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File: 1624130771203.jpeg (77.51 KB, 960x634, weg mit gott.jpeg)


Attention! • Achtung!
Asshole! • Arschloch!
I won and you lost, haha! / I got this and you don’t, haha! • Ätsch!
Owee! • Aua!
Stand up! / Wake up! • Aufstehen!
Tidy up! • Aufräumen!
Open the door/window/whatever! • Aufmachen!
Close the door/window/whatever! • Zumachen!
Encore! • Zugabe! (shouted ZU-GA-BE to keep in synch with the others shouting it)
Colloquial greeting that sounds like a question. • Na?
Don’t act cocky like that! • Nanana! It basically only exists in spoken form. Some writing attempts use spaces, but that’s like writing Zu ga be.
I’m rating this game/movie/situation/whatever two stars out of five. ★★☆☆☆ • Naja. It’s also a filler word similar to “well“.
Boaster! • Angeber!
Give it! • Gib! (order addressing a single person)
Sit down! • Hinsetzen!
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That’s why! • Darum! There is also another word for that, „deshalb“.
📷Smile! • Lächeln!
Slower! • Langsamer!
😒Boring! • Langweilig!
What one shouts to start a race. • Los!
Stop grabbing/touching/holding! • Loslassen!
Help! • Hilfe!
Police • Polizei!
☣@☠#☢✳ coppers! • Bullenschweine! „Bulle“, “ox”, means “policeman” in colloquial language (formally „Polizist“). „Schwein“ means pig.
Louder! • Lauter!
Tasty! • Lecker!
Yeah, can be done easily! • Locker! (literally “loose”)
Lie! • Lüge!
Liar! • Lügner!
Lying journalists! • Lügenpresse!
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File: 1622811198330.jpg (72.84 KB, 1000x667, rubbo ducko.jpg)


Hello edu, I am a curious yet ADD retard that finds it difficult to grasp anything through reading and I offer you my services;
See some people find it helpful to improve their understanding of a topic by explaining it to someone else. If you are one of these people please feel free to try and explain what it is you are working on and I will try my best to grasp what you are saying though active listening.Win win




I usually imagine lecturing people about interesting topics while taking a walk. Actually writing things down is too much work. Is there anything you are interested in?


I am working currently on getting them bitches, respectfully


Hello all.

I want to create a sync channel for educational purpose with different playlist rotations so we can have people getting educated on leftist thought.

This thread I want to construct the best videos on educating people into the basics of socialism. So the basics of the means of production, the basics of property, and etc. I want it simple, easy to understand and yet thorough enough to explain to someone brand new to socialist thought where if they watch this playlist of videos. They can get a handle of what are the core principles of socialism. I also want to make sure these videos are strictly socialist. No social democratic bullshit please.

Please post your suggestions in the thread and I'll check the videos and we work on getting a nice clean playlist of videos. We can discuss videos if I feel it doesn't quite fit what we should build for this thread.

Please don't bring up communism, anarchism, and etc. This is all about the basics of socialism and getting people beyond social democrat thought.

Reason why I want to do this:

People aren't reading theory and books nowadays. It's a harsh reality and it's hard to make people pick up a book and read it. We leftists need to have a fucking reality check on this. We always want to force people to read theory so much and yet when we watch our opponents in other ideology. They are able to explain their theories and bullshit within a few videos and they get their followers locked in. We need to stop making excuses, gatekeeping and general bullshitting. We can do this. I also understand that we are also under attack via social media companies. There is a way to upload video files and such into playlists on cytube. I just haven't done it in a while but I'll be looking into that as well so we can make our own content without being tied to hosting on youtube and etc.

My first suggestion is this video. I like how it focuses on the main points of what socialism is. It touches briefly on the other flavors of socialist but doesn't go too fair into them but the best part is I like how it makes the statement at the end of the video that calling a political system socialism is just inaccurate because socialism is used to define an economic system.
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Video is by far the worst way to learn. You are wasting your time.


I don't give a fuck. Wasting time on this is perfectly fine. If you don't wish to participate? Then don't.

Tell me why it is bad as something to give a light intro into socialism. Please note this playlist is going to be at LEAST 10-15 videos minimum before creating the channel.


Thank you anon. These are great. I will add these into their own playlists onto the channel. Since these are actual economic courses

I will say though the Shaikh lectures are really really long. That doesn't seem beginner friendly for getting people into socialism. However, I'll figure out a way to integrate that playlist into something.people can watch on weeks we don't want to some heavy lecture watching. 90 minute average per video is a lot. Literally 2 days straight of content non stop. Could be more since I just ball parked the numbers. Let me know if you have sources on other platforms and such. I am willing to rip source videos and stuff from places as well.

