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File: 1628013039219.jpg (10.69 KB, 300x168, full peasant combat.jpg)


im a suicidal young male; I tried everything but life just doesnt show her smile upon me. I decided i will try to die from (and JUST from)sleep deprivation;i will keep making notes,diary,notebook,documenting my descent into the netherworld. I also considered death by fasting. maybe death by a combo of sleep dep- and starvation? What should I do with my last months on the earthly plane?anarcho-nihilismAnarcho-Nihilism
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keep me posted


fyi, nobody takes this seriously, people think you are either faking this for attention, or some convoluted psyop stuff, where you think this will demoralize us or something.

For the very remote possibility that this is real, get help you moron.



my friend, you situation my seem hard to get out from but it is not. The simplified way to get out of anything is first: Endure and try to surive, then to try to increase your power over your surrodings and life. If you have a bad home situation mby to try to move out. Maybe it is to stay home and get a job so you can start doing shit in life. Then when you have power to change and decide what happens in your life you can change your life to what you want. Here are some links that maybe intrests you. It has some real good info:
all of these are about your brain and things you can do to improve your brain chemistry so you can get out of depression. I have started to think this is a big problem in our world, and the cause of many ills. Dont give up hope brother! Survive and then thrive. Walk if you cant run, if you cant walk, then crawl. One day at a time. One hour at a time. You can make it brother.


And keeping at it is one of the most important things.
This world has a space for you my friend. This world may be ugly and sad sometimes but it is also beautiful, so beautiful. It is so vast and the oppunities are endless. Dont be stuck in where you are now. Who could know where you are in 1 year, 5 year. My friend i wish you all the luck in the world, good health and that you make it!!


How do I grow weed, do I need a specific kind soil, can I grow some on a normal pot that I can put by the window? How do I grind the leaf into form that can be smoked, as in is there a specific tool? How much sunlight does it need? How much watering?
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idk ask 420chan


did they fix their website yet


>How do I grind the leaf into form that can be smoked
anon I


You aren't supposed to grind weed you "whack" it, thats why its called a weed whacker.


broke: slonking it
bespoke: whackin' it

File: 1627166498938-0.jpg (74.91 KB, 1200x628, 9404d874b4.jpg)

File: 1627166498938-1.jpg (45.72 KB, 980x588, 5000-980x588.jpg)


Fellas, is it gay to enjoy male artistic gymnastics?
Also talk about how stupid it is that this is being held at all I guess
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File: 1628354105237.png (506.94 KB, 667x872, ClipboardImage.png)



Boring as fuck plus it's been going on for days now, you're late.

I heard in the GDR they made women get pregnant and then abort to force their bodies to produce hormones that would enhance their athletic ability at the Olympics, as a form of doping.
So how true or bullshit is that?


Sounds like right wing bullshit in the level of woman being collectivized, i mean just using steroids is far more pratical


Analysis of why the Russian Gymnastics team didn't pull it this year (a real tragedy TBH)


I was going to download and post each video but then I found this nice compilation.
It's a bunch of clips of when anime music was used during the Olympics, among other things.

File: 1625906906978.jpg (24 KB, 505x426, cooper.jpg)


General Discussion for Twin Peaks and all things Lynch related.
Should there be a season 4?
Where the fuck is Cooper and Laura?
What the fuck happened to Diane?
What did Laura whisper in Cooper's ear in the final shot during the credits?
Why am I still obsessing over this shit?
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On season two right now; is it bad if I want to skip any scene with James?


No, it means you're sane. If you didn't know, Lynch didn't participate in most of S2 (if you can't tell) and only came back to direct the S2 finale. The middle block of S2 (James, etc.) is universally agreed to be hot garbage. Power through, get to the end, and enjoy S3.


I liked James on my rewatch. Hes kind of based.


It's not so much the character as it is a complete break from the tone and pacing already established in the series. Besides, if you know it's coming it will never be as bad as the first time when you have to double take like "am I watching the right show or is this a mixup"?

File: 1612753904260.webm (2.02 MB, 640x360, 1403382676342.webm)


Not sure if you nerds watch handegg and this was a boring superb owl but what is a materialistic explanation for Tom Brady's success here? Is he just very good at picking out teams that aren't shit?
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I think the sport you're thinking of is baseball, now that is a truly boring sport.
Football just has a lot of pauses but that's because it's a generally rough game.


Baseball is more of a drama than a sport, truth be told
at least American Baseball isn't played over 5 fooken days


He's an above average QB that's had insane luck and teams built around him.

This guy is mostly known for his twitter shitposting but he actually went in depth into it.


His son’s ass gives him the Super Bowl power.


Baseball players make everything look easy. Honestly it is hard for someone to like baseball from just watching it on TV or a stream. You have to have played it or at least grew up watching it. Most people who don't like (not trying to be an asshole) it don't understand it.


