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Berserk is back bitches
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TBH knowing stories from Miura and much of perfectionist he was to his editors dismay.


>If his artist OCD existing in a more sane context he'd probably still be alive.
Fuckin' Japan's Anime Industry Complex :(


All of berserk really flies by. It's a lot like gutts really. Hardly any fat on all that meat.


File: 1655984976675.png (Spoiler Image, 3.04 MB, 2239x1600, qrptr9wcaes81.png)

Yes, from what they said he got worse about it after they switched to digital, that he could now obsess over every pixel.


The best story in Berserk is really about a slave reclaiming his freedom and dignity. The rest of it doesn't really measure up.

File: 1608528978551.jpg (19.07 KB, 320x240, 3887-waltz07.jpg)


Discussion of movies, TV, web shorts
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There was an incident that had many Japanese people infuriated because allegedly an Israeli artist had disrespected their culture.


youre comparing a whole medium to hollywood lol


OP's image is from Waltz with Bashir which ends up being a very anti-Israeli movie. The whole movie is spent interviewing zionist warmongers and sucking them off, only to do a shocking about-face in the last 10 minutes where the cartoon filters come off and uncensored footage of their murders of Palestinian women and children is shown without mercy to the audience. surprised nobody ITT mentioned it. I watched it back when it came out and it totally broke the spell of MSM hypnosis on me w/r/t israel (tbf I barely knew anything about israel)



sounds based as fuck agitprop

File: 1655246744926.png (315.84 KB, 527x543, 1653032126345.png)


Is there any point in reading manga with super duper high quality 4K scans?
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>I get to selectively be presumptuous
If you truly believed you weren't you wouldn't have to specifically point out the moment you weren't, for you wouldn't at all.


what an awful, awful board


I wrote a longer reply, but you know what? Fuck you is more appropriate. Grow up.


see >>15479
I know I'm not helping, but I'm just so tired of this shit. I have to echo the sentiment: why [does anon] have to act like this?


i hear you, i cant even blame it on leftism because i know plenty of lefty places where they can actually talk about anime
i dont remember it being this bad before so i think everyone who actually wanted to participate in the board left and only the worst posters are left making up most of the activity, as usual

File: 1608529034785.jpg (518.59 KB, 795x993, 162931807501987.jpg)


I enjoy looking at cute anime girls. Its the only /hobby/ in this world that brings me joy.

Am I mentally ill?
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>hobby isn't /b/
Yes that wasn't the point. THis thread was move FROM /hobby/ to /anime/ BEFORE /b/ was made and frankly should have stayed IN hobby.
>muh reddit
SO what? There is only 1 or 2 posts mentioning reddit and it was related to the topic since traps are just a form of waifuism and escapism into "looking at cute anime girls" is essentially a form of waifuism as well.

The past comments before your first ones are also on topic


Ok mr.angry, have a Snickers


Damn that's an old joke by now


Well it deepens on what your looking at.


Not exactly normal, but you're not alone either https://archive.ph/7TTbq


Things that are not anime and manga are also okay, and communist cosplay is even better.
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File: 1654928190461.jpg (Spoiler Image, 79.58 KB, 1280x720, Unruhe.jpg)


>>5060 Jason Unruhe goes to conventions.


Most of what passes for the mainstream leftist politics nowadays could count as LARP, anyways.


lefty Boards could do real meetup like those fags at pol.


File: 1662274777777.jpg (Spoiler Image, 784.28 KB, 2640x1488, 1662271335317-0.jpg)

File: 1608529136722.jpg (51.22 KB, 334x450, 20669l.jpg)


It' s not bad.


Hisui is the best.


Explain this.


Explain this position.

File: 1655528280063.jpg (62.49 KB, 400x554, 1203884050101.jpg)


Why does it feel as though the prevalence of Japanese culture in anime and manga hobbyist platforms has lessened despite the increasing popularity of the medium in the west? Has it simply become too widely available for it to have any permanence?

