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File: 1608526605610.jpg (78.86 KB, 328x280, 20201009_230010 (1).jpg)

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ITT we discuss business strategy and help other anons escape wage slavery, build a business that subverts capitalism from within, and become ethical petty booj with a lefty perspective in mind.

This is for serious discussion only, keep focused on the topic and don't derail the thread.
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File: 1709374018204.jpg (86.08 KB, 946x944, 1694325581922123.jpg)

I remember reading this comment a couple weeks ago and being filled with unease.

And then I got laid off.


>And then I got laid off.
dang :(




don't worry anon, just try keep applying for jobs and get back on the horse.


sweet bro time to turn that beer money side hustle into a grindset while putting off dr. appointments!

File: 1633083407923-0.png (1.4 MB, 1688x2878, ClipboardImage.png)


We have the social skills advice, fit threads and what not but I want a general purpose thread for encouraging comrades to get ahead.
How to be resilient in the wake of capitalism, READ READ READ, discipline, batina and such other things, how to help those around you. Also share inspirational stories

This even if fictional was pretty inspiring for Lenin, he read the thing 5 times in a summer
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File: 1709269247610-0.jpg (290.7 KB, 902x1347, RCO002_1468855357.jpg)

File: 1709269247610-1.jpg (286.55 KB, 904x1386, RCO004_1468855357.jpg)

File: 1709269247610-2.jpg (294.71 KB, 898x1377, RCO007_1468855357.jpg)

File: 1709269247610-3.jpg (442.56 KB, 884x1416, RCO008_w_1468855357.jpg)

File: 1709269247610-4.jpg (201.37 KB, 926x1424, RCO012_1468855357.jpg)

Original Bane is my biggest motivation. He was meant to be a parallel of Batman rather than just a dumb muscle guy he's now portrayed today. Born the son of an exiled revolutionary and forced to endure his father's sentence before he was even born, he chose to make himself the ultimate man, both physically and mentally


File: 1709269308009-0.jpg (224.27 KB, 909x1376, RCO013_1468855357.jpg)

File: 1709269308009-1.jpg (507.32 KB, 913x1375, RCO016_w_1468855357.jpg)

File: 1709269308009-2.jpg (308.26 KB, 909x1381, RCO018_1468855357.jpg)

File: 1709269308009-3.jpg (328.14 KB, 921x1388, RCO019_1468855357.jpg)

File: 1709269308009-4.jpg (302.36 KB, 892x1384, RCO022_1468855357.jpg)


File: 1709269443634-0.jpg (273.1 KB, 897x1380, RCO023_1468855357.jpg)

File: 1709269443634-1.jpg (298.61 KB, 896x1381, RCO024_1468855357.jpg)

File: 1709269443634-2.jpg (333.02 KB, 895x1381, RCO025_1468855357.jpg)

File: 1709269443634-3.jpg (333.31 KB, 903x1382, RCO027_1468855357.jpg)

File: 1709269443634-4.jpg (313.25 KB, 895x1375, RCO032_1468855357.jpg)


File: 1709269727494-0.jpg (283.45 KB, 891x1384, RCO033_1468855357.jpg)

File: 1709269727494-1.jpg (332.5 KB, 889x1385, RCO036_1468855357.jpg)

File: 1709269727494-2.jpg (558.03 KB, 892x1375, RCO037_w_1468855357.jpg)


It's funny how Nechayev is popular with both Leninists and anarchists at the same time. Leninists aren't even nihilists wtf?

File: 1608525591578.png (694.17 KB, 960x540, patchouli_capital.png)


post cute girls holding or reading leftie books
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it's all I got




Also, Senko looks cute as a pioneer.


i love that 2nd one

File: 1608526554237.jpg (38.71 KB, 463x381, marlboro-red.jpg)

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What does /hobby/ smoke?
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Not since they switched it to cigar tabacco in like 2009. Thanks Obama.


File: 1693598579889.png (460.15 KB, 1024x576, ClipboardImage.png)

I've been smoking American Spirits Blue Classic but I'm quitting. Day 2 of no smoking so far.


Anya'll do candles / incence? They're like AoE smoking so I think this is the appropriate thread for it.



Starting to quit finally, slow going though


who here enjoys a big lizard
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Minus One


Godzilla minus Godzilla


what about atheistzilla? haha


File: 1708092568584.jpg (592.08 KB, 950x750, Jesus-zilla.jpg)


File: 1608526400652.jpg (637.85 KB, 1280x1663, 192873512685183.jpg)

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Uhh yeah, this. What do we think of it?

I think the cinematically it was really good, but it had a lot of historical inaccuracies.
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>cut all the phone lines
What did he mean by this? What would be the point? I understand the lack of culpability by brown nosing suck ups in the Soviet Union but what’s the point of cutting off a whole town from the outside? It’s not like they were containing a pandemic, they had a nuclear disaster to deal with.


they didn't want information getting out obviously (if that actually happened)


> The actual film ISS is also bad, but my point is that from a writers point of view, the plot and character concept isn't bad and could make for an interesting story, and the concept of it would appeal to normies for sure.

That's meaningless, you watch a movie, not a 'movie that could have been'

It's not even an original concept anyway, I saw a book years ago where space station inhabitants have to work together to survive after the earth nukes itself or something


>>39418 (cont)
But more to the point, I find IMDB score to be somewhat reliable, not perfect sure but pretty good indicator of whether something is worth watching.


>I've made a post about why Fukushima fears are overblown over on the Nuclear thread (>>20852)
>>>/edu/20852 is how you cross-post.
>It doesn't mean we should.
←———-The Point

The post is literally mocking the methodology for Chernobyl victim counts by bringing up the fact that Fukushima is NOT counted as such.

