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Well do you?
What team do you support?
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It's a game too cruel for me.


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I always wanted to play as a kid, but I was really shit at it and all the kids on the teams I was playing with/against had all been playing since they were fucking 3 years old. I had no chance of catching up, so I just quit and did cross country instead, which I was actually good at.

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How do you feel about it (and its creator)?
also please spam Charlie pics
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Stolas is better.


File: 1608526951694.jpg (231.68 KB, 1800x2048, 286798bd3dec0ec9b8fda1a402….jpg)

Animation industry needs more cute dilfs.






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jucika thread pls
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> Creator: Pusztai Pál rajza


File: 1608526845137-0.png (14.55 MB, 2400x2929, 3491636 - Jucika Jucika_(c….png)

File: 1608526845137-1.jpg (3.79 MB, 2894x4093, 3493019 - Jucika Jucika_(c….jpg)

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Of course they make futashit


File: 1608526848512.jpg (41.62 KB, 683x799, 831c57caf232b8371fc47b25e9….jpg)





These modern remakes are so fucking soulless.

File: 1608526944341.webm (692.35 KB, 1280x720, Am I really going to defi….webm)


ITT post examples of porky portrayed negatively.
[b]Hard mode:[/b] materialist portrayals (they are products of the system and not just greedy for the lulz)
[b]Nightmare mode:[/b] actual Marxism
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f is for family (at least seasons 1 and 2)


I still can't see how Parasite was anti-capitalist. At best it can raise the question of "why are these peoples lives so stratified in comparison?", and at worst it portrays the lumpen lower class as, well, parasites, who fuck over and murder each other over the leeching spot and also ruin the lives of a happy porky family as well as the life of a random car driver in the process.


According to WSWS that movie sucked


Filtered hard.

>"Because the story is about the poor family infiltrating and creeping into the rich house, it seems very obvious that Parasite refers to the poor family, and I think that's why the marketing team was a little hesitant," he explained. "But if you look at it the other way, you can say that rich family, they're also parasites in terms of labor. They can't even wash dishes, they can't drive themselves, so they leech off the poor family's labor. So both are parasites."


Ziemia Obiecana by Wajda has lots of evil porkies in the time of industrial revolution

File: 1608525580567.jpg (21.71 KB, 736x414, notcrying.jpg)


Loyal parents who sacrificed so much for the nation
Never feared the ultimate fate.
Now that the country has become red,
who will be its guardian?

Our mission, unfinished, may take a thousand years.
The struggle tires us, and our hair is grey.
You and I, old friends,
can we just watch our efforts be washed away?
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Arabic poem on women's beauty.

>Dark-haired and slim-waisted,

>Her buttocks were like sand dunes
>and hrr figure like that of a ban tree

>There were four things never before united

>except to pierce my heart and shed my blood:
>a radiant forehead, hair like night,
>a rosy cheek and a slim form.


beautifully descriptive


I really wish Malcolm C. Lyons had found a way to make it rhyme. Many Arabic poems have rhymes and puns and they get lost in translation.


Chorus in Parentheses

(The danger looms, to our dismay,
We won’t be safe, night or day,
Hide the goats, the kids, the maid,
He’s on the hunt, and we’re the game…)

(It would be best to stay away,
Lest you become the monster’s prey,
He’ll tear you up, rip and fray,
And dine upon your ripe fillet…)

In the jungle, the murky jungle,
The lion prowls tonight…
Through savanna, swamp, and desert,
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File: 1608526940567.png (505.23 KB, 1400x1400, Snake Feet Suess.png)

File: 1608525414140.jpg (157.36 KB, 1000x564, how-did-joaquin-phoenix-pr….jpg)


What are your thoughts on the Joker movie? Could it be considered somehow leftist?
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Honestly while dark capeshit, or a breakdown of capeshit with real consequences is interesting, I feel that outside of escapist consumerism, it only works in films and portions. You see this with Joker (2019) and with Batman TAS and Mask of the Phantasm as they really break down the grime but in the case of TAS don't bog you down with grimdark shit, because that only works with media like Berserk which dedicates itself to that exploration. Where it doesn't work as well/gets bogged down IMO is in media like the recent arcs of BnHA - with its superpowered zombies and backstabbing and killing and deranged factionism reminiscent not of capitalist society, but of a feudal one. Stain had an impact because he was a stark contrast to normal villains and before that everything was still pretty upbeat.

