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File: 1644956398782.jpg (57.59 KB, 861x675, energy bubble.jpg)


In almost all science fiction stories energy shields are used as if it was regular armor, except that it's made out of energy instead of unpenetranium. I think that's lacking imagination and actual tactics would not use it like this. If you can project a wall made out of energy, why would you put it around your self, why not put it around your enemies. You get a two for one, their weapons and their movement could be blocked in one go.
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If the slow blade penetrates the shield, shouldn't that restrict the user to slow movements or their feet would bounce off the ground?


I think Star Wars does it best, where its like an active field which dissipates energy (so automatically negates blaster's plasma fire and other kinds of lasers like lightsabers) and decelerates projectiles (making traditional guns less useful), but they are prohibitively expensive and power-consuming so they are mostly used for super-heavy vehicles or static defenses


Meh, that’s still the most boring use of it. It’s just an author fiat for no personal shield. Seeing how ships like the gigantic star destroyer crashed and exploded in the return of the Jedi even with shields, I would say a small droid ship with shields crashing into fleets would be effective.
I guess Dune is the only thing that took shield fighting into account. Then again, because of the fact that it’s basically impossible irl, writers had to imagine it to be comparable to physical armor but stronger.


My consumption of sci fi media is limited, but I do enjoy that Star Wars thought and addressed the paradox of energy fields repulsing everything while still needing movement to pass through terrain. I.e Droidekas, basically droid hamster balls, by accepting the paradox and incorporating it into their lore as a way of defeating them. Basically in a cartoon TV series, they spend a whole episode teaching monarchist loyalist “revolutionaries” how to defeat Droidekas. The logic is that the energy shields somehow repulse only rapid moving objects. However, one easily observed that the Droidekas move with their energy shields, like when rotating. Droidekas have been shown to have their energy shields move to envelop debris rather than push the debris away. Of course the concept that an energy shield can envelop something is sort of confusing and brings in other questions, but Star Wars, being a sci-fi fantasy, just said fuck it, and said that slow moving objects will “trick” the energy shield into being environment and be enveloped. So they train the revolutionaries to roll grenades at such a velocity that it does not bounce off the shield and stops right where the droid is inside the shield.


>Many weapons batteries against a single shield-generator battery is still a defeat, in a fight against greater numbers you still have to avoid their attacks to survive, and using the shield as a bubble trap reduces the number of opponents.
Energy shields in a scifi scenario set in a "conventional" war using mostly common soldiers, elite soldiers to a lesser degree and a few weapons of mass destruction presuppose, that energy consumption will place a hard limit on mobile equipment. In this scenario focusing artillery fire on a singular soldier might yield a tactical advantage, yet in most situation it would allow a faster advance of the remaining soldiers. Using shields as a bubble trap would either destroy them fast, contain opponents less effectively than it could have nullified their shots as armor (because of surface area), or require large machinery to operate.
Assuming these sort of shield to be effective would need a major twist in worldbuilding equal to hyperspace in (pre-TLJ) SW, when industry to produce them would be capable of much more. Suppose those shields were electromagnetic fields capable of diverting any particle up to a certain speed and large advancements were made by discovering alloys amplifying these fields range while preserving their magniture. They would more likely extend existing uses by protecting a larger range or protecting them with a higher magnitude. An unconventional but more or less viable use would be interfering with lesser fields lacking the new technology or lacking magnitude in general.
tl;dr using energy shields as a bubble trap would be like creating a smokescreen with zephyr particles

File: 1644797119904.jpg (24.12 KB, 620x330, socrates.jpg)


get the fuck in here bros! Go Bengales!


File: 1644799398995.jpg (611.43 KB, 2048x1365, superb owl.jpg)



Active thread: >>>/leftypol/744671

File: 1608525586839.jpg (21.47 KB, 250x293, Agat computer.jpg)


Do you have an emulator for NES, anon?

[b]Mine Shaft[/b]: A very simple game, just push left or right as you descend. What's your score?

[b]Nova the Squirrel[/b]: Don't be put off by the picture of the lame title screen. This is a full-blown side-scrolling platform adventure that would haven been worthy of official publishing back in the day.

