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File: 1628080806575.png (176.88 KB, 264x244, ClipboardImage.png)


What are some day to day hijinks comedy anime

No over arching arcs or plots
Just comedy from daily situations

Like Doraemon, Perman, Kitretsu, Ninja Hattori?
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I don't know man, I haven't been to High School in ages

If I see any High School Boys, I'll make sure to ask them


>How's that good in any way if you don't want softcore porn getting in the way?
agreed, fuck coomers


I'll whack you if you call me a coomer
I have hitmen around the world


>I don't know man, I haven't been to High School in ages
>If I see any High School Boys, I'll make sure to ask them
Fucking kek


File: 1608529111919-0.jpg (2.28 MB, 2346x3549, IMG_20201130_0129.jpg)

File: 1608529111919-1.jpg (2.83 MB, 2374x3545, IMG_20201201_0031.jpg)

File: 1608529111919-2.jpg (2.44 MB, 2421x3564, IMG_20201130_0147.jpg)


Hey! I just scanned and uploaded a collection of Genpei Akasegawa's left wing political cartoons from the 1970s. You can find it here:


It contains Concerned Theatre Japan's English translation of the special issue. Although I didn't realize it was already on mangadex:


More information about both Genpei Akasegawa's manga/illustration work as well as Concerned Theatre Japan:

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You are most welcome! Again I hope scanlators will pick it up at some point; do please share it with other people.
Yeah, scholarship on Japanese Old/New Left movements are pretty scarce. Aside from Gavin Walker and Patricia G. Steinhoff, there are few contemporary English-speaking scholars who're actually talking about them. From a cursory glance, New Left schisms from the JCP seem very similar to the Trotskyist splinter sects from CPUSA just a few decades prior only much, much more violent. I'm sure a Paul Le Blanc type figure could write a multi-volume series on them alone. Gavin Walker actually has a new book that came out recently; it contains translations of essays on the "Japanese '68"—here's an epub.


What's that second picture supposed to mean?


I wish I could tell you.


Bumping for interest.


Underrated thread IMO, bumping for interest

File: 1608528924834.jpg (12.07 KB, 174x200, psychic wars.jpg)


How much of this actually exists? Annie-may that's so embarrassingly incompetent that you can actually sit through and laugh at ironically, like a hilariously bad movie? It's normally a lot harder to do because every bit of animation has thought and effort put into it, so it just comes off as intolerably bad when it's bad. Unlike an incompetent movie, which is much easier for someone with a handheld camera to half-ass their way through to a finished product. Pic related, Psychic Wars is fucking terrible.
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I don't see this as so bad it's good. Like it or not it's exactly what it attempts to be


A lot of this early ridiculously violent OVA stuff has a similar vibe where it's filled with gratuitous gore and nudity and not a lot of sense or polish. Koichi Ohata's stuff (MD Geist and Genocyber) used to be called the worst anime ever for pretty much this reason. But the tragedy is it's all easily more interesting than most of the shit we get today


>Ruggington is gone
My night is ruined. Goddammit.
And the new account has none of the GX clips. GODDAMMIT.


The Sub is bland and frankly boring SoL shit that has a fantasy addition. The dub is so random, unfiltered and silly that I laugh enjoy it.

File: 1608528950412.jpg (196.59 KB, 1280x720, lol.jpg)


Who the hell is even the target audience for this cringeworthy shitshow these days? I'm seriously curious.
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File: 1633736765494-0.png (2.63 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1633736765494-1.png (882.41 KB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1633736765494-2.png (863.51 KB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1633736765494-3.png (267.71 KB, 523x494, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1633736765494-4.png (1.31 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

>Next Dragon Ball Super movie trailer dropped
<red ribbon army making creatures to fight the Z Fighters
<10 Year Timeskip
<Pan training with piccolo, Broly training on Beerus' planet
<Korin, Dende and others are featured
CGI is breddy good and animation is much better than prior DBS content


I think this isn't what I was thinking of but holy kek what an autismfest


Dragon ball super is awesome


it's fun I think you mean, there is nothing in DBS that has one in awe.


I was in awe of Chadren.

File: 1619644473296.jpg (78.22 KB, 700x350, Nagatoro.jpg)

 No.7100[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

I heard Nagatoro was adapted recently is it worth watching?
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File: 1632783060797.png (1.33 MB, 850x1041, ClipboardImage.png)

The real shame is that the author can do some actually interesting premises. One of their other works is A Tale of Being Eaten by a Man-Eating Youkai from 2019 that is much better than Nagatoro and having a cool plot and Yokai to boot. It's relatively creative and sweet, even if the basic plot is a bit unoriginal. The fact that she only reveals a humanoid form at the end also avoids Moe-shitting


Frankly I first thought the characters were from the same anime back when they first appeared in mainstream media.




