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File: 1616790404343.mp4 (18.55 MB, 1280x720, 1616715021193.mp4)


So, might as well put this fanfiction I made on how could ww3 go:
>Ukraine launches an offensive into the popular republics and Crimea, they advance a little. Ukraine declares war on Russia.
>The Donbass and Luhansk republics welcome the Russian army.
>The Ukrainian army advances into Crimea, but gets stopped. They conquer some, but get boggled down.
>Russia's military is organizing itself hard on this, and mobilizing itself.
>A month happens with people getting killed but no advances aside from light ukrainian advances.
>The west won't participate yet, but will help Ukraine through military support and it will tell through incredible mental gymnastics that Russia attacked first.
>People are not supportive of the war going on, but they won't care because they see it as just a regional war, no one cares.
>There will be some outrage at the west supporting Ukraine but it won't escalate.
>Then Turkey and Azerbaijan, using some shit excuse, attack Armenia to conquer it.
>Russia intervenes and starts invading Azerbaijan.
>Syria and Iran, maybe even Iraq, start attacking Turkey and Azerbaijan, since Turkey occupies parts of Iraq and Syria right now and Iran is fucking tired of it's bullshit.
>Erdogan says: Assad must go!
>Pakistan is big on being a turkey fanboy, and invades Iran.
>India then goes and invades Pakistan because Kashmir and so on.
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>>Ukraine launches an offensive into the popular republics and Crimea, they advance a little. Ukraine declares war on Russia.
>>The Donbass and Luhansk republics welcome the Russian army.
>>The Ukrainian army advances into Crimea, but gets stopped. They conquer some, but get boggled down.
<Ukrainian army had been preparing for a massive offensive before Russia took the initiative


>Necrobumping a thread.


It's not necrobumping, it barely hit page 13, (if I recall rightly) and it's a slower board.

File: 1644569884617.jpg (33.49 KB, 408x640, 466e710f783fa5c6.jpg)


I want to make youtube videos because when I was a young teenager I used to make youtube shitposts and I really enjoyed the process of video editing, and I'd like to get back into it in a more genuine way, but now I'm a depressed and disaffected 20-something with zero interests
How should I decide how to make videos? Sorry for such a dumb question, but I'm really stuck in neutral here.
Like, the only thought I had was to like, make videos about current events/news articles on the front page of [insert non controversial news publisher here] or something, but I'm not really interested in current events so I wouldn't really have something to say about it
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If you're not interested in current events then do videos on theory, polemics & history or just memes/entertainment


give us a sample, anon 🤤


Make memes, OP. Memes are good for getting more exposure, simple to make, and relevant to people's interests.


just make videos about whatever interests you
most youtubers don't tend to start off with an established theme or regular schedule, they start off dipping their toes with random content and then getting the ball rolling from there when/if they get attention

File: 1646290689659.jpg (5.98 KB, 200x200, images.jpg)


Comrades, Guess who just found the greatest site
I found a way to pirate everything all of those online courses

Knowledge must be free


>Please Enable JavaScript in your Browser to Visit this Site.


This might be the first scam I actually fell for lmao.


wait what scam? i downloaded a torrent from this site

File: 1645519925054-0.jpg (11.46 KB, 275x183, orangutan shades.jpg)

File: 1645519925054-1.jpg (77.32 KB, 630x420, the pack.jpg)


A colony for the /siberia/n people
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Wanna colonize INITIATE.SPACE?


No that's okay, you are entitled to your opinion comrade. I agree it's a bit less fun maybe but we can try now and we have a chance to hit the target.


>>>/siberia/ unlocks at 21:00 UTC


10 Minutes


2 minutes till unlock

File: 1645008408537-0.jpg (1.77 MB, 2838x1417, North_Korea_tractor.jpg)

File: 1645008408537-1.jpg (238.89 KB, 960x895, peasant-chad.jpg)


Spring is approaching. Plan on growing anything, /hobby/?
Me and a friend are looking to plant rapeseed and hemp to try and make biodiesel. Should be interesting.


Yeh. I am growing wheatgrass for my kitty and mushrooms once I get some more money. How do you make biodiesal? Sounds awesome. Can you make enough to run a vehicle with just those crops?


mushrooms? like how champignon and shiitake are grown at scale? in like sawdust logs?
>How do you make biodiesal? Sounds awesome. Can you make enough to run a vehicle with just those crops?
sure, the real question is yield per ha. process is roughly this:
1. grow and harvest your oil crop of choice
2. press oil using a rapeseed press. they use water to do the actual pressing, very neat
3. dissolve an amount of NaOH (lye) in an alcohol. methanol is cheapest, ethanol is safer
4. mix the oil and NaOH+alcohol mixture in a cylinderconic tank with a tap on the bottom
5. keep the tank at around 50-60°C and stir
6. you will eventually see a thick transparent liquid collect at the bottom. this is glycerol. separate that out
7. once fully reacted, spray water from the top to get rid of any remaining alcohol and lye
8. separate out the final biodiesel
exact recipes are available online. this is a transesterification process where the glycerol backbone in the fat is replaced by the alcohol. NaOH is a catalyst. different alcohols and different oils produce fuels with different properties. they're all fatty acid esters however
you may need to mix this with regular diesel to improve its gelling point, or use different kinds of these biodiesels together. there's a bit of experimentation there

File: 1644777344454.jpg (139.69 KB, 1287x1411, tshirt.jpg)


Anyone into screen printing or making your own T-shirts? I kind of want to get into this
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Your a faggot.


