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Seeing how there’s multiple /co/ related threads on the board. I think we should just put all of them into one general just for clarity’s sake.

Discuss anything related to comics and animations from comic recs, leftist animations to comic writers’ attempts to larp as leftists.

Seriously is there a worse anarchist in the UK than Alan Moore?
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Reading the first 30 of Immortal Hulk on a 70 inch projector screen, in the dark, was pretty memorable. Thanks libgen.




>To put my biblical hat back on for a second — if IMMORTAL HULK was the Old Testament, IMMORTAL THOR is the New Testament.”

I'm still on Vol.4 I think, where betty becomes chainsawman power, it's great

sounds fun, to read like that, horror in the dark


And the best part is that Marvel didn't do this to him,
He decided on his own

It starts in August, Catch y'all there

>Putting [Immortal] on a book I’m writing is a promise to the reader, and to myself,” Ewing wrote. “I was the one who pitched the title — not editorial, not anyone else — and it was basically a self-challenge. Can I do a book like that again? Can I do my end of it better this time? I have to try, because the alternative is just lie down and let the grass grow where I fell.


Imagine if he brings back the Eco-Communist Thor from Ultimates


>sounds fun, to read like that, horror in the dark
total body-horror in the dark. It's more memorable for enjoying the art on a screen that size tbh. That run was full of spreads and scenarios that were just…….large. Perfect big screen comic. Not even a hulk guy, maybe read a couple of the well known tpbs before that.

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Onyo edition
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>Feigning concern
Fuck off
> (I don’t eat any processed food personally)
I'm exactly the same. Let's make sure that everyone gets the benefits that brings and nobody has to eat processed shit. Why the fuck would we argue in favor of porky being allowed to profit by poisoning people slowly. I thought I was a science autist, but fuck.


<Im not claiming its 100% healthy, and everyone should eat it 3 meals a day, (I don’t eat any processed food personally) but I am able to realize that the poor family of 6 getting fully-hydrogenated peanut butter at the food drive doesn’t need some fear-mongering, proletariat-health-hero to tell them it’s absolutely going to kill their children, when most modern science disagrees.
Try reading the entire post


Bought a bunch of Indian spices and have been following recipes off the internet to make some basic curries, potatoes, whatever seems simple. It's the first time I've ever really cooked. Pretty easy in an instant pot, a lot of prep work though, well it takes me a long time. I also cut my thumb/nail and it hurt really fucking bad. Was using a cheap knife to cut meat and didn't notice where my thumb was.

I have like 2 lbs of eggplants and a bunch of potatoes, anyone know any good Indian shit I can make?


I did this last time and it wasn't bad. Not amazing either.


>I have like 2 lbs of eggplants and a bunch of potatoes, anyone know any good Indian shit I can make?
Malai Aloo maybe?


>coffee snobs make it their identity and insist you need the best beans and an artisanal grinder for an even grind.
>coffee freshly ground, even from from standard beans, is the bomb tho
>get a $15 electric grinder and grind for 10 secs like the instructions say
>snobs are right, stupidly uneven grind
>pulse grinder for 1 second and kind of flick the grinder so that the beans hit its roof and land back on the blades again
>repeat 10 times to equal the 10 seconds in the instructions
>perfectly even grind
>guess I just saved myself $100

File: 1624797265063.jpg (111.88 KB, 960x621, film-1155439_960_720.jpg)


Can anyone lead me to good resources to learn about cinematography and story telling in general?
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That old black and white color film? Yeah, good point.


almost all films have a male lead


Watch Soviet silent montage films until your eyeballs turn into pulp


When is saying "kino" cringe?


A phone camera can shoot 1080p video, and that's all you need unless you're shooting like a commercial feature or something
My Pixel 6 Pro can shoot 4K at 60fps, let alone 30 or 24


За Победу!

Post photographs, videos, documents, maps, medals and stories relating to the Great Patriotic War.
Post about WW-II history you know or want to know about. Primarily Soviet focused but includes others too.

If you have a soviet veteran in your family history, feel free to create an account and register their name, photo and any other information at http://moypolk.ru
No shitposting
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С Днём Великой Победы Товарищи!



Ilya Ehrenburg did nothing wrong


C 78м годом ПОБЕДЫ! УРА!



When did townhouses get replaced by detached homes, and why?
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Speaking personally, I've always prefered standalone buildings to townhouses. Having gaps between the buildings means you get more green space, which I think is important for a city.


>wish we had a general urban planning thread
make one then


This doesn't explain how density occurs
Land prices increase as cities expand, causing real estate developers to buy up expensive land and build upwards to compensate through rent leases or condo sales


The Toronto city council just voted to legally allow multi-family homes (multiplexes) in the 70% of the city's land that is currently only zoned for single-family residential
A multiplex is a building that contains multiple "single-family" units (as in, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living area, dining area across 2 or more floors) within it


File: 1684025009336.png (1.36 MB, 2500x1280, image-asset.png)


File: 1627040494137.jpg (141.89 KB, 750x934, EcquXJdWkAMQ126[1].jpg)


transfer window edition
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Also, with so much less points, and each point being more crucial, it makes referee decisions much more impactful, which is bad. I wonder if anyone has compiled statistic like that, about how much referee decisions impact the outcome of games, but if I was designing a sport from the ground up, I would focus on design it so the refs have as little impact on the game as possible.


