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File: 1619433663088.jpg (110.06 KB, 1200x838, sugar.jpg)


What do you guys think about the UFC?
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Skull fracture does not necessarily mean brain damage. There certainly is the risk of brain damage in mma, it's just this is not a good example of it.


You are right.
That being said, isn't a concussion essentially just a brain injury?

I understand that in football, the issue isn't concussive blows, but sub-concussive blows, that give people CRT.

I'd assume its the same in MMA.



So the key take away here is that if anyone on this board is going to do martial arts, it is advisable to find a bare knuckle style. Traditional karate dojos will fight without gloves.


If you're talking about sports, maybe. There's also competing in pure wrestling sports that don't involve strikes like Judo, catch wrestling, shoot wrestling, etc. Your potential for different sorts of limb injuries tend to be a bit higher with wrestling though but the danger of head trauma isn't so much. There's also plenty of sports with rules that focus on points rather than knockout blows such as Taekwondo. Alternatively, if you simply avoid sports there are plenty of martial arts that constrain their discipline to teach useful skills without putting yourself in as serious bodily harm.


Extremely vulgar showcase of capitalist society.

People capitalizing and enjoying seeing two people trying to brain damage each other.

Literal blood money. Fictional media and video games are superior in every way to get my rocks off regarding violent tendencies.

File: 1616006852767.png (7.2 KB, 251x201, 64b211f06164aedb792ff4340b….png)


Am I the only one who doesn't like "travel" ?? I see literally no point in even going to a different region in my own country, let alone another one.

I feel like saying you hate travel in this instagram era is like saying you hate puppies or chocolate or apple pie something. I really don't like the whole experience. It's exhausting. My idea of a vacation is sleeping for a week.
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I don't mind traveling actually but I usually drive myself. I do admit that airport travel is exhausting. I've never done massive rail traveling in the US.


I hate moving myself to different places. Airports + Airplanes are absolutely horrid non-places. I hate touristy shit. I want to live in new ways and connect with people that are not necessarily from where I'm from.


Maybe you are on the autism spectrum and are just uncomfortable with change. I don't mean this in a mean way or anything


My preferred vacation is an all expense paid hotel in the same town I live in, so I think I know how you feel OP


I like to travel but I don't like to reach the destination.
I enjoy sitting in a car and seeing different places and houses and people.

My main qualm against travelling is safety and having money to travel. Need me a travelling obsessed rich instagram gf who'll drag me to places. I'm too much of a hikkimori

File: 1608525698099.png (437.5 KB, 1280x720, hmin.png)

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Let's make a thread to discuss, review and analyze tv shows. Everybody is binging something these days.
Argue about dvd commentaries, Post your thesis on King of the Hill, Reminisce about a tv show you used to watch but don't quite remember it's title. Just about anything related to shows. Post your highscore on those Ben 10 CN flash games. Anything goes.
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Sopranos is based af


Not sure about the other four because I never think about it but Malcolm in the Middle is my favorite. Does nobody else like it or what?


File: 1619592499595.jpg (579.1 KB, 1080x2718, edaf0tk2mf161.jpg)

I love that show, It feels like a unique sitcom.
Lois is the most REDpilled character on the show. She constantly shows disdain for pigs and reminds their kids about the difference between rich and poor.

My favourite episode so far is the one where the family gets stuck in traffic in the desert and dewey rides around town after his babysitter dies.

Another favorite is when the family takes a vacation to some place and the boys accidentally stumble onto american army base and try to escape while trying to not get blown up lmao.


Tbh is not unrealistic to potray gangs as solving issues in their turf
Its weird that the stereotypical corrupt racist pig became sympathetic as seasons went on
I do think they way they potray the pigs in general is good ,some are honest others are tough on crime nutjobs and many are corrupt
The potrayal of ira was stupid though


For movies there's letterboxd
What's the TV equivalent

I saw Track but it doesn't havet the obscure foregin stuff I want to add on my wishlist and stuff

File: 1608525606523-0.jpg (84.74 KB, 1000x667, 90f275debf52db3217419c805c….jpg)

File: 1608525606523-1.jpg (47.82 KB, 1200x521, 1200px-PPSh-41_from_soviet.jpg)

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Just don't talk about gun control
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>more unwieldy
>harder to use rails
>significantly less accuracy due to gas operation, especially less accurate over more than 300 yards
>reliability is real but kind of a meme if youre not literally burying weapons caches or fighting a guerilla war, accuracy and compatability with grips and scopes and access to ammunition also all play into practical reliability

AKs are very cool and great guns, dont get me wrong. Ultimately its a matter of cost and ease of access, but if you have access to both, the AR is superior.


