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File: 1609886268764.jpeg (50.79 KB, 736x736, ochaco.jpeg)


Couldn't Ochaco basically win any encounter by touching her opponent and tossing them up into the air?
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lol no, (also endeavor is probably the character that pissed me off the most with what happenned to him later)
yes, but it has the same problem of a really nice start that loses any interest the more it goes on (but it's also not stuck with an high school setting,so it at least get some points for that).
At least it died with dignity as opposed to the main story.
That's mostly because most of the audience are anime only people,so they haven't experienced the worst of it for now,the production value is also really good so it makes it look better.


>they haven't experienced the worst of it for now
That's sad to hear, I was hoping it got better, not worse, after this lengthy period of relatively little character development.


File: 1619112737500-0.webm (2.67 MB, 478x330, videoplayback.webm)

File: 1619112737500-1.jpg (62.08 KB, 676x380, big other.jpg)

>Its like OPM without the sarcastic distance
Good point


The Gun Gale spinoff with the P90 girl was another good one at least in comparison to SAO itself is.


Is that woth watching?

File: 1609815563490.jpg (131.19 KB, 1920x1080, tohru.jpg)


What anime are you watching?
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Machikado Mazoku


should i watch the entirety of kimetsu no yaiba so i have an excuse to go to the movies


it's fun, don't expect anything deep.


>boring slice-of-life
If that's what you gleaned from that film you need to rethink your views.


Dragon Ball Z Abridged (absolutely hilarious and high quality, especially later episodes.

File: 1609199325055.jpeg (921.5 KB, 1920x1080, outlaw star.jpeg)


Why doesn't anyone seem to make imaginative adventure fiction like this anymore? One thing I always really liked about this series was its blending of fantastical elements with high technology. Even though there's all sorts of crazy stuffy in the Outlaw Star universe, every phenomenon seems to have its limits and has to operate by some sort of rules.

Also has no one seriously translated the Outlaw Star manga into English? What the hell is that all about?


>Also has no one seriously translated the Outlaw Star manga into English? What the hell is that all about?
The manga was literally an ad for the commercially unsuccessful anime and light novels. Therefore, only hardcore fans would be interested in reading it, much less scanlating it.

The first five chapters were scanlated, but you're probably not going to get any more unless you track down the raws and wrangle up some diehard fans to work on it.
Here's a mega link for the scanlations: https://mega.nz/folder/xJ0HXKxI#fetokTc_wkn04ZmpS3MVBA


>literally an ad
That seems unlikely since it was started two years before the anime adaptation.


Have you ever heard of the media mix? It's the Japanese cross media promotion strategy designed to sell merch.

I also found the manga raws: https://mega.nz/folder/RdV0gLTT#HSLHfRMtzJ8Xo7jt46vVCg

File: 1608529145016.jpg (64.02 KB, 388x550, school-days-1419.jpg)


Post pleb filters
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I for one am happy about every new thread here


This thread is from Bunkerchan though


I fucked up


it's ok anon, I forgive you


File: 1616033961720.png (453.87 KB, 823x613, FrenRevolt.png)

Thank you I appreciate it

File: 1608529144180.jpg (1.19 MB, 2897x4096, Eoy1lN8UcAEVJgj.jpg)


First episode of new Mamoru Oshii anime just dropped on YouTube:


You can watch the PV here:

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"Mitsugu" version of the opening was just posted a couple days ago. It looks like the rest of the show is gonna be dumped onto streaming sites this Sunday.


>no male main characters
>automatically means moeshit
look at this clown


I suppose it could be kind of like Gall Force. Doesn't seem like it though.




Would this be funnier if I was Japanese? Because it's awful.

File: 1608529143779-0.jpg (193.4 KB, 980x1600, x23.jpg)

File: 1608529143779-1.jpg (165.88 KB, 980x1600, x24.jpg)

File: 1608529143779-2.jpg (114.95 KB, 980x1600, x25.jpg)


How it feels to argue with right-wingers.
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Never mind, I image searched it Imawa No Kuni No Alice. Apparently its a fucking isekai.


Isekai only by definition, the characters are transported to what's basically a game show pocket dimension.


Eh, it was better than similar shit like NGNL


File: 1608529148044-0.jpg (135.41 KB, 980x1086, x11.jpg)

File: 1608529148044-1.jpg (85.05 KB, 980x616, x22.jpg)

File: 1608529148044-2.gif (358.05 KB, 450x359, booba2.gif)

a BASED protagonist AND wears glasses?? Woah, papa!!

File: 1608529136722.jpg (51.22 KB, 334x450, 20669l.jpg)


It' s not bad.


Hisui is the best.


Explain this.

File: 1608529134187.gif (695.8 KB, 302x326, lol.gif)


Why are there no commie catboys?
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I guess we commies have no choice but to become straight…


Because this is a website for girls.
You should no there are no boys on this site.


That doesn't make any sense
If this was a site for girls there would be commie catboys instead of catgirls


There can if you want there to be ;)


I like that you cant see thier human ears, beacous the only reason I don't like catboys is that they have 2 pairs of ears with fucking annoys me a lot.


Who remembers this little shit? I really liked this show, but I dropped, because they wouldn't finnish it, which resulted in the producers dragging it on too long.
Thoughts on this Anime


>I dropped, because they wouldn't finnish it, which resulted in the producers dragging it on too long.
It's called Detective Conan Syndrome >>4680


I remember caring for roughly 20 episodes before I realized it would never end.


That's an interesting Post. Thank you


Fuck,this bitch was made in the 90s, and now its 2020 and this show is still going,how the hell do they come up with all thoes episodes?


File: 1608529133954.png (131.67 KB, 500x366, a1e.png)

and it will never end


Is Naruto communist or fascist? Explain your reasoning


It's definitely idealist.


>world ruled by effete feudal lords
>entire story is about conflicts between clandestine their footsoldiers
>never questions the power of the daimyo, even when the entire world is about to be destroyed
Naruto is clearly feudalist.


USE The mother fucking Naruto thread you dull retards


It's just shit.


No u

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