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File: 1608528840637.png (541.53 KB, 594x774, taro.png)


just got thru watching this and a bunch of youtube videos trying to explain it. still fucking confused by this series, is lain god or not?
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File: 1646306637880.jpg (1.48 MB, 2560x1600, LainWallpaper.jpg)

>My philosophical ramblings on (disjointed parts of) Lain / SEL.

>The philosophical point of the wired.

The wired is basically the cultural / superstructure sphere given a type of Pseudo-'Form' in the context of the internet.
Lain's dad points out to her at the very start of the anime in very blunt terms [paraphrasing haven't watched it in a while]
<"The wired is just a medium of transferring information and communicating with other people - dont confuse it for reality"
But very tellingly. The entire rest of the anime STOMPS all over this idea.
Throughout the series we see hints and have it eventually confirmed to us that the wired IS capable of having a effect on material reality. And even in the way the show is fleshed out, the audience is left constantly confused half the time whether something is really happening or is just happening in the 'wired'.

It plays out in effectively a similar paradigm as the Marxist 'Base and Superstructure' except instead of a strictly economic base effecting culture which can then in turn lead to changes in the base in a closed loop, this is applicable to 'reality in general' instead of a pure economics talking point

From the first time Lain goes onto the wired we see the same pattern unfold either at her hands or as the story develops the alter/copycat/deformed Lains. This pattern emerges…

<A. Lain goes onto and performs some sort of task or interaction on the wired.

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File: 1646308185500.jpg (487.32 KB, 1038x1443, Lain2.jpg)


>Masami's plan / Dimensional merge / The V.R goggles guy.

Masami who is basically the main antagonist of the series, entire plan revolves around him first 'dying' in the real world which is revealed to actually have been him digitizing and uploading his consciousness into the wired using Sci-Fi I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE level bullshittery.
From this point he intends to 'bring the wired and the real world together'
<What does that mean?
The world becomes a deleuzians paradise.
A completely imminent world with no observable or real separation between the perceived base and its culture/superstructure or in this scenario the 'real world' and the 'virtual world'. Obviously we dont get a chance to see what this would have functionally looked like. but from some of the events we see in the later episodes, I doubt it would have ended well for most people.

The V.R goggles sex pest guy we see about halfway through the series is actually one of the most similar to Masami in terms of their goals, Both of them initially want some sort of Liberation from the 'real world' and existence inside the wired. Though Masami succeeds (And to put it once more in Deleuzean terms - by literally abandoning or destroying his physical body so that his consciousness could continue to exist infinitely and unfettered by biological needs inside the wired) while the V.R goggles guy clearly fails. simply living a NEET lifestyle with a Meta.TM headset glued to his face all day. While still ultimately having to deal with the automatic reactions and requirements of his body in the real world.

Despite Masami's plans failure being the climax of series and us obviously never getting to see it's consequences, One character obviously does 'transcend' their physical limitations in an obvious way.
Lain herself seemingly becomes capable of 'living' inside the wired much the same way that Masami did. But is also able to quite clearly 'make themselves' physical in the real world whenever and wherever they want. Effectively becoming Omnipresent at every discernible individual point of time and space both within the virtual and real worlds

So basically Lain succeds where both Masami and V.R failed and ends up somewhat achieving the 'merge' that Masami desired. at least on a personal level.
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From left to right. The main Lain is her ego, the Lain of the Wired who is often seen as Cyberia is her superego, and the devious Lain is her id. This is why there is multiple Lains because they represent different aspects of herself. Except for the people on the wired who took on a distorted form of Lain they probably represented something else.




Was this supposed to be a soyjak post?

File: 1653937477842.jpeg (111.71 KB, 1000x600, masiro.jpeg)


well…recently i've found this thing called masiro project https://www.en.masiro.cafe/top watching youtube and i was thinking that is a very interesting idea: create your own chobits robot maid to hold your hand or having three robot girls to enjoy. this could be product of alienation, or a pretty interesting development for mankind?
>creepy-ass robots
well…they're kinda weird, but they have some cuteness anyways
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>The AI should actually be sapient.
Stop trying to make "humans but we don't actually know how our brains function so we pretend we made a human" REEEEE
if you want to make a human,go fuck a woman,making sentient robots is the stupidest shit I swear.


if a robot brain works like a human it is a human for all practical purposes, unless you want to go down the rabbit hole of essentialism and some people being more human than others


yes,but we're incapable (currently) of doing that,and my point is that even if we could,we shouldn't do it because it's a waste of time and ressources to basically just make another human.


File: 1654121395618.png (39.32 KB, 729x606, implying.png)

>making sentient robots is the stupidest shit I swear
but what if i want to try being godlike?
>it's a waste of time and ressources to basically just make another human
>it's a waste of time make a dummy to experiment conditions lethal for humans to avoid unneeded human deaths
get a load of this comrade


>we shouldn't do it because it's a waste of time and ressources to basically just make another human
So you're just an extreme antinatalist.

File: 1654125449478.jpg (407.11 KB, 1920x1080, 1444079944661.jpg)


Perfect Blue counts as an idol anime.
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Who raped your asshole this morning?


>It just means that TG failed as an animated movie
Damn anon that's a pretty retarded take, thanks for contributing.


>make a down to earth movie
Sounds like a failure to me.


Bro it was better off animated

Not even have to be in anime style. This shit couldn’t be communicated aswell in live action as it could be through an artists tools considering getting shit like the schizophrenic mind right within the main characters would look weird as shit in live action in cgi than with normal animation


this is the only anime board i know where posts like this are a good chunk of it

File: 1654304985233.jpg (184.04 KB, 1280x720, 1654297013524.jpg)


If you thought kemonomimi with human and animal ears were silly get ready for 6-eared kemonomimi.


