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'The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism of the weapon, material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.' - Karl Marx
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Hello comrades. I have doubts about materialism since the philosophical part of Marxism isn't my strength, but I want to be able to understand it better since materialism is the foundation of marxist theory and the communist movement.
I've had arguments in the past with people who claim that modern science doesn't prove materialism or that materialism cannot explain things like the origin of the universe or quantum mechanics. Well, where do I begin with this? Is materialism the truth? The most basic part of marxist philosophy is the assertion that matter is objectively real, right? How do I prove this then? Maybe one of you STEMlords around here can help me out with this. Any resources on this is appreciated.
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QM is a mess (having actually studied in academically in some capacity) but its a materialist conception of history not really a metaphysical one. Also the idea that reason falls back on a quantum mechanical world was fucking destroyed by Bell in the 60s so the idea that any broad metaphysical statement has any scientific backing is rather suspect.


Perhaps I dont understand materialism, scientific value, communism, marxism, or what you mean
The way I see it, materialism is all that matters because its all that can be proved to exist
>inb4 solipsism brain in a jar shit, I dont care if my house isnt actually real, I have performed numerous repeat experiments by living in it and all evidence points toward corporeality
I guess this is one of those things that can be really easy to bring into a navel gazing circlejerk about what is reality, what is real, etc, like in the same vein as Last Thursdayism where technically you could have been created a few days ago and it just so happens that all your memories are generally pretty accurate and also congruous with reality moving forwards


Bumping this one



Have we discovered a "scientific value" of commodity? Ten yards of linen gets you ten scientifics. Balderdash !



I am of the opinion that students will become a lot more interested in a subject if, instead of being forced to memorize formulas and rules for a test, they are instead treated to a historical overview of how the subject matter developed to its contemporary stage. To provide a human grounding of "Who/When/Where/Why" instead of just a dreary "What/How" will allow students to get a sense of the relevance of the subject matter. Unfortunately, there is too much mutual contempt between STEM and the humanities, and too much capitalist contempt for "stopping and smelling the roses" to get any kind of pedagogical reform movement off the ground.

In this thread, I'd like to collect videos, research papers, books, etc. that cover the history of various STEM subjects.


throwing some books down to get a start


History of mathematics by that guy who hates Galileo:

File: 1639872042437.png (1.79 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


Where to find language learning communities, where I ask something about the language I am studying and get responded? I am not using hellotalk because it glows, nor fbi.gov for obvious reasons. I am a brazilian learning greek and mandarin and intending to learn korean and spanish, in case I need to be specific.
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critical period is a meme. you can still learn almost entirely by immersion (with cramming vocab being optional, but helpful) way into your adulthood (see stephen krashen, the norsk experiment, ajatt/mia, and so on, and so on). the "just read more" meme from /djt/ is literally true. millions of ESLs learned english just by playing vidya and watching youtube, past their "critical period" and way into late teens and early twenties, including me. i also repeated this with jap a few years later, and now am learning chinese just by doing anki and watching bilibili daily for a few hours. it's slow, but comfy, and it does work. you just have to supplement that with speaking practice later on, because immersion is hyper focused on reading/understanding—you'll have to do speaking practice later on for it to catch up (i don't care that much, since I learn languages only to read books in the original, so I don't mind having shit output if I understand 99% of everything)

literally just immerse more, with native subtitles (if you're learning french, then french cartoons with french subtitles) and some lighthearted vocab study on the side. after a few months of that, take an easy fantasy/adventure YA book in your target language, a dictionary, and literally just read it. it'll take a few days to go through the first page, but with each book you'll get faster and faster. reading is amazing


It depends on the language, I think. But for learning Esperanto, I found this site:

Do you know other resources for learning Esperanto? I'm a total beginner (I'm thinking about finding a beginner Esperanto course in my local area).

Start by learning the writing system (the "extra" characters in the Esperanto alphabet, Cyrillic characters, Greek Characters, Hangul, (some) Chinese letters, Hiragana and Katakana). Start writing simple words (and sentences later) as soon as you are able to. Then start learning basic grammar and continue learning vocab. Also, start reading as soon as you can (even if you can't understand everything). Of course, it's easier to go to a language course and use it as a kind of springboard for quick starting your language learning journey. Finally, some languages are easier or harder, depending on the languages you are able to speak (especially your native language). Also, learning Toki Pona (not very useful to be honest) or Esperanto is much easier than learning natural languages.



But if you can get face-to-face instruction that's probably the best.


I know, I know, necrobump – and also I haven't gotten fluent in a foreign language.

But something I've been doing while learning/practicing Spanish is:
>I see the sentence in Spanish
>I answer it for English
>Then I think of the concept(s)/visual(s) of the word or sentence, and then say a sentence describing it. Usually a few words at a time though.

>Nosotros vivimos en una casa en la playa
<We live in a house at the beach

I close my eyes
<I think of a group
<a family, a group of friends, etc.
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Any Russian learners here? I'm a longtime Chinese learner and this will always be my primary pursuit but kinda thinking about studying Russian a bit because I'd love to travel through Central Asia.


