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File: 1678639506728.jpg (42.03 KB, 500x500, cheeese.jpg)


Is there anything more annoying than cheese fans?
They never shut up about how "trad" and "cheesepilled" they are and refuse to eat anything without covering it in so much cheese that it overwhelms the flavour of everything else in meal.
<I'm only eating that if you make it into a cheese sandwich
<I'm only eating that if you grill cheese onto it
<I'm only eating those if you put small chunks of cheese on them
<I'm only eating that if you cover it in grated cheese
<I'm only eating them if you put cheese sauce on them
<I'm only eating that if you put cheese in the bun with it
And I could keep going with more examples but you get the idea, the most infuriating part is they only like cheese because they think it's "trad" since it's been around so long.
I bet that if cheese had only been invented a few weeks ago they would claim to hate it and say they're sticking with bread or some other food that's old enough to appear in the bible.
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I'm just going to say it
It's the most impotent of cheeses.


cheddar is best cheese
also thanks for reminding me to add to my lunch


Ppl eat cheese with plain bread or toast?
The rest are fine


How will cheesecels ever recover from this??


File: 1681716582686.png (376.42 KB, 474x355, ClipboardImage.png)

Cheese enjoyers are all pedos.

File: 1680382775013.jpg (2.06 MB, 3000x2009, Apelles.jpg)


Can we have an art thread?

I'm particularly interested in the renaissance art, and personally wish I knew more about the artists and the works from this period.

To start off, The Calumny Of Apelles:


More about Botticelli:

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File: 1681066148979.gif (93.82 KB, 115x107, evaporate-disappear.gif)



'Sacred And Profane Love', by Titian.


The wikipedia lists the contestations made about the 'meaning' of the painting, but gives an accurate description of what and who the painting is about.


'Flaying of Marsyas', Titian.

It's notable that in his age the later works of Titian move into these dream-like depictions. You can see the same with >>33459


From the wikipedia

<The philosopher-turned-novelist Iris Murdoch was especially fascinated by the painting, which she described in an interview as "the greatest in the Western canon". It is mentioned in three of her novels, and sometimes discussed by the characters. In her portrait for the National Portrait Gallery by Tom Phillips, a reproduction occupies most of the wall behind her head. She said it was "something to do with human life and all its ambiguities and all its horrors and terrors and misery, and at the same time there’s something beautiful, the picture is beautiful, and something also to do with the entry of the spiritual into the human situation and the closeness of the gods …"


The other Starry Night is more famous but I like this one better. It captures an important period of change in Europe. We can see here a sort of liminal space between the comfy old world, lit by the stars, and the looming new world lit by industrially produced artificial lights. Here, the gas lamps across the river are just beginning to dominate, but have not yet drowned out the stars above. The exaggerated reflection of the gas lamps in the river foreshadows their eventual dominance, and creates a feeling as if the lights of industry are reaching across this natural barrier.

The composition also creates an alienating effect. The human figures are rendered tiny here, shoved into a corner in the foreground. The river, bridged by the artificial lights creates a barrier between them and the sky. The material, earthly realm to be dominated by these burning lights of industry, cutting us off from the heavenly world, both in the stars and the natural beauty.

I don't know how much foresight Van Gogh had, but it feels like a sense of that separation informed much of his work, given the focus on contrasts. For this painting, there is a notable difference in the color of the starlight and the lamplight, the latter being a more vivid yellow. The paler stars therefore already acquire a sense of being overshadowed, largely separated from the rest of the image in a sky unbothered by the vivid yellow gas lights below, unlike the beach in the foreground. Yet even as those yellow lights reach out to us to change our colors, the pale starlight waits above, unmoved and unchanging, perhaps to be seen again if we should dim our lights of industry on nights to come.


some of these are tempera paintings, not oil paintings or frescos

File: 1672997487070.jpg (106.61 KB, 1200x675, avatarstill1.jpg)

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Thoughts on Avatar? It's probably the most explicitly anti American movie of the decade and has strong anti imperial and anti capitalist themes.

Will it change anything?
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I hope not. That retarded faggot shouldn't breed.


Just watched this film!

Very good, absolutely fantastic, the colonialism in the first film to settler colonialism in the second.

The theme of revolution is very good, Jake's reluctance to fight, how he believes to run, to escape the powers that be and then finally understanding and his consciousness being risen, that he must rebel, that capital will always go after him, his family and people, therefore you cannot run and must resist…beautiful takeaway from the film.

looking forward to the 3rd, anymore predictions for the franchise/saga or any new comments and analysis on the 1st or 2nd film?



Also it's now able to be torreneted so get your copy


When will Cameron release the 10 hour director's cut with 6 hours of Jake reading Mao to his kids as they grow up?



Haha, looking forward to the directors cut though!

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post meme templates and objects with transparent backgrounds, etc. for our OC makers to use.
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File: 1675291525510.png (178.01 KB, 640x412, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1677301484813.png (24.54 KB, 853x543, ClipboardImage.png)

freedom aint free


File: 1677710102224.png (180.58 KB, 591x404, meme template.png)



File: 1680989805993-0.png (46.56 KB, 980x1106, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1680989805993-1.png (46.48 KB, 980x1106, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1680989805993-2.png (1.01 MB, 980x1106, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1680989805993-3.png (837.35 KB, 1079x1434, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1608525415591.gif (17.55 KB, 511x341, FILE155.gif)

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Comics and cartoons are the industried were the contradictions of capitalism are the most noticeableYou know them I know them.
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File: 1680242739822.jpg (333.66 KB, 1536x2048, hussie at furcon 2020.jpg)

>yeah i read mao


Homestuck has substance, sometimes even pretty good substance. That and the admittedly entertaining way it purposefully intersects text with subtext, are the only two saving graces.


