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File: 1654009296652.jpg (171.44 KB, 1532x1021, 1622722051888.jpg)


Where we send in whatever we've written during the week and discuss with each other?
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clubs don't work on imageboards, stop trying to make them happen
like >>25480 said, there's already a thread


File: 1654088900215.png (50.35 KB, 264x403, 1.png)



Ok send in something


just make a writing general thread instead so we can share ideas


i like the idea of a club, anon


Rock climbing is cool and seems like a decent way to get in shape for my body type. I really want to try it, but the shoes cost so damn much.
vid related is arguably the greatest climber in the world doing one of the hardest outside climb.


Can you get them second hand?
They are indeed expensive :/ but climbing is really fun.


you dont really need the shoes, joggers with a low profile height work too.


Has anyone trier any unusual fruit? I found the channel of a Yuppie who has traveled thr world eating all kinds of exotic tropic fruit or having it delivered.


It makes me want to grow some unusual trees. I'm starting with a miracle berry tree. supposedly once eaten the berry causes sour things to taste sweet for thirty minutes. I am excited because it would allow me to basically give up on having sugar in soda. I could just drink lemonade without sugar, and eat bitter healthy food without suffering.

I'm also interested in growing Chico, a cinnamon tasting kind of apple. And there are a ton of sapote I'd like to try eating, and also snake fruit. The truth is most of the food and fruits we eat at super markets are only there because they're easy to produce or shelf long. The best kinds of fruit which are grown for personal taste by farmers are usually not mass producable.

That's why we as lefties need to take the time to plant more exotic fruit trees so those trees will always keep giving back. Then we can share the fruits without relying on supermarkets with the same damb flavors. We can literally eat more gourmet food once we fight back against big agriculture and capitalism.

There are for instance many kinds of bananas and mangoes with different flavors and textures but you'll never see them, when all the bananas at the market are literally from a tree that has been cloned millions of times. Check out his channel or google "exotic fruit" if you've never left your home and don't know what I'm talking about.
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what's a breadfruit

what's the difference between durian and jackfruit?

is durian the one that got banned from being publicly consumed in some country because it smells weird?


can cooking with honey kill you?
just heard about some dyel on ck who glazed his crumble with honey and died

i added honey to make my paneer sweet and nothing happened

posting here because cooking thred is locked for some reason

and technically honey is a fruit



Has anyone heard of that South East Asian one, kinda like a Kiwifruit? Locals call it Dees.


The one with such awful smell it's forbidden to eat one in an elevator?

File: 1641700393981.jpg (217.13 KB, 800x792, Sensitive-Poet1.jpg)


mao wrote poetry
stalin wrote poetry
marx wrote poetry

why come you arent writing poetry?
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File: 1651969909500.png (215.8 KB, 700x394, ClipboardImage.png)

Fuck, fuck, fucking fuck
Kill em all, I am trash man
The world is a fuck


cocks and dicks
suck them for the kicks
dicks and cocks
wash your socks


A single spark can start a prairie fire.
A single mistake can create life. Destroy life.
A single mother who never would have become.
A shitty job, working late night, exploited by
A system not about her, no future. Un-become.
A single way to take back life. Realize.
A single spark can start a prairie fire.

Happy mother's day anons. Don't forget to call your moms.


roses are read
violets are blue
I have explosive diarrhea
how are you?


OP has asked us
Why come you aren't a poet?
>assuming we're not


It’s actually useful and maintains consistency
It can be interchanged with all kinds of statistics
It’s easy to work with
It can yield you the same answers regardless of what units your using
You can use the most precise measurements you want and never have your calculator make miscalculations thanks to the simplicity of the number
It can go on pretty much forever or as low as you want it to. Such a good fucking system
And best of all over 190 countries use it meaning it allows information to be transferred beautifully
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polydactylic hands wrote this post


honestly fuck it just use your two feet as the sixth fingers


File: 1652379446328.jpg (25.42 KB, 800x533, pass the mic.jpg)

>thinking standardizations of measurement are only important to redditors

tell me, how did you get so stupid


File: 1653074225408.png (66.37 KB, 548x548, BIPM.png)

>no one ever talks about metrology
>only muh metric vs imperial


File: 1653074600602.png (126.75 KB, 497x493, 1617970357757.png)

but how many football fields is that?