>I saw a book years ago where space station inhabitants have to work together to survive after the earth nukes itself or something
Obvious it's not a new concept, that's not really meaning anything in this day and age, where so many stories have been told.
>you watch a movie, not a 'movie that could have been'
You're missing my point. The story was interesting on paper, but the details and execution make it boring and trite.

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File: 1608526239769.png (114.47 KB, 1191x573, 7uzielfju2ey.png)

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not pictured because i don't have the screenshot:
>that time anon made a post about trump being grown in a vat in somewhere france by the situationist to tank the us empire
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MarxistMatey makes me laugh every time.
There will never be anyone as funny as him because he wasn't aiming to be a lolcow and was sincere.


>l mao


ayy comRED



File: 1708701798629-0.png (692.11 KB, 1314x761, libgeo.png)

Some Screencaps from /ukraine/

File: 1708342802851.jpg (279.42 KB, 1198x1686, SteamPunk.jpg)


Anyone got recommendations for a left-wing TTRPG that's not whimsical gay coffeeshop shenanigans?
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>More to the point, it removes the game's infrastructure that makes the dungeon delving inherently challenging.
No, that's not what makes it challenging, especially in the settign where spells trivialize most of the stuff anyway.

>That's just circular reasoning. "The game is combat, so anything in the game is combat."

Are you retarded or something? "Most rules and stats of monsters are only relevant in the combat, so we consider them combat rules" There is no circular logic anywhere. You are just trying to stretch the argument because of nostalgia goggles.

>Monsters stats were barebones because if you weren't fighting them they would behave similarly.

Which means their main purpose is combat. Thank you for proving my point.

>By the way, random encounters weren't meant to always be combat.

Neither they are in later editions. Hell, it is even explicitely stated in DMG for third edition. But unlike in earlier editions, they actually expanded on this, monsters have different behaviours and reactions, not one ubiquitous charisma roll and one table of outcome, which makes all those monsters look like different skins over same NPC code.

>Some of those were combat related, but not all of them.

MOST of them. I bet if we do one for one comparison, we will see that later editions have a lot more class features that have use outside of combat. Both for 3e and 5e.
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File: 1708628399860.png (327.84 KB, 640x773, ClipboardImage.png)

What would a D&D campaign based on The Last Ringbearer look like? It would be sick to play as a group of "fixers" for Saruman or something and you have to contend with hobbits who keep radicalizing the locals.


>It would be sick to play as a group of "fixers" for Saruman or something and you have to contend with hobbits who keep radicalizing the locals.
Ever read the alternate history of LoTR from the perspective of a mid level Mordor functionary? It was written years ago by a Russian guy in the style of Tolkien. A game based on that would be amazing, it's well written.


File: 1708637673232-0.pdf (1003.27 KB, 197x255, The Last Ringbearer.pdf)

File: 1708637673232-1.png (346.53 KB, 640x360, ClipboardImage.png)

That's what I was referencing, the book is called The Last Ringbearer.

I don't think it was directly based on that but Dimension 20 did an actual play series in a similar vein, as flunkies of legally distinct Sauron in legally distinct Middle Earth.


shit, yes the name was right there in your post. I still remember reading it years ago but forgot the name. It's so good. It should be put in front of anyone who's just read LoTR. Thanks for the D20 rec.

File: 1608526817992.jpg (379.35 KB, 2048x1070, fiction.jpg)


Hello everyone, I want to make a topic about books, but, ones that are too trashy for /edu/. Talk about books, request books, et cetera.

Well, I'll start off the thread by asking for recommendations for 'optimistic sci-fi' where humans and aliens get along (relatively speaking) and accomplish things. Bonus points if there's first contact involved, extra bonus points if there's interspecies romance. Mee-yow. I've already read a lot of books like this but I can't get enough. Thanks everyone.
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I like digging through the 'small' web looking for weird things people have made, including stories and books. I've happened across lots of small and amateur writers working outside mainstream publishing by stumbling onto their blogs and personal websites. They're usually not the most polished but they hardly ever want for ideas, and it's a nice break from the all the MFAlese the publishers churn out these days.

Right now on my to-read list I've got a near-future space murder mystery, the collected issues of an aborted superhero webcomic, a Roman alternate history, some kind of religious cyberpunk story, a schizo novel written by some occultist, and some old BBS zines of original fiction and poetry. Also a guy who made a game engine I used to tinker around with has a collection of fantasy short stories so I'll probably read that too at some point.


What is MFAlese ?


Presumably writing that resembles what someone with an MFA would write


File: 1707973396240.jpeg (305.62 KB, 1710x900, index.jpeg)

i think these books fall off after Time of Contempt


Blindsight was fucking awesome. I've been looking for scifi novels that cover similar subject matter, but haven't been finding shit. Do you know of anything else like it (other than its bizarre sequel Echopraxia)?

Got bored of it about four books in.


What do you fellas listen to?
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yoo this radio reminds me of some drum radio video on delezue


I used to listen to a lot of NPR, especially Car Talk (back when it still had new episodes), and RadioLab. NPR is good radio most of the time. Right now, I don't really listen to radio, but I did check out The Iron Dice on Spotify, which is a good little podcast about Germany.


>A little too white hat.
*small hat

War Nerd
Useful Idiots
Russians With Attitude
Unauthorized Disclosure

Some of those are already listed, lots of good suggestions ITT

I'd also like to point out/bitch that I finally deleted Lex Fridman's feed. Having Netanyahu, Zucc, and Kushner on rapid fire was too much to ignore


He's a lib but not an idiot. Rare example


I really like this podcast from Cybershell and Bernie about miscellania. It's not about politics but when the topic does come up they often have alright positions. It doesn't have a release schedule though.

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