What was the ideological motivations behind the deportations from Poland and the Baltic territories? The standard liberal take is that their nationalities were viewed as a proxy for reactionary ideology, which certainly is a major fuck-up, though in a world with "Stalin killed EVERY UKRAINIAN" tier-takes we can be glad for that nuance. I've heard of Chang's book Burnt By The Sun, but has any one else studied this topic specifically?


>ideological motivations
This means chasing spooks.
>strategic motivations
reactionaries are best off divided and conquered. The deported were bourgeoisie and lumpen military of especially reactionary nations - this was "the ideological" motivation, but this motive isn't ideological at all because it is fully based in the strictly materialist science of marxism.


Alright, any sources apart from the one I already listed to help with spreading that argument?

File: 1697655089455.jpg (110.2 KB, 720x970, FB_IMG_1696520952272.jpg)


I'm interested in learning arabic, any recommendation is welcomed :-) i'll start the LanguageTransfer course today, but i also need something to learn grammar and the actual alphabet.


>learn the script
>study the morphology of verbs and nouns
>study the grammar and syntax
>parse Arabic sentences
>do this for 5 years
This is the only way.


The Medina Arabic books really suck with the way they are published but if you can put up with the messed up structure they are really good. There's a series of lecture videos too. Ignore the religious mumbo jumbo if you like but the teaching is actually pretty good. If only Muslims weren't so damn lazy and would actually put effort into their publications we might have something better.



Let's debunk muh holocaust revishunism with FACTS & LOGIC.

Articles, books, infographs everythings is welcomed.
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I often see mention of how it's not possible to cremate all the Jews which is a strange argument since no one claimed such a thing. They mainly were shot and buried in mass graves.


True, there's even a famous film depicting the uncovering of immense mass graves


>it's not possible to cremate all the Jews
It's not even true


Any good debunking of Paul Rassinier?


>Any good debunking of Paul Rassinier?
Any specific points to debunk?

File: 1617655547553.jpg (354.23 KB, 762x1100, PP030.jpg)


Who did it? Soviets? Nazis?
Why were the polish officers killed? What was the motive for the massacre? Were they preparing a revolt?

Are the documents fake? Whose investigations are trustworthy?

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File: 1648568175009.jpg (18.25 KB, 818x123, katyn greentext.jpg)

>documents prove it
Documents? You mean the ones that got admitted to being forgeries? Or perhaps the documents by Nazi Germany?
>tankies that openly justify many other of stalin/beria’s ethnically targeted atrocities
>deportations to central asia
<Muh tankies!
Fuck of liberal


that quora thing is basically admitting it was done systematically against certain ethnicities, but waffling pathetically around it. again don’t know why you’d even be so surprised if this is the kind of stuff you think


File: 1648582596698.jpg (289.67 KB, 1600x916, FDR Katyn Massacre.jpg)

>admitting it was done systematically against certain ethnicities
<Let me take a point out of context to portray it as admission!
You argue in bad faith and use a false narrative to try and claim another false narrative, and cry about "le evul Stalin/Beria/tankeez" in the mean time. I'd suggest going to >>>/leftypol/ or better yet reddit, those liberal echo-chambers are more your speed.
>inb4 'N-no u echochamber'
People have discussed Katyn and the debate of it being the NKVD or not before, they also discussed Soviet deportations before, this is acceptable discourse. You are engaging in dishonest fallacies, putting a slight spin on old Cold War myths and exaggerations.


File: 1649450320992.png (122.66 KB, 1245x450, WikipediaBeingWikipedia.png)


This is a pretty good examination of it all, It's important to note though that most Communists are able to admit mistakes and excesses commited by Socialist nations. I don't doubt that when the Soviet Union started taking in Polish officers (Most of who fought in the Polish-Soviet war) they treated them pretty badly, but the idea they spread is that one executioner (Vasily Blokhin) executed tens of thousands of Poles by himself right next to Smolensk (A city of at least a hundred thousand and all with German guns and bullets) and nobody knew till the Nazis came by is just insane.


Relevant to the thread: Yuri Muhin's Катынская Подлость is a video version of his book Антироссийская Подлость: Расследование фальсификации катынского дела Польшей и Генеральной прокуратурой России с целью разжечь ненависть поляков к русским. — М.: Крымский мост-9Д, Форум, 2003. — 762 с.



The Book and film are a detailed, section by section dissection of Katyn myths and the context of Polish, German and Soviet actions before, during and after the war.


Thread dedicated to attacking Israel's De Facto Apartheid State. Antisemitism and other /pol/ brained bullshit not welcome.

Desired: Books, Videos, Movies, Articles, Essays, Documentaries, Thoughtful Discussion, Relevant Personal Anecdotes, etc.