[b]Star Evil[/b]: I don't even.
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>It's just larping
We're talking about video games here, so I don't see why that's a problem, but I've got other points to make. Another thing I've noticed is that higher resolution makes the game a lot laggier. playing the game with the original resolution completely gets rid of the lag (but then the screen is tiny). it's not like the game looks any better, we still use the exact same sprite the only difference the higher resolution make is showing more of the map than you should actually be able to see, at time it even results in you being able to see a black void on the screen which you wouldn't be able to see in the original game.


I had a look at some other titles on there. [b]What Remains[/b] is a short 2019 "adventure" (or rather walking sim) set in 1986 with a plot like Captain Planet on cocaine. They did not try for a very authentic 1986 feel (for example, I don't think "paywalled" was a term in use back then). Got a few sensible chuckles out of me and the same number of eyeroll moments. This is really an actual piece of software that one could unironically label Cultural Marxism.


You are thinking about polygonal games. Original Fallout doesn't use polygons and isn't a first-person shooter. (And even with polygons it isn't always sensible to increase the framerate, since the shoddy programming practice of tying mechanics/physics to framerate which often happens with console games when there is no thinking ahead about potentially porting that to other platforms.)

Anyway, here's a new NES game: In [b]Böbl[/b], you play [i]fighting[/i] er trying to survive despite the [i]attacks[/i] existence of your enemies, which are all very hard edge, know what I'm saying. While playing, I often said out loud when dying: Ow, the edge! http://forums.nesdev.com/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=19718


/v/ is now the roulette board, please go there for your video game related discussions.



File: 1627166498938-0.jpg (74.91 KB, 1200x628, 9404d874b4.jpg)

File: 1627166498938-1.jpg (45.72 KB, 980x588, 5000-980x588.jpg)


Fellas, is it gay to enjoy male artistic gymnastics?
Also talk about how stupid it is that this is being held at all I guess
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I think there are still some world records that were achieved by socialist states that still haven't been broken
But tbf the DDR nad USSR did a lot of doping on their athletes


>DDR nad USSR did a lot of doping on their athletes
Not this bull again. This is Cold War propaganda bullshit, The East Bloc used the same kinds of drugs as the West, heck Norway had several of its Athletes permitted to compete even as Soviet athletes got penalized for using the SAME drug. Moreover outside of steroids, most "doping" is not used in competition, but in training as a supplement to the training regimen to maximize the effectiveness, it's not the same as roiding out and riding on that alone, it's not different to a specific diet.


>Not this bull again. This is Cold War propaganda bullshit
Thanks I was waiting for someone to debunk it
>heck Norway had several of its Athletes permitted to compete even as Soviet athletes got penalized for using the SAME drug
kek sauce?


It's something that came up during the prior Olympics, during the "ban Russia from participating under their flag" debacle, it's kind of an obscure fact and mainstream media has carefully trying to ignore this, most of the articles that had this info have since disappeared, and link related is one of the few I managed to locate.


I find it kinda funny how apathetic I and in fact most of the planet has become to the Olympics TBH. Social Spectacle has become repetitive and lacking any of the novelty that originally made the Olympics interesting even a decade ago, compared to today.

On a related note, how furries banded onto Olympic art depicting 'Stralian animals: https://archive.ph/04TJI a tradition from at least the days of the Animalympics.
video kinda related but for Brazil, ironically the jaguar used in the Brazil Olympic torch relay ceremony was shot to death after it escaped its leash and tried to attack a soldier, a real tragedy, and irony given the mascot of that Olympics had been Ginga the Jaguar.


How based was this show? And, do you have faith that the reboot will do any justice to the previous seasons?
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File: 1639394553932.png (108.74 KB, 611x796, mostly based.png)

Even Jar Jar Binks was a Black Panther socialist in the comic. The show is far more toned down, even if some remnants shine through.


Based Ruckus


It's so funny/sad seeing all the dumbfuck retarded Americans on /co/ still cope to this day that McGruder isn't leftist despite being a card-carrying socialist and, well, literally everything about the show and comic…


Man I remember that event, it was so fucking funny.

>Alterman walked out. “I turned to Joe and said, ‘I can’t listen to this crap anymore,’” he remembers. “I went out into the Metropolitan Club lobby—it’s a nice lobby—and I worked on my manuscript.”

