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File: 1608525508281.png (173.13 KB, 1346x342, Filteries.png)


Political and Economic simulator. Just for fun. Post your results.http://filteries.com/politics
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>gun ownership
>more exploited workers
That's not a very clever dystopia.


Of course it is, they even have incompetent leadership!


File: 1663063723518-0.png (128.29 KB, 1149x544, wut.png)

Wanted to kill the 420 memers
Went for communistic city states
Got Confederal City Statist
Anyone have any idea how this sort of would look in the real? What would b the most similar real life counterpart historically?


It doesn’t matter


File: 1663068555594.png (549.64 KB, 500x722, DEG 13.png)

y babe?

File: 1662278234926.png (265.59 KB, 413x630, ClipboardImage.png)


Just finished reading this, what did you guys think of it?
It's still percolating for me, but obviously the themes of truths and useful lies was most obvious


File: 1662852248182.png (5.99 KB, 304x146, ClipboardImage.png)

I don't read lol


cringe, why the fuck you on LEFTYpol if you aint gonna READ


All you need to dominate is
>Rear Naked Choke
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Pull them ontop of you dude


What do you think the best striking sport to crosstrain with BJJ is?


>bro just take them down and pull guard that way
at that point why not just full mount or try for their back? pulling guard is the most braindead thing you can do in a street fight.
prolly kickboxing/muay thai for the clinch


Protip: When someone gets you in a triangle trap, immediately begin to stand up


File: 1662778322596.gif (744.94 KB, 400x170, r06.gif)

>prolly kickboxing/muay thai for the clinch

File: 1661953908777.jpg (471.54 KB, 922x922, 1661953860793.jpg)


Travel thread
Post interesting things about travelling


Interesting fact, but when you travel you actually end up in a different place than when you started.


I went to a volunteering camp where we studied permaculture and created a small sensory garden and I had never felt so alive. Now I'm depressed.


I'm traveling Europe where should I go next


any Greeks here? I'm going to athens in a few days and I'll be visiting exarcheia


The incredibles and the boys fucking proved how much of a menace to society superheroes would be if they were part of public security and the way the boys showcased the constant infighting between these overglorified children with special gifts fucking verifies the idea that just offing them all would do more to put them(and everyone else that has to die from collateral damage or blatant abuse of power) out of their misery


>fictional story
>proving anything


you know we don't actually have superheros right, OP

you can just see cops abusing irl and get that proven right,


I wouldn’t say cops I would say cops and soldiers from NATO are the best replacements for superheroes

I mean think about it. Your average deployed soldier or cop is likely poorly trained and given more power to them than they can reasonably handle compared to say high ranking officers, swat team members and generals that actually can control themselves and are generally better respected. What you get are a bunch of homelanders everywhere hell there was even a college experiment testing how giving students access to power without proper handling of it would change how they approach people


>there was even a college experiment testing how giving students access to power without proper handling of it would change how they approach people

Is that Stanford Experiment?


File: 1662078903142.png (725.88 KB, 861x563, Homelander.png)


It’s because he accurately portrays how destructive and emotionally immature most protagonists in media actually are. Something only evangelion did right with their portrayal not just of Shinji but the other characters as a whole whose traits wether overconfidence, ambition placed over community or just plane stupidity destroyed the lives and communities surrounding them and the way he devolves into an absolute fucking monster that’s abusing his status in the world he’s in is so painful it’s good and let’s me remember why avoid watching not just superhero shows but most new media in general because the protagonists are always like this but without actual consequences
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dragon ball is smarter because goku putting people in danger through his selfishness and naivety is fully acknowledged & criticized but he is still portrayed as cool and likable in spite of it all


The difference is he actually does do enough to take down foreign threats meaning to an extent some actions are justified but when they aren’t it is called out

Except for the relationship with his son lmao that’s always been terrible


yeah but his son has always been a little weiner so it's understandable


my point is more that "calling out tropes" characters & stories are lame to me


>Anime in Japanese literally translates to animation anyways. Assigning a label and forcing it to fit into some contrived definition of what “anime” is is fucking awful for the state of anime in general and makes things dull

Also there's literally The Boys thread on /hobby/ dumbo.

File: 1661981930802.jpg (339.72 KB, 1600x1000, original.jpg)


Apparently Marx originally planned to write 6 total volumes of Capital. Has anyone historically tried to "complete" where he left off?


That was his plan around the time of writing Grundrisse. He later compacted it to a 4 volume plan, with some planned bits for each of the volumes in the original plan being combined into each other or getting dropped entirely because there was no point in Marx writing about it. The first volume from this final plan was published during his lifetime. The manuscripts for the 2nd and 3rd volumes were edited by Engels after Marx's death and published. After Engels' death, all of the manuscripts and notebooks were inherited by the Second International, and Karl Kautsky working for them prepared and edited and published the research notes and manuscripts for the final volume in a 3-volume series as Theories of Surplus-Value [Theorien über den Mehrwert].


It's also why the final volumes are so thicc. The different sections in them were meant to be separate books of their own.


