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I've redistributed a red flag from work and I wanted to turn it into a flag for my union branch. Unfortunately I've no real experience with sewing anyone got any advice?
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Hah ah fucking English language and it's homonyms.


what's the best fabric for a balaclava


The type of balaclava most common in your region, unless you want to wear a unique identifiable object for a mask


wearing a balaclava is already "unique"


Not really, Balaclava's and 'unique' ones have entered contemporary fashion, really hitting the mainstream this last year.
I see it as a reation to the CCTV-ifiication of our cities, that is for a different board but i think there is a lot to unpack and explore.

File: 1616626905613.png (1011.48 KB, 1125x641, 1616084505957.png)


An anon a while back recommended Star Trek to me because it was the most "communist" media produced in capitalist society. All Captain Kirk does is hop from planet to planet and fuck space bitches. Is there communism or have I been memed? Apparently the director of the show was influeced by Posadism but outside the aliens I do not see gommunism anywhere in the show.
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The Federation just plays the stupid game (capitalism) that the Ferengi like so much and rewards them with stupid prizes (demanding rent from them that they have to use for lmao).


>There are borders.
Between the Federation and the other factions who are not communists.


They live on borrowed time becauase at the end of DS9 they get Rom as the Grand Nagus, and he has read Marx (at least implicitly since he quotes him)


>that we will be stuck with things like secret police and military coups and settler colonialism and realpolitik even in the future

They literally overcome those things. They aren't "stuck with them." The existential threat of the Dominion War means the specter of those things reappears, but they're able to overcome them. TNG does the same thing with The Drumhead.

I don't think you really understand the show's central thesis.


Rom is unironically a better socialist than Feddies, because he's actually read at least like a page of Marx, as opposed to just preaching "uhh, we got better and have no more famines or wars because something" like Picard always does.


So Jamie Peck recently joked that aliens are watching us and they were going to give us space communism, but then they decided we weren't ready. Because we can't even overcome racism within our own species.

Do you think aliens are among us?
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File: 1654649303546.png (27.31 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

>aliens decided we weren't ready for communism because we couldn't overcome racism
idk that sounds pretty racist tbh


In reality, we are all alien to each other….
Really makes you think

Go hug a random person today


capitalist society is truly alien nation


we were the ayy lmaos all along…

we have to defeat capitalism and spread communism across the universe


Nothing human is alien to me.



So here's a torrent full of torrents for the 9/11 Data set. Includes lots of videos, documents, audio recordings, animations, diagrams, etc revolving around the 9/11 attacks. The torrent here is about 100mb of torrent files only. Downloading all the data from the included torrents will net you over 3 TB of data. Feel free to pick and choose.

Would hate to see this data lost forever. Included a list of the torrents here.


don't you need like a supercomputer t stre terabytes? out of the e-loop heh

File: 1608525415862.jpg (48.56 KB, 600x450, the chapo boys.jpg)


For all things related to the Chapo.https://soundcloud.com/chapo-trap-house/tracks
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New CushVlog dropped, haven't listened yet:


Where in the world is Amber Frost-ironi


>got banned because I don't like chapo

doubt, everyone here hates that shit


this has got to be copypasta from like 2018


I always thought it was pronounced "chap-o" but I listened to it for the first time the other night (their review of tg maverick) and they pronounced it like "chuhpo" wtf

File: 1608525987138.gif (10.36 KB, 100x85, beavis.gif)


>Comedy Central announced on Wednesday that classic MTV animated series Beavis and Butt-Head will return with creator Mike Judge once again at the helm.

>Beavis and Butt-Head has received a two-season order at the network, which also has plans for spinoffs and specials. Judge will be writing and producing the series along with voicing the titular characters. The revival will tackle Gen Z after the original series dealt with Gen X.

>"It seemed like the time was right to get stupid again," Judge said in a statement.

>Comedy Central, which is under ViacomCBS along with MTV, recently announced a Daria spin-off series, titled Jodie, that will feature a voice-cast led by Tracee Ellis Ross.

