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File: 1608525559838.jpg (119 KB, 1024x772, t80-2.jpg)

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What is your favorite Soviet tank?

mine is the t80
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This thread has existed since before Bunkerchan became a .net service, let alone before it becoming leftypol.org, /tech/ needs to do some coding shit to transfer the thread.


Embedding error.
>the t80


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not really a tank but the Kharkovchanka cruiser is based as fuck


File: 1694827517930-0.jpeg (415.65 KB, 1104x952, IMG_7925.jpeg)

File: 1694827517930-1.jpeg (198.75 KB, 1280x885, IMG_6981.jpeg)

File: 1694827517930-2.jpeg (88.22 KB, 800x524, IMG_4048.jpeg)

One of these three
T-35 (just because its so much of a monstrosity it’s kind of grown on me)


>Tank doesnt do well in urban combat

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Why does it make evreything feel fine?
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No they mean exactly 1 Liter (2x0.5l)


>Bitter isn't a good flavor
that's how all of the good drinks are flavored




I disagree.



File: 1608526930796.jpg (629.8 KB, 2560x1920, 91rD70kXkcL._RI_.jpg)


A thread for the best scifi on TV atm, aka "21st Century but in Space" simulator.
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Fuck the Telltale game, I want someone to finish this shit. What series finale ends on a fucking cliffhanger.

Also why the fuck didn't they recast Alex and instead edited in a weird death scene


TV Miller wasn't bad but in the books he's much more connected to the main crew and the adaptation falls flat in that regard. Like when Holden assumes he's going to join the crew and Miller is so surprised by this he has to hide his tears from the sudden acceptance. You also miss out on all his internal monologues, but that comes with the medium.


File: 1705960213966.png (Spoiler Image, 1.05 MB, 1000x744, opa expanse.png)


File: 1706292985091.png (9.2 KB, 602x682, GEP38SRboAE0J41.png)

Average Belter: I want self-determination for my people, who endure so much Inyalowda oppression

Average Earther: I want to prevent the total economic collapse of the majority of the human race

Average Martian: just saw the UN giving poor people free food, billions must die


You can still use voiceover for internal monolgues

File: 1687373539199-1.png (152.26 KB, 341x317, 1624396332499.png)

File: 1687373539199-2.jpg (96.45 KB, 790x741, 1671949162372419.jpg)

File: 1687373539199-3.jpg (757.84 KB, 1366x1508, 1672874265418159.jpg)

File: 1687373539199-4.jpg (361.4 KB, 1000x580, davidfosterwallace.jpg)


David Foster Wallace
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Is steeply the best transsexual in the american literature canon?


I really like DFW but I usually don't tell women that I'm afraid they'll laugh at me


File: 1703127777734.jpg (232.12 KB, 1545x2000, gaza terrifying lit dfw.jpg)

It's a fine meme anon, really


Wavid Doster Fallace


I don't think most people know who DFW is


Is he the next literally me character?
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You believe that napoleon was good? Why?


he killed a lot of anglos, castillians, and prussians


He is literally me.


this comment from 6 months ago was comically accurate. capital has decided to switch common sense from liberal to chvd. even if the average person isn't like that, they still feel like the mainstream is average to bad, and non-whites feel out of place in normal movies


This whole movie seemed like fear porn to motivate the ruling classes to hate the citizenry. The way that any group of common people was portrayed was horrific.

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Often when when talking about leftist fiction, it is in relation to speculative science fiction.I'd like to have a thread to discuss not only fantasy with leftist themes, but fantasy in general.So, read any good fantasy recently?
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>Magic in a work produced by a "worldbuilder" is very likely going to wind up feeling like its just an alternative kind of science, while magic in a work produced by writers who just make shit up on the fly is going to feel much more mysterious
>One of the writers who managed to thread this particular needle, though, was Tolkien.
It's not necessarily bad to have a "science is indistinguishable from sufficiently studied magic" type of setting tbh. People would have the same kind of approach in that world as in this one. They would want to figure things out. But as with Tolkien you can also have a more vague magic even in a meticulously planned setting if that suits the story. I think the issue there is that worldbuilders get too caught up in "wouldn't this be cool?" Tolkien sort of did that but then he just allowed it to be background for his actual stories. The characters/narrator in the stories have a reasonable amount of knowledge about the world - they are not having to squeeze in an explanation of everything the author thought of to include in the setting. Arguably this just comes down to whether the writer understand how to exercise restraint.