>Newfield joined in the heckling, as did Stephen Cohen, a historian and the husband of Katrina vanden Heuvel. “It was like watching LeRoi Jones try to Mau-Mau a guilty white liberal in the sixties,” Newfield says. “It was out of a time warp. Who is he to insult people who have been putting their careers and lives on the line for equal rights since before he was born?”

>By the time McGruder had finished, and a tipsy Joe Wilson took the microphone to deliver his New Year’s Resolutions, perhaps half the guests had excused themselves to join Alterman in the lobby. A Nation contributor estimated that McGruder had offended eighty per cent of the audience. “Some people still haven’t recovered,” he said, sounding thrilled.

>“At a certain point, I just got the uncomfortable feeling that this was a bunch of people who were feeling a little too good about themselves,” McGruder said afterward. “These are the big, rich white leftists who are going to carry the fight to George Bush, and the best they can do is blame Nader?”

McGruder rocks.


>the reboot
Didn't it get cancelled?

File: 1643940495212-0.png (4.56 MB, 2500x1619, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1643940495212-1.png (33.48 KB, 208x242, ClipboardImage.png)


Cobra Kai is a great fucking show. I can't stress this enough. Even if you haven't seen the Karate Kid in a while check this shit out. It's on Netflix now and actually has some pretty underlying class-pilled themes to it. It accurately shows the living standards and struggles of several people. The rich characters are often portrayed as self-righteous and frivolous (Daniel) while working-class characters like Johnny, Miguel, and Kreese are explored in depth. Definitely recommend this show. Lets discuss here
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I really want Hilary Swank and the junior fascist squad to come back.



File: 1644113995924.png (270.84 KB, 600x500, ClipboardImage.png)





File: 1644242122456.png (514.34 KB, 792x415, ClipboardImage.png)

A capitalist confronts you, he is the enemy. An enemy deserves no mercy.



I found one of your clowns eating around on my sub box also hey isn't this guy >>22848 in HIMYM because he thnks that he is actually the hero of the movie?

And then they actually made him into a good guy in this show I heard

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Is Steven Universe liberal? I think it is because it propagates the notion that you can solve issues in society by talk no jutsu.
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hmmm, I'd like to listen to him discussing that, let us know if you find it.


File: 1643603457034.png (2.12 MB, 1912x1072, 1643603405487.png)

I’m gonna do a review of this trash series made by Jews and foot fetishists.

Here’s a list of the main problems:
- Way to much filler and pointless filler arcs.
- Nonexistent to inconsistent character development.
- God awful pacing.
- Plot holes LOTS of plot holes.
- Basic principles of animation and art design consistently ignored and not on purpose

Okay let’s begin this review

Filler is a major problem affecting the enjoyability of Steven universe as a show. For example the reveal of the cluster, a major point in the shows progression takes 72 episodes simply to be mentioned, within those 71 episodes prior to it most of the screentime is spent on random stories and monster of the week episodes that never develop Steven or the other gems as characters as Rebecca sugar didn’t actually write the show but merely got the story board artists to randomly draw what they wanted like what Ward did but with none of the self awareness or editing for smart writing along with the fact that Stevens personality keeps resetting itself. This fact is not an isolated incident in the show as nearly all seasons except for the last one repeatedly have this problem of having major plot point be isolated with massive gaps between them of endless filler episodes and arcs that have almost 0 impact on the story overall with exceptions like Lars.

As mentioned prior much of Steven universe is filled with filler episodes whom fail consistently to actually develop the characters of the show due to constant resets and a plot that wasn’t written professionally, unfortunately I cannot just excuse those episodes simply for being filler as even the main episodes fail to actually develop the characters with stories like pearls forced fusion with garnet being forgotten about or Steven’s empathy for mass murderers the diamonds after it was established repeatedly that Steven was emotionally immature and needed to develop as a person to understand that not everyone can or should be forgived for their actions lest more would face suffering. Steven universe fails to consistently develop its characters and its ideas on that development routinely become ignored.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


> Rebecca Sugar specifically designed to the world so that both communism and fascism never exist
That’s so incredibly stupid that I need to hear her say it so I can laugh.
Is there an interview somewhere?


