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File: 1612814188817.jpg (171.57 KB, 1024x1022, Satoshi Kon Legacy.jpg)


Can he be considered the greatest Anime Director ever or does the Crown still go to Miyazaki?

If he is, what makes puts his work in a class of his own?
If he is not, why do you think he is overrated?
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Who makes an animated film about regular people doing regular things? Why not just make it live action?


> radlib



To show off your animating skillz


Some things can only be expressed through animation. Satoshi Kon is widely known for cutting his own films, and the cuts themselves are much shorter and thus convey more information than what is feasibly possible in live action film.


Not him, but i find that the themes of escapism and consumerism or whatever that permeate his work are treated in too straightforward and near-sighted a manner. It's probably the biggest reason why Perfect Blue has become a staple of the pretentious weeb canon, it's critical of it's own audience but more in a conservative way that's supposed to fill you with pure disgust rather than actually make you think about the distinction between the real and virtual or whatever. Tokyo Godfathers is good kino tho

File: 1612468442913.png (62.25 KB, 210x498, Chelsea.png)


I've had difficulty suspending my disbelief with Dr. Stone more and more lately, but this character is really stretching it close to the breaking point.
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Yeah that isn't Suika. This is a new character that just happened to get unpetrified independently of everyone else at almost the same time as everyone else and just happens to have a useful set of skills the team needs.


For me it's the incredible overload of characters to keep track of: the cast of Dr. Stone is practically a fashion show at this point.

Technology progression is also ridiculous at times in a way that really strains the reader's credulity. Apparently Senku is such a turbo genius he apparently knows an improved form of chemical vapor deposition for making diamonds, and the entire team is so gosh darn amazing at craftsmanship they can convert one form of complicated machinery to another while being chased.


The writer wasn't a hentai author, it's seems that was only the illustrator.


Then I have no idea why the fuck it's like this.


Elaborate on the hentai logic thing because it makes sense, but doesn't make sense at the same time.

File: 1611944606321.jpg (181.03 KB, 640x826, 1557177946.jpg)


Are there any hopes for socialism in super capitalist japan or is it doomed forever?
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The Japanese communist party is surprisingly strong, here is a good video on them from a video series that covers the basics of Japanese politics (from a non-Leftist perspective) however.



You mean of the largest stupid ass socdem parties quit dreaming revisionist scum




Sir, This is a anime board, a hyper consumerist hobby

Japanese society looks like it suffers from the most advanced stage of capitalism.
Wage slavery. Alienation. Consumerism. Imperialism.


what is this manga u speak of ?

File: 1611891894654.png (646.62 KB, 848x1036, 1608247783335.png)


Is anyone else watching Gou?




Whats the best Tezuka manga?
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Metropolis, or Phoenix.


bro the metropolis movie is madly based




Clockwork apple is another masterpiece imo.


The Phoenix the Future volume


Post kino OPs, EDs, or OSTs of anime
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unforgettable for its cheesiness


a newer one that's fairly enjoyable




What's wrong?


File: 1623782383982-0.mp4 (5.91 MB, 960x720, digimon-op1.mp4)

Reminder that anglos are subhuman and have no soul

File: 1611106073176.png (8.89 KB, 300x300, 1223040552277.png)


>mfw when bitch about nobuhiro watsuki or other mangaka that support nobuhiro watsuki because he got convicted of having CP

imo if he didn't make it and he didn't actually molest any children then it's totally whatever. if all he did was wack it to pictures in the privacy of his own home then it isn't really anyone else's business

pedos gonna phile and prosecuting and ostracizing them when no one at all was hurt is ridiculous. even if you wanna make the argument that making the cp hurt the child, unless watsuki-sensei was the one that made it he hasn't harmed anyone.

it's retarded that he had to pay 200,000 yen fines for having naked girls on his computer when if he had a hd full of pictures of corpses no one would give a shit
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File: 1611237979662.jpg (197.22 KB, 1200x800, Ivan the terible.jpg)