Thoughts on this?
> Existence of magic implies hereditary power and lack of technological advancement.
My take: no it doesn't. If anything, magic would make industrialization happen faster since you can just summon a fire elemental to make steam instead of digging to burn coal. It would also make communism more likely since magic spells would already be making a lot of labor obsolete. Without a need to harness mass labor power of a working class, there wouldn't exist the same incentives to maintain a class structure. Wizards are usually portrayed as elitists, but really they would benefit most from educating as many people as possible about magic since more wizards = faster development of magical theory and knowledge. The reason IRL alchemy was esoteric is that it's bullshit, and more people looking at it would have revealed this. Wizards would replace the bourgeoisie as the "middle class" in feudalism and would basically skip capitalism since wizards have little use for an underclass of workers but benefit a lot from more wizards. Literally why would you ever employ a bunch of farm laborers when you could have that handled by a couple guys casting spells to do it?


File: 1705076699898.jpg (171.79 KB, 955x1500, 81ryNEmMMxL._SL1500_[1].jpg)

anyone read the powder mage serie ?
basically the french revolution in a magical setting, where there is opposition between the "traditional" mages integrated to nobility and power structures and the "newer" mages that have power related to gunpowder, who dont have privileges despite their usefulness on the battlefield where gunpowder is becoming increasingly prevalent, and even discriminated against in some countries. Also include start of industrialization, revolutionary state against reactionary states, and a based story of taking down a "god" (actually just an old super powerful mage)

the above is a great example of how magic existence can absolutely be integrated in a story about technological advancement
not a book but arcanum setting also comes to mind
also, 40k, where magic is basically just a parallel dimension that can be tapped into and can be fucked with through science

>If anything, magic would make industrialization happen faster

debatable, and highly dependent on the setting specifics, if your magic is hereditary it obviously will reinforce nobility like power structures, and mages can also naturally be a concurrent class to the bourgeoisie and part of the traditional power structure like a clergy and want to repress something that could be an alternative to their services. Is the use of magic free, can it actually replace labor long term is also not always true.

>they would benefit most from educating as many people as possible about magic since more wizards = faster development of magical theory and knowledge

why would you assume they'd want that rather than make it highly secretive to keep competitive advantages towards other mages. Hoarding knowledge is a classic way for a class to have power

>Wizards would replace the bourgeoisie as the "middle class" in feudalism

only if there are enough mages and they can use this magic on a sufficient scale to not be basically states super weapons / independent cabals ala witcher


>it feels a little like GATE
sounds pretty unfair, the fun part of gate was just shooting dragons with rockets and knights with machine guns, but it was overall just wanking of their military, a harem and a forgettable story

I really liked black company, especially the realist take on "no good sides, all armies are home to sociopaths, everyone is ruthless in politics" even in a magical setting. The big mages are rare and akin to having some super weapons, the small mages can be big force multiplier but mostly thank to deception and surprise.
When in the later book they go to some india inspired country with tons of sects and they go full underground guerilla its also pretty interesting. The "searching for your own history" stuff and seeing how they actually have nothing in common to what they were when they started is also pretty good.

