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Anybody else in the bunker enjoy cars and motorsport?

Discuss anything motoring related here.

To start I'll say I've spent the last few days doing the brakes on my own car, including new calipers. Fucking hard work on an old POS, nothing comes apart easily.
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> 21-piece toolkit for repairs
What did this kit contain? Is this kit still relevant? I mean if I gather something similar to this kit can i still survive on the road today?


File: 1632289465486.jpg (520.44 KB, 800x1071, ZAZ-966-001-800.jpg)

Basically 1 Screw-pump Jack to raise a car, a set of wrenches and lug-wrenches and a tire iron. Spare parts for most key features (like brakes) also often got provided and stored in the trunk.

A Westerner's review of the Lada: https://archive.ph/98xFE


Really cool and seems it's still relevant, I'll have to assemble something like it.
I love how square the lada looks like, I hate how all cards today are bloby and round.


>I hate how all cards today are bloby and round.
Same TBH, aerodynamics of modern cars arae fucking bullshit, given that an old Trabby still has 2x the mileage any modern "aerodynamic" design has. The only designs that are aerodyanmic but not stupid are the 90s cars, cause' they're still long enough to be aesthetically pleasing.


Future Transport and Energy - Cars, Trains, Ships and Planes
Cars are going to be non-carbon emitting in the future, but they cannot be expected to reduce pollution as BEVs (Battery-Electric Vehicles) since that just takes electricity from carbon-emitting powergrids. Moreover literally anyone that has briefly looked into how batteries are manufactured knows that they're as bad if not worse for the environment to manufacture as making gasoline and diesel. You are going to use your feet and public transportation more in the future so cars are going to be more need-based and not vanity items. The methods to do this already exist for Light Transport, the problem is how to decarbonize trucks, airplanes and ships. 71% of all carbon emissions are caused by 100 corporate enterprises (that do little to nothing to reduce their carbon footprints despite being able to nullify the majority of their outputs). There is no need to completely electrify transportation using batteries. Batteries make sense for personal cars, small trucks, and city buses. Trains don't need batteries since they can use overhead powerlines and live rails. Ships and aircraft cannot rely on batteries. They need fuel with far more energy density.

The go-to choice for Airplanes because power to weight of hydrogen is better than that of jet fuel. Fuel cells + electric motors have better efficiency (70-80%) than pure jet turbines (20-30%). Electric jets can still have a sort of afterburner that burns hydrogen for extra thrust.
Blended wing / Flying Body fuselage designs (a la the Su-27 or ЭКИП*) will accommodate bulky hydrogen tanks without much problems or downsides. Hydrogen will also be very interesting for heavy industrial vehicles, because all your industrial equipment now can produce a lot of electrical power, that can be used by secondary equipment. A big hydrogen powered tractor can probably double as an electric emergency generator for an entire town and power it for like a week. Cities could probably get emergency power out of H2 powered utility vehicles as well. And you can make hydrogen with a relatively small hydrolysis machine if you have water and electricity, which means it's possible to operate this in places where a traditional diesel supply is not viable. When most light weight vehicles change to electric batteries it might be cheaper to operate a hydrogen supply system for heavy equipment than a traditional fuel supply line.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1633647877068-0.png (696.31 KB, 580x800, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1633647877068-1.png (59.03 KB, 1095x730, ClipboardImage.png)


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also thanks for linking me to that i will share it on the thread

besides that hell in the fic hilter the communist plas some part of the role in the barvarian uprising as one of the leaders its honestly a interesting fic


Ah, a fellow ah.com user, fucking based



yeah ah.com is pretty great except for the amount of libs there :/


like as one star sets another rises which is one of the best fics in the site, was literal peak lib fiction especially due to its portrayal of stalin

File: 1608526400652.jpg (637.85 KB, 1280x1663, 192873512685183.jpg)


Uhh yeah, this. What do we think of it?

I think the cinematically it was really good, but it had a lot of historical inaccuracies.
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Aren’t Ukrainians fascistic and have a hatred for the Soviet Union?


Lumping all Ukrainians as fascists because a junta took over using CIA help is reductive and foolish. The Ukrainian series is balanced and fair. It got released in 2014 so in the same year as the coup occurred.


I wasn’t that harsh, I’ve said a lot more harsher things about polaks.


I have too. Just saying it's kinda a dumb assumption to make in serious discussion
>a lot more harsher things about polaks
from /pol/ or Poland? or both?



