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File: 1618491962647.jpg (7.38 KB, 282x179, download (1).jpg)


Sorry if repost but this a discussion of the Star Wars Franchise which started in 1977
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Omega has the kid "can we go to mcdonalds" mentality except for every warzone in the galaxy


Clone rebellion + Planet insurrection let’s gooo


It’s a kids show, what can you do? The excuse is that she’s “special” but everyone in Star Wars is “special”.


kinda a shame that Hauzer just gave himself up like that, I kinda thought he would work from behind the scenes and sew dissent and give aid to Ryloth from behind the shadows, or at least go off with Rex for (unspecified rebellion adventures). Instead he just convinced himself and like 20 others to basically consciously object and get arrested by the rest of the clones. now he'll probably get executed or worse, get a crosshair treatment.
Oh I didn't mean it as a bad thing, I just find it funny that an elite special forces unit is getting dragged into every battle in the galaxy by their adoptive clone sister.


File: 1626750978376.gif (2 MB, 540x304, a bagel.gif)

File: 1608525623415.jpg (279.76 KB, 572x900, imcomingforyourmeans.jpg)

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How do you dress? What are you wearing today? How should you dress, as a Marxist? Which trends are proletarian and which are bourgeois?
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Sorry dude, counterculture stopped being a thing at least a decade ago thanks to the internet and globalization.


>not sticking to your own style instead of following trends
smh my head


>he thinks he exists in a vacuum and has free will


Any tips to get into tailoring my own stuff? Should I get one of those expensive sewing machines?


Get a cheap used one, the older the better (but check it works properly first). Last I checked, which was long ago admittedly, you could find one for around $50.

File: 1608525921736.png (153.4 KB, 250x291, 250px-Rick_and_Morty_seaso….png)


Tbh I liked it at first but imo Rick is too much of an unlikable sociopath, Jerry is too pathetic, the show comes off as simultaneously too self-important and too mocking of its fans who overrate it.
Nonetheless it's overrated with absolutely autistic fans, and the whole sechzuan debacle, my God….
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>richard and mortimer
Dead thread, but did you come up with that or read it somewhere? I thought I coined the phrase.


Lots of people have thought about it before, anon.
But I came up with "Ricky Martin" in Spanish.


Didn't the creator fire like half their crew when they threatened to unionize and replaced them with Sarkeesian level "we come to filter out your ingrained misogyny" diversity hires?


yes and coincidentally the show began going into the toilet right after


Yep. Justin Roiland doesn't even work on it technically, he's busier on his personal projects.
These latest seasons are all Dan Harmon and it shows.

File: 1626588388645.jpg (86.28 KB, 1024x768, dj.jpg)


Stayed up tonight to make a pastebin specifically full of old youtube channels. No i didn't double check anything. Anyway i have a whole youtube account that's basically a time capsule so i might make a pastebin of my liked videos later if i ever feel like it.


File: 1626590571786.pdf (350.26 KB, 212x300, channels.pdf)

document with clickable links


I'd begin by giving some of those channels descriptions to show their significance at least


fuck, old abandoned youtube channels give me such a profound sense of anxiety, they are like deserted commie blocks in digital form.

File: 1608525416884.jpg (269.78 KB, 1984x1116, juice.jpg)

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Just post pictures of delicious food and we'll all try to figure out how to cook it later!
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It’s a hothouse industry filled to the brim with petit bourgeois douchebags. Both the failing and successful restaurants have overbearing owners that abuse their workers while paying them terribly.
The worst part is that competitive cooking shows actually glamorize these bastards. Take Gordon Ramsay himself, the image of him in his cooking shows is entirely removed from his real management of his restaurant chain. It’s always mired in worker abuse, shit pay, and using inferior ingredients yet the fucker dares to use this to criticize other shittier owners. The point is not doing those things is bad as a small scale porky, the point is doing it with terrible PR is bad.


The Food Channel stopped being educational, and started game shows. The Game Show Network was an entire channel that showed nothing but game shows. I like to cook personally, and the game shows with cooking as it's theme turn me off. My favorite celebrity chefs really are Julia Child and Jacque Pepin because 100% of their programs were educational.


How to eat healthy? There are so many conflicting opinions about it online I feel completely lost.


Learn to enjoy veggies. Simple as. Salad wih ranch, cheesy broccoli, squash casserole, cutting carrots into ramen noodles… get creative and spice up your healthy foods a little. But most importantly, get your body to crave it. Eat enough healthy food, and your body will recognize that it wants and needs the vitamins inside… you'll get hooked because your body will beg you to eat vitamin rich and nutritious food.


Sounds like hell. The industry just shouldn't exist.

