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Agent Kochinski the Stampede


actually that's vash

trigun's a really famous anime you should really know about it if you're going to be posting here


Pacifist gun anime about struggling to find peace after being forced to do crimes against humanity.


Start an idol group to prevent the deletion of /anime/!
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Chill out we're not gonna delete /anime/.


File: 1669471653892-0.jpg (106.37 KB, 1125x1500, tsundere.jpg)

File: 1669471653892-1.jpg (112.17 KB, 1125x1500, tsundere 2.jpg)

File: 1669471653892-2.jpg (182.48 KB, 910x2048, EiScara.jpg)

File: 1669471653892-3.jpg (53.7 KB, 532x576, EiScara 2.jpg)

Sure thing, it'll be done.


File: 1669471734219-0.jpg (127.68 KB, 1250x1500, overworked girl.jpg)

File: 1669471734219-1.jpg (210.4 KB, 1250x1500, overworked girl 2.jpg)

>They're not random though



She's cute.

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I see no hentai thread
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No? Unless you mean real porn.


only 3dpigdisgusting


sort of. stay away from rapey shit and love more intimate things like kissing and handholding and foreplay and such but also love it when the actors seem to be enjoying it.


I stopped looking at IRL porn when I started developing fetishes who go against the laws of physics since shit fitting my tastes would need a huge amount of CGI i kinda stick to 2D.


File: 1669222444928.png (Spoiler Image, 29.74 KB, 606x155, otaku.png)

File: 1610383425505.jpg (294.61 KB, 743x1320, e1.jpg)


Why are ugly bastards so popular?
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File: 1669100864927.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 125.93 KB, 808x858, media_FKiWayZWQAACfwd.jpg….jpeg)


She's a hottie for sure.


File: 1669150225051.png (1.63 MB, 1500x1260, 1668726415632936.png)

Idk why ugly bastard is even a thing, none of the explanations I heard seem particularly satisfying, but even outside of that, hentai artists in general just dont care about drawing attractive male characters. Which is such a shame, I saw so many potentially good doujins with nice artstyle and hot women, but coundnt read because the men were so unappealing. Like its a porn, people in it being beautiful is the whole point, why dont more artists care about that?


All otaku/nerd culture is full of losers.


yea exactly, i don't really get the whole its > so men can envision themself easier. It's pretty common to see comically large dicks and ridiculously buff guys but with the fucking ugliest faces imaginable. No way the first aren't more emasculating than the later for the straight viewers. Shame because it ruins some otherwise pretty appealing stuff to gay male viewers - just self insert as the female getting raped by gigachad.

File: 1608528886005.jpg (86.56 KB, 385x371, 1594525847172.jpg)

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Just give me your anime hot takes. I don't care if they're retarded.
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spice and wolf is my favorite anime


That humor was the norm for 2012 and before, which obviously is seen as cringe because our humor developed. If the series were allowed to
live and not just taken down, then the standards would've gone up. Ytps for example got better over time, (granted they did see oppression).

Also adamwestslapdog, little kuribohs abridged series, and yugioh-gx hold up without doing anything you said – (well maybe the asshole character).


>That humor was the norm for 2012 and before

Something I saw a lot on the early internet was that a lot of the humor was stolen from The Simpsons. Early 2000s, it was still a huge cultural force, and most of the people actively making stuff on the internet had at least seen it, especially if they were artists, animators, whatever. Sometimes it was lines cribbed word for word, or scenes copied directly, or even just references to this or that funny Simpsons joke. Later on, the Simpsons were replaced by Family Guy, Adult Swim, etc.

But anyway, the point being that for a lot of these people that maybe knew how to draw but didn't really know how to be funny, copying the Simpsons was just the start. Sure, a lot of people probably never got past the copy-stage, but the copy-stage is an integral stage for learning anything. Ideally the people trying to master skills, you know, like comedy, move beyond the copying stage of learning, but stuff made within that category is still completely valid.

> little kuribohs abridged series

Can't spell ONGOING woutout OG


sonic x came out in 2003 you fucker


The only good Isekai is one with John Brown blasting those slaver scum's brains out.


File: 1654743241648.mp4 (41.64 MB, 640x360, Cyberpunk Edgerunners.mp4)

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Got any hopes for CDPR and Trigger's joint project?
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>No cyber psychosis
Actually I take that back. There is but it's not as straight forward as in edgerunners. They say that you only really lose touch with reality if you're using your neural upgrades for purely mental tasks all the time. That you become trapped in your own head.