File: 1623970571376.webm (3.12 MB, 640x360, 1622745530914.webm)


I'm a college dropout in burgerland, and I would like to improve my understanding of math, which was my worst subject in academia. Does anyone here have any suggestions or resources for someone who only speaks English, but would still like to do better than American schooling? Assume that I stopped learning math in 6th grade, or 9th grade for geometry in particular.


Here's how I proceeded in Mathematics. I was a Biology major with a minor in Chemistry:

Algebra II
Pre Calculus
Calculus I
Calculus II
Linear Algebra
Calculus III

All can be learned at the Kahn Academy.
And you can find problems online.


We already have a math thread.
I study chemical engineering, so I have the luck of going through a somewhat decent education in mathematics. So our focus lays in linear algebra, differential equations, fourier, laplace etc. I don't know how this will help you if you want a more allround education in math

4/sci/ has a good list if you want to learn about math like an autodictat


Didn't know about the math thread, thanks. >>6064 I appreciate your advice about Khan Academy, too.

File: 1624024345339.gif (48.76 KB, 207x350, The_Making_of_the_English_….gif)


Does anyone have any recommendations for books or resources for studying the history and conditions of the English (or British, in the current sense) working class?

The two I know of rn is 'The Making of the British Working Class' by E.P. Thompson and 'Conditions of the Working Class in England' by Engels.
I've been told they are classic accounts but they unfortunately only cover the very early period of British capitalism and working class history.
If anyone has any good books and resources that cover past the period these two cover (so anything covering the 1830s and beyond, please post them here.


File: 1624024403291-0.epub (1.55 MB, Sidney Webb_ Beatrice Pot….epub)

File: 1624024403291-1.pdf (1.23 MB, 67x118, Arthur McIvor, Ronald John….pdf)

File: 1624024403291-2.epub (354.69 KB, Condition of the Working ….epub)

Here's some I found myself


i found these on libgen


meacham standish- A life apart: the English working class, 1890-1914

Worth, Rachel- Clothing and landscape in Victorian England: working-class dress and rural life

Working-Class Girls in Nineteenth-Century England: Life, Work, and SchoolingVolume:
Author(s):Meg Gomersall, Jo Campling
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File: 1622410712951.png (3.2 KB, 310x704, read-marx.png)


Hello and welcome comrades! This is the new /read/ thread.

>What is /read/?

</read/ is a collective of marxist reading groups, hailing from /edu/ and /GET/. We are split into various different reading groups, each with different interests, goals and schedules.

We're making a new thread to let everyone know that /read/ is still very much alive. In fact, we're inviting everyone to join in for our new batch of readings! Our groups are done with previous readings, so this is the perfect time for new members to join up!

As of today, May 30th 2021, the /sniff/ group is done reading volume 1 of Capital. We have a new batch of readings planned (more on that in the post below), and all are invited to join. Meanwhile, the /tilmeeth/ group is gearing up to read Capital, so if anyone missed out on the first round, this is your chance.

As always, our website, containing our library and reading lists is: https://leftyread.neocities.org
And our Matrix Community, where all discussion happens, can be found at: https://matrix.to/#/+leftyread:matrix.org
Old thread: >>3624

Come /read/ with us!
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File: 1623639505609.jpg (69.87 KB, 1024x1024, 18th-brumaire-troll.jpg)

The /sniff/ group has finished discussing "Class Struggles in France, 1848-1850". Next up we'll be doing "The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte".

Anyone interested in reading one of the most important works of political analysis written by Marx is welcome to join. We'll be taking this one slowly despite it not being long at all. The plan right now is to read it over the course of a few weeks.

We're still deciding on what edition to read; The ebooks will be posted in this thread and our website soon.


Here are some audiobook options:
From Marxists.org
I think this is the same version on youtube

Audiobook Versions (This version has a better narrator)

for a very short read on the subject by a modern historian
Roger Price- Napoleon III and the Second Empire

For some academic essays on Marx's Brumaire (also containing a modern translation), check out this book with its introductions:
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The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte:
>(Questions from Edna Becher of Anakbayan-Europa NDLine Online School, Answers by Prof. Jose Maria Sison, May 23, 2021)

France Under Napoleon III
>In this segment of the AP European History we discuss France under Napoleon III. It was on the one hand a time of social reform and Hausmanization that is reconstruction of Paris that began to look as we know it today, on the other hand a time of unsuccessful or even disasterous foreign policy such a war in Crimea or Franco Prussian war that led to Napoleon's demise, and revolution.

