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File: 1631138403061.png (906.64 KB, 1466x818, ClipboardImage.png)


Leftypol stickers

Hey leftypol.

I want to paste leftypol stickers around my city.

Does anyone have tips on making cheap stickers?

Could you share images that would do well with stickers?

Is anyone interested in doing this as well?
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File: 1642160620441.png (592.98 KB, 500x815, booba.png)


Post leftypol url, it would be funny


File: 1642161655207.png (126.76 KB, 2173x2173, engels_qr.png)




File: 1608525508573.jpg (138.06 KB, 748x582, onizukaaa.jpg)


Does anyone have any e-reader recommendations? I don't want my eyes to blow up while reading.
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File: 1608525509195.png (4.87 MB, 2160x2700, 4ta7em2glnw31.png)

>>981Thanks comrade!>>980Lol



rare reaction image 👀


Just get a library card


Wrong board, already have long, active threads on this subject here:
>>>/tech/6858 (main)


I don’t know is that a good idea to post this on that board, but I will try…

For some time I thought about the rightness to renounce certain forms of consumption as part of the fight against capitalism. I am able to understand that there are things that cannot be done without buying as new products, generating profit for private entrepreneurs, and they are needed in today's world. However, in my opinion, a consistent socialist should not feed this monster more than necessary. There is no need to buy an iPhone, coffee at Starbucks or a burger at McDonalds. It is worth mentioning some tips on how to survive in this mess. Every socialist should, in some sense be an ascetic.

- You don't need a smartphone if you have a laptop. A regular cell phone should be enough, today they have an internet browser installed to check basic things. And running applications from android or Ios is possible through PC emulators. Android applications can be downloaded without a Google account here:

-You don't need new clothes. Today's second hand shops have good quality textiles. It is worth mentioning that today's clothes are made of low quality fabrics and fibers that tend to be easily damaged. And the dyes used in them are often harmful to the skin and are poorly primed, which causes the color to wash quickly. It is worth mentioning here that it is good not to wear clothes with visible manufacturer logos. Why should you be an ad as a socialist? It is worth decontaminating them after buying clothes. They can be boiled in a suitable powder or treated with an ozone generator (highly recommended during a pandemic).

- Do you furnish the house? Take a look around the local flea market for old furniture. Often, such furniture is made of pure wood (not woodlike materials), and their presence and condition proves their strength. Be careful only on furniture that may have a bark beetle. Removing it with special chemistry is an additional expense.

- Food. Look for small food stores, these are usually run by the family, or if you live in the countryside you can get along with local farmers running small farms. It is worth having your own garden. The best idea if you live in a city is to grow your own perennial herbs in pots.

- You don't need a car. Today's public transport will take you anywhere you want, cheaper than if you bought fuel every time. However, this issue is very subjective and depends on many other factors.
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Thankfully we have the scientific method so that personal anecdotes are not needed.


>You don't need a car. Today's public transport will take you anywhere you want, cheaper than if you bought fuel every time. However, this issue is very subjective and depends on many other factors.

Maybe that's true in Yuropooristan, but here in Burgerland you absolutely need a car to get around, unless you live downtown in a large city.


"open" "source"? real chads pirate that shit


you didn't link any studies……………


>You don't need a smartphone if you have a laptop
how am i gonna lie in bed to scroll through internet garbage then


This is the thread for spoooooooooky things
Anything from horror movies to horror art to religion to nationalism, every spooky thing you can imagine!
What, if any, movies are you watching this ==Spook=tober, so far I watched Day of the Dead, Split Second, currently watching Night of the Comet I like 80s horror most because of the women.
What have you guys been doing?


>Tfw fucking up Spooktober


We already have 2 horror threads, we don't need another




anybody ever heard of it?

how do they make such high quality shit

who funds tthem

File: 1641483711212.png (4.19 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


I want to rob, steal, thieve &shit
I don't want to wageslave
I don't want to steal from just anybody thought I want to steal from the rich. How do I go about that
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Seek out the stupidest people if you want a scam to work. Get them with New Age bullshit like magnets and crystals or other woo like that. Stuff that it's harder to debunk.


Petty theft from supermarkets is fine too.


