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I’m not fucking crying, you’re crying. ;-;
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this shit is straight as hell so sorry i am not interested in watching this (i lied, there's no sorriness nor shame in my decision not to watch this anime plus it is just a movie)


I was never a gamer and never cared about whatever the hell gamergate was. Libshit and idpol has always been disliked on leftypol, go back radlib.

>mundane stories can be told in animation.
True, but frankly that bores me
>Not everything realistic needs to be live action
It's not necessary, but animation works better, as you said, when it goes above realistic capacity. That's why Grave of the Fireflies is good, it is realistic, but it utilizes animation to carry across aspects that come off as more vibrant than a live action film.


>go back radlib



File: 1687988120325.png (530.79 KB, 848x1000, ClipboardImage.png)


Suzume? I thought it was pretty different from Your Name.


This one's kino.
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mainstream anything is pretty generic most of the time, even books


>mainstream anything is pretty generic most of the time, even books
Well, of course. That's why I'm a hipster more into niche stuff.


To be fair its basically tradition at this point to make your first project have the same basic premise as Hoshi no Koe


This one's got a lot more traction than Vapor Trail and much more consistent animation but the choreography is much worse and the story is eh. It's very impressive especially since its made by students and I'm interested in what they'll make next.


Bros… what if people were LITERALLY glued to their screens like 1985…

File: 1662318879521-0.jpg (259.07 KB, 900x1350, page_1.jpg)

File: 1662318879521-1.jpg (261.3 KB, 900x1350, page_6.jpg)

File: 1662318879521-2.jpg (228.53 KB, 900x1350, page_71.jpg)

File: 1662318879521-3.jpg (286.29 KB, 900x1350, page_85.jpg)

File: 1662318879521-4.jpg (226.93 KB, 900x1350, page_114.jpg)



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I only know of seitokai yakuindomo personally


Azumanga Daioh
Pop Team Epic


Bocchi the Rock


the bocchi manga is so fucking shitty compared to the adaptation


indigenous manga drawings would not like to be colonized by the concepts of animation and soundtracks and voice actors !!important!!

File: 1688276284049-0.jpg (362.09 KB, 1568x1145, page_5.jpg)

File: 1688276284049-1.jpg (222.34 KB, 959x1400, page_176.jpg)

File: 1688276284049-2.jpg (198.12 KB, 784x1145, pagee_75.jpg)


Just read this, Is the one-shot this is based on, basically the same story?


Read the first chapter, scrolled thought couple more. Feels like a uninteresting Chainsaw Man knock-off, but it does feature the hottest woman ever.


thats how oneshots that get serialized usually work, yes

File: 1687221532609.mp4 (55.31 KB, 500x374, FyxinjoXoAEZXnL.mp4)


"'90s Ghibli food" gif from a Shinkai film
"'90s tech" gif from Megazone 23 Part II
"'90s romance" gif from Kimagure Orange Road
"'90s anime women" all gifs from the same single character designer

Nostalgia is a mental disease.
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Read a big ass twitter thread earlier lamenting that character design trends have gone down the shitter and they just complained about vtubers and Genshin Impact lol. Vtubers affect nothing outside of the vtubing bubble, and basic anime twinks have been a thing for years.


Absolutely, it's a classic


>they just complained about vtubers and Genshin Impact lol
"I don't like this thing so nobody should."


amazing reading comprehension


My reading game is so high-level that I can read people's minds.

File: 1686576602080.png (631.16 KB, 650x910, 1675091809537.png)


I'm glad that Katawa Shoujo managed to shake the negative stigma it once had. It's honestly pretty all right, and in an age where most western VNs try to be ironic weeb garbage it's nice to be reminded that sometimes OELVNs can be made with some genuine passion behind them.
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BURUMA!!!! It's BURUMA!!!!


erm those are not japanese bloomers, theyre actually buruma you filthy gaijin


>BURUMA!!!! It's BURUMA!!!!


Act 2 is unironically one of the only things I'm looking forward to this year


File: 1687156617804.png (16.76 KB, 548x855, ironic vns.png)

>in an age where most western VNs try to be ironic weeb garbage
It's so tiresome. A popular gaming outlet published a top dating sims ranking and it was exclusively low effort American "ironic" shit.

File: 1685888340570.png (376.8 KB, 598x619, Fxtj-RXWcAEZvIy.png)


You know how whenever there's anime primarily aimed at male audiences with romance as a core element, there's always some quotient of dudes responding to it like this? I've long held that these sure are some joyless ghouls, but after some deliberation, I think it's even worse… Most of you are hopefully aware of how much denigration romantic content aimed at women has seen through the ages and even today. Because if women like something but men don't, clearly that something must be of "low value". The whole thing is obviously deeply rooted in misogyny.