The Joker doesn't go into this with all the 'powers' and crap, and instead hits home with real talk - the people, poor and hungry and uncared for, who are trying to live and struggle every day.

I'm sort of rambling here but my point is dark capeshit is good as singular films or arcs, but when you make massive TV series over it, it begins to get tiresome and edgy.


what happend to socialism or barberism's channel




this image is wrong, e-girls drink white claw



File: 1608526935475.png (177.88 KB, 376x455, 6d3cba1aac217b258ee5cc0427….png)


Hi! What's a weird Nd easy hobby J could learn?


Juggling or card tricks

File: 1608526502357.png (500.25 KB, 985x510, 329847238947923874.png)


Dune discussion general.

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> LoTR in a single book established almost the entire cosmology, history of every countries, their languages, and every known norms of the genres.
Yeah, and that one book is dedicated entirely to lore/worldbuilding. If you take out the Silmarillion, the LOTR trilogy and Dune are pretty comparable in that regard.


>Some literary critics have described Asimov's psychohistory as a reformulation of Karl Marx's theory of history (historical materialism), though Asimov denied any direct influence.[11]
The wikipedia article goes on to misinterpret hist mat, so I won't copy it. Incredible how much marxism is misinterpreted.


I was expecting a delay but October 2021 seems a bit much.


Reminds me of a depressing pamphlet “Desert” by Unknown https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/anonymous-desert


True. That’s why in most of Heinlein’s work, war is portrayed as a constant skirmish of small proxy wars that keep to military industrial complex going. Starship troopers is that wholesale, the other is The moon is a cruel mistress where it also emphasized a long war up until they started to bombard earth with mass drivers.

File: 1608525577735.jpg (466.18 KB, 1500x962, one-acre-farm.jpg)


ITT post practical survival, self-sustenance and cost-cutting tips, not utterly useless political/macroeconomic/philosophical theory (that you will never be able to implement anyway because you are just plebeian on the internet, not part of the ruling class) and whining that you see on /leftypol/

The target audience can range from scavenging hobos to minimum wagers to landowners with no mortgages.
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File: 1608526932566.jpg (91.14 KB, 634x493, amazon basin archeaologica….jpg)

The amazon basin civilization(s) probably lived in green cities kind of like this but they died because people like Fancisco de Orellana coofed up and down the amazon river, and plagues did the rest. By the time later European explorers came around, the jungle had overgrown and hid all the ruins and everyone thought the early explorers who reported dense populations and developed infrastructure were bullshitters talking about el dorado and the fountain of youth and whatever. The evidence now suggests that the rainforest is at least in part man-made.

Permaculture isn't more labor intensive if you set it up correctly. There's more up-front cost design-wise, but once the system is going, it's going and you just harvest and do a little maintenance. It's not only the method of agriculture that has to change, but the entire ethos. People don't realize how little (i.e. not at all) humans understood biology and nature at the time agricultural practices were formed and how much of the work was unnecessary or wasteful. With capitalism, wasteful practices become effectively set in stone because the process is commodified and there are financial interests to protect regarding the wasteful processes.
>pay someone to remove "waste" from the system
>pay someone else to get "fertilizer" to put into the system to keep it alive
If you set up the system according to how organisms naturally function you aren't fighting upstream the entire time. You let the "waste" turn into fertilizer, as it does naturally in any ecosystem. You alPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1608526933349.png (4.59 MB, 1334x750, Senegal Permaculture.png)

That was just a fucking parallel you mong. If you are too illiterate to understand, let me use another one. Nature and Earth is like our house. Sometimes we want to demolish a wall in our house to make a larger room, or we want to attach an expansion to it. There is nothing wrong with that - the "original" form of the house isn't sacred. However, if the wall in question is load-bearing, or the expansion would destabilize the foundations, you DON'T do it, lest you be an utter idiot as you are putting your home in danger of collapse. Same shit applies to nature.

Cars should be a secondary option, for people who need it. 1 car per person if they need it. Most people own and drive cars because of necessity. If, after public transport is established properly, they still need or want a car, then they can have it.

claims that everyone who touched "black snow" got thyroid cancer in 6 years, which isn't true, because the "black snow" was the result of the fires in reactor 4, there is no fire nowadays but you still get radiation poisoning from the radiative decay. You also can't treat radiation poisoning if you reach that stage (thyroid cancer) because once it's in there you are fucked, developing thyroid cancer depends on the dose and genetics, If you don't absorb radioactive iodine, you don't need to treat yourself with iodine tablets either
start with Wikipedia

Permaculture in the Senegal desert (pic related)


‘Collapse of civilisation is the most likely outcome’: top climate scientists
&ltThe world’s most eminent climate scientists and biologists believe we’re headed for the collapse of civilisation, and it may already be too late to change course.

