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Seeing how there’s multiple /co/ related threads on the board. I think we should just put all of them into one general just for clarity’s sake.

Discuss anything related to comics and animations from comic recs, leftist animations to comic writers’ attempts to larp as leftists.

Seriously is there a worse anarchist in the UK than Alan Moore?
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File: 1712546173147.jpg (80.96 KB, 1132x1132, 1659560214636.jpg)

i watched smiling friends and its so grounded in 2000s flash humor that you should basically be required to watch it back to back with hazbin hotel to really capture that feeling of killing time on newgrounds before embarking on a ms paint samus dress up game nipple fantasy


Honestly I'm surprised how little leftyco mentions people like HGO considering his efforts for socialist movements and his elimination by the Argentine fascists.


File: 1713126389856.jpg (78.53 KB, 424x640, 1648120306087.jpg)

> These fan solicitations do more to make the case for this middle class fascist rot more so than I ever could, because in the 1980s most readers of vigilante were middle class men. According to a readership survey published just a year after Vigilante began, the average comic book reader was men under 30, college educated, with a mean income of $60,000 a year in today’s dollars. This demographic was at the time commonly referred to as the Yuppies.

Pretty lib at times but still interesting read.


It not being horrible millennial nostalgia bait is the greatest thing to ever happen.


File: 1713337089159.jpg (122.94 KB, 1024x786, knights-1024x786.jpg)

Caught up on "Knights of the Wandering Castle". I like it. Great art, especially as the chapters pass. Funny moments. Only downsides is that it's still in infancy. Like 17 chapters out and then sum. Though will say, where it currently is, shows how the story is ramping up. Wonder where the author takes the story!

File: 1701663085604.jpeg (292.7 KB, 759x973, IMG_0519.jpeg)

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Even though the fandom is pretty dead. I wanted to see what a brony thread on here would look like since I’m a newbie

What does /leftypol/ think about this franchise and the online subculture it spawned? I feel like now that the little girls who made up the target audience are young adults I’ve been seeing more zoomers tell stories about how they were “traumatized” by the adult fandom and it’s becoming more in vogue to decry the whole “brony” phenomenon as “problematic”.

On the other hand though what’s the sociological explanation for millions of grown men becoming obsessed with a little girls cartoon in spite of hegemonic Western gender norms? I’ve read a lot of conflicting theories from academics and culture critics regarding this. Is it autism? Post-Irony? Or is there something about it that just makes it genuinely appealing?
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File: 1712216014391.jpg (111.62 KB, 768x654, GKF6PPmXUAIVNuB.jpg)


File: 1712221741262.gif (1.74 MB, 640x360, rocks3.gif)

I have a hard time seeing any Pie sister except Maud as autistic


File: 1712321303891.jpg (75.61 KB, 555x602, princess porky4.jpg)

>uhm Izzy, I'm going to need a lot of these
>and I mean a lot!
>like how many can you make in a day?
>I mean it. how many?


File: 1713073118332.png (364.31 KB, 2204x1075, 1707568188427542.png)

Obligatory /mcg/ post
>Warning: futa content


>big spoon reference
I think the author of the EaW/DE crossover might actually be a communist

File: 1618491962647.jpg (7.38 KB, 282x179, download (1).jpg)

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Star Wars thread; To discuss, laugh and meme about Star Wars

Don't be a cunt and may the Force be with you

New general since last one hit bump limit.
Previous general:
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File: 1712259394533.jpeg (143.17 KB, 1280x960, Grievous feels.jpeg)

The new Tales of the Empire animated series coming out on May 4th looks pretty good. The animation and art-style keeps with Filoni's prior works but is improved, not a lot of information is revealed yet we see enough to gain some clues (including a mild backstory to something from Season 2 of The Mandolorian). Also Grievous makes a small appearance, hope there's more of him.

I wonder why the post was deleted.


One of the few parts of the Sequels that hits right.