Even today, romance in fiction is a very "girl-coded" interest. Thus if a man happens to like romance, eventually they're going to run into toxic masculinity denigrating them for it. How they'll "get no bitches and stack no paper". A mere interest in romance makes them "weak". And it's incredibly obvious how surface level these kind of judgments are. These dudes see "romance" and just refuse to look any further due to toxic masculinity and misogyny.
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File: 1686791774936.jpg (90.25 KB, 1080x754, big boy.jpg)

Whenever I see some generic take whining about muh shounen muh romcom etc. I think of this screenshot.


File: 1687113705903.jpg (54.5 KB, 750x750, 1686626058681375.jpg)

Ok, but that's not really what's going on here, at all.
Person A - is making a sarcastic comment about low-effort ecchi romcom harem SoL, and how its trashy escapism.
Person B - gets mad over a passing casual comment and makes a blogpost about it here. There is no High Internet Intellectualism here.

Also that image is inane, it's the same tier of argument as "Oh you've never made a movie before? You can't criticize one then!" or "You're the one that watched this, so you can't criticize!" ignoring the fact that criticizing what you don't know is usually wrong.


All media fulfills your wish to be entertained. So when you go to watch an anime or read a manga, you're seeking wish fulfillment. That's why the phrase is useless. There is good wish fulfillment, and bad wish fulfillment.


Urusei Yatsura, Your Lie in April, Tatami Galaxy, etc. There's plenty of well-respected romantic anime, including a lot of girl-coded stuff, and they even usually have an element of self-insertion or escapism to them. But they don't define themselves entirely around vicariously experiencing perfect love. That's the difference (and genuine question for people who think the image in the OP is wrong, how much of the audience for Komi-san do you think feels romantically satisfied in their real life?)
Whether it's in stupid harem isekai or throwaway high school romcoms, everyone realizes on some level that escapism – i.e., literally and deliberately ignoring reality – is not something that should be celebrated. It's surprising that in an imageboard for "leftists" no one in this thread has attempted to question the dynamic of studios making tons of cash by selling temporary relief from the crisis of loneliness that affects all demographics in current society
Instead of media that makes you briefly feel less lonely, why don't people make media that actually helps people -be- less alone? Media that shows the commonalities between people instead of encouraging misanthropy, that gives lonely people the courage to actually put themselves out there, that helps people understand each other instead of presenting idealized smoothed-over characters that don't resemble actual human beings? So much media today just feels like it breeds further isolation between people, why defend shit that encourages its audience to dig themselves deeper into the "2D>3D" hole?
But oh yeah you're not actually supposed to think about media on any level beyond just "I like it/I don't like it" - guy who's probably in another thread right now proclaiming himself to be the only real Marxist who ever lived


>I got no stacks nor hoes
<but i don't like any of these gay ass shows.
Nice rhymes

File: 1681154078138.png (685.78 KB, 593x447, ferret weeabo.PNG)


top 5 animes you enjoyed the most
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TTGL is okay, I guess. But it kinda got worse after Kamina died as far as my brain remembers (which is bizarre since I wouldn't call myself a Kamina fan either, Joseph Joestar one love).


TTGL isn't on the list for quality, it's there because it was the fuckin' coolest shit I thought I'd ever seen in high school and all the quotes from the show were my friend group's little running jokes.


The anime I quote the most is also JoJo. Kono Dio da! Hinjaku, hinjaku! dies from cringe


All I know from jojo is
But again, this is because I am stuck in 2009 and can never escape.


>Goodbye, JoJo!
>And your next line is…
>Yare yare daze
>You thought it was Jonathan. But it was me, Dio!
>Because you pissed me off
>Kono dio da!
>Umchake, umchake!
>You bastard… DIO!
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File: 1656997641839.png (739.13 KB, 768x576, 1.png)


Just finished this. Was not worth it.
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the end feels like it was on purpose to make the readers/watchers mad.


Varia and the arc right before it and even some of the sol were actually really, really good. It just doesn't develop afterwards. I'd say top-tier shonen.


When the imposter is sus


I liked it


I never understood why this show (Hitman Reborn)got so popular, the mechanics of abilities of reborn are fucking nonsense (not that means much in most anime but still), the character Reborn was basically the baby from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but made into even more of a Mafiosi stereotype. Boring ass series with boring stakes in my opinion and sprouted WAY too much shitty fanfiction. Like I have not read a Reborn related fanfic that could be called good, it's all either melodramatic purple prose or poorly written, thinly veiled authorial self insert. At least with stories like Naruto or Bleach or Inuyasha you'll get a good handful of good fics and a larger assortment of decent ones, but this was just mind-numbingly boring, and you get crossovers with it all over the net.

File: 1645574713832.jpg (78.18 KB, 600x849, 1627709867074.jpg)


Feels like we're overdue for a new idol mecha, when's the next Macross gonna be?


It's going to be a sequel to Macross Frontier given there was a short film about Ranka that was screened alongside the Macross Delta movie.



Macross Delta fucking sucked.


I hope it has giant girls again.

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