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File: 1636249434577.jpg (56.05 KB, 640x400, 1600959120419.jpg)


Are there any good books on Ba'athist Iraq under Saddam's rule? I know he wasn't really a socialist and killed communists or whatever but I don't want to read some America propaganda.

File: 1608527951980-0.jpg (159.91 KB, 1200x800, su march march.jpg)

File: 1608527951980-1.jpg (216.16 KB, 692x545, nva the lads.jpg)

File: 1608527951980-2.jpg (159.96 KB, 960x744, fsa marchy col.jpg)


ITT post ur favourite historical uniforms
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>The Ghorcharas or the irregular cavalry had no uniform laid down for them; yet they turned out sharply, as testified by Baron Hugel, a Prussian noble, who visited Maharajah Ranjit Singh in 1836 and inspected a cavalry parade. "I never beheld," he wrote of a troop of ghorcharhas, "a finer nor a more remarkably striking body of men. Each one was dressed differently, and yet so much in the same fashion that they all looked in perfect keeping."
source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sikh_Khalsa_Army
not related to pic but I'm really curious about that, unfortunately I don't think we'll ever get to see any proper depiction of that.


forgot about this thread




1920s Red Army uniform is the best.

File: 1624130771203.jpeg (77.51 KB, 960x634, weg mit gott.jpeg)


Attention! • Achtung!
Asshole! • Arschloch!
I won and you lost, haha! / I got this and you don’t, haha! • Ätsch!
Owee! • Aua!
Stand up! / Wake up! • Aufstehen!
Tidy up! • Aufräumen!
Open the door/window/whatever! • Aufmachen!
Close the door/window/whatever! • Zumachen!
Encore! • Zugabe! (shouted ZU-GA-BE to keep in synch with the others shouting it)
Colloquial greeting that sounds like a question. • Na?
Don’t act cocky like that! • Nanana! It basically only exists in spoken form. Some writing attempts use spaces, but that’s like writing Zu ga be.
I’m rating this game/movie/situation/whatever two stars out of five. ★★☆☆☆ • Naja. It’s also a filler word similar to “well“.
Boaster! • Angeber!
Give it! • Gib! (order addressing a single person)
Sit down! • Hinsetzen!
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Ja, ich sieth jetzt.

Danke für deine erläuterung. Deutsch bist ein viele fascinating language.


The number of different verb forms in German can be pretty overwhelming. When I learned English I had to memorize a list of exceptions about how some verbs are modified (like go/went/gone). Such a list for English fits on a single page. You can't say that for German. Here it's really a book. But you can make sentences without needing to know most of that information! Here is how.

In English, you don't say: *He wants to goes. *She wanted to went. You say: He wants to go. She wanted to go. It is only the first verb in the want+verb construction that gets modified in English. And it's like that in German and French and many other languages as well. So if you merely drill the verb forms for…
werden (will do / become)
müssen (must)
wollen (want)
scheinen (seems to, can also mean something like light is shining but that's not the point here)
…you can use a verb in such a construction without needing to know how you normally modify that verb. When you do something, you either want to do it or you have to do it, so you can use this hack basically all the time.


Another useful one is of these is: sollen (shall). You can use sollen + verb, that way you don't have to remember the imperative forms (one for singular you, one for plural you) to order people around. However, it's slightly more ambiguous than the proper imperative forms, since it means something like: “You are instructed to do X.” Sometimes it provokes this question about who said the original order: „Wer sagt das?” – „Ich.”


>the farm • der Baurnhof


A few more one-word sentences:
Hey, bro! • Brudi!

Isn’t it true and obvious what I’m saying about this not very important matter? • Ne? (The same seems to exist in Japanese, but the sound is shorter in German.)

Reaction of disgust, ranging from bad food in your mouth to immoral behavior of other people. • Pfui! (The similar „Igitt!“ covers reaction and anticipation of disgust, but is otherwise more narrow as it doesn’t cover the more abstract ways of being yucky.)

My answer is affirmative, but I’m skeptical of where this conversation seems to be going. • Schon. (Don’t conflate this with „Schön.“ In sentences about the future, it means don’t be skeptical; in other sentences it means already.)

That happens anyway. • Sowieso.

All of them / We are out of that resource. • Alle. ☻“Which guests have arrived already?” ☺„Alle.“ ☻“Where is the beer?” ☹„Alle.“

File: 1617655547553.jpg (354.23 KB, 762x1100, PP030.jpg)


Who did it? Soviets? Nazis?
Why were the polish officers killed? What was the motive for the massacre? Were they preparing a revolt?

