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Hello comrades, I'm here with a proposal: let's start a scanlation group to bring leftist manga to a non-Japanese audience.
>Are there any leftist manga???
Yes, for example the masterpiece of Japanese communist literature Kani Kousen (The crab cannery ship) got three manga adaptation. Two of them are available in digital, and I suggest we start from them.
>What do you bring to the table? You're aren't one of those "idea guys", right?
I'm a scanlator: I translate, clean pages and add text. I can do basically anything you need to do to release a manga, except I'm not too good with PS and since I'm not a native speaker I also need someone else to do editing and proofreading.
Oh, I can also provide raws and I have uploading privileges on mangadex.
>How do we organize?
That's something I can't answer. I know that d*scord is a big no-no, but I don't know many alternatives, so I'd like to hear your proposals.

So, what do you think?
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>translation notes for SFX is lazy as shit to be honest. I'd rather just add the translation near the original SFX
What's best proven depends on the style of the text and what's around it.



This seems very funny


I've always thought typesetting at its most basic must be easy as shit but then I find a bunch of scanlated manga made in fucking lowercase Comic Sans. What were they thinking?


File: 1656154254470.png (177.5 KB, 360x626, ClipboardImage.png)

His historical manga are all fucking great and I just hope his others get translated one day too

File: 1656139135778.jpg (85.93 KB, 500x459, 1629571879552.jpg)


Wish someone would libre me from this hell degeso


Thanks for the laugh, anon. Best thread on this bait-infested board in months.


File: 1656139919730.jpg (128.45 KB, 1024x1024, 1620968190918.jpg)

File: 1654625534736-0.png (460.03 KB, 478x676, ya1.png)

File: 1654625534736-1.png (530.64 KB, 592x676, ya2.png)


Berserk is back bitches
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TBH knowing stories from Miura and much of perfectionist he was to his editors dismay.


>If his artist OCD existing in a more sane context he'd probably still be alive.
Fuckin' Japan's Anime Industry Complex :(


All of berserk really flies by. It's a lot like gutts really. Hardly any fat on all that meat.


File: 1655984976675.png (Spoiler Image, 3.04 MB, 2239x1600, qrptr9wcaes81.png)

Yes, from what they said he got worse about it after they switched to digital, that he could now obsess over every pixel.


The best story in Berserk is really about a slave reclaiming his freedom and dignity. The rest of it doesn't really measure up.

File: 1608528983405.png (146.74 KB, 491x715, Light_yagami_and_ryuk.png)


I love death note. And I love light yagami as a character.

However it was very obvious that his entire worldview is extremely… reactionary I guess? Or like darwinist? Killing criminals and not trying to fix underlying problems is obvioiusly retarded. I wonder if any normalfags were able to make this obsevation
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finally we can know the truth about the ayys


I love Dafoe. is it worth it to watch just for him?



Just pull yourself up by your bootstraps


Light Yagami was a faggot.
End of.

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Let's see
>Guts is a low ass commoner bastard born from a corpse, meant to die, raised in a hellish world (that's literally just the same as our own before Guts encounters any actual demons) so harsh and cruel he likely has severe PTSD by the time he's 15
>Best friend Griffith is a social climbing piece of shit who has to murder and scheme to almost make it to the top, even then the ruling class tells him to go fuck himself and he has to sell his soul to the devil and murder all his friends to finally make it
>The ruling class are mostly monsters; the King is a pedophile nut that tries raping his own daughter, the "nicest" nobles were wrapped up in a brutal inquisition
>The whole world is ruled by an impersonal, most amoral entity created by human will but superseding all humans, controlling their lives based on it's own whims which are of course encouraged by the worst human impulses
>The thing everyone worships is literally evil itself
>Even the leaders of the apostles are pawns of the Market, err…."Idea of Evil"
Fuck it
The godhand are the bourgeoisie
The apostles are the petit bourgeois
Fuck yea
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i hate isekai because i love the concept so much but most of them are paper thin variations of the same template, even to the town and character design.


>goblinfag thread


i feel you, i blame the fucking publishers. why would gigaporky take a risk with an original story when they can put out an LN adaptation of some bullshit where in the worst case scenario it still functions as an advertisement for the source material (which they also own and produce)


How will goblincuck ever recover?


