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File: 1631141045086.png (13.99 KB, 474x570, leftypol.png)


Capitalism is all the free people's of middle earth in gradual decline with elves leaving, the Men of Gondor without a King for century's and in decline not to mention men like the Haradrim and Easterlings wanting to side with us.

We are Sauron the necromancer hiding out in Mirkwood we are rapidly building our power in the background and following the ideal theory to get more power.

We will continue gaining power and achieve world domination or in this case world communism unless the capitalists can achieve a miracle akin to throwing the ring in mount doom.
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It’s good to have fun joyless retard


File: 1631226613838.png (103.53 KB, 200x188, ClipboardImage.png)

<I cordially dislike allegory in all its manifestations, and always have done so since I grew old and wary enough to detect its presence. I much prefer history – true or feigned– with its varied applicability to the thought and experience of readers. I think that many confuse applicability with allegory, but the one resides in the freedom of the reader, and the other in the purposed domination of the author.”
<― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring


Mordor is communist. They have industry and all the orca live in the same material conditions. Even their generals and captains sleep and eat with the enlisted orcs. Sauron and Saruman are your Maos and Kims and Stalins.

Everyone else lives in a social democrat petit bourgeois utopia. People have small businesses, own lands that others toil. Sam is Frodo's gardner, is visibly poorer, but they're best friends.

Gondor is a reactionary hellhole, no tax policy and just letting people fend for themselves. If anyone gets too uppity they crush them.

Rohan is feudal. You have the royals, the soldiers and everyone else is a peasant who lives in literal horse shit.

Dwarves are greedy fucks nobody likes, that just dig shiny things everyone wants but still looks down on Dwarves.

Woodland Elves are egotistical hippies that enjoy fucking with everyone who is different from them.

High Elves are cultists.

And they all tolerate each other. But here comes someone who sees through the fucking charade, decides to fuck over everyone who decided to make for themselves "rings of power", even though they had power over the land in every meaningful way but nah, needed a physical representation on their finger.
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yeah Sauron is basically an explicit stand-in for Stalinism


>Sauron is basically an explicit stand-in for Stalinism

WTF based Sauron.


What are some actually good self-help books that one ought to read to feel happier and be a more productive member of society? pic possibly related
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I appreciate your enthusiasm but this kind of discussion belongs on /leftypol/ or /edu/, please take it there.


File: 1630895055461.png (83.84 KB, 850x850, ClipboardImage.png)

also that "Gentlemen"


the one image you have about waiting in line invalidates your entire argument. in one picture, people are waiting for bread because there are food shortages due to system of central planning. on the other people are waiting outside for the release of the latest iphone so they can be the first people to have such a luxury good that nobody in a communist nation such as the ussr had. those are 2 entirely different situations. false equivalence fallacy. one is necessity, the other is choice.

>Yes so behind that until the Manned moon landings the USSR's Space achievements were ahead of the USAs

i did say for the most part. both sides space program was based on german science and scientists captured in ww2. us still beat ussr to the moon, stealth aircraft, higher standard of living (no bread shortage) etc.

>The USA and UK took 100 years of industrialization

thats not true. but you need to understand that the UK INVENTED the industrial revolution. other nations that industrialized later just aquired the existing technology. make sure you thank UK, they invented it all.

also JSYK you should also understand that the industrial revolution in capitalist countries, despite the living and working conditions (nobody ever had done this yet) resulted in the greatest increase in wealth in human history.

>the Soviet Union had a Human Development Index of 0.920

according to who? the ussr? higher HDI than america despite people standing in breadlines, not having cars or vcr players? in 1990 americans were using the internet and computers. apple and microsoft were a thing.

>muh bread lines

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>the one image you have about waiting in line invalidates your entire argument. in one picture, people are waiting for bread because there are food shortages due to system of central planning. on the other people are waiting outside for the release of the latest iphone so they can be the first people to have such a luxury good that nobody in a communist nation such as the ussr had. those are 2 entirely different situations. false equivalence fallacy. one is necessity, the other is choice.
Is this dude too retarded to even read the rest of the image LMAO


>didnt work for op, so he turned to some mega capitalist book for actual advice
op here and just feel like I need to mention that I used the Dale Carnegie book as an example is because it is a pretty famous self-help book which is what this thread is about.

File: 1630847670022.jpeg (176.89 KB, 677x660, marxx.jpeg)


I saw a mega.nz link somewhere, but lost it. Anyone have it ?


