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Learning can be fun!


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I prefer Serina

File: 1608525694723.jpg (85.85 KB, 809x1200, 1569732757118.jpg)

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Perhaps it has become your goal to be more charismatic, uninhibited and sociable.

Let's have a thread where we ask questions and give advice to improve exactly that.
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>just someone insulting another person
for real?


No, we'll sew them up and use colostomy bags.


File: 1663114008437.png (1.12 MB, 1920x1080, 38s656.png)

u gonna give us another update, u still sore?


Dam that's funny


t.cynical asshole that hates people actually getting something they want and having a healthy relationship, because they secretly hate themselves

File: 1674144366039.png (932.31 KB, 760x932, Communist_Floppa.png)


So you might be looking at the name of this thread and thinking Language learning as a hobby? Why yes, this thread is to be dedicated to those that are learning a new language as a hobby.

Not only this but to provide resources for those that wanna get help with their progress and just talk about their language learning journey.
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=Language learning torrents.=


=How to Torrent=



=qBittorrent (Most other torrent software is just shitty adware; this is FOSS)=


=How To Use qBittorrent Anonymously=
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Anyone got anything good on learning Bahasa Indonesia?


does anyone else get a weird "click" in their brain when they switch between languages


The Ayo Berbahasa Indonesia textbook



File: 1686935111423.jpg (23.94 KB, 527x306, longweiner.jpg)


It was called something like 'Leftypol Approved Cinema' or something, it had Reds, Potemkin, Network, Soy Cuba, etc. on it





File: 1687113597362.png (1.85 MB, 1920x1080, I Am Cuba.png)


>lefist films
>Lives of Others

File: 1686624440024.png (1.08 MB, 1300x872, ClipboardImage.png)


For some reason, I can't stand the Coen Brothers' stuff in general, but this one movie by them has got to be one of my favourites that I've watched so far. It has a lot of rewatch quality for me. There are so many engaging interweaving subplots and side characters within it, and overall it's a pretty good depiction of the drudgery and rejection underneath culture industry.
It still has the pitfalls of the Coens' other stuff, like intentionally unsympathetic characters and a sort of annoyingly overriding deadpan quality, but I can let those pass somehow.


>has got to be one of my favourites that I've watched so far
as in, one of my favourite movies I've watched ever


I hated this movie when I first saw it, but I’ve since known and been a part of music scenes since then and also become an even bigger Dylan fan than I was when I saw it. I def need to rewatch it.


So many fabulous and easily maintained buildings have been demolished because of short-sightedness. We shouldn't be vandals of architecture. We should preserve the Penn stations and the Russian cathedrals of the world, and not just demolish our monuments.

We should rebuild some of them as well. People don't just have utilitarian needs and need a "spiritual" or imaginative side which is opposed to efficiency but which startles you.
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Most bourgeoise architecture looks objectively better on fire.
Also, you talk like a stuck up bitch.
Opinion disregarded.


>flow of spaces
Sounds like dumb shit autists would obsess over. Nah, just slap some windows on that bitch and you’re good.


Some university press or whatever needs to start commissioning new English editions of Tafuri
He's a gem


Yes it is. Robert Venturi wrote a whole book about it.


neoclassical was a reaction against baroque and rococco styles which were associated with aristocratic decadence as opposed to neoclassical which suggested republican political aspirations which is why most US government buildings are neoclassical.

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What do you think of the Solarpunk literary genre? I find it very interesting, not only because I find the aesthetics very attractive, but also because it is openly anti-capitalist and has a very strong ideological content.
But I would like to know what /leftypol/ thinks.

Do you find a Solarpunk society the ideal society?anarcho-communismAnarcho-Communism
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But still you can't really use masonry for everything, as an example pile foundations would require massive amounts of digging if not for concrete. You should ask an expert about it, like if doing a lot of extra work to avoid burning lime is worth it.


that it a question that is only possible to answer under a global system of planning


Solarpunk is unironically fascist.


As opposed to ironically fascist?


File: 1681306486106.jpeg (457.4 KB, 1600x1066, communisisisisim.jpeg)


For the first time in my life i have enough money to travel and see the friends i have made over the years in their home country.
While i am on my travels i would like to see some historic areas of significance for communism/socialism/anarchism. I am going to Europe and i would like to go places where i can soak in some history and perhaps learn a little bit more about the radical tradition.

What places are there of communist significance in Europe?