I jerked off to that shit, it was amazing.

File: 1608528886005.jpg (86.56 KB, 385x371, 1594525847172.jpg)

 No.1993[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Just give me your anime hot takes. I don't care if they're retarded.
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>all these words
jesus what a waste of time you could waste on twitter, it still an outrage bait anime to get money for edge but you do you.


File: 1634009237101.png (1010.25 KB, 1580x1569, saying words.png)

>muh twitter
<implying I use that shit site
>bait anime to get money for edge but you do you.
You really missed the point. I have a feeling you're just salty people are picking on this anime for being shit so you're trying to frame any criticism as "muh outrage" and "muh bait" as if this board isn't dedicated to discussing anime. Get over yourself.


But it is grey. Revenge is stupid but that doesn't mean it's not understandable why someone would have such feelings and it's not an environment where he could just be really civil about everything because he has no power and is up against imperalist leaders and armies. When I was talking about fate I didnt mean determinism just the flow of events that occur the way they do. Just couldn't think of a better word for it. Your thought process is the epitome of Twitwit's cancel culture. These sort of things can serve as outlets for people where they can keep it fantasy not reality. Only a very small portion of people would actually be made more likely to do an act of murder or rape because of media while more it reduces their liklihood as various studies have suggested. It acts both as an outlet and as a way of exposure if the portrayal is realistic. Just because it's not framed in a moralistic narrative doesnt mean it's not realistic in depiction. By portrayal of that rape that is realistically brutal rather than cherry coated fetishism it allows for empathetic reaction. I found it uneasy to watch but I see that as a good thing not a bad thing. The MC also although hypocritical had multiple times shown a very negative view about rape so it would be pretty absurd to suggest this encourages rape and murder. I spend a lot of my time for at least a decade trying to helping out and console people with problems including rape victims.

Literally not an argument. No one said it was okay rather it's more understandable and not equally bad as if he had no reason and if he raped and killed overall good people. Ethics are grey abstractions not black and white objectivities. Also do all you watch children's shows? Pretty much every action type show outside of shounen and shoujo for younger audiences the MC kills people. As I told the other poster it's not like he has much choice on using violence. Yes the rape is not necessary for that but the violence is.


Understanding someone's motivation doesn't make rape and murder any less wrong or the perpetrator any less wrong for doing it.


>But it is grey. Revenge is stupid but that doesn't mean it's not understandable why someone would have such feelings
That doesn't make it Grey, Grey =/= understandable even if understandability is part of it. Zabuza's death and his philosophy of being a ninja tool in Naruto is understandable but the man killed an entire class of children before he even graduated the academy and had no qualms about killing Team 7 and the Bridge Builder despite being aware that the bridge is important for the Land of Wave. He is in terms of story, a villain and that's undeniable, there is no grey area in saying "even a monster can have humanity".
>it's not an environment where he could just be really civil about everything
Count of Monte Cristo, Shield Hero and any other revenge stories do not resort to this kind of shit behavior, because that is tasteless. Could revenge rape occur? Yes, but that's not really necessary to convey a story unless you're setting up a villain.
> the flow of events that occur the way they do
Sure, life can take you in unexpected directions, but as I said, this is fiction, the point of fiction is to present a story and the story presents concepts, ideas and thoughts - if it does not there is no point to it, like in Balabanov's Cargo 200, and so you just get pointless rape fantasies from the sick mind of the author.
>Your thought process is the epitome of Twitwit's cancel culture.
No, no it is not, your hyperbole indicates a lack of comprehension of what Twitter cancel culture states and what I am stating. It is not about sexism or other virtue signaling, it's about it being a disgusting fantasy that has no point except to promote a rape revenge fantasy and normalize the concept, desensitizing people.
>Muh fantasy realistic
Game of Thrones's best episodes were not from "muh realistic plunder and rape" but from the machinations and plot of squabbling nobles, and the more the show got worse the more they resorted to gratuitous violence and rape, because that's what the uninspired and immature consider to be "mature and realistic"
>These sort of things can serve as outlets for people
I've heard this excuse a dozen times Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1608529018698.jpg (9.91 KB, 343x147, logh.jpg)


Have any of you guys ever seen this? What did you think with its messages related to democracy / authoritarianism and such?
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/mlp/ol classic


File: 1633704948296-0.png (782.78 KB, 1280x960, panic.png)

File: 1633704948296-1.jpg (162.08 KB, 640x477, Yang is Stirner gang.jpg)

File: 1633704948296-2.png (264.98 KB, 500x377, 7 year old.png)

File: 1633704948296-3.jpg (295.84 KB, 960x2880, tfw no gf.jpg)




File: 1633933697026.jpg (148.58 KB, 960x720, logh21.jpg)

I get the sense that the author of the novel was attempting to rationalize WWII and the Japanese loss as well as their new alliance with the Americans/British who bested them. The book was written in the 1970s-1980s. The Soviet Union is still around on Japan's doorstep, the space race has 'finished' and Japan is a rising economic power with a decision to make about it's future that is strikingly similar to the 1930s again. The bubble economy of the 1990s hasn't happened yet as far as the author is concerned.

