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Transformers thread? man reading a video summary on Transformers Exodus and learning the original cause of the Decepticons is kind of mind blowing




Related about Megatron >>13193

File: 1648382176344.png (844.98 KB, 1024x429, getthefuckoutside.png)


MEN, and all other interested parties.

Do you have a moment to speak about our lord and saviour test?

The thing that controls your life, motivation, focus and vitality.

Every rightwing pol and anyone important, down to your local war room listener is onnit. Other shit too. Their instinctive, reactive ideology goes well with it. While we're reading and sitting and scrolling all day, behaviours that with depress even your natural testosterone.

I'm not saying supplement it, I'm saying exercise and eat and sleep, to slow the natural decline in production.

I cannot listen to another suicidal midlifecrisis/lost the will to live tearful story from someone who hasn't seen daylight or cardio in a year.

The GENERAL basics, all broscience, of course there are exceptions:

1. exercise in the sun with your top off for at least 30 mins around noon. walk or run or fucking do ju jitsu on the grass. Deep squatting motions with a backpack front then back will stimulate natural test production. inb4 but I live in the sahara desert it's too hot.
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Sure, fuck the High T bullshit.

But are you interested in *normal*T levels?

All the behaviours *we* have in common, but generally don't have in common with the right, will reduce test levels below normal. Indoor, contemplative, sedentary behaviours.

Do you want to achieve anything, within a reasonable timeframe, without feeling undue irrational stress? Normal test levels will help.

This is not psuedoscience. There are hard reasons for older pols supplementing test and whatever else. It works. The cognitive effects are quantifiable.


>generally don't have in common with the right


I can so tell you're a /pol/tard trying to pass off his pseudoscience, here.


>while the right blasts and cruises and wins. makes you think.

Yeah it totally because of their T-count and so not totally having the backing of billionaires and the bourgeoisie and the government agencies.



jesus fuck.

Guys, I am not saying go to the gym or supplement protein or even look in a mirror.

I am saying eat healthy, exercise in the sun for maximal benefits, and sleep better to maintain healthy test levels so that you have the necessary energy and motivation to participate actively, truly, in your politics.

There is no legitimate reason to resist this. The resistance here is the same I'm getting IRL. People want history to be over so they can enjoy the nests they've constructed, while still believing that they are participating in politics somehow.

File: 1617088183844.png (268.3 KB, 500x500, SATeo.png)


Kie estas mia genigruloj? Ĉu iuj parolas la sennacian lingvon ĉi tie?
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If you don't care about Esperanto it is not worth studying.


I'd say yes. The first language that you learn other than your native language is always the most difficult. In order to learn a language, you need to learn how to drill a set of skills. With natural languages, this process is complicated with the need to learn all the quirks of the specific language that you're studying. The advantage of learning Esperanto as your second language, is that you get to learn the process behind learning a language without having to memorize all the weird little exceptions to how the language works.


Though I will give it to the anon above me, it's hard as hell to motivate yourself to learn a language if you have no interest in it. So if you aren't interested in Esperanto for any reason beyond it's utility, then you're better off learning a natural language that you actually like.


Ĉu ni havas matrix ĉambro por leftypol Esperanto?



post cool interesting videos
nothing too meme-y
mp4, webm, youtube, whatever
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eww is this some blogosphere grifter


full stream of dogma, a hollywood comedy flick with a weird premise



File: 1647139751693.jpg (60.9 KB, 768x432, drive to survive.jpg)


Just watched S4E3, what a disgusting load of shit that is that Hamilton crashes out Verstappen, gets judged as responsible by the stewards, but the FIA lets him win the race through their appalling decisions.

They made a red flag which let Mercedes repair Hamilton's car enough to continue the race while Verstappen gets put in the hospital, then they give Hamilton a 10 second stop and go penalty (woooow) and let him win the race. Thus the FIA basically end Red Bull's chances of actually winning the championship when they actually managed to pull ahead of Mercedes for once. I mean does the FIA want F1 to be boring shit where Mercedes wins 8 years in a row or what? Why can't they punish Hamilton for his dangerous and desperate driving? Worth noting that in the exact same race, after the race resumes, he forces Leclerc off the track at the exact same corner in the exact same way to overtake him.

That's the 3rd time Hamilton has crashed another driver by coming up from the inside in the last 1.5 years. Verstappen gets plastered as a 'dangerous driver' yet Hamilton is worse than him and is still considered an uncontroversial golden boy. Disgusting from Hamilton, Mercedes, and the FIA.

Sorry just needed to vent somewhere.


