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File: 1638539611494.png (523.3 KB, 506x379, aa.png)


Ok so I couldn't find any music prod thread in here so making one to see if anyone could tell me where to start with production. I really like to listen to music and would love to make some too!!!
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just play around with them, you’re supposed to be making art at the end of the day
they have the system requirements on their websites


Renoise > FL Studio


Get an audio interface like:
Focusrite Scarlett Solo ~$100
Because you're going to want low latency and it will also give you a good input for recording when you want to start recording audio.

Get a midi keyboard:
Nektar 49 $84

Learn how to play piano and also learn music theory. There is no work around to learning music theory other than learning it intuitively, but I think learning it in a structured format will take you farther faster. There is no music without music theory. Music is all math based on a specific formula that has been more or less unchanged for 100s of years including electronic music except for the most experimental stuff.

I use Ableton. I dabbled with FL a little before learning Ableton but it never clicked with me. Ableton is so simple for me all the shortcuts and how the clips and timeline and everything else work. Like I hate pro tools so much by comparison. So much more infuriating trying to manipulate the timeline with Pro Tools IMO but maybe I never studied it enough. Each producer swears on a different DAW, Ableton, Reason, Logic, FL Studio, just try them all and see which one clicks with you because they are all capable of the same things, just different interfaces.


I once made a song in LMMS.


Renoise is pretty intuitive but isn't as popular


Can we have a thread for art? Post masterpieces and amazing art work crafted through out history.
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I mean, it's annotated:
>With a red wedge, beat the Whites!
Can't get more obvious than spelling it out


File: 1638609660378.png (1.58 MB, 677x1215, ClipboardImage.png)

Guminer, Yakov. (1923). 1 мая [The 1st of May].


From Dostoyevsky's "The Possessed"
>“In my sleep I had a dream which was completely new to me, for I had never had one like it. In the Dresden gallery there is a picture by Claude Lorraine, called in the catalogue, I think, ‘Acis and Galatea,’ but I always called it ‘The Golden Age,’ I don’t know why. I had seen it before, but about three days ago, as I passed through Dresden, I saw it again. I even went on purpose to have a look at it, and possibly for this alone I stopped at Dresden. It was that picture I dreamt of, but not as of a picture, but as of a reality.
>“A corner of the Greek Archipelago; blue caressing waves, islands and rocks; fertile shore, a magic vista on the horizon, the appeal of the setting sun—no words could describe it. Here was the cradle of European man, here were the first scenes of the mythological world, here its green paradise…. Here had once lived a beautiful race. They rose and went to sleep happy and innocent; they filled the woods with their joyful songs; the great abundance of their virgin powers went out into love and into simple happiness. The sun bathed these islands and 65sea in its beams, rejoicing in its beautiful children. Wonderful dream, splendid illusion! A dream the most incredible of all that had ever been dreamt, but upon it the whole of mankind has lavished all its powers throughout history; for this it has made every sacrifice, for this men have died on the cross and their prophets have been killed; without this, nations will not live and are unable even to die. I lived through all these feelings in my dream; I do not know what exactly I dreamt about, but the rocks, the sea, and the slanting rays of the setting sun—all these seemed to be still visible to me, when I woke and opened my eyes and, for the first time in my life, found them full of tears.


File: 1638656364972.jpg (11.35 MB, 6000x4563, Claude_Lorrain_008.jpg)

"The Embarkation of the Queen of Sheba"
From Ivan Chtcheglov's "Formulary for a New Urbanism"
>Other examples of this desire to construct situations can be found in the past. Edgar Allan Poe and his story of the man who devoted his wealth to the construction of landscapes [“The Domain of Arnheim”]. Or the paintings of Claude Lorrain. Many of the latter’s admirers are not quite sure to what to attribute the charm of his canvases. They talk about his portrayal of light. It does indeed have a rather mysterious quality, but that does not suffice to explain these paintings’ ambience of perpetual invitation to voyage. This ambience is provoked by an unaccustomed architectural space. The palaces are situated right on the edge of the sea, and they have “pointless” hanging gardens whose vegetation appears in the most unexpected places. The incitement to drifting is provoked by the palace doors’ proximity to the ships.


