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Hell yeah I read seinen romcoms loosely based on the Japanese student movements that had an audio CD with a couple of denpa artists.


File: 1608528782601.jpg (174.59 KB, 342x519, HayaoMiyazakiCCJuly09.jpg)

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Do you have anything to say about this man?
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stumbled on a funny WaPo review of princess mononoke from 1999. the reviewer disliked it because it wasn't made with western filmmaker sensibilities, namely that the violence was too restrained. he also called the animation lifeless, criticizing the "hordes" of animators at studio ghibli who couldn't match the elegance of disney animation


This has to be a joke. Old Disney animation of the "Golden Age" from Pinnochio and Snow White to Peter Pan and Aladdin are wondrfully animated, but they too took shortcuts in animation (a prominent example are various animation recolors for Sword in the Stone, Jungle Book and Robin Hood, but those are acceptable. Monoke does not have these 'short-cuts' and is very meticulously animated. Calling it lifeless is fucking retarded.
The lack of violence being graphic enough is burgeroid mentality (not to mention Disney having very hard censorship in regards to violence, even in the 90s).
>wasn't made with western filmmaker sensibilities
Kek, more like burger sensibilities, given that many European animations have similar aesthetics, minus the eyes.
Total idiocy and fail of a contrarian overall, IMO


>lifeless animation
TL Note: "There wasn't constant action so I got bored."


agriculture led to fighting wars over resources, yet you still eat fucking food, how curious



File: 1620335585891.jpg (57.1 KB, 640x427, Penguindrum-TOP.jpg)


I'm like a month late but a Mawaru Penguindrum movie was announced that's going to recap the 24 ep series. What are your thoughts on Penguindrum and Ikuhara's works in general?
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When will this movie come out?


Is this gonna be a Utena situation where Himari turns into a fucking car now or some shit lmao


Reading some news articles from July it looks like it's now a 2-part movie which is set to release sometime in 2022


File: 1649086028418.png (Spoiler Image, 73.8 KB, 486x498, 1645346837220.png)

So this picture was posted in a different thread but it seemed to give off vibes of Shoujo Kakumei Utena, and since there is no specific Utena thread yet, over here it shall be dropped.


An interesting take on the problem Lenin addressed as (bourg) infantilism. I tink Adorno also speaks of it in Society of the Spectacle.

File: 1608528814425.jpg (38.06 KB, 451x767, nFjw40k_d.jpg)

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A thread for communist anime girls
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all the responses to this only re affirm this gentle men's position

so much cope from transhumanists


ive seen it sure id wife her


The penis only makes it better.



File: 1649027020070.png (754.3 KB, 1180x720, ClipboardImage.png)

The cats and bear is from an old manga called (the name I learned) 'Cat Shit Down' about the Vietnam War.

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Discussion of the way that Animators are treated in the Anime industry. Firstly. why are animators treated like shit? Why don't they try forming unions? You're thoughts on this whole Animator Dormitory project? How can the West (I'm assuming that most of Bunkerchan is yankees and eurofags) help?
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>all your games are belong to us
Perfect reference given the context


What I don't understand is they treat their animator like shit, but a metric fuck ton of anime somehow keep getting produced each year
It's really insane
>Ironically Seiyu's in Japan get a lot of money compared to anime dubbers.
Word of advice stop being a weeb and hold off on doing anime dubs if you're an aspiring VA
Stick to western cartoons
They literally pay more for less amount of work and isn't filled with amateurs that are held back by trying to match the way japanese VAs act


>stop being a weeb
I'm not, I didn't say I'm doing anime VA dubs, i'm in general trying to be a VA, lol.
>Stick to western cartoons
Got to get through the basics first, even being acquainted with veteran Voice Actors isn't going to pave an easy path.


normalfaggots and shitty reading comprehension, my favorite duo


Maybe try answering the question

File: 1646743569056-0.png (231.97 KB, 679x772, Rory.png)

File: 1646743569056-1.jpg (223.06 KB, 1000x1300, 20211122_094038.jpg)


As you can tell I have a thing for smug gothic lolita chicks

GATE is JDF propaganda and Rory is extremely shallow
Danganronpa is just stupid writing and Celestia is somehow too dumb to live in spite of canonically rubbing shoulders with criminals
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It's one of those characters Twitteroids will call "loli" while citing the wikia saying she has the "appearance of a 13 year old girl" meanwhile she wears makeup and has the voice of a mature woman. Bullshit.
Well have you played Kyonyuu Fantasy? As a rule the adaptation is inferior.


