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I don’t think I can actually recall any time action in an anime looked genuine outside of sword of the stranger and some shootouts in cowboy bebop. So many shows seem to gloss over the actual fighting part for overly long periods of exposition, random still panels to substitute for something meaningful happening and music so fucking loud my ears hurt. too much shits happening on screen but simultaneously nothing it feels awful
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Claymore had pretty good fights in it. Too bad something so good became a train wreck in the end due to original ending. They should have just waited for the manga.


what are our thoughts on penguin vietnam?


More care and intelligence was put into this than god knows how many of the last seasons of anime


Naruto sakuga is pretty good.


File: 1678665517650-0.mp4 (413.24 KB, 476x270, cameraman.mp4)

File: 1678665517650-1.png (505.81 KB, 850x850, FrC0aEmaUAEUAKa.png)

Adding to OP's question: what's some good anime with quadruped character's fighting? I think seeing cats fight the way humans do in shonen anime would be cool.

src: chainsaw man, @cco00oo

File: 1671203041212-1.png (3.05 MB, 1920x966, it's over.png)

File: 1671203041212-2.gif (6.34 MB, 322x640, hamster-cry.gif)


how do i handle it bros
should we do a watchalong or something

pokemon final adventure…
nostalgia really is ending, it's time for us zoomers to grow up
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professor oak's experiments have gone too far this time



i realize, i'm just saying that's so dark


what is wrong with you times a hundred


where is everyone else in the watchalong?
i'm in the pokemon orange islands with tracy

it's crazy how much they adapted from this season, female professor, regional variants, hawiian theme

the funny thing is, they recently came out and said that he might return again


Right-wingers getting into Vinland Saga because they see le epic vikings always end up whining about how "moralizing" and "boring" it is. When the author added a trans person circles like 4ch*n absolutely exploded.

Yukimura is smarter than Miura because he ripped the bandaid off in a single arc. Every Vinland Saga fan after the Farmland Saga knows what they're there for, while a plurality of Berserk fans are meatheads waiting for the next brutal sexual assault and getting mad Guts wanted to save Casca over hunting down Griffith.
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The baltic arc was shit, but the current vinland arc is ok. I'm glad he skipped the travel to Greece and return.


I’m just glad it isn’t like any other generic post 80s anime and by that I mean in its aesthetics. I hate how similar animated characters look in a lot of anime compared to the diversity seen in the rest of east Asia, Europe and NA


I always liked Vinland for trying to be historically accurate and of course for great fights. Unfortunately the whole philosopizing never have been a strength of the author. It's too much lib for me, too idealistic. Also anachronistic. People from that time didn't really thought like that.

The farm arc was pretty great though, not gonna lie. After that it was kinda meh. I think i decided to drop it after the native american had visions of nuclear bomb.


>I'm glad he skipped the travel to Greece and return.
I dunno, i was kinda hyped for how he would portray long travel and trade between different cultures. Was disappointed when they have just skipped that.


Did you just copy this thread from twitter?
Anyway, I dropped the the show quite early. A grounded historical drama does not mesh well with superpowered shonen characters.

File: 1678050890203.gif (219.38 KB, 512x284, ddf.gif)


>when you read about capitalism's tendency towards overproduction and realize that's why there's a constant barrage of seasonal anime otaku feel pressured to keep up with
really hating this capitalism thing bros can we play another game
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who are you quoting


learn to read


learn to quote


>doesn't comprehend use of greentext in a chan setting
Go back.


this is an imageboard, not a chan, and greentext is a /v/ newfag thing


Okada claimed that animators are so poor even though the industry attracts more money than ever because the production committee caps the budgets on individual anime titles. This is apparently because of a culture of corporate collusion, where the lead investing company determines beforehand the highest amount every other company in the committee can spend proportionally.

Okada elaborated that because control over the copyright is proportional to the amount of investment, companies will bid to become the highest investor (this is usually 40%). Once they attain this status, they have the power to determine the budget. For example, if the lead investor spends $4 million, the budget would be capped at $10 million.

After the budget has been determined proportionally, production committees will not accept larger investments from outsider (usually foreign) companies. A large investment would be split into separate projects to keep those companies lower down in the production committee. For example, Okada said that if a Chinese company offered to pay for an entire $10 million budget, the production committee would turn their investment into $50,000 chunks across 20 different projects. In other words, to maintain control and profits, the Japanese companies on anime production committees are incentivized to use the surplus from foreign investment to fund other projects instead of increasing an individual title's budget.
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More anime is not bad, the problem is overextended studios that are not able to maintain quality, for this more money is needed yes. In this you are right, but simply increasing the investment cap would naturally lead to studios still over exploiting animators, but having shows look better, while possibly being more generic and Hollywood like. The real answer is unionization, which would lead to raising the investment cap and increasing quality, as workers are not over extended.