If you looked up from your phone you'd see that most tackles that bring people to the ground are not given as fouls. It's also interceptions and 50/50 headers that are more crucial for regaining possession.

There's a reason why the rulemakers were hesitant even to introduce goal line technology until the early 2010s - it's never been a sterile sport where everything is set out in stone; things like debatable refereeing decisions are what make the game unpredictable and interesting to talk about.

If you simply can't go for an hour and a half without seeing a ball go into a goal then that's fair enough, but there are many draws, games with few goals and goalless draws that are very entertaining because it's not simply an exercise of wanting to see a ball cross a line.

Again, the easier it is to score, the less interesting it is for the majority of people. I can't think of anything more dull than a sport where one team concedes a goal and then immediately goes and scores at the other end, for 90 minutes. If you want to see something that looks like football but has massive scorelines and almost no defending, try out gaelic football.


Pure europoor and British cope.


"Premier" League: Could Arse actually win this shit?
They are gonna bottle it, right? Right?


I knew it
Anyway Internazionale Milano is quite likely to advance to the CL final which I see as a win for leftists


Been bingeing a few of these. Most are extremely low effort, and it's overall a bit of a forced subgenre, but some stuff can be genuinely spooky.
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It's called Skinamarink
It's on Shudder or you can just find a torrent on rarbg.to
Also there's a limited theatrical run in the US and Canada right now if you can find a showing near you


Mandela Catalogue and The Monument Mythos are some MCU shit now because the people behind them don't know when to stop and keep the mystery
Any good stuff out there?


Would you stop when you're making bank off of this stuff?


Are they? The views dip below a million pretty quickly after the early ones, and they don't have many Patreon subscribers either.


Anyone here can make decent money scamming boomer/porkies/petty bourgeois/state?
I'm interested in ways to pay rent and maybe a dinner with someone's else money
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Do you use pictures of someone else's Insta/OF? I guess catfishing is pretty easy but you need some source material the coomers are not gonna find.



I just used pics from other less popular dating sites. The one thing I learned is coomerbrains are literally retarded, a lot will sign up for shit without checking anything really.

If there was a better product to grift coomerbrains with other than sham dating websites, it would make bank.


how much money can you make through that
i thought the website takes like 90%




File: 1617088183844.png (268.3 KB, 500x500, SATeo.png)


Kie estas mia genigruloj? Ĉu iuj parolas la sennacian lingvon ĉi tie?
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Ŝajnas ke tio tute mortis.


Saluton, samideanoj! Kion vi faras lastatempe?


File: 1682841887813-0.pdf (7.28 MB, 255x255, tarumo-pdf.pdf)

File: 1682841887813-1.pdf (5.66 MB, 255x255, blua-songxo-pdf.pdf)

Ĉi-jare mi celis legi almenaŭ unu esperantlingvan libron po monato, sed mi ne havis multe da tempo dum aprilo, do jen du mallongaj infanlibroj se ankaŭ vi volas trompi vin mem.


Why make an artificial language when you can just pick a simple natural language and popularize that?
Oh wait it's been done already with English.
One of the areas the free market actually did well.


English as international language has a lot f issues, though. Read this:


ITT we rap battle each other.

I'll start:

Bringing the heat to the NEETS at leftypol,
Filling up Netanyahu mamas bibihole,
Giving these anarkitty hoes the dialectic,
Bitches got diamat when they sucked ma dick,
Got a million different brands which one are you,
I beat your ML ass like you had the China flu,
You need to take the tip of the Cockshott,
You cybercommies bouta get internet padlocked,
Cuz Im Marx's specter Im about to haunt your ass,
You a closeted porky about to REE in collapse
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OP is from 2020, but theres no SIGN OF LIFE
im wondering if he took CYANIDE on his FINAL NIGHT, because he hates his NINE-TO-FIVE

people have to earn the ALMIGHTY DIME, is that BY DESIGN?
but if they were here, they MIGHT'VE TRIED to spit a NICER RHYME

i'm the only one here to TRY AND TYPE some LINES THAT'S FLY
but i think this thread should be REVITALIZED in THESE DIRE TIMES


i shoot hoops in your nutsack
call that a rap attack

not much like debt trap
where they stack and stack death traps

the 2008 financial crisis was no joke
-end rap-


A challenger has arrived, uyghas talkin bout cyanide, where their girl at? Taking a ride on my frontside

Foo and his nine-to-five, I aint no landlord but I compromise,
I smash his girl and charge her rent errytime I cum inside

You gets a nickel boss gets a dime, you coulda made stakcd if u hadnt lacked compulsion fo crimes

In these dire times you aint seen nothing yet,
Ive read kapital and it aint something u'll ever get
The profit rate gonna fall faster than yo momma,
You wont survive this being a bitchass milquetoast obama


I aint a bitch so I dont ask my girls out after class,
I grab em by the pussy and stick my dick in their ass
Watchu talking bout lgbt, I can smell your homo
Stink so bad made the gaybar go loco


you look like Jeff Bezos
if he spent pesos
to wear plain clothes
on black cable

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