In my view and I believe the author's, an honest appraisal of Imperial Japan's strength must include an overthrow of the 'legitimate' emperor by a random wild eyed military man. Tojo=Reinhardt as much as he is an Caesarian/Napoleonic stand in. Is that stability? Is it desirable that we all pound our chests about ancient pride when any whipper snapper worth his salt can come along and upend society?

An honest appraisal of Democracy must also account for corruption and how to remove it from the 'throne'. It is harder to do but worth striving after if the people can be engaged and guided by historical understanding rather than a faux patriotism/militarism which is in no one's long term interest. Yang Wen-li and the Trunicht/Jessica Edwards arc. LOGTH manages to 'both sides' the problem without losing touch with the real differences between the systems.

The only things worth fighting for are the people you care about because they will have your back seems to be the ongoing lesson of most Japanese thought from this series onward, so it is good to see it arrive in what amounts to it's young adulthood.

And beware of Capitalists interested only in seeing their enemies eat each other to preserve the status quo and their own profits. Phezzan

A good to great series overall, though the remake was a disappointment both in the art and the plot emphasis (great OP for what it was worth). The remake plays the notes of the story through a neoliberal vocoder is the best I can describe it.


Do you think the books are any different from the anime?

File: 1608528931817.jpg (506.09 KB, 1891x1057, Mellisa.jpg)

 No.2654[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

When I was a wee lad I read Katawa Shoujo and ended up really liking Emi. She hit all the right spots for me personality wise. I finished her route with the impression that she was supposed to be the token tomboy among the main girls. To my astonishment, when I went on the Katawa Shoujo forum I found out that other people did not consider her a tomboy. How? She's the athletic, bold, energetic girl who likes to play rough. Did I not just describe a tomboy? Is it because she doesn't "look" like a tomboy? Ridiculous. It was as if at some point I had been transported to bizarro world where the word tomboy had been hijacked by pathetic fetishists who now tied the word tomboy to physical appearance.

As the years went by I found myself highly attracted to 2D girls with varying types of what are culturally seen as masculine qualities. Like the aforementioned athletic, bold, energetic, likes to play rough but also aggressive, assertive, emotionally reserved, brash, vulgar, messy, short-tempered, rhetorical, analytical, philosophical, gluttonous, as lustful as a man and so on. In other words, women who behave like the worst and best of male cultural stereotypes. Do they "look" like tomboys? Some do. But even then I have nothing in common with the pathetic fetishists, the most egregious and possibly loudest of which circlejerk over 2D girls who only "look" like tomboys and otherwise do not deviate much from the assumed average girl who on top of that unironically fantasize about turning said "tomboy" into a traditional 1950s cooking, breeding and raising servant (read: wife).

Don't believe me? Give a definition for the word tomboy. Then objectively think of all the fictional girls who come to your mind that fit that definition. How many have you never thought of as tomboys?

It's not just the word tomboy that is being systematically destroyed by pathetic fetishists. The word gyaru did not simply refer to physical appearance alone, but a whole subculture. To be a gyaru it's not enough to dress the part, you also have to act the part else you're a poser right? That's how subcultures work. Gals are stereotypically vain, airheaded, trendy, extroverted, socially intelligent, gold diggers, Americaboos and so on. Today? Shy gyaru. Awkward gyaru. Recluse gyaru. Tomboy gyaru. Normal girl gyaru. Otaku gyaru. Of course a character turning out to be different from expectation is funny on the occasion, but when every gyaru is effectively a poser gyaru thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Bwaaaaaah fugg uthority!
<If you aren't frothing at your mouth in hatred at the mention of a random (fictional) military you're a cop
Ok infant, read Losurdo and take meds.


File: 1633991950413.jpg (61.05 KB, 640x480, 1215709436620.jpg)

cop cope


File: 1633993805450.png (1010.25 KB, 1580x1569, saying words.png)

>tl;dr u bad
ok fag


File: 1633995447395.jpg (98.43 KB, 776x602, 1290265803687.jpg)

>cop cope


File: 1633996499292.gif (1.79 MB, 500x281, mocking anime girls.gif)

>repeating the same shit
<no originality
<4chan filenames
kek, ok liberal


English sub for hathaway dropped

Release this overseas in 2021 Sunrise.

general gundam thread
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I think I'll just watch 08th team again instead


File: 1623440609604.jpg (258.19 KB, 1066x1536, 1545891395226.jpg)

How did Hathaway go from being a whiny bitch to in-minecraft'ing fascist politicians?