File: 1608525657722.jpg (144.41 KB, 824x1334, start to finish.jpg)

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Thread for discussing ATLA and LoK or rather analyzing both, appreciating the effort of creating the former and shitting on the lazy liberalism of the latter
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File: 1632844375939-0.jpg (307.32 KB, 853x1280, 1622186030066.jpg)

File: 1632844375939-1.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1800x1800, E6HJKJBUUAID12k.jpeg)

File: 1632844375939-2.jpeg (1.68 MB, 2480x3508, E7NftTOX0AI_s2I.jpeg)

File: 1632844375939-3.jpeg (461.09 KB, 1080x1080, EijCA8DVkAAmTcL.jpeg)

File: 1632844375939-4.jpg (529.18 KB, 1242x1920, 5zoBYJc.jpg)

Haters gonna hate



>I'm a different poster
You said it. Not me

brown woman cute


File: 1632847751632.jpeg (101.2 KB, 957x931, E_wejbPVEAc2sYB.jpeg)

>brown woman cute


File: 1634194217960-0.jpg (199.66 KB, 1950x1950, toph and the pebble.jpg)

File: 1634194217960-1.jpg (106.63 KB, 630x1024, girly toph and katara.jpg)

File: 1634194217960-2.gif (1.19 MB, 500x375, tough toph.gif)

Toph, Transgenders and Tomboys
This is a post a long time coming but in many liberal circles, especially after KorrAsami's lazy canonicity, 'fans' of ATLA have tried to push the idea that "Toph is Transgender" admittedly it's not a large group but I'd like to address it nonetheless. As an example I've seen several users on the ATLA wiki say they think Toph is a Transgender character. There is even a debate thread that I read before deciding to make a position.
Example: User Hasdi Bravo has stated that he believes Toph in a live action film should favor in casting Male actor Issac Jin Solstein in the role of Toph, since Toph is a "Boy In A Girls Body"

Toph is by all metrics a Tomboy character, not trans. She's rough and ready and likes to do things that are traditionally masculine, like fighting, swearing, being rude n' sassy, adventuring and breaking the rules and other typical boyish things, this contrasts Aang perfectly (earth vs air) because he likes to be controlled, polite and unantagonistic, even if not constantly. Toph mocks this, calling him "twinkle-toes" and compares him to a girl. Yet there is no doubt that Aang is not feminine or female-identifying (he calls himself "a guy" for example). The same goes for Toph at the other end of the behavioral spectrum.
The aforementioned debate mentioned several key arguments I think deserve to be stated
1 - Toph NEVER expressed feelings of resentment towards her gender, or ever directly said she felt like a "Boy In A Girls Body" nor asked to be called by male pronouns
2 - She clearly expressed interest in the opposite sex on various occasions, her crush on Sokka for instance. or the fact that she HAD 2 DAUGHTERS!
3 - She clearly enjoyed participating in (stereotypical) girlish activities with Katara from time to time. The Day Spa short in Tales of Ba-Sing-Se is a perfect example.
4 - She outright stated in Book 3: "City of Walls and Secrets" that she deliberately acts against Female stereotypes because she hates being held to high expectations placed upon her as a member of the upper class. "I learned proper society behavior and chose to leave it. You never learned anything. And frankly, it's a little too late."
5 - ATLA, unlike Korra is intended as a Y7 Show and got made in the 2000s (yes it is that old). The issue is irrelevant given the restrictions placed upon Nickelodeon and Bryke by the rating and the fact tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I appreciate this post. I'm glad that I've never run into these circles but there seems to be this weird thing with fans of Cartoons where they feel that the need the products they consume to be "progressive" and "representative" else they would have no other way to express their political opinions (or worse - they think would appear to be unprogressive). Some of them are really obsessive about this even. Zizek and coffee or something etc. etc.

File: 1608526605610.jpg (78.86 KB, 328x280, 20201009_230010 (1).jpg)

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ITT we discuss business strategy and help other anons escape wage slavery, build a business that subverts capitalism from within, and become ethical petty booj with a lefty perspective in mind.

This is for serious discussion only, keep focused on the topic and don't derail the thread.
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My father keeps bugging me to play those fucking crypto/NFT games (Axie Infinity, etc.) instead of the games I want to play.
But I don't want to do that, should I really do it or are those crypto games bullshit? If so, why?




