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File: 1623349431706.jpg (505.35 KB, 1236x1200, 1623349370823.jpg)

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Let's get a footy thread going.

Tomorrow is the first match between TÜRKS (Kara Boğa) versus Italians.

Other spicy first round matches include England versus Scotland, Finland vs Denmark, Germany vs France.

Post your predictions and reactions in this thread
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I'm too mad to say anything, we're playing like shit while England is basically perfect.


I think that noone is here because the thread is bumplocked and as a result doesn't show up on the overboard


well i'll make a new one then, worth it for post match shitshow


File: 1626033420104.png (306.7 KB, 1023x699, INGERLAND.png)



File: 1608525674353.jpg (70.45 KB, 1040x428, Hello There.jpg)

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Star Wars thread; To discuss, laugh and meme about Star Wars

Don't be a cunt and may the Force be with you
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File: 1615997419077.png (753.64 KB, 1242x1144, image0-40.png)

go ahead rebel
you can't unhorny the galaxy


Are you mocking people defending Gina Carano? She's absolutely right.


but she was perfect for the role because she was a heavy gunner


File: 1625217296748.jpg (109.64 KB, 1080x608, buff.jpg)

>she got too fat for the role
what do you mean by that ? she just looks believably buff, like she could actually fight without immediately being snapped like a twig.



File: 1608525689047.jpg (925.71 KB, 1700x2192, 49647782-a-suldin-vsya-ist….jpg)


За Победу!

Post photographs, videos, documents, maps, medals and stories relating to the Great Patriotic War.
Post about WW-II history you know or want to know about. Primarily Soviet focused but includes others too.

If you have a soviet veteran in your family history, feel free to create an account and register their name, photo and any other information at http://moypolk.ru
No shitposting
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File: 1608526922004.jpg (83.01 KB, 899x443, Z_SubeWsAA__h0.jpg)

The page for World War two on leftypedia wiki is active and in need of improvements and more information and content to flesh out the vast conflict.

Lies must be debunked, crimes exposed and truths/heroics displayed for all to see and know.


>The beauty of the Russian spirit. This is why the Nazis were defeated…
Hello vlasovite reactionary cuck. How much did United Russia™ pay you?


File: 1614157685099.mp4 (36.41 MB, 640x480, We are Masters of War 1941.mp4)



>Muh Vlasovites!!!!
Fuck off, Stalin also said so that this is a victory of the Russian people and their fighting spirit and meant all Soviet peoples by this; Slavs and Kavakaztsev and Mongolo-Tatars. This is despite the fact that he is a Georgian and as the leader of the USSR he was especially grateful about the population and nations of his country, and did no good for the nationalists. Despite the fact that Stalin said that, for example, heroes were on each side of the Civil War. And the Vlasovites betrayed Russia, fighting for foreigners who openly wanted to annihilate the people, and not as a Civilian where a great honor of the people fought for their homeland and their conviction about how to save it.


File: 1625588992907.webm (12.91 MB, 640x360, Soviet Artillery Tribute ….webm)

Don't forget the myth that the USSR used human wave tactics.
In reality the USSR relied heavily on artillery that while lacked the command and control of US artillery of the time made up for it in shear firepower. Soviet tactics also took this into account and more focused on battlefield destruction (killing/suppressing everything in a large beating zone and removing enemy cover) rather then attacking any particular target.

File: 1625109670245-0.jpg (306.02 KB, 1600x1200, music girl wallpaper.jpg)

File: 1625109670245-1.png (5.02 MB, 1600x1017, Space Colony by Shigeru Ko….png)

File: 1625109670245-2.jpg (86.46 KB, 1024x768, dj.jpg)

File: 1625109670245-3.jpg (852.45 KB, 1920x1200, headphones.jpg)

File: 1625109670245-4.jpg (155.91 KB, 640x960, kaname chidori.jpg)


Post wallpapers! I need something without anime girls in it, but really comfy and nice and makes you feel like you're living in it
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File: 1625247909841-0.jpg (1.39 MB, 1920x1080, Thassa, God of the Sea.jpg)

File: 1625247909841-1.png (4.43 MB, 1920x1080, The Resistance.png)

File: 1625247909841-2.png (9.24 MB, 3911x1897, Thousands of Evils.png)