Are the documents fake? Whose investigations are trustworthy?

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the nazis had a motive but the NKVD version is very well documented


Nazis, anyone telling you otherwise is one themselves.
https://www.revolutionarydemocracy.org/rdv16n2/katyn.htmlenin_capLenin Cap


>very well documented
The only "proof" I've ever seen is Closed Packet no.1, whereas the evidence the Nazis did it is considerably stronger. https://www.revolutionarydemocracy.org/rdv16n2/katyn.htm


>whereas the evidence the Nazis did it is considerably stronger.
well, with the soviet version we at least know that the POW camps existed, we know who worked there.
In the case of the version with germans being behind the crime, we have no single document that took the POW camps, or that they created new ones (so called ON camps mentioned in the Burdenko report), we have no proof of existance of the supposed commanders of these camps.
After Burdenko comission the soviets never even attempted to do another investigation, they didn't even try to find the supposed nazi criminals who did the massacre. The only nazi who was ever put on trial for Katyn was Arno Düre who was supposedly burying the dead officers but he was released from prison in 1954 and when he returned to Germany he claimed that he was forced to make this testimony.

so even if we completely disregard the version that NKVD did it, we still don't know what actually happened. The only proofs for Katyn massacre being done by nazis are those brought by Burdenko commission, which is also not much.



I made these charts recently, if you have any ideas of new charts or charts of your own drop them here.
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What about the least "scary commie" list for average people?

Like Engels' works seem to be more palatable because there's less negative connotations if that makes sense…

idk I'm still trying to design a really short and tight list that could be given to people without scaring them off prematurely.


File: 1635560002570.jpg (172.46 KB, 2000x1000, corp-synd soon.jpg)

>am I forgotton


I've been thinking of this question myself. I think the best places to start are the popular pamphlets of the Second International era - still revolutionary Marxism, but from obscure authors with non-Russian names that won't trigger normies. Rosa Luxemburg for example is surprisingly appealing to liberals because of her gender and cool life story, yet she was a steadfast revolutionary Marxist whom Lenin criticized for being too insurrectionary. She doesn't have any really great works for beginners however.

Kautsky has a couple works in this field, the best one being The Historic Accomplishment of Karl Marx that focuses on Marxist political practice instead of just theory. The author and the tone of the writing are less intimidating than Marx himself, but the political message still remains true to his work. Lenin was a fan of this pamphlet, in fact the quote about Marxism being the combination of "English economics, German philosophy, and French socialism" was ripped pretty much directly from Kautsky.

Finally there's The Two Souls of Socialism by Hal Draper. Good stuff while still remaining short and accessible. Some of the political content may be objectionable however, like the constant bashing on the USSR as "Stalinist socialism from above".

I still think that Engels' Socialism: Utopian and Scientific is the best introduction to Marxism by far however. It's tough to recommend to total normies, but if you can sense they're Marx-curious it's the way to go.


File: 1635827014520.png (456.68 KB, 526x526, ClipboardImage.png)

>Rosa Luxemburg for example is surprisingly appealing to liberals because of her gender and cool life story
Not only liberals.


Any lists like this for Freudo-Marxists/Frankfurt School?

File: 1608528091547.jpeg (69.52 KB, 279x400, Brentanigga.jpeg)


Anybody know some good textbooks on modern psychology, any field goes, although social psychology would be the most important one.
And yeah, psychology general now that we are in it.
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REDpill me on Lacan


A "History of the Field of Psychology" would be a necessary read for me. Granted, a history of social science in general would be a necessary read. I mostly know the marxist perspective and that's it. Would be nice to learn about the rivalling trends


Aronson's The Social Animal is probably the most important book in social psychology, although he is a massive lib and it shows through sometimes. The field is also very much still coping with the replication crisis and there's no clear way to resolve this.




libtard pseud that projected semiotics onto psychology


I thought that it might me interesting to have a research thread on Native Americans (meaning all of the American continent). I've become very interested in the subject after reading about their culture and way of life, which was much more complex than colonizers initially believed. I'll embed a video which talks about various things about pre columbian civilizations, like how the populations may have been as high as 100 million before disease wiped out many (disease likely went a head of europeans too, so what settlers saw was basically post apocalyptic). Also, what we're now finding out about how humans initially arrived is very interesting too as there were likely some migrations by boat through the pacific by Pacific Islanders, who were incredible at navigation.