File: 1634150651952.png (45.1 KB, 658x662, ClipboardImage.png)

I don't get it, sorry


they're gay as fuck games made with the express purpose of keeping you playing everyday like a goddamn mmo (what they call engaging the players with rewards) by making you feel like your personal token is gonna grow in value when you sell it back to a new player,and you have to pay first before starting
an absolute joke.


>they're gay as fuck games made with the express purpose of keeping you playing everyday like a goddamn mmo (what they call engaging the players with rewards)
Sounds like my father clicking on stupid ads all day to earn a tiny fraction of 1 bitcoin every day
>making you feel like your personal token is gonna grow in value when you sell it back to a new player,
oh, I see
>and you have to pay first before starting
lol, how much exactly? I know someone who's new to crypto and playing Axie Infinity, and this person is practically rich by wagie standards so maybe they didn't care that they had to pay.

File: 1608525890456.png (32.4 KB, 753x663, g8.png)

 No.5031[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Hey all, I was curious at to what you guys think about the SCP Foundation shared universe.
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Rude, owo
pls go


File: 1633904674316.png (10.72 MB, 2000x3000, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone remember Kyle XY, SCP always reminded me of it for some reason


umibozu appears to sailors on calm seas which quickly turn tumultuous. It either breaks the ship on emergence or demands a bucket or barrel from the sailors and proceeds to drown them. The only safe way to escape an umibozu is to give it a bottomless barrel and sail away while it is confused.


most of those "evil" youkais are always just "get fucked lmao" where no matter what you do,you end up dead or tortured,pretty funny.


Yeah there's something similar for the Kuchisake-Onna >>6944
>she asks potential victims if they think she is beautiful. If they respond with "no", she will kill them with her long medical scissors.
>If they say "yes", she will reveal that the corners of her mouth are slit from ear to ear, and she will then repeat her question.
>If the individual responds with "no", she will kill them with her weapon, and if they say "yes", she will cut the corners of their mouth in such a way that resembles her own disfigurement.
>Methods that can be used to survive an encounter with Kuchisake-onna include answering her question by describing her appearance as "average", or by distracting her with money or hard candies.

File: 1608525513788.jpg (475.37 KB, 2400x2400, jucika.jpg)


jucika thread pls
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What the fucking hell, fuck you, may as well draw loli porn already.


>draw consenting adults doing normal, if slightly stupid sexual things
>post talks about it and the thread being funny to them
<U R P-pedos!!!!!
This is either bait or schizophrenia


not good as the og comic

pls stop bait


>sage shit reply
post something comprehensive or fuck off

File: 1608525629678.jpg (50.79 KB, 1260x600, films we just watched.jpg)

 No.2278[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Hello, the most recent movie threads have seemed a bit unfocused, this thread is for the discussion of movies we just watched and other anon's takes on them. So, without further ado I'll begin.

I just watched Parasite last night, it was pretty good I think, but not as cutting edge or witty as I was expecting. I thought it was a bit unfocused and threw a lot at the wall to see what stuck, but on the other hand, it was fun and more interesting than most. A solid 8/10.

I do an IMDB rating for each film I watch, for my own reference mostly, but you can see each film I watched lately and my rating if you're curious or want to ask about them. If other anons have something similar feel free to post.

357 posts and 91 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


the only big Asian film I've watched and remember anything about was Old Boy and it seemed fine


Is it really overacting if they do that in real life though? Not anime levels of course, I'm tlaking about live-action movies and stuff


Unrealistic and exaggerated character blocking is a staple of Japanese cinema that dates back to Kabuki theatre. Akira Kurosawa's entire filmography is emblematic of this, as is Seijun Suzuki's. Do you like to watch films or just listen to them?


The two guys you mentioned produced literal B-movies marketed to a Western audience as orientalist pop art. I am just tired of watching Asian movies including dialogs that are conducted at a snail's pace riddled with exposition that leaves you like "duh." There is a reason as to why they are seldom dubbed, because it would look ridiculously infantile in English. I'd rather watch a North Korean corny romance movie than South Korean and Japanese highly appraised movies, it's honestly more authentic.

My point is that Asian cinema is completely overrated. There are a few gems, sure, but I am done with watching this shit anymore. Isn't it funny how Bollywood never got the same treatment and is widely regarded as trash in the West?