Think of spiders. All their eyes do different things. Logically a kemonomimi has different ears that do different things like they are for different frequencies or to better differentiate the direction of a sound source. With our two ears we can't easily differenciate front versus back easily without visual cues. Though yeah a bit goofy like result of a random character generator.

File: 1654297516856.jpg (662.34 KB, 865x1259, 1654296581313.jpg)


So many authors that get cancelled and then their next story is something aimless like a slice-of-life manga, assuming they even get a chance to make something new. I don't even care if they "deserved" to get axed, it still sucks that trying to do something even slightly different is met with cancellation so they inevitably go for a safe route next time.

File: 1608528755012.jpg (885.75 KB, 2480x3507, otp.jpg)

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What are some classic cute yuri animu to watch??
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elsanna >>14297


File: 1653826411361.png (Spoiler Image, 4.45 MB, 3200x2500, 3e93645f337e939e7cc964fefe….png)

lust (FMA)


Update: Just finished episode 9. The plot's kicked in hard and has introduced timey wimey stuff. I'd say more but I don't remember how spoilers work. Just wanted to say, BIG recommend. The story's a lot of fun and the characters are really growing on me.

Could use more tits to be honest, but I guess every show needs a flaw or two.


File: 1654170371859.png (Spoiler Image, 3.22 MB, 1920x1080, 66514ba1497eea7b972a1dd8e1….png)


File: 1654340361896.gif (Spoiler Image, 14.92 MB, 1280x720, bb70a76d6c3070152fb3c5be0b….gif)

resident evil >>9390 >>9636 >>13938

File: 1654096957735.png (1.28 MB, 1366x768, 1653740968320.png)


It's going to switch staff and studio again.


File: 1654134807426.jpg (28.96 KB, 640x432, you are already dead.jpg)

>going to switch staff and studio


Wasn't the movie good


it has a brown dickgirl in it so afaic it's great


Movies and TV shows probably have different budgets.

File: 1621733450158.png (556.24 KB, 425x600, 1584508935870.png)


Man this feels like a 2000s anime in a good way.
I also checked the manga to get some more and the author is a god of pacing. Lots of development for a huge cast without feeling dragged out. Good shit.
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You aren't old, you're just too 4chanbrained.


I was actually describing the manga literally a line above the one where you recommended me to read the manga. That says something about the type of infantile goldfish mindset one needs to be in in order to find any of it funny.

I just picked a random video showing off the supposed amazing animation.
As for the whole filler argument. The entire manga is filler. The entire story has no purpose. Saying filler is bad whilst OP was applauding just how 2000s it made her feel is somewhat contradictory.

Also legit criticism is not dismissed by putting up a summary of the plot. That's not how conversations go. Did I ask for a summary of something I've already dismissed? Obviously not. I can open wikipedia for that.


>That's not how conversations go.
says the guy making the most insufferable posts around


Maybe you should stop shouting bullshit and be more invested in what you put down so people wouldn't have to call you out on your hypocrisy and emotional attacks.


>a random video showing off the supposed amazing animation
I don't think anyone ITT claimed it ahs good animation
>The entire story has no purpose
Yeah at this point you're not making an argument, you're just making claims that are blatantly inaccurate. I'm not claiming it to be the story of the century, but saying it has no purpose is bad faith nonsense
>OP was applauding just how 2000s it made her feel
??? DId you copy-paste this or are you just 4channed? How is that a criticism.
>legit criticism is not dismissed by putting up a summary of the plot.
You didn't provide legitimate criticism, just opinionated statements.
>I can open wikipedia for that.
No wonder you're such a toxic personality.

File: 1653891974154.jpg (45.45 KB, 800x600, 1467658807113.jpg)


Tomino said in a 1998 interview that fujoshis are the true gundam fans and that the male fans and model builders are little shits and fake geek boys.

Source: http://dargol.blog3.fc2.com/blog-entry-4241.html
"What I want modern day Gundam fans to understand is that Gundam wasn't nurtured by the PlaModel enthusiasts. It was young women who first came to the after recording studio, and Gundam is a work that began with their support. And it was a work that had no connection to the popularity of Gundam PlaModels. So I think the most important thing is creating a work that will attract those kind of girls to it again. I don't think movies as an entertainment industry can succeed without touching on that kind of fundamental portion."

“The very first fans of the original Gundam were young women. Definitely not the PlaModel enthusiasts. With both Gundam and Raideen, of the first fans to be active, 90% were girls. Among a gathering of 1000 fans, about 100 were boys. Around when the first cour ended, young women began to gather to the after recording studio. It took until much later for male fans make an uproar, around the time series got canceled. I thought: You’re late to the party!”

"When the movies were screening, we had many male fans who got into Gundam via Gunpla come to see it. Meanwhile, the girls who had been fans since the TV series aired got together to create their own world via fanzines. The fans, never interacting with each other, existed on separate planes."
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womenbros what happened over the years


Fujoshi means women into BL not any otaku who is a girl.


it do be like that





>Tomino said in a 1998 interview that fujoshis are the true gundam fans and that the male fans and model builders are little shits and fake geek boys.

Another parallel with Star Trek

File: 1608528803443-0.png (1.14 MB, 1289x697, 1Y2SFDZ[1].png)

 No.795[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

>Watch youjo senki movie
>Tanja blows up the palace of the soviets
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>that makes it better


funny reaction face


File: 1653801868820.png (Spoiler Image, 485.79 KB, 1000x1000, ClipboardImage.png)

>So you get to fuck a middle-aged midget and a fascist at the same time
…I-I guess? Anon… did you make pic rel?


No, but thanks for that picture.


>The character named "Mary Sue" is railing the actual Mary Sue of the story.

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