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>So, uh, how did it happen?
<You ever seen Detective Conan? Yeah, that.
>Really? Even the mafia part?
<Yes. *Head Explodes*


dropped all sexual thoughts as soon as i saw the tattoos, it's like warning coloration



The setup of the world is original, the lore is interesting as fuck, the uncensored brutality showcases an interesting take on violence that feels genuine to what something like this in real life could occur and the plot is overall entertaining

But fuck the amount of other garbage in this pretty much “makes a perfectly baked caked bathed in the shittiest frosting you could’ve gotten”. Child nudity that only exists to satisfy the authors god awful fetishes, crying and death when it isn’t needed or doesn’t do anything to contribute to any form of character development, major figures like bondrewd, wazukyan and his crew or just reg and his origin in general either gets sidelined completely or just flat out abondoned after less than a single episode and it fucking sucks and makes trying to be entertained or even gain any cool ideas like how ethics are considered when the promise of discovery is near or how people respond and develop tools to new threats or just how nature itself adapts to the geography that surrounds it doesn’t truly feel like it got the attention it deserved in a series that felt like it was made for it
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No I’m not assuming anything about you as a person
But you think people finding child nudity and gore discomforting is a byproduct of social conditioning??)


Nudity is a neutral thing and very natural. Before the 80s in the US, no one thought anything about parents letting their very young children play naked outside, or parents taking naked pictures of their children. The stigmatization of nudity in general and child nudity specifically is a very recent, very American thing.

It's not normal or good to look at child nudity and feel disgust, any more than it's normal or good to feel lust.


>in the 80s and 90s parents wouldn’t care about letting their children go outside in public naked in the USA
I’m not from burgerstan but even by their dumbass standards that’s hard to believe they’d do something like that considering the 90s had a massive fucking wave against pedastry of all forms with the internet thing and gays


Oh no no no no
This ngga genuinely believes this shit. Seeing family members naked is a lot different than shoving a naked child in public for everyone to see ahahahahah no way this fucking nonce is that creepy and retarded simultaneously ahahahahhaahhahahhahahahhahaha



Anon was obviously talking about very young kids at the beach or at the park when it's hot or whatever. Not parents sending kids out naked to walk down the street. Anons seem to be over reacting.

edit: ofuck this is an anime thread. 95% of it shouldn't exist.

File: 1663567599939.jpg (174.91 KB, 623x900, 1657536940466.jpg)


Interesting article and a nice reminder that the modern manga was pretty much invented by "commies", especially the circle around Tezuka.
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Akasegawa drew the poster for it https://leftypol.org/anime/res/5156.html


They were tricked but I wouldn't call them pawns.


I mean they were definitely humanized and their actions were understandable, but not justifiable. the leader's "this is how we humans are, all we can do is embrace it and march forward" (or something to that effect) speech runs contrary to the hippie ideals Tezuka stood for but he understood why people were that way still. if you look at Phoenix volume 2 Tezuka acknowledged the human traits that make bad shit happen and was deeply frustrated at how inherent they appear. I think Rintaro & Otomo understood him well. given stuff like the Lod Airport massacre it's imo clear what was being said about regular people dehumanizing one another in the name of "revolution" while the true oppressors just go "lol, lmao". it's part of why I hate it when dedicated anime fans tend to nitpick the Metropolis movie so hard in both Japan & America (though regular filmgoers tend to like it more). the revolutionaries clearly did something horrible but didn't come off as mustache-twirling villains or cartoony idiots; it's great writing. I often feel exactly the way their leader did and justify my own shit behavior that way. it's great cuz it makes you second guess yourself instead of going "UGH" from a safe distance.


There's been a lot of whitewashing of prominent anime and manga authors' involvement on left-wing movements.