Thanks for the rec anon


>Then on a lesser note, the 3D CGI car physics were all fucked up and their car seemed insanely OP for no explainable reason
Falco whole job is to be a getway driver for cyberpunks (and a highly sought one), Im not surprised his car is a tank and he is a god of driving, even if it was over the top, everything is anyway

>The problem was their extraction crew never made it to the battlefield

>Seems like he did everything right
sending david to arasaka tower in rampage mode was what they had issues with, which is why arasaka had to chase him through the city rather than just pick him up after the battle

nice gonna add it to the pile


Here you go, enjoy.


It was pretty mediocre, I should have just watched Dead Leaves again.

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What are some good communist anime?

I liked kemono friends a lot.
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Eny anime that can be counted as anarchist ?


File: 1668547207240.mp4 (9.95 MB, 854x480, leftypol_anime.mp4)

Only one


One piece(real)


I remember showing my friend some of my favorite pages from Sabu & Ichi in terms of paneling and he said "this is the comic medium version of something like FLCL".

I love the way he draws characters, animals, creatures, robots etc too. I'll admit he wasn't the best at drawing stuff under tight schedules or just had bad days sometimes (yeah, some of the anatomy in the Yapoo manga is really goofy) it's so lively and the dude was so versatile. Henshin Ninja Arashi (great moody gritty art) and Banchou Wakusei (fantastic cartoony art) were only 3 years apart and Fantasy World Jun is just nonstop experimentation and trying out new shit.

I also have a big soft spot for the art in the first Cyborg 009 arc; top notch atmosphere.


Kemono Friends

File: 1614137933192.jpg (57.96 KB, 350x503, kutsuzure_sensen.jpg)


>one of the only openly pro-communist manga
>fan translators dropped it halfway through
Making this thread just to shed some light on it
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Not your fucking brother. Also, it's not about "perfect", you are eating typical rightoid cold war shitty propaganda and calling it "communist"

>a leftist
Not an actual thing.

>usual wehraboo and rightoid shittery

It is usual rightoid shittery with plots straight out from "Enemy at the gate". They only difference is soviet aesthetics fetishism, but he is actually pretty crap about it too.


>Not an actual thing.
take your meds
>It is usual rightoid shittery with plots straight out from "Enemy at the gate". They only difference is soviet aesthetics fetishism, but he is actually pretty crap about it too.
lmao i don't care about muh enemy at the gaytes, it's how history is taught literally everywhere, anyone could make those mistakes


>anyone could make those mistakes
The claim was that he is pro-communist and does his research. If he describes WWII exactly as porky propaganda describes it, then neither is true, isn't it?
>take your meds
Already took them. The red (as in communist) pill. Left is an ubiquitous term, which doesn't really mean anything since even democratic party of the burgerstan calls themself such. So him calling himself a lefty doesn't really tell us anything of value about his actual views.


>he's against russia in the russo-ukranian war, but he seems to be a leftist
I got this from his twitter back in March, seems like he was even in Russia during it
>i'm glad he makes manga outside of the usual wehraboo and rightoid shittery because i really like his artstyle
Yeah, the bitching ITT is why the genocidal empire is seen as cute and quirky anime fodder while the soviets are still seen as "too far" by some cucks
The guy himself seems to be into history in general


File: 1668808892882-2.png (227.58 KB, 827x450, danse.PNG)

>It is usual rightoid shittery with plots straight out from "Enemy at the gate"
The Soviets are depicted sympathetic and more human with some typical stereotypes while the Nazis are generally more generally cartoonish villains, including the elf bitch. One of the main characters is a Jewish atheist, I'm not the one who thinks the creator is some hardened leftist, it's usually hard to tell, but I wouldn't call this "rightoid shittery".
This case of puritanism is interesting because you don't really see it in the opposite case. In Hellsing the Nazis are depicted as literal psychotic vampires but that never stops rightoids from adopting it

File: 1617427756877.png (2.73 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

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Is Attack on Titan fash?
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I've not read this but on what basis do people go "nu-uh, he's not really nationalist"? from what I recall it has a "MANLY CHARISMATIC SPEECH that's actually scary" bit like Gundam and criticism of antisemitism so I dunno if he's full blown fascist… but he is a war crime denier and it's not like you need to want jews dead or love hitler to be some form of right wing nationalist


>the author thinks this is based
Source? AoT is pretty fash, but proofs are nice.


Monarchy is socialism? Oh wow I didn't know!




No he's actually a triggered social justice warrior cancelling Marley

File: 1668671458519.png (1.34 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)


is Code Geass a leftwing or rightwing anime?


critical support for the order of the black knights

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