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File: 1608525743442.jpg (16.96 KB, 500x344, smonk.jpg)

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Hello comrades. ITT we talk about what we are doing to improve ourselves. I'll go first:

I am trying to quit smoking. This is probably my sixth attempt but I am going to try and take it more seriously this time.

I have been cutting down for the past few months and had gotten down to 3 cigarettes a day but when I tried to quit earlier this week I ended up buying a pack at the end of the first day and smoking the whole thing that night out of anxiety about quitting.

I am a drug addict in recovery and this leaves coffee and kratom as the two substances I can use. The kratom seems to help with cigarette cravings or at least incentivizes smoking because I feel sick when I smoke on it. I might try NRT too. I am going to try and get back into running too since that helped me get off heroin the first time.
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Thanks, man. I finished it yesterday, finally.
Moving onto reading some theory and finishing What is to Be Done, but that'll be much harder. Is there a beginner reading list for leftist theory around?


Yeah, /edu/ has some reading lists. I heavily suggest Das Kapital by Marx, and Lenin's State and Revolution.


Don't be Self-Hating is a good self-improvement for many people


Something I think could help and I've noticed in my own life is laziness in small things, like changing your pants from comfortable house pants to more utilitarian jeans if you go outside or making sure you're cleaned up before going out into public. It's not about "muh appearance to others" though that is a secondary bonus, but about your personal attitude to yourself. If you indulge in minor laziness often you become more indolent in other things, less motivated and uncaring and more inclined to fall into being a NEET. As the saying goes, the power of little things is that there are many of them.


This a technique based on those Internet quizes to tell you what psyche disorders you may be prone to. The idea is to watch out for and recognize the manifestations, so you're not as much in their grip. So you get a bit of distance from them.
Doc. Hyatt was around a few years ago. Many of the people into his stuff have got Black Cat Syndrome. If you've got a mental health quirk, they're psychos. If you're into crystals, they've caught a demon in one. If you've got a black cat at home, they've got one too. But it's blacker.
Anyway, that aside, it does work. He basically ripped it off from reichian therapy, old school psychology texts, and other places.doc hyatt had a misanthropic world view so anons might like it if you find things like mindfulness a bit fluffy.


<a de-victimisation technique

<the idea is to bring out what is in your unconscious as quickly as possible
<one of the things you're going to learn from this exercise is how to use the superego, that is, the interjected, that is taking in like an amoeba the values and consciousness of this society and of your parents… you know when the superego's talking anytime you feel shame, embarrassment or you hearbthe word should in your mind

File: 1661360048405.png (932.92 KB, 1280x760, bp6gi2qbmxg21.png)



Talk bout motivation, get hype. Achieve communist utopia 2022.


you gotta drink coffee



File: 1612029245342-1.jpg (110.29 KB, 750x410, AMI-5-15.jpg)

File: 1612029245342-2.jpg (211.3 KB, 1208x815, 2063758.jpg)


Do you like planes?
Good. Post pictures of planes. Post interesting stuff about planes. Discuss Post Soviet planes. Post Post Soviet Planes, discuss American, British, Chinese, Brazillian, Canadian, Spanish, Japanese, Indonesian, Australian or anywhere else that makes planes planes. Post military planes, post civilian planes, WW2 planes, 60s planes, contemporary planes. Post air battles, post trip reports, If you are feeling daring, even go so far as to post helicopters. Post cockpits, post passenger cabins, post timetables, post airports, post liveries, post about airlines that exist and that no longer exist. If it's plane related, I want to see it.

And most importantly:
Post your favorite plane.
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Yeah but you can't just put something in a museum and be like 'hey this is BETTER than the original historical item'.

Well okay, you can, but it's not as good.


what's the best airline livery and why was it British Airways Landor?


File: 1651979743013-0.png (339.86 KB, 512x384, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1651979743013-1.png (85 KB, 390x280, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1651979743013-2.png (134.17 KB, 600x399, ClipboardImage.png)

Is it necessary to crouch or duck when entering a live helicopter?
If you don't want to become like pic 1 rel, you damn better do so.
Even with larger helicopters where the rotor disc SHOULD be well overhead, certain conditions such as wind or holding position on a slope can cause the rotor disc to have a substantial tilt, bringing the blades MUCH closer to the ground than you would think.

Approach ONLY when and from the direction signaled by the pilot (who is the only one who knows what control inputs he is making, and thus where the blades will be.) With rotors, props, and jet wash, you usually only get one mistake so caution is indicated.

