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File: 1639974686191.png (133.13 KB, 445x507, 1628317327117.png)


Have you ever noticed in like the anime sphere or whatever the fuck you tend to have people dunking on mangaka for writing their shit such as with the dudes who wrote HxH getting clowned on for not being a slave to shonen magazines and shit or hell even when Berzerk was around it was getting shit on for the delays. I find that to be kind of fucked up in a way and I Mostly see this on 4chan but I can't help but think "Why the fuck should the author be a slave to their own franchise." Even if it's disappointing that a series just stops or didn't really continue on, I think it's more fucked up to demand that an author work, despite the fact that most of these assholes don't even pay for their shit, like I'm pro-piracy and shit but if you want free shit, then you don't get a right to bitch about how the author isn't doing shit for you y'know? But that is kind of a tangant. I just think that nerddom in general is kind of anti-worker.


Please go to the animator thread and repost that discusses this topic in detail. OR post this rather meta topic in ANIMETA.


Yeah, I've noticed. I guess when munching down on media is all your life revolves around (definitely the case for nearly everyone on /a/) you start feeling extremely entitled. Let the world go to hell but I shall always have my tea. Of course the culture industries actively encourage this kind of rabid engagement that nerds practice. This is the whole point of consumerism, turn products into a fundamental emotional need

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Tomoko thread… why? Because I like the character… and other reasons…
Post lewds (spoilered), memes, edits, pics and anything else related to the subject
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>Since I'm Not Popular, I Will Engage in Revolutionary Adventurism!
Feels like /pol/ "hurr leftypol virgins" shit.


Rule 85: If it exists there is a pony of it.


Tomoko is clearly a communist. There is no other character that represents the life of a communist in real life.


Nice try /pol/


This. We communists all have a harem of cute girls around us.

File: 1608528765601.jpg (528.07 KB, 1118x1486, her face when.jpg)

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itt hueg fricken 2d oppai
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What, are you a vegan?
It's ok, eggs are overrated.


Oh good, I like egss

and mylk



Lactation can be induced even in men apparently (from what links shay sent me anyway)


File: 1639922493932.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.04 MB, 1200x1188, 94761129_p1_master1200.jpg)

nice .gif

File: 1608529015542.jpg (138.25 KB, 1100x440, hxh_orig.jpg)


Is it the best Shonen?
I like to think so. What are your opinions about HxH and Shone in General
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In terms of action, yeah there ain't much. I think its paced properly as a "mind-game/political thriller", though. I still wonder what Togashi was thinking when he was decided to do a massive infodump in your picrel. Maybe he wasn't sure if he could put out a new chapter and so tried to cram as much info as he could. All the words here could be stretched out to 3-4 pages if he illustrated it so maybe he didn't think it was worth taking up so much space.


File: 1639437978476-1.png (477.17 KB, 1654x1248, WzpKAfU.png)

I think togashi just doesn't like drawing that much. He should just write a novel tbh


I binge read HxH over the span of a week and watching togashi's art deteriorate was an experience. This was with the redraws as well. He really should just get another mangaka to draw while he writes the story.


mother of god


File: 1639877700578.jpg (72.26 KB, 1280x800, staystronghunterchads.jpg)

bros….sometimes I think to myself, "will we ever reach the dark continent?"

Yet I still have hope. It's only been 3 years bros. Togashi will return to give us the most anticipated and potentially the greatest shonen arc of all time. Stay strong HunterCHADS, our time will come

File: 1608528807022.png (139.02 KB, 725x770, ARMSLAVE_Rk-92.png)

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This is a red-blooded Soviet mech. Say something nice about it!
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File: 1639451296842.jpg (179.19 KB, 1512x1080, mp.jpg)

Macross Plus is getting a one-night only US theatrical release tomorrow, December 14th.


>10 Minute Preview

Shinichirō Watanabe co-directed it, Yoko Kanno scored it; RIP Keiko Nobumoto. Go watch it!


Just finished watching the 3 original Gundam movies (thanks >>10597 btw). Goddamn, I really enjoyed them. Now I'd like to see more of the same main cast before moving on to the couple of series that I originally wanted to watch.
So which one should I watch next?


lol, virtual idols, can you imagine?


Wow, the preview is gone.


Apparently Shōji Kawamori was very smug about that in the accompanying video.
That's fine I guess; the OVAs are pretty much the definitive way to watch it.

File: 1633316566588.png (1.22 MB, 1280x693, Thats right stalin.png)


General Thread discussing, analyzing and criticizing anime from the meta perspective of Capitalism, Media Culture (Industry) and Socio-Economics & Politics.
No shitflinging, drama, bad faith or baiting posts (e.g. "Trap is transphobic" or "Muh shounen trash" or "(all) Anime is misogynistic"). Keep it cool comrades.

Animation: Treatment of Animators Thread >>617
Leftist Anime Content: Communist Anime Thread >>1417 Communist Anime Girls Thread >>964 Miyazaki Thread >>469
Anime Hot Takes >>1993 so-bad-it's-good animu >>2551
Sources and Questions: Questions and Answers >>4229
E-celebs/Social Media: Ani-tube >>3128 V-tubers >>3388
Story Ideas: /WYOA/: write your own anime thread >>4263
Shounen complaint thread >>3200
Weeb-Otaku-/jp/ thread: /weaboo/ >>4715

Basic topics and questions:
>Is anime bad/stupid/boring or good/smart/interesting?
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>everything that's not privately owned is owned by the state
>communism is when government does things
Can you not?


In every socialist state it's the government that does everything.
>but it's not communism
Show me a country with communism then.


See George Lucas' interview with Charlie Rose; he discusses his inspirations from Soviet Sci-Fi and the freedom of art they had in comparison to himself and the rest of Hollywood.