A feel we all feel my friend


>Rich people are into a lot of spooky shit
So true
Conspiracy theorists often say they're into occult shit, I believe it


Maybe peep on them and get some dirt on them and get them to pay to not reveal that


snooker popped up in my recommended feed and now I'm hooked
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OP got snook'd. I looked up some trick shots in billiards games which were impressive; even cooler watching how to put spin on shots, "English" as some call it. I always just thought the point was to hit the cue dead-center but if you have a good enough cue you can put angular momentum (I think?) on it to influence how the other balls spin and move when struck. tl;dr Newtonian physics is fascinating.


Absolutely. The way a ball transfers spin to another ball, reverses spin on a cushion, all very fascinating.
The amount of skill and dedication it takes to master these shots will never not be impressive to me


You can't really compare snooker and pool, snooker is much more difficult to pool with huge distances on the table, so there is barely any room for trick shots. Snooker is much more about strategy, risk assessment and break-building. Unlike in pool, you can also play defensive in snooker, laying traps. So maybe you won't see crazy trick shots in snooker but it's much more of an psychological cat-and-mouse game.

I always preferred the tactically schooled, more slow and defensive players like Steve Davis and Mark Selby over the crazy break builders like O'Sullivan or John Higgins. And in the recent years defensive, tactical players have increasingly knocked out the more offensive players.


Came for the exhibition shots, stayed for the safety shots


One of the best matches between O'Sullivan and Selby I've ever seen was the final of The Masters 2010. At some point Selby trails O'Sulivan with 6-9 with only one more frame needed for the latter to win, and modifies his game to basically grind him down with a non-stop defense/destruction strategy until there is an opening.

I enjoy those games a lot, I don't understand why people always prefer when two players are just break-building turn by turn, when the reds and the high colors are still where they are supposed to be. A messy table just requires far more improvisation, cue control and nerves. People always forget how diversified players at that level have to be to stand a chance in modern snooker. Davis' domination was over once the long pot was part of the standard skillset. Hendry was done for once everyone else adopted the long pot into a broader range of tactical skillsets. For all his mannerism, O'Sullivan has actually kept out quite well with developments, he is just as good for safety play as he is with fluid break-building, and Selby can easily also go full steam ahead and go for a rapid century.

I hope Ding Junhui finally wins his first world championship eventually. I like watching him a lot and he had to endure a lot of sinophobic attacks by the British audience ("lol Asian bugman", "robot", etc.).

File: 1640948191271.png (841.98 KB, 1200x628, ClipboardImage.png)


Like you know what I'm talking about
We live in a society where so much of pop culture is never ending referential

WandaVision references old ass TV that I'm sure most of it's viewer base hasn't even ever seen

I don't even think the writer's have, They're just referencing it because that's what you are supposed to do, Like references these days just seem to be self regurgitating references because references can be made, no meaningful purpose behind it, just ooo it's that thing that i saw referenced in that other thing!

Anyway back to our point,
I like comedies, so I feel pressure to watch Happy Days, Taxi, and Honey Mooners and feel like I'm missing out if I don't watch them to build up my history and culture

For e.g some of you who like comic books might feel the same way about all the various billion runs of each character

I don't even know if they'll hold up, and I've basically held the belief that something influential or the first to do it only gives it merit to the history books, Nothing more
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>Not from a contrarian view point but from a philosophical, change is good viewpoint
but all the classics are usually genre shattering masterpieces that did something so good or new, changed how it was usually done it redefined it. Thats exactly why i enjoy revisiting them. For one, they're good works, for two they helped define the genre, for three, you gain an understanding of all that followed it.

so yes, id advise checking out the classics, without forcing yourself f they dont hold up either


yeah I 100 percent know what you mean


i understand how important they are, my point is that nowadays it feels that we have acquired a sort of rigidity and uniformness in looking at media

that would have also crushed the classics we now revere, there is so much more of everything now and we certainly don't live in a meritocratic system where the best things automatically rise through the shit

my point is not to throw away the classics but to enjoy them alongside the new
not to crush the voice of the new classics that may arise using the old classics

oh good to hear
would you like to elaborate further?


>that would have also crushed the classics we now revere, there is so much more of everything now and we certainly don't live in a meritocratic system where the best things automatically rise through the shit
That's just it, though: they're "revered," and rarely experienced. Plenty of people talk about "the classics," but few people actually bother with them. In effect, "fuck the classics" just reinforces this same behavior and lack of engagement with the past.

