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File: 1677790239853.png (21.15 KB, 461x630, midna and link qt.png)


is there any actually scary horror anime? pls recommend me some




thank you very much! the shiki one in particular looks interesting to me, i'll give it a watch


benis :^DDDD

I always fantasised about Midnaxwolf link as a kid


japs lack the gene that makes you realize when youve gone too far with a joke


File: 1677576927698.jpeg (140.59 KB, 1076x658, 1666920375450.jpeg)



boy, this is satire



like 90% of isekai are """""""""satire"""""" nowadays


uyghas you don't get it this is dialectics in action.
Subversion of subversion of subversion of a genre.

File: 1675825686321.png (991.06 KB, 1024x768, 5NZInk.png)


i hate anime that takes place inside of highschool.

i want more anime like naruto and dragon ball, that has no high school, and has protagonist work hard to get stronger. but i don't want it to be childish like shonen is
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lmao if sel isnt spammed on social media everywhere


It is widely known but normies take it as a meme
Kinda like Hegel for /lit/


Why not watch "The Laughing Salesman"?


>that post
>posts a gay Lelouch

Watch G.i.t.S


File: 1676341357359.jpg (136.03 KB, 1366x768, feel the moe moe kyun.JPG)

Watch legend of the galactic heroes


opinion on Gate? can it be defined as JSDF recruitment propaganda?
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So the most realistic depiction of imperialism ever made?


there is a GATE fanfic about the red army,can't remember the name tho.


Iirc the manga kind of touches on the great power dynamics of Japan suddenly having exclusive access to a virtually pristine world of untouched resources, and if it actually delved into the ramifications and dimensions of that it might have actually been interesting. But instead we got Gate.


they were all in russian, and most got deleted, can't have shit if you are a communist.
Unless we start making shit of course.


Gate is unironic fascist propaganda.

File: 1673115129478.png (406.75 KB, 637x358, ClipboardImage.png)


are any of you powerscalers by any chance?

which protagonist from which anime can beat goku?
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File: 1675895533844.png (3.23 MB, 2302x3508, Haruhi 356.png)




File: 1676006350768.png (177.22 KB, 520x293, ClipboardImage.png)

naruto naruto could kill


This does not sound like trance.


I think its nightcore, but 2008 youtube didnt know the difference.

File: 1675660859653.jpg (385 KB, 1117x1600, Jormungand cast.jpg)


Anyone watched Jormungand? I did years ago as a teen and got into it since it started airing around the time I finished watching Black Lagoon. I remember seeing people on /a/ calling it a poor man's Black Lagoon as well, but thinking back on it I think that comparison works for general things but overall I'd say they're different thematically. I was planning on giving it a rewatch (mainly because I'd forgotten what happened in it) since I remember hating how the show made the American feds look incompetent in the 2nd season and now a show where glowies get outsmarted by an armsdealer sounds hilarious to me.


Stop trying to submit everything to your political ideology.
Anyway, its pretty good. Absolute banger opening song, decent action and some of the best girls of all time.

File: 1674721614290.png (239.5 KB, 369x587, ClipboardImage.png)


Has anybody else noticed a general uptick in sentiment against tomboy or masculine female characters and vice versa? It seems as if having a muscular or domineering woman in your story gets you a fair amount of backlash.
I don't really want to shit on fem women because well there is plenty of ways to do that well or bad but it seems like just including one will get you called a fag nowadays or even worse.
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I haven't. Tomboy threads are fucking annoying THOUGH.


Or any repetitive dump threads, really, or dump threads in general.


i am going to kill you


you're misreading it,the ending is litterally "I loved you how you are the entire time" and it's clear since the start both like each other and are just shitting themselves when it comes to sealing the deal,it's just that Jun's reason is very silly.


That's good

File: 1608529023583.jpg (437.6 KB, 1158x1600, purest.jpg)


The highest form of Japanese experimental literature, it is a disruptive, subversive entry into the incestuous world of culture.
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you said it yourself, this is babby's first incest anime/manga/vn


> It's only beginning in 14 year olds
In boys. And it varies. It starts at age 10 to 12 in girls


love YnS


incest increases in-group favoritism
in-group favoritism increases religiosity


Myself and every boy I knew back then hit puberty more around 11 and girls had already hit it around 9 or so. For girls 12 is just the average age they start having a menstrual cycle not hit puberty. You two must have been malnourished or are misremembering. As for post pubertal technically puberty never ends in some regards for example women's hips never stop getting wider and this was only recently discovered.


How do they do this thing where they take existing anime and "fix it up" for the blu-ray release

I don't understand how animation works, wouldn't it be hard?
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No, they just redraw what looked bad due to time constraints. These days it's largely digital so it doesnt always require redoing everything in a scene.


they keep the scene on hand (since half of it is keyframes some underpaid SEA animator sent them via mail or whatever) and have somebody redraw it later when they have the time when it's finished,it's all digital and kept just in case they have to rerelease it later down the line


man that sounds sad, having to redraw so much
or those anime filters any good? do they make stuff look better really or is like it emu where it just smooths out everything


Too many questions. Look up Dong Chang on YouTube. He's a Canadian that works in the anime industry as an animator. He explains various parts of the animation process pretty clearly


Well depending on how they have made the original anime in the first place, and how much they kept, it range from "hard" to "just redraw everything, it will be easier".

The first thing to know is that production studio usually don't keep files / puppets after delivery.
They usually keep some assets if there is a chance that a new season will be bought, but that's it.

Now, to "fix up" like your video shows, they basically kept the original data, and edited the images afterwards.

Basically, >>17607 answer was correct.
Don't think that VLC filter can fix up a fucked up face tho, it will only remove some noise, and sometime improve colors.
To really upscale and clean an image, you need an AI or some humans to redraw everything frame by frame (except if they have access to the original animation files, then they can only redraw what's important, and the background and such will stay the same.)
Have a look at Waifu2x. I know it's old, but it use AI to upscale images, and take a good amount of time using only CPU (remember, you have 12 to 24 images to upscale for each second of video).

File: 1674446798975.png (1.28 MB, 1600x1851, ClipboardImage.png)



he's gay so jot that down


he's just a hero


he‘s a gay villainous anti-hero protagonist

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