>This new vision of time and space, which will be the theoretical basis of future constructions, is still imprecise and will remain so until experimentation with patterns of behavior has taken place in cities specifically established for this purpose, cities bringing together — in addition to the facilities necessary for basic comfort and security — buildings charged with evocative power, symbolic edifices representing desires, forces and events, past, present and to come. A rational extension of the old religious systems, of old tales, and above all of psychoanalysis, into architectural expression becomes more and more urgent as all the reasons for becoming impassioned disappear.


&ltthe Art Deco enthusiast, like the devotee of Expressionism, is by that interest making a statement about the nature of his or her soul. He or she is impatient with surface images, bored with frippery, and drawn by the weird and the outré. Art Deco portrays the human being as one secretly wishes to be: a kind of _Metropolis_ robot[rix] with a dispassionate, cool, and cruel disposition. Art Deco is never warm, cozy, reassuring; it is glacial and impersonal. Those fearful of, dissatisfied with, or contemptuous of human emotions seek in Art Deco a mirror which will show them - and reinforce in them - only the non-human aspects of their souls.

Post pics of your favourite pieces of art deco.
Pic related: Hoover building, A40 (Western Avenue), London, England.
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a better question is: Is art Deco bourgeois?



File: 1614594458870.jpg (463.34 KB, 1784x2610, IMG_20210228_125721~2 (1).jpg)

It is bourgeois. But is it any good? That's another question. the better question depends on whether you're looking at it from the viewpoint of hobbyist, or from that of a town planner, in my view.


The quintessential art deco skyscraper.

File: 1637962083666.jpg (31.81 KB, 1080x460, i-must-be-stopped.jpg)


Lock me up

File: 1637071715281.jpg (162.17 KB, 959x721, 1551919448026.jpg)


I want to start making video essays talking about things I like/dislike, but I have basically no thoughts other than "this was cool/this wasnt cool, here are a couple reasons why" and I feel like a smoothbrain because of it.
How can I become a better writer about things I like?
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will check it out. MandaloreGaming had a good video on how to be a youtube video man also, but I am lacking in critical parts that he presupposes.
I am attracted to the idea of building an online persona by repeatedly putting my opinions out there for others to consume in a centralized location (blog, youtube channel, etc)
ehh, that seems like it would get old really fast, especially if I had nothing to really add on that topic
It would just become the obligatory 15 seconds where I say surface level political observations
For screen recording, OBS is great and cross platform. Editing depends on what you are using, I hear OpenShot is a p good free editor, but I've never used it since I got a cheap Vegas key


Why not just write regular essays? You can read it out loud or something if you want to post it on Youtube for ad money.


okay, but my point still stands of I don't know how to put my thoughts on paper


This book has some good ideas about it, although most of the advice requires you to find some people to practice with. But in general I think actually discussing the topics you want to write about with people is great help in clarifying your thoughts.


looks good, ty I'll give it a read

File: 1608525466045.png (82.55 KB, 500x500, n8 just yiff already.png)

 No.551[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Yep, we back at it again.Thread for n8, furries, furry related stuff, whatup.I was thinking of reading Beastars, I heard it was pretty good.
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One more


Sigh…. i need to tread on an ancap so bad bros…..


I just like the tits y'know?





File: 1634744945979.jpg (9.82 KB, 260x194, snufkin.jpg)


I feel empty in life and want to gain some hobbies.

I practice climbing, I read and write but I mostly shitpost or doomscroll on the internet.

Do you know some inexpensive hobbies for a city dweller ?
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Mixed media art is fun, you can just have a drinks with friends and use literal trash to make bright colored crap from all this plastic shit that will rot in a third world dumping site.


Is gardening expensive?


Contrary to popular belief, photography is actually pretty cheap. If you just want to learn the craft, you can make sharp 8x10, even 11x14 prints with a smartphone camera. To take things seriously, you can get a really solid used DSLR setup with a "pro zoom" for under $500. Photography only gets expensive if 1) you're a total gearhead that pays thousands for equipment that will only be appreciated in giant wall prints, or 2) you shoot film (hip right now but crazy expensive per roll)


Playing a ball centered sport such as Soccer or Basketball is practically free outside of buying a ball and getting shoes.

>I read and write but I mostly shitpost or doomscroll on the internet.

