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It is time for us to start the counter-attack, this cannot go on
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it's still gay tho



>I don't really feel any of that changes how this production feels overall: a straight-up endorsement of grooming and sexually exploiting children.
>It honestly made me feel as if I was witnessing genuine child porn and I still feel nauseous for it.
based reviewer


First they came for the cucks…



This is still only partly translated, no?


>First they came for the cucks
Gay but kek

File: 1648308467189.jpg (46.68 KB, 977x608, drstone.jpg)


Now that the dust has finally settled… Thoughts on this?


bad history, liberal fantasy, great man nonsense, essentially the exact same ideology as the civilization games, and ultimately kinda boring. Boichi's art is pretty good tho, though he was better in sun-ken rock. Kind of a shit manga, but I get why people really liked it.


File: 1648320862539.png (979.93 KB, 1174x1102, suika.png)

The final third or so was pretty disappointing. There were some opportunities for good drama but it seems the author wanted to stick to science fetishism (a weird unrealistic kind) at all costs. I'd probably have liked it more if I was its target demographic.


Great concept ruined by paper thin characters and half baked philosophical themes rooted in liberal ideology. The lack of any serious conflict ruins the last arc. What the fuck man, getting to space should've been the hypest part. Really feels like Boichi is speedrunning the story just to get it over with.


Boichi was just the artist, it was written by Inagaki.


>science story with science fiction mystery elements
>censored BUDGET anime adaptation
I just couldn't care about a story that's going to have cop-out scifi story progression, while the rest was filler. If I wanted accuracy on real life I'd watch a documentary on killer orcas, a how-to-video on house-building, and the diary of a guy that decided to live in the woods for 2 years. Did I miss any cool battles? Or can I just reread Hitman Reborn, Jojo and Bleach for the umpteenth time to remind me good manga do exist?

File: 1648820179242.png (152.85 KB, 246x369, 1486953839456.png)


Well, /anime/?

what are some ningen lies?
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not even the omni king can help you with that, brother


>Capitalism is human nature
>Communism killed 100 gorillion people
>Prices are subjective


shitposter paradise


zamasu did nothing wrong, the ningen really do deserve it for spreading such lies



File: 1650003713757.jpg (194.52 KB, 800x600, 1648857001072.jpg)


Please tell me I'm not a bitter asshole for hating credit pages in manga with their d*scord invites and unfunny fucking jokes.
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Depends, some of the credit pages can be funny, some are cringe, it's not a monolithic thing.


translators writing their personal thoughts on the margins of each page is the worst



That last pic is weird. Even doctors say you should piss after cumming to clean it out. I mean sure you cant immediately after but a couple seconds later you can.


those are the best kind of scans

lol what are you going to complain about illustrated manuscripts next


What the fuck is his problem?
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Except for his idiotic writing.


Only problem is he was a sexist in the 90s


Because he's had a massive impact on the subculture of giant robots and everybody digs giant robots, especially losers on imageboards.


What problem, OP?

>In Mobile Suit Gundam (1979) we have a revolutionary independence movement being co-opted by fascist oligarchs and our young protagonists have to side with the neoliberal empire/status quo in order to survive.

>In the sequel, Zeta Gundam (1985), parts of the neoliberal empire become explicitly fascist and we follow freedom fighters from inside and outside of its system fighting against it.
>The third show, ZZ Gundam (1986), is the most overt one about class. Class is an aspect that permeates every facet of the show, specially thanks to the explicitly poor protagonist who clashes with the more privileged people from either side of the conflict.
>And those three aren't the only ones, every entry from him in the franchise (and basically everything he directed outside of it) have some pretty leftist inclinations, though they're much closer to being "capitalism/imperialism/colonialism/fascism/neoliberalism bad" than being explicitly "communism good".


I notice the conspicuous absence of Char's Counterattack


All 20 volumes of it.
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pre-2016 /a/ feels like a parallel dimension nowadays


what the hell if you said privatisation and the free market are bad on 4chan now you'd get swarmed by mutts and /pol/yps seething at you


The anime was terrible. Are the novels better?


How was it terrible?


>[MC] ends up working as a security force trainee, where he unwillingly has to deal with his strange colleagues as well as RJ, a group of extremists who are fighting to privatize the railway.
For one, the anime doesn't explore any of this premise.

File: 1650199944906.jpg (206.04 KB, 1080x1580, 10-o.jpg)


i cant get enough of stories of time loopers whose ability activates upon death man
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That's literally the worst kind of anime plot


it is a pretty interesting trope


File: 1650243085086.jpg (278.88 KB, 764x1200, 1648877709357.jpg)

I really really liked Saike Mata Shitemo, I love "absolute madman" protagonists.


Is there anything that touches on quantum suicide? It's a thought experiment where if you die your consciousness shifts into an identical reality you wind up living so it means it's impossible to kill yourself and you just wind up same situation as you started. Would make for a good drama plot and doesnt rely on time loops.


Zero Escape is probably the closest thing to that.

File: 1650008426813.jpg (70.15 KB, 770x1156, タニウチヒデキ.jpg)


So the master behind the soundtracks for Kaiji, Akagi, Death Note, etc. got a decade in jail for smoking weed and will never get hired to make an OST ever again.
Japan sounds like a real nice country, huh.
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you have no idea what adhd is dude


youre supposed to take breaks when under adhd meds


I'm not bootlicking. Weed simply has way less impact than alcohol, fasting, or a caveat of other experiences. It's not worth the jail time. I wouldn't drink alcohol if it had a prison sentence of 10 years and was a career suicide. The fact you think there's only a small chance of getting caught is because the police in your country doesn't care about these types of offenses (if they even are, otherwise you have no reason to be talking of getting caught, then you'd have no basis). How inept do you have to be to not understand my point? If you want to hallucinate all you have to do is stop eating.


Did it exist in the, say, 1600s? Thought as much. Go take your medication though. I'm sure that's healthy.


weed is good and good for you


How the FUCK is it possible that there’s no general thread for quite possibly the most well-written and even leftist-oriented Shounen serial of the 2000s?

Wanted to make a general because I been tearing up listening to shit like this

Best anime soundtrack ever imo, easily tops even Jojo’s
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i haven't seen 03 since i was 13-14. i'm probably gonna cry while rewatching this


>Best anime soundtrack ever imo, easily tops even Jojo’s
OP has never watched Berserk 97.


daring today arent we


File: 1649928887952.png (150.23 KB, 613x440, fiction.png)


Wrong thread


Every fucking story that isn't some SOL CGDCT shit is automatically a "psychological" "thriller" these days huh.


File: 1649934099972.gif (207.82 KB, 373x434, 1502570618392.gif)

No, but bad genre fiction aimed at teens might not be the most interesting thing for you to read. You could read Henry David Thoreau for instance.

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