But since at this point unionization seems to be impossible, I'm going to go the tankie route, and say that a popular front with the petit bourgeois that wants to keep production budgets low is best, so animators will have to be sacrificed to maintain democracy 😞


File: 1677890584801.jpg (47.48 KB, 640x866, 1617821359140.jpg)

>last couple of good seasons was ~2 years ago i believe
ive been reading these exact same words for a over a decade already lmao


i'm really not joking though, winter 2021 was filled with kino


>at this point unionization seems to be impossible
where did we go wrong bros


Everyone focusing on the "more anime coming out" part and not on "animators get paid shit as usual".


I remember watching random episodes on adult swim 20 or so years ago and thinking it was cool, but damn, I didn’t realize this show was as interesting, deep, and meaningful with characters who grew or developed with such novel time appropriate scifi or western plots.

So it wasn’t just a theme song after all.


You might also enjoy Samurai Champloo


seconding this. i actually like samurai champloo better even though it has slightly worse animation quality due to being an early digital anime

File: 1677926246471.png (1.65 MB, 1298x909, ClipboardImage.png)


so I read the oldboy manga in one sitting after watching the movie. What a joke of an ending that was. Needless to say, I liked the film's interpretation far better. It would have been interesting to see the Spielberg-directed American adaptation that was supposedly going to faithfully adapt the manga, though.
The person who decided to do that shot-for-shot Hollywood remake of the Korean movie was fucking stupid.


Spike Lee's remake is hilarious. Don't know who decided the main antagonist should be a britbong. Hope the full 3 hour cut is released someday.


Also the twist, I feel I have to explain it so other people hopefully won't waste theirtime tie reading this crap

So the protagonist and villain were in the same elementary school together, the villain was ugly and lonely but genuinely didn't care what other kids said about him, But one day the antagonist had to sing in front of the whole class and other kids laughed at him but he didn't care, however the protagonist cried because he was moved by the song and could understand the loneliness behind it, the villain was then unable to function in society because he couldn't tolerate the idea of someone knowing how empty he felt and inside and it destroyed him as a person

File: 1677790239853.png (21.15 KB, 461x630, midna and link qt.png)


is there any actually scary horror anime? pls recommend me some




thank you very much! the shiki one in particular looks interesting to me, i'll give it a watch


benis :^DDDD

I always fantasised about Midnaxwolf link as a kid


japs lack the gene that makes you realize when youve gone too far with a joke


File: 1677576927698.jpeg (140.59 KB, 1076x658, 1666920375450.jpeg)



boy, this is satire



like 90% of isekai are """""""""satire"""""" nowadays


uyghas you don't get it this is dialectics in action.
Subversion of subversion of subversion of a genre.

File: 1676960319333.png (308.56 KB, 282x399, Volume2cover.png)


Has anyone else been reading Groundless? it's a really interesting military themed manga, about a small island at war. It manly fallows a small city's militia team while fighting with the main island army against the Liberation Army. I'm only half way through but it seems to go back a forth from the different factions while focusing on the small militia. I think the depiction of the Liberation Army is interesting, it's very bare bones compared to everyone else but it's clearly suppose to be the revolutionary army. it also has a very real depiction of racism.


How does it compare to reminiscences of the Cuban revolution?


after reading all that's translated it's probably more comparable to the IRA. there main focus is independence from mainland control but again the manga's interesting because it doesn't really focus on them.


File: 1677567102705-0.png (1.04 MB, 1476x2124, 059.png)

File: 1677567102705-1.png (540.37 KB, 1491x2150, 036.png)

File: 1677567102705-2.png (691.29 KB, 1480x2146, 004.png)

i'm going to analysis the Liberation army in this manga cause like i said no one seems to be reading this thing. their main ideology was written you by the commanding leader Livinda Giovovich, it's very broad in terms of philosophy, if anything it's comparable to Egoism, i think it's just supposed to be a stand in for liberty which is pretty general. it feels like it's a bourgeois revolution, but none the less they are the resistance. their main problem is losing support from the public because all they say in response is "believe in the revolution", and that's not holding peoples merit. i like to think it's a comment on how leftist focus on revolution over other things. none the less the manga is not completely about them, it's about a small city vigilantly group and while they work for the mainland you get the feeling their caught in the middle. over all it's a underrated manga, and I hope more leftist would read it, cause i think there's alot to analysis.

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