I turned off the final race of the season with 9 laps to go because Hamilton looked like a lock.


Its rare for me to discover something on the net that is as entertaining and
fascinating as what youve got here. Your page is sweet, your
graphics are outstanding, and whats more, you use reference that are
relevant to what youre talking about. You are definitely one
in a million, keep up the good work!


Um thanks anon.

Well, that was a bad decision on your part anon.

Just finished the season, that was a pretty satisfying ending (would have been better if Red Bull won the constructors but hey) though it's a shame that they didn't focus on how the smaller teams ended up.

File: 1637929230125.png (488.32 KB, 490x696, Taylor_5_ball_tutorial.png)


Anyone here into juggling?
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I could only ever do 2 balls (meramente)








The Project Cybersyn Operations Room looked comfy and futuristic, so I want to model my living room after it. It won't be an exact replica, for example, I don't need all the displays. The things I'll try to replicate are the wallpaper (easy), carpet (easy) and the chairs (hard).

How would you make these chairs? Tulip chairs from the 70s have the same base, but the armrests for Cybersyn are unique. I've found a replica (https://www.designboom.com/design/chile-counterculture-london-design-biennale-09-12-2016/) but no info on how they made it or how to contact them.


just get whatever the local hospital throws out


To be honest those chairs don't look very comfortable, much more style than substance, I can't recommend this


nah raised chairs are great for your back actually, it’s just not forgiving on bad posture


Something I've been doing recently when I'm bored is go back and watch a bunch of old ass youtube videos I used to watch as a kid. However, it's pretty difficult to find these videos unless they were really popular since youtube is so utterly saturated with content and trying to search for them just results in a bunch of generic front-page garbage. So if you have any links to classic youtube videos from 2005-2012, go ahead and post 'em
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File: 1616790404343.mp4 (18.55 MB, 1280x720, 1616715021193.mp4)


So, might as well put this fanfiction I made on how could ww3 go:
>Ukraine launches an offensive into the popular republics and Crimea, they advance a little. Ukraine declares war on Russia.
>The Donbass and Luhansk republics welcome the Russian army.
>The Ukrainian army advances into Crimea, but gets stopped. They conquer some, but get boggled down.
>Russia's military is organizing itself hard on this, and mobilizing itself.
>A month happens with people getting killed but no advances aside from light ukrainian advances.
>The west won't participate yet, but will help Ukraine through military support and it will tell through incredible mental gymnastics that Russia attacked first.
>People are not supportive of the war going on, but they won't care because they see it as just a regional war, no one cares.
>There will be some outrage at the west supporting Ukraine but it won't escalate.
>Then Turkey and Azerbaijan, using some shit excuse, attack Armenia to conquer it.
>Russia intervenes and starts invading Azerbaijan.
>Syria and Iran, maybe even Iraq, start attacking Turkey and Azerbaijan, since Turkey occupies parts of Iraq and Syria right now and Iran is fucking tired of it's bullshit.
>Erdogan says: Assad must go!
>Pakistan is big on being a turkey fanboy, and invades Iran.
>India then goes and invades Pakistan because Kashmir and so on.
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>>Ukraine launches an offensive into the popular republics and Crimea, they advance a little. Ukraine declares war on Russia.
>>The Donbass and Luhansk republics welcome the Russian army.
>>The Ukrainian army advances into Crimea, but gets stopped. They conquer some, but get boggled down.
<Ukrainian army had been preparing for a massive offensive before Russia took the initiative


>Necrobumping a thread.


It's not necrobumping, it barely hit page 13, (if I recall rightly) and it's a slower board.

File: 1644569884617.jpg (33.49 KB, 408x640, 466e710f783fa5c6.jpg)


I want to make youtube videos because when I was a young teenager I used to make youtube shitposts and I really enjoyed the process of video editing, and I'd like to get back into it in a more genuine way, but now I'm a depressed and disaffected 20-something with zero interests
How should I decide how to make videos? Sorry for such a dumb question, but I'm really stuck in neutral here.
Like, the only thought I had was to like, make videos about current events/news articles on the front page of [insert non controversial news publisher here] or something, but I'm not really interested in current events so I wouldn't really have something to say about it
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If you're not interested in current events then do videos on theory, polemics & history or just memes/entertainment


give us a sample, anon 🤤


Make memes, OP. Memes are good for getting more exposure, simple to make, and relevant to people's interests.


just make videos about whatever interests you
most youtubers don't tend to start off with an established theme or regular schedule, they start off dipping their toes with random content and then getting the ball rolling from there when/if they get attention

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