Triple Crisis in the Anthropocene Ocean.
>Part One: Corrosive Seas
>Part Two: Running Low on Oxygen
>Part Three: The Heat of 3.6 Billion Atom Bombs


File: 1608526934042-0.jpeg (534.79 KB, 1700x935, Arcology.jpeg)

File: 1608526934042-1.jpg (79.94 KB, 750x396, Anelosimus-eximius.jpg)

There is an architect by the name of Vincent Callebaut. Has designs to turn places such as the city of Paris into an ecologically friendly location. He has plans for bio-air conditioning, anti-smog towers, and vertical farming.


If you guys wanna see something wild, check this shit out.
There are spiders known as Anelosimus Exumius that exist in giant communal webs, with hardly any social heirarchy, save for separation by sex. Check it out, it's fucking nuts.


David Attenborough just put out a new documentary that was really well done, and was actually pretty realistic about the coming climate crisis. Didn't pull any punches like most hopium filled publications do, and as far as I know I don't know why a >90 year old man would want to spend what are the last years of his life bullshitting people about something he's done for half of his life or more.

Talked about the desertification of oceans, of land, of sopsoil being exhausted by our farming practices, overpopulation, temperature rises and what that means for humans and the wider ecosystem at large. These are things we have to consider as communists. Personally, it has always been my belief since I became aware of just how big an issue this was right around the time I left college that human society as we know it globally will be knocked down a civilization or two even. It was a pretty tough thing to realize, as I was also awash with enthusiasm for the material I had read from Marx, Lenin, Engals and coming to learn more about the USSR, China and such. Anyway, what I'm ultimately saying is that when I post on here ultimately its from a dark place because I feel like while capitalism will die any hope for what we know as socialism very well goes with it.

Ultimately though for the purposes of this post the documentary was well done and while it had some liberal solutions at the end, I know a socialist world order (that won't exist in our lifetimes in the developed form we need to beat this issue) could have been able to beat this issue. Producing for use value would be a huge first. Capitalism won't, and I know liberals can't even face that prospect. I think the conclusions cannot be ignored just because of hope and belief socialism will triumph somehow, and at least acknowledging a possible end to everything we know has to be considered.

NOTE: While the documentary is available through a certain paid service, I don't see why certain free platforms wouldn't have it. I hear there are things called trackers that carry it in high quality and other formats, and a certain bay. If you haven't seen it, do it for the knowledge, for a love of animals or a combination of both.

File: 1608525665795.jpeg (133.56 KB, 1200x800, 1_lLoOI3p_hekv_wiNXoPJyA.….jpeg)


Is this show about class?
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IDK but whatever it was he hung around for the second season unannounced until the character returned halfway through.

>but its not the main focus and is forgotten in later seasons
Not true. In the second season it's a mess that goes nowhere, but they do frame the human vs robots conflict in an obvious parallel to class. The third season weirdly is about literal capitalism and conflict between humans and AI-embodied capital (or more accurately AI-embodied humanity vs AI-embodied capital), but since capitalism has evolved into AI-monarchy there's no direct criticism of the present capitalist system and it's more about AI or the alienated logic of capital driving civilization. But that's giving it a lot of credit for a show that by this point has a couple good ideas and doesn't even know how to execute those properly.


I just liked the main theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X35voOs4rQA


They need to fucking stop with the "smarter-than-thou" onion storytelling where you already know that in the beginning nothing of what you see it coherent or the present, with constant flashbacks, time jumps, the robots "imagining" things because they can't sort out their memories, everybody being or being turned into a robot, different minds inserted into different robots, "bad guy was actually good"/"good guy was actually bad" etc.

This shit is fun when it's spun across a single movie, like Memento, but making an entire show of this is fucking annoying. If you have a season with 10 episodes you need at least some linear story telling - it worked for season one, because nobody knew what to expect, but for the other seasons people feel unmotivated watching this because everybody knows they're going to be bamboozled again in the first 7-8 episodes before shit is actually going to be revealed.


interesting that this release coincides with the release of GPT3, an AI that harvests data to accurately imitate real people.


I hate it already. Sometimes I understand anprims and their hatred of technology… I feel the same sometimes.

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