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So what animu does Bunkerchan like?I really love any anime that has something to do with uchuu!
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Recently rewatched Tokyo magnitude 8.0, really solid, giving it a shoutout. Bit sappy at times but I eat that shit up if done right.

If I had to pick one I like most it would be Hyouka. Lots of better animes out there but I just really like this one, it's like a warm blanket to me.


holy shit, pure autism


I'm really enjoying Baki the Grappler right now. I'm only 12 episodes in. But I still don't understand why Baki's mom french kissed him.


I had to stop around that point because it got too retarded for me.


File: 1608529029439-0.jpg (60 KB, 500x706, Dougram.jpg)

File: 1608529029439-1.webm (3.55 MB, 640x480, DagramSnitch.webm)


So has anyone watched Dougram?


No but I clearly should

File: 1608529028492.jpg (400.77 KB, 1920x1080, 1603391787853.jpg)


Are you watching Elaina's anime? If so did you enjoy it?
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File: 1608529030140-0.png (451.19 KB, 1280x975, Screenshot (95).png)

File: 1608529030140-1.png (419.73 KB, 964x1048, Screenshot (96).png)

File: 1608529030140-2.png (438.01 KB, 1856x1070, Screenshot (97).png)

The main character turns out not to be as heroic or kind as people expected. Ever since the third episode it's 24/7 shitflinging about morality and ethics. There's also shitflinging about it being yuri vs not yuri.


holy shit what the fuck


I don't. I hate lazy OPs. Half the posts here only came about today because it's Friday and the thread is on pg 1


I really like it. The butthurt is causing is extremely funny to watch.


This is why medieval settings suck tbh


I am an old fag. Today I decided to compile a playlist of all my favorite anime. I made a list including Neon Genesis, Trigun, Outlaw Star, Full Metal Alchemist, Dragon Ball, etc etc etc.

After watching a few episodes I realized I am way, way behind the times. The only modern anime I have on my play list is Made in abyss. So, I come to you /a/. I come to you requesting your favorite anime picks from 2018 - 2020 and what looks upcoming for 2021. All I ask is that it be good high quality anime. I don't want something like fairy tail that's just designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Hook me up /a/.


Just an FYI my dude
The thread for new anime is
Some suggestions (mostly from 2018 to today)
- Dragonball Z Abridged (the series gets better and better as it goes on and covers DBZ, ending on the Cell arc, and covers several of the movies.)
- Rent-a-Grilfriend
- SAO Abridged (15 episodes so far sadly)
- Reborn as a Slime
- Highschool DxD (4 seasons)
- Alita Battle Angel movie
- One Punch Man
- Mars Daybreak (not post-2016, but rather obscure)
- Blue Submarine No.6 (also older and also obscure)
- Welcome to Demon School Iruma
- Goblin Slayer
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Go watch Parasyte you dummy.

File: 1608529020860.jpg (104.48 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0001.jpg)


An anime about class warfare and killing rich Anglos. Based?
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WOwie leftist anime!!!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! !!!! ! !!!


Do you have nothing better to do but spam saged sarcastic shitposts on all these threads? Why?


Infrared approves of this thread.albaniaAlbania


> about class warfare

>class warfare is when some rich faggot rises crime in the city to "change the country"

You are a pathetic excuse for a communist.


so what exactly is the plot of the anime?

let us judge if it about class warfare or not

File: 1608529010866-1.jpg (122.53 KB, 477x738, br003.jpg)

File: 1608529010866-2.jpg (65.92 KB, 477x738, br006.jpg)


Why even live anons?
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>but it's been mostly wiped from the internet
Then its too based for this gay earth


Its not the full doujin though
Just scraps that he could find


I posted the full doujin on hobby


It's what was shared on /leftypol/ back in the day.



File: 1608529008715.png (625.17 KB, 507x709, thighigh.png)


Comrades! To be a true revolutionary, one must realize that the height of your socks should be as high as the red banner you wish to uphold! What are you waiting for?
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File: 1608529098573.jpg (840.54 KB, 1125x1093, 1606546164018.jpg)


What cringe

>femdom is fascist
&ltfascists are obsessed with dominating and subjugating women to their will and having gay love.
&ltNazis were full of transvestites and other fags.
Nah I have it right.


Actually how about all the males are mandated to become femboys and all the females are mandated to become tomboys.anarcha-feminismAnarcha-Feminism


burkina_fasoBurkina Faso


how about no one is mandated to become anything they don't want to just to serve others sexually


I don't care if this thread already exists,just post all saved anime tomboy pics you have (preferably flat chested)
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No. To me, they are mainly cool. That's the point. They would hate it if you called them cute, too.


Hate to break it to you but tomboy cute


File: 1623550730477.jpg (340.68 KB, 1280x1807, 1607601441497.jpg)

Tomboys are built for ryona.


Excellent-taste-haver has entered the chat


Acshually, the appeal of the tomboy is precisely in the balance between cute and cool
>They would hate it if you called them cute, too.
Good, part of the fun is teasing them and then getting kicked in the balls

File: 1608529005711.jpg (33.23 KB, 225x350, Ranma.jpg)


Can Ranma get preggers? Could Ranma get preggers with his own sperm between forms? What happens if Ranma gets hit with hot water while preggers?
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Henge is a ninjutsu and as we see in the series, it has a physical form. When Naruto transforms into a Fuuma Shuriken, he literally becomes one. Sasuke has done the same thing. When Naruto transformed with Gamabunta he actually transformed into the fox as, the presence of claws affecting Shukaku demonstrates this. There are clear limits to it (size limit in terms of how big or small you can make yourself) but otherwise you're functionally the same. Shadow Clones are also shown to generate blood and have fully formed chakra systems, meaning until they dispel, they are functionally human.


mpreg is hot so yes


Goddamn it


That seems pretty universe-breaking in retrospect.


Yeah that's actually something naruto-fans have been arguing over for a long time. It's why fanfiction often has Naruto's henge be special and 'real' (which is honestly even stupider). Other fanfiction use this to the point where naruto essentially goes around using it to the fullest extent. The only reason this doesn't really get out of hand like other broken powers in other shonen, is because the more complex the henge, the harder it is to keep up for longer times, which limits its use to those people with chakra to burn (like Naruto).


Interestingly, since it's not a hard technique, it can be down one-handed, meaning a person missing a limb can temporarily return their limb for some time.

File: 1608529004694.jpg (343.58 KB, 850x1198, polpot.jpg)


someone please send me khmer rouge padoru i fucking need it and i cant find it anywhere in my folders


Her name is Saber and I don't know that edit.

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