File: 1663751822148-0.jfif (507.25 KB, 1130x1769, DlPTdS2U8AIkGPA.jfif)

File: 1663751822148-1.jfif (711.36 KB, 1976x1384, DlPWxtFUUAMcmfJ.jfif)

imo the "fuck US influence" people should look positively towards the time when the new left had an impact on anime cuz 1. it wasn't modern trendy "leftism" and, more importantly, 2. that was when creators, while appreciating stuff like disney & fleischer artistically, were politically critical of america instead of tending to lean US-friendly liberal like far too many do now. there was a legit feeling of "they want us to be their imperialism puppets, fuck that"

Tezuka for example fought against the insane restrictions US companies wanted to put on Kimba & Astro Boy's pre-chapter mini-comics are full of "lol these people thought my cartoons were too violent when the Vietnam war was still seen as a good thing, fuck off". now the attitude to localizers seems to be more just "oh well, whatever sells"

(pics are from Fujiko F Fujio and Akatsuka Fujio tho)

File: 1661923929566-0.jpg (1.11 MB, 1520x2400, 7.jpg)

File: 1661923929566-1.png (855.37 KB, 800x1200, 03.png)


Which do you think is better?
Is there a silent appreciation in the black and white

I love the vibrancy of the color ones, but also think there's something lost in the enjoyment of the anime then

The colorless ones can have a certain, afternoon reading vibe to it and help enjoy the anime and manga in separate ways. I don't know much anymore, tell me your insights
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i wish we colored manga is the states


Something about color in comics really bothers me. I find it a bit irritating. One of the few exceptions is Akira (despite, as >>16832 said, it was originally published in black and white).


>Did they fully do the series?
Not only did they do the full series, but they serialized it issue by issue just like a western comic. Those 38 floppies sell for a pretty penny. Trade paperback versions also exist from Marvel's (now defunct) Epic Comics imprint as we as Kodansha so that might be cheaper if you wanna collect.


I'm a sicko, I think I ONLY liked color manga now,

Nice, Gonna read it in colour then
I've always wondered the colouring process for digital manga

It sounds easy but you'd also have to remember all the colours for each existing item for them to not have to clash

Still no excuse how DBZ is only painted upto the Freeza Saga


this; if the author is involved it can be cool but generally it's just mass produced which results in pure trash, or mediocrity at best. dragon ball for example is so huge and yet the official colorization just uses default "on-model" tones along with darker & lighter versions of the same color for lighting & shading (a surefire way to make stuff look like boring cold garbage).

File: 1663611067302.jpg (113.13 KB, 1916x1080, 1662053572233.jpg)


Spice and Wolf is the only good right-wing piece of Japanese media.


I wouldn't call it right wing


It's pretty much just free-market apologia. But korbo is cute so it's fine.


I love Korbo


I don't remember the market being very free at all or hailed as a great system either. Its just the mc is a trader and they drop economy 101 lesson along the way.


IIRC World End Economica was somewhat pro-capitalist because it dealt with macroeconomics.

File: 1661997572428.png (189.15 KB, 2479x3508, pixiv.png)


Pixiv added a harassment policy to their workplace after a sexual assault case occured in their Tokyo office and western otaku are flipping their shit about le woke because they can't fucking read.
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because the point of greentexting has always been reductio ad absurdum and misrepresenting the other argument


i hate liberals but damn do they rule when they trigger my enemy


Why is teaching your employees idpol (which is what "diversity training" likely is) a good apology for having an employee who molested a trans person REPETEADLY and refusing to fire him immediately? Did the guy do that cuz he wasn't taught queer acceptance enough? Don't buy that; he's just an awful person.

Even if the lessons they'll give out are reasonable, it's a dumb followup; but I'm very much willing to bet it's stupid corporate idpol & not the good humanistic kind of acceptance lessons.


File: 1663684657680.jpg (39.18 KB, 1200x624, sad but not surprises.jpg)

>stupid corporate idpol
that's the growing trend
>the good humanistic kind of acceptance lessons.
that's the declining trend

The left is losing that battle pretty hard, but there is no self-criticism. Just people who think doing the same ineffective strategy but harder will somehow change the result. Not to mention all the people who are still trapped in the liberal bourgeoisie political spectacle. It's disheartening.


yea I'm not saying that responding to an employee molesting a minority is bad but if you nonconsensually put your face in the crotch of someone who works under you and take photos, your issues go way beyond "not respecting trans identities". yeah the "haha you're a guy, you should be ok with this xD" made it worse cuz it added being a dick about gender to the mix but, y'know, the dude is a sex pest to begin with

if one of your employees molested a black woman at work and went "what? you negress sistaz love that shit" and your answer after refusing to fire the guy for a long time was to give everyone corporate anti-racism lessons that would be goofy too

"the rapist misgendered his victim WE NEED TO ADDRESS THIS" yea he's a rapist. you didn't immediately fire him.