I read up one of the judges of Top Chef and he apparently was sued for wage theft and had to settle out of court

And the guy with the communist shirt I posted? A conservative republican
Why would they be wearing that shirt then, I didn't think there were ironic right wing hipster

File: 1608525590419.jpg (136.16 KB, 960x720, CGI_USS_Enterprise-D.jpg)

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&ltStar Trek Picard S01E01 is out
(check torrents)


Favourite episodes, best characters, memorable moments, etc.
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How exactly is the Borg episode canon-breaking? It ties in well. VOY is far more canon-breaking when it comes to the Borg. It's a good stand-alone episode, it did not feel like fan service.
>I guarantee you nobody who disliked Enterprise followed the Shran arc all the way through or watched season 4, particularly the Kir'Shara arc and the Babel arc. They really tie the show together and put it on par with DS9 as one of my favorite series.
I watched the entire series and while Shran is a good character, it's not enough. I'm not a big fan of Vulcan episodes, and ENT was filled to the brim with them, but that may have just been my personal taste (and I guess it makes sense for the 22nd century where the relationship between Vulcans and humans is still evolving). The Xindi arc was a fucking joke, it did absolutely nothing for me. At no point did I feel any emotional investment to care aboutit what's happening to them, it honestly felt more like the first two seasons of VOY where we basically follow a ship behind enemy lines exploring an unknown area of space by itself.

I guess season four works as a season except the finale, but the problem remains that it was still a setup season. DS9 did set up the Dominion War for a long time, but then it erupted in season 6, whereas ENT gets awkwardly wrapped up before the war with the Romulans starts. There is also no main villian like Dukat in DS9 except that one Romulan general nobody cared for. I know that ENT allegedly found their pace and style with the fourth season, but sorry, this was made in the modern era of television, you can not allow yourself to fail around for three fucking seasons like Star Trek tradition and then expect not to be dropped. This isn't the 80s anymore.


File: 1625359233900.png (4.78 MB, 3920x2204, 83f12f91b1f6b34d5be5ddc084….png)

How much would CBS sell the Star Trek license for?

I need my caitian catgirls dammit


Clearly you just need to read the Chakat universe books. Granted those are catgirl-centaurs, but still hot.



what do you guys think about this guys thread saying that DS9 was right wing


File: 1626638625046.jpg (426.69 KB, 1530x2048, chekov.jpg)

>A Kulak was a term used in the Russian language to describe the class of affluent 20th century Russian and Soviet peasant farmers.
>In 2267, Pavel Chekov referred to Harry Mudd, the then ruler of the planet Mudd and man responsible for hijacking the USS Enterprise, as an "unprincipled evil-minded lecherous Kulak." (TOS: "I, Mudd")

File: 1608526447939.jpg (3.31 MB, 3000x4000, imagescrub.jpg)


A thread for the Hiking, Hillwalking, Mountaineering, Camping, Randonneuring and other comfy /out/door pursuits involving time in the wilderness

>Ask questions

>Get Answers
>Ask for advice on getting started
>Do trip reports
>Bitch about your poor navigational abilities
>Post Non-Identifying photos (i.e. Don't post your face you idiot)

I've been doing a fair bit of mountaineering the past few weeks and I'm really getting back into the swing of things, might join a club again soon
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File: 1608526957100-0.jpg (220.41 KB, 963x681, camino-de-santiago-map.jpg)

File: 1608526957100-1.jpg (78.1 KB, 750x400, Camino-de-Santiago.jpg)

Hey guys.
I live in Spain, and I have been thinking about doing the Santiago's pilgrimage (not because I'm religious, just want to do some tourism and do some exercise).
What do you think about it?


Go for it. Sounds like a good experience.


I know this is a dead thread, but I'm doing a 21 mile loop in the Dolly Sods in WV this weekend with my gf. It's not too intense, but it's the longest backpacking outing I will have done so far. Wish me luck!


File: 1626625505771-0.jpg (1.72 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_0009.JPG)

File: 1626625505771-1.jpg (1.49 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_0010.JPG)

File: 1626625505771-2.jpg (1.64 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_0011.JPG)

Lake Louise, Alberta. I really ought to get an actual camera though


very pretty

File: 1608525573330-0.jpg (76.7 KB, 658x358, wrath_of_monkey.jpg)

File: 1608525573330-1.jpg (36.66 KB, 500x568, really_now.jpg)

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Alright filmfags, show me what you've got.