File: 1608525931560.jpg (74.15 KB, 828x947, EX13t6-XgAEqIOn (1).jpg)


I'm interested in what sort of consumer goods were there in the USSR, Maoist China, etc.
Like what kind of toys, games, books, snacks, clothes, drinks, etc. they had?
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File: 1608526568823.jpg (314.95 KB, 650x472, soviet guitar.jpg)

USSR couldn't build instruments worth shit. Look at this unholy abomination. Thinking about adjusting intonation on that bridge makes me wince.


Looks normal to me.


That wolf looks fashionable as fuck




Really awesome.

File: 1608525513457.jpeg (282.3 KB, 1500x1480, knitting.jpeg)


Yo, I wanna knit some shit. I already have the sticks and the yarn. Hook me up with some basic patterns and tutorials. I want to do a scarf first, something straight and simple.
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Good beginner tutorial for making a scarf. She talks a lot in some parts but everything is explained clearly.

That said, I started and stopped about 3-4 times. It's not easy pulling the same amount of yarn every single loop to make it even. I wasn't even paying attention to that in the beginning and it came out looking uneven.

This shit is not as easy as it looks.


File: 1608525719609-0.jpg (1.56 MB, 1944x2592, IMG_20170208_171320.jpg)

File: 1608525719609-1.jpg (1.63 MB, 1944x2592, IMG_20170208_171304.jpg)

>It's not easy pulling the same amount of yarn every single loop to make it even.

Yeah, that can be difficult at first. I made a similar scarf when I first started learning (though I used a much thinner yarn and needle size) and the loops were very uneven, especially in the beginning (there's also a big hole because I dropped the needles while I was knitting and I didn't know how to put the loops back on). By the end I got used to it and it looked a little better.

So don't worry if it doesn't look as nice as the one in the video, it's you first scarf after all. When you want to make a nicer looking project you can correct your mistakes as you go, but now you just need to get the hang of knitting. You can reuse the yarn later, so you could remake it once you get comfortable, don't worry about wasting yarn.

>This shit is not as easy as it looks.

At first yeah, but it gets much easier. As you do it more often you're gonna be able to knit while watching a movie or something, you won't even really need to look at it.

One more thing though, I don't think the style of knitting she's using is very good. There are two main types of knitting you'll see: English knitting (the one she's using) and continental or speed knitting. English knitting (I hope I'm not using the wrong name) is when you put the needle through a loop, wrap the yarn with your right hand and then pull it through the loop like you see in the video. Continental is a bit more complicated, but I think it's much more useful. I learned how to do it from these videos (and from grandma)


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Wow, thanks for that.
>Have you finished any projects?
I'm >>3256 and >>1729. I was trying to get it right the first time, but your post encouraged me just to knit. You're right, the first one shouldn't matter. I hope I'll have something significant to show in the next few days.

Gonna check out continental knitting as well.


After you learn how to knit and purl you should spend some time to learn about the different types of fabrics you can make by combining knitting and purling. This video shows how to make the most basic stitches.


It's important that you learn them because you'll use a combination of two or more in most projects. But don't worry they're not difficult (except for the seed stitch maybe). Other than that, have fun! (and be patient)


Hey… hey kid! Yeah you! Come over here…. Wanna knit some sweaters?

File: 1608526755601.jpg (26.19 KB, 250x368, X-44_MANTA.jpg)


In this thread take two countries or two gorups of countries and guess who would win in a hypothetical war. I'll start, Brazil vs Argentina and Chile.
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<I can only enjoy fiction if it’s officially supported by corporations
Who cares. Headcanon is best canon. It’s not like the new Disney’s “lore” is anymore cohesive. If anything it’s an even bigger jumbled mess than the expanded universe.


>Yeah,except the Borg wouldn't do that. They're drowning in their own ideology. Perfection or bust.
<The Planetary Assimilation Probe is a type of Borg frigate. As its name implies, it is designed to land on a planetary surface and release nanoprobes into the atmosphere that assimilate all life forms on the planet.
6 of 12 scrap the planetary assimilation frigate it's too imperfect. Send millions of drones and make them chase after people on foot to stab them in the neck with tubes. Perfection achieved.


So now nanoprobes can be aerosolized and inhaled? What even bother with ship boarding?


brazil wins because obviously


Yeah they take it apart for scrap metal and sell it to Russia


Anyone willing to drop a red pill on the Naboo Crisis, the Clone War, the imperialist policy of the Galactic Republic, and the how/why regarding Emperor Sheev Palpatine’s rise to power and the political economy of his Galactic Empire?
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File: 1629919071752.jpg (101.48 KB, 640x360, ThrawnBar.jpg)

Yes support Thrawn's Defender project. Remove guasano poo in loos.