By killing all the goblins.

File: 1608528978551.jpg (19.07 KB, 320x240, 3887-waltz07.jpg)


Discussion of movies, TV, web shorts
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There was an incident that had many Japanese people infuriated because allegedly an Israeli artist had disrespected their culture.


youre comparing a whole medium to hollywood lol


OP's image is from Waltz with Bashir which ends up being a very anti-Israeli movie. The whole movie is spent interviewing zionist warmongers and sucking them off, only to do a shocking about-face in the last 10 minutes where the cartoon filters come off and uncensored footage of their murders of Palestinian women and children is shown without mercy to the audience. surprised nobody ITT mentioned it. I watched it back when it came out and it totally broke the spell of MSM hypnosis on me w/r/t israel (tbf I barely knew anything about israel)



sounds based as fuck agitprop

File: 1655246744926.png (315.84 KB, 527x543, 1653032126345.png)


Is there any point in reading manga with super duper high quality 4K scans?
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>I get to selectively be presumptuous
If you truly believed you weren't you wouldn't have to specifically point out the moment you weren't, for you wouldn't at all.


what an awful, awful board


I wrote a longer reply, but you know what? Fuck you is more appropriate. Grow up.


see >>15479
I know I'm not helping, but I'm just so tired of this shit. I have to echo the sentiment: why [does anon] have to act like this?


i hear you, i cant even blame it on leftism because i know plenty of lefty places where they can actually talk about anime
i dont remember it being this bad before so i think everyone who actually wanted to participate in the board left and only the worst posters are left making up most of the activity, as usual

File: 1622002292594.jpg (69.5 KB, 512x288, you will never ever.jpg)


I'm a way too old otaku who's always been into a lot of underground Japanese subculture shit thanks to learning the language but even I have to be amazed at the sort of shallow orientalism that's going on on imageboards, like cumming at sakura trees, larping as an imperialist or making Japan seem as the last trad ethnostate (it really isn't), or more recently and what prompted me to make this thread, someone posting a picture of their room with a huge ass poster of Tokyo's subway map. Like really? What's the appeal of that? Sure, he might have been a train otaku, but nothing else in the picture indicated that.

To sum it up, fuck orientalism.
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I mean he has an interesting point but he probably has it backwards in thinking that people become leftists first and only then become infatuated with anime. That said, he's probably right about the appeal of anime in general


>That's for why leftists are attracted at least.
That's why immature leftists might be attracted, to be more accurate.


Japan is perhaps the pseudoNeverland of Western capitalism.


Anons, where can anime clubs be found with normalfag people?


When I first became a leftist, I hated anime and all that it stood for, justifying my cringe-policing with lefty dogmatism. Then I calmed myself down, understood that people enjoy different things for different reasons, and that it's perfectly okay to be a weeb.

Now I'm tryna catch up on the all weeb stuff I missed out on. Feels nice, man.

File: 1608529034785.jpg (518.59 KB, 795x993, 162931807501987.jpg)


I enjoy looking at cute anime girls. Its the only /hobby/ in this world that brings me joy.

Am I mentally ill?
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>hobby isn't /b/
Yes that wasn't the point. THis thread was move FROM /hobby/ to /anime/ BEFORE /b/ was made and frankly should have stayed IN hobby.
>muh reddit
SO what? There is only 1 or 2 posts mentioning reddit and it was related to the topic since traps are just a form of waifuism and escapism into "looking at cute anime girls" is essentially a form of waifuism as well.

The past comments before your first ones are also on topic


Ok mr.angry, have a Snickers


Damn that's an old joke by now


Well it deepens on what your looking at.


Not exactly normal, but you're not alone either https://archive.ph/7TTbq


Things that are not anime and manga are also okay, and communist cosplay is even better.
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Does anyone here do cosplay themselves?


File: 1654928190461.jpg (Spoiler Image, 79.58 KB, 1280x720, Unruhe.jpg)


>>5060 Jason Unruhe goes to conventions.


Most of what passes for the mainstream leftist politics nowadays could count as LARP, anyways.


lefty Boards could do real meetup like those fags at pol.

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