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Where did the meme of "Hollywood are prudes when it comes to nudity and sex because of their Puritan ancestors" come from? When in reality the Hays Code was created and enforced by Roman Catholics.


catholics are prudes too
it’s not like they’re fundamentally different


Who has ever called Hollyweird prudes lol
Burger film standards are what's prudish, and like you said they came from outside.




>Trumpcucks hate something therefore I must defend it
Off to reddit with you.


>"because of their Puritan ancestors"
People who thinks that have never heard of Pre-Code Hollywood or even the New Hollywood.
Of course if someones only know about Classic Hollywood and/or post-70's Hollywood, they might think Hollywood is puritan.


Lads, I keep starting books and then skipping onto the next one. I can't complete anything, is this internet induced ADD?
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The posts ITT are awful, so I'll ignore them.

The answer is yes. If you had a slower expectation of reward, you'd be more patient and finish more books. And the internet is indeed fucking you up with that, but it can be fixed. Mediation helps too.


Ah yes. Blame TikTok for everything wrong.
The Internet is an overused factor in ADHD.

Also, alot ADHD is actually due to clinical over diagnosis wanting to sell more psych meds to kids instead of letting them run around in the play.
Our pediatric system views children as defective pets meant to be put down.


>Our pediatric system views children as defective pets meant to be put down.
Based and 100% true.


Sad but true


>Also, alot ADHD is actually due to clinical over diagnosis wanting to sell more psych meds to kids instead of letting them run around in the play.
fucking this, hell even in terms of pets, your og is going to be jittery and uncontrollable if you don't give them plenty of play time and a method of burning energy. Kids are the same, if you don't let them expend energy they're not going to behave very much.


>astronaut and cosmonaut in the same small moonbase
>both reflect on parenthood and bond
>emotional speech about there's enough of the moon for everyone, that the moon was declared for all mankind
>cosmonaut helps astronaut pull of far-flung stunt to save fellow americans
>part ways

>lol evil gommie man sabotages base

this show is so fucking good so far I just wish the soviets weren't the default bad guys just cuz they put a woman on the moon first or whatever


I like this show, not perfect ofc. What's interesting is that the Soviets straight up won the Cold War in this timeline. In the intro for S3 there were newsclippings about Gorby's economic miracle, all of South America is commie, China is commie (who knows what happened with the Sino-Soviet split).

Makes the US-based private space company as a 3rd power not really believable because how are they so rich without the success of American imperialism?


Oh, Mexico was commie. Can you imagine what type of US would allow that? They'd nuke the whole fucking world before that happened.


>Ronald D. Moore explained how history had been different in the series: "Sergei Korolev was the father of the Soviet space program; in our reality, he died during an operation in Moscow in the mid '60s. And after that point, their Moon program really never pulled together…. Our point of divergence was that Korolev lives, … and he made their Moon landing happen."
great man narrative moment


Annoyed with the redscare bullshit in this series. The Russians are just different charictures of Stalinism. I was reading Reddit comments and it rubs off on the fan base. Lot of "victims of communism" types talking about fascistic communism and a couple poor Russian libs wondering why their country/people are all being portrayed as savages.
Similar to OP situation, after the US crew rescued the Soviets, now there's some command tension with the Soviet commander being a dick. Like these things wouldn't have been cleared up before by political officials? It's just an opportunity for a Russian to look like an asshole.


Explain this, Jucheoids.

File: 1659724255566.png (38.47 KB, 1255x253, anime.png)


Dreamworks is about to release to the public teir animating tools. I I think a golden age of indie animations is among us.

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OpenMoonRay is just a renderer, Blender is a whole animation suite with multiple renderers.


People say this about Microsoft products all the time.


What does that mean for patents?


there's no patent because it doesn't do anything technologically unique. it uses publicly available algorithms and standards


How do you know that?


>The Human Face of Russia (1984) - everyday life in 1980s USSR

>1984 documentary on the USSR.


>Dock work is hard work, so it has a higher status in The Soviet Union. Higher status means higher pay and dock workers make more than an executive of a factory or a ship's captain.


A documentary thread on /hobby/ would be nice, maybe this one will do.


documentaries like these make me really sad knowing what happens later


Do Communists Have Better Sex? a documentary on the differences in sexual cultures that developed in East/West Germany during the Cold War.

