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File: 1650750997134.png (4.25 MB, 2029x1614, flip.PNG)


Has any modern shonen come close?




OP is just fanboying over Hitman Reborn.


TBH I never was a fan of Reborn but something kinda-sorta like it from the more modern era of anime is Blood Brigade


No, I'm asking if anything has ever come close to it. Nowhere did I state my opinion on it. Just that I feel nothing has come close since that I'm aware of. I guess having an underage character smoke is too edgy for modern teenage audiences.
Yeah. It sucks that nobody is doing the manga. The anime went off the rails in s2. But I did enjoy it a lot. There's dozen of Manga based on LN isekais that get translated for lord knows why but an actual good mango is being left in the dark.


Start an idol group to prevent the deletion of /anime/!
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The petty drama which caused the "junta" roleplayers to fuck off and cause a split again has absolutely nothing to do with /anime/ (it was a /b/ thing concerning avatarfags, soyfags and reactionaries), so I see no reason for the /anime/ users to leave leftypol. However, some of us probably side with the coupers/splitters, so they're probably going to make posts over at leftychan, and if that site ever goes down they will complain about it here.
Also I don't think the "mod" (who is actually just a janny I think) who's been removing spam at what remains of Bunkerchan is part of this site's staff, but maybe I misunderstood.


I'd use this site, if it wasn't for it missing like 90% of the posts made from a week ago before the split, it's annoying as shit.


So since I wasn't aware of the split until I came back a few days ago, and posted on leftychan, (because redirect) I'm going to do myself a favor and repost some content from leftychan /anime/ on the corresponding threads of this site.

But yeah fuck /b/-fags and fuck the mods for their stupid fbi.gov drama, this is why dictatorship of Old BO was at least stable and predictable and only had 1 split that was still on the same site.


>shoulder 'paldrons'
I can't tell if that's supposed to be a "poncho" (the Chinese equivalent made from straw) or a broken rice-farmer straw hat


Is the bunker up?
the old site

File: 1650762248973.jpg (523.36 KB, 2970x2160, best_girl_shikimori_san.jpg)


It might be because I'm getting older but lately I've been very into dark and gloomy Christmas cakes.


>lately I've been very into dark and gloomy Christmas cakes.
What is this even supposed to mean


Not OP but he means depressed women past 25 years old ("Christmas cake" is a term that refers to women older than 25 "because no one wants to marry her", just like no one wants to eat a Christmas cake after the 25th)


Is the 25 years old threshold even that applicable nowadays in consideration of later ages of marriage, also more especially when many women recently don't even seek out marriage?

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It is time for us to start the counter-attack, this cannot go on
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it's still gay tho



>I don't really feel any of that changes how this production feels overall: a straight-up endorsement of grooming and sexually exploiting children.
>It honestly made me feel as if I was witnessing genuine child porn and I still feel nauseous for it.
based reviewer


First they came for the cucks…



This is still only partly translated, no?


>First they came for the cucks
Gay but kek

File: 1650342395466.png (2.07 MB, 960x1440, ClipboardImage.png)


what's this anime about

is it leftist? what revolution is this show about
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File: 1650545855077.png (Spoiler Image, 73.8 KB, 486x498, 1649086028418.png)

Anyways, this file here, that is reposted from that other thread on Ikuhara, seems oddly relevant to Utena.

Most strictly defined, the game could be said to not be a "date simulator", but there are familiar game mechanics like "character routes" that have the player build up relationships with various characters from the Utena series. And IIRC the player can actually have the main player-character bed certain characters in the game?

His work more likely comes off apolitical, inspired by the aesthetic of the Japanese New Left but not so purposely political in orientation to be a call to true revolutionary transformation of society in the way that the Soviet Union's revolutionary productions often did; the mentality at play is more of a "politics is not as useful as art at the transformation of society" and a "the world is like a play" sorts of attitude probably, and the very experimental productions explore unconventional theatrical practices and psychological topics like innocence.


When does the show get good? I watched the first three episodes and was painfully bored by it.


Oldfag here, it's a bit like NGE, it's for a bit of a specific audience, and like most older media in anime takes thing slower and has a lot of dialogue involved. The latter is something that shouldn't be an issue if you're interested.
As a side note, I was never into Utena but I recognize its artistic metric.



A dating simulator is not the same thing as a VN. They often overlap or have similar themes and objectives, but they're separate things. Most otome games are visual novels, not dating simulators. Peopl in the west think every anime-style game about romance is a "dating sim" but that's wrong.