Haven't played it yet but thanks for the tip


anything that isn't an obese landwhale is a loli to those morons.


>It's one of those characters Twitteroids will call "loli" while citing the wikia saying she has the "appearance of a 13 year old girl" meanwhile she wears makeup and has the voice of a mature woman. Bullshit.
That's unrelated to the OP. Some guy thought "gothic lolita" means "loli" and found it weird because the character doesn't look like anime loli characters usually do.


File: 1648775898554.jpg (166.12 KB, 1920x1080, Hoppu_Episode_98 nozeye.jpg)

Hopp from DBS, could have been made into an interesting character given her mild appearance to SS4 and her being in the Super Universal Tournament but instead gets made into fodder.

File: 1648460389434.jpeg (142.76 KB, 960x1440, images (24).jpeg)


What do you think about this one? Looking at it objectively, it should be a perfectly average anime, but it somehow ended up being one of my favorites for how comfy and emotional it is. The art direction looks beautiful too


looks really bland


Ideally you'd watch at least the first 3 episodes before forming an opinion.


What, in this economy?

File: 1648218736162.jpg (108.97 KB, 709x477, pobrane.jpg)


Bottle fairies >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> All other slice of nothing

File: 1645763905625.jpg (9.37 KB, 260x260, 1325686885762.jpg)


I hope Putin doesn't go too far and hit the exhentai servers located in Ukraine.
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I barely post wojaks and that's a pol pot meme from leftypol you ignorant, projecting newfag.


im well aware some of you faggots are so creatively bankrupt your """OC""" consists of slapping a wojak on a picture


You're a retard.
1) I almost never use the damn 'jak format, it's mostly trash. That said it can be useful on occasion
2) The meme I posted is literally 2-3 years old before the utter flood of jaks
3) Stay mad


thats cool and all but consider >>13759


Cool, cool, in return please call 1-800-takemedsfaggot or 1-300-fuckyourselfnewfag

File: 1647541230865.jpg (73.77 KB, 1280x720, rain.jpg)


What is the purpose of depressing nukige?

I wondered after finishing Starless by Empress. I regretted it. There was no payoff, none of the endings, including the "golden" one, were much of anything. The struggle felt meaningless. I was left feeling depressed for about a week.

I went down a rabbit hole spurred by an essay on the violent video game Manhunt. I discovered the existence of "hurtcore" pornography. I also discovered in Japan that there exists JAV pornography with… Animals, their guts, insects, snakes. Perfectly legal.

Two things hit me.

One, Starless is only depressing and meaningless from my perspective… From the perspective of the "enjoyer", Starless is Art. It is not that Starless was written intentionally to be depressing and meaningless… It is such because of its material. Just as a cartel execution video wasn't filmed to be depressing, neither was Starless written so.

Two, the despair in the face of Power. In Starless it's rich people. "Hurtcore" is organized by tech-savvy /g/ types who are able to fool their computer illiterate victims. The JAV industry is ran by Yakuza. It is an overwhelming feeling that is hard to describe. You are powerless in the face of Their terror.

I am scared.

It's not like socialism would do much to calm this feeling. Like in the "Hurtcore" example, those, those people, have nothing to do with class war. And yet they are able to exert their savage Power over others who are none the wiser.
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Can't stand any of Lilith's horseshit. The shitty out-of-focus effects, the cottage-cheese semen, the stupid faces, the lazy fetish pandering, I hate all of it. They are by far the worst producer in the modern H-anime industry.


By Lilith's stuff I wasn't referring to the h-anime.


I dunno why I thought it was only one H-anime studio, but somehow multiple groups have converged on the same trash animation tropes when adapting Lilith's visual novels into anime.


dude why, why the fuck would anyone play shit like that?
Also the purpose of nukige is just to fap, that's it,japanese retards pay $80 for that shit just to cooom, you can do that shit for free on hentaipanda or hitomi.la or whatever, now you understand why the eroge industry went to shit, people realized that paying so much to coom was a fucking scam.

Play some good shit instead.


>What is the purpose of depressing nukige?
Well, unironically its audience gets off to degenerate, violent and cruel sex acts. Even if it's "only 2D", they're being desensitized to things like rape and torture for entertainment.
Glad to know, anon, that you're realizing the truth about pornography in general.

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