If you're under 18 you are a child.
Having sex with a significantly older adult when you are under 18, like say any more than 2 or 3 years older might seem fine at the time, to your' developing young brain, but chances are that it will fuck you up. Even people in the age of 18/19 or early 20's can be manipulated/exploited much easier by older adults with more life experience, so even this pairing carries with it certain risks.
You say "under 14 years old children" I am assuming because you masturbate to 14 year olds and possibly younger children. It is important to note that sex between a 14-17 year old child and a much older adult is bound to have a very large power differential, and it is a recipe for trauma and possibly heartbreak for the child. It is likely the adult in this situation is interested primarily because "their partner" is a still developing child. Realizing this and getting discarded by your abuser, whom you may have even thought loved you, later on is one of the most damaging effects of childhood sexual abuse. Not to mention that people who sexually abuse children cannot in principle or in actuality obtain any degree of consent from the children they sexually exploit.
Sex between adults and children of any age is always exploitative.
Sex between adults and children of any age is always harmful.

Listen pedophiles, the truth is simple if you are honest with yourself.
You cannot choose whether you will develop a sexual attraction to children, perhaps you could say the same thing of necrophiliacs or those with an intense drive to rape, what you can choose is how you will deal with these drives.
Our mother nature is brutal and unfair, human beings and other social animals by contrast possess knowledge of morality and the ability to reproduce it.
Taking no actions to quench your desires may end up in you committing a sexual offense, it is your' task to deal with your pedophilic desires in a healthy way, it is society's task to provide you with the resources you may require to overcome the urge to abuse children. Should you fail in this task, it is society's task to hold you accountable for your actions, and for you, to accept your fate.


listen retard I was shitting on that poster who brought up "everyone does fucked up shit at some point" which isn't very relevant to the topic of child pornography. I said children under 14 because that poster can't possibly deny that at that age, being sexualized by adults is unambiguously fucked up no matter how you look at it, unlike with, say, 17 year olds who are just about to turn 18, which he argues is no big deal.
I actually agree with you that a even a very young adult can easily suffer more with a much older partner than with one around their own age, and it often happens.

But chill the fuck out my man. I hate pedo apologists too but you gotta tone it down a little, else you risk being blinded by that rage.


>but chances are that it will fuck you up
where are the proofs billy


>Also, what the fuck is wrong with americans
At least in this instance, decades upon decades of hysterical screeching from their media about how pedophilia is the worst thing ever and that pedophiles are lurking in every shadow just frothing to get at their children.


File: 1611395888627.bmp (678.88 KB, 640x362, 1608529103152.bmp)

File: 1610999599296.jpeg (236.55 KB, 764x531, nakamura-tan.jpeg)


What was her fucking problem?
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and no i will not read the filename


She’s from Aku No Hana


She just wanted to see how he reacts, like when you walk up to a woman and tell her you're going to rape her just to freak her out, I don't do that btw.


Or when you stare at someone on the buss, I did that before.


Aku no Hana's message is that relationships won't help with your mental state but every thread about it is filled with lonely men that want to "fix" her (with their love).

File: 1610436849504.jpg (78.42 KB, 854x480, cass.jpg)




What we really need is that anime titties board.

File: 1610383425505.jpg (294.61 KB, 743x1320, e1.jpg)


Why are ugly bastards so popular?
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File: 1624710107640.jpg (Spoiler Image, 109.1 KB, 960x540, 1614880692234.jpg)

It's the magic of dialectics.albaniaAlbania


but what if I identify with the ugly bastard???


That would be the second thing I mentioned.


Take the IKEMEN pill.anarcha-feminismAnarcha-Feminism


File: 1627830483962.png (185.21 KB, 640x887, ClipboardImage.png)

Because that's what the hentai artists look like, or think their audience looks like. It's basically saying, yeah this is you but instead of having sex you're only going to beat off to drawings of yourselves doing it. Also humiliation of the grill involved.

My fujoshi alarms are going off.

>lesbian porn wouldn't be popular
You're still self-inserting to the extent of being an actual voyuer or to the thought of joining in.
Same usually, but occasionally you'll get some good stuff

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