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File: 1609107500451.jpg (858.48 KB, 1920x2560, ready player one.jpg)


watched ready player one with the family today.

it was okay, not as super obnoxious references as I expected. but, overall the plot was a bit miserable, basically the whole world has retreated into the virtual game due to the world being terrible late capitalist hell where 'people have given up trying to solve our problems', and the heroes struggle to inherit control of the virtual world from its creator instead of letting an evil corporation take it, at the end they just decide to control the game themselves as a group and 'the game will be closed on tuesdays and thursdays because reality is real'. also the game is like totally pay to win and addiction forming obviously, which they don't do anything about

I mean geeze they could have at least signed the game over to the community as a co-op or something, be a little more radical, especially since they rallied the community to help them at the end and a bunch of them died (permadeath item loss), then just became a monarchy.

But I guess that would require liberals to actually think democracy and popular control is desirable. The idea of 'virtuous elites' is pretty deeply entrenched. On the other hand, at least they ended debt slavery where the evil corporation would use people as gold farmers in the game, so it's pretty radical, for the late 1800s. Guess liberalism has never moved past that point so it fits.


It was such self induglent nerd bullshit.

I'm pissed that it didn't end the shitty nostalgia trend. When will this era finally be buried?


Nostalgia will probably stop being so profitable when people feel that the future is going to be better than the past was. So, I predict not until the end of capitalism unfortunately.



See the dystopian sci-fi thread instead of another split thread.

File: 1608525631022.jpg (93.93 KB, 400x342, b3b2_1.jpg)


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Are their any albums similar to Alpenpässe? When listening to that album feel like I am no longer on Earth.
Most of what Burzum has sucks, but Filosofem is one of the best albums to come out of the 90s. Also Varg is more of an AnPrim then a Nazi.


Holy shit my dude, I just listened to Alpenpässe a hour ago, are we like having some spiritual connection here?

But idk, KuK Black Metal seems like a niche.


Also that YT account really promotes a ton quality shit. Almost never misses.


Varg is a retarded eco fascist


>the band having no political slant.
that means they are right wing, you buffoon

File: 1608526980916.jpg (16.84 KB, 220x326, Avatar-Teaser-Poster.jpg)


Have you taken it yet?


Avatar is socialist realism


Too small a topic IMO
use the thread where this content is being posted already


Avatar is an advertisement for the green party its "indiginieity" and "Decolonial" shit


who cares about blue people
show me the bald kid and his friends

File: 1608526982559.jpg (4.45 MB, 4000x3000, IMG_20201221_004112.jpg)


Just fixed my recurve bow. Anyone else interested in archery here?


it is on my ever increasing todo list to attempt DIY archery in case shit actually hit the fan and I have go hunting without making too much noise. Have you tried it? Do you think it's viable?

How easy it is to maintain commercially available bows? etc etc so many questions

File: 1608526968053.jpg (39.73 KB, 600x597, 910033eb8a2cd6dea72fba3570….jpg)


Maybe we don't have enough power to have a great influence over politics but we have the power to have a great influence over people if we mobilize and take action by creating a new subculture to atract people's interest and take them out from that ignorance that leaves our enemies and traitors to win, a subculture with good aesthetic and it's own type of mentality will work the best to have a great change into society or just make things more fun a plan for this is SovCore.
>What is SovCore?
SovCore is a Soviet nostalgic subgenre of punk which incorporates several during or post Warsaw Pact aesthetics into one mixed with some alternative ones, it is a way to revolt against this Capitalist system and also promote a strong patriotic sentient.

>Mentality of a SovCorist

Basic Soviet mentality like Brotherhood/Sisterhood like minded, promotes gun, fitness or car cultures, helpful to community, feminist, aggressive, fanatical patriotic, AntiGlobalist, AntiFascist, AntiCapitalist, Antinationalist, racial separatist, continental unionism ex Asian Union, equalitarian, opposed to Capitalist rooten fruits such as sexual revolution stuff or mainstream pop culture


Basic alternative fashion combined with East European aesthetics such as military surplus or thug styles, the goal is your style to give an East bloc vibe, piercings are welcome in a small number and tattoos the best are the minimalist ones or based of Soviet prison tattoos ones


WitchHouse, Harbass, Post Punk, New/Dark wave, Chanson, Alternative rap the goal is to sound as gloomy, angry or Sovietic as possible

pic related a potential example for a SovCore style for women and excuse мой anglish
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So long as they are totally ignorant of history and aren't of Cuban, Vietnamese, or Eastern European descent.