There’s this idea that the blades will cut your head off, but they are blunt objects and just whack it off with sheer brute force. Pic 2 rel. People forget that the helicopter blade is a “rotary wing” ie a spinning airfoil. Helicopters and gyroplanes are called “rotary wing aircraft”. The spinning blades actually behave as a solid round wing for aerodynamic purposes hence the term “rotor disc” and it is “tilted” to achieve control. The leading edge is the rounded blunt one. The “knife edge” is the trailing edge, ie NOT what hits you. As you note this is sheer blunt trauma… Transfer of kinetic energy - WHACK. The tilting is also the reason why it can be so dangerous to approach. Say you are holding level against a crosswind - you can have a pretty substantial tilt. Ditto for slopes. Pic 3 related.

If mods think pic1 is too graphic pls spoiler


Are you in the DC area?


File: 1660910650024-0.jpg (50.13 KB, 800x500, B3w-_KsIAAAlBM8.jpg)

Virgin JetRanger and Chinook versus Chad Mi-26. It's the most based vertolet ever made.


Lads, I keep starting books and then skipping onto the next one. I can't complete anything, is this internet induced ADD?
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The posts ITT are awful, so I'll ignore them.

The answer is yes. If you had a slower expectation of reward, you'd be more patient and finish more books. And the internet is indeed fucking you up with that, but it can be fixed. Mediation helps too.


Ah yes. Blame TikTok for everything wrong.
The Internet is an overused factor in ADHD.

Also, alot ADHD is actually due to clinical over diagnosis wanting to sell more psych meds to kids instead of letting them run around in the play.
Our pediatric system views children as defective pets meant to be put down.


>Our pediatric system views children as defective pets meant to be put down.
Based and 100% true.


Sad but true


>Also, alot ADHD is actually due to clinical over diagnosis wanting to sell more psych meds to kids instead of letting them run around in the play.
fucking this, hell even in terms of pets, your og is going to be jittery and uncontrollable if you don't give them plenty of play time and a method of burning energy. Kids are the same, if you don't let them expend energy they're not going to behave very much.


>astronaut and cosmonaut in the same small moonbase
>both reflect on parenthood and bond
>emotional speech about there's enough of the moon for everyone, that the moon was declared for all mankind
>cosmonaut helps astronaut pull of far-flung stunt to save fellow americans
>part ways

>lol evil gommie man sabotages base

this show is so fucking good so far I just wish the soviets weren't the default bad guys just cuz they put a woman on the moon first or whatever


I like this show, not perfect ofc. What's interesting is that the Soviets straight up won the Cold War in this timeline. In the intro for S3 there were newsclippings about Gorby's economic miracle, all of South America is commie, China is commie (who knows what happened with the Sino-Soviet split).

Makes the US-based private space company as a 3rd power not really believable because how are they so rich without the success of American imperialism?


Oh, Mexico was commie. Can you imagine what type of US would allow that? They'd nuke the whole fucking world before that happened.


>Ronald D. Moore explained how history had been different in the series: "Sergei Korolev was the father of the Soviet space program; in our reality, he died during an operation in Moscow in the mid '60s. And after that point, their Moon program really never pulled together…. Our point of divergence was that Korolev lives, … and he made their Moon landing happen."
great man narrative moment


Annoyed with the redscare bullshit in this series. The Russians are just different charictures of Stalinism. I was reading Reddit comments and it rubs off on the fan base. Lot of "victims of communism" types talking about fascistic communism and a couple poor Russian libs wondering why their country/people are all being portrayed as savages.
Similar to OP situation, after the US crew rescued the Soviets, now there's some command tension with the Soviet commander being a dick. Like these things wouldn't have been cleared up before by political officials? It's just an opportunity for a Russian to look like an asshole.


Explain this, Jucheoids.

File: 1621785993432-0.jpg (32.66 KB, 600x648, goal.jpg)

File: 1621785993432-1.jpg (49.16 KB, 855x495, 145174518185118.jpg)

File: 1621785993432-2.pdf (3.94 MB, 234x300, HealthyMass4000.pdf)

File: 1621785993432-4.pdf (21.3 MB, 232x300, Soviet Strongman.pdf)

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Ask your /fit/ related questions here.

Beginner's Health and Fitness Guide, aka "the /fit/ sticky"

<Previous Thread

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It's great that we can laugh about this bro.

A non-negotiable 40mins fast walking in bright daylight, daily.
A slight recalibration of your circadian rhythms so that you are awake and active when most people are awake and active.
A slight recalibration of diet away from carbs and towards healthy fats and proteins, as part of an overall reduction in refined sugars, to improve mental clarity and focus. You sound educated enough to work out these details for yourself.

These things are easy and should be the focus of your day initially. Non-negotiable.

