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File: 1608526866571.jpg (1.74 MB, 2592x5184, 1592637337101.jpg)


Do you have any physical collections of whatever you like?
Be it stamps, magazines, decks of cards, weaponry, naked figurines of underaged anime girls, etc.


There already is a collection thread my nigga use catalog


Oh shit I;m sorry.


No problem fam


Post this on AKM


>Bumping a thread that hasn't been posted in for over a year

File: 1608525501701.jpg (337.33 KB, 1920x1200, wp1822531[1].jpg)


>Expensive>Overly complicated to maintain>Overlapping wheels frequently jammed>Difficult to get to the battlefield>Gun not that much more powerful than the Panzer IV>Inefficient armour layout meant it was only impenetrable for a few months>Subsquent medium tanks from all sides were better armed and armoured while also being cheaper, lighter and more serviceableWhy does the propaganda about the Tiger tank (and most German engineering from WW2) being the best during the war last to the modern day? The Tiger was an awful tank, a waste of resources and did nothing to change the course of any battle.
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>>964>Aircraft carriersTheir only real use is to act as transport and launch pads for imperialist fleets to park off the coast of a smaller country and bomb it to shit. When face with an opponent of equal technological advancement or even slightly comparable technology these carriers are sitting ducks to cruise-missiles.https://www.quora.com/Why-have-big-battleships-e-g-USS-Iowa-and-the-Bismarck-become-obsolete-in-modern-navies/answer/Chuck-Garen


>Why does the propaganda about the Tiger tank last to today
It's part of the whole "le uber reich/clean wehrmacht" myth about how the heroic, well trained Germans all killed the soviet horde 10:1 but lost because "muh red zerg rush"


>Still pushing this shit meme
Wehraboos are truly subhumans


Post this on AKM because it's military related


given the thread has been necroed, reminded me of this military project I recently learnt about


basically, immense underground complex in greenland ice to be able to launch nukes at ussr

File: 1608526199863.jpg (31.99 KB, 1000x256, HS-13_1.jpg)


Post topics related weapons of mass destruction


Oh look, its your mom.


what type of mom joke is that? I don't get it


Post this on AKM

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Just don't talk about gun control
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that video doesn't show anything lol. all of them were maneuvering their guns in exactly the same way


Did you get the point of the video? The point is that the size difference between a long gun and a pistol while aiming is negligible, only a few inches, because while aiming with a long guns your hands are bent, and with a pistol your arms are fully extended. That guy only talked about the stopping power advantage of a long gun but he didn't even mention what I've heard a lot of experts say, which is long guns are better for novices because the recoil is mitigated by the stock, whereas with a pistol people often hit everything but what they're aiming at because they can't control the recoil.


>your hands are bent
arms are bent


In a home defense situation, not so much, but the point of a pistol is that you take it with you. I carry one every day, and I wear it around the house. Just based off probability, you'll be using something like that more often. Of course, the ideal thing is to use it to end things quickly or fight your way to a rifle.


Moved to >>>/AKM/426.

File: 1640039679139.jpg (87.41 KB, 788x444, btc.jpg)


Is investing in bitcoin or crypto worth it in 2021? I thought it would stagnate by now but there has been a lot of growth at the beginning of the year, if i remember correctly. I was thinking about putting a chunk of money on my wallet and letting it snowball until it grows a couple of times so that buying an apartment will be easier for me, but I can't seem to decide without asking my internet friends about it first. Based or cringe idea?
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I would just go for it, I started last year thinking I was always too late, and doubled my savings, although the price was a lot lower last year,iam personally wary of just letting it stay there, because the price may crash, planning to pull it out next year


buying a security and selling it within the same day
as opposed to more long-term management


i hate the stock market so much
why do they have to invent their own terms

now i gotta google what security means


I invested in bitcoin since 2019 and 2.5x what I've put in. You can still make gains with it. Presumably Bitcoins price will
1) crash now and rise steadily until November 2022
2) significantly rise and then crash before steadily rising until November 2022
That's just the prognosis for now. We should be around the 100k to 200k range next November.


securities are just any kind of financial contract that you can trade. stocks/equities, futures, loans, etc
clicking around on investopedia can be useful, although they can still be pretty opaque


and why is it typing "site:rutracker.org [search term]" into duckduckgo?


The best torrent site is the search extension on Qbittorent which automatically searches the top sites for you.


Try it out, I found it by looking for more obscure music torrents. You'll find things you won't find on any of those mainstream torrent sites. Doesn't matter if the search compiles a bunch of sites that all have the same limited pool of torrents.



File: 1635349890354.png (217.04 KB, 1000x1482, ClipboardImage.png)

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Did proles actually watch this shit?
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This type of Anti-DPRK propaganda reminds me of those sitcom shows for children that were clearly written by out of touch boomers. Agent Johnson realizes that (movie, song, show, etc.) is popular with the kids and writes an article about Kim Jong Un killing 1,000 innocent teens who consumed it. Then he publishes it 2 weeks after most people have lost interest. Every major trend has a "North Korea executes those who know about it" report that is repeated by every major media outlet. I think the purpose of all this is to create anti-DPRK sentiment in the younger generations.


File: 1639626549854.png (110.57 KB, 1271x331, ClipboardImage.png)

Just what the fuck happens on Korea bros?



As for the described issues, it's literally just the same in Japan and to an extent the USA. Standardized education is probably the only thing that is an inane complaint, as I can personally attest, non-standardized education a la the USA is the reason some people think that America took Berlin in WW2 and that Russia had been in the Axis alliance.


Also I suggest you check out the Bong thread >>2129


File: 1608525591578.png (694.17 KB, 960x540, patchouli_capital.png)


post cute girls holding or reading leftie books


>>>/GET/ out moe-fag


File: 1639600953505.png (1.89 MB, 3840x2160, 1608527052692.png)


There already exists such a threaad on /anime/ nufag


this "meme" was only good when it was patchouli holding a copy of sicp (before it became another meme), then it just turned into lazy generic template suitable for easy social media likes

File: 1639600663845.jpg (97.6 KB, 617x868, modular people.jpg)


I didn't see anything about this niche topic so here it is.

A thread about spec evo, including works such as All Tomorrows

After Man

Expedition/Darwin IV


Most of these have conservation/environmentalist messages, although I think some have leftist themes, anticapitalist at the least. (Example being Martian/Earth relations in earlier Man After Man). I know there's more projects here that I've missed or haven't covered but feel free to talk about more.


>tfw no mean old lady to teach me tailoring
what are some good resources to learn


your mother

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