File: 1608525952140.jpg (36.39 KB, 852x480, 1.jpg)


Any magazines like Jacobin I can read and what magazines you guys have?
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Too bad they paywall their old content


Chuang for a Chinese Communist Perspective


Qiao Collective for Dengist Views


aeon are sometimes good, but too often they are Postmodern Psychoanalysists and that's cringe


WSWS for Leftist News and Analysis. Pretty good, but Trotskyites, so make of that what you will

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Unitonically has better labor reporting than any other paper.

Also OP read Monthly Review.




Harpers is good for a lib magazine.

File: 1658535401331.jpg (227.95 KB, 567x850, Asenath-Waite.jpg)


>You're 30 minutes into Delve-into-Unspeakable-and-Eldrich-Secrets-of-Primeval-Madness-from-Beyond-Vast-Gulfs-of-Time-and-Space and Chill and she gives you this look
What do?


File: 1658536618136.gif (2.65 MB, 1080x1016, 1614122357490.gif)

OMG It's doomer girl!

File: 1653502700371.jpg (128.74 KB, 823x825, 52a.jpg)


Discuss how to survive inevitable capitalist crisis and collapse.

>How to form a communist tribe or gang to protect yourself

>Mutual aid and where to get it
>What to put in a bug out bag
>What essentials to actually stockpile
>Skills needed to gather food and water
>What food to grow
>What to do if you dont have a home or your own personal albanian bunker
>Makeshift shelters/squatting
>Where to go/stay
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Also fyi, this is outside my area of expertise so it's nearing on just autism at this point.


prepping is literally just bougie shit and is hard for the modern day consoomer who has to integrate to the liberal economy or perish - hear me out
>easy for those who live in bumfuck areas self sufficiently
>need to own a decent chunk of land
>need weapons for defense or else people run over this land to loot you
>a war for natural resources ensues

so if you don't own land or have the privilege of being born in the right place or have large sums of money to hoard shit for survival, you will be fucked

on the other hand people who live in urban centres
>will be fucked since they don't have any real modes to sustain themselves
>rich people will already gtfo to their bunkers and remote farmlands when shtf
>looting and rioting has a high chance to get you killed
>will be affected the worst in times of these crises

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i think it's possible to prep depending on your location and situation, prepping in urban centers looks different to prepping in rural areas i guess


How do I find a homesteader gf who will breed multiple children with me?


welp shit is getting worse. any general guides on what to do if power goes out and how to preserve food


Post Soviet era paintings and propoganda posters
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File: 1657069660430.png (858.38 KB, 750x587, ClipboardImage.png)

here's an early work of his


Pictures destroyed your "art" form old man, march you ass to a store and get a camera.


>the tits
fucking furries


File: 1658165008630.jpg (624.9 KB, 1280x990, 80TueJZai0c.jpg)

Youth. 1957
Artist - Evgeny Anatolyevich Rastorguev



File: 1658000729462.jpg (86.12 KB, 576x1024, jeans.jpg)


Where are my threaduyghurs at?
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how did you learn to do it? is there a guide


my mom was a seamstress. but actually it's just learning by doing


I've always wanted to learn. How hard is it to make clothes for men?

I somehow feel the only easy thing to do is (sun) dresses.


A new jacket with tech fabrics and active ventilation (zips that can open to allow moisture to escape) are over $200. shit works though. need that functionality.

A cheap ninjastyle cycling jacket that fits real well and looks fine is $30, available almost anywhere. It's not at all breathable tho, like wearing a sauna suit after a few minutes activity.

So I brought it to a home-business, an alteration service that added armpit zips and two additional mountaineer style vertical ventilation zips on the front, features that usually only appear together on jackets over $300.

Cost of alterations were 35 dollars, attention to detail was good.

Shit works really well.

That was detailed work though, doing minor stuff yourself is a great idea.


>How hard is it to make clothes for men?
find a pattern online, print it and cut it out, cut fabric and sew according to instructions. having a sewing machine helps
I have in mind to turn an old pair of jeans into a jilt (jeans kilt). that will likely take a bit of guesswork

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