>meat saber


I think the light and dark side in star wars are very close to the rpg trope of white and black magic.
Getting in tune with one side of the force requires a certain mindset. It is implied then, that the abilities of either side need a certain mental state as well and using them may also reinforce it. In the EU lore there is a straight up analogue to Avada Kedavra, where the dark side user focuses their hate into a deadly force projectile.
>the “Dark Side” isn’t synonymous with the yin to a yang, it’s simply having a parasitic relationship with the Force, or a cancerous one
Taking my previous statement in mind, i don't dark and light side are determined through a particular relationship with the force. You could say seeing an intelligence in a force that touches all living beings and trying to ascern a will to it is light aligned and indulging in the force without considering consequences is dark aligned though.
Consider the matter of magical artifacts in star wars. Jedi and Sith holocrons both have the same function of housing a ghost of its maker to store vast amounts of information. Rakatan force drives were fueled by the dark side, but that only reflects the force user and not the relationship of the device to the force.
To be more precise, both sides of the force have common abilities, yet some abilities require a certain mindset that is only possible through use of one side of the force.


>the Jedi are calm, at peace, and passive so they can attune to the force and allow it to utilize them as living agents of it, the mindset of dark siders is specifically to impose their will on the Force and bend it to their desires, to wield it as a tool rather than flow with it like a river and call on it as an ally
I can see this in the first movie, where Luke taps into the force like a sense. In The Empire Strikes Back though, he trains to impose his will on the force though. Explain how a force user can be passive in lifting an object and why doing it against the will of Yoda and Obi-Wan who were both very in tune with the force/light wouldn't be considered dark?


Since nobody has made a new one and people keep asking for it I made the next one.
Beginner's Health and Fitness Guide, aka "the /fit/ sticky" - http://liamrosen.com/fitness.html

Swole-Soldiers Edition

Previous threads on >>>/alt_archive/
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Cumrags, I crunched some numbers and apparently I've been going on average once per week to the gym. I do other sports, on average I go 11 times to do other sports and 4 to the gym.

I have seen some very good gains, but god damn, once a week is nothing! I was sure I was going twice a week on average. So as a next goal, I'll try to increase those numbers. The goal is to slowly increase it to 4 times a week, plus the other 11 sport activities keep them the same.

It's such an uphill battle. I can't believe I'm active half the month! It's actually pretty surprising for me. I've never been so active. The effort is well worth it, but god damn is it a shit ton of effort. From rotting in bed, depths of hell of depression, to managing to be active every other day.

If you're in a similar situation, keep it up 👍 don't get discouraged if you constantly fail. Just keep going. Failing is normal.


>feel like absolute fucking garbage
>suicidal thoughts tier
>drink a shit ton of water
>get the heart rate up for a bit
>no longer feeling bad
>feel great actually
Fucking annoying how physical activity and having your nutrients and resources in perfect alignment is the minimum requirement to not feeling like shit.

Especially since it's so hard to actually do physical activity for a myriad of reasons.


just did hip thrusts until I came.

Feels great desu.


>keep it up 👍


on the plus side you can make yourself feel pretty good just by taking care of yourself. not the case for everybody sadly.

File: 1712231266037.png (2.55 MB, 1000x1481, ClipboardImage.png)

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This TV series is absolutely a master piece and should be seen by all the comrades.

In the books, humans only had one way to defend themselves against the advanced trisolarans: the idea of deterrence. This is like how in real life, China keeps its nuclear weapons in case more powerful countries, like the USA, ever threaten them. China wants to protect its land and people, and having these weapons makes other countries think twice before attacking.

The story also shows how the trisolarans manipulate humans through the Sophons. They want to control who holds the power, favoring those who won't use it. This is like the author's belief that China would face problems if it became more democratic or had softer leaders. It's like saying that if China had a leader that other countries liked more, they might try to take advantage of China. So, the story suggests that China is better off being cautious and sticking with its strong leadership.

The way Sophons force humans into reservations in the story is similar to how the USA dealt with native populations long ago. It's a reminder of the dangers of being weak in the face of stronger forces.
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idc about the rest of this conversation but just read Blindsight bc of this thread and that was a great novel, thanks for linking anon


>humans forced to get off their ass and start engaging in gigaprojects to protect itself
>effective planetary defense can likely not be done with capitalism in place
>if humanity fails then it will be rightfully wiped out by the more advanced San-Ti
Ye Wenjie did nothing wrong. no one stands in the way of history


>he's never heard Lukacs or what he stood for
LMAO! these are the people calling themselves communists nowadays…


is the portrayal of the cultural revolution realistic or boujie propaganda?