>'d rather just read the shitty isekai pennybacks

huh you do you, but again, feel pretty unfair toward black company


>debatable, and highly dependent on the setting specifics
True, but even if magic is hereditary it could and would be subject to study and refinement. Eugenics would actually become important to controlling power in that case, which would likely cause a weird intersection between inbreeding and magic. On the other hand, bastard children of magical parents would be way more of an issue than IRL bastards were.
As for industrialization specifically, the only real question here is whether magic can be used as a significant source of energy. If it can, it can be used to power steam engines. If that's the case, magic will become in high demand quickly the same way coal did. Unlike coal, magic output is mainly bounded by population size, and the more of it you have the easier it gets to get more (exponential increase if mages generally take on apprentices). Even with the things magic can produce, transport alone would make steam engines highly important since wizards can't usually teleport the sheer mass that you can load on a train.
>mages can also naturally be a concurrent class to the bourgeoisie and part of the traditional power structure like a clergy and want to repress something that could be an alternative to their services.
Maybe, but there's not much that reasonably could function as an alternative to actual magic. Magic users would have a pretty effective monopoly.
>Is the use of magic free, can it actually replace labor long term is also not always true.
Magic is almost never "free" unless it's for very trivial effects, but the point isn't to wholly replace labor but multiply the productivity of labor power. 1 mage can produce X quantity of Y product that you would need maybe 10, 50, 300 manual laborers to do. Like think of how much a Shape Stone kind of spell would alter construction practices.
>why would you assume they'd want that rather than make it highly secretive to keep competitive advantages towards other mages.
Mages who keep secrets would be at a disadvantage to the ones who share knowledge, because they would have access to less knowledge overall. Also they would be wasting a lot of resources in conflict with each other and hiding things and would not benefit from synergy between multiple exPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1624522850469.png (Spoiler Image, 147.58 KB, 800x371, 9AB5AF4F-10D8-4D8E-BF75-3B….png)

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I’ll start:
Pan’s Labyrinth
Blade Runner
Starship Troopers
The Thing
The Matrix
Pirates of the Caribbean
Paths of Glory
The Devil’s Backbone
Return of the Living Dead
Grave of the Fireflies
Princess Mononoke
Come and See
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1704820684749.jpg (118.75 KB, 1280x720, matrix pod.jpg)

Alright fam time to prove your convictions by getting into the pod.


I dont remember Matrix working like that. But in all seriousness, if there was an actual option to join a cyborg hive-mind, I would take it, why not?


Thea von Harbou, author of the novel and wife of Fritz Lang, later worked for the Nazis and wrote a bunch of propaganda films for them. The extent to which she was really a Nazi gets disputed, but I'm not trying tl dispute it. The thesis of the film, how the heart must unite the mind with the muscle, seems pretty clearly more fascist than communist. It's not about the destruction of class, but the process of getting classes to work towards a common aim.


You're correct, but that's what it was. The Borg were written near the end of the cold war, and they were a metaphor for the soviets. You can find TNG writers talking about it. The fact that Star Trek as a franchise has earlier positive portrayals of collectivism doesn't change this.


The borg are (or were) about consumerism and yuppie culture.


The On Cinema cinematic universe is a hilarious satirical cycle/storyline about 2 extremely egoistic faux movie lovers in an exurban Inland Empire town clashing with each other and the various hijinks and mediocre attempts at producing media that result in between
You can follow it here https://www.oncinematimeline.com
It's genuinely a very deep metatextual satire of a weird kind of zeitgeist in the YouTube era
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Seeing this graphic is the hardest I've ever laughed in On Cinema, the way it gently slides into view right after Tim explains to Gregg how his feeding tube supplies him with a constant flow of milkshake. It's the funniest fucking thing I've ever seen.


I love the extremely underplayed references to marijuana sprinkled throughout the show, guaranteed to freak you out when you least expect it, e.g.
>the TCH vape system
>The HEI Network
>"I'm happy, I'm healthy, I'm HEI"

It's like he's pointing his finger right at you


yeah does anyone have public access to the stuff since they moved to the website?


It's sadly hard to find, however as a current subscriber you're not wasting any money subscribing. The only unalienated streaming service.


I fucking cannot with Tim's characters anymore lol
He's blending together so many different people into one character, Bill Maher but also JP but also Steven Crowder maybe? It's surreal, like one of those DJs that plays with 4 decks at once.