&ltS Tier - Timeless
>Tarkovsky: Stalker, Andrei Rublev, Solaris
>Klimov: Come and See
>Bela Tarr: Turin Horse, Werckmeister Harmonies, Satantango (all very demanding)
>Bergman: Persona, Seventh Seal
>Herzog: Aguirre (I love them all but this one stands apart)
>Kubrick: 2001

&ltA Tier - Food for the soul
>Visconti: The Leopard, Rocco and his Brothers
>Fellini: La Dolce Vita, Amarcord
>De Sica: Bicycle Thieves, Umberto D.
>Pontecorvo: Battle of Algiers
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Ah sry the screenwriter I meant,I actually like the director (mash is great which he also dirrcted) but the screenwriter was a Zionist socdem (his words) but his vision is essentially proudhonist if you watch the film.


>More than weird, it was something Prisoners would tattoo in the GULAG to mock communists.

wtf how does that mock the communists
did they think they would escape out and beat the communists with their fists thus being ironic?


What film is that? I don't watch Marvel.


well yes that irony is a part of it, but frankly it' a bit hard to explain Russian prison life, myself being aware of it only through people I knew who were there. It's similar to people tattooing religious figures and other stuff on themselves in prison there, there is a double meaning within the criminal world, that only criminals really know, like the origins of their nicknames and such.

The Black Widow movies, basically it's that shitty Red Sparrow but less graphic and with bad humor thrown in.


File: 1626625044217.jpg (15.35 KB, 220x307, Throw_Away_Your_Books,_Ral….jpg)

Japanese New Wave is kino and I have been binging it for the past year or so. My favorite is Throw Away Your Books Rally In The Streets. It has a killer soundtrack as well

File: 1608526344936.jpg (131.67 KB, 610x412, hewitt.jpg)


Anyone into this shit? The upcoming housing crisis is an open door for more backyard pools to skate.
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Oh I've been to that neighborhood, but it's extremely small, about one street long when I was there and as as ugly as a street in New York. Japan town in Los Angeles or San Francisco is bigger than that "american neighborhood." Both are 3 blocks long at least.

>My city is un-skateable, so you have to go to skateparks or specific parks to see people skate.

One of the cities I briefly lived in was Lake Forest, CA. They have a large skatepark there which was sponsored by VANS, and lots of people wore VANS shoes in the 90s and 00s even if they weren't skateboarders, because that city is the headquarters of VANS. I didn't live there long enough to learn it though at least that city is flat. I feel like I'd have been drawn into skateboarding if I had lived there. I remember skateshops and places that sold skateboards all over the malls when I was growing up around there.

Honestly though, I think I'd rather have my future kids get into another sport. At least with surfing kids pick up that cool dude accent more and a better appreciation for nature and the tropics.


Skateboarding is reviving again due to COVID. Just last week my homie who works at a skateshop, sold one of the last few boards that are in high demand. This isn't a random occurrence either, it's obviously due to the supply chain being backed up.

there was a point in time I wasn't feeling skateboarding, due to my depression , alcoholism , and social media causing it to become saturated and uninspiring. I manage to get out of that rut by keeping my drinking on check, eating healthier foods, getting a new hobby(boxing), taking shrooms and just deleting my instagram. Since then, my rate of progression started to pick up again and my passion for it grew stronger.

Despite the shitshow we're in rn, skateboarding is one of the few things that keeps my mind at ease.


File: 1626257157600.png (73.73 KB, 474x314, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone ever had one of these two wheeled things?
I had it as a kid and aside of some smooth turns the overall control is crap, you have to constantly swing your knees and ankles for it to move and it wouldnt even go uphill, it needs both feet on board all the time so tricks were also a no
It was interesting to learn though and it teaches you balance, and the funny falls were worth it


Any of you inline skate here? I got some dope new rockered frames coming in


Skateboarding is technically illegal in japan

File: 1608525746156.jpg (146.19 KB, 569x425, stalinwriting.jpg)

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Thread for those who like to read and write including fanfiction. Share drafts, look for beta-readers, ask for writing advice, give recommendations and do all that other cool jazz. Just remember to not bully anyone else no matter how shit their taste might be.
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trying my hand at a post-apocalyptic science-fantasy adventure story with some political and ideological themes for background.

Also trying a more generic fantasy adventure, which is more simpler but writing itself better.


File: 1626319943242.png (72.51 KB, 420x412, EYJZt97XkAEMhIX (2).png)


>I can't just keep writing Invader Zim and Orc smut
>Invader Zim… smut
fuckin' hell go to horny jail now!


Anyone else read that published Evangelion fanfiction series? There's like 5 books and a 6th one being written. It's Russian and is probably on the biggest fanfictions I have ever seen that isn't just a trash dump.


What’s everyone else’s acceptance rate with trad publishing or lit mags and journals



How many times have you written about Gaz getting that fat alien cock?

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