When they become second nature you'll be in a position where increased engagement with IRL political activity becomes an easy option. There will be no reason not to!


so is that a no? i just chose a random pic


Tweaked my shoulder doing 20kg weighted dips. Got excited to hit the 20kg and went too hard.

Just a minor tweak, was only like half an hour ago so haven’t seen if it’s still there after a sleep. I know shoulders can be fragile so why do? Got bench programmed for Thursday and OhP for Friday, should I not do these?



New thread: >>26632

File: 1658893701940.png (9.02 MB, 2560x1874, ClipboardImage.png)


There has been rise in film makers lately who just think if the photographic aspect of their cinema is great that means great cinema. This is just wrong, dead wrong. Cinema is the most powerful mode of story telling and if you are not able to tell anything through this medium then you are just intellectually bankrupt. If I only wanted great photography, I could just browse collection of paintings and photographs. Why would I need to see a film? Capitalism is truly creating the most mediocre cancer in history when it comes to Art and Literature.
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>From my perspective that movie was just a visual transposition of the script.
And the script, in this case, was just a transposition of the book.


>And the script, in this case, was just a transposition of the book.
Huh, didn't even realize it was a book. Well I guess even more reason making a big deal of it as "A Martin Scorsese film" is stupid. Like calling A Harry Potter flick "A Chris Columbus film"


Kind of got me thinking about adaptions in general. Funny how they're their own category in the Oscars that kind of puts it on par with original screenplay. Most of the time when I've read a movie and seen the film adaptation they're just a pared down version with things cut for time. I guess why shouldn't they be, why pay for the rights to something and change it dramatically. The original fanbase usually hates that, but still kind of crazy to put that much respect on just taking a story in one format and just transcribing it into another format.


File: 1659864421726.png (105.66 KB, 643x680, 4.png)


Correct take. If I want a good story I will read it. When I go watch a movie I want people more smarter than me to represent and manifest into imagery a story better than I could ever imagine. Sorry OP but you are wrong.

File: 1659724255566.png (38.47 KB, 1255x253, anime.png)


Dreamworks is about to release to the public teir animating tools. I I think a golden age of indie animations is among us.

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OpenMoonRay is just a renderer, Blender is a whole animation suite with multiple renderers.


People say this about Microsoft products all the time.


What does that mean for patents?


there's no patent because it doesn't do anything technologically unique. it uses publicly available algorithms and standards


How do you know that?

File: 1608526554237.jpg (38.71 KB, 463x381, marlboro-red.jpg)


What does /hobby/ smoke?
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Camel, Davidoff, whatever's there


File: 1659564896742.jpg (52.38 KB, 640x480, crow cigarette.jpg)

>why do burgers have this reaction?
I think it's more a gen-x millennial thing tbh. Zoomer's kinda grew up with vaping, but the 90's had hardcore smoking propaganda everywhere and 9/11 was an excuse to finally ban it in most public places (airplanes, restaurants, etc.). Many of us have family members who died of smoking, I didn't even know my grandfather (died when I was around 8) because of it. Only memory I have of him is puffing for hours on end on the couch, taking an occasional hit of an oxygen mask. Dude was rail thin but had so much trouble breathing he had sleep apnea like a morbidly obese person. It's not a pleasant way to go, usually long and drawn out compared to other fatal conditions. Every time I see someone puffing on the street corner I can't help but think of them lying in bed gasping for air in the future. We're all gonna go one day, but do you really want it to be in your 60's smelling like soot and looking like you have aids? Is it worth it?


File: 1659565774491.png (414.07 KB, 780x439, ClipboardImage.png)

Im trying to smoke less but when I do smoke it's usually "Natives". IDK if thats just a Canada thing but basically our smokes are taxed out the ass here (for good reason tbh) so people go to the reserves and buy tax free smokes, hence the name. A carton (8 packs iirc) of the native smokes costs less than two packs of regular smokes.
Also, has anyone else had their country turn the cigarette packaging into shit like picrel? My preferred smokes (when im not saving money at the reserves), Belmont, look more like medication than cigarettes now. it can get quite graphic. Again, probably doing this for good reasons but still.


Fish. Yummy kippers


I pick up discarded butts and roll them up in fresh papers. It's practically free my uyghas!


>The Human Face of Russia (1984) - everyday life in 1980s USSR

>1984 documentary on the USSR.


>Dock work is hard work, so it has a higher status in The Soviet Union. Higher status means higher pay and dock workers make more than an executive of a factory or a ship's captain.


A documentary thread on /hobby/ would be nice, maybe this one will do.


documentaries like these make me really sad knowing what happens later


Do Communists Have Better Sex? a documentary on the differences in sexual cultures that developed in East/West Germany during the Cold War.

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