Not Desired: JQ Bullshit, Nazi apologetics, IDF-apologetics, Israel apologetics, Zionist apologetics, anti-Palestinian racism
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File: 1663960872682-0.png (228.63 KB, 1629x547, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1663960872682-1.png (254.09 KB, 1645x521, ClipboardImage.png)



bumping this thread because of the recent habbenings



here is also a memoir by the author

File: 1687880879635-0.png (198.95 KB, 850x400, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1687880879635-1.png (714.32 KB, 578x900, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1687880879635-2.png (60.93 KB, 278x104, ClipboardImage.png)


<Nearly all self-proclaimed Marxists are frauds who haven’t even read Marx, let alone understand him. They use the label Marxism, despite knowing nothing about it, as a pseudo-intellectual obfuscation for their liberal ideology.

To begin, what is Marxism?
>Marxism is not a theory of equality. It is not a diagnosis of injustice, nor is it a specific prescription of how to remedy society’s ills. Marxism is a method for acquiring knowledge about the laws governing the historical development of societies. Marxism thus regards itself as a type of science. Most people think of science as something purely descriptive.
<But the reason Marx’s contemporaries called him Prometheus is because he bequeathed a science that did not just describe reality, but participated in its development. This makes Marxism totally contrary to modern science.
>Modern science places knowledge above its object. To know, means to strip something naked to consciousness and turn it into a utility for the knowing subject. He who knows an object, can control, master, and alter an object. But the ‘object’ known by Marxism is none other than human society itself. And the paradox lies in the obvious fact that society is not just an object, but also a subject. Marxists (subjects) are themselves part of the very object they make knowable.
<To complicate matters further, Marx does not claim knowledge of society alone can transform society. Instead, he proves that society is already coming to know and transform itself materially in the form of the then growing proletarian class. Most people think Marx is ‘Promethean’ because he wanted his ideas popularized. But the REAL reason was because he had the courage of declaring the return of knowledge back to being itself, and human beings in particular. He created a science that ceased to be above its object.
>For Marx, the knowledge of historical laws arrived at by consciousness, was being reflected in history itself. Knowledge of humanity does not dominate humanity, but reveals that it was there, and part of it all along. “Communism is the riddle of history solved.”

Why the need for class consciousness?
<This is where people misunderPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Jesus fucking christ.

Log off, touch some grass and work up to getting laid.

What internet psychosis does to a mf'er.


the class struggle happens regardless if people identify as marxist or not, that is why its called a 'science'.


this lenin quote isn't real. I have never once seen a source provided for it, and the few times lenin mentioned mussolini before dying, it was in a negative light. But even if Lenin had said this… so what? You're allowed to lament that a skilled organizer went over to fascism. That does indeed suck. This quote is not the "own" that reactionaries think it is.


File: 1696199980135-0.png (105.92 KB, 640x480, 1612821662175.png)

File: 1696199980135-1.png (1.04 MB, 1200x1200, layers of incel.png)

File: 1696199980135-2.png (106.23 KB, 1085x499, slavery is socialism.png)

File: 1696199980135-4.png (463.83 KB, 820x562, LOG OFF.png)

>heidegger (nazi)
epic theory, lad
Clearly the answer to a lack of Marx is an excess of contrary, inferior, reactionary thinkers. Btw, how many holes does a woman have?


It’s clearly not supposed to be an ‘own,’ you debatebrained retard

File: 1608527957129.jpeg (92.79 KB, 1214x697, 5aad0c9117db7.jpeg)

 No.310[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

This is not a debate thread. I encourage debate on this topic to happen in /leftypol/, as it would have anyway. This is an /edu/cational thread only.

Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, the third and highest stage of communist theory, was synthesized in 1982 by the Peruvian Communist Party (known in bourgeois sources by the epithet "Sendero Luminoso"). Here is the document they published concerning this: http://library.redspark.nu/1982_-_Maoism._On_Marxism-Leninism-Maoism
Parties and organizations that uphold MLM theory in the modern day include:
>Communist Party of Ecuador – Red Sun
>Peru People’s Movement (Reorganisation Committee)
>Communist Party of Brazil (Red Faction)
>Red Faction of the Communist Party of Chile
>Maoist Organization for the Reconstitution of the Communist Party of Columbia
>Revolutionary Nucleus for the Reconstitution of the Communist Party of Mexico
>Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist
>Committee Red Flag, FRG
>Maoist Communist Party, French State
Red Flag Collective, Finland
>Committees for the Foundation of the (Maoist) Communist Party of Austria
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Thanks anon, some nice pdfs right there


These books are expensive as shit on Amazon Kindle, even for us in the Philippines.

These are Ka Joma's writings, by topic. They go from the 1960s to before his death in 2022.

Parts 1-3 are easily findable online so I won't upload them.




I know that Marxism compares itself to Newtonian physics in being correct enough inasmuch as it can be applied, which I agree with, but maybe figure out a little more than Newtonian physics before defining 'materialism,' because though that flies in 1848, today's not gonna take that seriously.

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