File: 1663028224143.png (266.71 KB, 543x705, 1662923743120209.png)


>Shocking response from the Ministry of Finance. "Real reason" to introduce the invoice system even if "real name is exposed" is unavoidable
>``names are mandatory rather than high-risk personal information such as addresses and phone numbers,''

>[Mr. Natsumi Koizumi] What do you think about the risk of infringement of privacy regarding the problem that the real name of a sole proprietor is disclosed on the website of a qualified invoice issuing business?

[Deputy Director Nishiko, National Tax Agency] When the recipient of the invoice with the registration number confirms its validity, additional information such as the name is required. For example, if you check the registration number written on the invoice received from Mr. Sasaki, you can confirm that the registration number is valid, but you cannot judge whether it is really Mr. Sasaki's registration number. At this time, if the name is also disclosed, it can be quickly confirmed that it is Mr. Sasaki's registration number. From this point of view, we believe that disclosure of real names is necessary in practice. Names were chosen because they are effective for narrowing down the list and are not highly dangerous personal information such as addresses and phone numbers.

>[Mr. Natsumi Koizumi] Why did you allow commercial use of the information published on the website of eligible invoice issuers?

[Deputy Director Nishiko, National Tax Agency] If there are many business partners, we assume that the accounting software vendor will create its own database and refer to it. Accounting software users refer to information downloaded by vendors. This is the operation that we assumed for commercial use.

>[Mr. Natsumi Koizumi] I feel uncomfortable with the commercial use of personal information registered for tax purposes. Why should it be used for the benefit of a company that has nothing to do with the taxpayer himself?

[Deputy Director Nishiko, National Tax Agency] Only the minimum information, such as names, is disclosed.

>[Mr. Natsumi Koizumi] In the first place, isn't it rude to publish all the data in a form that can be downloaded all at once from all over the
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File: 1663427045958.gif (472.31 KB, 220x227, 1662709112334.gif)



That's called kiwifarms


File: 1663450322603.png (38.9 KB, 640x591, WAOW.png)

>Kiwifarms, Japan


There was that Ukrainian Nazi site, partially hosted on NATOid CDNs allegedly, that sort of was KF.


IOSYS made a song about grown men livestreaming as cute girl vtubers for the rythm game muse dash and its kinda denpa and pretty funny so I translated it for you guys (took some creative liberties since its a rap). Criticism welcome, haven't consistently studied in years and some parts were pretty hard for me to transcribe.

(Fem Vocal Ver.): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rr1HFlA_YZ0
(Male Vocal Ver.): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vm-9jdOV_ng


Virtual Grown Men~
Virtual Grown Men~
I go on an adventure
About every weekend
It's like my private-time
I put on the look of a cute-girl type
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


cute song


"It doesn’t matter if you understand this relationship. It only matters if this Otaku man is happy. Otaku is a person who is a manga and tech fan. Good luck to him." - Gene Simmons
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>an internet celeb that is famous due to things he saying on twitter
That's not why he's famous though, young one. That's irrelevant though, I still agree with your first post. Just don't die on this hill before you google who Gene Simmons actually is.


I read about this hologram thing (imagine using this for practicing another language!) and immediately noped out when I saw that it required a network connection. There is also a neat thing out developed as a companion for old people which kinda looks like a lamp, but again it needs a network connection. They are ALL like that.

It's not just that things like these turn into bricks when the company goes under or decides to do something else, but like Alexa it constantly sends information from the sounds inside your house to an outside party. This shit is so common it is infuriating. I wouldn't mind closed source for an assistant/toy if it made a robust impression and worked offline.


File: 1663450027631.png (861.02 KB, 1024x576, ClipboardImage.png)

>Being alienated to the point of indulging in a fantasy to a literal mentally ill level of delusion and simping for fictional characters is not a problem


But what does Ja Rule have to say?


You will be replaced.

File: 1662887402536.mp4 (4.49 MB, 1280x720, D1bMVGEDPj67E7TF.mp4)


Time for your yearly Zankyou no Terror rewatch.


Remember allende

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