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ITT we rap battle each other.

I'll start:

Bringing the heat to the NEETS at leftypol,
Filling up Netanyahu mamas bibihole,
Giving these anarkitty hoes the dialectic,
Bitches got diamat when they sucked ma dick,
Got a million different brands which one are you,
I beat your ML ass like you had the China flu,
You need to take the tip of the Cockshott,
You cybercommies bouta get internet padlocked,
Cuz Im Marx's specter Im about to haunt your ass,
You a closeted porky about to REE in collapse
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A challenger has arrived, uyghas talkin bout cyanide, where their girl at? Taking a ride on my frontside

Foo and his nine-to-five, I aint no landlord but I compromise,
I smash his girl and charge her rent errytime I cum inside

You gets a nickel boss gets a dime, you coulda made stakcd if u hadnt lacked compulsion fo crimes

In these dire times you aint seen nothing yet,
Ive read kapital and it aint something u'll ever get
The profit rate gonna fall faster than yo momma,
You wont survive this being a bitchass milquetoast obama


I aint a bitch so I dont ask my girls out after class,
I grab em by the pussy and stick my dick in their ass
Watchu talking bout lgbt, I can smell your homo
Stink so bad made the gaybar go loco


you look like Jeff Bezos
if he spent pesos
to wear plain clothes
on black cable


you're the type to post here and say these are your 18 FRIENDS
your mental STRAIN DEFECT is you should high key mask (hockey mask) like JASON'S HEAD

this guy tries to have FAMOUS THREADS about ANAL SEX
but thinks the repliers were UNGRATEFUL WHEN it BECAME A MESS
'cause there only 5 replies, and 4 of them were arguments on RACE AND CLASS


this person posts threads that make him look like a dataminer
and they're a fbi.gov mod that's actually trying to date a minor


Anyone seen this show yet?
It’s been dropping Marxist theory in it.
Vid related
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It got posted in siberia and was moved here.


Should have stayed there, the thread is frankly speaking, shite.


It’s not too bad.


By the standards of posts in the alt-boards it's awful.


Eh, I’ve seen worst.

File: 1663950616063.jpeg (397.96 KB, 2655x1991, mrrobot.jpeg)


What do you think about tv show mr robot? I like how it shows mental health problems like social anxiety and alienation. However the "anti-capitalist" message is pretty condensed. It basically says a revolution would do more harm than good and it makes audience passive.
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Thought it was fun.
Only big criticism was that hacker man doesn’t go full revolution mode. I get the idea is that individual action can’t really do much without broad support behind it, but it would have been cool to see him build it. The main villain being a Chinese minister was also really strange. It wasn’t exactly painting China in a bad light because the minister is more of an egotistical traitor to the government, but narratively it feels confused. It was far from perfect but I still say it was more entertaining than 90 percent of the shows that were on TV at that time and at least, clumsily, attempted to look at problems in class society.


I liked it, both story and tech wise


Intriguing show about 2 very tortured people (rami malek and the swedish guy)


I could have sworn this series had a thread here before, but I was apparently mistaken


There was one a while back in siberia, I think







<Paramount anti trust case hits

>studios can no longer hold "vertical" monopoly
>studios have to sell off movie theatres
>can no longer borrow capital to finance films using property e.g. movie theatres as security
>industry plunged into crisis
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Normal occurence of human traficking of women


File: 1691716512879.jpg (154.88 KB, 805x1112, hodel.jpg)

Dahlia was this Screech looking dude.


material conditions



File: 1691788250981.jpg (551.61 KB, 800x400, Elizabeth-Short.jpg)

>>35720 (me)
Tho' of course the materialist explanation won't change, regardless of which low life did the murder. The old studio systems paternalism was bad enough, but it was a Harvey Weinstein "casting couch" type of sexual exploitation. When this broke down crooks and pimps had more opportunities.

What would the glamour industries look like under communism? How many people do temp work while hoping for their big break ,which never comes? I reckon there'd be more artists, but working on a smaller scales.
Like more rep theatres, local garage bands, local history/writers groups, those sorts of thing.

File: 1678639506728.jpg (42.03 KB, 500x500, cheeese.jpg)


Is there anything more annoying than cheese fans?
They never shut up about how "trad" and "cheesepilled" they are and refuse to eat anything without covering it in so much cheese that it overwhelms the flavour of everything else in meal.
<I'm only eating that if you make it into a cheese sandwich
<I'm only eating that if you grill cheese onto it
<I'm only eating those if you put small chunks of cheese on them
<I'm only eating that if you cover it in grated cheese
<I'm only eating them if you put cheese sauce on them
<I'm only eating that if you put cheese in the bun with it
And I could keep going with more examples but you get the idea, the most infuriating part is they only like cheese because they think it's "trad" since it's been around so long.
I bet that if cheese had only been invented a few weeks ago they would claim to hate it and say they're sticking with bread or some other food that's old enough to appear in the bible.
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Ppl eat cheese with plain bread or toast?
The rest are fine


How will cheesecels ever recover from this??