lift more
>more unwieldy
Better action tho, mine hasn't jammed once (I do clean it well). The AR has issues ejecting rounds
>harder to use rails
Most combat will happen between 100-200 meters, learn how to use the iron sights. Don't fw optics until you learn iron sights.
>significantly less accuracy due to gas operation, especially less accurate over more than 300 yards
The likelihood of hitting shit accurately in combat at 300 yards unless you're in a stationary position and aren't under fire is a larp.
>reliability is real but kind of a meme if youre not literally burying weapons caches or fighting a guerilla war, accuracy and compatability with grips and scopes and access to ammunition also all play into practical reliability
Its not a meme. Unless you fuck up loading magazines it literally won't jam. 7.62x39 rn is cheaper going for about 47-49 cents a round. 5.56 is like a dollar per round if not more. AK ammo is becoming more prevalent in the USA with increased importation and domestic manufacturing of AKs.


>lift more

I do. Weight still matters, dumb argument.

>Don't fw optics until you learn iron sights.

I almost exclusivly shoot with iron sights.

>Most combat will happen within 200m

What combat? Without knowing the situation it's perfectly sensible to advocate for a firearm that can work at a longer range if necessary.

>unless you're in a stationary position and aren't under fire is a larp.

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they've specifically banned AKs in the past and you can get 5.56 from cops/army


When the fuck are ammo prices coming back down? This is bullshit

File: 1608525915221.jpg (477.36 KB, 867x1120, Jigoro_Kano_and_Kyuzo_Mifu….jpg)

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Comrades let's have a thread for martial arts, combat sports and self defense. Striking, grappling, all styles welcome (except fake ass shit). Let's talk about training, techniques, fights, fighters, etc. Here's a fun fact: One of the many achievements of the soviets was founding their own combat system, sambo, which proved to be extremely effective and is still widely practiced today. Also, Judo orange belt here (AMA if you want)
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I'm an armchair striker so I can't really speak for the exact advantages or reasons for a particular stance over another, but I can offer you this link.
>inb4 r*ddit


File: 1619332346443.png (18.07 KB, 419x507, front-stance.png)

Oh I understand now, by "square" you're referring to the position of the upper body as perpendicular to the direction of your target. In karate parlance a basic front stance would be a very "square" stance. That's pretty strange to me, the Muay Thai fighting stance has always seemed fairly "bladed" to me I guess. Maybe I need to fix my eyes.


What's with Youtubers/celebrity boxing fights lately? I think they're ruining the sport.


File: 1619499058618.webm (1.22 MB, 720x720, 1619324415795.webm)

The sports been dead for a long time buddy



File: 1608525913224.jpg (55.89 KB, 385x571, children_of_the_revolution….jpg)


Help me find this documentary by Shane O'Sullivan, please. I couldn't find any torrents.

It's about Ulrike Meinhof and Fusako Shigenobu, the leaders of the German Red Army Faction and the Japanese Red Army respectively.
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Grab it from here using youtube-dl if the torrent has no seeders


thank you for seeding!


Thanks a lot, be careful to not get ban from youtube.


based, hope you don't get banned


It has been a long time and the video still up, but it has been blocked in France and its overseas colonies.

File: 1608525726380-0.png (6.08 MB, 2560x1440, C161F875-CB28-41BA-A412-EF….png)

File: 1608525726380-1.gif (3.75 MB, 640x292, 9F3AE746-921E-4AFC-9A08-22….gif)

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Since Star Wars got a thread why can’t this? Discuss anything you like of the universe. lore, art, diy modeling or even Marxist critique of the setting and gw parasitic relationship with it.

To start of the part 5 of Astartes fan film and the promise for more.
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What’s it called?


File: 1618542742775.jpg (1.08 MB, 2048x1598, warhammer_40k_deff_skwadro….jpg)



File: 1619389598097.jpeg (143.39 KB, 977x940, 3320B6D3-23E8-4C75-881D-8….jpeg)

I really like everything about the Tau but I feel they’re limited by being part of the larger WH40K universe.
Any other sci-fi stories that deal with a similar species/civilization?


The Culture?


The Noon series is arguably the first one to did the trope of a big good civilization. The political entity in that series is basically a conglomeration of socialist planets that frequently sends agents into capitalist and feudalist worlds to destroy their system from the inside.

File: 1616626905613.png (1011.48 KB, 1125x641, 1616084505957.png)


An anon a while back recommended Star Trek to me because it was the most "communist" media produced in capitalist society. All Captain Kirk does is hop from planet to planet and fuck space bitches. Is there communism or have I been memed? Apparently the director of the show was influeced by Posadism but outside the aliens I do not see gommunism anywhere in the show.
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Use the catalog, we have a /trek/ thread.