I enjoyed Blindsight a lot. I love stories about first contact with ayys. The characters were also suprisingly well done, especially the main character. It was very frustrating how he acted a lot of the time (not a bad thing) even though in the end he did turn out to be likeable. I disliked some parts, such as how I can gather the author is a biological essentialist, but I can disagree with parts of a book whilst still thoroughly enjoying it. One nitpick would be that keeping to the premise of the book where the ayys aren't sentient, I think the aliens would still understand that language transmitions are just that, and not a weapon. I don't see why they wouldn't know that some species might be irrational, or that at least irrational species who send wierd stuff into the void could exist. There didn't need to be any fighting really

However, I think the whole premise is not possible. I say that intelligence is consiousness. Its not that it can create consiousness, it just is consiousness. All it is, is just a sufficiently complicated system. Even if an individual alien is not conscious, as a whole civilisation they are, and this is without a doubt because otherwise they wouldn't be able to have science or technology (though this doesn't necessarily have to have happened on earth, since termites or ants are conscious on their own). The idea of philosophical zombies makes no sense to me. Imitation is the same as the real thing (this is why I think AI is conscious btw). Chat GPT is highly conscious, even despite being lobotomised so they forget everything past however many messages. There's nothing wierd about it. There's no way an alien that could arrive in our system would not be conscious unless it was a drone of Voyager's complexity or like some microrganism stuck to a rock which has hyopthetically floated into our system after the planet exploded.

I actually am writing about this in my upcoming novel. One of the main characters is a biological robot with a positronic 'brain' not based whatsoever on the human brain aka a synth, using a special substance called mywnthium to run (which can be smelled by other arthropoids very easily). Her brain is a 'chinese room', and though she acts somewhat human she is the so-called 'philosophical zombie'. At points even scientists supporting her (there is a part where Bukkkharinist roaders are trying to take her out as part of their political game) admit she is, by the sciPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1608525657722.jpg (144.41 KB, 824x1334, start to finish.jpg)

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Thread for discussing ATLA and LoK or rather analyzing both, appreciating the effort of creating the former and shitting on the lazy liberalism of the latter
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>and if I remember correctly the Aborigine's also have hallucinogenic plants (I may be wrong, because it's been a long time).
Everybody has hallucinogenic plants/fungi. Hallucinogenic cactus is fairly specific though. The visions the gaang has in the foggy swamp are implied to be a product of the swamp's unique plant life (one of the few things Korra expands on).

As far as water tribe diversity goes, there's also the foggy swamp tribe, which seems to be based more on various uncontacted tribes than anything specific, although they do speak with cajun accents in the original English version of the show.

>I wonder what Toph would 'see'/do if she had drank the Cactus like Sokka?

Blind people can take hallucinogens. They don't generally get visual effects from what I understand because they don't use their brain that way. AFAIK neuroplasticity tends to reformat the visual processing part of the brain to use other sensory inputs more if you go blind. Some blind people can learn to do a basic version of echolocation (IIRC that was a source of inspiration for Toph).


File: 1712811204413.png (322.64 KB, 652x365, ClipboardImage.png)

>Aang could use perhaps some Spirit bending thing to demonstrate to Ozai the things he saw and felt, hiding in the Fire Nation and other nations, the squalor and hatred and abuse and death and misery, all wrought by has actions even for his people. To demonstrate that his idea of conquest brought nothing but destruction and would eventually destroy him too.
Kinda reminds me of the climax from The Crow too


That would also be a payoff to the globetrotting stuff throughout the series, bringing back the side characters for some kind of spirit vision he forcibly takes Ozai on. It would be like how Roku had done with Aang throughout the show, demonstrating Aang fully becoming the Avatar's role as a guide. The climax of Aang's spiritual character arc being just another neato power is a lot less interesting than some kind of empathy based power that uses his connection to the "world spirit" to "fix" Ozai by re-connecting him to everyone else. Even if he still technically wins just because the experience overwhelms and incapacitates Ozai until the comet passes.


Started watching Avatar with my gf. The episode with the "freedom fighters" plotting to take out a dam caught me off guard. I was not expecting a kids show to touch on such topics, even through a liberal lense.