Descendants of gulag survivors say hi, and recommend you kill yourself.


File: 1608526974978.jpg (58.55 KB, 680x697, 4390e03156745be512faf3aff5….jpg)

>He thinks The Gulag Archipelago is history


And Descendents of Guantanamo and the whole US-Prison comlex say also "hi". Why do retards believe the GULAG was on the same level as Auschwitz agains?


Forgot to add survivors after Guantanamo and Prison Complex


Cringe and liberalpilled.

File: 1608525712942.jpg (6.33 KB, 300x168, index.jpg)

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How many drugs have you used recreational/medicinally?

After listing them out, the numbers make lose all hope in society
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Still in Use
I have adhd

Used before
>Cough syrup(codeine and dxm)
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somewhere between 25-30 different substances


Do herbal supplements count for anything? I fore one like Saint John’s Wort and Melatonin’s good for sleep.

But I used to love weed and vodka. It’s not that I decided to quit them but I don’t know if I really have the feeling for doing them anymore.


New /darknetmarket/ thread
for anons looking to get into buying online, but don't know where to start


i still smoke on occasion but i never really feel a strong urge to, usually it's just a time killer or social activity for me. i don't get much out of it apart from a really bad head rush sometimes.


not really worth it, coming from someone who tends to drink fairly often and drink a lot when i do so. i had a few rough patches the last couple months where i would just get pretty drunk by myself. the first few drinks or so would alleviate my anxiety and maybe even make me productive, but then the combination of boredom + general irrational behaviour sometimes compels me to drink beyond the point of feeling comfortable. as more studies come out more and more people are gonna be aware of how bad alcohol is for you, even compared to other substances.


i used to smoke pretty much every day but i've been feeling the urge to get stoned less and less. i think after a while you get bored of being high all the time. plus if you smoke really dirty spliffs like i do then you get put on your ass pretty quickly. also a spliff + too much drink tends to make me violently ill, and if i have to choose one or the other in a party environment it'll have to be the drink, since weed kills my ability to converse.


used to get prescribed concerta (ritalin generic) for ADHD when i was 14-15 but it's not really an instant fix. you are focused but not necessarily on the right task. i would frequently just end up on youtube or a random wiki for several hours or spend my entire evening furiously shitposting. if i took it in school i usually just ended up a sweaty anxious jittering mess for the whole day. i felt on edge constantly, as if i desperately wanted to fall asleep but couldn't because of the stims in my system. i cannot fathom why people would take this recreationally.


pretty similar to ritalin but i can actually understand using it in a party environment. still tends to make my anxiety flare up though. i haven't had an adderall prescription since i was a lot younger but i had a worse reaction to it at the time.

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File: 1608526975828.png (571.2 KB, 525x699, e354858c5beacf58ffe30409dd….png)


So I'm reading picrel, and enjoying it so far, but I was wondering if there are any analysis of its critique of yuppie culture/capitalism?

Feel free to share your thoughts regardless, it is a very enjoyable book IMO.




the writer of this thing damn
what a moron
can't believe he understands anything to critique

File: 1608526966780.png (743.74 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot 2020-12-17 13.5….png)




Anybody else tired about this obviously politicized witch hunt against Russia and their "doping scandals"

File: 1608525595431.jpg (28.99 KB, 264x378, Collision_in_Korea.jpg)


Royal Rumble Edition, I guess. Even though we won't get enough activity to have multiple editions.

I haven't watched any wrestling in at least half a year, but the Rumble is tonight and that's always my favorite PPV. I normally at least watch the last RAW and Smackdown before a PPV, but I'm so out of it that I didn't even bother to do that, so I have no clue what the current angles are. I watched NWA for a while but haven't liked what I've seen from AEW.

Any other white trash comrades who like fake fights?
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So far, I'm predicting Sasha Banks and Roman Reigns successfully defend their titles. Not sure about the rest yet.