File: 1625247909841-3.png (1.31 MB, 1920x1080, Wake⁄Lift.png)

File: 1625247909841-4.jpg (494.68 KB, 1920x1080, Neon.jpg)

Mostly album art and M:TG, I know


File: 1625255686202-0.png (3.7 MB, 1918x1037, 1611823536363.png)

File: 1625255686202-1.jpg (817.86 KB, 2560x1440, 1606819889046.jpg)

File: 1625255686202-2.png (1.55 MB, 3440x1935, 1616289893195.png)

File: 1625255686202-3.jpg (555.69 KB, 1920x1080, 797570-full-size-mushishi-….jpg)

File: 1625255686202-4.jpg (198.04 KB, 1920x1080, 1587477926056.jpg)

some an*me shit i like


File: 1625514830573.jpg (624.2 KB, 2048x1536, 28th anniversary lagoon ne….jpg)

Anyone else hubble gang? Recently I've been using hubble telescope images for desktop backgrounds.


File: 1625515580723-0.jpg (1.84 MB, 2500x1535, 1b1324f7e25b7121beef6c9427….jpg)

File: 1625515580724-1.jpg (14.56 MB, 5593x3454, 04f506148862782ea4c8dd4378….jpg)

File: 1625515580724-2.jpg (374.32 KB, 1920x1235, 56e66452fc26fb4bbdefb59d3b….jpg)

File: 1625515580724-3.jpg (213.67 KB, 3500x2322, 904b6defe90af6e6aca20d52f6….jpg)

File: 1625515580724-4.jpg (985.46 KB, 3071x2045, 991f63987ad5cdb49c13a508df….jpg)



File: 1625515648789-0.jpg (1.02 MB, 2017x1307, a0fa50c9cf7e0563a817eb8a3f….jpg)

File: 1625515648789-1.jpg (501.27 KB, 2100x1350, b45179088602869f7b567c472e….jpg)

File: 1625515648789-2.jpg (637.32 KB, 2048x1405, c88f1b8052a8414026839a910d….jpg)

File: 1625515648789-3.png (571.61 KB, 2664x1896, dc98ab6c8910009d7f3714ec8d….png)

File: 1625515648789-4.png (759.34 KB, 4380x2468, f677794990ecb0f3a075bfdf16….png)

File: 1608525606523-0.jpg (84.74 KB, 1000x667, 90f275debf52db3217419c805c….jpg)

File: 1608525606523-1.jpg (47.82 KB, 1200x521, 1200px-PPSh-41_from_soviet.jpg)

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Just don't talk about gun control
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Either bite the bullet and just do that class with them or try to find trusted people/comrades and go into a class together where you can at least feel semi-comfortable.


Any anon know about holland and holland or browning im in the uk so a bit boring


wholly needless. 6,5grendel would be interesting, but a 5,56.45 ak has no place.


Huge .pdf dump from our anonfriends

File: 1613839910866.png (866.92 KB, 1280x768, gaze.png)


>the man's gaze
>the placement of the bottle
What did Tarkovsky mean by this?
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Was about to start a new thread but may as well give this thread a bump instead


Found this Chinese movie, other cool movies on YouTube? Particularly Chinese since I'm trying to learn the language but eastern Euro and Soviet kino is good too




No, literally every great artist from the USSR had a contentious relationship with the government.


That the movie is completely overrated and only "good" because it was a competant romance film with sci-fi aesthetics before shit like that became main-stream. Nowadays its peak high-end mediocrity. Stalker and Sacrifice are runnig circles around Solaris.


That's different from not being a Marxist, though.

File: 1608526139653-0.jpg (228.26 KB, 1024x683, permaculture1.jpg)

File: 1608526139653-1.jpg (286.24 KB, 1024x973, pclt-1024x973.jpg)

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The practice and principles of Permaculture are one of the most important tools for not only creating a sustainable socialism, but also for repairing the damage done to the global ecosystem by capitalism, and lessening your individual reliance on the current capitalist system.Permacultural practice and socialism are two very powerful allies, and learning about permaculture should be necessity for modern socialists and communists.
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Thanks m8

>It's not good enough and it degrades the land
Like I said, depends on your method. If you just till the land and nothing else, no shit it'll fuck things up, which is why you make sure to not leave it to be dispersed
> Soil is not a substance, like water. It's an ecosystem with structure and the more you disrupt that structure the more you destabilize it.
Soil is dug up and churned by nature all the time, it also gets washed away all the time, the reason meadows don't wash away near streams is because the grass is tightly holding the soil and the meadows tend to have trees retaining moisture and keeping out Dry Winds


Very interesting, thank you anon.