Also crazy is how ancient mounds built by aborigines are used as part of a fucking golf course, literally Stonehenge underneath them. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/12/arts/design/octagon-earthworks-newark-ohio-golf-course-native-american.html


File: 1618599388676.png (1.06 MB, 800x533, ClipboardImage.png)

>which was much more complex than colonizers initially believed.
more like
>which was initially impressive and humbling to colonizers who proceeded to erase as much of it as possible because it made them feel insecure about their shitty architecture/agriculture and lack of hygiene
Early explorers tended to be impressed by the societies they encountered before disease and colonial genocide fucked it up.

People are sad about the Library of Alexandria burning, but we still have many if not most of the texts it contained there (because they "taxed" visitors by having them lend their texts to the library to copy, so it was largely not original texts). Meanwhile almost all of the writing that existed in the Americas (which most people aren't aware existed at all) was systematically destroyed by colonizers for being pagan etc.
For example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maya_codices

Also look into the more recent LiDAR scans of land in the Americas (and other places like Angkor Wat) finding far more extensive ruins that were originally known to exist. A lot of the past is hidden under soil that accumulated above it, but with laser scanning from aircraft it's now possible to reveal it.


File: 1618614609100-1.pdf (1.45 MB, 232x300, vencidos.pdf)

On this subject I really recommend Visión de los Vencidos (The Broken Spears in English) by Miguel León Portilla. As the title suggests, it's about the conquest of what is now Mexico as told by the Aztecs themselves


Some books on Aztec philosophy and theology.


This isn't North America, but I had a hard time finding anything online about the Ona/Selk'nam people.

File: 1634535710430.jpg (109.66 KB, 700x954, 2272.jpg)


(This is not an identity politics or feminism vs. anti-feminism debate thread. Please don't use it as such.)

Why have women always been subjugated in some way or another? What are the material roots of this sex-based social hierarchy that has permeated virtually all human societies throughout history, and what actions should we as socialists undertake to achieve equality between the sexes?

There was a brief discussion about this in the prostitution thread, but it quickly got buried between all the other conversations going on at the same time. Feel free to share your thoughts - maybe we can come to some sort of conclusion here.
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>Ug use club get coochie
All the good times…
Nowadays you'll never get to have a totally dependent fuckdoll that bows her head when you talk, unless you go full hillbilly or the marriage equivalent of a sex tourist.


I know humans are not all that sexually dimorphic like other animals but wouldn't differences in muscle/bone density, skeletal proportions, inclination towards aggression (because of men having way more Testosterone) factor into this?


It was the lack of Fluoride in the water and soy in every other meal and Demons.


Humans are basically not sexually dimorphic the way most apes are, but we are still mammals hence males are larger than females as with almost all species of mammals, especially social species
We also have a predilection for violence and aggression on at least some level, otherwise we would not experience violent/aggressive emotions
I would also say males are more adapted for combat than females are, not to the extent of chimps and gorillas since our ancestors were not as competitive and aggressive as they were, but still to a marked degree men seem built for melee combat


File: 1623970571376.webm (3.12 MB, 640x360, 1622745530914.webm)


I'm a college dropout in burgerland, and I would like to improve my understanding of math, which was my worst subject in academia. Does anyone here have any suggestions or resources for someone who only speaks English, but would still like to do better than American schooling? Assume that I stopped learning math in 6th grade, or 9th grade for geometry in particular.
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Serge Lang and Professor Leonard


I recommend studying this. It is geometry for high school students with a focus on proofs and reasoning. Do all the exercises, they can be frustrating but are very satisfying to solve. This should give you a very solid foundation of mathematical thinking. Calculations can be drilled but this is the real shit.


All math past middle school is over glorified algebra


> Analytical Math
Solve Physics problems, progress up to like Goldstein mechanics (or the equivalent grad textbook for what you are interested in)
> Theoretical Math
Number theory into a modern cryptography book

Anything else is toy problems not worth solving

File: 1633547810209.jpg (41.69 KB, 640x438, kukryniksy_nurnberg.jpg)


Stanford University is marking the 75th anniversary of the International Military Tribunal of Nuremberg with a significant expansion of records from the historic trial.

/pol/ tards of course expect they will find some juicy new proofs for le jewerinos making shit up.

Complete archive:
Direct download:


Is there something interesting interesting in these archives?


It's all the transcripts and evidence materials. A lot is in German


not sure if this video uses this exact new cache of evidence in its sources but I feel it belongs here either way

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