Modern France (Lecture 5): 1848 and the Second Empire (Part of a decent documentary series on modern French history)


The full reading series on 18th Brumaire
From Alpha to Omega:


One more book to add:
>Dictatorship in History and Theory: Bonapartism, Caesarism, and Totalitarianism (Publications of the German Historical Institute)
c. pages 117-135 there is discussion of Marx and his ideas of bonapartism. some of the other essays look interesting

File: 1608528066546.png (240.49 KB, 662x540, 1475417084125.png)


Drop those PDF's or else
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File: 1623136833741.pdf (864.06 KB, 203x300, graham1966.pdf)



any of you got Washington bullets capitalist realism hinterlands and any books related


File: 1623700805457.pdf (6.33 MB, 202x300, Dialectic of enlightenment….pdf)

Adorno Red Pill


File: 1623858147625.pdf (501.93 KB, 232x300, A Practical Guide to Suici….pdf)



Can someone try this and confirm it works real quick

File: 1623365100188.jpg (243.25 KB, 2048x1686, 1602768687881.jpg)


Where do most communists stand on the being vs becoming vs nothingness metaphysical debate? This debate is as old as philosophy itself; does a left wing mindset require you to take a particular stance, or is it irrelevant?


Is ontological the study of becoming or being? Or both?


I would say from the perspective of Marx commies are basically forced to rest on the "becoming" camp.


Thanks to Marx's Hegelian lineage,you can certainly see a strong influence for the becoming side of things - but this seems like more of an accidental than a necessary relationship. It's very difficult for me to think of an argument about metaphysics that would change my politics, or visa-versa. (Everyone's favorite right-wing syphilitic crank, Nietzsche, was no less of a becoming enjoyer.)

There's a certain sense in which leftists need to believe that things in the social world are capable of change, rather than simply given in their behavior through an unchanging nature. But that's pretty divorced from metaphysics - certainly it's nothing that someone with an eternalist outlook on the metaphysics of time couldn't translate to their own language (that is, that different parts of the eternal 4D universe look different along the time axis just like they look different along some spatial axis.)

File: 1621721078996.png (186.13 KB, 640x640, 1621721073444.png)


Should I read theory in english or my native language? Until now I've only read in german but I never debate or discuss in german so I don't know which is better. Also, which language do you read theory?
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The Chinese translation of Capital is easier to read than the English one.


Brb gonna go learn Mandarin real quick to read Capital


It is always preferable to read texts in their original language.
also lies Marx verfickt nochmal auf deutsch.


Read it in German. English speakers can't think by essence because they don't know the etymologies of their words.


If you know the original language well, read it in the original language. (And certainly no shortage of good theory in German!) If not, well, the translator probably knows the language better than you. I learned this the hard way, trying to ploddingly get my way through Baudrillard and Badiou in French (which I can read, but slowly and not very well) rather than just going for the translation.

File: 1620704121068-0.jpg (349.43 KB, 1678x1111, 36ae5d44e6d19dbd94d98eebdc….jpg)

File: 1620704121068-1.jpg (207.47 KB, 1000x672, lenin-e1478254811752.jpg)

File: 1620704121068-2.jpg (84.49 KB, 512x442, 56319312_436563353771755_4….jpg)


What are the best books on Russian, Chinese and the failed German Revolution and East Germany.
Books about other communist revolutions and state establishments are also welcome.

I want to know everything that happened before and after those events occurred
I want to know how the conditions and reasons for revolution happened in the first place
I want to know what happened during the civil wars
I want to know what happened after they won or lost
I want to know what were the mistakes they made

Don't care how many books to get a full understanding but as long as they're credible and good it's fine by me. I prefer PDFs.
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File: 1623258561225.pdf (13.33 MB, 182x300, 2015.52426.Red-Star-Over-C….pdf)

this is basicly the chinese Ten Days That Shook the World


Based as fuck, thank you anon


thank you!
if you find anything about other lesser known communist revolutions
drop them

we have to learn from the comrades of the past and their efforts


E.H. Carr's History of Soviet Russia in a lot of volumes. As it is very connected, he goes through the German revolution atempt as well


Nice to hear that

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