File: 1680291214742.gif (26.52 KB, 588x289, 1226705775195.gif)

I miss the thrill of stumbling around the internet looking for fun, new webcomics.


They're still very much a thing, you just need to look for them.


Any recommendations?

File: 1608525488124.gif (159.65 KB, 749x578, 5ef.gif)

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Post all obscure and underground imageboards in this thread, the chan must be at least half-dead so no archived chans.
>inb4 'hurr durr don't put muh sekrit klub in the limelight'
The population here is low as it is, there's also a large overlap between this chan and others.
I'll start:Dreamch.net
There was this one I faintly remember and I think the theme was either dinosaurs or lizards…
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It's lower traffic than leftypol.org so they are a bit slower with deleting spam but it is gone now.



Pinche chan todo culero


File: 1685853160617.png (50.29 KB, 321x343, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm surprised that there are any decent takes coming out of encyclopedia dramatica since 2014, but shit, we found some.


File: 1685853194944.png (212.49 KB, 328x881, ClipboardImage.png)

>>34434 [didn't attach]

File: 1664942530229.png (258.33 KB, 1024x1024, ClipboardImage.png)


What are your drugs anons?

Acid is something I could do everyday but I need to get more.

Sometimes drugs:
Mescaline is cool, but it spanks you hard. I dunno if I could be on a mescaline high everyday and be functional.
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yeah I use it to help me get thru workdays, and helps concentration for my hobbies. I brew it in the mornings and keep it in a tea flask to sip through the day I find that works the best. then every week or so I switch around the strain to prevent tolerance build up.


maybe if you're a boring faggot sure

if you know your limits who gives a fuck


Yeah Kratom is cool but have you tried fentanyl? love this shit 🤤(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


im a lil concerned anon


I only do weed (and alcohol and tobaco sometimes) for now, but i want to do all psychedelics

File: 1680639815292.jpg (414.49 KB, 1996x1437, They were Right.jpg)


>Alt-text: The Elite from Superman vs The Elite, Riddler from The Batman (2022), Killmonger from the Black Panther Film, The Flagsmashers from Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Gorr from Thor Love & Thunder and Amon, Zaheer and Kuvira from The Legend of Korra.

I want to see a movie where a character like these ones is the hero, instead of a "sympathetic" villain who the writers have commit acts of brutality so the audience feels better about the heroes defending a harmful status quo.
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The closest you're ever gonna get is Star Wars where the bad guys are all fascists and the commies have to join the Rebels due to lack of other options


>commies have to join the Rebels due to lack of other options
Don't remember a single one communist there.


The rebels in Andor seemed low key based


Not really. Typical anarchist or petit bourg uprising against imperialism. Not a single communist found.

The tv show wasn't bad, i liked it, but there is not a single communist theme there. I had hopes for "manifesto"guy, but it ended up being an idealistic crap about muh freedoms.


The Elite from Superman is based on the The Authority comic in which they are the heroes.

File: 1608525890456.png (32.4 KB, 753x663, g8.png)

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Hey all, I was curious at to what you guys think about the SCP Foundation shared universe.
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File: 1667759295284.png (1.9 MB, 1200x5000, deep cave.png)


>I had dreams of the queen wonders that lived inside the hearts of love and silent treatments of all the elderly that I knew were once whole. I seek the revelations of all that the holy told to the unwise in the dreams of cold embers in sunlight that fade across lakes of black blood and snakes that eat the loaves of children from lamb trees in autumn. Endless suffering is the woe of ignorant men who never lack to seek the depth of their own hearts and only see the wealth of a poor world suffering to flay its own back in knife wounds of silver and brutal gladness. The nightmare is a dream to the nameless slug that wanders across minefield and the remains of deer and kings. Nightshade is shadows in all honest blinks that sort through the bile of newborn plagues, instant warmth is a mother's milk in dreams before anything was ever evil. In seconds the sun is beating like drums in all hearts eat the ear of noise. The sensual violence of lust is all the assurance you will ever need to know the worth of life.


I stand with the Manna Charitable Foundation


Gamers Against Weed over here of course


Items: Knife, Torch, Compass
Rare: Jumper, Greed, Shifter
Companions: Merchant, Soldier
Quests: Do all I guess

File: 1608525558836.jpg (129.36 KB, 1024x629, fzwq934d9maz.jpg)

 No.1505[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Haven't seen this thread revived anywhere so I thought I'd bring it back myself

ITT: Discussions about stats of Soviet military hardware, tactics etc. Not strictly limited to Soviet stuff despite name.
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fucking kek


File: 1639669268862.jpg (154.13 KB, 1451x1073, 1639588296960.jpg)

war has changed


Post this on AKM because it is military related


File: 1645490131169-0.png (2.5 MB, 1200x697, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1645490131169-1.png (6.57 MB, 3456x2382, ClipboardImage.png)

Recently been reading the AVP wiki cuz I've been rewatching the movies and looking at the game let's plays and the only listed Colonial Marine melee is a combat knife based on the American M9 bayonet, the appearance got me curious because it looked like an AKM bayonet. I go to wikipedia; lo and behold, "The M9 bayonet was designed and developed by Charles A. "Mickey" Finn at his R&D company, Qual-A-Tec.[1][2][3] It is a refined copy of the Russian AKM 6H3 bayonet.[4] He later produced it under the Phrobis III name, filling a military contract for 325,000 units in 1986."
But nah only de "dum gommies" copied "thuperior American technology"
And hell they copied an already outdated Soviet bayonet that had already been replaced in service in 1974, 10 years late. But it's not unusual, ironically until the late 80s the USSR had been ahead in all the innovative technologies that are now thought of as the norm of modern military tech.


Moved to >>>/AKM/2853.

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