Cute gift, but lordy I hope they don't wear that shit outside.


I love this and it's hilarious but the position and size of the print doesn't look that great imo. I would have to see it on a person to get a better idea of how it looks tho. I would suggest making the front pic and the back the same ratio and size tho. And drop it down slightly on the shirt




I won't be surprised if it ends up in a thrift store, although they fucking loved it when I first gave it to them.
Yeah, this was my first time doing any type of iron-on transferring so it came out shit. If I had more shirts to practice with, I would've made sure that there weren't any visible steam markings like it is here.
Only with femboys

File: 1629023550458.jpg (90.63 KB, 1200x630, fucking shield.jpg)


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nvm it's the other kind of football
hide your eyes folks

don't look


File: 1643868396085.png (6.36 MB, 1960x2858, washingtoncommies.png)

The Washington Football Team, formerly known as the Redskins, has officially became the Commanders.

Jokes about the burgundy and gold "Washington Commies" ensue.


Maybe it's me but it sounds like a team name from the XFL lol


College but it's going through an era of changes.

Going to take time to figure out everything but the change is much needed.

Stupid ass shit.



NFL is like fun to watch as entertainment, but my god it's so bogged down and the refs are fukkin' terrible.

Raging at your shitty team is also its own kind of fun, lol

Probably college is, but I don't watch admittedly.

File: 1645108387973.png (636.93 KB, 1500x1500, ClipboardImage.png)


ITT: Ingenious innovations under capitalism

Not bad kinda stuff that takes you by surprise but could be useful

This is a foldable trash/storage can
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c'mon man


wait, you guys are being unironic?


>foldable trash/storage can
Take it to the next level: bags.




File: 1644956398782.jpg (57.59 KB, 861x675, energy bubble.jpg)


In almost all science fiction stories energy shields are used as if it was regular armor, except that it's made out of energy instead of unpenetranium. I think that's lacking imagination and actual tactics would not use it like this. If you can project a wall made out of energy, why would you put it around your self, why not put it around your enemies. You get a two for one, their weapons and their movement could be blocked in one go.
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If the slow blade penetrates the shield, shouldn't that restrict the user to slow movements or their feet would bounce off the ground?


I think Star Wars does it best, where its like an active field which dissipates energy (so automatically negates blaster's plasma fire and other kinds of lasers like lightsabers) and decelerates projectiles (making traditional guns less useful), but they are prohibitively expensive and power-consuming so they are mostly used for super-heavy vehicles or static defenses


Meh, that’s still the most boring use of it. It’s just an author fiat for no personal shield. Seeing how ships like the gigantic star destroyer crashed and exploded in the return of the Jedi even with shields, I would say a small droid ship with shields crashing into fleets would be effective.
I guess Dune is the only thing that took shield fighting into account. Then again, because of the fact that it’s basically impossible irl, writers had to imagine it to be comparable to physical armor but stronger.


My consumption of sci fi media is limited, but I do enjoy that Star Wars thought and addressed the paradox of energy fields repulsing everything while still needing movement to pass through terrain. I.e Droidekas, basically droid hamster balls, by accepting the paradox and incorporating it into their lore as a way of defeating them. Basically in a cartoon TV series, they spend a whole episode teaching monarchist loyalist “revolutionaries” how to defeat Droidekas. The logic is that the energy shields somehow repulse only rapid moving objects. However, one easily observed that the Droidekas move with their energy shields, like when rotating. Droidekas have been shown to have their energy shields move to envelop debris rather than push the debris away. Of course the concept that an energy shield can envelop something is sort of confusing and brings in other questions, but Star Wars, being a sci-fi fantasy, just said fuck it, and said that slow moving objects will “trick” the energy shield into being environment and be enveloped. So they train the revolutionaries to roll grenades at such a velocity that it does not bounce off the shield and stops right where the droid is inside the shield.


>Many weapons batteries against a single shield-generator battery is still a defeat, in a fight against greater numbers you still have to avoid their attacks to survive, and using the shield as a bubble trap reduces the number of opponents.
Energy shields in a scifi scenario set in a "conventional" war using mostly common soldiers, elite soldiers to a lesser degree and a few weapons of mass destruction presuppose, that energy consumption will place a hard limit on mobile equipment. In this scenario focusing artillery fire on a singular soldier might yield a tactical advantage, yet in most situation it would allow a faster advance of the remaining soldiers. Using shields as a bubble trap would either destroy them fast, contain opponents less effectively than it could have nullified their shots as armor (because of surface area), or require large machinery to operate.
Assuming these sort of shield to be effective would need a major twist in worldbuilding equal to hyperspace in (pre-TLJ) SW, when industry to produce them would be capable of much more. Suppose those shields were electromagnetic fields capable of diverting any particle up to a certain speed and large advancements were made by discovering alloys amplifying these fields range while preserving their magniture. They would more likely extend existing uses by protecting a larger range or protecting them with a higher magnitude. An unconventional but more or less viable use would be interfering with lesser fields lacking the new technology or lacking magnitude in general.
tl;dr using energy shields as a bubble trap would be like creating a smokescreen with zephyr particles

File: 1644797119904.jpg (24.12 KB, 620x330, socrates.jpg)


get the fuck in here bros! Go Bengales!


File: 1644799398995.jpg (611.43 KB, 2048x1365, superb owl.jpg)



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