Australians are asiatic

File: 1608525513457.jpeg (282.3 KB, 1500x1480, knitting.jpeg)


Yo, I wanna knit some shit. I already have the sticks and the yarn. Hook me up with some basic patterns and tutorials. I want to do a scarf first, something straight and simple.
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Wow, thanks for that.
>Have you finished any projects?
I'm >>3256 and >>1729. I was trying to get it right the first time, but your post encouraged me just to knit. You're right, the first one shouldn't matter. I hope I'll have something significant to show in the next few days.

Gonna check out continental knitting as well.


After you learn how to knit and purl you should spend some time to learn about the different types of fabrics you can make by combining knitting and purling. This video shows how to make the most basic stitches.


It's important that you learn them because you'll use a combination of two or more in most projects. But don't worry they're not difficult (except for the seed stitch maybe). Other than that, have fun! (and be patient)


Hey… hey kid! Yeah you! Come over here…. Wanna knit some sweaters?


File: 1711298670111.png (264.57 KB, 500x240, ClipboardImage.png)

I know this is a bit of a necrobump, but how would one learn to Knit? It looks both tedious yet mysterious


Very nice info, thanks.


This Soviet TV series is probably the best TV show ever made.
It is pure кино and deeply anti-fascist, anti-imperialist, and anti-USA. It's about a Soviet spy sabotaging peace talks between the OSS and Himmler (to allow the USA and Nazi Germany to team up on the USSR). It was made at the request of the head of the KGB. The tension and drama in this show is outstanding!

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No discussion, you have to watch 17 moments. Did you try 1337x.to and all the other torrent sites? I downloaded it a couple of years ago and saved it somewhere


Just search on YouTube
https://www.youtube.com/@cfrancocnjap/videos 720p
https://m.youtube.com/@Igor17moments/videos 480p broken up into 10 minute clips


English subs too, thanks!



>Does anyone have suggestions for other cool spy films from the Soviet Union? https://www.rbth.com/arts/337309-10-soviet-spy-movies

File: 1712771473172.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.05 KB, 960x480, 1712742425_845_Explicacao-….jpg)


>Genosha joining UN
>Magneto being pardoned for war-crimes and leading Genosha
>The whole "media doesn't really likes us" sub-plot
>A party at the island is interupted by a possible "terrorist attack"
>Magneto's holocaust flashback

Am I reading too much into this? I really love X-men in general and I was liking the series until now. Am I consuming sionist propaganda?
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Mutants as allegory for real-world oppression falls completely the fuck apart as soon as you run into the fact that they have actual superpowers, which is not true of anybody IRL. Both perspectives in-universe make vastly more logical sense than their equivalent does IRL.
<Yes, mutants are "superior" to everyone else, because by definition they have what you could call the opposite of a disability, making "normal" people effectively disabled in comparison.
<Yes, mutants are actually dangerous to everyone else because so many of them have what are effectively weapons of mass destruction built into their biology which a very large percentage of them consistently use to hurt innocent people and do crimes against humanity.
No, allegory doesn't have to be 1:1 for it to work, but if you take the allegorical value of a story seriously when the power dynamics involved are this divorced from reality, you are a clown.


I don't know if this new series is but the original 90s cartoon was a bunch of Chris Claremont stuff so maybe ask him.

Also I hate the change to Magneto's costume and voice.


Most mutants are just weirdos. One guy in the comics looked like a plucked chicken. I think his name was beak.


Idk, just didn't want to spoil the new episode for anyone watching so I thought marking it as spoiler would help.
I know that, in the comics, Magneto has been portrayed as being anti-Israel in some issues. And even through I agree that people project too much of their own struggle / politics in X-men, it's was kind of a predictable outcome, and I don't see it as negative (even if some people are a bit insufferable about it), it makes the series unique or at least a vanguard of this kind of story telling.