Dating simulators are like Tokimeki Memorial, Love Plus or Doukyuusei; VNs are like Clannad, Katawa Shoujo or NekoPara. All of these games are galge (the standard romance/erotic anime game with a male protagonist and female love interests, made for straight men) despite being in different formats.
In short, for it to be "simulation" it has to, logically, have simulation aspects (most notably stat building), not just plain reading endless blocks of text and occasionally picking a dialogue option or story action. Galge used to be almost synonymous with dating simulation but after the 2000s the dating sim genre has been dead and almost all galge are mainly visual novels nowadays.

Otome games are the same (but with the sexes inverted), they can be one or the other, but the vast majority of them, like galge, are visual novels, not dating simulators. An otome dating sim is like Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side, My Candy Love and RE:Alistair; an otome visual novel is like Hakuoki, Diabolik Lovers or Bustafellows. The Utena game doesn't seem to have any simulation mechanics, so it would qualify as a VN and not a dating sim.

File: 1648308467189.jpg (46.68 KB, 977x608, drstone.jpg)


Now that the dust has finally settled… Thoughts on this?


bad history, liberal fantasy, great man nonsense, essentially the exact same ideology as the civilization games, and ultimately kinda boring. Boichi's art is pretty good tho, though he was better in sun-ken rock. Kind of a shit manga, but I get why people really liked it.


File: 1648320862539.png (979.93 KB, 1174x1102, suika.png)

The final third or so was pretty disappointing. There were some opportunities for good drama but it seems the author wanted to stick to science fetishism (a weird unrealistic kind) at all costs. I'd probably have liked it more if I was its target demographic.


Great concept ruined by paper thin characters and half baked philosophical themes rooted in liberal ideology. The lack of any serious conflict ruins the last arc. What the fuck man, getting to space should've been the hypest part. Really feels like Boichi is speedrunning the story just to get it over with.


Boichi was just the artist, it was written by Inagaki.


>science story with science fiction mystery elements
>censored BUDGET anime adaptation
I just couldn't care about a story that's going to have cop-out scifi story progression, while the rest was filler. If I wanted accuracy on real life I'd watch a documentary on killer orcas, a how-to-video on house-building, and the diary of a guy that decided to live in the woods for 2 years. Did I miss any cool battles? Or can I just reread Hitman Reborn, Jojo and Bleach for the umpteenth time to remind me good manga do exist?

File: 1648820179242.png (152.85 KB, 246x369, 1486953839456.png)


Well, /anime/?

what are some ningen lies?
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not even the omni king can help you with that, brother


>Capitalism is human nature
>Communism killed 100 gorillion people
>Prices are subjective


shitposter paradise


zamasu did nothing wrong, the ningen really do deserve it for spreading such lies



File: 1608529023583.jpg (437.6 KB, 1158x1600, purest.jpg)


The highest form of Japanese experimental literature, it is a disruptive, subversive entry into the incestuous world of culture.
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yosuga no sora was better


File: 1650279491155.png (31.64 KB, 976x110, por que los otakus.png)


you said it yourself, this is babby's first incest anime/manga/vn


> It's only beginning in 14 year olds
In boys. And it varies. It starts at age 10 to 12 in girls


love YnS

File: 1626451097397.png (359.56 KB, 1920x1200, w null_ziarjzpmdmt61.png)

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what do you think about RWBY as an anime
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lol get a load of this authority worshipper


Nothing makes me think of "sexualization of minors" more than a drawing of a voluptuous curvy naked fictional character, man.


sry m80, no visual bush on her, so it's still pedophilic.


File: 1650255850950.png (2.61 MB, 2893x4092, ClipboardImage.png)

You do realize adult women shave/pluck right? Also stop derailing.


pedoscarefags are being racist against short women again

File: 1650003713757.jpg (194.52 KB, 800x600, 1648857001072.jpg)


Please tell me I'm not a bitter asshole for hating credit pages in manga with their d*scord invites and unfunny fucking jokes.
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Depends, some of the credit pages can be funny, some are cringe, it's not a monolithic thing.


translators writing their personal thoughts on the margins of each page is the worst



That last pic is weird. Even doctors say you should piss after cumming to clean it out. I mean sure you cant immediately after but a couple seconds later you can.


those are the best kind of scans

lol what are you going to complain about illustrated manuscripts next

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