I agree with those. It's way too soon for Sasha to lose the Smackdown's Women's title. Then with Roman Reigns, I have a feeling he's going to have that title for a good long while. I'd like to see him and Drew continue where they left off from Survivor Series. I'm honestly surprised they don't have anything set up for Asuka as far as the Raw Women's Championship goes. I guess the storyline for the Women's Tag Team is taking more of a ride, maybe Asuka "Two-Belts"?


File: 1608526977539-0.gif (3.08 MB, 256x191, asuka dance.gif)

File: 1608526977539-1.jpg (1.17 MB, 1600x1600, asuka boob.jpg)

File: 1608526977539-2.jpg (317.45 KB, 1920x1080, asuka booty.jpg)

Yeah, probably. I'm hoping for 2-belts Asuka tomorrow. She's too based. Everything about her style: her speed, energy/intensity, kicks, spinning backfists, suplexes, hip-attacks, the Asuka lock submission. She's joshi puroresu incarnate. also hnggh and teds of peace


Mommy Asuka! I love her as well. I really miss Kairi though. Kabuki Warriors didn't last long enough.


File: 1608525922762.jpg (1001.82 KB, 1254x1080, ascension-chakra[1].jpg)



Does anyone have any experience with meditation or mindfulness?
Ive been seeing it again and again and it *supposedly, i havent checked myself** studies show it can help you focus better and reduce overstimulation from the outside world.
As someone who has struggled my entire life being overstimulated by everything, and who has felt my anxiety increase and my ability to focus drop over the past few years, I wonder if i should try meditating. Leaving aside all of the spiritual aspects, and leaving aside all of the stemlord objections, are there tangible benefits? Did anyone try?
How do i properly do it? For how long?
Thank you.
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is it normal to experience false sense of epiphany and generic smugness after meditation?

I'll be quite honest : I don't believe in Buddhist/Hindi bullshit in wishing good well on all the living beings and am exclusively focusing on breathings and disassociation from my own emotions because that's what was recommended on book 10% happier.

I think using meditation to calm my nerve has been beneficial but not sure if I am being ineffective / self-delusional by not following more traditional apprach


>are there tangible benefits? Did anyone try?

I'm practicing regularly for around half a year by now; I managed to develop sort of a reflex that often when I'm lost in thought or strong emotions, my mind yanks itself out of it and lets me observe what's going on more impartially.

On the other hand, while my "field" practice (when riding a tram, walking alone, etc) has improved, I feel stuck or even regressing in my practice "on cushion", my peak was around half an hour daily, but nowadays I can barely sit 15 minutes. I wish I had a proper teacher, but alas, the quarantine doesn't make this easy (I've been attending Theravada online meetings though).

>How do i properly do it? For how long?

For me a turning point was reading "Mastering the core teachings of the Buddha" ( https://www.mctb.org ), it was very refreshing to read someone describe samadhi and vipassana in detail, without the usual obscurantism, and with warnings about what you're getting yourself into (especially the "dark night of the soul" deserves mention, people generally don't like talking about potential negative consequences of following a spiritual path)

It's rather low on practical instructions though, for me helpful were Leigh Brasington's "Right Concentration" (for samadhi) and Yates&Immergut&Graves "The Mind Illuminated" (for vipassana).


I think you might be experiencing a jhana ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dhy%C4%81na_in_Buddhism ), I mean in the second sense given on wiki (high concentration state).

From what I know the opinions on deliberately aiming for jhanas are mixed, some people think it's a waste of time, but tbqh it's not like your third eye would go blind from a bit of literal mental onanism.

You could always try some "insight" rather than "concentration" focused practice for a change (more or less, taking in sensations as they come and go, rather than focusing on something in particular) and see how it goes.


Just to offer a counterpoint: I'm this >>13608 anon, and I have tried doing zazen without a teacher a couple years before, and it ended up being a complete and utter waste of time for me. I'm sure it would be better with a teacher, but for self-study I would personally not recommend a tradition that has a bee in their bonnet about speaking clearly and explaining theory. Of course, to each their own, maybe some people handle this style of teaching better.


>just take happy pills bro
The absolute state of fuck yeah science redditors.

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