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File: 1671677103875.jpg (69.33 KB, 719x600, 1671677099787.jpg)


how do we fix the anime industry
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>learning how to draw good
>learning how make a cartoon
Do weebs really think these two are the same thing?


they used to be, you can't deny that Disney animation was pretty amazing during certain decades like the 40s and the 90s.


you can say the second is an extension of the first,but the technical know-how is not the same


this is just false, pick up old school animation books - those people were masters and it shows even in their simple use of forms.

you seem to want to disparage the talent of the majority of these arists (japanese animators have excellent anatomical knowledge) for really no reason.


>you cannot draw things extremely outside of your specialty therefore no skill


4kids ops are kino




can we talk about how shitty of a deck Jaden Yuki had in GX. They had to make every single duelist he went up against use a troll deck to make his look OP in comparison.


if you look at the cards in the gx sets, theres just nothing playable except dark world lmao

File: 1670557138177.png (630.36 KB, 538x459, guy.PNG)


>yfw you're filthy cinephile scum, you like anime and some of your favorite directors are anime directors but you also acknowledge there's a lot of bad anime and how obnoxious otaku culture can be, and all your weeb friends think all japanese movies and culture are like the incredibly santized view of the world that 90% of anime presents

how do I get weebs to broaden their horizons and watch like, a single kurosawa or nagisa oshima movie, let alone somebody like tsukamoto or miike? Japanese cinema when you dig deep is as rich as french or 70s hollywood stuff, but people in the anglosphere only know the kind of stuff that funko pop collectors watch


i don't watch movies in general, i literally just watch anime and play vidya


>how do I get consumers to escape the culture industry
No you cannot remove a part from the whole it is a function of.


>rejects conventional morality
>disrespects bourgeois property rights
>die-hard individualist
>theft is cool
>does shit for others simply because he wants to, not out of any spooky obligation
>kind of a dandy
>long face
>tacky sideburns
>prominent widow's peak
>dysfunctional relationships with women
>kind of a loser when you really get down to it
>noticeable popularity among Italians

<never seen in the same room together
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There is a theory/meme that argues that Engels created Stirner to troll Marx, the only proof is that the only images of Stirner we have are drawings made by Engels.


I suppose we're talking about anime lupin,and not the sociopath that is manga lupin right ?


What’s the difference?


straight up murdering people,steal shit because he can and actual SEX on-screen for a start
it's the lupin from Goemon's Blood Spray and Fujiko's Lie basically,and the Takeshi Koike specials (you know the anime gif with a woman hitting a bong ? it's from that)


I wouldn't say Koike's characterization is the manga characterization. It definitely leans in a darker direction akin to the manga, but Lupin's actions in the Koike specials still aren't anywhere near as openly monstrous as the manga - he doesn't rape people and he doesn't really kill without being provoked

Lupin's an interesting IP because the way different creators characterize Lupin always seems to say more about them than the character, like just compare Koike's characterization to Miyazaki's


It seems as if the right is going against anime now if it hasn't been for the longest time.
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File: 1666927584554.jpg (16.22 KB, 500x418, manga-500x418.jpg)

It's another "American protectionism is disguised as idpol racism in order to sell it to the average ameritard" episode


japanese consumerism is usually superior and more dedicated since they rank artisans above merchants but it's still the same shit at the end of the day, most westerners seem to be more self conscious about it though. this is my general impression.


Japanese stuff is also just fucking adorable. Looks good in most spaces.


I remember checking in on 4chan to see what they've been about lately, and they seemed to chant about "tranime" whenever someone posted anime related stuff.
So yeah I guess the left owns anime as a medium now.


fuck yeah comrades we did it. Now we gotta release a 52 episodes anime about the Russian Revolution

File: 1669078472072-0.jpg (131.08 KB, 960x1280, FePiWb9XwAksPGx.jpg)

File: 1669078472072-1.jpg (188.86 KB, 1072x1059, FcuN0ipXoAI5bZi.jpg)


I don't care which side you are on. I don't care whether you're pro ukrainian or russian. This thread will be the place to post all anime references within the war. Stuff like patches, flags, stickers, pin ups, shit like that. I want it to be an archive of stuff like that.
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great thread guys


I want to hate fuck azovchan


File: 1669684332979-0.jpg (765.13 KB, 2797x1623, 1651539287501.jpg)

File: 1669684332979-1.png (2.52 MB, 1939x1945, sex.png)

File: 1669684332979-2.png (Spoiler Image, 1.62 MB, 1488x1488, sex 2.png)

File: 1669684332979-3.png (Spoiler Image, 599.82 KB, 1011x870, c540564b733ea0fbf0c590864d….png)

>I want to hate fuck azovchan


File: 1669684561217-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 170.78 KB, 1200x750, 1646803181074-4.jpg)

File: 1669684561217-1.png (Spoiler Image, 825.65 KB, 2053x962, 1646803181074-1.png)

Slav pussy, good pussy


thanks COOMrades


Will all their shows be overrated now or is their pity factor no longer as important now ukraine gets more attention? They've done absolutely nothing new since 2013 they've kept milking the same yaoi- and yuri-bait shows for a decade. Together with their boring in-house LN adaptations. When will they do something innovative again? Can we finally just agree that VEG is boring, lacks subtlety, amateurish emotionally manipulative drivel.
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maidragon isnt yuri or whatever despite the author explicitly being into that


did someone just say shit about the soultaker anime?


this but unironically, more chorogon representation


does anybody here also think that most of kyoani's products are fascistic in nature?


what the fuck does that mean?


Agent Kochinski the Stampede


actually that's vash

trigun's a really famous anime you should really know about it if you're going to be posting here


Pacifist gun anime about struggling to find peace after being forced to do crimes against humanity.


Start an idol group to prevent the deletion of /anime/!
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She's cute.


Are there any anarchist idol groups?


Idk, probably not


>idol groups
WTF are you smoking, OP? Even if there are Japanese anarchist groups, they certainly wouldn't be idols and would be deep underground.

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I see no hentai thread
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No? Unless you mean real porn.


only 3dpigdisgusting


sort of. stay away from rapey shit and love more intimate things like kissing and handholding and foreplay and such but also love it when the actors seem to be enjoying it.


I stopped looking at IRL porn when I started developing fetishes who go against the laws of physics since shit fitting my tastes would need a huge amount of CGI i kinda stick to 2D.


File: 1669222444928.png (Spoiler Image, 29.74 KB, 606x155, otaku.png)

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