I think the federation is more socialist, while they have to use some sort of capitalist exchange to deal with other species as they could be at war with them the next day.


Ferengi are a different civilization. It's been established that the federation was nominally communist in contrast with other major powers in their region of the galaxy.


Does the ferengi civilization live on borrowed time because eventually somebody will figure out how to replicate platinum without the P ?


Nigga how do you think they managed space travel without communism

File: 1608526400652.jpg (637.85 KB, 1280x1663, 192873512685183.jpg)


Uhh yeah, this. What do we think of it?

I think the cinematically it was really good, but it had a lot of historical inaccuracies.
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>no Russophobia
Lmao. Every average Slavs would laugh at you for that. The show have every single Slavic stereotype in it from vodka chugging officials to dirty Soviet hospitals.


it's still better than most of american movies about russia. and btw vodka chugging is real thing, they really do that


I watched the first episode. It has such an amazing sense of dread and atmosphere. It's incredible, meticulously done. And that makes it all the more frustrating that so much of it is dedicated to racist, chauvinist anti-Sovietism. The real tragedy in the series is the waste of talent that went behind creating it.


Not during actual work hour and not by the person they were trying to portray as incompetent. Also, who the hell chug hot vodka?


idk, alkies?

File: 1608525827605.jpg (23.31 KB, 259x384, Snowpiercer_poster.jpg)

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Holy shit, I've rarely seen a movie as on the nose and blunt in its critique of capitalist society, and yet Americans seemingly cannot comprehend what it's a criticism of. I've seen "It's about authoritarianism" "It's about the death of free market competition" "It's secretly about socialism!"
Holy fuck, how can it be possible to be as retarded as burgers? It's like unless a film blatantly jumps up and down shouting "CAPITALISM BAD" they literally can't parse out any form of symbolism or allegory at all. Why are these people such idiotic apes?
The writer/director was literally part of the South Korean Socialist Party, tf is the dysfunction in burger brains?
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I got Brave New World vibes from the front end of the train, there isn't ANY work to be done, not even white collar
when the conductor filled Chris's head with bullshit about the ecosystem and maintaining order it's hard to see what order there is TO BE maintained


I think this explains when the Party Car all rallied to fight the Korean unabomber


Honestly the ending of this movie to me seems to suggest that proletarian martyrdom is a preferable outcome than simply replacing the porky or just giving in to capitalism.

If you interpret the train as capitalism (imo this interpretation is far more complete and meaningful than interpreting the train as the state, or more specifically, the engine as the state) then what Wilfred is doing at the end is simply replacing the capitalist of the enterprise. Giving it to Curtis, so Wilfred ceases being the capitalist but the train continues going as normal. Imagine a scenario where Curtis actually accepts this. It would be an extremely crude ending but it would realistically showcase that the vast majority of people would switch their positions immediately if their class interests changed.

The reason why I think interpreting the train/engine as the state is kind of ineffective is because the train is supposed to represent unsustainability. It won't exist forever and the people that believe and teach this (the teacher in the kindergarten scene for example) are delusional, basically an allegory for capitalist realism. Also, interpreting the train as a state is simply too convenient for what this movie is trying to go for, it basically suggests that by killing Wilfred (proletarians seizing the "state") they can run the train according to their interests. But why would the repressive forces and de facto allied classes of the bourgeoisie allow this? Will the guards and crowd of drug addict lumpens now bow down to Curtiss and his people? No they won't, because by killing Wilfred Curtiss doesn't actually gain anything. He's not in control of anything. This is the opposite situation of workers seizing state power, because "controlling" the train (by killing its "owner") isn't a comparable situation to taking state power.

This is why the train as capitalism interpretation works so much better. Here it actually makes sense that Wilfred is passing ownership of the train to Curtiss, because he's expecting (correctly) that if Curtiss seizes the train, he can only run it the same way Wilfred has been running it the whole time. If he attempted any radical change the repressive forces of the train and other classes would oust him.

Also this interpretation also works because of the relation between the train, the classes, and the resources in the train. If the train had unlimited resources, there would be no reason to dive the train iPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>If anything humanity would perish much quickly if the resources of the train are spread much more evenly.
You fucking porky bootlicker kill your self. If resources were spread more evenly, humans could solve all their ecological problems. Capitalists think that their wealth will make them invulnerable to ecological crisis, that fixing it has low priority. in new-speak: they don't see them self as stake-holders of the ecosphere. Industrial society is crazy powerful. The only reason, and i mean that literally, there is no other reason, why we can't deal with ecological problems is because wealthy capitalists that hoard the means of production, don't deem it to be in their interests to solve it.


The train is not industrial society, and I wrote in my post that the train's resources will eventually run out regardless of who is running the train.

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