Think about the last time you saw shit like gachimuchi (that wasn’t made by a westerner aping the old content), nico medleys (which still get made today), content like Mou Ikkai, Geddan, Okkusenman, Miku stuff like Fukkireta, etc. I haven’t seen anything close to that on most western anime imageboards in many years. The best you see are the “go to Futaba and bring something back” (and calling it "2chan") threads but even those get a couple of posts or simply get deleted on the big places like 4chin these days.

Now it's just """"""""discussing""""""""" the stuff you're watching/reading, no more generating or sharing niche stuff made by fans.


It's not just here, the contradictions and worsening of capitalism has made Japanese hobbyist culture die out since 2013 or so due to their companies growing more aggressive causing people to get more complacent with spending, cancelling others for copyright infringement, posting about their gacha rolls, etc. in place of creating.


you sound spooked as fuck my guy, why does it not count when it's content made for a jp vtuber instead of for an anime, or a meme from japanese twitter like the I字 thing which i saw tons of reposts of on other boards, or those GYARI vocaloid videos which were fucking all over the place
>>15781 is true for sure but i really don't think it's as bleak as you're making it seem



ya, japan is part of the imperialist triad, I think it's being coopted for the sake of soft power influence just like Hollywood spreads their media all over the world, after the economic collapse they've been moving away from a dirgisme style economy towards neoliberalism at the prompting of American sanctions.

File: 1655140687037.png (298.83 KB, 640x360, ClipboardImage.png)


How much fluorite do I have to distill in order to enjoy this? Can I safely skip episodes 3-10?
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Why did they only go back in time once? That does not make sense. Singularity implies all timelines converge to the same outcome. So… what gives?


I think they use singularity in the tech sense of artificial intelligences becoming sentient and rebelling against the humans, not in the metaphysical sense. The point of a single time travel is to try and make a new timeline where the events that supposedly caused the robots' killing spree have been altered, thus avoiding said killing spree. It's not amazing sci-fi, but the premise is certainly passable. The real theme of the show is the age-old question of what separates humans from sufficiently advanced robots, which is why I feel that to call the middle parts of the show filler is to entirely miss the point, because the show isn't really about a mission to save the world (though it is that as well), but about what makes Vivy or any other robot different from a human being.


>The real theme of the show is the age-old question of what separates humans from sufficiently advanced robots
If it is, then Episodes 3 through 10 are objectively filler. Since they're about an android trying to make humanity happy through song


anglo ideology strikes again


I don't even know what you're saying dude. Are you somehow denying the importance of this main theme?


Post old otaku culture links and stuff

This is footage from Comiket 1985. Surprisingly a lot more girls than I would have thought.
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i wonder if it's because statistically women who have had multiple partners aren't going to end with you as their final partner. the more partners she's had the less likely she's going to settle with you. there is an instinctive drive to form long term bonds for the raising of children that has an influence on the sexual fantasies of males. maybe its because of that?


of course thats not just otaku fantasy it's male instinct. it just comes out more in otakus since they're less socially filtered then normies who keep these kind of thoughts and feelings to themselves and then virtue signal they don't feel that way because its expected of them.


Okay, this is beautiful, what the hell.


If a girl isn't bleeding and in pain the first time I fuck her, she doesn't really love me


VERY early anime penetration into America. Apparently this was a regular Sunday night thing on the channel and they played some real bangers.

File: 1653797480604-0.png (993.73 KB, 3409x2800, FT4B1kSWIAMREKn.png)

File: 1653797480604-1.png (1009.35 KB, 3700x2800, FT4B1k2WAAMJce5.png)

File: 1653797480604-2.png (943.84 KB, 3386x2800, FT4B1lTWAAAs1y1.png)


All otaku French vampire kitsch bullshit descends from the legend of the Merovingian Grail kings.
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would be even better tbdesu



Reminds me how sister at 15 created a fake persona of a 19 year old girl and catfished some 25 year old guy online to fuck her. Luckily for him she was of legal age. She did same with someone else as well.


yeah but that's a given



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