File: 1611788595507.jpg (11.88 KB, 332x443, classic.jpg)

>most of the garden hoses have lead in them or other toxic chemicals that leach into the water
How big of a thing is this actually??


File: 1624647127261-0.png (116 KB, 280x356, The Murder of Andreas Baad….png)

File: 1624647127261-1.jpg (35.82 KB, 427x233, Massacre in Korea.jpg)

File: 1624647127261-2.jpg (72.44 KB, 800x645, Beat the Whites with the R….jpg)


Post left-wing visual arts.
>The Murder of Andreas Baader (Odd Nerdrum)
>Massacre in Korea (Pablo Picasso)
>Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge (El Lissitzsky)


File: 1624651050855.jpg (478.6 KB, 1200x807, 1200px-A_Sunday_on_La_Gran….jpg)



File: 1624654386983.jpg (946.22 KB, 1536x798, Pellizza_da_Volpedo_Il_Qua….jpg)

File: 1623246037211-0.jpeg (147.39 KB, 676x1000, image.jpeg)

File: 1623246037211-1.jpeg (56.92 KB, 440x700, image.jpeg)


Which Hollywood celeb would you kill everyone on this board for just to have her kiss your cheek sweetly?

Pic related
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File: 1623532671703.png (1.45 MB, 736x905, ClipboardImage.png)

He's pretty. Pretty based.


>The Parent Trap '98
i love that movie

the older parent trap is just not as good or iconic


wtf glenn based
i thought he was just another hollywood anti-vax hippie


File: 1624529183120.png (116.4 KB, 500x712, Vincent D'Onofrio on Twitt….png)

This man pops up on the weirdest places


File: 1624571303239.jpg (121.01 KB, 800x1199, ana-de-armas-at-saint-laur….jpg)

Can't even handle how fine she is.

File: 1608525694723.jpg (85.85 KB, 809x1200, 1569732757118.jpg)

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Perhaps it has become your goal to be more charismatic, uninhibited and sociable.

Let's have a thread where we ask questions and give advice to improve exactly that.
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do psychedelics and take the time to fully immerse yourself in life from time to time and you will be surprised at how slow things can still feel


> at small drinking gathering with friends and friends of friends.
> cute girl i've just met seems to be flirting with me through the night,
>touching my leg, laying her head on my shoulder, looking at me a lot etc,
>too pussy to do anything, don't flirt back(don't even really know how to)
>get angry at myself the next day because she's leaving the country soon
How do i get over this fear of rejection/ looking like creep? I've missed so many potential opportunities. Not a virgin btw


Step one is not caring too much about it, you figured out she was flirting with you and simply being clued in enough to figure that out however belatedly is an advance

Things are looking up for you clearly you have some pull or a woman wouldn't have flirted with you QED


I would consider myself quite sociable and conventionally attractive. I have no problem talking at length with most people including women. All my relationships in the past have either started because somebody set me up or pure luck. I literarily don't know how to flirt or return advances. I feel like i have a mental block thats always telling me to "not make them think I like them" even if i do.


There is no trick, you just do it. I can go down all the arguments
>fuck what everyone else thinks, that will only hold you back
>good guys will give you cudos for trying, even if you fail
>you will gain experience and will be better when the next girl comes around
yada yada, you just do it. You are not a creep for showing interest in a girl. That's the most normal thing. And perhaps one day a girl might interpret your advances as creepy, just accept that. This land mine type of mentality that turns you into an in-active pussy is exactly what differentiates men from boys. Just accept that there are going to be girls who will interpret your advances as creepy, despite the fact you weren't actually being creepy. If she feels that way about you, accept it and move on, but don't let it stifle you. That's not even worth discussing since this girl gave you plenty of signals she felt comfortable with you.

I will give you a piece of advice. Make flirting with others something normal to you. Flirting is just playful jabs and you can do it with anyone. If that becomes second nature for you, it won't feel off or artificial once you are doing it, because you are actually interested in the person.

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