Suzuki made low budget films whose extent of western exposure was comprised almost entirely of bootlegs until the 2010s. Kurosawa on the other hand has always been the textbook example of 'prestige' Japanese cinema in western film circles—and sadly the subject of much orientalist intrigue. I always thought Kurosawa's non-samurai flicks were much more interesting tbh. Still, both of these directors' filmographies are vastly more 'cinematic'—more tightly cut even in the ways they shot exposition than what you'll typically find in US theaters today; that's a fact. Who cares if they don't get dubbed? They're entertaining nonetheless. Bollywood will get their turn soon; it's long overdue.

File: 1608526618817.jpg (110.62 KB, 900x523, skin-max.jpg)

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Is skin care bourgeois?
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>I change pillow cover weekly
every 2 weeks is enough, you get less detergent residue on your skin
>I use face wash in the morning with my shower
>I use moisturizer
probably too much product and too much washing

>I've heard that there's some product that you apply specifically on a zit and then it's gone the next day.

70% alcohol, if you are fearless you can freezburn it with liquid nitrogen


>freezburn it with liquid nitrogen
Pretty sure that's for sun spots / moles lol You mean amateurs self-apply this? Sounds dangerous as fuck
>70% alcohol
Yeah, looked up, found this clip https://youtu.be/lQPjbsVh61c . It seems to support your claim, while also mixing in some other tips like using a needle and q-tips. Also mentions salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.

Reading onward it seems I may have neglected the order in which I apply stuff. Sometimes I've applied moisturizer before either using an abrasive toner or shaving. That may have not only countered the effectiveness (oil blocking pores from product) or worsened acne lol should've double-checked that one! Online guides definitely specify applying moisturizer last in whichever skincare routine.


Dermatologist propaganda to scare you off with the needle onto their hands. Just wait for white head and then squeeze from sides without your nails.


>mfw I realize that I have genetical cystic acne that could never be truly cured
>they’ll cause scarring regardless of treatment
This sucks.


Have you thought about using a dermapen or roller?

File: 1608526905598-0.jpg (21.84 KB, 326x500, 41JXXb47ehL.jpg)

 No.13032[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

How did these clearly left wing books become a symbol for ancaps?
119 posts and 29 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


You got the gist of it. 1984 was a reaction to Orwell's own experiences in the British colonial police, as a propagandist for the BBC during WW2, and under the late 1940s Labour government. What most people (and evidently many American high school English teachers) don't understand is that the book has to be read as immanent to WW2. 'Newspeak' draws from an essay Orwell wrote on trends in British journalism. The longing for a half-remembered before time is not abstract and reactionary, but a concrete depiction of how WW2 imposed brutal austerity conditions on the British people. It's also a reaction to Fordism and the kind of obsession with a rationalized, efficient world that was common back then. We see this with "the clocks were striking 13"—they're on military time! It's a depiction of militarized efficiency cannibalizing all of society. The stuff about "we've always been at war with Eastasia"? That happened in 1945 when the war propaganda effort switched abruptly from focusing on Germany to Japan. Orwell was there when that happened, in the BBC. The book ends with Orwell giving up on, essentially, Blanquism and reformism and endorsing a proletarian revolution. It's a critique of the ideology behind British Imperial decline, of wartime social democracy, and of the contemporary trends that idolize that period.


Fuck, i tried searching for this post so many times.

To whomever bumped this thread, i want to suck your clit/penis.


File: 1630911981139.jpg (25.9 KB, 511x404, fair enough.jpg)

Thanks… I guess.


File: 1632280879247.png (293.9 KB, 1790x774, ClipboardImage.png)

You got capped abd booru'd m8, good for you


File: 1633909353188.jpg (162.48 KB, 1080x1410, orwell_consistency.jpg)

>Read Orwell's Homage to Cataluña
>the explanation of the USSR influence goes like this:
<There were two major marxist parties in cataluña: 1) POUM, that did not align with the USSR, and claimed that the civil war and the revolution were inseparable. 2) PSUC, that aligned with the USSR, and claimed that only after the civil war was won, and bourgeois democracy was restored, that the revolution could go on.
<He is very skeptical of PSUC's position, and states that the USSR would not allow the revolution to go on because they needed stable allies, and revolutions bring about many things, but not stability.
The USSR had no way to solely support a socialist revolution. Instead, the USSR's strategy was to defeat fascism via a Popular Front that included communists, socialists, and liberals. From the POV of the Communists, the POUM was undermining the war effort by pushing for revolution instead of political unity. I'd also like to add that the militia system was retarded and the Communists were the only faction on the side of the Republic that resembled a real army.

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