I can't find it but there was an interview


yeah, it had potential about a bunch of lesbian revolutionaries overthrowing the space-czar, but in the end it was all about love and forgiveness

File: 1608525553594.jpg (1.38 MB, 2000x1226, Shilka in afghanistan.jpg)


I'm remaking this from 8/leftyb/. Post Communist/Soviet military tech art like pic related. No anime posts unless it's a high-quality drawing.
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File: 1636574849574-1.png (300.77 KB, 1800x423, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1636574849574-2.png (3.01 MB, 1920x921, ClipboardImage.png)

Missed the bloody BMP-2

Also some other stuff


File: 1636591244192-0.png (206.4 KB, 1428x499, 1633897807358.png)

File: 1636591244192-1.png (293.82 KB, 1584x776, 1631774944194.png)

File: 1636591244192-2.png (147.84 KB, 1200x335, 1631770812512.png)

File: 1636591244192-3.png (270.49 KB, 1483x558, 1631382180318.png)

File: 1636591244192-4.png (254.14 KB, 1158x567, 1631446979870.png)

Here are my beautiful pieces


Thanks anon, kinda resembles pic 2 in >>21155


Post this on AKM because it's military related


Or /draw/ since it's art related

File: 1608526188138-0.jpg (63.44 KB, 679x887, IMG_20200721_220000.jpg)

File: 1608526188138-1.jpg (55.62 KB, 480x1131, IMG_20200718_234716.jpg)

 No.7658[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Aight, so I've heard folks talking about how lazy a certain "toon-boom" style is, I just wanted to hear opinions and show off some art I made
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Huh, I didn't see that series, must have scrolled by it in wikipedia


thanks, I had forgotten this word
But I cried because the editing and animation were beautiful


we've had it air on Swedish TV since at least the 90's


Although this is in English I never saw this air in my area of the States, and I watched some fairly obscure cartoons in my day.

>had forgotten this word
It's kind of amnesic, you remember it, and then forget it right as you need to use it.
>the editing and animation were beautiful
Yes, old school animation is priceless, too bad no Soviet stuff got used, but that's ok.
Also, since it's technically a AMV, feel free to peruse >>>/anime/71


Youtube blocked the video because they're cucks. Here's the video file

File: 1608526127483.png (183.22 KB, 807x809, 5mur98irlsy11.png)

 No.7009[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

What's your personality type? INFP gang represent. Also daily reminder that MBTI and even Jungian cognitive functions are not a concrete analysis of how people behave, it's only a general prediction of how people behave over a period of time when faced with various situations.
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File: 1635713035167.jpg (39.36 KB, 800x500, 4ec64-iii.jpg)

You know what's really funny about MBTI if Jung were still alive he would probably unalive himself for what Jungian Typology had become. Dude had never intended his theories to be another way for society to trap them in oversimplified, stereotypical roles (I mean he was a bit sexist but that's another discussion for another day). He made up this entire theory with the understanding that it's not falsifiable and it should only be used as a tool to help patients in his therapy sessions to help frame their experiences.

For example, you feel trapped by a persona you feel you must adhere to because you feel everyone will hate you if you don't. However, you get extremely angry when others say what they want and act however they want. You do everything in your power to keep them in line because their unpredictability is untasteful. Untasteful for who? Why is it that when you become angry and control other people to the point of driving them away it's good but when others are acting in a diiferent but harmless manner it's bad? Who are you really angry at? You seem to fit under the archetype of extroverted feeling, let's explore the light and shadow concepts existing in this scenario.

That's it, nothing more. Everything is just capitalist nonsense that was expanded upon two sisters' work who also admitted that their indicator's usage should be kept on a limited basis. Capitalism took a tool that could have been to help people realize the spooks society and capitalism feed them as well as the lies they tell themselves which harms the people around them as another way to abstract the relationships we have with one another. It's far more easier to call someone a dumb ESFP who doesn't understand you than realize that that person is just a projection of what you might become if didn't repress your personality to sell yourself to porky.

I don't expect people to suddenly change their whole perspective on MBTI but I think it's wrong to dismiss it for reasons the originator never even promised he would achieve.


Anyone else feel slightly embarrassed over taking MBTI too seriously in the past?


not at all
I have none of the shame I should be having


What about you? Also what type are you?


good point
it is kind of just a weird self inflicted caste system in a way or like some mental illness identity but whatever I get the sense anyways that it is helpful for thinking about the similarities and differences of people, in a package stimulating and memeish enough to not roll right off my polished smooth and ADD addled internet receptacle organ

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