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File: 1608529055742.jpeg (158.27 KB, 900x350, blue gender.jpeg)


>actually, we fell in love as children but forgot about it… until now
Jesus Christ what an awful trope. What are some anime or manga with actually good romance development? Pic very related.
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Kimi ga Nozomu Eien is the most mature romance anime i know, ironically based on an eroge


Eroge can be based. There's a reason why there's a term to separate eroge only meant to jack off to and another for modern literary VN masterpieces.


Definitely a boring trope, but I can ignore it if I like a story enough.



This one what? What is it a reply to.

File: 1608529051044.webm (5.93 MB, 640x360, 1602515774102.webm)


Post 'em.
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you just proved it

>otomads aren't otaku culture
wow this thread is bait for newfags


also this shithole has absolutely garbage software


>this much autism
Some fag playing FPS games and overlaying that with some barely audible jpop is not "otaku" content, it's just shit.
>just proved
&ltmuh software
Go, and stay go >>>/tech/


I fucking hate you guys.


why is this board so bad

File: 1608529050098-0.png (52.98 KB, 640x562, 2DiYsY9l.png)

File: 1608529050098-1.jpg (101.67 KB, 714x1000, image9.jpg)


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youre a pedo if youre attracted to the MIND of a child, not 'the body'. this is a whole conspiracy to body shame women who don't have big enough boobs or ass, fucking amerifats. whats bad is the power imbalance, the inability for one party to rationalize the consequence, not because of arbitrary body shape. if a child 'looked like an adult' that would not make it okay for you to fyck them OP.


File: 1608529148943.jpg (388.45 KB, 1240x1754, 6rxKBvp.jpg)

This right there. Also I feel like the recent obsession with pedophilia in the discourse is a direct result of the Epstein thing. Everybody suddenly realised that the rich all rape children, but because they are the ruling class nobody can do anything about it, so all that frustration get channeled into doing shit like trying to censor hentai and cancelling random youtubers.


Take this to the lolipol thread and stop bumping this beyond-pointless thread.


>this is a whole conspiracy to body shame women who don't have big enough boobs or ass
grown women's bodies, even if they're flat, are not the same as a child's you dumb pedo

File: 1608529045815.jpg (57.02 KB, 1280x720, MV5BMzMxYjg1.jpg)


What the FUCK was going on at the end of this anime?


That's so weird. I was just thinking about this the otherday. I haven't seen this anime in so long, so, I can't really commentate on it all that much. Interesting to see some one posted about it, though.


So, let's be clear:
Were these two living under a fascist military police state?
I never noticed it when I was young, but, now that I am older and more politically aware the show sure seems to take place under; hell even glorifying the righteousness of a military police state governed by, near, fascist political power. They even call the head of the goverment "The fuiër." Am I wrong /a/?
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>TBH I never understood the hype for this show.
Your question is too vague but I'll try to answer it.
•The characters have fun, interesting and cool personalities with enough complexity to keep the audience engage.
•The setting and power system are detailed and unique enough for it to stand out from the crowd.
•The series is long enough convey it story properly and doesn't overstay it's welcome.
•The plot doesn't trip over itself and goes to shit.
•It's dark but still hopeful.
•It's "anime" but not too "anime" for a general audience making it great for beginners.

There are more reasons but I made my point.It's a very well rounded series which can be enjoyed by a wide audience.


You made excellent points with a simple explanation, thanks for clarifying




Obligatory 2003 adaptation was better post.


Obligatory response calling you a silly contrarian.

File: 1608529037166-0.gif (2.98 MB, 480x360, StardustMemories2.gif)

File: 1608529037166-1.gif (2.99 MB, 396x264, stardustmemories.gif)

File: 1608529037166-2.gif (1007.83 KB, 500x375, patlabor.gif)


Give me recommendations.
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Macross: Do you Remember Love had some great animation. It's a sort of retelling of the SDF Macross TV series, but I'd recommend watching the TV series first because of the story. Hideaki Anno did key animation for both. SDF Macross apparently didn't have the biggest budget as there is a lot of QUALITY and recycled animations.


The animation was the only thing good out of that one. The mini-MS look dumb as hell and the story is lackluster at best.


Redline is insanely good, 7 years of drawing by Madhouse



So oldschool they draw their circles as ovals so they're circles for 4:3


Mecha thread right there you idiots.


So what animu does Bunkerchan like?I really love any anime that has something to do with uchuu!
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Recently rewatched Tokyo magnitude 8.0, really solid, giving it a shoutout. Bit sappy at times but I eat that shit up if done right.

If I had to pick one I like most it would be Hyouka. Lots of better animes out there but I just really like this one, it's like a warm blanket to me.


holy shit, pure autism


I'm really enjoying Baki the Grappler right now. I'm only 12 episodes in. But I still don't understand why Baki's mom french kissed him.


I had to stop around that point because it got too retarded for me.


File: 1608529029439-0.jpg (60 KB, 500x706, Dougram.jpg)

File: 1608529029439-1.webm (3.55 MB, 640x480, DagramSnitch.webm)


So has anyone watched Dougram?


No but I clearly should

File: 1608529028492.jpg (400.77 KB, 1920x1080, 1603391787853.jpg)


Are you watching Elaina's anime? If so did you enjoy it?
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File: 1608529030140-0.png (451.19 KB, 1280x975, Screenshot (95).png)

File: 1608529030140-1.png (419.73 KB, 964x1048, Screenshot (96).png)

File: 1608529030140-2.png (438.01 KB, 1856x1070, Screenshot (97).png)

The main character turns out not to be as heroic or kind as people expected. Ever since the third episode it's 24/7 shitflinging about morality and ethics. There's also shitflinging about it being yuri vs not yuri.


holy shit what the fuck


I don't. I hate lazy OPs. Half the posts here only came about today because it's Friday and the thread is on pg 1


I really like it. The butthurt is causing is extremely funny to watch.


This is why medieval settings suck tbh


I am an old fag. Today I decided to compile a playlist of all my favorite anime. I made a list including Neon Genesis, Trigun, Outlaw Star, Full Metal Alchemist, Dragon Ball, etc etc etc.

After watching a few episodes I realized I am way, way behind the times. The only modern anime I have on my play list is Made in abyss. So, I come to you /a/. I come to you requesting your favorite anime picks from 2018 - 2020 and what looks upcoming for 2021. All I ask is that it be good high quality anime. I don't want something like fairy tail that's just designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Hook me up /a/.


Just an FYI my dude
The thread for new anime is
Some suggestions (mostly from 2018 to today)
- Dragonball Z Abridged (the series gets better and better as it goes on and covers DBZ, ending on the Cell arc, and covers several of the movies.)
- Rent-a-Grilfriend
- SAO Abridged (15 episodes so far sadly)
- Reborn as a Slime
- Highschool DxD (4 seasons)
- Alita Battle Angel movie
- One Punch Man
- Mars Daybreak (not post-2016, but rather obscure)
- Blue Submarine No.6 (also older and also obscure)
- Welcome to Demon School Iruma
- Goblin Slayer
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Go watch Parasyte you dummy.

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