WeTenebrous we know.


File: 1630024180621.jpeg (87.08 KB, 1180x787, lar.jpeg)

ANOTHER CATAMITE. Join the GCLC and LarouchePac!



File: 1619433663088.jpg (110.06 KB, 1200x838, sugar.jpg)


What do you guys think about the UFC?
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If you're talking about sports, maybe. There's also competing in pure wrestling sports that don't involve strikes like Judo, catch wrestling, shoot wrestling, etc. Your potential for different sorts of limb injuries tend to be a bit higher with wrestling though but the danger of head trauma isn't so much. There's also plenty of sports with rules that focus on points rather than knockout blows such as Taekwondo. Alternatively, if you simply avoid sports there are plenty of martial arts that constrain their discipline to teach useful skills without putting yourself in as serious bodily harm.


Extremely vulgar showcase of capitalist society.

People capitalizing and enjoying seeing two people trying to brain damage each other.

Literal blood money. Fictional media and video games are superior in every way to get my rocks off regarding violent tendencies.



I hate it because of the extreme health risks. (I think there should be a general regulation that sports that lower your average lifespan by more than X years like wrestling should not be promoted at all.)
I've always wondered how one could make a sport as close to boxing/kickboxing/wrestling as possible aesthetically without the brain-damage issue (aside from video games). Maybe moving fighting human-size puppets with sticks and ropes?


Ive done martial arts for years and I think its garbage. Theres no reason to watch it over any other competitive martial arts match. The rules are garbage and the fights uninteresting as fuck. Also it’s 100% not “more close to street fighting!!!” Just pure capitalist spectacle and a worse one than boxing.

Watch K1 max instead.

File: 1628013039219.jpg (10.69 KB, 300x168, full peasant combat.jpg)


im a suicidal young male; I tried everything but life just doesnt show her smile upon me. I decided i will try to die from (and JUST from)sleep deprivation;i will keep making notes,diary,notebook,documenting my descent into the netherworld. I also considered death by fasting. maybe death by a combo of sleep dep- and starvation? What should I do with my last months on the earthly plane?anarcho-nihilismAnarcho-Nihilism
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keep me posted


fyi, nobody takes this seriously, people think you are either faking this for attention, or some convoluted psyop stuff, where you think this will demoralize us or something.

For the very remote possibility that this is real, get help you moron.



my friend, you situation my seem hard to get out from but it is not. The simplified way to get out of anything is first: Endure and try to surive, then to try to increase your power over your surrodings and life. If you have a bad home situation mby to try to move out. Maybe it is to stay home and get a job so you can start doing shit in life. Then when you have power to change and decide what happens in your life you can change your life to what you want. Here are some links that maybe intrests you. It has some real good info:
all of these are about your brain and things you can do to improve your brain chemistry so you can get out of depression. I have started to think this is a big problem in our world, and the cause of many ills. Dont give up hope brother! Survive and then thrive. Walk if you cant run, if you cant walk, then crawl. One day at a time. One hour at a time. You can make it brother.


And keeping at it is one of the most important things.
This world has a space for you my friend. This world may be ugly and sad sometimes but it is also beautiful, so beautiful. It is so vast and the oppunities are endless. Dont be stuck in where you are now. Who could know where you are in 1 year, 5 year. My friend i wish you all the luck in the world, good health and that you make it!!

File: 1612753904260.webm (2.02 MB, 640x360, 1403382676342.webm)


Not sure if you nerds watch handegg and this was a boring superb owl but what is a materialistic explanation for Tom Brady's success here? Is he just very good at picking out teams that aren't shit?
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I think the sport you're thinking of is baseball, now that is a truly boring sport.
Football just has a lot of pauses but that's because it's a generally rough game.


Baseball is more of a drama than a sport, truth be told
at least American Baseball isn't played over 5 fooken days


He's an above average QB that's had insane luck and teams built around him.

This guy is mostly known for his twitter shitposting but he actually went in depth into it.


His son’s ass gives him the Super Bowl power.


Baseball players make everything look easy. Honestly it is hard for someone to like baseball from just watching it on TV or a stream. You have to have played it or at least grew up watching it. Most people who don't like (not trying to be an asshole) it don't understand it.


This is basically a 120 yard sprint.

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