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File: 1654307197982.png (367.06 KB, 1200x630, ClipboardImage.png)

Not a fan of the directing, art-style, animation or comedy. Also, read like half this book today. So you know how I feel about space. A trailer that actually made me laugh was:


looks like a nostalgia piece for 40 something gen-x/older millennials, the industry is trying the same thing they did with reboots of boomer media back in the 90s and early 2000s(flintstones/adams family/space jam…ect), but i don't think it is going to work as well this time because unlike with boomer cartoons there was never the same level of consistent reruns to introduce that generation of media to younger audiences like there was for boomer stuff 20-30 years ago, a bored kid in the 90s didnt have the same choices in tv shows kids have today with the internet.


This is the second time they bring back B&B. The first one was liked well enough.


I'll watch it on a pirate website and then probably forget about it


Hopefully they don't fuck it up

File: 1654009296652.jpg (171.44 KB, 1532x1021, 1622722051888.jpg)


Where we send in whatever we've written during the week and discuss with each other?
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clubs don't work on imageboards, stop trying to make them happen
like >>25480 said, there's already a thread


File: 1654088900215.png (50.35 KB, 264x403, 1.png)



Ok send in something


just make a writing general thread instead so we can share ideas


i like the idea of a club, anon


Rock climbing is cool and seems like a decent way to get in shape for my body type. I really want to try it, but the shoes cost so damn much.
vid related is arguably the greatest climber in the world doing one of the hardest outside climb.


Can you get them second hand?
They are indeed expensive :/ but climbing is really fun.


you dont really need the shoes, joggers with a low profile height work too.


Has anyone trier any unusual fruit? I found the channel of a Yuppie who has traveled thr world eating all kinds of exotic tropic fruit or having it delivered.


It makes me want to grow some unusual trees. I'm starting with a miracle berry tree. supposedly once eaten the berry causes sour things to taste sweet for thirty minutes. I am excited because it would allow me to basically give up on having sugar in soda. I could just drink lemonade without sugar, and eat bitter healthy food without suffering.

I'm also interested in growing Chico, a cinnamon tasting kind of apple. And there are a ton of sapote I'd like to try eating, and also snake fruit. The truth is most of the food and fruits we eat at super markets are only there because they're easy to produce or shelf long. The best kinds of fruit which are grown for personal taste by farmers are usually not mass producable.

That's why we as lefties need to take the time to plant more exotic fruit trees so those trees will always keep giving back. Then we can share the fruits without relying on supermarkets with the same damb flavors. We can literally eat more gourmet food once we fight back against big agriculture and capitalism.

There are for instance many kinds of bananas and mangoes with different flavors and textures but you'll never see them, when all the bananas at the market are literally from a tree that has been cloned millions of times. Check out his channel or google "exotic fruit" if you've never left your home and don't know what I'm talking about.
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what's a breadfruit

what's the difference between durian and jackfruit?

is durian the one that got banned from being publicly consumed in some country because it smells weird?


can cooking with honey kill you?
just heard about some dyel on ck who glazed his crumble with honey and died

i added honey to make my paneer sweet and nothing happened

posting here because cooking thred is locked for some reason

and technically honey is a fruit



Has anyone heard of that South East Asian one, kinda like a Kiwifruit? Locals call it Dees.


The one with such awful smell it's forbidden to eat one in an elevator?

File: 1641700393981.jpg (217.13 KB, 800x792, Sensitive-Poet1.jpg)


mao wrote poetry
stalin wrote poetry
marx wrote poetry

why come you arent writing poetry?
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File: 1651969909500.png (215.8 KB, 700x394, ClipboardImage.png)

Fuck, fuck, fucking fuck
Kill em all, I am trash man
The world is a fuck


cocks and dicks
suck them for the kicks
dicks and cocks
wash your socks


A single spark can start a prairie fire.
A single mistake can create life. Destroy life.
A single mother who never would have become.
A shitty job, working late night, exploited by
A system not about her, no future. Un-become.
A single way to take back life. Realize.
A single spark can start a prairie fire.

Happy mother's day anons. Don't forget to call your moms.


roses are read
violets are blue
I have explosive diarrhea
how are you?


OP has asked us
Why come you aren't a poet?
>assuming we're not

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