File: 1681716582686.png (376.42 KB, 474x355, ClipboardImage.png)

Cheese enjoyers are all pedos.


File: 1691709144659.jpg (8.37 KB, 242x250, th-861907552.jpg)

>All this cope
Clearly, you haven't had a piping hot mouthful of macaroni and cheese made with milk.

>But but but I'm lactose and tolerant!!!

Do it bitch.


Moved to >>>/siberia/437931.

File: 1691279550754-0.jpeg (88.1 KB, 1600x900, heidi.jpeg)

File: 1691279550754-1.png (773.8 KB, 800x600, image.png)


I watched Heidi and Anne of the Green Gables as a child with my parents but I don't remember anything. Are they good? Should I watch it?


They're certainly classic films and stories and I enjoyed them and still enjoy them, however they may not be your cup of tea, depending on what your tastes are.

File: 1689899835820.jpg (107.75 KB, 676x1000, hotfuzz.jpg)


imagine picrel but its the maoist adaption with basically the exact same plot but instead of two cops its two red guards in rural china fighting countertrevolutionaries and maybe nicholas gets sent there cuz of the down to the countryside movement, the villains literally would be the same. that shit would be so fucking fire


Maoist Cultural Revolution era Red Guard Hot Fuzz is the movie that I never knew I wanted but now that I am aware of the idea will finish the rest of my life is a depressive state knowing it will never be made.


The problem with this premise is that hot fuzz is about the fascistic character of the rural petit bourgeois, reactionary nature of traditional 'communities', gladio stay-behind networks, etc. being confronted by and dismantled by the liberal state apparatus.
The counterrevolutionaries and reactionaries the red guards were fighting were not in the countryside, they were in the city, in the party headquarters.


funny film


perhaps we switch the setting to soviet russia and its two bolshleviks and the bad guys are just straight up kulaks like you said state apparatus targeting rural petit bourgeois and there fash pals expect the state apparatus are communist this time

File: 1651884826195.png (9.87 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


hi I'm japanese and I'm new here. I think my eng is pretty shit but I need you guys help. I've just dive into deep web and I want interesting links that kind of deepwebish one. all thing I see in deep web is just scam and porn and scam, and it makes me sick :( I want good contents and your help. I want creepy good staff.
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Creepy? WTF are you talking about? I think Japs should learn to speak English at an acceptable level. It's crazy how Japan is one of the top economies in the world but one of the worst English speaking countries. Nobody is going to learn your weird Chink+Jap language. If anything they are just going to learn Chinese. Learn a real language.


Much and love and respect for all my ESL countries. God bless.


I think these anons have mistaken your request as being for illegal pornography, when you likely mean horror art projects.


Nobody wants to find darkweb links for this jap.


>1 year ago


Is there any other tv show as based and mind opening as How It’s Made? It’s like everyone but a handful of ragtag Canadians don’t want you to know the origins of the objects around you. They want you to be alienated from even the idea of labor. I can’t stop watching this shit.
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Bro the fuck you going on about, how is a show made from the early 2000's about how stuff being created Pro-AI propaganda? Do you not understand that the worker is the appendage of the machine since the Industrial Revolution or have you forgotten about that. This show doesn't need to devalue humans in people's eyes they just go to work for that being dehumanized.

Nothing like this more like the simple skills for functioning in Capitalist society.


based show. i was just watching the tequila one last week


Yes, that's my point. They show it as a positive thing, rather than the de-humanising alienation it is. By not explaining the negative, by default they are supporting it. "Hey look, this is how all this cool shit is made. Don't think about the productivity the worker as a person has, how many of this shit is produced per hour ONLY because that person is there. Don't think about how little the worker is being paid. "

They tell us the price of the commodities made, but not the wage of the worker. 🤔


But isn't it a good first step at least to be exposed to the manufacturing process?


It's an engineering show, not a social science show

File: 1624339535275.jpg (134.97 KB, 1008x567, p06hbk0f.jpg)


Discuss any tips, tricks, and tactics to get ahead. Moralfags leave your ovaries at the door.
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Holy shit, this is fucking awesome



i know you anons would love this
some guy went and tried to live in an abandoned walt disney place, cops got him and got a lifetime ban

remember this when those holier than thou saints tell you to go live in the woods

can't even do that, everything is property


amateur illegalism


I don’t like you

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