (104.28 KB, 1024x684, ClipboardImage.png)

>Benny reads Deleuze, Hegel and Mao

Benny confirmed for Badiousian?


Didn't Badiou hate Deleuze tho?


Posthumous frenemies


How's the manga coming along?
Stopped two years ago when they caught some chick a year ago, and forgot to check up.

The series seems cool, it was just too slow on uploads despite feeling like a massive story that needs to be told.
Similar with Vinland Saga, but at least Vinland doesn't have a bad arc after its anime adaption.

File: 1608528950412.jpg (196.59 KB, 1280x720, lol.jpg)

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Who the hell is even the target audience for this cringeworthy shitshow these days? I'm seriously curious.
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Big Bang Attack


12 year olds and manchildren
I've noticed a lot of weepy, emotionally unwell gym bros fall into the orbit of this show.
Also, I don't give a shit about this show, but as a gay dude, it can be pretty hot to open up a clip of some battle scene, put it on mute, and watch two muscular men punching each other



Was Toriyama Arrested? I've been hearing this shit and I don't know where it's coming from.


>Chi chi: "Shark, shark there's a shark in the water"
>Goku: Ka Me Ha Me
>Chichi: Wait Goku don-
And that's how Goku blew up his house.

File: 1645599130329.jpg (61.12 KB, 425x425, 1625431287187.jpg)


Always a peculiar feeling when I'm checking a mangaka's twitter and it's filled with retweets of Amerikan political bullshit. Most recent one even had Joe Rogan's clips about the covid vaccine.
It doesn't happen often but ideally it wouldn't happen at all.
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<you read books expecting it to be mentally stimulating
Yes. Otherwise I get bored.
>real book
It's paginated (optional) rectangles (optional) inscribed in some way with a contrasting color (preferable, but optional) conveying information.


then don't read manga you absolute retard. you are asking why you can't find the sport results for last week in the new england journal of medicine


File: 1708282369685.png (177.44 KB, 850x400, just like stalin said.png)


>Manga that isn't mentally stimulating bores me
>I read manga, and am not bored by the manga I read
Do you lack object permanence?


>mentally stimulating
>Do you lack object permanence?
lmao what a dork

File: 1708283056426.png (98.15 KB, 1248x944, GGnlvmcXYAAjYfp.png)


Everything about the "Otaku Murderer" case was pure bullshit. Literal self-admitted planted evidence for mass media hysteria. The Japanese media have a history of trying to make someone the big bad evil guy for drama, they did the same for Sengoku Takeyoshi by painting him as the cult leader mastermind that abducted young girls when he’s literally just a nice guy.

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AMV thread
I know that AMVs aren't as big (or good) as they used to be, but I certainly think they're a lot of fun so lets enjoy the best of it!
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Such a cold girl. Her hair is literally as white as snow and her eyes are so serious they pierce through my screen.


The site also required FTP uploading until a few years ago.




Blame It On 2009: A Good, Good Year

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