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Comics and cartoons are the industried were the contradictions of capitalism are the most noticeableYou know them I know them.
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Are they still making cartoons? What channel(s)?


flapjack, regular show, adventure time and gravity falls are peak gen z nostalgia
don't know wtf the rest are


Is this what zoomers actually feel nostalgic for?
There were some cartoons back in the day that were ass, but we still had absolute bangers like Hey Arnold, Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Lab, Ed Edd n Eddy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, the Thornberries, Rocket Power and early Spongebob.


why is home stuck
get her out


get a life

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How many drugs have you used recreational/medicinally?

After listing them out, the numbers make lose all hope in society
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What are delirants then?


Nvm I did a better web search after posting this.


I've had really intense experiences on edibles that are borderline trippy/psychedelic. I'm not a particularly heavy user, either, I think I might just have a sensitivity or something.


This is probably cliched as fuck, but since I went from smoking weed rarely to all the time I've gotten way more in touch with nature. Even when I'm sober, sitting alone in nature just feels better than watching TV or scrolling or anything like that. Like breathing room for my brain.

Though my increase in toking coincided with an increase in work hours and stress so that may be part of my newfound appreciation for quiet and simplicity, too.


I wish I could smoke again without getting terrible anxiety. I know I can ease into it, but there's always the risk of getting anxiety and it just puts me off.

File: 1654009296652.jpg (171.44 KB, 1532x1021, 1622722051888.jpg)


Where we send in whatever we've written during the week and discuss with each other?
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clubs don't work on imageboards, stop trying to make them happen
like >>25480 said, there's already a thread


File: 1654088900215.png (50.35 KB, 264x403, 1.png)



Ok send in something


just make a writing general thread instead so we can share ideas


i like the idea of a club, anon


Rock climbing is cool and seems like a decent way to get in shape for my body type. I really want to try it, but the shoes cost so damn much.
vid related is arguably the greatest climber in the world doing one of the hardest outside climb.


Can you get them second hand?
They are indeed expensive :/ but climbing is really fun.


you dont really need the shoes, joggers with a low profile height work too.


Lads, I keep starting books and then skipping onto the next one. I can't complete anything, is this internet induced ADD?
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have you tried just looking at the table of contents and picking a chapter that is interesting?

i downloaded a new book yesterday and just read the two chapters i wanted to and it was very interesting and engaging


>how do you explain
He can't.


Get an active hobby, like Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, playing an instrument, etc.


The posts ITT are awful, so I'll ignore them.

The answer is yes. If you had a slower expectation of reward, you'd be more patient and finish more books. And the internet is indeed fucking you up with that, but it can be fixed. Mediation helps too.


Ah yes. Blame TikTok for everything wrong.
The Internet is an overused factor in ADHD.

Also, alot ADHD is actually due to clinical over diagnosis wanting to sell more psych meds to kids instead of letting them run around in the play.
Our pediatric system views children as defective pets meant to be put down.

File: 1608526400652.jpg (637.85 KB, 1280x1663, 192873512685183.jpg)


Uhh yeah, this. What do we think of it?

I think the cinematically it was really good, but it had a lot of historical inaccuracies.
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>The Hangover Part II and The Hangover Part III
For real?


I personally think it is impossible and outright stupid to deny that the late USSR had several problems, like accountability or openess to internal issues that are portrayed in the movie.


You mean the TV series, it isn't a film, but a mini-series. And While the Late-Gorbachev era USSR had problems, the portrayal here is fucking laughable caricature, it's just not so exaggerated compared to prior "Klyukva" about "le ebul Sovjets" a la Red Dawn.


Like what?
Not even Gorbachev got the right information about the incidents so there must have been some heavy rot


>Not even Gorbachev got the right information about the incidents
Says who? The series? If you're talking about "le Roetgen" meme its because readings differed in different areas. Scroll through the thread, people talk about its problems.

File: 1627040494137.jpg (141.89 KB, 750x934, EcquXJdWkAMQ126[1].jpg)


transfer window edition
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nevermind faggots


fuck liverpool


English football is far ahead of any other league culturally, tactically and as a spectacle. Soulless yankoids such as yourself usually pick one of the parasitic "big 6" clubs to "support" from afar like a complete tool


Jokes on you, I don't support any clubs
I just watched Ted Lasso and was inspired

fuck liverpool, those limey lippys


>English football is far ahead of any other league culturally, tactically and as a spectacle
Chill lmao, England is the burgerland of Europe. Also South American and Eastern European teams have more soul at this point than western europeans you just have the money.

File: 1608526718424.jpg (142.77 KB, 1280x720, LordOfTheRings.jpg)

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Noticed a lot people talking about Tolkien’s works and philosophy. So, I created a thread specifically dedicated for that and other things related to it, like the movies and games.
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>writing a letter to “the nazis” stops you from being racist


He openly denounced it and the nazis that espoused racial 'science'. He did not have any racist writings and specifically dismissed any attempt to try and project human races onto his fictional works.
>inb4 hiding it
Tolkien lived in a time that had people lynch blacks in the South with no repercussion and the British Empire gassed African villages that refused to bend a knee to their rule, People hardly would care about a racist caricature had he intended it, but he did not.


>There's no fucking excuse for Orcs
The orcs are demons, are you suggesting that every work with demons in it is fascist?


I’d say the racialism in Tolkien’s works have nothing at all to do with the orcs, but rather the fact that only the whites of the West are heroic freedom fighters fighting to ensure Morgoth and Sauron do not rule Middle Earth, the peoples of the East and the South are said to have mostly bowed down to Morgoth’s rule and then Sauron’s after him. Of course there are also other iffy ideas, like the obsession with bloodlines and royal blood, how the Numenoreans have a “superior” bloodline to all other human cultures.
Biggest issue is that the non-white cultures of the world are all servants of Sauron….


The "West" doesn't refer to some kind of Middle Earth equivalent of Europe, the "West" of the Men of the West refers to the island of Númenor, which is, for all intents and purposes, the LotR version of Atlantis. Nor were they all necessarily "white". Some were, but others were supposed to have been of darker complexion, like Aragorn himself who is described in the book as brown skinned.

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>Average Sci-Fi Fan
<Average Fantasy Enjoyer
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File: 1653771065127.png (202.95 KB, 720x489, om7qh38rvoj21.png)

>Anti-Communism had nothing to do with Heinlein's works
>Capitalism is a development of feudalism


File: 1653802825428.jpg (20.44 KB, 202x267, cease faggotry.jpg)

>moe-blob meme
<no fucking conception of historic dialectics and the progression of economic systems, such as the formation of capitalist relations through merchant guilds that arose just before the renaissance in Feudal Europe.
<Doesn't understand assessing literature on its own, divergent of an authors personal politics.
No argument.


>>moe-blob meme
oh my sweet summer child


DCDR, Here's your (you)


you clearly read my post to have replied with that

File: 1608526239769.png (114.47 KB, 1191x573, 7uzielfju2ey.png)

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not pictured because i don't have the screenshot:
>that time anon made a post about trump being grown in a vat in somewhere france by the situationist to tank the us empire
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apologies, this one looked better that's why


File: 1653386589672.jpg (116.01 KB, 1328x398, 888888.jpg)

Reposting the sacred prophecy


File: 1653436461683.png (56.05 KB, 576x581, wiggy.png)

I don't know what an Elvis accent sounds like, so I just read it in Johnny Bravo's voice.


File: 1653517561721.png (832.55 KB, 680x840, 1634170006489.png)


File: 1653533558259.png (206.4 KB, 1065x899, shut up nerd.png)

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