I have a tiny list right now because i don't even know what places to go

Marx's grave
That Tito theme park in Serbia
Exarchia in Greece
That one communist town in Spain.
Barcelona CNT shit
The paris streets rn

anything else?
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Vampiric piece of shit


you're thinking of kissinger
deng enjoyed smoking and died of lung cancer


he somehow lasted until the age of 92


The Greek one sounds good, just be aware of current events when you go. And don't be that anarcho-capitalist kid ;)
If you're in USA, one of the intentional anarchist* communities there could be of interest.
(Technically they're registered as non-for-profit businesses to get religion tax avoidance. Murica!)


In Peru, had a Nasserist period plus the SP war so apart from Machu Picchu, ayahuasca and food yadayadayada you can go to:
-Ayacucho (the land of the dead -that is the name! for the wars of indepence) old colonial town.
-Cusco (and visit the Campesinos orgs HQs, they are old colonial houses anyway)
-Lima: Go to El Fronton Island to see the sea wolfs (and if you can from the distance or maybe arrive to the island and see the prison that got bomb to ashes)
—The LUM: A liberal museum about the internal conflict with funding from German orgs so you know its liberal. But it is pretty and always is on the brink of closing by the right seethe.
—The old national museum was a brutalist megaministry build during Velasco, now it was moved to the south so it would only be to appreaciate a brutalist whale building.
→ The 3 coops that survived since the agrarian reform and the neoliberal privatization. One is also a hotel too.
→ Bonus: In Trujillo, in the walls of the ruins of the palaces of Chan Chan a thousand social democrats were shot in the 30s. So you can see the ruins of a mud palace and think about how they lost their revolution too.

File: 1626588388645.jpg (86.28 KB, 1024x768, dj.jpg)


Stayed up tonight to make a pastebin specifically full of old youtube channels. No i didn't double check anything. Anyway i have a whole youtube account that's basically a time capsule so i might make a pastebin of my liked videos later if i ever feel like it.
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File: 1669323723761.png (41.96 KB, 921x344, Leftypol 92.png)

I wish Leftypol had it's own desuarchive.

Because now I can't even look at the original thread that this image was taken at.



File: 1684857313860.jpg (414.42 KB, 4096x2734, debord-time.jpg)

>The alienation of the spectator to the profit of the contemplated object (which is the result of his own unconscious activity) is expressed in the following way: the more he contemplates the less he lives; the more he accepts recognizing himself in the dominant images of need, the less he understands his own existence and his own desires. The externality of the spectacle in relation to the active man appears in the fact that his own gestures are no longer his but those of another who represents them to him. This is why the spectator feels at home nowhere, because the spectacle is everywhere.
>Man, “the negative being who is only to the extent that he suppresses Being,” is identical to time. Man’s appropriation of his own nature is at the same time his grasp of the unfolding of the universe. “History is itself a real part of natural history, of the transformation of nature into man” (Marx). Inversely, this “natural history” has no actual existence other than through the process of human history, the only part which recaptures this historical totality, like the modern telescope whose sight captures, in time, the retreat of nebulae at the periphery of the universe. History has always existed, but not always in a historical form. The temporalization of man as effected through the mediation of a society is equivalent to a humanization of time. The unconscious movement of time manifests itself and becomes true within historical consciousness. Properly historical movement, although still hidden, begins in the slow and intangible formation of the “real nature of man,” this “nature born within human history–within the generating action of human society,” but even though that society developed a technology and a language and is already a product of its own history, it is conscious only of a perpetual present. There, all knowledge, confined within the memory of the oldest, is always carried by the living. Neither death nor procreation is grasped as a law of time. Time remains immobile, like an enclosed space. A more complex society which finally becomes conscious of time devotes itself to negating it because it sees in time not what passes, but only what returns. A static society organizes time in terms of its immediate experience of nature, on the model of cyclical time.
>Another side of the deficiency of general historical life is that individual life as yet has no history. Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


The admins have taken a slower care on promoting this site as some downsizing method. They won’t even create a Wikipedia page even with having resources and ability to do so for more than a year now.


You could create one yourself you know

File: 1624797265063.jpg (111.88 KB, 960x621, film-1155439_960_720.jpg)


Can anyone lead me to good resources to learn about cinematography and story telling in general?
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That old black and white color film? Yeah, good point.


almost all films have a male lead


Watch Soviet silent montage films until your eyeballs turn into pulp


When is saying "kino" cringe?


A phone camera can shoot 1080p video, and that's all you need unless you're shooting like a commercial feature or something
My Pixel 6 Pro can shoot 4K at 60fps, let alone 30 or 24

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