>super dated animation
Cel animation Gundam original movies and OVAs are not dated at all.


Not them but I'm trying to watch the first series and it does look pretty dated, if you're not used to 70s anime. Perhaps I should watch the movies after all.


File: 1633316566588.png (1.22 MB, 1280x693, Thats right stalin.png)


General Thread discussing, analyzing and criticizing anime from the meta perspective of Capitalism, Media Culture (Industry) and Socio-Economics & Politics.
No shitflinging, drama, bad faith or baiting posts (e.g. "Trap is transphobic" or "Muh shounen trash" or "(all) Anime is misogynistic"). Keep it cool comrades.

Animation: Treatment of Animators Thread >>617
Leftist Anime Content: Communist Anime Thread >>1417 Communist Anime Girls Thread >>964 Miyazaki Thread >>469
Anime Hot Takes >>1993 so-bad-it's-good animu >>2551
Sources and Questions: Questions and Answers >>4229
E-celebs/Social Media: Ani-tube >>3128 V-tubers >>3388
Story Ideas: /WYOA/: write your own anime thread >>4263
Shounen complaint thread >>3200
Weeb-Otaku-/jp/ thread: /weaboo/ >>4715

Basic topics and questions:
>Is anime bad/stupid/boring or good/smart/interesting?
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Japanese businessmen depend on it literally still using fax machines
<fax machines
I use that shit plenty, fax machines are great.

but yeah you make a good point, it's an excessive case of "The grass is greener over there"


File: 1633487765433.gif (229.49 KB, 379x387, 1620852484611.gif)

I'm not that big into anime but i was wondering
Why haven't animefans done anything to keep rightwing cucks from shitting up their community?
If they truly didn't care about politics then why do they let the rightoidz force their politics into every facet of their groups?
You'd think they'd be very adamant about keeping that from giving them a bad name


The problem is the internet is dying turning into a corporate plaything and stopped being a community matter that can be controlled like it would have in the earlier 2000s.


File: 1633495484107.jpg (42.59 KB, 640x360, Consider this Tsubaki.jpg)

>Why haven't animefans done anything to keep rightwing cucks from shitting up their community?
The same reason most real leftists (in the West) are outside or lurk on obscure sites like this - having a nuanced understanding coms with complicated conceptualizations (the above posts or /edu/ are good examples) and this means that people generally don't care enough to listen, loud and simple ideas are easier to digest and so more attractive, this is how the right-wing remains popular despite being functionally horrible, it's also the reason the Bolsheviks started their movement on simple terms of "Land, Peace and Bread" rather than lengthy spouting of Marxist dialectics; they left that for post-revolution.
Additionally the liberals are the face of what most people consider leftist, despite them not being leftist at all, and liberal takes on anime are cringe as fuck; it's either LARPing as cute animu girls or screeching about big boobs being sexist (and not capitalism being it's usual self again).


>Anime is reactionary for re inforcing and capitalizing on the concept of Moe and Manime. Slice of Life and the Shonen genres are guilty of this the most
The fact that moe/manime/shonen series often are garbage and might be full of sexist cliches doesn't mean that they're inherently reactionary for having a certain storytelling or visual style. Every genre in every media has tropes and trends. It doesn't make everything reactionary. Reactionary isn't a synonym for "things I don't like". It's not progressive to find sexism in harmless gags and humor or purposeful extreme machoism. It isn't realistic, nor meant to be because it's specifically a massive exaggeration for the sake of humor and enjoyment. Nobody thinks Dragon Ball Z is a complex intelligent show, or that the tits on a hot anime grill have deeper meaning.
>reactionary gender roles in conservative imperialist Japan
Traditional isn't a synonym for Reactionary either. Reactionary means to use government policy to force things to go back which makes it other side of progressive which is government policy to go forward. The terms are relative to what the past and present of any given country is. What government policy is working to backtrack Japanese culture when it comes to gender roles? They are moving forward not backward although slowly compared to some countries which is conservative not reactionary. As for it enforcing, no that all depends, because it's not all like that and just portraying something isn't same as enforcing it. Enforcing would more be actually making it portrayed favourable for everyone overall in it's narrative rather than it merely existing.

It's unfair to write off "anime culture" as a totally reactionary one, because the presence of regressive things in works that are of this medium does not preclude the possibility of productions that accelerate in a progressive direction. For example, a good number of older anime even today bring excellent themes which are antiwar and anti-imperialist, and they often put the progressively disguised but nonetheless imperialist movie productions of the Anglo nations to shame. And, to provide another instance, even while supposedly circumscribed by conceptions of gender roles, plenty of shoujo manga find ways to give resistance against the aforementioned ePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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