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Take me back




What are you trying to telle me
Sir you are on the anime board


It's actually a mango.


man, one thing i always liked in bleach was the character design, principally of the shinigami.


To me Bleach felt like an MC that actually had a life before his story started.

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>tfw discovering live action for the first time
>suddenly seasonals pale in comparison



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Recommend me anime, manga and doujins with gyarus
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File: 1652632742108.png (2.66 MB, 1200x1600, ClipboardImage.png)

Why is so much Gyaru content (especially hentai or ecchi anime) focused on NTR and prostitution? Does the bombastic sexualized nature of them really lend that much to the former 'fetish'? Pic rel example


>She sexy therefore slut
That's all there is to it really.


In real life, gyaru do have a certain stigma, they are associated with compensated dating or "enjo kousai" (basically like having a sugar daddy in the west).
Of course, coomers ignore everything about gyaru subculture/fashion to focus only on the sexual part.


File: 1652779855270.png (Spoiler Image, 147.87 KB, 998x458, about gyaru and gyaru-o gr….png)

So sexual promiscuity is indeed said to be a large part of the gyaru/gyaru-o subculture, but it's more of an activity that is done to be socially deviant purposefully, which then becomes less done as one's seniority increases, whether of one's rank or of one's age.

But the depictions in popular media of the subculture are, like many others, excessively sexualized largely because the primary consumers of such media are coomers. Members of the actual gyaru/gyaru-o subculture themselves presumably don't consume much of the otaku, animated content based off of their aesthetics, after all.


Why the fuck do you keep spoilering everything in your posts???

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What are some good communist anime?

I liked kemono friends a lot.
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>if i like an anime it becomes communist, somehow
Nice strawman


yes,death of the author is the only acceptable interpretation of any work.


based and kino. i love how there's actual narodnik terrorists as characters


File: 1651236953488-0.png (Spoiler Image, 935.6 KB, 468x1257, RoV.png)

File: 1651236953488-1.png (Spoiler Image, 633.57 KB, 1050x615, scarlet.png)

File: 1651236953488-2.jpg (Spoiler Image, 652.33 KB, 1700x2571, fma.jpg)

Not very much "Marxist" or explicitly "Communist" anime is available currently, but that's about expected. So is any anime series that is potentially interpreted as slightly leftist-themed acceptable? Likely many works make social critique, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they'll go all the way and not simply give into despair.


Why did you spoiler this?

File: 1608529041627.jpg (100.39 KB, 1280x720, spoonfeed juvia QA.jpg)

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Thread for Questions and Answers that don't really belong in other threads as well as source requests.
- Questions
- Answers
- Anime/Manga sauce

Anime related series and character search site:
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Does anyone have an example of a performance of "Subarashii Yakusoku" or a lyric sheet that is matched with the music?


I'd be glad to help but I have no clue what that is and even searching in quotes gave me nada.


File: 1649179381082.png (485.41 KB, 719x969, ClipboardImage.png)

>Chuck Yeager on animu personifcation
Sauce on this being true?


Can't confirm he actually said that (all I can find is reddit shit) but the animu character is Charlotte E Yeager from Strike Witches.

File: 1633734269757.jpg (2.63 MB, 1023x3043, Shonen collective.jpg)


Anime Recommendation List General
Thread to recc anime for anons of leftypol and former bunkerchan to enjoy (or to avoid)
- So-bad-it's-good animu >>2551 - bad anime that can bee enjoyed ironically
- Next season anime watchlist >>346 - anime that are currently being released.
- ANIMETA thread >>10489

>"I have never watched a single Anime nor read a single Manga in my entire life. Where should I start, what are the essentials?"

Anime STARTERs examples
- Any of the Ghibli films for art and culture (See >>469 )
- Fist of the North Star & Desert Punk for post apocalyptic stuff
- Akira, Alita Battle Angel, Jin Roh & Ghost in a Shell (1 and 2) for Cyberpunk (also see >>>/hobby/1782 )
- Naruto, Bobobobo, One Piece & Rave Master for shonen adventure and action (See >>1732 >>510 )
- Gun Buster, Big O, VOTOMs, Gundam & Macross for Mecha (See >>845)
- Tiger and Bunny, One Punch Man & Astro Boy for hero stuff
- Irresponsible Captain Taylor, Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, The Legend of the Galactic Heroes, & Space Pirate Captain Harlock space adventure
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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damn brahs nobody cares about two of the most famous japanese fantasy settings in the 90s and a manga that has sold millions and earned several awards……


I love Lodoss. That reminds me I need to play that new deedlit game.




I'm looking for Pirate themed anime other than One Piece.
Also looking for Space Captain anime kinda like Captain Harlock or Captain Taylor. Anyone got good Reccs?

File: 1608528784585.jpg (13.82 KB, 480x360, madara.jpg)