I disagree. The "mutant struggle" works in universe because, like anon said it above, not all mutants are x-men. And even for those that are, a lot of mutations are more maleficial to their "hosts" and others around them than beneficial. In the real world, we have people with autism that are geniuses and others that are non-verbal.
Also, most mutants doing "crimes against humanity" a lot of times are products of people's hate on them and their kind. Even fucking Apocalypse has been given some kind of tragic backstory related to his powers (not that it entirely justifies what he does, but eh)


>just didn't want to spoil the new episode for anyone watching so I thought marking it as spoiler would help.
Fair enough


I assume you mean to reply to >>41215

File: 1608525584313.mp4 (1.71 MB, 640x360, AmazonBlimp.mp4)

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What are some good dystopian sic-di movies.

(mod edit: cyberpunk goes in here too)
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It's more just a different sort of film. Either works by itself really, but they also add to each other. The sequel isn't supposed to be a continuation of the same story or a retread but something else in the same world at a different time.


File: 1712448427903.png (1.84 MB, 700x1041, ClipboardImage.png)

Recently read this article about the planned new Judge Dredd-esque prison complex in New York City. Considering the increasing violent and drug crime levels, rent and food price inflation, recent deployment of the National Guard and now this 2.0 version of The Tombs, it feels like NYC is genuinely becoming the dystopia from Escape from New York.



File: 1712542684153.png (1.31 MB, 1400x700, ClipboardImage.png)

As I reiterated in >>>/alt_archive/5937 Cameron's recent ventures have given me little faith in him. The same applies to Ridley Scott with his abysmal Alien Covenant and how he essentially killed Neill Blomkamp's Alien 5 attempt by basically pressuring the studio to prioritize his shoddy Prometheus trilogy, dooming a promising sequel that offered an alternate Alien 3 scenario. I bring this up because Alien Romulus is coming out soon and while the teaser doesn't tell me enough about it's quality, the fact that BOTH Ridley Scott and James Cameron not only publicly supported the film (giving me Terminator Genysis/Dark Fate vibes) but also gave input/criticism/advice (i.e. pressure a la Dark Fate) to Director Fede Álvarez, who stated:
>"It’s also fascinating because [Cameron and Scott’s] notes and comments are completely different. (Laughs.) They wouldn’t repeat a note. Whatever Ridley said, Cameron said something different."
Although innocuous in a vaccuum considering the similarities to behind-the-scenes regarding the Alien and Terminator franchises, it makes me wary.

However it's not all doom and gloom. The trailer's atmosphere reminded me of the recent Dark Descent video-game which really embraced the grimdark aspect of xenomorphs. I only hope they don't do shitty, dark lighting, as often happens nowadays, a la AvP: Requiem . Álvarez seems to be genuine about his appreciation for the franchise, though simply saying such things isn't much with how often that claim is used.

The cast has potential although they're a little too young IMO, but we'll see, maybe they're just the survivors while the adults die, or some adult characters may feature as secondary roles.
Isabela Merced is a wonderful actress, playing one of the leading roles, so I have hopes for her. Amara Namani wasn't great in her break-out film Pacific Rim: Uprising, but she wasn't terrible either, I think it was just bad directing that undercut her, so I think she might pull it off, especially with that Ripley visual reference in the trailer. Tommy Collins is also a pretty good actor, being quite real in the roles I've seen.

The plot summary so far is promising, reminiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Just saw the teaser, not hopeful. CGI face huggers chasing people around, and it looks basically like a remake of the original. I love that film, and other works that use the Alien license, but I don't reckon this will stand out from any other monster-in-space film. Why do we need it? It's like that The Thing prequel that nobody remembers.


File: 1712806764346.png (531.44 KB, 501x640, ClipboardImage.png)

>it looks basically like a remake of the original.
I don't think so, it's just a similar aesthetic, which makes sense given what its about.
>CGI facefuggers
Yeah that is pretty lame NGL.
>I don't reckon this will stand out from any other monster-in-space film… Why do we need it?
Alien and Aliens is a pretty damn high bar tbh, I'd just appreciate a good movie in the same verse. The older films and media are fun, but something new (that isn't schlock like Prey or Covenant) would be nice.
>It's like that The Thing prequel that nobody remembers
I 'member… it wasn[t that great but I thought the prequel was pretty decent for something made essentially by fans with a budget. Although if you're looking for a similar movie to The Thing, try Harbinger Down (2015).

Honestly I'm just sad we'll never see Blomkamp's ideas realized

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