A mailing list was set up in the 90s for that purpose by Allin Cottrell and friends and immediately got derailed into all sorts of Marxish topics. Andrew Kliman was also there and threatened some critic with assrape IIRC.


they didn't finish because they're pseuds


False. They didn't even have a proper start. They were the most intelligent Marxists, completely dwarfing anybody marxblogging or marxpodcasting today.

File: 1660200226016-0.png (425.04 KB, 1432x1945, 24 color.png)

File: 1660200226016-1.png (1.39 MB, 1432x1945, fullcolor.png)


people usually only think about format when compressing images

they never think about indexed coloring

consider. Same pic. same size. one only uses 24 colors and is only 435 kb. the other is 1.5mb and uses 254 colors. This isn't very significant because the photo is grayscale and doesn't use many colors in the first place. However…
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File: 1660384060014-0.jpg (69.65 KB, 590x729, stalin-70.jpg)

File: 1660384060014-1.jpg (51.43 KB, 590x729, stalin-50.jpg)

File: 1660384060014-2.jpg (31.26 KB, 590x729, stalin-30.jpg)

File: 1660384060014-3.jpg (15.44 KB, 590x729, stalin-15.jpg)

File: 1660384060014-4.jpg (5.29 KB, 590x729, stalin-05.jpg)


File: 1660384519122-1.pdf (16.8 MB, 153x255, inferno00dant_2.pdf)

File: 1660384519122-2.pdf (33.95 MB, 153x255, inferno00dant_2_jpg.pdf)

Popular image formats usually have very good compression. Compare this to scanned documents, where PDF has proliferated, despite DJVU having objectively better compression and faster rendering by a wide margin.
Look at this random book from archive.org (https://archive.org/details/inferno00dant_2/). The DJVU looks much clearer than the native PDF with more than double the size and the PDF containing JPEGs has marginally more detailed illustrations at four times the size. The text of the DJVU looks crisper than that of both PDFs.
Most books on archive.org don't have DJVUs anymore, so I usually losslessly convert a directory of JPEG2K files to a PDF and transcode it to DJVU with this script:
t=`mktemp`; d=`mktemp -d`
for i in $1/*.[Jj][Pp]2; do
  jpeg2ktopam $1|pamtotiff >$t &&
  tiff2pdf -o "$d/`basename $i|cut -d. -f 1`.pdf" $t
pdfunite $d/* $t &&
djvu2pdf $t > $2
rm $t; rm -r $d

This requires netpbm and pdf2djvu.


I just did it because I thought it looked cool lol, I had already made it before the thread. I like how jpeg improves in some spots until it suddenly goes downhill massively, although that's mostly because the image has a weird quality already. jpeg wins in compression but it doesn't give any aesthetics like dithering or color reduction.
Although .avif is probably the best


I think what would help with aesthetics more than anything is an AI step when compressing. Reducing colors often leads to objects blending into each other or the background. Fixing this by hand takes a small eternity, so AI finding the borders of objects to find a setting with a given reduction of colors with little blending would be good.

And AI should also do a bit of phony coloring (not taking the nearest color from the reduced set) if that helps a lot against blending.

Oh and also, the AI should distinguish between things like machines and buildings on the one hand and organic structures on the other and apply something like the Bayer dither to the former and a less orderly dither to the latter.


That's because dithering looks like shit and we have better displays now than we did in the 90s when color quantization was still a passable compression solution. But now we have jpeg.

Use jpeg instead and an encoder like mozjpeg for your Lenin portraits


Where did the meme of "Hollywood are prudes when it comes to nudity and sex because of their Puritan ancestors" come from? When in reality the Hays Code was created and enforced by Roman Catholics.


catholics are prudes too
it’s not like they’re fundamentally different


Who has ever called Hollyweird prudes lol
Burger film standards are what's prudish, and like you said they came from outside.




>Trumpcucks hate something therefore I must defend it
Off to reddit with you.


>"because of their Puritan ancestors"
People who thinks that have never heard of Pre-Code Hollywood or even the New Hollywood.
Of course if someones only know about Classic Hollywood and/or post-70's Hollywood, they might think Hollywood is puritan.


Lads, I keep starting books and then skipping onto the next one. I can't complete anything, is this internet induced ADD?
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The posts ITT are awful, so I'll ignore them.

The answer is yes. If you had a slower expectation of reward, you'd be more patient and finish more books. And the internet is indeed fucking you up with that, but it can be fixed. Mediation helps too.


Ah yes. Blame TikTok for everything wrong.
The Internet is an overused factor in ADHD.

Also, alot ADHD is actually due to clinical over diagnosis wanting to sell more psych meds to kids instead of letting them run around in the play.
Our pediatric system views children as defective pets meant to be put down.


>Our pediatric system views children as defective pets meant to be put down.
Based and 100% true.


Sad but true


>Also, alot ADHD is actually due to clinical over diagnosis wanting to sell more psych meds to kids instead of letting them run around in the play.
fucking this, hell even in terms of pets, your og is going to be jittery and uncontrollable if you don't give them plenty of play time and a method of burning energy. Kids are the same, if you don't let them expend energy they're not going to behave very much.

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