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Is there a character that could even possibly EVEN TOUCH Madara Uchiha? Let alone defeat him. And I'm not talking about Edo Tensei Uchiha Madara. I'm not talking about Gedou Rinne Tensei Uchiha Madara either. Hell, I'm not even talking about Juubi Jinchuuriki Gedou Rinne Tensei Uchiha Madara with the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and Rinnegan doujutsus (with the rikodou abilities and being capable of both Amateratsu and Tsukuyomi genjutsu), equipped with his Gunbai, a perfect Susano'o, control of the juubi and Gedou Mazou, with Hashirama Senju's DNA implanted in him so he has mokuton kekkei genkai and can perform yin yang release ninjutsu while being an expert in kenjutsu and taijutsu. I’m also not talking about Kono Yo no Kyūseishu Futarime no Rikudō Juubi Jinchuuriki Gedou Rinne Tensei Uchiha Madara with the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan (which is capable of Enton Amaterasu, Izanagi, Izanami and the Tsyukuyomi Genjutsu), his two original Rinnegan (which grant him Chikushōdō, Shuradō, Tendō, Ningendō, Jigokudō, Gakidō, Gedō, Banshō Ten’in, Chibaku Tensei, Shinra Tensei, Tengai Shinsei and Banbutsu Sōzō) and a third Tomoe Rinnegan on his forehead, capable of using Katon, Fūton, Raiton, Doton, Suiton, Mokuton, Ranton, Inton, Yōton and even Onmyōton Jutsu, equipped with his Gunbai(capable of using Uchihagaeshi) and a Shakujō because he is a master in kenjutsu and taijutsu, a perfect Susano’o (that can use Yasaka no Magatama ), control of both the Juubi and the Gedou Mazou, with Hashirama Senju’s DNA and face implanted on his chest, his four Rinbo Hengoku Clones guarding him and nine Gudōdama floating behind him AFTER he absorbed Senjutsu from the First Hokage, entered Rikudō Senjutsu Mode, cast Mugen Tsukuyomi on everybody and used Shin: Jukai Kōtan so he can use their Chakra while they are under Genjutsu. I'm definitely NOT Talking about sagemode sage of the six paths Juubi Jinchuuriki Gedou Rinne Tensei Super Saiyan 4 Uchiha Madara with the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, Rinnegan, Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, and Geass doujutsus, equipped with Shining Tvåldtäktzohedron while casting Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann as his Susanoo, controlling the Gold Experience Requiem stand, having become the original vampire after Alucard, able to tap into the speedforce, wearing the Kamen Rider Black RX suit and Gedou Mazou, with Hashirama Senju's DNA implanted in him so he has mokuton kekkei genkai and can perform yin yang release ninjutsu while being an expert in kenjuPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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i'm mostly talking about sakura who got written terribly


Yet, people go wild for loli lesbianism.


Borutos horribleness aside, what are everyone's favorite characters that were introduced in Boruto? doesnt matter if its the manga or the anime, I personally prefer the anime though.

I'll go first:
I love Mitsuki, his design is simple but striking and he's very cute. His character brings up good moral dilemmas about science, how far an experiment should go, and issues of individuality. He always makes me laugh and in general just makes me smile :)
I also like Inojin. He's the good mix of Sai's social ineptness and Ino's sass which makes him funny, although not super likeable, but he's also cute when he gets flustered. His design is also appealing just like Mitsuki's.

pic rel


File: 1652516588974-0.png (495.52 KB, 665x769, inojin.png)

File: 1652516588974-1.jpg (59.19 KB, 1200x628, mitsuki.jpg)

forgot to add the pics


She's not the worst TBH, certainly not as bad as a lot of other female characters in Shonen, and has her moments, but yes she has plenty of issues.

The side characters, especially the teams that are given little coverage like Iwabee or Sumire, Inojin included. Mitsuki started off intriguing but kept having his potential nixxed.

File: 1652507050854.jpg (77.25 KB, 850x1200, 1640306211726.jpg)


Author really knows how to keep the suspenseful atmosphere going. Not a single page is boring.


Well thanks for spoiling another page of it. Surely that will make my and everyone elses experience much better.


op u gotta remember to put ur pages in the fridge so they won’t spoil


I caught up with it and while I definitely enjoyed the ride I can't imagine how the people having to wait 2 weeks between every chapter must've felt.

File: 1622283731338.png (145.29 KB, 461x545, library.png)


Why is the school setting liked so much in anime? It cannot just be that the target audience is mostly children, because there are a lot of anime of this sort oriented to older otaku also. Do anime ever make more than passing attempts at portraying so called "adulthood" as a future to be excited about?
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File: 1650172073526.png (10.46 KB, 200x304, ClipboardImage.png)

> Do anime ever make more than passing attempts at portraying so called "adulthood" as a future to be excited about?
I don't watch anime as much as read manga but there are a lot of mangas where it starts off in highschool and eventually ends up with the characters as college students and working adults.

Actually there is an anime of this one.

That's why I think it's kind of pointless to talk about anime. There is hardly any anime that isn't just a manga series either abbreviated, or stuffed with shitty filler. Hardly any original anime shows so anime is pointless to discuss. Better to discuss the source material.


File: 1650172247620.png (658.71 KB, 1800x2560, ClipboardImage.png)

>It cannot just be that the target audience is mostly children, because there are a lot of anime of this sort oriented to older otaku also.
Yeah the ones that aren't about highschool LMAO. You answered your own question. Most of the big series are published in "SHONEN Jump" What does shonen mean?

>Shōnen manga (少年漫画), also romanized as shonen or shounen, are Japanese comics mainly marketed and aimed at a young teen male readership


Most anime is often fantasy setting. Also, alot of school anime often has a element of realism to it, because Japanese are deathly obsessed with education. If you think American education is stressing, try Japanese.


Why do people think high school is the best years of life?
It's not. Just because you don't have bills to pay doesn't mean it was easier.
The only difference between children and adults is the ability to work. Everything else is fair game. I'm tired of people downplaying the stress of school.
People whom long to relive adolescence are often former delinquents/jocks. Or people whom just really suck at adulting.


Adulthood is misery with freedom for luxury.
Adolescence is misery with no freedom.
I choose adulthood.

File: 1652297844234.jpg (107.04 KB, 680x400, 20150508.jpg)


We had an anime about fucking mutual aid and power to the people of all things only for the show to do a 180 in the last few episodes and go "actually we still need politicians and the police!".
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I gave up after 2 episodes. Why is that?


The ending was such an ideological cockblock lmao


ur reactionary senses were tingling


What does that mean?


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