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kamS is some totally innocuous salaryman who lives in suburban Tokyo. He works in middle-management for some successful yet forgettable corporation. His co-workers would describe him as "pleasant", even though he doesn't really stand out from the crowd, and hardly ever speaks up during meetings. He is kind to his wife, but not affectionate. His children barely know who he is, but he always offers them a smile, a pat on the head, the occasional ice cream. His neighbors would never say a bad word about him. And late at night, a couple times a month, he tells his wife that he has to work late. But he doesn't stay at the office. Instead, he drives to a non-descript, run down shopping district late at night, parks his car, and walks to the unnumbered door between the appliance repair shop and the pet store. He takes out the key from his wallet, unlocks the door, walks up the three flight of steps to another door, and unlocks that. There, there is a desk, a chair, and a computer. He closes the door, sits, turns on the computer, and makes these works. He never tells anyone about them, and even he doesn't exactly know why he makes them. kamS is a mystery even to himself.

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Anime is reactionary for re inforcing and capitalizing on the concept of Moe and Manime

Slice of life and the Shonen genres are guilty of this the most
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In the USSR we still had 'fandoms' they just didn't have internet on which to organize, Высоцкий and many other musicians, actors and cultural figures (including fictional ones such as those of the Three Musketeers) were what people liked.

Under socialism fandoms will still exist but be more healthy in their attitudes.


>>9447 samefag addendum

One has to wonder if the leftist sympathetic people in the animation industry had poured their energies into it because of the major setback of the Left in Japan and the general retreat of leftists around the world from attempts to shape history in that period of capitalist onslaught.


Probably how it used to be but not anymore, which is why Miyazaki is known for his caustic lamentations about Otaku and anime today in general. Back in his day animators and Japan's population in general were a determined and hot-hearted bunch, while today they're just stuck in a rut, enforced by the systems legalese that makes any stepping out of line dangerous, let alone any activism (See >>5012 ).


Women like being feminine, you're just a man-hating sjw.


Not all Anime is reactionary, a lot of popular directors have expressed left-wing sympathies. It's just very taboo in Japan, so left-wing people there tend to keep on the DL, or engage in eurocom shit like the JCP

File: 1644473445030.jpg (401.21 KB, 1699x1273, 1644473001886.jpg)


Deleuze spoke that the great fictional classical narratives in cinema were finished and that now we have a world of incredible possibilities for experimentation with formal elements and affective tones without narrative closures, while anime became a mix and match machine of moe characters and tropes.

There has been a turn towards the predominance of small narratives and the moe-based consumption of characters in the production of anime as well as reception since the 90s (notably from Evangelion) onwards. This is the reason why Azuma Hiroki called it the new "database consumption" of otaku, being the industry a factory of simulacra and moe tropes. It is seen in the prevalence in contemporary anime of animation techniques that prioritize the exaggerated effects of relatively immobilized images over the realistic movement based on action (Disney's animation style). This approach in affection is properly exemplified in Chobits, and many other popular romcom and harem anime.

This idea of ​​"database consumption" also occurs in the practice of choosing not to translate certain words (senpai, etc.), not only because of the ubiquity, but also because the (fan)translators understood them at some level as addresses in the "database" instead of natural words. Taking again the example of "senpai", this term almost has a completely different connotation than just say "teacher" due to the tropes that are ubiquitous in moe culture.


start and end with fate/zero
you can thank me later
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>b-but all translations are bad
No. You rarely get translations as terrible as anything ixrec has done. Just look at muramasa's translation. It's so good. Even subahibi/dies irae got decent translations.


Why such a defensive reply, jesus christ…


>Even subahibi/dies irae got decent translations.
Because Steiner (I think) was in charge of those and it was sort of a passion project turned professional.


I think 3 translators worked on it iirc and most people criticize Steiner for contributing to a couple of major translation errors.


Because it's fucking disingenuous to treat FSN's translation as a representative of anything. They are a lot of good official translators working in the industry and you're basically insulting them.

File: 1644373163065.jpg (458.15 KB, 650x924, 1644303889582.jpg)


Isekai MC got dumped by his girlfriend in his original world so the first thing he does is purchase a slave to do his bidding. This is pretty much exactly how isekai fans think.


I'm still surprised there isn't a single fucking one where the guy is like "fuck slavery,I don't give a shit if it's legal here" and burn the place down with his bullshit powers and suicidal NEET brain,you can even say one girl stays with him because he saved her from slavery if you REALLY need that as a plot point.
Isn't that the most obvious shit ?


It says a lot about (Japanese) society that every single MC thinks buying slaves is fine because it's legal.
I think there might be exceptions but I can't remember them and they're an overwhelming minority.


File: 1644211779678.jpg (61.62 KB, 600x819, 1639680500709.jpg)


Yet another Japanese show about the horrors of being a wagie that doesn't actually say anything about capitalism directly.
Oh well, at least it's fun I guess.
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I remember watching some shitty isekai where the MC was a stressed worker that even had to sleep at his workplace and I was completely expecting him to die during work as the setting up for the transportation, but noooooo, he magically transported out of nowhere to another world. Boring!


Watching this shit got me thinking, are landlords in Japan as nice as they're always presented in anime?



Probably not, especially with foreigners.
It's even worse when the landlord is actually a renting company, useless leeches.


File: 1644294571952.jpg (336.14 KB, 2025x1150, 1644292650663.jpg)


Uphold, defend and apply the immortal science of Maoism-Gensokyo Thought.


File: 1644294988550.png (289.63 KB, 512x483, Th123Meiling.png)

China will never, ever appear again in a main Touhou game.


Unconnected Marketeers described the process of the entrenchment of capitalist relations of production in feudal Gensokyo.
This means that a communist revolution is inevitable


I'd laugh my ass off if ZUN went there, even tangentially.


Can't wait for ZUN to add a character that's supposed to represent the specter of communism. Like Yuyuko but red.


leftypol meetup

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File: 1644209734463.gif (2.98 MB, 498x376, 1642699480632.gif)


File: 1644040499439.jpg (151.74 KB, 485x900, cheeeeeeeen.jpg)


Long Chen is long.
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File: 1644083739792.gif (56.25 KB, 280x440, 1616474002083.gif)

This is a long Chen thread.


File: 1644127705915.png (779.58 KB, 933x521, 1622801188784.png)



Is there? I never located it


There's this masterpiece: >>823


This is disturbing.

File: 1644042405142-0.jpg (142.45 KB, 764x1200, 1618943382206.jpg)

File: 1644042405142-1.jpg (269.84 KB, 860x1400, 1609968108475.jpg)

File: 1644042405142-2.png (254.98 KB, 900x1409, 1562513383571.png)


Sometimes I see people posting that mediocre manga about an aspie girl but this is the manga about an autist.


He wasn't exactly an autist but he was definitely the best depiction of a loner I've seen


File: 1644127647050.jpg (272.02 KB, 1131x1600, 1641555515857.jpg)

>You do not need 100 friends!
I like that dig at Komi-san.


This translation sucks ass.

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