There is one sense I would agree with "fuck the classics": trying to find one's own way in art. But this requires actual engagement with the classics and the traditions to which they belong and help constitute, not an empty rejection of the abstraction "classics," and not pointless and stupid evaluations of "classics" on the basis of whether they make you feel good, whether you "liked" Citizen Kane or not. Fundamentally, both you and the other person are evaluating artistic works in terms of "enjoyment," or, in short, like consumers. For an actual philosophically "Marxist view" on this, here is Adorno in his Aesthetic Theory:
<Pleasure masquerades beyond recognition in the Kantian disinterestedness. What popular consciousness and a complaisant aesthetics regard as the taking pleasure in art, modeled on real enjoyment, probably does not exist. The empirical subject has only a limited and modified part in artistic experience *tel quel*, and this part may well be diminished the higher the work’s rank. Whoever concretely enjoys artworks is a philistine; he is convicted by expressions like “a feast for the ears.” Yet if the last traces of pleasure were extirpated, the question of what artworks are for would be an embarrassment. Actually, the more they are understood, the less they are enjoyed. Formerly, even the traditional attitude to the artwork, if it was to be absolutely relevant to the work, was that of admiration that the works exist as they do in themselves and not for the sake of the observer. What opened up to, and overpowered, the beholder was their truth, which as in works of Kafka’s type outweighs every other element. They were not a higher order of amusement. The relation to art was not that of its physical devouring; on the contrary, the beholder disappeared into the material; this is even more soPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I'm into writing and feel like it's less accepted to take influence from Bret Easton-Ellis than Dostoevsky for example.


I want that deep red Zizek pill on why Disney is remaking their old animated feature films but devoid of soul and charm as live action monstrosities and why Hollywood in general cannot make a new story and is endlessly digging its head into its own anus amid a shit slurry of “sequels” and remakes of IPs from the 80s.
Like, I get the base actual reason is $$$ because they figure they’ll always get an audience doing so, but I still want the more basic economic facts as to why god awful remakes and sequels decades later are the only film products that can turn a profit and I wanna know the ideology present in the making of these products
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Money. They are doing it for money.


Live action is usually much cheaper than animation


> the thing is, also… every discussion about Whether The MCU Is Garbage or Is Disney Irredeemably Evil or Has Star Wars Gone On Too Long or Why Does It Feel Like There’s Been Just Three Shows On American TV For The Past 3 Decades inevitably ends up at “hey but don’t shame people for wanting to have fun and escape the continuous nightmare of late capitalism for 2 hours a night” and like. fair. being effortlessly entertained is a valid desire that deserves to be fulfilled. but the thing is. and I really don’t wanna be That Guy but. if you’re coming back home from your soul-crushing corporate job into your alienated nuclear household, tired from a busy day of doing some bullshit to make a living, and you feel dead inside, and your idea of escape is to tune into the next installment of something that’s not really cinema as much as like, a long serialized commercial for the fast fashion items with the popular character of the month, then I’m sorry bro but you’re not really going anywhere. you’re not escaping, you’re sinking deeper in. and look. it’s your god given right to watch schlocky TV and then go read fanfic about it. but if you’re wondering why all this dazzling entertainment still leaves you feeling so empty you just wanna scream and scream and scream, then you might actually have an acute case of going too long without consuming any media that has an intent beyond draining your money and time and a formula beyond regurgitating what sold best last year



It costs millions and millions of dollars to make movies. New stuff is riskier than nostalgia bait. It's not that complicated.


Thread to discuss this novel and make people envious and more apt to read this book.
It's a very cool universe where the US was overtaken by China and underwent a cultural revolution: "the great cleansing winds" or some shit. And augmented people fly in kites around Manhattan, cool shit.


Here's the book. Hope I can discuss it with some of you in the future.


Looks good m8, I'll check it out


You better, it's really cool, zola feeling without the descriptive heaviness.

File: 1638507450858.jpg (533.39 KB, 1000x1000, 1636765522018.jpg)


Are Language courses on Udemy worth spending money on?
If yes, which one would you recommend?
Udemy is having a sale that is going to end in 12 hours.


I'd say "probably not worth it".


just download them from free, they dont starve
im currently seeding russian, german, chinese, korean, and some programming languages udemy courses


Are they prerecorded or live sessions? If it is the former, they are probably not worth it. You can hire people to tutor you 1-on-1 on italki and similar sites.

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