This is basically a 120 yard sprint.

File: 1608525608203.jpeg (65.32 KB, 640x640, EObyZDVWoAAL1iB.jpeg)

 No.2062[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Post about drawing and painting and related
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File: 1626908849141-0.gif (Spoiler Image, 283.61 KB, 700x581, Street Fighter commission.gif)

Another commission done. Slowly I will save enough money to replace my 10yo laptop, buy a safe box where I could store valuables and start collecting rare coins and medals that I always wanted. My life never looked so bright before. I have had 3 commissions in the queue but unfortunately one of the 3 guys dropped out today, if I were faster I could get his money. It's extremely hard and tiresome to work with +30C temperature at home and with no air conditioner to cool you, though I am proud that I have more commissions than free time.


The thread hit bumplimit. Shall I create new one?


doit baby


>in this case who cares.
me or anyone that doesn't wants to see the cp you made
you could've at least aged her up, but you were dumbass to do so

>per global booru.org rules.

yet back in 2016 that wasn't the case

this, and will do nothing about it like the /get/lover they are

>og VN

as a side note: it not surprise since the MC is 17 years old in a ero-vn.
>most of girls are 18 but they still fucked up


>me or anyone that doesn't wants to see the cp you made
>you could've at least aged her up, but you were dumbass to do so
Could you go back and read the whole reply chain to see that I wasn't the one who drew Ulyana? Also way to miss the point of my post. It's not like this single dude practicing his drawing skills by taking a request, which happens to be of an underage character, is going to result in the booru being flooded with loli crap because like I already said, you can't post that shit on there due to a loli/shota rule from global booru.org staff. It's different now from back then, and everyone knows this because leftybooru was about to be deleted last year until the admin deleted all the loli shit which some people complained about. Look, I also hate that crap but this is nothing to be mad about, I also doubt that guy is from /GET/.

I'm happy that things are going well for you now anon.

File: 1627040494137.jpg (141.89 KB, 750x934, EcquXJdWkAMQ126[1].jpg)


transfer window edition
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File: 1627172201416.png (264.47 KB, 1740x1080, c41[1].png)

thanks jannieanon


File: 1628190810844.png (269.72 KB, 839x679, 4jvz6o[1].png)

>city signs grealish for 100 million pounds
>messi officially leaves barcelona



File: 1628332052878.jpg (72.54 KB, 1024x859, 1627304954601.jpg)



File: 1628720891190.png (592.25 KB, 877x561, kepa-cc2e[1].png)

File: 1626878462683.webm (1.57 MB, 1920x1080, 2020-05-24 17-08-46.webm)


I'm going to make video game
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What's this game about?


I'm still hammering out a lot of broad details with a creative partner

but essentially
there is a man who lost his job at a prestigious university and got divorced because he was caught having an affair with a same-sex student
months later, during a amphetamine/ketamine binge, he discovers an insanely innovative and groundbreaking implementation of CRISPR modification technology
he contacts a student he knew from the university to assist him with his project, and together they each help each other mature and cope in various ways
and they are trying to create solar powered photosynthesis children to sell to infertile lesbian yuppy couples for loads of money


Is this your first time doing a big arts project (not necessarilly a videogame)? Also I'm rooting for your success



Great, good luck anon!

File: 1626588388645.jpg (86.28 KB, 1024x768, dj.jpg)


Stayed up tonight to make a pastebin specifically full of old youtube channels. No i didn't double check anything. Anyway i have a whole youtube account that's basically a time capsule so i might make a pastebin of my liked videos later if i ever feel like it.


File: 1626590571786.pdf (350.26 KB, 212x300, channels.pdf)

document with clickable links


I'd begin by giving some of those channels descriptions to show their significance at least


fuck, old abandoned youtube channels give me such a profound sense of anxiety, they are like deserted commie blocks in digital form.


Found an old channel with a anti-viet war swedish song uploaded back in 2008.

File: 1626486207121.png (229.12 KB, 500x500, ClipboardImage.png)


I need a creative hobby but don't feel any inspiration towards anything. I have some physical activities and I like to read that's pretty much all I do. Anyone want to throw out some random ideas?


Why exactly do you "need" one?
What hobby sounds more appealing and affordable to you?


Try out different things, OP. If you like something stick with it. Here are some ideas:
>art (whatever medium)
>playing music


Also lemme suggest drawing on paper, doing pixel art, painting, painting murals, designing posters in Photoshop, sculpting (wood or clay), making music videos, playing the accordion, making desserts/pastries, repairing furniture


Literally watercolors. To paint with watercolors you'll end up thinking about how water interacts with paper, which is a relatively novel thing to model that most people aren't used to considering. Paint the world outside your front door (sunsets are fun), or make a shitty sketch of a robot or a unicorn in pencil and then color it in. Also, they're cheaper than acrylics.


Shitposting on /b/ is a creative hobby.

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