File: 1652927754041.jpg (223.2 KB, 1160x800, ruc27154.jpg)


Anybody on here know how to weld?
I want to build a ghetto ass armored transport like the CNT/FAI used, but I don't know where to start. Is stick welding a good starting point?


For beginner courses you might wanna try a union or trade school.

File: 1608525920891.jpg (239.1 KB, 1280x720, LDing.jpg)


Any anons practice this? How's it going? I was really into LDing when I was younger but drifted away due to the usual suspects of work, school, and alcoholism.

Been thinking about buying a dream journal and getting back into it. I still remember most of the basic ideas like reality checks and DILD/WILD, but it's gonna take some work to start putting them back into daily practice.
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Good to see you're still around. It's very entertaining. I say do the entire list one by one, but pace yourself say posting one dream every 2 or 3 days, or even one post per week to give them breathing room and let people respond.


>How do I gain full access? Any simple step
See >>5343


File: 1652849982937.jpg (69.93 KB, 526x681, demonic chip boards.jpg)

Had a fucked up dream last night. Of course, it was a dream so it wasn't exactly like this but kind of like this:

On a long straight beach (scottish type beach, cold, windswept, sky/water is grey and dark) with a load of other people, all of us are in small card boats (boat made of card) , in small groups with one or 2 people, I don't really know why, but it had the vibe of activity time in school like we had all been split off into these small groups to do the activity of being in a card boat

the water is very shallow but I still became very fearful when our card boat capsizes and fills with water. There is somebody else in my boat at this point but it is very indistinct. Because the water is shallow I just start walking in it and I go back to the shore and look around in the dunes and find two old surf boards. I continue searching for things to tie them together to make into a raft, there are other people in the dunes also looking for junk to make into card boats.

At this point the dream changes, and I'm sort of listening to a podcast, or at least, there is a conversation happening which reminds me of a podcast style, one person answering questions and the other person answering.

The questioner is asking about a person who swam to a beach, he is asks the other person "so what did you find weird about this beach in particular" and the person replies "well, when I was swimming I dived down, and there was a pentagram on a rock under the water" Then the questioner answers "that is pretty weird, particularly with all those goons on the beach."

Then the dream changes again and I'm in a house that is filled with people, specifically there is a girl with a pentagram for a face, she is freaking me out, and I can tell she thinks I'm pathetic for being freaked out by her pentagram face.

I woke up feeling extremely calm after this. First I shit myself because I thought I was being murdered by occultists, but when I realised it was just a dream I felt very well rested and relaxed.


Smaller for today:
>Headless party
>I am at some sort of fancy ballroom party
>I know I am a spy and must talk to someone, or tell them something or get something, I dunno
>They aren't there
>I walk out into the balcony
>Apparently I am at the top floor, and its a fancy high-fantasy medieval city
>The buildings are very large, but keep that high-medieval aesthetic, imagine picrel, but if everything was New York sized (though maybe not that tall)
>Its a dark and clear night, the moon is large and shines on the town, its really quite pretty
>I realize that there is one more floor above the balcony roof that I am under
>I use my spy skills to wrangle over there
>To my surprise, I enter into another ballroom similar to the one before, but this time, everyone is headless
>Maybe not headless, not too sure. There were no decapitation signs or anything, perhaps they were all invisible people, as I only remember clothes moving, being filled in by sillouettes of people, but not any limbs or faces that I can remember
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A dance of the ghosts perhaps?

File: 1608526823680.png (296.33 KB, 500x417, cat reading lenin.png)


How much do you guys read a day (time, pages)? What do you consider ideal? Do you devote markedly more time/note-taking to theory/philosophy per page than other non-fiction or they pretty much the same?

Reading for the first time in years, I'm not really sure what I should be aiming for as a baseline, especially since my schedule is pretty open. I'm reading a rather long history book at the moment at the rate of about 20-50 pages a day, yet it takes me hours to get through due to extensive note-taking and writing down words I want to commit to memory. I enjoy it and it seems to pay off, but I can't deny it's almost prohibitively meticulous. There's so much I want to read between now and this time next year that I'll never get to if I keep this pace. Just wanna get a ballpark from you guys.