File: 1608526447939.jpg (3.31 MB, 3000x4000, imagescrub.jpg)

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A thread for the Hiking, Hillwalking, Mountaineering, Camping, Randonneuring and other comfy /out/door pursuits involving time in the wilderness

>Ask questions

>Get Answers
>Ask for advice on getting started
>Do trip reports
>Bitch about your poor navigational abilities
>Post Non-Identifying photos (i.e. Don't post your face you idiot)

I've been doing a fair bit of mountaineering the past few weeks and I'm really getting back into the swing of things, might join a club again soon
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Fuck I really need to take that trip to Canada I was planning, you're making me jealous of all


Thanks, and it’s just an iPhone, nothing special. I’m sure I could get much better shots with a dedicated camera, but I prefer hiking without anything bulky.


File: 1695296307664-0.jpg (4.15 MB, 4080x3072, asf9032a.jpg)

File: 1695296307664-1.jpg (4.35 MB, 4080x3072, asp9fgia93.jpg)

File: 1695296307664-2.jpg (6.31 MB, 4080x3072, w34p9afsf3.jpg)

File: 1695296307664-3.jpg (4.22 MB, 4080x3072, a0aqzsd03.jpg)

Tolmie Peak, WA

Very enchanted-fairy-esque.


Very cool, especially the mist. I think it’s still too hot where I’m at for misty trails sadly.


Just went to a Texas state park, of course the leaves were down on most of the trees but it was still beautiful. I wish this state weren't so giant, some of the most fantastical looking of the state parks are so far away…

File: 1704472803310-0.png (27.59 MB, 4050x6000, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1704472803310-1.png (6.81 MB, 1500x2222, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1704472803310-2.png (2.94 MB, 1000x1471, ClipboardImage.png)


Based on true events or realistic fiction, what are some films, TV shows, specific episodes, or characters you've seen that represent the far-right movement with disturbing accuracy? Let's avoid talking about American History X. Its 90s skinhead nazis are now Hollywood stereotypes that are less relevant in the era of siege culture and active clubs.
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Aren't they basically incel/redpill/PUA people that pay loose women to be on their show though? Not exactly compatible with Islam


Patriarchal islam in their worldview, no matter how contradictory is when men are in control, beat women, and are polygamists because men are naturally fuckboys or somethin, also they kill trans people.
Not what that word means.
That they are yes.


Are they actually Muslims though??


I think a large chunk of them believe in family, traditionalism, and prayer to Islam and what not. As far as I know, Andrew doesn't drink anymore, at least as much as he used to and from what I can tell he hasn't in recent clips since his conversion to Islam, it's very tough to say if they are or aren't or what is or isn't allowed in Islamic law, but even their own followers have pointed out that he has done degenerate stuff for money before. It's only expressly non Muslims like Tristian and a few others who seemingly do drink and objectify whores they also fuck on the side for views and money that still do that kind of stuff. I would say it's mixed but the fact that it is garnering legitimacy, and has multiple actual Muslim followers who are falling for it, it just tells me that it's enough if that makes sense–
Wait why are you focusing on the Islam part of that? Islamic Nazism is a totally real thing, I'm saying they're fascist, not Nazis but are Islamic or Islamic theocrat adjacent.


Agreed. That really pissed me off when I first watched it a few years ago. This movie is, ironically, propaganda. Minus the laundry black man that Derek befriends (Lamont) and the teacher (Dr. Bob Sweeney), minorities are the cause of his grievances, and the movie justifies it with the gang murdering his family and breaking into his car. Derek isn't ever properly defeated or made an ignorant fool for holding these resentments during the kitchen debate or the news interview scene. The only thing this movie does right is show that nazis can and will turn on each other (the rape scene). "You're not really one of us. You're not good enough." You either fold or become a traitor to your race and the group. This is a good historically based warning message, but I don't think most viewers will get that because they're not Nazis, let alone ones dealing with organizations or prison politics. Overall this movie doesn't seem to serve anyone.

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