V-tubers are a direct result of escapism and so have no reason to exist in socialism outside of very niche and specific content. See >>11250


"Government" is a very specific thing that has specific functions and the bus I'm riding isn't a "government bus" just because transport in my city is publicly funded.

File: 1608529136567.jpg (557.65 KB, 1001x1373, Hanyō_no_Yashahime.jpg)


So what's your opinion on Inuyasha and Yashahime?
T. Lad who was born on the 2000 and doesn't know jack shit.
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Apparently KyoAni had a hand in making Inuyasha, every day you learn something I guess.


Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon - Episode 21 - Secret of the Rainbow Pearls
Pearls of Silver, Gold, Red, Orange, Green, Blue, and Purple. With your power combined I am Captain Pla… oh wait wrong show.
>Moroha finally got a head to take in as a bounty and be paid
<Moroha can finally give Jyubei head to lower her debt! and get laid
>The Rainbow Pearls were Lady Zero's TEARS
I know Towa is really into Riku. But just giving him the pearl is a little…
<Towa is 14 this whole episode is a metaphor for grooming
This sequel series is convoluted as fuck, the only thing holding it together is the meme-tier content and action. It's actually so confusing that people fail to predict it constantly; https://archive.ph/0uUXZ
Also I feel that, for very young characters, the protagonists have significant power creep, especially as seen in Season 2's trailer. https://archive.ph/IksUd They're pulling off attacks that rival Inuyasha's Kaze no Kizu casually and it's kind of excessive. Towa can become Full Demon and control herself, why did Inuyasha never learn this? Is this from the Silver Rainbow Pearl?

I have to say that some of the things in the series is good, grandpa Higurashi's kappa foot being actually useful is nice and the Blood Blade is an interesting development of the Blades of Blood technique. https://inuyasha.fandom.com/wiki/Blood_Blade


File: 1633453708054.png (1.07 MB, 1024x527, ClipboardImage.png)

Honestly Yashahime feels like a fanfiction sequel of Inuyasha combining aspects of various villains and characters from the Inuyasha movies. Apparently not an unpopular opinion (ironically) either https://archive.ph/gFlpF


File: 1633639448778.png (858.88 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

I find it funny that Koga becomes a positive character in the story despite being a human killing yokai that, until Kagome, held indifference to the suffering of non-wolf tribe beings. As the leader of a yokai wolf tribe, wolves are Koga's family, not his pets. While Koga is stealing a shard from another wolf-demon, he sets his wolves on the innocent villagers, indifferent to their slaughter. If not for Inuyasha, the devastation would have been truly horrific, and yet Koga is played off in the show as if he's a friendly rival.


I find it very amusing and fun to see that anime movies are free on youtube and are easily available to donload.

File: 1608528775908.jpg (172.94 KB, 850x1200, IMG_20200518_172414.jpg)

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What is the consensus on Girls und Panzer?
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>How did people get interested in and enjoy Kantai Collection?
>it feels like there really has to be more to it. The boat designs in Azur Lane and other ship-girl games are better. In the end its just a soulless corporatist husk that will be abandoned by the devs as soon as there's more easy money to be made elsewhere.
The company behind it might have something to do with it. Plus, I'm not really sure, but I think Kantai Collection came before all those other ship-girl games.


>I think Kantai Collection came before all those other ship-girl games
>came out in 2013
I suppose so, but earlier doesn't often mean more popular.
>I WANT to fuck THEM ALL!!
I heard that to the Pokemon intro LMAO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpaHR-V_R-o&ab_channel=TheOfficialPok%C3%A9monYouTubechannel
*cue Pokemon Snap XXX*


It's funny how Raita gave us both kancolle and katawa shoujo


Mediocre to bad show but gets my favor over military nazi loli magic shit like Tanya >>795

File: 1608529041627.jpg (100.39 KB, 1280x720, spoonfeed juvia QA.jpg)

 No.4229[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Thread for Questions and Answers that don't really belong in other threads as well as source requests.
- Questions
- Answers
- Anime/Manga sauce

Anime related series and character search site:
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Lightning (Kaminari) - 雷 - As in Kaminari no Kuni?


Ah, ok. There seems to be a bit of an overlap between the two kanji's meanings (specifically in "lightning"), but commonly, 雷 (rai, kaminari) refers more to the natural phenomenon of thunder, lightning and such, while 電 (den) is used more for things that are powered by electricity (for example 電話, phone, or 電車, which roughly means electric train).


Thanks I didn't know that. I sort of inferred a relation to the Rai symbol and it's meaning, but not much past that.


This has actually made me curious about why they're so similar but also why they're used in different situations/how they came to acquire slightly different meanings. It would help understand how to use each kanji (as a standalone word), but that doesn't really matter a lot, what matters is how Japanese people use them in the present.
And then there's also the word 雷電 (raiden) lol


Yeah the complexities of Japanese grammar are an honest to god enigma to me.

File: 1623713857500.png (839.96 KB, 1215x816, 1623705090986.png)


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He was never a true Hikki he just had a bit of social anxiety (not even that much since he talked with Misaki just fine) also he's a massive bullshitter and a plain retard.

Satou was just a failed normalfag, a NEET leech. and even then that was enough to seduce 2 hot girls, fuck him, and fuck Yamazaki too.


>coping that hard about a fictional character
I believe you your life must be real shit


Gatekeeping mental illnesses is one of my favorite phenomenons on imageboards.


I was gonna try to buy and refund this from Amazon, but it's in AZW format - not AZW3 or AZW4. Is AZW still uncrackable?


Turns out its much easier to rip off Amazon than I thought. If anybody is still interested in this, here is a clean rip converted to a PDF. MUCH higher quality than OP's version; I might dump the EPUB for this on libgen or something later on also.


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