Depending on how you shitpost and doomscroll, why not try coming up with intricate internet-based writings, for example think creepypastas but steps above. You can also try coming up with a fictional world. You don't have to write a book or anything, but you can lay multiple foundations and worldbuilding.

You can try getting into art.
Is free with apps like Gimp but if you want stuff like Adobe it's incredible easy to crack/torrent. This can even be combined with your writing or reading. Concept art for readings you like or writings you come up with
Like music? Try making some. Multiple DAWs are once again, easily torrented/cracked. You can also get VSTs/Plugins for free as well.


If 100 dollars is cheap, you could always just get a tablet and download something like GIMP or Paint.net or whatever and start drawing.


Anyone else want to watch the world burn but like… semi-ironically?
Ok this gon be cringeworthy, I find myself sounding like edgy teen nihilist
I read about climate change, collapse, yada yada, and find myself upset when I read even on the most pessimistic sites (if we only count those whose authors seem to be of clear mind of course) that shit isn't gonna hit the fan til like 2050.
What I personally see coming in the future is some sort of cyber gulag, the inescapable kind. Because let's admit it's already there, you still can opt out, but then you pretty much opt out of technology as a whole (because even tho non-botnet tech is available, there are no people there, you can't talk to your family there (well that depends on the family ofc) or any irl people) and even life partially (good luck socializing with zoomers without botnet). And this is the direction the world is taking, this is the dystopia of the future. But it's like… so damn boring.
I want to have food shortages. I want to have popular unrest. I want to to have to retreat into the woods and grow shit. What the fuck man, I want life to be hard, in a way that is meaningful, I want to face actual death, not spiritual death at a 9-5 job which is BORING.
Take privacy again. The choice you're faced with is either give up completely and communicate with normies on Instagram and shit or retreat to xmpp/mastodon whatever and talk to 1,5 weirdos there. But this choice is BORING! I don't want to have to retreat to xmpp, I want to retreat to the woods and shit


sometimes when I’m alone but honestly it’ll be a hard time, but there will be changes when it does come so I can’t blame you


eventually you'll stop being lazy and do hard shit yourself because it's meaningful and not wish hardship forced upon you. or you won't, whatever.

if you need a kick in the pants, all preparation/training you do now increases your chances of surviving decades from now.

File: 1635121364444.jpg (8.93 KB, 300x168, images.jpg)


Ladies, gentlemen, attack helicopters…what did he do wrong? Was any part of The Closer hate speech? I understand discussions like these aren't always welcome here but I'm not sure what good not talking about it's gonna do. Anyhow, I find it hard to come away from watching The Closer thinking Chapelle is anti-lgbt. I mean the fucking special ends with him declaring he's going to give a ton of money to a transgendered persons daughter. Regrettably that person committed suicide. You could argue he cares about that persons daughter more than she did. What he does do is make some poignant critiques about the lgbt movement, but it's nothing that amounts to hate speech. Anyhow, I'm just curious where people here are at on this.
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Crying wolf is a problem, but if you remember how the story goes, the real danger is that the wolf eats the boy at the end.


I mean sure but call the wolf what it is 'cancel culture' which only benefits the bourgeois not trans ideology as such.


I was talking about trans people making a big deal over something that's not really transphobia the boy and the wolf is the actual bigots.


No, not her but someone she supported said something like that. Regardless, screaming 'TERF' and engaging in pro-trans hysteria is stupid.

And it's a largely inoffensive joke unless you're actually taking it seriously.



File: 1608525612422.png (73.85 KB, 512x512, Soulseek-png-3 (1).png)


>Peer to Peer sharing of music
>Absofuckinglutely massive database that has millions of artists, and often has their entire discographies

Stop supporting YouTube and Spotify, and join a FREE music sharing platform today!
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Both the official client and server are proprietary and closed-source, but an open-source client Nicotine+ is available and the server/protocol have been reverse engineered and there exist published server implementations. File transfers occur between clients, the central servers only handle searches, chats, and user accounts. It's a pretty well-known network, not much to be concerned about wrt privacy.






File: 1634769570390.png (2.24 MB, 1673x2160, 1634676366479.png)

I used to, but now I just use premium spotify. It's been cracked for a while now.


is this just on phones or ?
I suppose you don't mean a crack where you can even download music from it,but just the usual ad-skips.

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