Also discuss whatever you're reading now, plan to read, other questions you have about reading, note-taking, and so on that isn't fit for /edu/. OP is just a springboard.
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the guide

first, choose a nonfiction book you’d like to read and set aside an hour or so. I recommend something that feels like reading it would be nice, but which you do not feel a lot of pressure to read.

second, read the title page and scan the preface. at this point, try to set aside your impressions and see what the author thinks the book is actually about. the title and subtitle might actually be a better guide to this than anything you’ve heard about the book.

third, using the table of contents as a guide, take a few chapters (the first, the last, and any which seem particularly vital or pivotal to the book), and sort of x-ray them. read the first and last few paragraphs; read the section titles if it has any, read the first and last paragraph or two of each section. you don’t need to be strict about this, the point is to get a sense of the contents of these chapters and their relationship to the book as a whole.

fourth, examine the remaining chapters in the same manner. any order will be fine. just adjust as necessary if you find you’re losing sight of the whole work or of the parts of the chapter at hand.

again, you should spend no more than an hour on these four steps. you want to get a feel for the contents of the whole, and for the contents of each chapter that comprises the whole. this sounds like a difficult task, but it’s actually fairly straightforward. you just take an hour or so and apply these steps.

when you’re ready, you can now read the book in full. you will have the bones, and much of the meat, in your head already. the book should be far less intimidating, and your comprehension should be far higher. but there’s no reason you need to do this any time soon. hopefully, with some books, you will feel compelled to give a more thorough reading right away. if you don’t, that’s fine and now you know. move on to another book.
an optional step
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


30-100, sometimes more.


just read when you want idgi

and take a note if something is interesting, or you think of something interesting




ayo what the fuck is this book of "death of ivan" aboout?

the dude is mad at artificiality and his wife but then by the end suddenly feels no longer mad because of the black sea and some light?

what is the lesson of this book? someone on a chan reccomended it

File: 1651884826195.png (9.87 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


hi I'm japanese and I'm new here. I think my eng is pretty shit but I need you guys help. I've just dive into deep web and I want interesting links that kind of deepwebish one. all thing I see in deep web is just scam and porn and scam, and it makes me sick :( I want good contents and your help. I want creepy good staff.


"creepy good stuff"? you come off as an agent. if you're not an agent, you can go fuck yourself anyway.

to anyone else reading this: there are publicly listed darknet chans this could be asked on, this doesn't belong here, don't feed him, and if you do plz put "sage" in the email field.


nothing wrong with morbid curiosity, and there's probably not much resources in japanese
anyways https://darknetlive.com/onions/


thanks for links!!! love yoou<3


File: 1608525978713.jpeg (296.41 KB, 1200x800, roller-coaster.jpeg)


I kinda like roller coasters though.
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>Are amusement parks/theme parks just bourgeoisie decadence?
The business models that they arose from (bread n' circus) and their modern exploitation in most countries outside of the USSR is bourg, but they are not by default bourg, and the USSR had plenty of them.


I don't necessarily have a problem with amusement parks if people actually enjoy them. But I don't really get it. You are never in danger on a roller coaster, yes you go fast but you're just sitting on a bench for a few minutes. Jumping from a branch on a tree swing is much more exhilarating and much easier, cheaper and accessible. Like there are a plethora of things that are more fun, cheaper and keep you fit in the process.


you literally just pulled this out of your ass
the speed and the stomach drop
i never really got roller coasters though, the bigger ones only last 2 minutes at most for like literally an hour or 2 of waiting in line, and the sheer wind-blast means you can't see much
i like the ones where you spin around and get dizzy, it's a nice effect
also they usually have nice restaurants and snacks and places to just chill


>literally just pulled this out of your ass
Wrong. Amusement Parks and the like arose from 1890s circus entertainment like Coney Island and involved a lot of fucked up exploitative shit. But the rides in and of themselves are just means of entertainment, and the USSR had rides in various parks, they just didn't make them into viciously exploitative and consumerism-obsessed industries, as under market systems.


fellas is it bourgeois to have fun

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